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Discover the purpose of Sabbath School, why it may be weak in some churches, and learn some principles to bring it back to its original goal.


  • January 2, 2020
    2:15 PM
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This was presented at the. Kentucky for other resource right. Good afternoon everyone we're so happy that you decided to join us others are taking their nap or their post you know whatever whatever they're doing but you're here and we are in a smaller group and I'd like to ask if you're utterly offended you can just ignore what I said for the purposes of Michael wrangling if you can come to the front or come down more and can be a close your group that would be great if you are of. A physical situation where you cannot move or if you just don't like me you can stay where you are but otherwise please calm down it just makes the little bit of conversation easier we are in a bigger room and this is one thing that does affect dynamics the room the temperature even the color of the walls all these things affect the Bible study experience they really really just fill up the rows you can come and fill in the rows to be greats and if you still want to be protests that they can stay stay where you are that's that's fine. For us the view the lower case Catholic. Christians can come down. They. Come quickly Come come come you're totally late but we love you come in come in come come. I'm sorry Adventist time I haven't this time it gets multiplied by 2 or 3 depending on which culture you're from and haven't is and so it's. Right Israel. In the meantime. So at this time going to ask Amodeo if you can come down and take my mike and I'll use the this Mike will hole this more sense of Tivo. And you can take this and held it and we would like to open up the floor we'll have order project to officially start but open up some some floor for questions and then we'll spend some time talking about of inverse as well Ok. Because I want to hear everyone's here on ars Ok let's order particular shall we gracious Father we thank you for lunch and we thank you for this time now we pray that this next hour or so may be a very effective time. With people's questions or just us talking or we just surrender our time to you and ask for your Spirit to lead we ask this in Jesus' name amen amen So I'm sorry if you are tired of raising your hands but I just got to do to tell you I just got to know and got to know my audience how many of you here were or how many of you were here for a session one hahaha session 2 Ha session 3 Ok sessions 12 and 3 sessions one in 32 and 3. And I wanted to. Get the letter was just for fun we like to open up the floor for questions depending if you have questions and if you don't we can just continue talking about life and in and seacoast children yes sister in the front I mean you can you get her the microphone if you don't mind thank you so much this is I'm a duo from Montana friends and he's going to be our runner for today so if you're one of the ones that didn't raise your hand because he didn't attend 123 yes what's the big takeaway that you can give me from what I missed Yeah you can listen to the recordings Archie y.c. Web dot org and then Ok she's asking for a take away I'll open up the floor of the panel What's your what's your take away from the 1st 3. This is kind of she went to the seminar that she wanted to and then she comes in the q. and a just just give me the cliff notes version of what I'd. Probably take away for me from the discussion what this is. A school is dead or dying is an act like personal commitment so personally having experience with the Word of God on a day to day basis throughout the week whether as a teacher or as a participant and then on Sabbath bringing that into the classroom experience and being personally committed to being a blessing in Sabbath school not just going there for what I can receive but going there for what I can also contribute to the Fellowship Sabbath and the mission of the church. Ok Thank you John Oh my takeaway I really enjoyed the conversation we had been blessed by some of the thoughts of and shared. For me I think Sabbath school the 3 points that you showed of school alive. How school is made up of 3 main part you have it on here Bob is that in prayer fellowship in mission and usually we do the bible to the part maybe some prayer but like fellowship and mission I see lacking almost everywhere I go. But there's so much potential there that I hope that you know maybe some of your inspired to really really make your Sabbath school more focus in that direction especially when it comes to Mission reaching out to missing members and their neighborhoods and even global missions I mentioned there's Sabbath school groups in churches in Texas they have said hey we want to we want to reach the Middle East where there's no Adventists no Christian and they have adopted like 10 cities and they they do regular stuff over there you know you you are not limited by anything don't think that your church board is the limitation of what you can do you can do so much for God and so encourage you to call your peers that are in your group you know to really make a difference I believe that there's so much potential in that group dynamic that you have there thank you this 3 you see up there are if you if you see them they should not be extraordinary they should not be while I never knew if I only had that that would just and that's the beauty of it the most the most scrumptious of recipes are simple ones with very very minimal and greedy and it's but up the butt to make a meal really good is that high quality ingredients and that's where you want to be beef Sabbath school by beefing up the mission component Bible study and prayer and fellowship and it's easy to say like yeah and I said this before yeah we say how do. Each other had a fellowship check Bible study and we had a Bible verse Jack pray Ok dear Jesus think it is a beautiful day it's like a thunderstorm outside the it was beautiful day and his name Amen Jack and then Mission Ok in my dollar for World Vision pay like $9.00 for my you know a smoothie but a dollar for missions and I'm checked that's not Sabbath school experience Oh Ok. Any other any any questions any comments yes in the front I'm a dale and you come down from the mountain top for our brother in front seat one a 1st class platinum status. I only came to the last one for one that's Ok no confession needed it's Ok. And you guys mentioned. Was it that people kind of interpret the text through their own interests and experiences and so you