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The Death of Sabbath School

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter


Discover the purpose of Sabbath School, why it may be weak in some churches, and learn some principles to bring it back to its original goal.


  • January 2, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Was presented at the. Kentucky for other resources. All right time stamp 1045 going to get started here welcome to our 2nd installment for this track on satisfy it is entitled Death of Sabbath School death of Sabbath school and if you don't know if you following the trend it says life death and resurrection of Jesus but of Sabbath school is kind of a play on words there and if you're not wanted to be part in the Sabbath school you are welcome to leave at this time but otherwise please put on your your seat belts and your seat backs straight on your table trays whatever they say will have a word of prayer and will get started here for our 2nd session this particular father in heaven we thank you for having blessed us in our 1st session now as we get into the 2nd part why status quos are dying we ask for your blessing Plus our words plus a conversation plus our thoughts and bring out those things that need to be brought up we asked Jesus name. We have a small group and wants to do this I'd like to do this just to get your participation for those of you who are here for the 1st session please raise your hand God bless you down this is your 1st time here in this room please raise your hands. Oh God bless you you're still. We are you're here for the death of Sabbath school but you didn't come for the life of Sabbath school so Ok that's an interesting dynamic. Post and has that in my mind afterwards. We are in a time where Sabbath school is on the decline I don't know if you noticed but satisfy We jacked it we stole it from the Sunday People it was a reason they called Sunday school and we got they got it from the Sunday People we call that satisfied because it's on Sabbath we actually got it from different denominations the 1st according to my research here was started in England by a guy named Robert Raikes but I was hundreds later I found it was actually start started started by a woman named Hannah ball where she wanted to train her kids after the way of Wesley and Luther so she got all these kids together in that time in the 1700s in England they were all working they were all dirty and they didn't know how to read and they're all you know pre-teens and what not and what happened is these group of Methodists and they call them are millions at that time all the kids together and they taught him how to take pads how to look clean how to comb their hair how to read how to walk single file walk and this became the precursor to the English British school system. In the 1950 s. and 1960 s. Sabbath school was at its apex Sabbath school and Sunday school both were at its apex something happened in the seventy's and eighty's as we talked about in a previous seminar in 2004 to 2010 Lutheran churches were down in their saddest pool involvement 40 percent in the United Kingdom it went down to 5 percent of the. Population was involved in Sunday school in New Zealand it went down from 50 percent in 105211 percent in 1985 in Canada it went down from 65 percent in 1901 to 27 percent in 2001 Sabbath school is dying in a sense from a poll here how many of you go to a Sabbath school where your status quo is larger than your divine service attendance please raise your hands how many of you go to a Sabbath school that's about half the attendance of divine service please raise your hands how many of you go to a Sabbath school it's about a quarter of attendance of your divine service that is the national average in North America is about 25 percent of divine service participation how many of you have no idea please raise your hand. How many of you do not go to status quo just raise your hands Ok and there and that's the reality that's. You are part of the 75 percent of it's like i'm some of you are so this is where we are in this I want to ask you the question to all of you is this why dying. Maybe an easier that's like that's that's the whole point so yes it will start easy and we'll get into it. Man Why is status quo so bad. We're going to go there. Well now your churches know I trained years in general in general why are some of them are so bad we share some stories but not too long but you know I'm sure you all have your own stories and in me this do it typical the stereotypical boring Sabbath school is let's read Monday. It was Sunday. Maybe there is always literature so you skipped a space time with that Sabbath afternoon and we did like that that afternoon and then who memorized the memory verse and nobody raises their hand and so the teacher who did not memorize the memory of us either reads it from the quarterly and then they get the keep on reading and then it's like Ok you need a memory verse it's not the memory that's called the reading room right so it's just defeats the purpose of yeah so it's kind of like a sometimes I can read better than the person who is the reading a friend. I'm not going to go to Sabbath school to hear somebody read and they don't even read in an engaging way yes so I mean if you guys got it with status quo where in this is the adults have a school where they actually read through the week Monday Tuesday Wednesday there's a Raise your hands Ok confession for calling your church Oh Ok. One of the worst things for me is how school is when we go through the entire time of South school and we don't open the Bible one's ever ever had that there's nothing worse than that to me. When we are studying a biblical topic and we're just giving opinions if anything at all but we have not opened cracked the Bible something worse. Something worse than that is. Not only are we just reading it and we never read that by reading the Bible study guide and we never open the Bible is when the class that arguing about what the author of The Bible study guide meant that no they said this on Tuesday and they meant there's no they meant this as I did like who cares like what does the Bible say so I think that is worse than just not you know something worse like I went to really. Have a school class and they said we're not you want to look at the Sabbath school class we're going to talk about when the nationals on the law is going to happen oh yeah and I'm like Where in Ecclesiastes these and how do you go from Ecclesiastes a law you take that and then they were like there's different theories and this has nothing to do with anything I mean it's important topic but it didn't freak me out 59930 in the morning and they were all wrong because one involved Prince Charles with a nationally known. As anyone have a story worse than that you know that. I'm there are there are so there are some bad stories and these bad stories are not to make fun of a kind but it is it is humorous there are these bad experiences nonetheless Why is it the 2 parties are a fault. There's a problem with the