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How to Define Success

Ben Martin Brianna Martin


Do you feel the need to become equipped as parents to be able to disciple your children? Join Ben and Brianna as they explore the different facets and challenges of Christian parenting. You'll leave with actionable next-steps for your family discipleship plan.


  • January 2, 2020
    2:30 PM
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This message was presented at the g y seek. Advice here in Louisville Kentucky for other resources right this is. The right. Welcome it's good to have you here. We are going to begin here because it is time and people will come in as they come in I guess figured that after lunch we'd have a little bit of a struggle getting back and that's Ok. Let's begin with the word of prayer. Do 70 Father thank you so much for this opportunity we've had to present to g. y.c. to get to know some of these parents here to get to know some of the people here who we are all working towards the same goal and that is bringing our children to you so I pray that as we talk here in this last session that you will continue to guide continue to lead and let your voice be heard and your name Amen so far we've talked about the main goal of parenting we've talked about how discipline helps us achieve that goal how the best way for us to share that relationship is to model it to our kids and to live it out in our own lives we've talked about how sharing that story. Can take all kinds of different approaches and every possible way. But for this last session we wanted to talk about how do we actually define success in parenting What does that look like so let's take a couple moments. And. Just share with the people at your table how would you define success of parenting if you are sitting alone I'm going to make this awkward and invite someone to. Invite you into their group so Ok so let's just spend a couple moments articulating how we would define success in parenting. Ok so what or what are some ways your tables you have defined success. Reaching your goals Ok what are those goals. Ok Yeah Ok yeah success in seeing your kid live out those values you've been trying to instill Ok so she was saying character development especially at a young age seeing seeing that develop to come to fruition that's yeah I mean that. And I think you've right now hit the nail on the head where where we're all at is defining success for parenting is eternal salvation for our kids is that lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. So in saying that. Success does not equal perfect children might. And I think that's healthy for us to remember because often. I mean what 2 weeks ago that our oldest had a complete meltdown at the grocery store Yeah and I did not feel like success. But success is children having a relationship with Jesus. Now the problem with that as being our major of success. That's not something we get to do I can not choose a relationship for my boys. They have to choose it for themselves and this I think is where you realize that parenting has its problems because you know you're fine you're fine because all of a sudden you can't just say Ok if you do this this this notice you will achieve success because the thing we're trying to achieve is them making the decision for themselves so you can be a little bit discouraging right. Where we're talking today about so many things that we can do to help our kids to choose Christ to choose relationship to choose heaven to choose eternal life. But. We can't force a it's not something that is possible for us to do as parents so we have the unfortunate reality of our goal being completely unreadable as far as we ourselves are concerned. But we have we have a partner. And I'm getting ahead of myself of course where Ok so yeah I'm way ahead of myself I'm sorry. Oh I'm supposed to tell a story Ok sorry guys Ok so here's my story this is. I'm not one of those moms that has it all together. Some moms have it all together and they're the ones that I ask for a diaper when I forget one or a Band-Aid when my kid has skin to me and of course I have nothing as usual or you know you know the moms that always have everything it's like really organized and it's organic it's just really nice. And their hair is done and all that stuff I'm the mom who is like yup I took a shower today and that is my measure of success and my children are here and if they have clothes on and they're clean bonus. I am not the mom who has it all together so it takes it takes a lot of work for me to get organized and one thing that as a pastor's wife. A reality for me is that although my husband is around a lot he's just super hands on dad so I don't want to get the wrong idea he's also gone a lot and in the summers he's often on mission trips so a couple years ago to 3 years ago I guess 3 summers ago my husband was away on a mission trip and I took my son to. See my family and we had I was pregnant with my 2nd son I had a little 18 month old less than 18 months then he was pretty young Anyway I had him and I had to get 8 hours away not only was my son Oh I guess he was probably 92020 months old but my son started potty training it was his idea at 17 months so at 20 months he was no longer wearing a diaper during the daytime. 