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The Heart of It

Clive Coutet Charlene Coutet


Ever had questions about the whole 'finding love' thing? Like why is it so hard to find that someone? Am I doing something wrong? Will my heart ever heal from the pain I’ve experienced along the way? More than just finding that special someone, how do I love them right when I do find them? What is marriage really like anyway? How do I prepare for it and how do I survive its challenges? Clive and Charlene Coutet desire to share their hearts with you and give real, honest and practical answers to many of these questions.


  • January 2, 2020
    12:00 PM
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This message was presented at the g. y.c. conference by many or by see you in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors online. Dot org. Welcome back everyone there's a couple of seats it was quite a few seats right here down at the front if you're struggling to find a seat to realize the sessions only 45 minutes the next one so we're going to crash straight through. To start with a word of prayer. For would have been very easy for this opportunity to bring us back again so we just thought it was time to pray that you spew from I was close of the session. You may feel the fruit of the Holy Spirit anyway. Ok so after the lave we go to the holy place we have several layers and as you break it down and look inside a love the son of nation Appeals back and this is the set up so in the holy place there were. Those the candlestick to see it there on the left on the right hand side there was the table of showbread and there was the altar of incense and then just behind the altar instance there was the veil. And behind that was the most holy place. To realise the shit of click this. Very go so this is a closer view of what it looked like inside the 1st article that we're going to go to is the candle stick so it's made of pure hammered gold and at 7 branches there were 7 lamps on top of each branch and the all of these launches to burn continually before the Lord from morning until evening so what was the purpose of the candle stick. There was no windows in that section where most told the holy place in the most holy place was and how many layers did you see got peeled off in the animation quite a few were it was 3 there were no windows and those living curtains and on top of that were 3 layers and coverings So basically if you did not have this candle stick in that area it be completely dark nothing would be able to happen and so she with us without light shining in our lives everything that we do will not be done properly and Paul tells us what this light is it says but even if our Gospel is veiled this is veiled to those who are perishing whose minds the god of this age has blinded who do not believe lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is in the image of God should shine on them this light is the gospel and simply put is the knowledge of Christ's sacrifice on the cross of Calvary on behalf of you and me Paul explains to those that don't understand the truths of the Gospel that they are in a situation of blindness and things that can blind us could be anything anything that we put in place of Christ in our life is something that is blinding us to the truths of the Gospel and with out the light of the Gospel we are understood where and able to understand just how wonderful the gift of Christ is and what he has done for us and this is the light that we share with other people that's what the light was there if you hide a lamp untar under a bowl. It totally renders it useless right but what's the point in lighting alarms and then you just cover over and in the same way holding the truth and constantly learning like if we come to you I see and we go to all of these seminars and we just absorb all of this information we enjoy all the planning reason and we just go home stuff to bursting for ourselves and don't share it is like putting a lamp underneath a blanket or something we can only truly in gauge with the saving grace of the Gospel by sharing it with others by sharing our experiences and what Christ has done and his saving grace is solidifies it to us and it edifies the person that we're sharing with in many instances especially how I used to feel as like you know I do the program managing I used to run the programs back in my conference were doing hospitality or something behind the scenes I was the behind the scenes Girl other people of the speakers of the people have a way with words so much better than me I'll just facilitate their sharing and I kept my life to myself Firstly because I didn't want people to see what I was really like Secondly I was just too afraid I thought what I have to share is pointless but imagine if we switched off all the lights in here now and there wasn't any anything that you could see and I just have a tiny stump of a candle Wouldn't it be better if you were stumbling around in the darkness that if I came with my tiny stump of a candle if I linked arms with you and we shared that tiny light and found our way out to the exit It doesn't matter how small you feel your experience with Christ is it doesn't matter how how you feel you are with words you don't have a way of sharing the little that you know one of experience with Christ could be the stump of light in somebodies completely dark world. And that little bit that you can share with them will be the means for them