attendees that come to Sabbath school and there's also a problem with the my fault that they're talking about the national Sunday law it is your fault Ok rising What are you an attendee. Right that's why it's our fault because you're the one that wrote this down here so. He gave the notion is that it was this was the problem the attendee or the leadership you told me that you told me to say that you had 10 and the and the leadership. So not just good he didn't tell me that but I'm saying that. So I think there's 222 reasons why the. 2 people are the problem. From an attendee perspective I think the the reason why we're the problem as attendees to south school is because we don't study this out of school and and so we're expecting this is the are you saying we in a general sense we generally do not set up a school in the public. So generally speaking we have this is kind of what happens I throughout the week I have not studied the Sabbath school lesson lesson I come to church and then I'm expecting even though I have not done my job I'm expecting for someone to now make up for my sins and then and then teach me something I did not know right and so I'm the problem because I'm not I'm coming to I'm coming to this contract I'm coming to this meeting that we've agreed that you're going to teach I'm going to study and I have not done my part and so I'm blasting the Sabbath school teacher for doing all the all the all they can to be prepared to teach the Sabbath school now granted you know whatever right we're going to come to the teacher a little bit but they're coming to this thing already unprepared for this meeting and I'm expecting a miracle to happen I'm expecting even though I'm not prepared I'm expecting for me to pass the test right so this is an reasonable we have as attendees we have an reasonable expectations of satisfy expectations and contribution is very low commitment yes no commitment now. The teachers the challenge that the leadership presents when it comes out of school is that it is extremely challenging it's an extremely chair it's probably one of most challenging things that we do on Sabbath mornings right nobody wanted to get out of school right that something that you get bullied on by the pastor right you know you get you just get that thing dropped on you for not showing up to nominating committee so. Now that so is you know truth be told Sabbath school is a very challenging thing because like you said earlier you punish the people who studied lesson by reading through it again and and then the people who didn't study a lesson are going to are the ones that are asking questions that if they just read the lesson they wouldn't be asking those questions right so it is a challenging thing but we as teachers the challenge that we have in the problem that are the leadership briefs of the Sabbath school is that. We think that the delivery of the text we think that just sharing what the author has said is enough is we're doing our job by just sharing that we're in reality the job of the teacher should be to spend a week thinking to themselves how my going to how my going to structure the texts that we've looked at and engage the group in studying in using these as a skeleton just to get further insights and not to reciting insights that the Sabbath School author has said in reality the the insights at the author have has has provided for us they're not the conclusion of of where we're supposed to arrive but they're simply the skeleton that we use in order for us to to be able to have guides during our time and I do want to I don't take in a lot of time but I do want to share. I want to share a story an experience before Jonathan was in in Grand Haven He was actually an associate pastor at my church and his job was to do the Sabbath school class and Jonathan came every every Sabbath morning and I don't ever remember even opening the Sabbath school lesson he would put the text from the lesson up on the board he would write down the ideas or topics this is what you know this text is generally about and he would get insights from the congregation regarding the sex we never even opened the Sabbath school lesson he just had that but he provided that on the board for us and that ended up being one of the most beautiful experiences for Sabbath school because whether you studied the Sabbath school lesson or not you felt that you were able to can to contribute right then and there there's no use in punishing the sinner for not studying their lesson on Sabbath morning right and it's almost like we do that as teachers who knows their memory verse and then you're just waiting for some words or are I recite it for us to make sure they're not lying right and you know. Where you punish the one you were right when you're right you're tested you're just you're right so you want you want to make sure that this is a time when everybody can contribute and that's what I appreciated about the way that you did so I was called Jonathan because it allows for the sinner and the saint to be able to come and receive a blessing at that so I think that's where you know the 2 challenges God go 111 removed from the teacher actually there is there's a position called the Sabbath school superintendent and the Sabbath school superintendent is supposed to oversee the life of Sabbath school yes so it's kind of like your principal at the school. I kind of feel bad that you know teachers get a bad rap because a lot of Sabbath school teachers have no teacher training yes they no training in how to how to engage a student let alone teach a Sabbath school you know and week after week they're supposed to whip out the circle he said right. But I the part of the role of a superintendent is to give the training to teachers to help them to be effective teachers in the Sabbath school. Maybe something that a teacher can do is seek out the training and. I am saying this like feeling guilty because like we need to provide like training videos or so school teaches your guys is just right I'm kind of feeling bad like you know so this is. The last year we need to do we need to train teachers you know and teachers need training like from the superintendent level and resources to so teachers know how to teach that lesson Otherwise we're like beating them up and it's like not to some of you are wondering we have a church structure and we have a general conference school department of the division the Sabbath School of the Union and the conference Sabbath school in some way you wonder why there are so many levels of Sabbath school and there are each area has their area of jurisdiction the General Conference is in charge of the actual Bible study guide material they are not charge of anything else they're just creating the actual Bibles that I got to know that what we're that's the part that we're in secret. That we are doing your job public. Divisions are in charge of translating that material and material and can text realizing it to the local field and the unions are in charge of training teachers for the local conferences Ok now the Sabbath school