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How to be Human Again

Scott Ritsema


It goes without saying - media use is out of control and may be the single biggest stumbling block in spiritual, social and family life today. Which begs the question: what does the latest research say about the stranglehold of 'big tech' upon our lives and how to break free? What are the essential biblical principles for establishing a balanced use of technological tools? And how can we truly restore spirituality and relationships in the digital age?


Scott Ritsema

Founder and Speaker for Belt of Truth Ministries


  • January 2, 2020
    9:30 AM
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This message was presented at the g.i.c. by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors online. Or. Of our hands Father we thank you so much for the opportunity to be here at this g. y.c. to encounter Jesus we pray that your spirit will be present with us as we explore your will for us in the area of our media use and we do ask that you please help us to set aside our preferences and opinions and our likes and what we want and we just want to pray individually and collectively right now the value will be done in Jesus' name and. All right welcome to the media mind reclaiming the human soul in the digital dark age the 1st thing I want to say is this is not media on the brain some of your familiar with the previous seminar on media which is still very relevant and I will actually do a little bit of review of media on the brain this afternoon in the after the lunch session so stick around for that if you haven't heard it or even if you haven't you want to refresher on it but this media mind seminar brand new just this year and I'm going to give you highlights of it I'm going to give you bits and pieces of it as we go forward but also what I want to emphasize right out of the gates is every time I have the privilege of speaking on media I always want to remind our all of us myself and all of us that Jesus is the one in whom we live and move and have our being are you familiar with that text in the book of Acts and so this really isn't a seminar about media because everything is a discussion about Jesus and our relationship with him so the question is how is media impacting our relationship with Jesus how is media impacting our our our being human this session of course is called How to be human again are you aware of Genesis 127 where it says And God created us in his What's the next word in his image so he has a design he has an intention he has design protocols for how we were intended to be human in his image with all of the relationships that that means with the physical 3 dimensional non virtual world in which he placed us in the garden now of course we've been marred by sin and 6000 years of the degradation of the human race but we can recover and recapture that initial design of God That's what redemption is it is the resorting of the image of God in man morally spiritually socially everything Lee That's not a word I just created a new adverb for you there everything Lee Anyway here we go how to be human again I talk. Last night I would reveal what year the 1st modern media device was invented what was the 1st electronic media device ever invented in the history of humankind you think about electronic media would that be the computer now go back further the television no go back further the silver screen the radio the phonograph go back further I gave you the hint that it has to do with prophecy Do you remember that last night those of you who were there it is the Telegraph and The year was $844.00 now let that sink in the significance of that prophetically God is launching a movement $844.00 the 3 angels messages to go global to go where all the way around the world do you think media can be used as a tool in the almighty hands of God That goes without saying and so we could talk quite a bit and you could go on and on and on you could do full seminars actually on strategic ways to use media to reach people and that is awesome I pat people on the back who are doing that I'm not that good at that frankly I mean I yeah I put out media we do videos and on satellite media and I love that this is being recorded it's going to be posted the audios So I'm a big fan of media use but quite honestly when I've done media on the brain seminars for the past 7 years and having spoken with many many many people on our struggles with media I rarely have people come to me say Brother writs I'm a I'm just really struggling with my media use I feel convicted I need to use more of it I never hear that from people it's usually we're using too much and the wrong time kinds and all kinds of problems with our media use so my messages today will be helping us to find that balance helping us to seek the Lord's will in our personal media use but I don't want to neglect the fact that 844 was the. Launch of this great movement in a way right with that with Daniel 814 pointing to that exact year as the time that the heavenly day of atonement or sanctuary cleansing would begin so here we are we can use media in a positive way and that goes without saying it goes without saying but we'll say it anyway right I mean you can get on your Google search engine right now and if you type in the word Sabbaths do you know what you get type in the word Sabbath some time and after Wicca Pedia in the dictionary definition the top link last time I checked was an amazing fax website it was Savage Truth dot com and I'm going this is awesome right that we can utilize these tools but between 2012 when I started speaking on media and 2016 where I felt like Ok I've got to do more on this information just those 4 years time the percentage of our country that did 5 hours or more of screen time per day doubled 100 percent increase a doubling in the proportion of our society that does 5 hours or more of screen that's an awful lot we'll get into some more of the numbers but let's fast forward to 2018 How about just recently how many minutes of media per day were people consuming in 2018 just a couple of years ago you ready for the number 666 minutes of media per day which is a prophetically ominous number from Revelation 13 this is not a fulfillment of prophecy of course but it's also a very large number isn't I mean that's a lot of media we're consuming per day which is going to take its toll in many ways let's start with physiological effects when you're in this position on the phone you assume the position called the Eye hunch typically at a 45 degree angle which produces a 49 pounds of pressure on the upper spine there which is going to take its toll in a major way honest one thing that I found very interesting was the Washington Post reported horns are growing. On young people skulls phone use is to blame what is that well you can see the image the little bony protrusion they call that an occipital external protrusion a little growth that's forming because of a new posture we've assumed for so many hours of our day and of course we want to be our heads in prayer it's not evil to move your head forward but when we're spending hours and hours and hours in that position we are literally reshaping the skeletal structure of the human form I've heard chiropractors in child development people talking about young people and young adults who have a permanent forward head posture and I thought Wow So the evolutionists who promote the idea that we came down from down here the false notion that