kind of try to get what people. Try to get what they already know out of them the teacher right and I've started leading the Sabbath school this last semester of my college and they're asked me to take on more and more responsibility because it's not just me it's like I think like 3 other people kind of like rotate. And there's something I've noticed not just in mine but also just the theme in general is I think maybe we're too loose on it because the conversation kind of always goes I mean is college Ok so I can always guides towards relationships and my sex and I really I mean that's they like like everyone's everyone's a rebel you know like you know I want to be different like my friends are all going to talk about taboos and stuff that makes sense but how do we get to talk about things aren't as interesting like I'm least on the surface like prophecy it's not easy to get people to talk about that like discussion isn't a problem at my school people talk but when it comes to those kinds of things it's really hard to get it going so how do you know tackle topics like that because yes yes excellent question excellent question. So Israel or. Or John I would really I would highly recommend the inverse program we try to tar attack the text itself in that and it deals with a variety of issues at least that's what we've tried to do also at some point you're going to talk about the journal itself. I think that's a valuable resource as well and. Ossie of my comments for you when you talk about that but I think that when you when you when we're talking about having grabbing from people what they already know we're not really talking about grabbing or she wasn't talking about grabbing from people what they already know about life experience and for those who were not here in the previous session we there was a quotation I don't know if you can pull it out we're talking about the role of a teacher. Being able to get from the students to extract from the students knowledge that they already know it says they're the Sabbath school if they conducted it is one of God's great instrumentalities and then it says it is not it is not the best plan for the teachers to do all the talking but they should draw out they should drop the class to tell them what they know and then the teacher will have a few pointed. Point 3 point remarks illustrations in. That's why we are going out together he knows what I'm going to say and he says it. So what we're talking about here is not what she's talking about is not drawing out of people like their their their knowledge about life put there in their understanding of the scripture itself and so is what does this text mean what do you know about this text already and then from there we as teachers we tie those things together and so. That just goes to show more the need for us to deal with a specific topic or a specific Scriptures Ari and then allow the conversation to revolve around that and if something's if we get together as a group of friends or as a as a class that routinely meets and we talk about the same thing then I think it's important just for the teachers say what about Is there anything else and if any other aspect of life that this applies to and sometimes the most sometimes. The powerful thing about scriptures are sometimes it is the most obvious things in life that it applies to often neglected that when we point out it's so profound you know so I know that helps but. Yeah I agree and I resonate with what is really saying I think the important thing in any Bible discussion is to have it bible based so it needs to be grounded and rooted in Scripture. And then just real talk like when when I was in my twenty's and we would talk with my friends no matter what the topic. Bible prophecy would always come down to relationships. I mean it's like juice is coming soon are we going to get married people. Like I mean. Like whatever the topic was somehow mark of the beast the mark of the beast like Ok now the. Prophecy just is coming. Somehow we find what you're right but I don't know that that is a bad thing but I think what would what would be bad is if we're not actually dealing with what the Bible says and then what the Bible says then applies to wherever we are at different stages in life so now I'm a mom with kids just as coming cement and my children going to be ready Jesus coming soon like or whatever the topic is stewardship and my taking good care of the children that God has given to because that's where I am in life but as a student stewardship I got no money so obviously it's got nothing to do with money from you know so the topic as long as we're dealing with the principles that we derive from scripture on that topic making sure that it's Bible based and then the application I think will naturally go to whatever your group is facing in life and I don't think that's a bad thing but if every topic is like Ok now let's study relationships in the Bible like it's it's actually even a narrow view of what it means to study relationships in the Bible because it's. You know we end up thinking like that just means how do I find someone to date and marry but there's a way more to it than that you know you study search study type thing is that all of that stuff actually is related to alternately whatever it is that you're going through in life so making sure that whatever the Bible conversation is I believe that it's Bible based that you're drawing from scripture. I appreciate question your question I want to train for some school teachers what I usually recommend is that you have a flight plan and I don't know if you know I don't know a lot about flying but I only know I know that you take off and then you land right and then you know when you watch the screen thing it just says you know from l.a.x. to j w j a j f k and just it's this one arc but the reality is your flight is not going on that arc it's actually flying and then it goes into like you know Baltimore airspace goes to your space it's a little bit more the zig zag zigzaggy and they're just kind of like taking the airplane in and then kind of guiding it to the next airspace one to another and as a teacher that's kind of what you want to do you want to take off and your take on point is you always start from scriptures Ok Today's lesson is going to Chapter 2 you start you read the Bible text together and that's a great way to spend time reading Scripture together and then your end is your appeal so when you're studying it by yourself you say after Daniel 2 what I want what's the point of Daniel to what I want people to do so you're going to get there but in between as all these airports