finding the way out to greater light and greater truth link arms with the people around you no matter how small you feel your influence could be that light that you have your experience with Christ no matter what level it is can be very very life changing for the people around you is the enemy's desire to keep us from sharing the light he wants us to keep looking at the bad that we've experienced the pains that we've had the Shane that we feel Shane finds its greatest voice and vision in darkness Satan wants to keep us wrapped in that he doesn't want us to engage in the light of the Gospel age so that we don't realize just how much Christ can save us from and is willing to go to do that and be he doesn't want us to experience that light so that we share it with others because he likes us all to be in darkness. But the light of the Gospel shouts victory and freedom victory and freedom not just because of what Christ achieved back then on the cross but just as importantly it shuts victory in the lives of anybody that takes hold of Christ now and commits to laying all of life's happenings out there in the light of truth when we expose things to light it can no longer have hold on us the Shane I felt from past relationships have no hold on me now and I can share them freely not to glorify what I are used to do but to give glory to the fact that in spite of where I was Christ has taken me out that has given me victory has allowed me to be restored have a heart that can accept being love love in the right way and not according to my own standards of love it's such a liberating way to be and to live if we allow the light of God's truth and His Gospel to really shine forth in our life. This passage in as I 43 is one of my favorites just as I even I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake and I will not to remember your sins when we come to Christ and claim the promises that he has for forgiveness we must believe that our sins are forgiven and blotted out our sins are raised and God will not remember them or hold them against us sharing your light and and exposing others to the Gospel Eve experience will not bring shame into your life rather it will shine light on what you have done and show that no matter what you have done Christ can free you and for Zion sake I will not hold my peace of Jerusalem saying I will not rest until her righteousness goes forth as brightness and as salvation as a lamp that burns this is the depth of love that Christ has for each and every one of us passion and. Rest or a sieve love he is not going to rest until we are in the types of relationships that he wants he is not satisfied with you wallowing in the pain that you've experienced either at your own hand or the 100 other people because let's face it other people can hurt us as well people had no business coming into our life. People that were following according to Christ standards and decided that they were going to take advantage of those things happen but Christ and he's not going to rest until that healing is is being brought to your life those we have chosen to be in our circle of friends or to come into this holy place of our lives should be those people that are encouraging us to seek truth as it is in Christ. And if you find that you're around people doing that ask them what their story is ask them to share you're helping them to remember just how good God is to them by you experiencing that story your being and fired as well the next thing was the table of showbread sorry I'm going through this really quickly in the story of the girl in the room what was the principal activity that the girl was engaging with the guy doing what did she do when he looked like he was bored and he's about to leave what does she do so I'm at that table of bread and he just let him eat his fill that in the actual sanctuary this bread was called the show bread and was placed on a specifically designed table and was to be continually placed before the Lord she set this table up in front of those guys the only people that were allowed to eat this bread were the priests and had to be in front of the Lord for a whole week before they could even partake of it and even then they had to do it in the holy place it was super super special what that girl was doing was completely completely ridiculous in many cultures bread is a basic staple and without it and of the staples the necessary nutrition for life would be lacking and Jesus say's in John 648 I. The bread of life super simple sentence he is the staple that we need daily to live a full life and eating this bread represents our devotional time instead of spending time with Christ that girl was giving her time up to these guys she let them take their fill and when they taken their fill they upped and left it's the time that we give to seeking God in order to gain a deeper revelation of his character and suffering a lack of physical food if we don't eat we will eventually start of. And so to having a lack of Jesus in our life causes our spiritual bodies to become and feeble and die and the problem is that death by starvation doesn't happen just like that is a long process oh I'm too busy I'm just going to retire can't wake up from a devotion time to day for 5 minutes oh well and before you realize it's been a week 2 weeks a month the Bible got in the way your bible is spiritual starvation is one of the worst things because you don't realize that you're starving and about to die and so you are lost and it