guy this is and they get this from Cliff Goldstein who work in the office together with he says he creates this thing needs to be translated in over 200 languages or over 80 languages for 200 over 200 countries and when it's bad someone says well you wrote wrote a really really bad. The document can only has a certain ceiling of which it can be effective it's up to the teacher to make it alive for the local context and so what seekers bring in now is that we need teachers who can really teach the lesson well but often teachers are called Friday night because you know Elder Joe was sick so now we have to have someone to pitch pinch hit or for whatever so let's go to this this quote here ministry of healing page 109 she says this the money not any of our service for God to be broken up every church member should be engaged in some line of service for the master some cannot do so much for as others but everyone should do his utmost to roll back the tide of disease in the stress that's what we all of our world many would be willing to work if they were. Taught how to begin they need to be instructed and encourage every church should be a training school for Christian workers its members should be taught how to give Bible readings and human wise it bought the Bible readings she says mentioned how to conduct and teach sap a school classes how to help the poor to care for the sick how to work for the unconverted etc etc Each church is age arraigning school and sister she could mention the superintendence ever wonder what the superintendents do sometimes they have the super intense remarks section and really what do they do that's kind of like the free sermon sermon for the priest Armin right that's not what it's supposed to be the superintendent let me ask you this when you went to I don't I didn't go to a county went to a regular school where you went to a school and then the superintendent while you're in class the superintendent come into your class and they would come into the back and the like and then the kids were all freaked out because like you know an administrator is there and she would just sit in the back and then she take out a paper clip and then crossed her legs and just sit there quietly and write down mysterious you know scribblings about the teacher and we didn't know we thought we were being judged by who's being judged tutor the teachers being judged it's a superintendent's job to train the teacher Yeah and there so they are something I guess where this is a we're not supposed to talk about this but we will there are some churches that actually with the teachers consent and part of Staff a school council I mean you heard of status quo Council before. That is the highest administrative body for Sabbath school the superintendent takes a video camera and uses just their phone and put it on a tripod and they videotape the teacher in a live in class afterwards they have the teacher watch him or herself and then the superintendent watches him or her watches the teacher and then they come back together and they share notes constructively on how to make the class experience better this is one way with a teacher feels like men someone actually cares about how I teach and how I can be better and actually improves the quality of teachers because it becomes a teachable teachers who are teachers not just uncle you know who's been teaching since you know 844 of his class and he will never die even though you're waiting for the 2nd coming of Jesus so seekers point we need we need teachers who can teach the partner says we did teach people how to give bible readings the history of that comes about where Steven has we all know Stephen Haskell he's one of these pioneers names he didn't try to date on the what he she said no that's always been very popular his wife was 20 years older than him and then a 2nd was 20 years younger than him so he's not been so popular with females anyway so he was hanging out and he was listening to Ellen why and she said that we have to have less preaching and more teaching and he actually took that seriously he's like Man we need more teaching we need more teaching so he said hey how about that we have a meeting and we won't preach and we'll just have people come up here and they will ask that you guys are all asked them questions and we can only give a Bible answer that's that's the only answer we can give and so they did it we're going to do it for about an hour and what happened it started raining hard in a rain a lot a lot a lot like super super hard so that they were stuck there so Steven Haskell says because of the rain we're going to extend it for about 2 hours and then for traffic into an afternoon and got really long but that whole afternoon everyone loved the program and they were fixated fixated on it and Sister White later found out about it and she says that this was a heaven born idea. It became so popular that they created these transcripts of this q. and a sessions and these concessions became were printed in a magazine called The Bible reading because that and that became a book and that book was called Does anyone know what the book is called. Bible readings for the home circle and now we have no idea where that book is except for Cole Porter to sell it to not having this on the street right but that was the Bible study revolution that happened and people say hey it's not just the question and answer question and answer but actually reading it study it for yourself making it your own and then teaching it in class again so she's talking about this we need to know the art of how to give bible readings what is happening at the turn the shift here what is happening in North America we're giving these these crazy stories out of this I visited Malawi we went to church at 845 and I'm the main speaker there's no seat for me they didn't save a seat for me in the whole entire church so I'm standing in the back with all the pregnant ladies you know because they have to go back and the kids who misbehave and it is 845 not see open in church the next day I go to somewhere in North America I won't say where in the eastern seaboard and I go there I'm there at $1015.00 the superintendent isn't even there no one is a church and it's the greeter who's like 109000000 years old in those and hello hello and we're staring each other and ring the over the program 9 times what is happening in North America Europe and Australia or South or Sabbath school is dying. Jonathan our Austrian brother. Well I can't I don't know all the reasons for this but I think one reason why people don't show up to things is because they don't value it it's not as exciting or as important to them as other things are on a Sabbath morning many people want to sleep in you know sleep in or have some time and I and I you know we have some emotional responses here sleeping in. It's easier you know we talk about this in the 1st session you know a lot of the transition has happened from from going to South Pole just go to church service and then some people going to go to that because to can just live stream it and so