in between and these are your comments from your from your class Ideally your whole class is going to be studying all we can have some good comments but often you get one or 2 who are like not not not sane right so your job as a creative conductor is like Ok so here we just read chapter 2 Ok so what's the text saying and you going trying to get to Chicago and sometimes people say stuff and through their common You're listening to their comment and you kind of pick out the elements that are really that you can use to get to Chicago and sometimes they want to go to Florida and if you don't know anything about North America I'm so sorry about this illustration but sometimes they're talking about like Afghanistan right then you say thank you so much for your comment and you know any other comments and that's just the nature of the discussion but then you get to Chicago Chicago to you know Salt Lake City inside the city back to l.a. and hopefully can land the plane and they have your appeal at. And your people can be you know a heartfelt one a powerful a logical one or just a guy's That's just read our Bibles more and to be very simple as that but you want to have an objective otherwise you're just like talking talking talking to a it's time let's just pray guys and then in years to repeat next week which is kind of a weird Bible study to begin with. And your class when you have a lot of college students some you can play off of that energy because they're high energy and you can use their intelligence or maybe their schooling or whatnot if there was comeback relationships I mean you can have another Bible study an afternoon with on relationships and just kill the topic once and for all you'll never get a lot of. It may have to talk about sex that's a very special campus that you and any other questions that are in the House today yes are right behind into a in sober class. Kind of my question is. I've only been going to the church for about 4 years and they've kind of pushed me into being the Sabbath school because I'm the youngest out of all you know out of the adults Yeah I can relate a little bit more to. Where the church planned so it's like 15 of us and it's like 90 percent is all family Ok so this is my nieces and nephews but I'm trying to learn myself how to teach them so where do you go to get the resources like because obviously you have been trained and you do training work and we you know lay people find their training or get you know support or anything like that for jumping actually question if they were actually watch last resort so yeah you know we don't know where. Yup yup panel Ideally you want to work with your pastor. For some help you can ask him then of course your conference should have a school director called correct answer is your 1st resource yet I would surmise that in many cases your pastor is not involved in Sabbath school if he has multiplied district the pastor just worried about preachin So he's going to leave it for the lay people to run and that's just usually the case but there are some pastors out there who do care about Sabbath school also and they are in the air into teaching teachers but your best resources for your local conference to contact and to see what what trainers they can provide one of those of course websites with materials and videos. What's sad is called person and if you thought org I think that's you know g.c. so saddest call person Ministries dot com is the big g c one and there is there are so many resources there from you know 777 to you know 2020 I'm exaggerating there's no internet back in something 77 there is a website we can go to hope channel and I know this sounds kind of. More difficult but this is how I know this is how I benefitted you look for preachers or teachers that you like the style of that resonates with you the style that you've been blessed by and really this is the kind of art of disciple in a different way it kind of copied them. You copy and this is kind of like you know ancient blacksmiths The Apprentice would come and they just copy in the art form of their master copy kabhi kabhi kabhi kabhi and then they copy so much that they are tired of copying because they can do it with their eyes closed and then once they get to that point that's when they start developing their own creativity in their own style and they start experiment it's kind of what you want to do and a lot of member a lot of us with us was getting started we just invited speakers that we liked teachers or preachers and we just started copying and we get down to the hand motions from the vocal intonation like you know come to you know all these things in the beginning it was more kind of entertainment mockery imitation but after a while you started getting really into it and even like not just the homiletics of it but even how to teach something Ok so he read the Bible and he was going for verse one verse to give a story 1st before story 1st 5 asked a question he was copying that So then after copying is kind of pick up that style in neatly and then sometimes realized this guy was wrong the entire time and God still uses that are sometimes meant his guys still awesome he's a 100 years old he's still preaching and so there's different things that you can do we're getting that so I really recommend you go to hope Sabbath school hope t.v. Dorothy slash. Hope s.-s. but there are more speeches it and then you hear our website which is hope to slash inverse Bible is that right in inverse inverse Bible if that's a real website that's real if it's not then cool and then the u.s. invasion find it just add when it comes to you know working with young people especially teenagers or younger you really want to invest in just having a relationship with them because you know they're still distracted and whatever else but. When they know that you actually know you have a relationship with the day they connect better with you if you're just some random person they only see once a week they're not going to listen to us much as they would if if you interact with them outside of Savile school I mean for you it's families they know you but I'm saying in general young people need relationships and not the awkward Hey I'm so cool and hip and I'm hanging out with the relationship or just being genuine. With them and you know write them a birthday card interact with them do things with them outside of Sabbath school a fellowship you know that makes a huge difference for them when it comes to teaching them because there will be those moments where everyone serious and you can actually share with them. Because you know they like you I think in mixed