may seem that the small compromises in life and in relationships aren't really that bad all about because deal especially when things seem exciting and full of adventure the problem is we cannot see the death of the soul until it is too late in the time that time of getting to know others should have been 1st spent getting to know Christ from my experience that time spent at my altar of showbread and learning who Christ is what he represents his character outplayed and so many different scenarios that I could apply to my life it showed me what love really is I said in the last session I had a really good idea of how I thought I needed to be loved and from a broken home these insecurities I prefer these things in this and I had this formula of how I thought I needed to be loved how I wanted my husband to be this is the marriage I'm going to have and it's going to be so healing from my childhood traumas and I saw after men and relationships that I thought would give me those things and it's only when I spent time at my table at my devotion time with Christ I started to recognize in his words the things that really resonated with me that passage of scripture like I'm so passionately in love with the book of Isaiah and everything that God spoke to me through that book I think I spent a year just in that book. I started to realize the things that my heart you know came to life with and I started to realize what I actually really needed to be loved God showed me how my heart needed to be loved so then while my guy number 3 came along and I saw him Clive is not my type he really is not my type and before I'd spent time with Christ he would not have even made it onto my radar but when he came into my life and I recognized how he was and the things that he said and the things that he was really passionate about I recognized that those are the things that sparked my heart in the Word of God I always thought that because I like to debate and I like to philosophise and fear arise I needed a guy who would do all of those things with me and we have these really deep hot hot conversations every single night and it's just going to be this wonderful mind interaction Clive is the most simple guy on the planet not until he's super intelligent but he's so simple I will say 50000000 words and he will sum up in 4 that's not my type I want to debate but when I was going through the time in the world I realized it was the simple sentences I am the bread of life or I said in a Zaire to Zion sake I will not rest like those simple things I realized that sparked my heart when I recognized simplicity in somebody else I recognized that that's the way that my heart needed to be loved spending time with God and His word learning what makes you tick or makes your heart work and what resonates with you you will allow you to recognize the same type of love in this person that God is trying to reveal to you is to be your future spouse that's how we can recognize those things that's how we can know if he is the one but we'll only know that if we spend time learning how God loves us 1st. What you find in the Word of God is that God is a giver he's not a take of those guys just took took took of her time and left and just left her with a mascot is a giver he's not a taker and who's there 14 verse 5 it says I will be as the do unto Israel he shall grow as the lily and cast forth his roots as Lebanon for those of us have not been careful with our time in the past and recognize as a state of spiritual starvation we can take heart this promise shows us that we can be renewed He says I will be as the Jew on to Israel Jew comes faithfully morning and evening to refresh the year and it's the same thing with us if we spend time with Christ morning and evening just as the do you find a spiritual renewal happening in your life that you never found anywhere else you may think that your life is super ugly right now nothing good comes from me but God promises that you can grow as the lily and cast force you cast forth your roots as Lebanon and it may seem very difficult at 1st to begin this habit of spending real and consistent time with God daily you may find that you're just going through the motions of devotion I'm suspending 5 minutes here I'm doing this you know I've checked my devotion box for the day and off I go. But if we don't spend time really in gauging with God and learning who he is and what his heart resonates with we will stay trapped in the cycles that Satan already has us wrapped up in we will stay making the same spirit to decisions who will stay keeping the same friendship group and having the same distractions and will still end up with the same subpar quality of the elation ship never ever making it to the true lasting idea that God has for marriage and relationships for us so I think we need to take the chance and step out into the unknown. Be radical about letting go of the things that could be holding you back holding a time back we only ever have 24 hours in the day and most of us are super busy all reading and there is the story of. A boy who was walking along the beach with his dad and his hand was full of shells they've been collecting shells collecting shells and they got to the point where the dad was like all looks on the starfish over there. That's amazing these like go get the starfish son so the son runs off to go get starfish and the dog sees him pause in front of the starfish and then come back in the Times like what happened why don't