1st Son only 2nd son no potty training and say guys but the 1st son so so I have to go on a road trip with this kid who doesn't wear a diaper anymore and I'm trying to get 8 hours of driving away which you know if you have a freshly potty trained child 8 hours of driving is really like 20000 hours of driving because you're going to stop to go potty every 4 minutes and I was also very pregnant and it was not easy but I thought I will not stay in my house for 2 and a half weeks with this child in the summer time I am too pregnant for this I'm going to see my mom so I took my son and I packed up and I left and actually guys I had it pretty together for once in my life we had a system I was driving I had the box of books and toys sat on the front seat where I could reach if I could hand it back to safely without taking my eyes off the road to take things back and put it away we had audio books to listen to we had we had the Christian Children's Music queued up on the i Phone plugged in it was ready to go I had a cooler of snacks that I could reach at the foot of the passenger seat because nobody was sitting in there and I had snacks cold snacks and it was amazing and we did really really well there were a few hiccups along the way few times when we didn't make it to the bathroom fast enough for my son but we made it we made it nothing catastrophic happened and the next summer my husband was gone again for 2 and a half weeks in the summer and I thought Now I have. Another small child I am not staying in this house alone so I went to see my mom and this time we had 18 hours of driving something like that it was a long trip we stayed overnight but it. But I said I'm going to use my system so I put everything in a box got it got it all figured out I said listen at the end of this I got home my husband got home I said Honey I have got this car this this road trip thing figured out so we went a few months later to Tennessee for Christmas and I thought this is going to be so easy because my husband is actually finally coming with us on a road trip and only 8 out of 9 hours we're going to make it because there's going to be 2 of us everything's going to be so much easier and I'm not pregnant and our children are both a little bit older and we're going to make it because I won't even have to drive and reach things I can only I can just do one or the other so we packed everything up we use the system not in the front seat of course because he was sitting there but we put everything where we could reach it we had everything ready to go we had amazing snacks and we thought we were doing pretty well but actually we were reminiscing last night as we were walking back to the hotel from the conference center. At the Pinero right outside the conference center we we stopped in Louisville on our way to Tennessee from Michigan and right outside we we looked at the very parking space we had parked and to go to panera we opened the door to get our youngest out of his car see for lunch and he was covered in vomit. Now why are my stories always about them and I don't know but he was covered we didn't even know we had no idea he was rear facing we couldn't see em he had cried and fussed for a while but like all good parents do we pushed through and we kept driving because nobody had to go to the bathroom and we didn't know covered in vomit so we thought oh no this kid is sick so we clean him up because I had an extra change of clothes guys I was ready extra change of clothes clean I got him on the road I don't know now or maybe now or after lunch both of our kids throwing up oh no this is the worst bug ever so now out of extra changes of clothes we had to. We had to continue on our way it kept happening guys our children it turns out did not have a stomach bug this is every car trip of our life for the rest of our lives now they have motion sickness so. The lesson that I learned was that even when you're prepared even when you do everything right some things are just out of your control some things are just out of our control guys it's parents know this it's not always vomit thing thank you Jesus that it's not always vomit but there are things out of our control a lot of them are scarier than that we don't have everything under our power to manipulate to change to plan for all we can do is the best that we can do you can't really talk about parenting without this 1st Train Up a Child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it and I think that often for parents this 1st is terrifying. Because what do you do when your children leave the church because you read this verse and it's so easy to interpret that as well clearly I did not train my child up in the way should go Clearly I did something wrong because now we're here at this point. Worked for years as a youth pastor both in California and Michigan and I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with parents in tears about the decisions their children are made and the responsibility they feel for it but. Let's be honest for a moment I mean how many of us have siblings who were raised the same way who are not in the church how many of us well I mean my own family my 2 older brothers the one is sort of in the church the other one left the church and took his own life. And it's not like we were raised differently it's not like my parents did something right with me that they didn't do with them. And it's so easy for parents to take that all upon ourselves to say well clearly I didn't do something right. But I find some really good news in the Bible as well 1st of all if there was a perfect parent it's it's Jesus and you see with Adam and Eve that story should mess with you guys because God knowing the beginning from the end he created them knowing the decisions they were going to make he created them and allowed them to make those decisions he did everything right it's not like at some point oh God had you said something better maybe they would have listened he did everything right and they still chose in Jesus' disciples. It's not like when Jesus was teaching the lessons he wasn't letting Judas in he gives us the freedom of choice our children have it too though and it's terrifying and it's scary and there are days that we wish they didn't. Their days we were we could step in and make their decisions for them but I need you to realize as parents achieving ultimate success is still their decision I think that often it's easy for us to confuse the role of a parent with the role of the Holy Spirit and this is the beautiful thing about freedom of choice the other side of the coin and that is because we cannot do it all. Parenting we have to partner with God we have