with General Conference did a study and they said all the people of all the spiritual influences of a person's life Guess who has been the most influential. School teaches a set of schoolteacher and out with the pastor the elder the Sabbath school teacher was the person that really was the most memorable and they found that the saddest book teacher as Jonathan says who maintains authenticity and connection I mean they could be 80 year old guy who is totally not cool but he is Jenny's visiting the students and he really loves loves and he could be even dorky in an articulate a mumble e but as long as they know that this guy is out there going all out for me in the study that they are invested in the relationship rather than some 21 year old who knows all the words in his hip and what not and just is there once a week there's there's something to be said about real human connection even for young adults I mean young adults are not idiots I meant here tonight if it were not it was him another resource that invaluable councils on Sabbath school boy. Ellen why he has a lot to say a very practical things that you can apply to your Sabbath school teaching experience that I think if we follow the council that we have in the spirit of prophecy on Sabbath school it would be a whole different ballgame she has a lot of so I think it's an invaluable resource consuls on the Sabbath school there is one quote I'm sorry this is a totally intolerant of this one quote she says I don't have it but it's in 7 school council work that she did the workbook and she says that if we do a bad job of cyber school and we do this routinely week we create a factor in this is not this is my words not her words a factory of hypocrites. That this ministry x. is so powerful it actually does more harm than good and I mean that's sobering stuff in are we doing so have a school to the best of our abilities right now and I would say we're not and are we creating a factory of hypocrites that's been my words something to think about. Is. When it comes to when it comes to personality and that whole thing I think it's already been mentioned a lot of times we think that an effective Sabbath school teacher for young people is a person that can relate and that's normally actually what happens right when we're talking about hey let's find a sadness cool teacher for our our young people we think about the coolest person and then let's have them teach the Sabbath school for the kids. Which I'm sure the coolest person your church. The challenges that in most situations outside of your church. The people that are choosing the coolest person are the not cool people they're like the adults right that are disconnected and saw they're thinking like you know hey that person plays a guitar or that person plays the drums let's make them this I was going to each or even though they're 80 years old and so it doesn't work the idea of trying to be like someone in order to win them is is and is never going to work and when I was when I was in high school. Our My parents were really there were noticing that and other parents in the church there were noticing that the kids were were going astray and so they really pressed the pastor to to start a church school and. And I remember that like to this day that the 1st day of school we my parents dropped me off and I looked at one of the kids that had already been there ahead of us and he was wearing a tie and he was wearing a button up shirt and khakis and no one else in the school's dress that way I'll put it that way. And I thought to myself What in the world is this guy like Dizzee want to get beat up like why is he showing up to school this is high school why is he showing up to school with a tie it into being with this guy was not a student but actually the teacher and he's a he looked he looked just like any other high school kid and. I would I would venture to say that throughout the whole 1st year of school there was nothing that we had in common nothing that we had in common we came from very different backgrounds but never once did he try to become like me to to with me he never did that he just he just lived his life and he showed genuine care for my salvation that's really all he did live his life showed genuine care for myself. And that was enough to turn my life around. As a matter of fact it is because of him my my teacher that I gave my life to God even though there was 0 links between him and I and so. To me we spent too much emphasis trying to be trying to develop resources that are going to make a school teachers when really the hardest hit the simplest way to impact the young people that we're working with is to be there to love them and to show a genuine care for their salvation and to live a life that is that is exemplify what we what we preach it ended up being that. By by looking at this this person there was one time but they got he should have kicked me out of school so many different times I mean so many different times and he never did and I read his sermons I went to his house one time and I saw an evangelistic series on the shelf I read a sermons and when I gave my life to God I said I want to do exactly what this man has done I want to be like you like him and he was a pastor I decide to go to the ministry and it just goes to show you don't need to be like someone to to win them the best thing you can do is be yourself work with the resources God has given to you pray that God shines through you right that he shines through us that that people will see stuff that draws him closer to him and and ask the Lord that in the midst of all the joking that takes place a sleeping that takes place in class and everything else that that they will be able to detect the genuine care that you have for them and I think that that will do more than anything else to one a person to Jesus Christ and. So I think 3 questions are going bring it on any other comments questions conclusions analyses insults that you may have here with 2 in the front you know very little one in the back Ok would take 2 sister in the front and one Ok or not Ok that's fine well taken that you know so I work with a minister that we travel around to different churches in my conference and we provide a church service to include a Sabbath school lot of times I'm curious because we have struggled with interaction and it's obvious the environment because we're going in and often times as a young adult I don't know anyone in this adult conk group good ways to get that started going into just a brand new face. Your last part you kind of trailed off good ways to interact with the adults. When when I'm a brand