there's a lot of things happening but I believe one of the main point is that we don't value it because the experience maybe has not been that great because of our own expectations and because and yet it seems like we are unwilling to be the change in the situation we talked about this in the 1st session you know when you actually engage it can be an incredible blessing we are what is it about we're like even if divine services bad people show up for divine service why is it was a discourse bad I'm not going to stop with the 1st think it's participants it's like God is in divine service but sometimes go it's participation because Divine service you can be you can sit in the back you know and you can stand up or not yeah you can take out you can stand up or not stand for the opening song you know like you can close your eyes are not for the prayer but in Sabbath school it cuz it's a small group intense yeah like you're required to not sleep and snore I mean if you it's nice like the well you know there are some people I know but like it's super embarrassing the brain. So I think it's because because Sabbath school is a morning gauged experience like you have to be present for it and if you're not trying to be present for it you can still go to church and check it off your list of things to do why why is it the Caribbean Latin America Africa and their cognate in the 1st world meaning Caribbean and African churches in the 1st world their their home in and why is it that the 1st world Sabbath schools are not. I eventually after time even those comic churches are dying off I'm not sure if I should say that because I'm not trying to throw shade but for some cultures it's kind of like built into if you want to get baptized this is this is what an Adventist looks like right you go to church you better be there $830.00 for the teacher's class because we teach the teachers how to teach and the students are in the teacher's class to make sure the teachers know how to teach the class. You know and you're there like $915.00 song service starts like it's kind of like built into it's like a cultural thing of adamant. And I don't I don't believe that it necessarily equates more holy versus less holy the fact that you get to church at $830.00 or you get to church at 10. I don't think that it necessarily means that but I think there is a cult there is a cultural And I think coming from my from my background there's a cultural element to like this is what an Adventist looks like and this is just how you do it and that I haven't found to be the case as much here you know like you're required to be there at $930.00 or whatever it's kind of. A culture. So our stories will be very well south represented on that side of our generation we're very individualistic and we want our own personalized experience with God And so I think sometimes that can be a sentiment of why do I need to be participating in this school lesson that was written by somebody in the g.c. for the whole world like why can't I just do my own thing why can't we just you know study something that I'm interested in cetera et cetera so I want my personalized you know. Experience and I don't get that so why do I need to go so there's this it's a very selfish thought really but that's really we are we're being prime by special technology these days to become more and more selfish in our thinking and so I want every experience in life to be personalized for me and how school is not always that way even though the Holy Spirit will make it personal if you ask him So it's there's a sense of where I want that certain experience expectations that I don't get and so why would I go me maybe like you know because the culture is generally like global not versus. Global thout tends to be more communal in the culture you know and then the global north which tends to be more individualistic you know so that that might be an element that Ok I don't know the devil I think we don't know and I think the devil. There's an element of. You seeing the devil pointing to me I'm saying I'm affirming what this conviction of her you know this is conviction I was born to see her. You'll be all right you'll be all right Jonathan thank you. There is the laziness I think the bottom line is laziness we just don't want to go to Sabbath school is too early no matter how late it is and then there's something else that probably should be fair though to be fair and I do agree there is a bit of lese in this but there is also we're working 6 days a week where on part time over time no time as popular phrases. I mean kids are going to soccer practice basketball practice and sundown is that like you know $330.00 in Michigan on Friday I mean you're looking at you know watch for the windows in and dry and you know you got to do and then I mean we were studying for exams we're not sleeping there are 2 hours a week and so on Saturday rolls around I mean 930 some I'm not justifying but I'm trying to be the voice of those who are lazy That's 930 is a bit early Well that's what my other point thank you for say way right into that the other thing is ownership Yeah you know we have become as 7 down as we've become consumers yes and it's like church services where I go to receive what I'm looking for and that's why I put money on that offering plate I'm paying someone to provide me a service and I think that's what society has become especially for our generation of 7 dad that ism is we're expecting for people to to fill our needs you know to serve us and and church has become a business rather than a business that we pay for a service that we pay for rather than something that we own and you know the reason why someone was saying this actually not too long ago. We don't give those kind of excuses when we go to work. Man oh man I work I work 4 days this week already and I don't wake up at 4 in the morning to make it to work. You know what I'm just going to arrive an hour late you know and. What if what if some schools are paying people to come out yeah yeah you don't wonder for that's actually why the guy was saying he was saying I bet you if I paid you you would you would make it and I thought do that so true and if anyone knows that is isn't that indicative of where our motives and are and heart I mean they don't recognize the value of you know of what we're going there for and and just to go on what you were saying about how life ends up happening and you're so exhausted by Sabbath and as I as a day of rest and I just want to rest yes and this is just generally on the whole Sabbath thing like we're misunderstanding what Sabbath is Ok 7th is not my vacation I God said my holy day keep your thought from my holy day from doing your own pleasure on my holy day but we take a sorry Ok we have it like it's it's my it's my day to rest because all week I've been breaking the temperance laws I mean sleeping late all week so that on Sabbath I can catch up on my sleep on my sleep right and God like you know sleep all week. And on Sabbath It's my day to spend with you so. Labor and sleep like work hard to be part of what I like