we evolved they're going to have to update their chart and have the people coming back down again is the new human posture it gives new meaning to how to be human again right here I guess devolving in a way by the way I do have these notebooks I want to test hand those out for you guys to pass those around if you want to sign in with an e-mail address and get updates on our newsletter but here you go a study reveals that a large portion of the population is not able to breathe properly did you know that when you're hunched over whether it's on your phone or slouching a chair watching t.v. or whatever the position is whatever the context is you're not breathing properly because you're not up right and the lungs can't can't fill with air as well because you're hunched over and the digestive organs also are crunched down so it produces less and thus quality health across the board but I'll tell you something from Child Guidance and this is not just children it's all of us among the 1st things to be aimed at should be a correct position both in sitting and in standing God made man upright didn't he that's the Garden of Eden God made us in His image standing upright not the evolution thing this is God's design of our physical frame and he desires us to possess not only the physical. But the mental and moral benefit the grace and dignity and self-possession the courage and self-reliance which in a wrecked bearing so greatly tends to promote let the teacher give instruction on this point by example and by precept I guess that's what I'm doing right now giving instruction as the teacher I have a teaching background actually that's where I got into ministry was from the teaching background and then seeing this issue in my students I'll talk about that more this afternoon but by example in precept I got to do it by example I've seen video of myself and I get excited about what I'm teaching I'm leaning on the podium are coming forward toward the people like this like Scott you're doing it like stand up straight there so show what a correct position is and insist that it shall be maintained I will and I will not insist on you today but if studies show that having a slouched position makes us have more feelings of depressed feelings and fearful thoughts and feelings doesn't that sound a little bit like this quote we just heard about courage and the moral benefit and that indirect bearing brings standing up straight boosts mood boosts confidence in studies just like the quote just told us and that's not in our own like look at me I'm so great no what is the Scriptures say it is no longer I who live but what cries to live within me and that fills us with immense humility and then immense confidence simultaneously knowing that the Divine Creator the God of heaven has come into me as a temple of God and then knowing the health message if I do these things right I can have that confidence that the studies have found they've also found that slouching produces more negative words that we speak straight up stance more positive outlook more positive words slouching in academic settings you're less productive at academic tasks sitting up straight in academic settings you're more. Reductive at academic tasks those are just a few of the things about posture but also the arthritis time bomb warning for under forty's doctors say texting and gaming can wear out your joints under forty's people in their thirty's already experiencing these these what we would perceive as elderly types of of ailments that surprised me to hear about that speaking of hearing evidence of hearing damage in teens prompts researchers warning this one talks about how it's common after listening to loud music you get the ear buds you get the speakers I used to be in the constant pursuit of the most loud exciting music when I played in a rock band in my teens and all of that and this says it's common to have a ringing in the years but testing showed that 28 percent of teens in the participants of the study are to develop persistent tonight it's an ear condition that really alarmed me to see that it was 28 percent a full one quarter over a quarter and then when I learned about cell phone related injuries did you know there was such a thing cellphone related injuries are up 84 percent we've been told in the news media and I thought Ok what is a cell phone related injury Well a lot of people admit in surveys that they've literally walked into something or somebody while walking around on their phone or you're laying in bed and you have an above your face and you drop in and it chips a tooth or something of that nature. Then people literally die was there was a guy who walked off a cliff in San Diego in 2015 on Christmas Day and actually literally died now this isn't Don't take this wrong because sharks don't kill that many people shark attacks but cell phone selfies are now killing more people than shark attacks so it's not i thousands and thousands of people but you have enough people like I'm on the edge of the cliff here and you know much you peach you are wherever it is and you're taking the selfie and people are far it's Ok minor point but major point for those people who have had that occasion even it's Or even though it's a rare occasion smartphones are killing Americans but nobody's counting. 50 percent increase in people who are tapping on their phones while driving 57 percent increase in 4 year time period huge rise in this one was paid desk deaths a big cause for concern so are you telling me Scott that people are literally on their phone and walking into on coming traffic while yes that's exactly what's happening you're walking down the sidewalk walk into the street and there's pedestrian traffic incidents and pedestrian deaths occurring and I never thought I'd hear the day of the day where municipal governmental officials are saying Ok we've had so many traffic incidents from pedestrians on their phones we need to reorient the traffic signals instead of having stop and go for the pedestrians be how high up that I level where we used to live and let's move the traffic signals down to curb level and they've got this in many cities now they actually did it the green in the red green in the red strips there on the ground for stop and for go I sometimes feel like I'm living in a in the future now and it's a crazy world this is a pat on the light posts in Austria in Salzburg for people who might walk into that and break their nose Fed spend 172002 fight distracted pedestrians via phone alerts what this is this was a federal government funded grant to try to get alerts figure out how to get alerts on people's phone like right before they reach the curb so that my phone will tell me hey there's a bus that's going to be coming up 45 miles an hour you might want to stop walking how to be human again we need some help in this age don't we and then it's also in the in the social realm not just injuries but as we're thinking about people being totally checked out here somebody showed me this after one of my seminars he was a guy that works cutting cutting men's hair barber and he said what they're promoting Now is this cape. Right here instead of having the conversation like these ladies are maybe some small talk how about we live a life of mission were aware of those around us maybe sensitive to the needs of others showing interest in others wanting to win souls the very reason we live and move in this day in the last days right that's a that's a major point they said this cape is going to