to rely on the Holy Spirit gotta spend time in prayer because we don't get to make those decisions for them but and spend a moment talking about the good news of parenting as I feel like this one's been a little a little rough so far. The good news is when we're partnering with the Holy Spirit it's not on all on us partnering with the God of the universe and so if things don't go right. We don't have to take all the guilt for that the other good news is when you're partnering with God to raise your children you can rely on his power the same God who can speak things into existence his words have the power to change reality when you're partnering with someone like that there is nothing that is impossible and so there are going to be moments as a parent whether we're talking about a toddler or a teenager or a child who's raising their own children there are going to be moments. Frustration be all beyond all reasonable belief where there is nothing you can do except go to your knees and it's those moments where we don't rely on our own wisdom or we don't rely on our own abilities or our own power but we can rely on God's power and that's that's good news the other good news is. The Long Game. Success in parenting isn't about how young children get potty trained this is good news it's not about the grades they get in elementary school which college they get into we're talking about a goal of eternity and so there will be failures along the way there will be stumbles there will be mistakes but when we're focusing on eternity there's time for that story to be rewritten there's time for the wrongs to be corrected and there's time for God to make what we've done wrong right because as parents we are going to say and do the wrong things at times and the other good news is. We need evangelism for our own salvation. When talking about efficiency when talking about spiritual armor he says whatever shoes prepare us to share the good news part of our defense is our evangelism as Christians we need to be telling other people about Jesus Christ and it's in our d.n.a. if we don't do it our own relationship with God starts to suffer because it is part of who we are we've got to be telling people about Jesus Christ and this is good news for parents because God has given us people to tell about him as we tell our children about Jesus Christ as we raise them and that relationship it strengthens our relationship we need it. It's healthy for us to be telling others and this does not mean that everybody needs to have more children but if you have children take advantage of that as the primary disciple of your children you have the ability to tell them about Jesus in ways that no one else can I love working with kids I love telling them about Jesus but as parents we have the ability to communicate in ways that no pastor no teacher ever will I mean think about it we we think like our chip like our parents don't we we have the same so if we think like our parents then our kids are going to think like us they're going to inherit some of the same reasoning skills and so forth and so the very things that we have wrestled with and chosen to stay in the church the things that we've wrestled with and chosen to continue that relationship with God are most likely going to be along the same lines of the things they wrestle with which is parents means we're the ones best equipped to bring our kids to Jesus this doesn't mean that we shouldn't partner with pastors and teachers but as parents. Embrace that role because no one is going to have the skills and ability that you naturally have just because they've inherited them from you. So take advantage of those things. So we're going to talk a little bit more about guilt because guilt is something that. Plagues a lot of parents had actually. Done a little bit of research about it and moms tend to feel guilt more than dads do it's not to say that dads are immune to it but moms carry a lot of the mental load of parenting in many families. Disproportionately to what the dads do even the best most involved ads we just tend to to take things upon ourselves in a kind of a different way so I'm going to talk a lot to moms here but. Dads can get something from this too but a lot of Christian moms feel guilt over things like. Not always being a good Christian example to our kids I mean we know what we're supposed to be like and we're not always like that. Sometimes we're not the best Christian example we feel guilt over our kids leaving the church or not wanting a relationship with Jesus or just not being interested in spiritual things and we take that and we internalize that and we feel personally responsible for it and and also not creating enough of a spiritual environment in the home we we feel guilt over that some some of us do and not some of us even feel guilt over not being part of a spiritually united parenting team so maybe you have a spouse that isn't on board with Christianity who isn't. Going to church who doesn't support you in your spiritual endeavors with your kids and sometimes people feel guilty about that too. There's there's a lot to feel guilty over because we're not perfect and we do make mistakes but. But guilt isn't always helpful and it's not always healthy and there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy guilt so. Healthy guilt and it can be healthy because sometimes we do bad things or things that we could have done better and we feel guilty about it and healthy guilt is. Based on an objective view of the matter Ok so sometimes we do things that anybody looking at it would say that was not a good thing to do Ok maybe you. Maybe you belittle your child in some way and tear them down maybe you. Just set about example of of maybe you tell them something that's not true so that they'll stop asking you a question I don't know what it might be but based on an objective view of the matter you know it was just not a great thing to do. Healthy guilt is guilt over something like that and then