all week and then on Saturday so we're using Sabbath like it's my day to catch up on my things you know but that's not the purpose of Sabbath anyway in the 1st place so I'm get it I'm going to church because I'm focused on me and this goes to I mean just I guess it was on the selfishness thing like a whole picture of a Sabbath school or church like just the whole Christian experience it's all about me me me me me me and what's convenient for me I love John's comment and I want to ask about the value thing let's bring that up in the resurrection purpose I think that's where we have to for something that is well said which I think hits all of us here at u.i.c. there really want to underscore is that the one way to kill church and and all of it all together is to a spouse the idea of how will this serve me. I to have that mentality will kill everything in North America and that was the mentality that I would say that when Israel I when we started you I see that's the mentality that I had that one out of the 20 young people at church 19 of them left the church and I was the only one left and I asked how the church get these 1000 kids back what will my pastor do to get my 1000 friends back what will the elders do what's their plan what will they do to get me to come back to church and that mentality and even some pastors who subscribe to that mentality and try to meet that mentality is what's killing the church but g y c was saying no not what they they're going to do what they've got to do but what can I do and so when we started you I see like men will be lucky if I remember having this conversation will be lucky if 50 people show up like I don't even know if I 55 I know he has 50 friends but I don't know if I'm 50 friends I may have like that too you know and ones that are human so we were praying and praying and praying and praying and praying in the 1st year we had 200 people show up and 400 people show up on Sabbath. And we thought $400.00 was like the world population and showed up at our front door. I mean people were sleeping in bathtubs remember that whatever that sounds really bad but that's what happened and here we are and then I see is not it's not about the conference it's not but the names it's about inspiring young people to say hey what do what can I do about this problem and then we're bringing this issue to the Sabbath school issue so we've had a horrible Sabbath school and yeah we can point a finger for fun yeah at the end of the day that finger has to come back. What do we have to. It's really going to something I can after you Ok. And we can talk about and the about the value and so on in the next session but one thing I want to bring up is I think another aspect of why we might not. Be interested in engaging in savage goes because we don't want to. We don't want to grapple with with the Word of God It's hard sometimes to study the Word of God and that can be demotivating we are not you know we might believe in you read the Bible so on but if we do still it can be a challenge sometimes to Ok We're going to study this and I think it's going to be a challenge for teachers especially if they don't know what the text actually is trying to say to struggling with that they will then just read the Sabbath school to you because that's the easiest thing to do and unfortunately and not meaning to blast the editors or whoever of South school but sometimes even a savvy school lesson can be a little boring because you have the question and then you don't really want to think about the answer because the answer is literally in the next line and so it's like we are not and there are solutions to that and we're going to share with you soon about that but there is. There is a definitely an element of. We're not really engaging with the text I think one of the key elements to reviving and we talk about the next question is is when we actually study the Bible it will be I mean those experience I've had when I say when we actually study the Bible I was like wow you know this was amazing I want more of that I started valuing it and I would come back I want to take you back and read this quote to you as I know it's a long quote with a very powerful one when it came across and I can read all of it it says this parish should search the Scriptures with their it should become familiar with the lessons themselves that they can assist their children in learning them every day some portion of time should be approached the study of the lessons not merely learning the in learning to mechanical repeat the words but while the mind does not comprehend the meaning but to go to the very foundation and become familiar with what is in the lesson get this the indifference of the children in men very many cases he doesn't say in every case but in the Jordie of cases is what chargeable to the pretty crazy how they are indifferent and the children catch the same spirit parents show that they attach a point to the Sabbath school by giving it respect and prominence the children will generally what was copy their example so I surmise and maybe in the global north we have encountered this a couple generations out yes one generation of the seventy's really didn't didn't take scripture seriously they stopped coming out to institutions such a Sabbath school and now we next generation are like well the previous generation generally take it seriously we don't have to take it as seriously as they do becomes a generational thing as a husband I want to share this probably since the 1st session so I want to show this from the Bible it's in 1st John. Chapter one and it's it's profound because it speaks about. I think it speaks about the importance of what sad a school ought to be and also will give us insights into why is not what it what it Odyssey Dawn chapter one this is the 1st part of verse that we look at today. Chapter want to begin with verse one it says that which was from the beginning which we have heard which we have seen with our eyes which we have looked upon at our hands of Handled of the Word of Life and then it says for the life was manifested and we have seen it here witness and show unto you the eternal life which was with the father and was manifested unto us so here you have John writing his epistle in the saying we're sharing with you this is what we're sharing with you the same we're sharing with you something that we have heard which we have seen with and it says here with our eyes and a couple of things that are profound here it's 1st of all the fact that they're sharing an experience and secondly that this is it's using the plural not the singular John is not saying even though he's writing it he's saying this is not what I'm sharing with you but this is what we're sharing with you so there's a community there he says that that which we have seen with our eyes and it says which we have looked upon and handled of the Word of Life that speaking about Jesus Christ if you if you look at the words that John is using There he is using words that didn't know intimacy right he's basically saying that he was so close to Jesus