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The Resurrection of the Sabbath School

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter


Discover the purpose of Sabbath School, why it may be weak in some churches, and learn some principles to bring it back to its original goal.


  • January 2, 2020
    12:00 PM
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It was presented at the. Kentucky for other resource. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to our 3rd installment of on the side of a school seminar this Simon ours and sidled the resurrection of Sabbath school in our 1st installment we looked at the principles of what makes up a school sub school in the life of 7 school in the 2nd installment we looked at we kind of made fun of sounds cool a little bit and why it's dying and this one is a very positive one we're looking at ways to revive Sabbath school in the local context here we're just giving suggestions and different principles from the Spirit of Prophecy but obviously we know that every context is a little different to start off I want to ask you how many of you have been with us since the 1st seminar please raise your hand the Faithful How many of you are here not for number one but for number 2 please raise your hands Ok the semi faithful and how many of you is this your 1st time here Ok you are the floaters Ok Very good very good very good I only ask that question because the seminar is kind of build up on each other in this kind of a flow but you're totally welcome and some things you may you may not know the context of what we're saying it and some of you may have questions of which we already addressed in the past so that's why we're ask those questions we want to invite you to come out to our 4th session at 2. To 230 open q. and a and the q. and a will come from you and if you guys have wonderful questions you'll have wonderful answers if you don't me questions that we're going to end it up you guys can go to another seminar but no no need to squeeze out something when there is no juice in the lemon that's a weird idiom that an orderly means so how to word a prayer and we'll get started for this session Let's pray together Father in Heaven Lord you are in the business of resurrections. Lord we asked that the example of the motif of the resurrection of Jesus. In the motif of creation of breathing life into something that was not alive the principle of x. in the Hilo to to bring about something out of nothing 1st Lord we ask that for our own lives we ask that Jesus may be recreated in our hearts we ask that now even in the midst of this this is a formal introductory prayer we just ask for conversion right now and what we ask as we've been pleading all morning for the resurrection of our Sabbath schools father we don't want to create saddest cool in our image we want to hear from your principles and insights from the Holy Spirit Bless Us Now We pray in Jesus' name amen amen. All right I'll ask Jonathan also see who will come back from the rapture Jonathan has other extra extra business he has to take care of 3 children Jonathan I'm just give us a for our floaters who are joining us for the 1st time here give us a recap of where we are and some under one and number 2 in there we'll get in to number 3 all right welcome those of you who are here for 1st time in our 1st section we talked about the ideals of Sabbath school and we saw that prayer and Bible study mission and fellowship are at a core principles of what makes our school alive and this is something that we all agreed on that is something we want and want to see more of in the days when we engage in those elements of Sabbath school that's how school will be powerful we talked about how Sabbath school can be very missional we can reach out to people that are missing in church we can reach out to neighborhoods there's so many wonderful things that you can do and of course the power of Bible study actual bible study that takes place in south of school in our 2nd section we talked about the death of Sabbath school and how the reality is for many of us that Sabbath school is not really engaging and no one is showing up at all these issues we talk about why is that the case we realized that it has to a great degree in the northern hemisphere to do with the fact that we are. Lazy and we want entertainment and saw in selfishness plays a big role and we kind of talk about that and how that 100 affects Sabbath school now for generations and why it's going down words and we realize that we need to take initiative ourselves to make a difference here and now in our 3rd section God talk about the resurrection of selves schools all that are good and then it was awesome awesome I would say that we have forgotten the purpose of service school in especially in North America and saddest Corps has reverted into this. Experience how many of you had this school starts at 930 no one showing up at 930 it's been 945 you have a little bit awkward of like him music going on no one's there so you stretch it out to 10 o'clock still no one's there and the 1010 people start trickling in and one person at a time then you have this long introductory boring thing no one wants to talk about you kind of get into the lesson study around 101-030-1045 extension 5 that time the bell rings and then no one knows why we're studying and they just Ok we're done now you have offered prayer the prayer has really no purpose is just a conclusionary prayer and I will goes upstairs or downstairs to where we got to go that's only status quo to you that is not Sabbath school that is a waste of your time and I said it's pretty process and that's a more serious than I meant at the sound but that is not what the status quo should be with us that was this morning the saddest should be a vibrant time we're talking about World Missions how that local your local group is making impact locally and globally it's been looking at Bible study and not looking at the quarterly and reading through it by the way I did this one time and one man came up to me and says How dare you say don't read your quarterly did you know young were snapper and he said young whippersnapper and I appreciated so much he called me a younger person after that he said that the quarterly is needed or inspired and I'm like really I have never heard of that term anywhere in the Bible or anywhere in the spitter probably something called Near qua in spirit to I don't know what that I never heard of that and I work in the General Conference office I know Cliff Goldstein is in the corner office now and he would be the last person who would have said that his own writings are cause I inspired it a are a Bible study guy you're supposed to guide us and reading through it punishes the person who studied it and rewards the person who did it so let me ask you a coma waxing eloquently here what are some ways in this is good and we are in discussions. We can cover a lot of stuff what are ways we can resurrect Sabbath school