it's also guilt that is helpful and motivating Ok if your guilt is healthy it's going to motivate you to make a change to make things right for the things that you did and then to change that behavior moving forward or at least make a moves towards changing it right we all know that positive change is not always instantaneous but healthy guilt is going to move you in a forward direction a positive forward direction guilt that's unhealthy is based on something that usually anyway based on something that we cannot realistically do better or differently. You're feeling guilty over something that you have no control over you know sometimes I have friends who told her son that they are going to go on a pony ride this summer well she took the boy to the pony ride place and the place was closed for the season a week earlier than it said on the website. And she couldn't give him a pony ride even though she promised him a pony ride. She felt guilty about it she felt bad about it and it makes sense to feel bad about it but feeling a lot of guilt over something that you can't change doesn't do anybody any good right it wasn't realistically something that you could have done better she did her best and it it wasn't a pony ride but it wasn't something that she needed to feel guilty about either it's discouraging and demotivating to hang on to unhealthy guilt so if your guilt is just bringing you down making you discouraged and making you feel like you know why I can't even get a pony ride for my little boy what's the point I can't do anything right it's demotivating it takes the wind out of your sails you can have a pretty good idea that your guilt over something is unhealthy if it does not spur you on but brings you down and if you're struggling if you're struggling with unhealthy guilt 0 one more thing I want to go back. Healthy guilt once you move past it that guilt is gone it doesn't stick around forever because you've made the changes that you need to make to head yourself in a positive direction and unhealthy guilt it never resolves or at least not for a very long time because you haven't done anything to move past it because you can't fix it because it wasn't realistically something that you had in your power to do in the 1st place so unhealthy guilt is going to stick with you for a lot longer than healthy guilt because healthy guilt. You process it you recognize oh I messed up you figure out what it takes to make it right as right as you can and you move on. And do better in the future. Ok so if unhealthy guilt is sticking with you if it's plaguing you this is this is the verse that I love when I'm when I need encouragement as a mom when I'm feeling like you know why I never have diapers and never have why. I never getting it right when I have guilt over not being the moan that I want to be when I have guilt because I say I snapped again instead of instead of showing my kids grace and mercy I snapped at them again and I said you know you're so aggravating or whatever and I feel that I feel that guilt nagging at me this is one of my favorite verses because it says that my gracious is my grease is sufficient for you for power is made perfect in weakness so I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses so that the power of Christ me dwell in me and this is what Ben was talking about we have a partner the Holy Spirit is our partner and the good news is that the weaker we are the stronger he is in our lives and you know what his strength is what's getting me through not my own power whatever that is my own power doesn't really get me anywhere and so the more I can rely on his power in my weakness the better. And so I just want you to be encouraged I don't know if you have that guilt in your heart today if you're feeling that but if you are being encouraged because because God is with you and His power is perfect and he he makes up the difference in what we are and what we need to be. So the bottom line is we are going to be much more effective disciple makers when we stop listening to our guilt and shame telling us that we're not enough instead of going all in with the what still small voice that tells us do not fear I have read you I have called you by name you are mine God says that to us he says that to our kids and we need to believe him we're going to end with some time in prayer for our kids but before we get there. I mean we've tried to cover everything that we could think of in these 4 sessions but if you have questions and realize we are not experts we're simply trying to figure this out it's just something that we're passionate about and so some time for question answer as we are wrestling with this together they encourage you and the parents and we were talking this earlier how kids these days in some communities work faster than parents they're in school together and they know each other and they allied to go doing things where we are parents are different places so I just I would hope in our community encourage everyone for Paris to be given a community that's not what we have these days most of before and with parents and community we can bear examples to our kids so I just something to think about and I think that research on the men and maybe yours too yeah for sure. Parenting can feel very lonely so reach out create a small group in your church where you are connecting with other parents because just talking about this helps us not feel as alone helps us feel like we're wrestling alongside other people. I guess my question is those one of the sessions you mentioned about how sometimes we pause after maybe when we speak we'll do something and maybe that was my mom talking. When it comes to generational tendencies. I'll just call them curses especially when they're negative when does that stop because I'm thinking Ok before you have children right we're believing that Christ has made us new creatures that we're praying that most of those bad character traits are gone and maybe takes a certain situation bring