that his hands could handle him right so that's very different from something that you can hear because someone can hear our voice outside right so one can look you know you can you know how sometimes you're walking by something and then you it catches your eye but you're driving and you don't want to crash so you keep on looking at your eyes on the road. He's saying that's we don't even just see him but we looked upon like looking upon something is like focusing on something not looking at something by accident but intentionally looking at something and he says but that's not what our experience was our experience was that we were so close to Jesus that our hands literally handled the Word of Life and he saying this is what we as a community are declaring unto you and then in verse 3 as is that which we have seen which we have heard declare we into you and it says Notice what it says that you may have fellowship with us and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ something that really really struck me here is a fact that the Fellowship has you know received a negative you know. Reputation we think that man you know fellowship we need to do something better with our time but the reason why fear what is saying is fellowship is actually a Christian attribute like fellowship and here's why because fellowship can only take place if there's an encounter personally with Jesus Christ in other words if we get together and we are not personally in countering Jesus Christ we're not experiencing fellowship that's not fellowship right so. The fellowship is dependent or requires the individual connection with Jesus Christ what is happening here is to go back to you as is the classic Sabbath school text maybe you can take that up to General converse with you and send it's this right this is a classic sound this is what saddest will is all about fellowship declaring the Word of life experiencing 1st of all individually and then collectively as a group of people it denotes it talks it speaks about mission we're sharing with you would we've experience the reason why we don't have the fellowship the reason why we don't have the result of 1st John one whatever is because we're not experiencing this text right we come to Sabbath school and we're not experiencing the sex we're experiencing something else and even though we're experiencing something else we're trying to get the same result we're trying to get the result of what the text is trying to share with us without experiencing what a Texas town is to experience and so what do we do what you said a little bit ago which I want to come back to this is what led me to this is the mentality the mentality that we have in the church today is not only being fed by the people that are not experiencing their walk with Christ but also as church leaders as pastors and whoever whatever church leadership position you hold we feed them mentality when we look at the individual that that is not converted and we cater to them where they're at instead of challenging them to come where they ought to be and that's what you're trying to say with the mentality right as ministers we cater to that mentality of consumerism we treat you as though you are here and we are actually providing for you a service instead of saying no I'm a smack you in the back of the head you're at the wrong place you have this thing the wrong way I need to get you speaking. Depends on how you know depends depends on where you live I guess depends on where you live right so a little north Yeah so you know the we need to get these people are we need to get our people and ourselves to experience 1st John one. This is the only solution to throwing an atomic bomb on this idea that church is Wal-Mart and when the prices are not low enough we get upset as though we deserve something better we need to change them mentality and until we experience 1st John chapter one we're not going to get the results of 1st John chapter one well said Well said you guys catch them in the camp we don't experience fellowship with God in a really organic you know raw way during the we and we expect to reproduce that you know so and it's have a school on Saturday or we expect the result of what the disciples got you know we want like we want an x. church Yeah you know but we don't have the x. characters every day ministry of healing page 151 many professed Christians in seeking church relationship think only of who themselves they wish to enjoy church fellowship and pastoral care they become members of a large and prosperous churches are content and are content to do little for others in this way they are robbing themselves of the most precious blessings many would be greatly benefited by sacrificing their pleasant ease conducing associations they need to go where their energies will be called in Christian work and they can learn to bear responsibility and that's a perfect quote the timing of that was perfect How many of you want that in your local churches. You do realize if you were Raise your hand you know you're asking for you're asking for church drama. But that church I mean this is something that all it that's church policy church drama if your motives are right and your objective is clear it's not church drama it's not church politics it's trying to do the will of Heaven and the purpose of church for church if you're just doing it for any other part then it becomes drama and become selfish and all these things but the hardship still it still remains just that you said. I said Ok I'm in I want to go through this what are some some tactics of not to do and I love this because I don't know why she should call people out on this. You're ready for this one this one this one blew my my top and some schools I'm sorry to say the custom she prevails of reading the lesson from the lesson she this should what haha like I've given this presentations where else and someone said Dude I need that quote and I need to read it in church because everyone reads from there there are the Sabbath school lesson and she says it need not be if the time that is often needle needlessly and even sinfully Apolo employed or given to the study of scriptures there is no reason why status quo lessons should be less perfectly learned by teachers and people as there are lessons of the day school they should be better learned as they treat the subjects infinitely more important neglect here is displeasing to God and I would say this that when we are using the adult Bible study guide do not use the adult Bible study guide it is a guide for during the week and on Sabbath just open your. Bible and use the Bible for and that's that's the Jonathan Alter method Yeah I don't know if they coined that for you by the way he could just step out because she has children and she needs to do that intermittently so just she does shows and rapture just in case you were wondering about your theology it's it's wrong Ok any other conclusions you want to mention before we conclude here and the other stories are about the death of status quo I want to get to resurrection because this is