especially in the young adult context but this applies for children's and also adult in the whole superintendents the whole ecosystem of so I was course special secret. Probably the 1st thing is that we need to individually have an experience with the Bible. And specifically as we talked about in the previous actions that what the Sabbath School Bible study guide is it guys the entire Will church in a specific topic so it's awesome that we all have our individual Bible studies and you know a study of different things at different times by be great if as part of our Bible study life personally we're studying the topic that the world church is studying Yes Well so having a personal experience with the topic that we are studying in Bible study throughout the week not just on Friday night just so that I have something to say during class but throughout the week were engrossed and engaged in the study of scripture and having an experience with it that is going to mean that when when we're discussing it on Sabbath or when the topic is brought up on the Sabbath I have a living experience with what it is that is being discussed so I think the probably the 1st place is in my own life having an experience with the Word of God in the topic that will be discussing in Sabbath school wonderful segue to spread across you go here Education Page 251 this is not plan which is really cool. She says as a means of intellectual training the opportunities of the Sabbath are invaluable let the status quo a lesson be learned not by a hasty glance at the lesson scripture on Sabbath morning ha. I meant. As a most guilty man ever heard in my life and yeah but by careful study for the next week on Sabbath afternoon with daily review or illustration during the week thus the lesson will become fixed in the memory treasure never to be wholly lost so we segue society seekers comment to study during the whole week there's something about cooking that you know when you're put all the things what are they going greedy is in there and you just don't put them in the water and then heat it and eat it right right right yeah that's apparently it's a but you got to put in and each of the flavors of the onions and the and then other garlic and the De may go in I don't know what I get no salon show Salon's who is not an o. man I'm one of those. It takes time for all the flavors to come out and those flavors complement each other and just like a good Bible study you study it all out Sunday Monday but it takes some life experiences unlike what Israel said before your comment your quote of a much earlier that it takes a week for these flavors to come out and makes a powerful bop Bible study now she says this not a hasty glance at lesson scripture on Sabbath morning there are some people who prepare for Sabbath school in their car in the parking lot at 9 o'clock Will that make a good Sabbath school experience right and then they always their 1st question is how many of you study the Sabbath school. Wrong question to lead off with Ok if they do that you know they did they they didn't study either and they're warning if you study and no one study it and you can talk about whatever you want and you won't know or she the other cool thing is this I work in the General Conference and then we next door is hope channel and then they produce hopes I'm a school you know guys in hopes of a school it's a Whosis Derek Morris and they have about 12 people and they look at the Sabbath school and we have a t.v. show called like the young adult version of that both t.v. shows look at Sabbath school guess when they're most watched right in my Friday night and Saturday morning now some of those souls are like oh I studied all week and I wanted an additional blessing God bless them but there's some people are like man I didn't do anything this week and the passion just called me on Friday night I teach tomorrow what's the best way I got to watch to do and they watch out of school and that's not bad but just won't provide the quality that we're wanting for Sabbath school yeah. I'll get technical difficulty to go to the next one because I can say something before so I think if I'm a teacher what can I do to make. Better. When as a teacher when when when I read the saddest cool lesson I'm experiencing something in my eye in other words you we shouldn't study the Bible we should study the lesson to teach it rather we should study to learn from it and then after we've gone through that journey of learning then we share that journey or we bring others along on the journey with us many times what happens is that we as teachers we were were simply studying the lesson because we know we have to teach it and so we're already starting off from the wrong perspective right we should we should study the lesson because we're wanting to see what God is going to say to us. I remember I had. I had the task one time to do the lesson on tithing and I thought to myself Man this is going to be horrible like I don't want to talk about finances during during church and all this I just I was going to be a boring topic and as I started studying the lesson I discovered just beautiful insights regarding the tithing system that the 7 a church has and you know I forgot if I was reading it from the texture if I was getting it from some of the white quotations that were listed there but it talked about how you know there's this river that flows and there are different branches in the river that contribute to this river in terms of water flow and yet at the end all of that water is deposited into the ocean and it rains and it goes back into feeds these small little bodies of water and I thought this is so powerful and so awesome and so through this journey. That I was being spoken to through the Word of God and through my experience my job then as a teacher was to figure out a way in which I can communicate this principle to the people that are now attending my Sabbath school class and so we went through those texts together essentially I just really want I just rewound the journey and I asked the same questions that impacted me and this is what happened 2 things happened the 1st thing that happened was that we were able to arrive at a journey we reached the destination I was able to communicate my experience with the text but something else that happened as well was that as we were going through this journey through this process. People began to join it and they started sharing other insights that I did not catch and it was there was a fruitful blessing where these people received a perspective that they had not received and then I was also receiving while because I thought I understood it already but there was other stuff that I did not catch the 1st time around and so you have a synergy and so you have thank you Alex So you have. As a teacher we should look at the lesson not as something we have to teach but is something that we 1st must learn once we learn it that's just step one step 2 is how do we now communicate