new face to them and they're all brand new faces to me yeah all right panel. So just understand so you're you're there for only one Sabbath and you're teaching Sabbath school and you're doing church sceptical and interaction and then so how do you get a good have a school experience like off the bat 1st time they're. Young and they're old I would say. How to kick start a company got to call it the obvious I don't know anybody here just tell tell them tell them what's what's going on tell and how you feel that or maybe how you feel to tell them hey we're doing here we understand to tell the reality of the situation usually you know gets people more confident don't try to pull something off that you can't fake a relationship with these people they don't know you tell something about yourself you know build a relationship with at least a little bit and maybe some good questions some maybe some ice breaker questions can help something that Richard o. Phil who is an old preacher told me that you know he has he could create camaraderie with people right away and when he did he go into a congregation he doesn't know anyone he tries that least find one person that he knows and that one person maybe even the might like the person who drove in with the person who just said hi in the lobby right and then so as he's talking to the Congress and the people he's really interacting with this one person that he knows right so you don't get out isn't that right you know and this and then he's just having a conversation with this one person and what happens is everyone is. Is what's the what's the word forensically that's not the right word but living through that conversation through that person this person becomes a representative of the entire congregation and I don't have to have a conversation all of you issues are singled out this one person and what happens an instantaneous relationship occurs and it's a pretty brilliant way and the more you try to do it the more it becomes easier and that's kind of I mean if you want to have that Sabbath after Sabbath you can develop that that habit and that part after all you're saying you're doing this is training you're training you're going to church to train them on how to do church and sat a school and. Ok good good Ok what did our true sister in the frontier thinks I'm a do you get your footsteps in today. When you're leading an interactive discussion of that text how do you assign Bible texts you know. Maybe it's easier if you're in a larger group and you just say who would like to read this passage would like to read this or do you actually go down the row question and I don't like awkwardness so much. Even though it cost a lot. So I just tell the readers text and then just go around 2 or 3 verses I would disagree with him. You know when I was. When I was when I was growing up I had a hard time reading in public and even actually to this day I have a hard time reading in public and so. If there's a person like me that has a hard time reading in public and you ask them to read a text or you ask them to read some names in the Bible that they've never read before it could really be a turnoff so Jardine's a Hebrew and Greek scholar so he knows all the names and all of that so I think there's different experiences that come into play if you know someone like if you know someone it's Ok to ask them if you know it's not going to be a problem but from my perspective I genuinely I generally just say Can someone read this for us if there's no one that's volunteering you could try to say I need someone please don't let me down if you don't read them you know I'm going to cry or whatever and then until someone responds You know and I don't know response who loves Jesus and raise your hand and then you can choose someone there but at least people know they have a heads up what's coming you know and Either that or another thing that I'll do is also we're going to go around the circle and read and if you don't want to read just tap the person next to you and no big deal and then just say the bill so that's kind of how I would I would do it thank you behind you just to be. Sisters Yes. Ok my question is I have actually 2 questions so the 1st one is we try to establish just a few weeks ago to do these small groups in the church we have this preaching class kind of Sabbath school and what they said to me like no this is not going to work these small groups we have a big church to be honest and I wanted to have like 4 groups in the side in the sanctuary and they said it's not going to work because the teachers need to speak up and then the other one behind him is not going to hear and the people are not going to hear I'm like man my home church was way smaller than this and it works fine so I thought it was kind of an excuse and I said why don't you just try it you know try it out and you know just get started and then he said let's talk about a little bit more and then that was kind of this point like there was another class that we have who is not studying the classes not studying the quarterly but their store what is it called the Last the friends from Alan White So now the 2 questions are. Is it wrong the 1st question do you have another sad a school lesson going on which is not the quarterly because they say it's kind of bring this unity and the other question is like how how can I encourage Actually I would say the leaders of the church to just try it out for these small groups and actually another question that ties in with this can we assign people to a certain class or should I just not do that Ok So 3 questions. Just just to clarify your the Sabbath school superintendent Yes. It was and she be the boss of that. In a hierarchical culture. In society yes she is subject to she you are subject to the decisions of the Sabbath school council and a set of school council will be including you the head elder pastor all the teachers involved in the church as minister director to see will be the best possible way to do whatever whatever objective you want it to to do. And so with that is that you don't even if to get that. Decided through church board the Sabbath school council is its own autonomous entity 1st out of school for 7 school so if you want to 4 in a 2 1st move church functioning you may want to let the church board know what's what's going on this is what's been decided these are our report we will have 4 meetings in the main sanctuary in this that's one way to doing it it's not wrong to have a like a spirit of prophecy class or something is that I mean. It's not just us one take that when I come to Iraq you mean morally wrong or I according