you get the stone fish so I just couldn't get the starfish that I couldn't get to come on son go get the starfish and the boy goes back pauses as a kind but this happens a few times and finally the sun comes back in the dots like what's going on Sundays like Daddy I couldn't get the starfish because my hands are too full of shelves some of us have our hands full of shelves we've got hobbies and interests we've got desires that are keeping our hands completely occupied and it's stopping us from being able to have the hunt space to reach out and take hold of Christ and he's what we need. To let go of the shell so we can get the bigger better starfish of life and it may just start with 5 minutes a day if that's all you can commit to be faithful in that commit to 5 minutes in the morning 5 minutes in the evening and see where it takes you I can guarantee that you will start to crave God's Word I remember one point university I actually missed my morning lectures because I spent 4 hours studying the word rock may seem an interesting to you but I show you go study the word rock and you start to crave God. What he reveals to you and how that makes you feel in life it's a complete cycle the next thing was the altar of incense it was placed in front of the veil and on this alter the priest would burn sweet and incense each morning and evening so the smell would rise that continually throughout the day and night and the position of the altar where it was placed in the smiled and only just permeate that holy place but when watched over into the most holy places well so what does that mean for us Revelation 83 to 4 says then another angel having a golden sense of came and stood at the altar he was given much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the Golden altar which is before the throne and the smoke of the incense with the press of the saints ascended before God from the Angels hands. So this instance that we're to offer up this our prayers and because the instance was offered up both morning and evening we can use that pattern for our lives too and you see how seamlessly it plays into our devotional life to be as the June morning and evening on devotion the life and our prayer life are completely wrapped up in each other they one scene seamlessly and harmoniously this is. Just $37.00 and they said Evan shall burn on it's sweet and cents every morning when he tends the lamps shall burn incense on it and when Aaron lights the lamps at twilight you shall burn incense on it a perpetual incense before the Lord throughout our generations now this is one of the things I kind of struggled with how on earth do I let my incense of prayer ascend to before God continually throughout the day like I'm a special spend my life on my knees by how does that even work Firstly what is prayer and is essentially just a discussion of a false ideas desires hopes with a friend if I converse with my friend I'm telling her about the life. I'm just engaging in whatever's going on in my heart throughout the day and especially you know what it's like if you if you're interested in someone and you started talking you say hi in the morning hope you have a good day Oh you'll see something for lunch look why I had for lunch or something something something is very easy when you're in a relationship with somebody and you like them or you're interested in them to involve them in almost the Monday and things of your day to day life like what Sam and she had for lunch maybe they like that oh I saw this I saw your favorite food haha this happened it's so easy especially now we know what it's like with social media we can jump in and out of each other's lives continually throughout the day why because we like to engage with the people we're talking to and it's this to be the same thing with God He wants the same level of interaction to jump in and out every decision that we make he wants you to jump in and out of a conversation with him about to even if it's just briefly but very often prayer can become this ritual and if we view prayer like this we miss out on the purpose which is quite simply prayer is there for a relationship the quality of our marriage has transformed completely when we actually learn to communicate properly we've got so disconnected that we didn't communicate about anything I mean we talk about day to day life we've got kids we've got you know we have to to talk but we didn't actually communicate and share what was going on in our hearts and it was only as I started to have. Therapy for like my childhood issues that I started to come out that I'm having problems communicating with life everything was coming back to Clive and I'm like he was like you have in the sessions because of your childhood I was like oh yeah the issue is very often we cannot delve into our past if we don't feel safe in our present. I didn't feel safe in my present because I wasn't communicating with him and so I certainly didn't see a future so what's the point I have no hope but when I started to learn to pray and learn to pray properly and I exercise the tools that I had learned with talking with God with reasoning with him when I started to build the confidence to communicate again with my husband we going back on the same page and now when anything comes into my mind I don't want to go away and think about it I communicate sure it's a way and it isn't easy at 1st even if it was is with somebody that you love it's got easier to speak my mind as a just exercised