this and engage the class that is that is a part of my team how do we engage them in arriving at the same journey and it sometimes God's going to redirect the journey sometimes that's going to be the final journey that we arrive the destination sorry but step number one is to study it Step number 2 assume discover to ask ourselves the question how can I make this how can I communicate this in the most effective way rather than just reiterating what I have just learned appreciate Israel looking at your dressing teachers specifically right well soul but also participants. In the what how what how can teachers bring it up how can the Resurrect. Always used to say that that he still says it that a good teacher can can can teach out of the yellow pages you know what the yellow pages are people don't wear yellow pages or any more. It is like this ancient you know brick of a book. An ancient text an age it's. I mean a good teacher it doesn't matter how good the Bible study is or how bad the bibles that if a teacher is good and has had the art as an artful about teaching I mean they can teach anything and that's we got to train teachers what are some insights into how tall are teachers. What was the question how can we how can teachers resurrects out of school in other words what I just sure was not good enough so he's asking if no 11 of many one of many let me read this quote because this is this is what you guys can think about it obviously we have not rehearsed this there's there's something. We're not rehearsed but there's a certain rawness which is actually what we're getting for and this is what makes out of school really really awesome Now if this were televised one who didn't do it this way but there's something real about it and this is this is the real time combo so she says this in $67.00 as we approach near the end I have seen that there will be less while preaching and more Bible study and she says sees this there will be little groups all over the ground with their Bibles in their hands and different ones different what So it would take ones out and then Who are these ones doing. So these are the you can say different teachers Is it Ok to say yeah different teachers leading out in a free conversational study of the Scriptures there's a certain power and I mean if you know this is kind of what I wanted to do the 4 of us are here and some of your thing and they're not very professional and they're going to make mistakes that's kind of what we're going for it's conversational it's free we're kind of like joking not that the joke is the main thing but it's just a conversation we talk like this normally anyway but now the talk of topic is about spiritual converse biblical themes and that's what we're aiming for that's the that's the magic of this I'm using that word that's the v. awesomeness aside that's cool. The core of Sabbath school special sauce if you're going to the still the calling area gastronomically if it so is too often are satisfied those are what their priest or minister know yeah yeah that one elder who won't let go of the Sabbath school Paul bit in 2 weeks that people still have some school puppets when they go up and. Or they're just monotone or the reading or the one person who's not prepared and everyone doesn't want to be there so and then they ask these awkward questions and no one's answering you know the passive aggressive Bible study I've been to those years are passing grocery do Ok so we need to get back to a free conversational city of scriptures and she says this This is a prophecy she sees that will happen more and more and this is crazy couple ago I was going down walking now one of these hallways now here in Kentucky and I saw one group of here in the Bible study another group in Bible study and he was even by was that he time the only thing to do about that just kind of open the Bible and naturally and like dude this is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy in a sense. And isn't if we can go to a text about how Name a in they might have to say yes a cow. Yanni my age well be helpful maybe for teachers what the Bible says about how to go about it yes new mouths. An 8 this is where you know after rebuilding the walls you know rebuilds the people and so they engage in this Bible study and they have the survival experience and in verse 5 it starts with as are open the book in the side of the people so opening the Bible is important. It says in verse 6 as well bless the Lord the great God all the people answered Amen amen lifting their hands they bowed their heads worship the Lord with your faces to the ground there was there was time for prayer and worship to God right so coming the Bible is there and is central to the experience and they have a time of prayer and their focus is on God right and verse 8 they read in the book of the law of God distinctly gave the sense and caused them to understand the reading and the way that the chapter goes is that you know they had their day read the Scripture and they kind of broke into like small groups right and they had teachers for each of the groups and this is these teachers are facilitated the understanding not just reading what it said but helping people to comprehend what what did you just read do you get what you just read what in what context was it said what are the meaning of what's the meaning of the words says that. I'm interested there it is read the book distinctly giving the sense causing them to understand the reading. And it may be seem simple and rudimentary but just those steps of you know opening the Word of God with a prayerful spirit trusting that the Holy Spirit can guide you into truth and then the role of the teacher is to facilitate the understanding of scripture and this goes back to what is or saying like 1st having an experience myself in it but now I'm trying to help you to understand and have an experience in Scripture and when that becomes like your Sabbath school experience like that super awesome because the. It's not just what you experienced in Sabbath school on Sabbath but this gives me a blueprint for what I can do at home on my own like I remember so I'm not just in for as long as I've lived in America. I think we met I met in my 2nd week in the States and he was leading the Bible study a friend invited me to. And I always studying Hebrews I think they were going to Hebrew. And they were going through Hebrews and what I remember about it is you know I sat and I grew up in the church and I love the Lord for you know for as long as I remember you know but I guess it was that my 1st time as a young adult having to engage scripture on my own you know to like like grapple with things that I've never wrestled with before and what I remember sitting in the Bible study is like you know he was reading in Hebrews and for the 1st time it was like verses that I thought I could never understand like started making sense as I also That's what I read have what's what that's what I have for is also that's why it's