be the new thing at the at the haircut place for those listening on audio it's a transparent medium in the Cape so you can have your hands under the the Cape that you wear at the barber or the hair stylist and you can see through it to be on your phone the whole time you're there speaking of checked out there 8 this guy walking down the street manhole straight in front of them he walks right through the ribbons and falls down into it are you kidding me this is yet this could be a serious injury right there right what we might laugh at 21st century humanity and the ridiculous nature I think in my description I have this would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic and sad that the media mind is checked out right I mean here we are totally oblivious to what's going on around us but I want to today contrast the media mind with the mind of Christ Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus and there's a wonderful song about it as well May the mind of Christ my savior live in me from day to day do you know the song How about we contrast these to the media mind is checked out the mind of Christ is fully engaged it's time to learn to be human again I'm talking about in social life in family life in our physiological things time spent in nature time spent in God's Word in Revelation found in the 1st and the 2nd book that God has given to us in nature and in Revelation in our law. Labor in our study in our recreation time to learn to be human again in our outreach efforts in evangelistic mission that we are on in our in our rests in our academic pursuits in our artistic outlets in music and yes in the technological in the media arts that we are blessed to utilize in this whole vast tapestry of what it means to be made in God's image servants of God It is time to rediscover what does it mean to be human and made in God's image and as we behold Christ as we behold Jesus that is the ultimate aim that we will become transformed into the same image from glory to glory transformed and renewed of our minds now the reality is right now we touch tap and swipe our devices $2617.00 times per day on average 2006 that's a lot $2617.00 times per day times $365.00 days do you know what that would add up to almost a 1000000 times per year that we are touching tapping and swiping our devices and I'm wondering I don't have any data on this I have a lot of facts and info but I don't have the data on how many times we are touching let's say combined our pets our family members wood and nails soil and plants real things in the 3 dimensional non virtual actual world God has placed us in but it's not a 1000000 times per year of those things and we've also been told that we are the most socially connected generation in history this is the pitch that the social media giants have made we're making the world connected come closer together the most socially connected generation in history now you notice I put quotes around socially connected Why would I do that we'll come to the next session called anti social media and digital pharmacopeia and you'll hear more but I gotta give you this tidbit right now there is now such a thing as the cuddling. With strangers craze this is real it's not this is not made up there are apps that people go and find hookups in their area to find people simply merely to cuddle with or hour or you've got cuddle parties that are going on or cafes permanent cafes is the cuddling cafe let's meet up at the coddling cat what this exists and professional coddlers who hire out their services to cuddle with strangers cuddling with strangers is a thing because this generation is so desperately lonely but if your little weirded out by cuddling with strangers you could always get the chair that will hug you back yes that's completely normal right a tear that hugs you back the advertising for this the inventor is like it'll make you feel like you're being loved by your mother or by a friend or whatever Listen the former surgeon general of the United States of America sounded the alarm on what he called the loneliness epidemic epidemic proportions of loneliness the most socially connected generation in history has become the last most lonely generation in history and by the way the more on line only friends you have in studies the more lonely you are so the more in person contact obviously reduces and that's God's design not for the media mind to be lonely but the mind of Christ is fulfilled socially connected here you are add g.y. see in person that's awesome there's nothing wrong with listening to these later of people couldn't make it or whatever but getting together and coming to the g. y.c. and getting together going to the church having bible studies Friends Family Outreach you know ministry into people all of that is God's design and yes the technological in its place but not solely the digital versions of social we have to put big quotes around that especially because when the University of Pennsylvania did a study on loneliness of young adults they said here's what we're going to do we're going to chart their loneliness scores before and after a week. Of only 30 minutes of social media per day and that's not a lot compared to what world's most people are doing we're going to reduce social media time to 30 minutes per day and see what happens loneliness scores dropped significantly in one week of reducing social media time Denmark's study eliminated it they said 0 social media for a week loneliness went down 36 percent Wow So God's methods God's design for real social do work better more on anti social media in the next session but today teens now consume 9 hours of entertainment media per day this chart shows 2014 versus 2018 a near doubling in the percentage of teens that admit I'm almost constantly on my device we are now to the point where just about half of teens admit I'm almost constantly on my device which made this statement from a news article completely absurd c.n.n. article made the claim by the numbers kids are not spending more time with screens than they were in the eighty's. Did you hear the break sound in the record skip for a 2nd there. Know the eighty's some of you know the eighty's as historians some of you know the eighty's has having lived it you're like no way you want the data on it 19 eighties 3.5 hours per day for the average kid media time the average teen that's a lot but by 2007 it had risen to 5 hours per day and what did I Just Tell You on the previous slide by 2016 it was 9 hours a day that's almost tripling since the eighty's almost a tripling of media use time almost a doubling just in 10 years time period with the advent of the smartphones and the social media and all of that so that's the data for if you want the source on that at San Diego State University a study by 20 Martin and Spitzbergen 3.5 hours 5 hours 9 hours the meat. The a mind is just this evil people read that and I go yeah kids today are not doing any more media than they did in the eighty's because I read it from a reputable source we've got to be thinkers not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts so the mind of Christ is critically thinking by the way that was a quote from the book education if you read that book it's not just for teachers read that book especially young people read the book called The Life work that is required reading for every g y z attendee called the life work it's in the book called education by Ellen g. white it says one of the things it says in that book in context of what we're