to the rules this sad and all not all learned is g.c. kind of rules easy rules Ok that's just. Well I know for a very practical local church perspective we for example my church we had a class for new new Baptist members and we went through this because maybe I've heard of it the discipleship handbook great resource also from the south school department and we had people in there that were baptized or even some seekers who wanted to be in that class and they did not go through the court alone but for then there was a huge blessing they needed that experience. At the same time I do think if you have you know good teachers we should have a new members learn how to study the Bible and learn how to go to South Korea as well and that's part of the deception process but I wouldn't say it's morally wrong I mean I think it shouldn't be a norm that we that every class has its own thing if you have a class and you have good a good reason for it like you the Baptist members there's this was a cult there's a new a new believers class you know they have that sometimes. And I mean I've seen on university campuses you have sometimes classes that focus on certain certain topics I wouldn't say that it's right or wrong but shouldn't we shouldn't make it the norm where every class just as whatever they want Yeah I think I think something gets lost you know with. The in the previous session you talked about the whole wall church is studying a specific topic you know that that's kind of not happening if we're not studying the same topic. And then so that is lost I guess the global unity of what we're studying induction as a church and then also last is this is not a prophecy obviously because it's a huge blessing but. Sometimes we go to Spirit of Prophecy for like pre-digested lessons so that we don't have to work as hard to learn from scripture. And Sabbath school is supposed to be a venue where you actually do learn from scripture where you live study the Bible test the Holy Spirit is out teacher and the most often one of the most awesome experiences I've ever had in my Bible study was I was studying something grappling with a text I didn't understand and I was on this this one verse for like maybe 34 weeks just like I don't get it I don't get it just coming back to it and when I find it finally clicked for me and then like the next week in a sermon the preacher quoted a spirit of prophecy text that was exactly what I had come to in my personal Bible study and the blessing for me was like whoa like it was the same all the. While this is awesome and we lose that that personal experience with God because a Bible study is not just about the end conclusion it's about the fellowship with God in the word and we miss that when we go for like pre-digested whether it's just reading the Bible study guide or reading scared of prophecy instead of having a Bible study during bible study time so it's just there are things that are lost in in an approach that doesn't take advantage of the resource that's so I don't know that that says it's wrong but it's there may be disadvantages to do. There's something they've already to that they haven't touched on yet and that is. Not personal We're not appoint people to say I was cool classes. When as now speaking more on upon the principle of leadership. You know there are certain things that Christ said he wanted to share but he didn't share because people were not ready for and as a leader when when you want to accomplish something if there's too much resistance you can sometimes get what you want but the expense is more than. We needed to be spent right and so. That's part of the beauty and that's part of the pain of leadership that sometimes there is a vision that we have as leaders that other people are not on board with and we have to choose between bulldozer ing and going forward or saying Ok You know we have to slow to slow things down and it might not be personally in my not satisfy me but I'm not called to be by myself I'm called to be a leader and so that principle might be something that my help in this kind of situation you're sad Council is in Howard to deal with these issues that's what the local entity should do when you're talking about groups and membership it gets very sticky and for a group to come in and mandate but and I would out wholeheartedly agree with Israel's comment but there are some red zone situations where there is one person there going very very problematic and so in that sense the church may look towards the status quo Council to be the enforcing agency to help that situation out for example maybe this person believes in you know salvation by digestion and they're so there they're handing out tracks of digestive tracks so it has a picture as I do you know all these pictures and I'm not exaggerating that that situation actually happened and they were just there wanting to be in this and there is you know female male dynamic it gets messy sometimes the elders with school council has been saying hey you know you have to have to do something and that's up to the local church to decide as a 9 out of 10 situations a visit to the home solves the problem. You know we often we don't want to visit and we make a very awkward get passive aggressive and we use kind of turn our backs for them but it is like hey you know what your pictures of people's intestines is not very cool and like can you just refrain from doing that I mean that would help our whole church out and usually 9 times out of 10 they're compliant and one time or 10 you know you have to you have to tie them in terms of the other other in the study materials. You can study anything you want for Sabbath school but I would say the purpose and that's that's really where we're getting at the purpose of Sabbath school is to be an evangelist stick venue and really it's from structure that brings people to Christ not that's great if it doesn't usually people want to study this last day events there's a different purpose and you can do that on Friday night you can do it on Tuesday or whatnot and not highly recommended but if you know other is situations where people are saying different books of the Bible or an air entry level class or a mother's class or a family marriage class whatever during spring Sabbath school it's fine temporarily but eventually I want to bring them back to the main the main study I want to mention this we didn't get a chance to mention this but this is very good opportunity I don't know how many and while the v.b. ass how many new B.B.'s I mean involved B.B.'s raise your hand vs people the craziest people in the world do you know B.B.'s people like they