important and I do like this is crazy and I went from that experience was Friday night Bible study I went from that experience and I was like Dude if that Asian dude can like you read the Bible and get something out of it I can to you know I'm smart and I learned later on it's not because he's smart it is because the Holy Spirit can teach you. I mean that was. Just a very smart right to go just a justice here is my. But it's not about smart law saying as smart as he is God can teach even me. And it was really like you know I can not just on Friday night or on Sabbath you know we go to church and like you know I want to hear a word and we're listening to the sermon for like that powerful message from that from that Friday night Bible study experience I don't ever share this with you but from that right and I Bible study experience I left and I was like Lord I want to have that experience every single day when I open my Bible I want to read the Bible and like you talk to me and tell me something because why why would you talk to him and not me. And that was my challenge to God which was really more a challenge to me to be open to receiving what God wants to teach us on a day to day basis that's why opening the Bible and helping people to understand it can do it inspires it inspires you to like men like the Holy Spirit can help me understand the world for myself I want to have this experience on a day to day basis on my own Me and Jesus and then you know it keeps so that I want to share this because I had an experience and then somebody else was saying and it goes like that just emphasize the church on. This I think the key word here is commitment for teachers and students. And you know we're all students really but. Committing to go deeper than just the lesson the lesson Justin said I believe it was in the 1st or 2nd session is is a structure it is like a skeleton but there is so much more that you can get out of it don't just go and read the one question find your answer to the one questions in the study guide try to study the entire chapter as a teacher you know or even as a student but try to really grapple with the text Don't be afraid of of texts that you don't understand the greatest experience when you when you study something and you don't understand what it means but you continue studying and then the Holy Spirit reveals it to you as you as you wrestle with the text and that is something dead I believe we have really lost in our church in South school we don't wrestle with the text anymore we just go right away to the answer either in spirit prophecy or Google or Google or what the study guide itself says because usually the answer is in there to at least some some answer and you know the next paragraph but be willing to to engage with the text even if it's hard to understand let me just share with you one the most powerful Sabbath school experiences that I have had and they did not follow guide nothing but what they did this was. Versity to have this one house call where all they do is to literally just pick they go through entire Bible they pick a section in a chapter or a chapter and that's what they study through and they go through it and they look at you know they have a time for observation that you know you look at time for looking at the structure a time for looking at Connect cross connection to other parts of the Bible very simple acts a Jesus but then everything is written down on a white board and if you see everything come together throughout the hour you just amaze because you are doing this is a community as a group of how the Holy Spirit is bringing out the meaning of the text and suddenly that that story that you've heard a 1000000 times just has so much more profound meaning to it. I think we can bring that into every Sabbath school experience especially as teachers you have the ability to do that you have the freedom to do that don't feel like you're trapped into you have to follow the lesson guide exactly the lesson not as if you had a skeleton it's a guide to to get you into the text but then as you teach how you have the freedom to teach to pass it you don't have to quote everything from the lesson guide. I was I was asked to lead on a sad is going up in a pretty wealthy church that I had I think I'd only been there once or twice before and I forgot exactly what the text was on or what the theme of the lesson was. But I remember that the text that was that was assigned to us was dealing with. Something to the effect that God was with his people he had heard their cry he was with them and so forth and now he was going to pull them out of slavery in Exodus. And. I thought to myself as I was reading the passage of what God. Spoke to me with was I'm speaking to Moses as he's addressing the children of Israel in there the most challenging experience of their lives which was slavery right and what happens is many times we look at the Bible now we think about slavery in Israel and so forth and we're just like man it must have been rough and it was rough but because we've never experienced slavery we don't know how rough rough it is and so I thought to myself What is something in my life that is equal to slavery what is an experience in my life now was that I would equate as the worst experience of my life. Because that's essentially what we're comparing We're comparing the worst experience of their lives with the worst experience of my life I can't say I've gone through slavery so I can't begin to talk about how horrible it is because it's never touched me I've never been a part of that yeah we see the effects of it in our society today we see racism and so forth and so on but this is not an issue of racism I can't take it down the racist path I can if I want to write but the way that God spoke to me was this is an issue this is the worst experience of your life what is it is real what is and how to think about it what's the worst experience in my life and I had to think about that and process that and how did I feel about that situation and then I went to the church and before we even looked at the text I said What's the worst experience of your life that you ever had asking that to a very wealthy church that you've never met it's an interesting experiment right because I was prepared thinking to myself there's no way on earth anyone is going to share and so people are going to say you know the worst experience of my life is when you have financial difficulties you see how they how the how they talk about that they change it for me to you know they they make it general and so I said no no no what's the word when and when to do so for financial challenges what blew me away was that after we broke the ice people started talking about the fact that they're in the middle of a divorce someone had cancer someone lost a loved one and nobody was there all sorts of stuff just started coming out and then I shared my my my experience my personal experience which was the worst experience of my life I shared with