looking at here we want to be thinkers not mere reflectors of other men's thoughts and I include myself in that you want to be thinking and probing and analyzing and praying about everything you hear from every speaker speaking of being to Siebel by the way I have a I have a heart for the little children and this was an American Academy of Pediatrics statement that made me go hold on wait a minute it said well designed television programs such as Sesame Street's. Ok Time out there saying that's a good one whatever things are true and noble and right and lovely and admirable an excellent input praiseworthy think about such things this is a lot of nonsense for children but it says these programs can improve cognitive and literacy and social outcomes for little children but immediately the thinker says wait a minute improve versus what So I clicked on the footnote is the control group of people who are watching no television at all and they're out in nature and doing better things no the control group is the general population who are watching Sponge Bob in all sorts of super high stimulating television and video games so Sesame Street has a little leg up on the competition within the realm of little children doing excessive media so just be thinkers when you read something like that from a very reputable organization you've got to always be questioning what it is. As it's being put out there the World Health Organization by the way was a little more honest they said little children to the age of 5 less screen time the better if you can approach 0 for children that would be awesome and I wish I could do my whole session called the disconnected childhood I decided to you know I have to I have to take a lot from the media mind seminar to get 3 sessions with you the 4th session this afternoon will be media on the brain mostly I left the one about the children now if some of you are like in that realm of life with children and stuff get the media mind D.V.D.'s go right to disc 2 and view that session for the g y c I'm leaving a lot of the little children stuff out although it does matter to all of us because they are the future and they are the ones that we all want to see thrive so I'll include a little bit about about people of all ages but this was interesting teens 9 hours a day get this parents nearly 8 hours per day so they're only a notch under the teens parents spend twice as much time just watching Netflix than all quality time with their children combined so we can't be like Ok I'm going to take the speck of you know the teenage kids the young people these days and then the older people are doing almost as much entertainment in social media 8 hours just under 8 hours versus just over 9 hours and so when we see for a survey from Common Sense Media found that 47 percent of parents worry their child is addicted to their mobile device by comparison only 32 percent of parents say oh I'm addicted myself you know Jesus said the measure you use to others it will be used to you so we all have to look in the mirror and figure this thing out what is God saying to me about my media use today this week and my stage and age in life because the average adult spends more time looking at screens than sleeping the average American spends 65 percent of their waking hours consuming media the average American spends 4.7 hours on their smartphone per day checks their phones 80 to 150 time. Times per day and still somehow manages to watch 4 hours of television today per day those numbers are not budging when we're just piling on and on and on so you might say Ok I'm safe I'm well below those averages in those crazy stats timeout the Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 10 verse 12 it says not to measure ourselves by ourselves and compare ourselves among ourselves that this is not wise to do that so we want to measure ourselves with Jesus standard for us in our lives and when we're talking about Jesus standard for us and we're how much time in my on my phone and how much time in my using screens for good things for God's glory that's going to be a health concern mental health and a lot of things enter into that and that might be different for different people the amount of time that we spend based upon our work or kind of classes we're taking and whatever but I will say this phatic Lee and this is going to be emphasize this afternoon in the media on the brain when it comes to things that are worldly when we're dealing with Philippians 48 what the way whatsoever things are pure and noble and right and lovely an admirable excellent and praiseworthy that's about the best description of the character of God that there is we want to behold only that which is pure the Bible says clearly come apart from them and be separate say at the Lord touch no unclean thing so in these 1st 3 sessions we're not so much dealing with the worldliness of the entertainment industry that will be this afternoon but I want to say it now would so we don't get the wrong idea out of the gates here if we're tempted to be doing worldly things watching worldly things playing violent video games and all of the things that are that Jesus wouldn't do right that are not Biblical and pure and good and true that are that are principles of the enemy principles of the one contrary to Christ's name the devil and Satan we want to the Bible says come apart and be. Separate and touch no unclean thing touch how many unclean things 00 So how many hours a day you know should I use this kind of media and that kind of media lots of questions we ask ourselves when it comes to worldly media the answer is 000 Now also you might say why I'm not sure if I have a media problem or how's my loneliness factor or the other mental health things that I'll talk about in the next session the best way to gauge where you're at with your media use and figure out Ok Am I on the path God wants me and what you want to pray about it and you also can do a trial do it test God says test me in these things and don't see if I don't open the floodgates of blessing my dad was an optometrist people used to come into his office and they would say oh you know I'm seeing fine I'm seeing Ok I can see good but then my dad would bring around down the instruments in front of the eyes and he'd say Ok read that top line and the patient would be able to read the top line just fine Ok Now read the 2nd line wait a minute the 2nd line I'm supposed to be able to read. Synergy or a c. here and 0 or a q. Doc I can't read that line after hashtag I can't read that and then he's like Ok which one is clear one or 2 to 2 or 3 to 2 or 4 to his The clearest and then he breaks it to you one is your natural eyesight a little more blurry than to which is your new glasses you're going to see better but I would see if I am Ok everybody thinks I'm good the way I am right is New Year's is g.u.y.z. time in every area of our lives we're evaluating God What's my next step what do you want me to try and if we all get the idea no I'm good I'm in a it's comfortable I like the way I do life right now God says I want to stretch you I want to grow you in and you'll benefit from it you'll hear more about that later but right now speaking of the eyes 35 percent increase in my. Since the advent of the smartphone so literally people are getting a little more blurred vision that was just an analogy a moment ago but 90 percent of 20 year olds and East Asian countries myopia so much near work and of course this isn't a moral issue this isn't a sin issue but it