that out again but does it ever stop because we keep passing on certain things to our kids and their kids and does it ever stop I guess that's my question. You know I can tell you that I have some of the problems of my grandfather. There the beautiful thing about parenting know this is the good news of that is that what we've learned to struggle with and how we've learned to deal with those things makes us the ones best equipped to raise our children because they're going to have the same things. I mean going back to my brothers my parents didn't think that they could have children and so they adopted 2 boys and interestingly enough when my 2 older brothers met their birth parents they're both adopted out of the hospital and never laid eyes on their birth parents when they're 18 my father took them back to Indonesia to meet their birth parents and both my brothers to a tee had developed of the personality issues that their fathers had. And so. Yeah I know and they had never I mean they probably had laid eyes on their mother as they were born but their father's probably not even. And so it it is real. And I think that created some neat challenges in raising my brothers because my parents didn't always understand the struggles that my brothers had. So I I think that it can be discouraging to look at. Passing down our own failures to our children but also it's good news because we're the ones best equipped to help them work through those because they're the same things we've struggled with. Maybe many will be able to relate to this but it's more from like a kid's perspective like if I see that my mom is like going through like guilt or things like that like what something like that I could tell her or you know do that my. Mom's always just want to hear that you love them and thank you for anything is great I mean speaking as a mom I am sure some other moms could talk more about older kids my kids are still pretty little I mean but a hug and I thank you goes a long way for moms and just saying you know I appreciate what you're doing and and just telling her that you love her and maybe listen to her once in a while go a long way to I think something else is I don't know exactly why but we have a culture where somehow talking to our kids about God is not something we feel comfortable doing we were completely comfortable with our kids learning about God and we want the pastor to do that are teachers talk to your mom about your relationship with Jesus because as a parent. That's what we care about most and regardless of oh anything else goes if your mom sees that you are passionate about. Your good. You know it's actually surprising as a. 73 students for a few years and 5th and 6th grade students for a lot of years and my husband has worked with kids a lot too and it is shocking to us that so many parents say you know we'll say it will the parents will come to a teacher or come to a youth pastor or a Children's Pastor and say pastor teacher I don't know what to do with my kids they're just they don't want to go to church they don't you know they won't listen they won't they don't want to read their Bibles and we say well you know what's their personal spiritual like what do they love Jesus and their parents don't know they don't ask their kids they don't have these conversations sometimes because they're afraid of what the answer might be I think sometimes because they don't feel equipped because they're not a pastor. They don't have you know a degree and child education they feel not equipped and I don't know what it is but yeah something about our culture something about something about it makes us afraid to talk and parents will come and say that and. It's great if you have a pastor who is going to talk to your child about their spiritual lives but man it's going to mean a lot more coming from you. It's it's going to mean a lot to your kids even if they are is resistant at 1st and maybe we won't answer you but it's going to matter to them that you asked and even kids that are really engaged a lot of parents are you know they're beyond shocked when they find out that their kids want to be baptized when a teacher says guess what Johnny made a decision for baptism or you know they'll tell my husband that they want to be baptizing and Ben will call the parents and the parents I have no idea I had no idea that they wanted to be baptized you know talk to your kids these are the biggest decisions that they're going to many. These are the things that we're shooting for these are the goals that we have and the values that we're trying to instill and we don't talk to our kids about them so yeah be willing to be open and vulnerable yourself with your kids and be willing to have a hard conversation and be willing to be Ok if they just look at you and say Mom or Dad you know and just keep asking if they don't answer you the 1st time try again and maybe talk about yourself and your spiritual life for a little while 1st so that they realize that it's a 2 way conversation any other questions. This isn't so much of a question as a comment as you were saying that about you know spending time talking to your kids about the relationship with God I remember something I heard from Dr Dobson many years ago he said there's no such thing as quality time in quantity time. Quality time comes from quantity time you have to spend a lot of time with your kids to get those few quality times you don't just go and say Ok I have been seeing you all week now let's have our thing you have to be constantly spending it and one of the things that I hope has helped us a lot is we had to make a decision and the decision is one of us needs to stay home all the time we we are sacrificing money we're sacrificing new cars we have a 15 year old car an 18 year old car we sacrifice a lot of things but that time with your kids you're not getting it back you only have 18 years maybe you know it's true our time is is limited and it's important to you. To have that quality time and if