everyone and then we went to the text how would you feel if you are the children of Israel hearing that God was with you during this time. And it automatically changed the way in which people perceive the text because now we're no longer dealing with racism we're dealing with the worst experience of my life and then I asked the question I said how many of you knew that these people were going through these things and actually asked of the other way how many of you this is the 1st time you're hearing that these people are going through these things and almost the whole church raised their hands and I thought Isn't it crazy how we go to church time after time after time Sabbath after Sabbath after Sabbath and people are suffering silently and it was a it was a it was a huge lesson to me because here these people did not know who I was and yet they were going through some crazy stuff and they're sharing even though the person right next to them does not even know what they're going through they're beginning to share man I'm going through a divorce people don't even know that I'm going through a divorce and you know Yet this is reality and so the lesson that it taught me was that I need to take the word of God apply it to myself and then wrestle with the Lord God What is the point of this passage to me and then what is the connection we're all human even though we're all extremely different this is the craziest thing even though there's so much that we experience that we have nothing in common with each other with. At the very same time the opposite is also true that we have so much in common with each other and Sabbath school for me should be a time where as a teacher I figure out a way to really hone in and focus on the application of scripture to me how many saddest Well lessons do we go to classes we do we go to and it's like what does the Bible say in the Bible saying everybody should go to church on the Sabbath everybody should be going to church on the Sabbath and there's only one like non admin is there and I was again you know that's what the Bible saying right but nobody wants to say this is what this is how the Bible is rebuking me nobody wants to say that right so I think the most critical job of the teacher ought to be to deal with that final phase of biblical Bible study which is the interpretation of the application of Scripture how does this apply to me right now and I have to model that as a detour if I'm asking you to share the hardest experience of your life how am I going to come up to say yeah you know man a I was studying that exam and I failed and it was horrible I got a c. plus plus and I don't know how I thought it was the end of the world and then you have this person that is saying I'm battling cancer right now right so figuring out a way in which we can become vulnerable with the Pete modeling for the people what we want to see I guess would be the long way to say what the point I was trying to make Ask your question how many of you all our teachers I know asked this in the 1st one how many are teachers of the children's or adult or young adult Sabbath school in some capacity please raise your hands up high. Ok that's the probably the half half of you can say that. The the burden really rests upon the teachers in teachers whether you are called to this position by nominating committee or whether it's by perception or by election or volunteer you're still in a position where God is going to use you to impact Sabbath school and I guess what has impacted my ministry about Sabbath school is someone challenge me one time and said look when you teach the teach the Bible you're just not teaching the Bible it's not that you're some great teacher think of yourself as this is your calling they you are a Sabbath school teacher like it is an art form and master the art form as a disciple of Jesus who was the ultimate Sabbath school teacher and so what that meant mean meaning if you're called to be a professional athlete you're training day in and day out impacts your thinking your diet your whatever and I thought hey if I'm going to be a professional Olympic gold medal hopes to have a school teacher what does that mean. So that means I got to read what I read how I use my time it all impacts Sabbath school and the 3 things that mentors have have really impacted me was it was 2 things I want to mention this isn't one is the genesis Watson Dr Jennifer Watson of Oakland University I think she's still there she told me read 7 books at a time and I want 7 books who does that. Strategically read to reach 7 types of books because what they are going to know can run down it's not it's not going to Power Point number one the Bible. Is going to be a bible teacher. Read the Bible but your spirit of prophecy because yeah yeah but the 1st one she says is find a topic that you want to specialize in and read 10 books on it that's the basis for university course semester Ok in the university you pay $30000.00 for that we can do that for free on Amazon Ok fine wine books of almost almost free him Amazon prime a little bit cheaper. 10 books and usually by book 7 usually by book 6 or 7 you have read almost everything on that topic and it's going to start signing repetitive and by book 89 and 10 this is when your analytical skills are Jivan be like Yeah I read that read that this is what this person said but this person disagrees and you start thinking like a college professor buy yourself a book on that topic you want to get to a point where like yeah you you know whenever people that means again to a level of special speciality Ok that's number one number 2 were read a book that's super super super super super difficult. So difficult that you don't even understand it so difficult that you even finish it if you just read and if you just memorize one vocabulary word it's worth your stretching of your brain cells to do that yeah Number 3 read something that you enjoy because this is a lot of work that you know you want to read something that you enjoy and you can just kind of like you know aviation you know you're on Musk and going to Mars whenever I read something that's just kind of enjoy number 4 read a biography there's something about reading someone else's experience that you don't have to experience yourself you can just experience someone else's experience and you learn from and what's implicit what happens implicitly you become like that person and then there are 5 I can remember 5 and there is number 5 and when I get to all that you know a concept you guys in the you know we read more and what happens is if you restrict teach a cli it's actually impacting all the oh last one is read in a random book. Totally totally totally random So I once I read a book on Iran Yeah I read the whole book I hated the book I had I have no connection I'm not Iran e I don't I have no plans to go to Iran unless the Lord calls me as I write a book on Iran all I remember all I remember is in 1079 the United States pulled out in they left the