the whole I suppose principle of just speaking my mind but speaking my mind with Christ God wants to know what you're thinking all the time share that with him. Share your heart with him even if you disagree he says Come let us reason together I didn't say let's come and agree together he wants us to reason he wants that dialogue because that dialogue builds trust and relationship. And if we don't know what to say Romans 826 says Likewise the spirit also helps us in a weakness for we do not know what we should pray for as we or but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered we have a helper in all things the Holy Spirit we don't know what to say if we don't have that trust relationship with God Just pray the simple prayer Lord send me your spirit and help him to teach me what to say and he will the more time we spend in the Word of God the Holy Spirit reveals to us that we are indeed sons and daughters of God people along to him he wants to have this father daughter relationship or father son relationship with you and that's what prayer can be to us. Everything up to this point in the sanctuary involved the day to day bustle of activity yet the stuff happening in the courtyard in the services that happened daily with the lighting of the candles making sure the bread was the incense was put on there all of these things were to help us to become closer in communion with each other and with God and the purpose now of the value it shows us that separated it was separation between the holy place and the most holy place the purpose of the veil was to prevent anybody from accidentally and it reverently falling into the presence of God So essentially it was a separation between the day to day bustle of activity and a set apart area where the priest and only the high priest went once a year or so in moving from yard which is a general acquaintance to holy place which is you know the people that ministered there they were a family of priests they had a duty they knew what they were doing we're getting closer to the people that we were going to be choosing our spouse from now this is the people that are really helping us to share our life the people are encouraging us to pray encouraging us in the Word of God. And God puts this veil there as a distinction from what goes on in those 2 areas to this place that he set apart which is where our heart of hearts is so why was it such an issue if somebody fell accidentally fell into the presence of God what happened if they accidentally went in the area they would die he says that God The Bible says and I have a $113.00 God is of pure eyes than to behold evil and he cannot look on wickedness. Since separates us from God is the separating thing and it is this very reason that the enemy wants to keep us trapped inside pools of relation poor relationship choices poor life choices poor friendship choices so that we cannot approach God who is pure and holy gives us this idea that if you come to God as messed up as you are you going to get consumed he's going to blast you he's going to just stand fire from heaven Bam But the problem is that God is not a punish in that way that's what the enemy wants us to feel the very presence of the sanctuary contradicts the whole notion because the whole setup was to show that God wanted to be with his people so why was the veil their sin was the reason that Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden and the gate was God and or veiled by an angel with a flaming sword sin was the reason that Moses when God was passing before him was hidden or veiled in the craft of the rock so that when the presence of God passed by he wasn't consumed and sin was the reason why the the priest the high priest could only enter that most holy place once a year but a veil wasn't put there as a separation it was there for protection because if Adam and Eve had gone and even from the tree of life they would have immortal life sin and God would have been able to come and put his plan of salvation into action God protected the saving of his people by putting that veil that God didn't want Moses to be consumed either because there was sin in his life was human so he veld him so that he will reveal his glory to Him and be close to him without Moses being completely consumed. And this protection helps us to understand the role further by exploring the work and role of the high priest. If you look more what the High Priest role was and what qualified him to go through and past that veil it gives us a really good understanding of just how important that veil is he was 911 to 12 says but Christ came as high priest of the good things to come with the greater a more perfect tabernacle not made with hands that is not of this creation not with the blood of goats and carves but with his own blood he entered the most holy place once for having obtained a turnover demolition 1st and foremost Christ is our High Priest Hill loan can do the work of restoration in our hearts and the fact that the high priest is only allowed to enter through the veil once a year at an appointed time shows to us that there is a work to be done in our hearts but only one who has prepared themselves to undertake this responsibility as high priest can do it's not for the day to day people in your life to be going in and out of your most holy place one person who is appointed by God specifically an appointed time should be allowed to go in there and that's what happens the issue with having no veil