is another physiological malady when you read is your computer making you blind the article says it used to be an old wives tale that staring at a screen for long times or clippings close up to you at all times would would increase your your rates of myopia and they say is not an old wives tale anymore it's absolutely the case they have a new word for it screen sidedness instead of near-sightedness because of a lot of these and one of the things that we do when we're on screens we're not blinking as well and as often or reduces the blink rate and so when I use screens you see a lot of slides right a lot of screen shots and I try to do a lot of books and a lot of online things and balance that out we'll do that in session 3 today people of the book in the age of the app but I'm sure try to excuse me tried myself to force better blinking when I'm using screens myself for ministry but here's a Speaking of the kind of light that your that is emitting upon your eyes is also having an impact that has a major impact at night do you see this list of things on the screen heart disease lung disease kidney disease doubt about it added up depression obesity diabetes certain cancers all of these maladies and problems actually are increased by one common factor and there are many common but one of them is sleep deprivation increases the risk for all these things look at that light doesn't that look nice the Bible says In Psalm 127 god give it his beloved sleep. And some of you students are like oh I wish I yearn for the day right or Proverbs 3 thou shalt lie down and I sleep shall be sweet that sounds really nice doesn't hopefully doesn't sound too nice right now like don't go to sleep on me right now but God created that fire light and that type of light for when we have evenings and we're getting ready for bed it produces melatonin in the brain because the blue light is diminished but when we're staring at a screen late at night it suppresses melatonin in the brain and it actually tells the body like it's daytime like a wake up don't get ready and restful for sleep and so teen sleep deprivation is through the roof 9 hours of sleep per night is what you're supposed to be getting when you're 18 years all under 7 is the average joe 6 hours and change for the average 18 year old where we want 9 ideally and the culprit of course let's listen to Dr Larry Rosen he said in one study we found that most students use their smartphones right up to the minute when they close their eyes and attempted to fall asleep and this is not just teens by the way adults are doing the same thing 87 percent of us going to bed with and waking up with our smartphones 3 quarters of students slept with their phones on or set to vibrate and close at hand often in hand sleeping with the phone in hand roughly half of them check their phones in the middle of the night for reasons other than to check the time social media was the main culprit there's a cool pair of glasses you can wear if you've got early the lights in the House and the screens going on and everything you can put Blue Blockers on the phone and get programs like that for the computer like flocks but you x. Anyway there's some practical things God wants us to have a mind that is energized the media mind is tired the mind of Christ is energized and that's why you read in Child Guidance as a rule the labor of the day should not be prolonged into the evening and this applies to families but we can all apply this in our own station in life as well let parents devote the evenings to their families lay off care and perplex it with the labors of the day let the evenings be spent as happily as poss. I love this quote because somehow I have heard from some people in generations past and they're like we used to hear the Spirit of Prophecy quoted it was a negative thing and it's like wait a minute God has given us through the gift of prophecy and through inspiration I want you to be as happy as possible so never get that weird distorted perception of reading books like education and desire of ages and crisis object lessons that's what I was just listening to speaking of using your phone in a positive way right I got my my audio books right on there and I love these books right and when you actually read them instead of just what people say about them it's things like this God wants you to be as happy as possible and so it's counsel to parents not to be working have fun with your family form a home reading circle and other things so there's a bunch of questions we can ask about our media use what kinds of media at what ages on what types of devices at what locations for what purposes at what times of the day at what frequency of use for what duration of use I'm not going to give you like the prescription for all of this but this one right here at what times of the day we can all start to work on our evening media use and it will bring a blessing will get better sleep thou shalt lie down in your sleep shall be sweet the Bible says so think about that in your own life by the way people do ask me what these ones like at what age is that what times of the day Scott give me your prescription for childhood media use Ok I will you ready for it desire of ages page 72 the more quiet and simple the life of the child the more free from artificial excitement in the more in harmony with nature the more favorable it is to physical and mental vigor and to spiritual strength doesn't that sound nice that sounds good for all of us not just child our We'll little overstimulated in this 21st century high tech super fast paced media world we are definitely all of us and it starts from an early age this now exists this is a real thing I thought somebody was pulling my leg this is satire Check this out sky. I thought as graphic image you know manipulation that is a newborn baby this is newborn toddler Fisher Price i Pad activities see I said excuse me even the American Academy of Pediatrics says children till age 18 months or 24 months should have 0 media use but there are now promoting that for the little ones and the I potty Yes this exists the I party for i Pad because nothing can involve only 3 dimensional non virtual things we have to infuse the digital screen based virtual into everything look at this one. To see which is doing. You know on one hand that's kind of like adorable and cute and stuff but also quite frightening and alarming to see the baby does not know how pages and paper is different from the i Pad because he's only uses only use the screens which is interesting because Steve Jobs when he was interviewed before he died you probably heard this they asked What do your kids think of the i Pad It's about to be released on store shelves it's going to be a big thing he goes No My kids have never used an i Pad They don't use the digital devices in our home the interviewer the journalist was like what I imagine to the jobs family would have touchscreen walls and everything is digital Nope same thing with Bill Gates his kids when they were use Macs 45 minutes of Internet use per day for educational and productive purposes the current c.e.o. of Apple was asked about social media he doesn't have children he says his nephew though I don't want him on social media at all he says 0 social media for the young people in my life is what his preferences are those are pretty much the 3 biggest names right Steve Jobs Bill Gates Tim Cook This is a book called irresistible by an author named Adam Alter he interviewed several video game designers as