embassy left in 1989 right otherwise I have no connection to Iran whatsoever Well I'm witnessing to a lady and she happens to be Korean and her husband works for this used to work for the CIA He's retired guy and he said were you stationed a is all I used to be stationed in. And I said oh did you leave in 1709 I mean I said Young man I did how did you know that and I said I read it in a book I'm now just one dumb book I don't remember anything about it but just he thinks I'm the smartest guy in the universe. And he said this young man if you know that I want to come to your whole event evangelistic series because you must have something to share. Point is this it's not not that if you read a random book it's like you become more knowledgeable that's not the point it's just reading something random allows you to make random connections with different things and it connects you with people in the way that if you just specialized 10 books on one thing you just become that you can't really connect with anyone else that randomness allows you to be just more and random some extent and then all these things are different flavors and it makes you a better Bible teacher because as you're teaching the illustrations they all come out from all this reading it's got to come from some source of ingredients for your stew to come out at the end of number 2 you think the person said was visit your students we don't do this in our contemporary age 6 teachers are considered just you learn for once a day on the week ever even children's ministry I really implore each of your teachers should be studying all your students whether they're administers are not just a friendly visit it should be no longer than 15 minutes if you're there longer than 15 minutes you have you know some orthopedic problems you need to get out of there as fast as possible number 3 is and I want to emphasize this when someone says they've been a service call teacher for 10 years what is automatically what comes to your mind ah they must be a good teacher right but is that the case. By someone says I've been a pastor for 40 years they may have been a bad pastor for 40 year. There's a make sense when someone says I've been a conference President Verdun you know 90 years. My conference in my converts only has 2 members in it. You know so there's a difference in that in this church we look at their resumes I mean like wow 10 years 1020 years you must be good that does not make you good. It is evaluated experience that makes you good so me you go through the experience I mean when I talk and we're going to do this you know we do this we film and afterwards we value and sometimes we get bored evaluating that he was that good how can we make it and that's really the key to godly education right whether you go to school or not and that's how teachers become better better and better and better. Ok. So we talk about the resurrection of Sabbath school not all of you are here to 1st 2nd and 2nd session but really resurrection is something only God can do Ok only God has the power to bring life to something that is dead so if your teacher or your student it doesn't matter if you're savvy a school is dry as the hills of the bow are then I want to encourage you to pray for water pray for the spirit I want to share just a brief story that directly south sports but it's church related there was in 2007 I believe in was it in Italy northern Italy there was a church not growing issues and there was a family that realized you know this can't continue this where we haven't had baptisms in a decade and so dates are started praying all of that they just started praying with some friends at church and are praying praying and long story short out of this grew praying movement in this church that they start small groups start to vitalize the south school in vitalized everything in the church and within just 45 years they had I mean dozens of baptisms church growth it showed the power of prayer we know it we believe it we say that we preached at but do we do it or encourage you to really start praying specifically if you're sad school is not you know a life pray that God will do something and use you in the process to bring life to sail to rest or ect to show you in your individualistic or in your individual situation what the Sabbath school needs we talked about a different segment which are called Bible study and prayer if that part is lacking the Holy Spirit will show you what to do if mission is lacking the Holy Spirit show you what to do he will show point out a neighborhood that your spouse school should engage in and if no one wants to join you you be the one in your 1000 group to do something. To do something it's always better to do nothing but let the Holy Spirit guide you in the revival process we can give you all these methods and and ideas and they're all valuable but let's hope to show you which one of those you should be engaging in and read you know. School work you know there's so much wonderful resource out there so just one of that to encourage you to really pray to ask God to show you what is the next step to bring life to yourself school where you are I love Jonathan's comment I think if we have a critical heart and some of us do I'm a very critical person but if we don't resort to prayer then that becomes bitterness and it can be very dangerous but if God has given you an analytical critical mind you pray not only for the church to be changed but also for your heart to be changed to be able to make changes and implement in a Godly nice way in your local church and so I would say I was specially say for young adults who go intimate like man this church is no no no no no not a lot of those are all God's injunctions for you to change that church in whatever capacity and God will give you great if it's going to His Will Hill will cause that to happen Ok is or the other thing I would challenge us to do as teachers is study the lesson guide throughout the week and then don't open it during Sabbath school class you know make that I mean just do that even if you do that once you know once a month once a month or some like that just to get into the habit of focusing on the Word of God and using the Bible as the primary book that a study during the lesson that's a suggestion that we share as a teacher I would say if you're a teacher delete admin is lingo from your vocabulary on status quo even if there is one person especially if there's only one person actually that is not 7th Day Adventist don't don't use things that are very very clearly 7th Day Adventists in nature because what that does is it makes you think to yourself if you're not if you're not administering to be thinking like. This does not apply to me this applies only to 7th Day Adventists or everybody here is treating me as a project right and so I would completely eliminate out of innocently and go and then lastly if I was a teacher advice I'd give is. You know people say there's no such thing as bad questions but there are