means that there's no boundaries premature intimacies happen and they burn hot they burn hot and he can give you the feeling of being consumed I love him a Feels amazing being with him I love her this works out we resonate we're on fire our love is on fire but the problem is if you do not place good foundations to that fire wood big pieces of wood. You can kindle things from like little interactions kindling your know how to start a fire start small pieces of wood think things that you know explode into flame really quickly and that's what initial love can be and if it doesn't have the boundaries of the veil it explodes into a massive flame you are consumed by a love and you think it's amazing wood burning hot. But what happens you get burned you get consumed without having that veil in your life you accidentally fall into areas where you end up being consumed and God has told us to have these boundaries to place these this this emphasis on our purity not because he's just trying to you know restrict and separate and all of those things that the enemy wants to feel like when you're building all these walls you know those things are wrecked it to be for our safety of preservation so that we are not consumed by our passions and desires when you give up your purity you end up being racked and weighed down by your guilt and shame and the enemy wants us to continually desecrate the most holy place of others and ourselves to be consumed by our passion so that we never truly get to experience the lasting satisfaction of a love born and developed and out played with Christ as its standard Christ is that solid foundation those pieces of wood that yes if they start burning you need to put real wood to keep a fire going that would you gather in your time of singleness I believe you can do I did which wasn't the best way I had to learn to gather a lot of the word that keeps our marriage going whilst I was married I was sad I wasted my singleness. The wood the things that keep you going all the devotional life is your prayer life is the standards that you have by the people you allowance your life every single thing that you've we've talked about in the courtyard and in the holy place this is where you're gathering the wood that you're building the fire that's going to allow your love to burn you know good and hot but to simmer and keep warmth going throughout your life for a long period of time it's not these big big I don't know experiences of life that allow your heart to explode that keep you going cystic leave the whole passion of love the way the feel bad love feeling lasts for most people 6 months to a year into marriage for some very lucky people they can last maybe 2 years with the whole butterflies in the stomach oh my gosh she's walked into the room I'm so smitten as a marriage post the last for 6 months to you. Anybody want that kind of marriage no for sure not gather the word in these foundational places erect that veil and those boundaries so that you can allow a more lasting provision of love Later on you may be separating yourself for a time now that there is an appointed time where the right person can go past that boundary and not veil into the most holy place says and walk in love as Christ also was loved and given Himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling aroma so the husband is the head of the wife as also Christ is the head of the church and he is the savior of the body that sufficiency 5 1st 2 and verse 23 in his letter to the features Paul illustrates here the role of Christ as our Savior and it also parallels this role with the role of a husband to his wife. The role of Christ our Savior and high priest shows clearly just how sacred is the role and responsibility of a husband guys don't try and be your husband if you're not ready to be like Christ if you don't understand the sacrifice that Christ has made you are not ready to be a husband and to sacrifice yourself for your wife the intimate relationship between a husband under wife as a result should be a sphere in which the gospel is to be played out and demonstrated that's why the enemy's attacking relationships and marriages so much because when you have a good Godly marriage and joyful it speaks volumes the saving grace and love of Christ is mass most amazing output of the Gospel the gospel is about relationship reconciliation understanding sacrifice service devotion and a passionate determined love everything who God is that's why the role of the veil is so important by withholding the most intimate and sacred parts of ourselves unveiling them from the day to day habits and norms of life and shows that when the time is right on the appointed day the special sacredness of union can happen in all of its fullness with out of being consumed so many has not taken the time in the holy place of their life to learn what it means to be a priest absolutely is not qualified to perform that role of High Priest ladies sexual image intimacy is intended to be with one person only the high priest has been sent by God at the appointed day and time and with no other veil your heart gentleman sexual intimacy is intended to be with one person only the church bride wife you want to give yourself or at the appointed day and time only and no one else. If you don't set up that value allow yourself to fall into and for other people to fall into your most holy place and you leave no other option but to be consumed and that's where we end up with the guilt and