part of his book and several of them confided in him and admitted that they do not play the most addictive video games that being produced by the very industry that they work with this is Alex Constantinople chief executive at the cast agency that's a tech firm and she's got a little children in the home 0 screen time for her child for little children for her older children Max 30 minutes per day and this is not just the C.E.O.'s in the big people you look at the the mid-level engineers and everybody at these at these tech firms out in Silicon Valley they're been entire exposé Zz and investigations on how do they do life with their kids in their homes and they've they're like we've got contracts with our nannies that our 3 year old will not touch an i Phone or an i Pad and the nanny will not be on it either and there's they're very strict they're the most strict. People you will find media use as a culture as a community there's of course exceptions but the consensus in Silicon Valley is that screen use for education is way overrated and it's addictive and causing mental health harm which will talk about continually today but what's the most sought after school that their young people are sent to in Silicon Valley is called the Waldorf School of the peninsula and this Waldorf style of education in many ways resembles true education their kids are gardening and it's like back to the basics number 2 pencils and paper and chalk and chalkboards they do have some new age hippie ish types of things going on too but one thing they get right as they have 0 media use for education until the young people are older until middle school in the case of Silicon Valley's Waldorf School of the peninsula at the Seattle Waldorf School Waitstill high school so that you're thinking Ok what do these people know that rest of us don't know well it's open it's there's research on all of this will continue to explore it but one thing these guys did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates that the rest of us should catch from the Bible not to mention from the example even of secular people who can get this is that both of them insisted on mealtimes in the home they were like We will have mealtimes together in our homes Steve Jobs Bill Gates both insisted on that it reminds me of the sign that a restaurant put up on the door we do not have Wi-Fi talk to each other pretend it's 995 as yes I'm romantic dates Penn State University did a study that the majority of people admit that when they are on a date the the phone usually interrupts their romantic time together that is sat right I mean you're pulling out all the stops you're spending the time you spend the money and you got the things that they're interrupting they said it's called techno Ference in the relationship and no surprise higher rates of techno Ference correlated with lower relationship satisfaction more on that in n.c. social media. It happens in the home as well tension was increased University of Michigan studies discovered and they said the home atmosphere is contaminated I love it when researchers just come out and say it there like it's techno Ference is contaminated in our relationship causing tension in the home so does God have the answer to this absolutely this mealtime thing for example has been in the Word of God all along it says in Psalm 128 that the children will rise up like olive plants round about our tables our tables did you notice that it doesn't say the meal time but it mentions the table that the children are raised at and growing like olive plants at our meal times together we're practicing the health message way we're practicing social courtesies and manners we're hopefully having meaningful conversations during your meal times here at g y c talk about the messages you're hearing the direction you're going in life make this meaningful a time of having sharing a meal together it says in Deuteronomy 6 in the home we are to talk about the Word of God with our children as we rise up as we lie down there's morning and evening worship as we walk by the way and as we sit in our house there you have it sitting not just that morning and evening worship but sitting at the table 2nd Timothy talks about an assault on the family in the last days disobedient to parents without natural affection Jesus says in Luke 12 it'll be 3 against $2.00 and $2.00 against 3 in them and a household in a man's enemies will be the members of his own family that's a tragic and sad sounding thing but it's no surprise that the family and youth and childhood is under assault it seems the enemy always reserves some specific violent vicious diabolical attack on children at a key point in earth's history you go back to Pharaoh when God was about to bring his people out of Egypt and he was about to bring them across the Red Sea and give them the 10 commandments and into Canaan and establish a sanctuary message and. You have the 10 Commandments there right what did Pharaoh do right before that all was launched murder the baby boys in the nihil Herod with Jesus 1st coming this is like the most important times in human history right the giving of the law and the 1st coming of Jesus Herod had the same edict and then here we are in our day and you might save unborn lives would apply here as well and I praise God that the 6th Commandment has been acknowledged by the remnant church of Bible prophecy just this year as applying to those precious infants in their mother's wombs if you didn't catch that news there is now an official statement by the 7th Day Adventist Church saying that the 6th Commandment is applicable to life of all ages including that most precious and vulnerable but the spiritual attack is even more significant than the physical attack because Jesus said Don't fear the one who just kills the body but the one who can kill the soul I mean that's a bigger deal the soul than the body right so we're thinking about all of our souls and especially those vulnerable children who are being plugged into this media from an early age but back to the rest of us I told you this last night you now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish 8 seconds is the average human attention span in the industrialized world the goldfish clocks in at 9 seconds now exceeding us as we have shrunk in this media age so before I even tell you what's causing that you know it's the fast paced media but I want to show you the answer to that one God is the answer to all of this and so nature exposure as opposed to media exposure increases attention span even just looking at fish in a fish tank studies are shown watching fish and of fish that increases your attention span so I guess by be holding the fish we will lengthen our attention span to that awesome 9 seconds again and hopefully we can exceed that and behold Christ and have it all right but another of another advantage. Of attention span one of the main advantages of it is creativity thinking being able to have conceive of an idea and it takes an average of they tell us 1000 seconds is the average person's length of time to roll an idea over really ponder something before you have the lightbulb moment and you know I guess I've got it a creative moment problem solving whatever a 1000 seconds 15 to 20 minutes in our attention span is how long 8 seconds we're never going to get to that 1000 seconds because the average person 77 percent of people admit that when nothing is immediately occupying their attention they describe their phone is going to check my phone