there is such a thing as bad questions if if there are some people in Sabbath school class that might not feel comfortable reading in public there are some people in sad as cool class that are not biblically literate and that's actually happening more and more where you're going to ask someone you know to read from the Book of Job and they think it's job right and so there are certain things that people feel uncomfortable doing or you ask a question that you think is very very simple to answer but they don't have an answer to right and so I think to yourself ask questions that are. Under remember that there are there is such a thing as bad questions and have the grace of God and His Spirit leading you and knowing how to ask questions and then lastly figure out a way to involve as many people as possible and that is kind of combined with the questions that we ask you know it would be it would be very it would be very hard for me to like a bad question would be what's the 1st commandment you think everybody the grandma knows of the 1st commandment is but that's not true there are some people that don't know what the 1st Commandment is and if you think to yourself for sure John is going to know it I know he doesn't come to church but for sure he's going to know what the 1st commandment is that what's a 1st commandment. And then it's like all all of a sudden John of The knows he's the only one in the whole room that does not know the 1st commandment but instead we can ask a question that is that that is personal to him that he can share right Jonathan you know what what words in experience in your time in your life when you felt hurt or is there something that you've that you have that has happened to you that you know whatever so a personal question that you know that is not so much tied to the Bible itself but there you can tie into the Bible debate once the answer is given to you So those are suggestions I wish I was a teacher and then a suggestion for teachers to kind of mention it I believe in the previous section is when you and this is people backing off what you've been saying you study the lesson throughout the week and you really dive into it into the word but I'm sad if you just use the Bible when you do that let's say for example you know currently now this Coralie's on Daniel and that says Chapter one. On Sabbath 11 way to do this to just use the Bible besides just reading through the chapter is to use these steps that are mentioned earlier and if you were to write them down I'll mention again here the 1st thing is you read through the passage whether it's a chapter or a passage and you look at repetitions are there words or phrases that repeats or ideas that are repeated concepts that are repeated that's usually something that the writer thinks is important Ok so 1st thing is you don't have to tell them what the repetitions are you want the students to share that Ok repetitions number one number 2 structure a kind of code goes together you look is there a certain structure that is there that you know an introduction What's the main point and then ending you want you want to understand the structure of the passage Ok 1st thing repetition number 2 Structure number 3 observations what is something that sticks out to you what is something that is unique about this. Or what are some interesting points in this in the 2nd observations we're not talking about application this is just observations and then number 4 allusions or references sometimes you know Paul this is all the time he quotes from the Old Testament What is he referring to what kind of concept is he alluding to what is the scripture he is quoting you want to gather those things and the last part is application finding an application to what you've just learned and so repetition structure observations allusions and references and applications that is a great way to to take pick apart a passage in the Bible and to really get a lot out of it Ok And you can do this not just in South school you can do it in small group you can use in your own personal Bible study and I promise you will you will gain such a blessing from it and if you study your study guide and the whites comments and all the other books that come with it and Bible commentaries etc You will be as a teacher and as a student well prepared to really to lead the group into a deeper understanding another thought that just came to mind before a pass it on to someone else is that as a teacher and this is something that I do all the time. Not to do is to just give the answer right away be Ok with that awkward silence where no one's answering be Ok to listen don't don't don't share exactly what you want to share or the best point you want them to engage it takes the brain a couple seconds to process to wake up to to lift the head away from the phone or whatever they're doing as students it takes a moment so just be Ok with it embrace the silence release into a 7 school class where one guy asked a question and meant it was a profound question and we were all there about 20 of us in that not even a 2nd that passed and started yelling at us saying that we weren't participating in that we weren't we weren't cooperative and I'm like Dude man that was just like one second and chill out for a 2nd and then this other guy reacted and they actually got in a fist fight so that was a very exciting Sabbath school sighting very exciting one way to resurrects I was going to different way if I'd like to look at some quotes and go to Israel so this is put up on the screen for a while but some other principles we can look at why not honor the creator of the heavens and the earth in obeying the 4th Commandment why not as the Sabbath is approaching Friday have our business over before the sun goes over and from the beginning of the week we shall be preparing ourselves lessons for the Sabbath school me sad a school does not start on Friday but it starts on which day of the week Sunday Now this is really cool and the whole thing here the Sabbath school what are the next 3 words. Meaning there are ways to not conduct it rightly does that make sense so we need to teach how what ways to rob we cannot know what he said you know intimate so we need to learn how to rightly do it in must be learned now in the middle there I'm not going to. Go it is not the best plan for teachers to do all the talking. Don't you wish you had this and just kind of flash it at somebody and some of us I was quick I wish I did but they should draw out the class to tell what they know. And so I just really imagine this like it is a conductor or she's a conductor and she's this like you know brass you know come on the brass to shut up shop and woodwinds woodwind wins when the woodwinds and I shut up and you know they're really conducting the comments that way then at the edges and then let the teacher with a few brief pointed remarks or illustrations impress the lesson upon their minds this is really anti priest sermonizing Ok I'm going to go one more here