pain that we end up with And God can help us to erect those veils now through all of the processes that happen in the holy place our prayer our devotional life and sharing what we're experiencing with others who are of like mind who need to know these things God longs to come in and close that door just like Christ did to that girl in the room that was the 1st thing he did beat before he even started any of the clean up he closed that door veil yourself get rid of the options for the destruction that keep coming in and then allow that that time for God to sort out the clean up by the things that you do in the holy place of your life so we get into the heart of it now the most holy place is the most sacred and deepest part of who we are this is our heart of hearts this business of committing to loving somebody is an extremely sacred duty it's not just something that feels good something that's nice it is a sacred duty not just for the husband to the wife but the wife also to her husband the covenant Christ made to redeem humanity was no joke and we can see just what was involved in that covenant being upheld in the life of Christ and similarly marriage is no joke just wanting to be with somebody is not enough Christ gave all for his bride every single thing guys are you ready to make those sacrifices in that way if you still holding on to just this is just the way I like to do things I like to go here I like to do that I'm just doing me I'll do the God thing later you're not reading goals if you with somebody that's kind of messing about like that he's not reading. As my husband said in the last session right before we would you get married like 2 months before I called the wedding off that broke me like you said I like to write letters I wrote in tears but I was like I can't I would rather stop now and be hurt this much than to continue and to get into a relationship with somebody who hurt me for eternity if if I'm supposed to stay married to him it may hurt to break off that relationship now but the hurt that you experience if you continue and continue along yourself to be consumed is it better just to get burned once and be like out continually put your hand in the fire and expect a different feeling to happen it's not going to change we all know this passage fusions 5 husbands love your wife just as Christ also love the church and gave Himself for her that he may sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word that he might presented to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that she should be holy and without blemish if a man does not know the Word of God he is unfit to fulfill the role of a priest and he will not have the tools necessary to love you ladies as you desire how can he wash you through the word if he doesn't know the word if you were guy that is not interested in Christ of the Bible do you honestly think he's going to be interested in upholding all the matters of your heart that you will need for sure not if you don't know God gentlemen you cannot love a wife if she was Christian created and designed to be love if you want to know how you can love your wife probably more deeply and more more fully go to the person who created time he will show you every single nuance I've been in relationships where I was the girlfriend I fit the girlfriend piece I wasn't loved as an individual. I am me no one thought is like me you are you know one's heart is like you and God knows every single new ones of what you need to be loved and to feel fulfilled your spouse your wife your husband is only going to be able to love you fully if he is gone to the person who created your heart and the most holy place in each and every one of our lives it was designed to house the very presence of God and of such our relationships function best only when he is present now quickly we're going to finish up with these 3 things inside the ark of the covenant there were 3 things that was the pots of money. That was in there to remind the children of Israel just how God has provided for them in the wilderness and is that true to remind us of the provision of God in our own lives if so much to be grateful for if you don't remember just how good God is start keeping a diary of the blessings that you have the answers to prayer that you've experienced you realize that you indeed have a pot of money a store that in your heart remember who God is and what he's doing in your life Aaron's rod that budded and blossomed was inside the ark as well as proof that God alone has the ability to choose who he wishes to lead the services in a century if you're wondering how I'm going to find the right person trust me if you spend time in each and every one of these checkpoints in sanctuary God will make it so unbelievably clear to you who that high priest is to be in your life and guys who will show you just who you should be sacrificing yourself for as your church bride we can read about the rebellion of Coram what happens he just wanted the glory of what it meant to be in this century the so many people that would barge into your life want all of the privileges of a High Priest all of the intimacies all of the things and they have no desire for the sacrifice and service don't allow Cora's into your life. Another application of the rod is that the blossom of the road demonstrates life and energy and vitality and these the characteristics that will define somebody who is allowed Christ to be all of these things that the sentry tells us