have like a lifetime subscription to like oriental posts with trading trading posts and the like live a party city and they're like Cockney thinking of I mean they create like waterfalls out of like 2 pigs you know this is like this is how they do so this is the part that we have in them is church when the Vs people go all out they go all out for one week and after that one week they're done. And then they put it all in like you know Tupperware boxes and they put in the shelving in the sums and hidden room in a church and they take the b.b.s. people crawl back into their pews and there never to be see until next year and then the b.b.s. people crawl out and they go insane all over again so what why do we do vs what's the point the purpose of d.b.s. And how does that intersect with Sabbath school we don't put the pieces together V.D.'s people are the Green Berets of the administration which right so we talked about you know. Adopting an area street you knock on every single door and that one week you say free child care for one week Yeah and if you have children Siku Yeah I mean you're going to want to get rid of your kids as fast as possible your loving mother but you want you want free child care by a holy church that's awesome Yeah and so it's where you go all out you do toothpicks made out of waterfalls and you the Bears and the castles and the you know you came out Mt you know or are out with Arkansas and you do you do everything you've got to do right there and around Thursday and these are all not avenues coming to your b.b.s. right amen if you have more Agnes coming to you to rethink your whole strategy all together right so you go and say how many of you love your kids we love us how many want one vs river we want to feed Yes for ever and by that time you've E.B.'s that are like What are you doing to us and in say we'll pick up p.b.s. in September and because you guys go to school we can have abs thing Monday through Friday and lot of you go to church on Sunday so I don't know we'll have it Saturday at 9 30 in the morning right and it should be a fear to your children south school. Some excess that's obvious should be doing so then your v.b. s staff and your children's status quo step should be ideally the same staff or same faces or some some strategy going together and the children's school people should be evangelists thickly minded they're not going to talking stealing all the time and talking you know haystacks and what not to talk about taco salads and then that's that's what they really are and this is one way so if you have no kids in your in your church. Crazy Greenbury people and then they'll get new kids to your church and that's many times and this is what's cool so the kids all come in they should if they love B.B.'s they come on and September they come and then their parents drop them off and they're just waiting in their parking lot doing nothing what do you do hey we have a special class for parents and you can have an Introduction to Christianity apologetics a parenting seminar a health seminar it can be enjoying status quo time and it could be hey we do have the avenue quarterly Bible study that a.b.s. she or we have a just a generic you know religion course or whatnot I mean that's that's up for the locals I was so that's Ok to do as long as it's Vangelis thick for the community you know excellent question yes. How do you marry this. Looking at the wheel prayer Bible study fellowship mission how do you marry the fellowship part with the Sabbath school yes because you could you could fall on the other ditch Yeah and have nothing to talk about your feelings and how is your yes and I had a also a superintendent my church and I had a teacher that led to you and she said Well. We're going to be talking about their feely and things like that and also about school takes place. So I understand that you want to have some kind of a fellowship I care about you and you know we talk about that yeah yeah I'll take this one on the street as one jump in I would say you know that wheel is good that it breaks us out of our mentality to think that saddest coolest from 930 to 11 11 o'clock some school is not from 130 to 11 o'clock in the lesson study maybe from about 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock in the traditional sense but the fellowship the status quo mentality like I need to visit my classmates during the week what can I do in a mission project during the year outside of that $930.00 to 11 o'clock so that's what that's talking about and so in our church we have each of us going to try to follow potluck meals. We have different you know card ministry is done all by Sabbath school visiting the the backslidden people is all done by us have a school. Question on the world over year comparison microphone over. Thank you for. Ask a question. You know what. But. Kind of I don't know if it's Ok for this about school lessons to be changed because we had one class. But they came. We had one of the teachers who was teaching the teens different lesson during the cornerstone lesson and to some extent she where she went ahead console did say it's hard it's not connecting and she decided to start a different lesson and we were wondering is this something the church can allow to be done because our children there used to reading the like my children we usually have like family so but school lesson for each each of my child we study on Friday together make sure they at least they have. A heads up about their lessons with their memory verses and try to connect them with a sub or school but went they go once they go to their class they find the teacher has a different topic our own which I was feeling as a parent I had to step in for her and went to their school leader and asked them why I said why is she changing the the last one and this is something that has been designed by. The conference or. The church for these kind of I mean for this age group even if this lesson is hard for Ha She can you maybe an elder or somebody else to step in and teach their kids but so far it's still going on and I put it request if their pastor can do something it seems like it's not done yet so how can I go about. I mean. It's one thing you know the teacher has the freedom to adjust the lesson you know without steering from truth of course but you know you're making a last and. The way you are comfortable with it and so on I'm not sure if this is a tradition where she doesn't understand the lesson or if she feels like this is the materials are not designed well enough for kids as in general I would say teachers have the freedom to to adjust the lesson where needed