those who study the Bible to sincere desire to know who will do the will of God will become wise in the salvation the s.s. is a important branch of the missionary work not only because it gives young and old the knowledge of God's work a word but it awakens in them a what's a love for its sacred trues and a desire to study it for themselves and the goal of a really good teacher is you're teaching it and then they go back home oh man i really need to study that again for myself it's so this is really an art a calling and some of your call to this and over your others You're not be you can still learn in this process and and Sabbath school it's a lame ministry everyone is involved to get into this kind of Bible study his room. The last thing I was sure is also we need to learn how to better use Ellen White. I mean even just where you were sitting where you were just reading program now can you go back one more it says Let the teacher or before that the could no no sorry. We're talking about being a conductor let them draw out from the student from the class what they already know I mean that's. These are just powerful and you can't come up with that on your own you know it's like she's essentially saying like my job as a teacher is to say Ok what do you know what do you know what do you know what do you know this is how these things tie together let me share an illustration illustrate that let's close I mean that that's powerful you can just come up with us on your own but it's important for that what I was going to try to what I was trying to say was that there's so much truth to so much beautiful beautiful truth that is found in the spirit of prophecy and we take it for granted and we beat it up because like no use the Bible use the Bible only this is sad a school class you're supposed to do the Bible not the writings of Ellen White all of that is true all the rich stuff that Alan y. has to offer on a tax is so profound that we can drink at that fountain for a brief moment and have enough to share for hours and hours and hours on any given text I was reading the desire of ages and she talks about the condescension of Christ and she she she goes off on how God's will of the world that he gave he didn't let us borrow Jesus but he gave Jesus to us. And this really captured my mind then years later I was sitting in class in the seminary on a on a heap from a Hebrew scholar based on this passage of Jesus being the son of David and everything that he is saying I raise my hand I and I read to him the quotation from Ellen White and he was blown away one of our avenues professors blown away and I thought to myself This man spent 6 years 7 years working this text and coming up with something that Alawite says a desire of ages and a lot of times we think that Alan White does not have that she just use or prophetic given she does not have the gift of biblical interpretation but we realize that the more you dig into that. Our minds are so. Shallow that we can't catch the depths that she goes into when she's addressing some of these Scriptural passages and so I would encourage us to read the spirit of prophecy as we're studying scripture but then also to know how to introduce that to the class many times we come to the other extreme Alawite says an Alawite says and what I love about is Alan White says and if you look at what Ellen White says just forget the whole Alawite says and then just share what she already says as though it's your own right it's like look this is what this passage is saying and I guarantee you that the more we use a y. in helping to build the foundation of our scriptural understand the more of a blessing we will be daughters. Can you share one more thing before we I want to just encourage all of us I'm speaking to myself as well here too and I mention is beginning to commit I know it's so easy to float especially if you live in an ad just ghetto and you can just go to church a church and also things and you're looking for a spouse but we are commit to us how school commit to a church and get involved commit as a teacher to master what you're doing a commitment will make a difference if it's done prayerfully and intentionally I think God can really use you as a young person even if you're the only young person in your church to make a huge difference is one encourage you to to stay committed because if you if you just flow from group to group or don't even come at all you know that it will not come alive you've got to be there and be to consistently so you can build relationships and and really experience a real real fellowship with the people that you are living with as a church so encouraging to be committed in yourselves school thinking jump in. Here and uses only the way the other one says here formation of small companies as a basis of Christian effort has been presented to me by one who cannot err companies small companies the power of sadness cool is in small groups and I would recommend that So social psychologist say $6.00 to $8.00 people is the ideal group anything smaller it gets too intense because the teacher is teaching there's only 3 people in like we have to answer because there's only 3 of us and anything larger than 9 like I'm not going to top because there's other you know other people so then just shut down but 68 is a nice comfortable time number for people to interact and this is the heart of the church Sabbath school is the heart of the church how many of you have been convicted in some capacity to help your Sabbath school. And I would say this at the end of every one of your satisfy and with an appeal. Just because the bell rings don't just ended you want to find out what's the point of the lesson to begin with and you construct your lesson around that so that by you even if you end before the bell even if you have a bell if you end before the bell even better you don't have to go until the bell rings just finish with the appeal and appeal she doesn't have to be a mark in the appeal in yeah I mean there's the people how many do you want to come to you know nothing like that how many do you want to ask Lord Jesus My savviest cooling needs help and Lord send me a prayer but stand apart. Father in heaven we ask for a special blessing that we pray for and such and one session to and such and this session we prayed for the revitalization and resurrection of our Sabbath schools and father for if you have given us a critical and a cool analytical mind we thank you but Father we ask that you transcend that into change in action filled with Christian grace Lord as we depart from this place and go to lunch and come back pretentiously for the 4th session we ask for your blessing he asked us in Jesus' name and even. This message was recorded a conference in many or a few Kentucky. Supporting the history of the 7th church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial in this new for Christ to download other resources like visit us online.


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