you're not if you don't have a connection with your kids you're not going to form a 5 minute segments. But there are parents and maybe parents here even that don't have the option of having you know if you're seen in a single parent home or you know if there are parents that can't make that decision to be home all the time and so what are you going to do you work with what you have you you do your best to make sure that the adults that are helping you raise your kids are supporting you in your goals you know have the family values conversation with your caregivers have it with here you know with your teachers I mean you know it. If they're helping you all of us need all the help we can get so if you're if you're alone in this thing or if you I mean not everybody can be a stay at home parent and I know that. And and if you are you know a lot of people are making sacrifices and doing the best that they can and you don't necessarily have a huge quantity of time to spend with your kids but try to get as many people in their lives on board with what you're doing as you possibly can because there are people there to help you pastors and teachers and you know babysitters there are people feeling other family members. But. But you know we just have to be intentional and the time that you do have don't be afraid to have those conversations and deep in the relationship when you get the opportunity so taking advantage of the time that you have and making as much quality out of whatever quantity you have to give. It then they didn't follow the horses and when you would say that sometimes the sticks that the kids. The have seen them. At the genetic. I mean we in a previous session we talked about modeling and how we model behavior but also I mean the example of my brothers there was definitely inherited some genetic mistakes and I think that unfortunately we have the ability to pass down wrong oh so easily. I think I mean I'm not sure if you're asking about we're talking about maybe like character flaws not sinful acts so yeah we're not we're talking about yes I mean you know I have a tough time asking for help. And that is passed down to my children. You know different things like that character flaws that with the help of the Holy Spirit and discipline. We can we can move past those and we can we can develop ways to work on those so I don't think genetics are necessarily you know all doom and gloom and you can't escape anything you know you can't escape any of the character flaws of your parents and and we. We can certainly develop our own new character flaws too but but that's where discipline and the work of the Holy Spirit comes in in our lives and in our children's lives I was hoping that you would have forgotten because I have this is able to speak and go and I'm losing it but in a way. I want to thank the gentleman over here 4th. On the support or you know parents getting together I appreciate that but in my case I found it difficult. To adopted 2 siblings when a girl adopted Laden so most people my age have adult kids and most parents said the adult kids now. Their grandkids so I'm not finding a place where fit to get that support that I need. It feels very lonely I reached out to another church I belong to a very very small church where my 2 children are only 2 children so they spend a lot of time in pathfinders and things like that at another church but as I said the adult parents there are could be my kids and my kids could be their grand kids my grand kids so. The Parenting is the hardest and I don't mind working I'm a hard worker but this is very hard so if any of you guys when you leave remember me in your prayers I would appreciate that and I and I think we talked a little bit about the dangers of social media this would be one of the pros Facebook groups allow us to connect even when we're in more rural areas where there is nobody who seems to understand what we're going through in the world there are. Yeah. Right thank you I am still and this whole thing and thing I have a game I don't know how it all turned out I just wanna. I make a quick comment about when we're talking about genetics and family and not knowing ultimately how things will work out with our children are starting with that a lot but I just am so filled with hope when I look at Christ and what he offers my my children I have 4 and some are adopted and some are birth children though we also do foster care and I recently had a small child in my home that was 2 and he had experienced all sorts of things but just seeing his heart open to the large and it made me realize that every child is a child of God and every child has an opportunity to know God and that's what God ultimately wants and so I just praise the Lord for that for my own children and for any child that we ever come in contact with the possibilities are infinite of what they can be and where they can go with Christ and I am just so thankful for that did you see the next slide. Well thank you so much for that perfect segue 1st John 31 see what Love The Father has given us that we should be called children of God and that is what we are. The love we have for our children the desire we have for them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ is nothing compared to the love he has for our children their His children 1st we are His children and so on your darkest days let that be a reminder. That no matter how much you own this no matter how strongly you feel about it the God of the universe shares that and he is partnering with you on this so I want that to be our prayer focus as we close up just. Turn to the people of your table. Let's lift up our children in prayer and let's. Do our Heavenly Father. Yes And of course if if you do not have children you can pray for your parents as well. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky do I see the supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at Ju I see Web dot org.


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