where we talk about ideals and we kind of made fun of status quo and now we want to get to the practicals on how to actually get make it better but any any questions that you may have on the floor before we end this session about Sabbath school is my sister. So sister brought a question about how do you help people have had a rough week especially cons of the mental health and what the local church what can a local church do I am going to give my answer in the you guys can chip in if you want to is with us I will give you an answer that will not be satisfying but I think it is the right answer. When it comes to public format such as this we have to give the principles and the guidelines and the fun component if I can use that word is how do we take these large principles and we apply them in the local context this is what makes the 70 have a strictly Protestant denomination is we get the principles from Scripture and it's up to the individual to apply them this application does not happen in other denominations or some of the other dominations even in the Catholic interpretation is you know I don't want to contextualize I don't want to apply I just want to ask my priest what should I do the priest communicates with God gives an answer and I just have to do it and if if it's right then the priest is right if it's wrong then I must apply it wrong right that's that's the Catholic method so I guess not to discount your situation but I think the beauty of the avenue stretches your you have a status quo counsel you have some subsequent classes in this class gets together and they pray about the situation and God reveals a few Scripture through the Holy Spirit of that particularly context that he doesn't show anyone else and we have a situation or a local church where we have someone who has. Autism and the child just is has has episodes we didn't know what to do we into and we weren't asking all around no one really knows we prayed we got together and we found another family who has kids with autism we found out that maybe some of these kids who have autism are especially high functioning they need to have a familiar environment for them to not act out so we open the church Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday the family came in Monday Tuesday Wednesday. A Friday anyway different churches different family members help them in the process and they come in on Saturday the kids like oh I already know this place and then have a better experience it hasn't solved the problem but it becomes a better situation but even though it's a hard it's hard ship it's an opportunity for the local church to come together and to solve it together it's become a beautiful experience in the sense as if you had to add to that I would say. Just from a different perspective probably the same thing is. There's a lot to be said about carrying the and you know the challenge that we face in most of our churches which one of the goals of saddest goal is to create fellowship is we just we don't really care for people I think that's the human I mean if you think about it that's just the problem that all of us face we just don't care. Or I guess what I should say is too much there's a limit to our caring right. And we have to understand that that person the people that God has put in our sphere of influence in our churches that's been done intentionally right God has done that it's not like those people had nowhere else to live and so they ended up there and God has literally put the people in our sphere of influence that he knows we can care for and so. The purpose of sketch of Sabbath school which I think it's important for us to not lose sight of his yeah the study of scripture is critical and we do go to South is go to sort of bible but that's not the only reason we go there we also go there for a fellowship What does that mean practically That means that when I go to my Sabbath school class I shouldn't sit away from people because I'm trying to study the Bible and it's a teacher and student encounter but I should be there to think thinking to myself Who here can I make friends with. Right who here can I establish relationships with why is that important because there's something that we will do for our friends that we will not do for other people and if we make it a habit to make friends with the people that we have then 2 things are going to happen number one that limit that we have of helping people is going to increase we're going to be willing to do much more for people than we do and secondly people with all their baggage and all of us have baggage but people what their baggage will feel more comfortable in coming and having their baggage displayed before. In public and so that is something that I think will that that's what I think in my mind that's the missing link is that we just I'm a selfish person I don't care enough about other people I'm thinking to myself I'm glad that that's not me I'm glad that those kids are not my kids and I don't have to sit there and struggle with them through church service or through Sabbath school I'm glad that God gave me kids that can sit down in church and listen to the sermon and pour more lady or poor man had to take care of the Lord help them right that's just saying in a Christian way I don't really care and so but we would care of that was our child or we would care of that was the child of my brother or my sister and so part of that we need to get closer to the people Sabbath schools not just designed to teach the lesson but to allow for relationships to build and secondly once those relationships build. In my mind there's a group of people that I feel so comfortable with that I would be willing to have even the most the deepest parts of my being exposed because I know that even if they discovered the worst of who I am they would still love me and care for me and bring the back to where I need to be and that can only take place through close connections and Soto Sabbath school classes we can do you know it we're not going to be theologians we can break down the lesson as well as we maybe think we should but we can make friends with people and we can provide an environment where the worst person could come in they can feel welcome there you know it's just sister. Yeah a great question I think that's a great question for your local service call Council to to to address you know the finances a real local church you know the research church I mean off the top of my mind I would just teach him how to read that's what Sunday school was a resume is designed to do is an education system. We when I was a missionary in South Korea we taught illegal immigrants in Korea to learn Korean and that was one way to get accustomed to the culture and to help them survive but literacy the goal of literacy is really to learn how to read the Bible so it's I don't know if your church has the resources for that and the best is to know that. That is not an answer to this question. Of kind of going on foot as well as talking about me and here I think Sabbath school the place of fellowship can be a place