or there's nothing that I needed to do on there but it's going to go on there and do something right because we couldn't just possibly have a quiet moment maybe to hear the voice of God Maybe to think for ourselves the media mind becomes dull the mind of Christ though creative we've been given a power from the Creator to be small see creators the power to think and to do that's in the book education and as well we've been given a power akin to that of the Creator the power to think and to do now I mention the cause of this shortening of our attention spans is the environment that we find ourselves in I remember a brother of mine was diagnosed with a.d.d. this was in the late eighty's like the cutting edge of this and I heard he's got a chemical and hair and chemical imbalance and it's a genetic thing and this is a d.d. thing they're talking about now which is today of course a d h d but wait a minute if it was genetic then why did we just in 10 years have a 50 percent rise in a d h d cases in the recent decade well that can't be explained by genetic factors only it's environmentally induced attention deficit that people are talking about and not just the diagnosed disorder you have attention deficit disorder but all of us are having shortened attention spans because of the environment a few examples 3000 children in a Singapore study. We're looked at over a 3 year period of time to see what the coral as a correlation and causation between video game play and attention span would be and they've always known that lower attention span people on average are more drawn to video games and so they always just go it's just correlation there's no causation time out this study showed that it was a causal factor it was by directional it goes both ways lower attention span people are on average more drawn to playing and then playing reacts upon the attention span further reducing attention span by the way whether it was a violent video game or not is only a minor factor in exacerbating video game play in general is reducing attention span t.v. commercials keep shrinking look at this chart in just a few years period of time it's just happening more quickly and hitting us with the commercials cajoling you jarring you snapping at you jolting you out of whatever you know you otherwise might do with the heavy beats and the loud noises and it's the intense stimulant effect to try to grab your attention and get it quickly and it shortens our attention span 2 thirds of kids by the way are growing up in homes where the t.v. is on the majority of the time that's a sad stat right there and psychologists looking at children in their native environment in the living room they notice that the children are pulled away by the screen as if it mesmerizes them more on that this afternoon and it's not like they're making a conscious choice to view it because were designed to train upon movement and just the eyes go to that I find myself as you know a grown adult like you know I'm in an airport or whatever and I'm in a restaurant or wherever the flashing screen is hard to discipline yourself to not you find yourself glancing at it because it's designed to grab you which is funny because the c.n.n. article that I was picking on earlier also says more often than not. Television brings a sense of calm and even joy to the household was this written by a Comcast representative or something please come on a sense of Call Me Now I did walk into a house one time where they had a screen with a single image of a bubbling brook and that was a nice calm thing that was really nice to walk into that house you can use screens in a bucket of way but I'll tell you when the c.n.n. article also said hey we all grew up with t.v. and we turned out fine is making an argument there were no number of fallacies embedded in it 1st of all is t.v. back then is different than today so you're comparing apples and oranges also fine compared to what did you get another test which one is clear I mean I can't redo childhood and stuff and God can redeem the time and transform and renew our minds so we don't need to regret and lament the past he can to take us forward with hope and with inspiration but we just need don't need to buy the nonsense of what they're putting out there speaking of by the way the pacing of the commercials the songs are getting faster to the popular music songs through the streaming services they're bringing the vocals in in 5 seconds on average it used to be 25 seconds of instrumental prelude and I'm talking unworldly music which wasn't known for its attention span lengthening qualities but now it's even more fast paced 5 seconds they're hitting you with the vocals and there's going to be a right there in the intro another book in the verse of a hook in the chorus a hook in the bridge and it's going to be like commercials it's going to be super addictive and diddle designed to shorten attention span even further the average radio listener by the way changes the station every 7 seconds so they've always wanted to bring more of those hope by the way is the part of the song that just gets in your head you can't get it out and I love beautiful music I love sacred music I'm a huge fan of God's design for music for us and that's why when you see what the popular music industry has done to so-called music. I won't be dealing with that great length this afternoon I did talk in media on the brain the word music you know what music means you know what I'm going to hold in suspense on that for the afternoon because I don't have time and be it'll fit in later better but even social media uses shortening attention span a study of 2000 adults people who spend less time on social media were significantly better at attention span tasks in one study that they did on that because it's we're jumping around it's more fast paced be sure to come to the 3rd session people of the book in the age of the app will deal with that more screens versus paper the troubling side effects of smartphones this study showed that when you give a non smartphone using person a smartphone for 2 weeks I'm sorry anon a.d.d. person when they start using a smartphone for 2 weeks you find attention span dropping and the symptoms appearing like inattention and hyperactivity because of the way that we're using the devices on average the device is not evil of course it's a tool but the media mind the way we use this media today becomes distractable but the mind of Christ is attentive now does attention span matter you might say Ok from a spiritual perspective what is the significance of that the Bible says Take heed this word he appears in the King James 80 times in the Bible for example in Psalm 1119 where with all shall a young man cleanse his way you want to have a pure the law of purified life how do we cleanse our way by taking heed their own to according to God's word listen to God pay attention to God pay attention to his word spiritual things require an attention span reading the Bible requires an attention span listening to sermons in messages requires an attention span and also executive function where our prefrontal cortex pays attention also helps. Us do other things like regulate our emotions and impulse us exercise wise judgment in planning have the fruit of the Spirit which is self-control so our characters will be impacted if we're shrinking our attention spans we're reducing executive function and also we'll be struggling in these other areas in our lives when we're lengthening our attention spans we're in