here is he wants you to live a vibrant life not to be burdened and broken down by the way of guilt that poor decision making happens love is to be displayed in a beautiful and vibrant way we serve a God who is a creator we just moved to California about a year ago and I think the sunsets there are the most beautiful I mean you may argue with me but every single night I am in awe how God paints the sky in the most amazing array of colors God doesn't want love to be boring he has a multitude of ways to paint the most beautiful pictures in our life through love if we allow him to be the center of it caused intentions for our lives are directly contrasted with Satan's desires to keep Bush trapped in cycles of compromise and to keep us as a lifeless sticks by all of the other sticks that were placed before God It was only that but did God will give you the signs of what he has put in that person that used to be in your life Christ is represented by the vine imparts nourishment the vitality the life the spirit the power that the branch can bear fruit and when in affliction and disappoint you and when affliction and disappointment come you have to show altogether a different character of fruit in the world there is the evidence that you are connected with Jesus Christ and that there is power that sustains you in all of your afflictions and disappointments and trials and this power and this grace sweetens every reflection the final thing inside they are of course was the 10 Commandments and there are or where our heart is to contain the law of God and it's so vital for our survival. And final passages I run in the path of your commands if you have set my heart free. The law of God is not there to clip our wings and restricted to a boring life rather just like the veil the law is there for our protection to ensure our freedom from the cycles of pain and destruction that we so often find ourselves in freedom to love and to be loved in return to serve and to live a fulfilled and joyful life. God really passionately desires you to be in a union that reflects Him because you know that when he is a part of your relationships you have the best time of your life it won't burn hot it won't burn quick it will burn continually with the fire of true love and it is completely different to any other experience that you could possibly have wait for God's appointing take time in your courtyards. God will show just how easy is he to recognize the right person when they come along even if they're not your type he won't let you miss out on them because he passionately wants you to be happy and in lasting relationships but he needs us to spend time using this blueprint of the sanctuary is something I believe you can take home and use practically go through all of the article study into it I knew nothing about any of the sanctuary stuff until after that during when I went to read about and everything single thing I read blew my mind and the so much more that you can go into absolutely had to skim through this more detail here but God is so passionate about us being in true relationship so if you become disillusioned with finding the right person check back a bit and see if you've missed a few checkpoints so are your courtyard so you are somebody that will be recognizable as you are I want to be with that person I like that person. Don't act like Hofner Phineas and wonder why nobody's coming to your son true the right person coming along check back and spend time in these areas because God is faithful. Our next session we're going to have. Some folk married couples who I think are some of the most amazing people they're real and they're willing to share their hearts with you and answer all of the questions that I hope you're writing them this please come back after lunch we're going to have a real discussion a real talk where you can ask all of the questions you could possibly think about marriage I didn't have a clue about what marriage was I thought I did and then it happened and I was like oh my gosh what happened to what I had to. Or did I do. If you have no idea or want to know how to live a godly fulfilling marriage the tools necessary for it to last in a passionate and just exciting and dynamic way please come back and these couples are going to share their hearts being after lunch let's pray Father in heaven thank you for this time to walk into your sanctuary and know it's been super quick and the so much more that we can go into I pray Lord but it won't just be my words of been spoken here and you are see the beginning of the year but this is something that we can go home and actually study into for ourselves if we truly desirous of the kind of relationships that you have purposed for us help us to spend time in all of the points you've laid out in your in your sanctuary so that we can actually align ourselves and be in a position to receive that time where you would allow us to be with somebody. I pray for already married and wish they would help us to track back through these points to realize that this is a process which is something that we can go through continually to remain in good lasting relationships. To enjoy our lunch and to come back for a real discussion about Marge afterwards in Jesus' name we pray Amen. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or a few in Louisville Kentucky do you want to see the supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online web.


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