of vulnerability should be a place of all of where we can be vulnerable with each other but that will only happen if you make a personal choice to connect with other people I will not feel comfortable sharing with you you know the bad sides of myself that I need help with and prayer for if if you don't know me if you you know if you if you don't care and so I'll just one encourage you in your Sabbath school if that's not a place where you can be vulnerable with people you start out try to talk to people try to build friendships with them even with those you might not feel inclined to friendship with be cross generational You know I'd be Ok with having a friend who's 60 years older than you that's cool and and and when we build this relationship we can be vulnerable to each other then come to south school will you know have more value and so on and we will have feel it is a place where we can share beyond the text we can share about you know what what these things mean in our life etc etc How do you resonate with what Jonathan saying do you want a space for vulnerability in authenticity these are words that sound nice yes. To me just play the counterpart to John which I usually do is I mean I sometimes I don't want to be. You know you're going to replace me like man you're saying all the problems like oh man I got enough of my problems we're going to talk here about your problems I mean should be a place for that well I think if you can do that if you're if that's if you're meeting once a week that's never going to happen I'm never going to go to a place where I'm meeting someone once a week and then have a therapy session that's what it's going to feel like if and Sabbath school is not just designed to meet on Sabbath right the idea is that there's community in place throughout the week and so that's the only place that he's just said in passing Yeah Sabbath school is not just meeting and status call once a week you'll catch that it should be actually the teacher should be teaching all should be visiting his or her all over students throughout the week even the children's ministry teachers should be visiting teacher the kids and their parents whether they're administering now all throughout the week this is a fabric the building blocks for the local church but if that's not happening that's once a week and it becomes like and I don't know you and some just it's not just visiting it's to engage with the mission when we talk about your 1st session if you have a mission field that neighborhood that you adopted or that missing member you need to visit or engage with that's the stuff you do throughout the week not on Sabbath we try to cram everything into Sabbath this one of the worst things for me you poor pastors after after really say that they get it worked over on Sabbath you think passed on doing throughout the week they are but on Sabbath it's intense if everything is Christians have because we have to have all the meetings and everything Sabbath after a potluck and then you know and so on but we make church life the mission of the church priority we can a lot time throughout the week beyond you know maybe mid way mid week prayer meeting and then they will bring life and purpose to your experience you will want to engage in your savvy school with you sas who becomes to the sub team of. Of the local church that does a lot of stuff so and I've noticed that as we visit more people throughout the week then it becomes more easier to talk to them about different things and then I don't people visit me during the week and I mean it's not an Sabbath morning I don't want to share my problems but if they're my home and I want them to pray for me and we have those intimate contacts and then satisfy becomes a more more of a there's an impetus for me to go out and each other so I want to share something that might be helpful for my sister here. The I treat Sabbath school the quarterly as ideas of what what the Lord can use to get my mind thinking and so there's a lot of text at our share within that quarterly no one says it's not a law that we have to share everything that is shared in that you know with the group what with the Bible. You know it's. All right so but I would lie would think to myself Is there one text that summarizes or that is the critical text of the lesson is there one theme that emerges can I share one can we focus on one on one specific verse in scripture and I would challenge myself as a teacher to to teach in that way when the people come on Sabbath. Address one text this is this is how we did it at home with our kids before they learned how to read I would read the text listen closely to what I'm saying I'm going to repeat it 4 times 5 times can you repeat it back and then after they after it's in in the mind then what what strikes you from this and it puts more pressure it puts more it puts a heavier burden on us to be able to teach more effectively. But many times one text well studied will actually be more beneficial than a lot of text lightly studied and there have been many times when I've looked at text that I've known for a long long time and I try to share them with my children who do not know how to read it or did not know how to read that at that time and as I'm sharing and trying to explain it to them I realized that I'm gaining new insights the Bible is infinite in its ability to to speak to us and so I would I would do that I would distill the amount of passages and then I would discuss word by word what role does this word play in the understanding of the text and and lastly but most importantly how does this apply to me right now that would be something that I would consider a question for you all is this how many of you want to see the stop of the death of the Sabbath school and we set a stablished today in our 2nd session that satisfy was dying because many people have forgotten what the purpose of Sabbath school is yes so I want to really revitalize or even apply the 3 values of 7 and that's be a stopgap to that death in our next session we'll look at now we're going to get to the practicals and know how this is the fun part we took that look at the ideals we kind of made fun of status quo on why is dying and now what can we do to help that turn that tide especially in North America and American context have even less this discussion I mean let's pray together father as my brother and sisters or dis this. Dismissed Lord we asked you may deeper in our burden for Sabbath school that you may become heavier and that we are driven to the foot of the cross for answers and for help and for power. Father we ask for a revitalization of this wonderful program not just for the program and institutional value but for its evangelist potential for its missile logical potential as many as potential change hearts father we asked to stop so I was dying in our lifetime we bring Jesus' name here and. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do I see the supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at g y c Web dot org.


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