Hansing our executive function in our frontal lobe and we will grow in these character and spiritual areas in our lives as well but Entertainment Television and movies and video games are designed to target the limbic system where new exercise more of that you get more of that and what is the limbic system stuff while a lot of it is fear stress lost anxiety irritability impulsivity. Outbursts and so on aggression and so I want less of that in my life I want more of that frontal lobe and the best thing for lengthening and strengthening that is here in the study of the Word of God By the way no other book is so potent to elevate the thoughts and give vigor to the faculties as the broad and Noble and truth of the Bible if God's word were studied as it should be men would have a breath of mind the nobility of character and the stability of purpose that is rarely seen in these times now speaking of those outbursts and so on they study do violent video games do video games make children more prone to violence and the video game industry has been like there is no connection nonsense researchers conducted a thorough Metta analysis of $24.00 studies from locations around the world from 2010 to 2017 with more than 17000 participants ages 9 to 19 years old this is a massive study a study of the studies and what they found is children who play violent video games show an increased tendency toward physical aggressive behavior it's not surprising that the Bible was right by beholding we become changed and a lot of it is just we're reducing executive function so even. Playing not violent video games reducing executive function is going to increase the tendency toward aggressive outbursts of whatever kind it's not just violent acts it's just our character in general so the media mind is becoming more aggressive and prone even to violence but the mind of Christ is self controlled now God has the answer to this I told you the tension span is lengthened by nature you know what else Dr Dunkley and reset your child's brain points out many studies that green environments reduce aggressive acts so there's a reduction of aggression to counter the violent video games get outside get outside and go for a hike or whatever you like doing out there increases attention span as I said increases impulse control now that's a big one that's part of executive function in the frontal lobe impulse control I remember hearing from the video game industry gamers are going to be the best drivers when they hit the roads because they've practiced like reaction time and 3 dimensional reasoning and visual spatial reasoning Well it turns out the average it reduces your driving quality if you're a video gamer on average and so more and more outbursts and more aggressive driving and more reckless driving that takes place because the executive function has come down so the media mind is more impulsive whether in driving or in what we choose to eat or whatever in our lives the mind of Christ more deliberate and I have some good news here if these problems in the executive function are environmentally induced Well guess what then we can reverse them by environment by improving our environment and so I'm going to share with you as we close this session Dr Victoria Dunkley has treated hundreds of children with previously diagnosed disorders and a lot of them have to do with executive function and other things as well I mean you name the disorder that's named in psychiatric circles today she gets the children and adolescents in her office with the toughest cases the ones who are actually diagnosed with a.d.h. d.. And disruptive mood dysregulation disorder depression anxiety bipolar all of it and a lot of people are just struggling with sad feelings or attention spans or regulating our emotions in a way that we're not diagnose we're subclinical they would call that we're all struggling in areas in our lives and she takes these kids and she puts them on a prescription that would blow you away it's not a chemical pharmaceutical solution so-called to these issues it's an actual long term healing she's not allowed to say healing and I do not intend to diagnose treat or heal any disorders cure any disorders and consult your physician before doing anything in life her prescription is 100 percent media abstinence for 3 weeks that you get that these young people they come in and they're like Ok We're going to try something different. And she says you're really ready for it we're going all out 100 percent media abstinence for 3 weeks 0 screen time for 3 weeks for these young people. And these are the ones who are struggling the most remember the results are astonishing 80 percent of them have the majority of their symptoms disappear just removing screen time for 3 weeks that's really good news isn't it if we will accept it a lot of people know they're going to do that well you want do you want to be yield 50 percent of them have all their symptoms disappear all of them so half of her patients are totally cured screentime is a contributing factor to virtually all of the children she has treated she says I began prescribing videogame restriction especially with startling results I observed how the vast majority of children exhibited certain symptoms surrounding gameplay symptoms strikingly similar to amphetamine exposure be here for the next session digital pharma key the word pharma key is Greek for drug use or sorcery She says these symptoms resolved in the days or weeks of completely abstaining from the media use and the children's development in the youth the adolescent development would grow by leaps and bounds when screens were most restricted so the frontal lobe is enhanced the the executive function prefrontal cortex is developing the media mind is not well but the mind of Christ is what's the word Yes May the mind of Christ our Savior live in us from day to day by his power controlling all I do and say Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus and you know that mind of Christ is where we are transformed and renewed that's a literal physiological neurological language in Romans 12 verse 2 where our brain circuits can be rewired and we can experience a whole different way of being human and being redeemed in Christ on the spiritual and on the mental health and on the social and everything so let's pray for that as we close this and take a break and then return at. 1045. Let's ask God to lead us in our in the path he has for each one of us Father we thank you so much for the information that is so eyeopening But Lord we want more than information we want transformation Please help us to make choices and decisions to to try something different as you invite us to do to test you in these things and see if we don't see the floodgates of blessing open that you want to be as happy as possible as close to Jesus as possible as as as socially fulfilled and enjoying nature and just all of the vast wonder that it that you've created in this world for us to enjoy and appreciate and most of all that we would live with a purpose that we wouldn't live to seek the next stimulant effect and entertainment and pleasure seeking but that we would seek Jesus be Jesus seekers not pleasure seekers and help us in our in our choices as we pursue you and seek your will and he'd pay attention to your voice we pray these things in Jesus' name and. This message was recorded and did you I see conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot org.


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