based on how they know to kids or to students. Struggling with the theology of it or is it more of. Before we go into the nitty gritty we can't do that in this format but at this. Protocol would be to bring this to the status quo Council this is a teacher issue and whether the teacher the teacher should be given the opportunity to explain why they she decided to choose otherwise and the subsequent inside like no you that was not right and they can do they can do whatever or they say we understand will give you maybe 2 or 3 weeks and it's that local context really will dictate how what's best to do in that situation for the children's ministry guides I want to maybe give you an update I show you a video of what we're doing the General Conference we have about 8 minutes left and we will be showing this for the actual time during the Sabbath so I don't need to this week it may be redundant but we are doing a new children's guides all together right now we have the grace link curriculum and we have the my Bible guides curriculum into our are authorized by General Conference to use for young adult young adults defined in the General Conference by as 18 to 35 plus how many of you are 18 to 35 plus please raise your hands now the plus is there because some people are like I'm 36 years old but I'm young adult tactically you're not but we're Christian and we don't want to throw you out of the Ark So we may put that plus sign in there and it's usually not more how old you are but more when your marital status it shouldn't be that way but it's becoming that way Sigman 21 years old and you're married and you're an old adult or you can be 40 years old and single. When you're still considered a young adult I don't it's a weird way to demarcate but that's what happens we've had the collegiate quarterly for about 40 years now and started my job at g.c. was to revamp it in to do something different about it so we just created this video and this is fresh off the press we just created this bike last week and we showing it. I see a debut but all of you are welcome to pick up if you go to our booth the Sabbath school booth in the booth area you can pick up a free copy the thing is called in verse and in verse is a new Bible study guide for young adults 18 to 35 and the whole premise is that you study the Bible for yourself and then because there's this whole battle between digital or paper which is digital or analog digital or analog and the whole platform actually combines the 2 together and some of the thinking legal what's the big deal it's not either or which is what we've been going on before it's actually together meaning you need to have the digital and you need to have the paper together so that the benefit of the digital is that it's unlimited space you've got all the commentary all the videos are here we have the paper and the paper we're telling people to write the Bible verse out with your hand some people that's incredibly insane but the others the next generation especially Z's are getting fatigued with the digital technology and they're still tired of this is not spirituality Ok this is insanity and so we create this platform and works parenting to see will have been selected to show you and a day if you don't mind coming over wherever you are and then putting that microphone next to the l.c.d. projector Speaker this is how sophisticated we are or and. If you just put that up right there that would be great it's and then not cover up the screen. Yep excellent. There are a lot of people wondering how to study the Bible this is where in verse comes in this is the best of the Bible best of the Bible within the text the best of the Bible ensure the text through different bible verses the best of the Spirit of Prophecy the best of your observations done through prayer and devotional live the best of the Bible to discussions satisfy and the best of the Bible to your experience with Jesus were using the best of the digital and best of the analog and seen how they come together for a personal experience. But have you ever been in a Bible study where people saying like Sunday who's going to be Monday in this Joe round for 2 Joes late for service goes or skip on to Wednesday we've taken out the date it's not about the dates it's about the setting is a Bible study different props for different aspects of the Bible study experience. So the 1st stage of I was 30 is the introduction we're actually reading the Bible verse it's uploading the Bible text into your own mind. The 2nd stage is the inscribed we're actually writing with your own head here using those hand writing skills that you learned 1st grade in applying it Speaker solely for yourself as I'm demonstrating. Writing this by will text. Me even though this is just. I'm seeing things here that I've never seen before and that really it is the power. Of scripture. The 3rd stage is now you look at back at the text that you wrote with your hit and now you're looking at observations circling repetition underlining things that you just could are so important or you just know God is speaking to you in this particular context. Right now. So now we're actually circling all those elements of Lake Erie see men and women in all going to understand men and women and all Christians repetition there then there's these really important parts that they read distinctly from the law of God They gave the sense and they understand their reading so just shows you just different principles that emerge here we need to read it distinctly. There is the understand the sense of it. And then there is the actual principle of understanding and so it's 3 things are emerging from verse in. The next stages interpret or now you're applying these Bible principles that you've distilled from the text and applying them to. The inspect stage looks at how our Scripture interprets Scripture look at different parts of the Bible and how they interact with each other. The invite section is the most important it's looking at where is jesus in this entire surpassing and centering the Lord Jesus as the Lord of your life personally and also in the Bible texts and the insights stage we look at the writings of spirit or prophecy from Ellen White what she has to say about this topic. In the last stages the inquiry stage where there are discussion questions allow you to share with your friends your observations and different reflection questions on the topic it's definitely more intense but this is Bible study on your own terms at your own pace obviously a trust of God who are very excited to have different resources that compliment the bible study of inverse we have a t.v. show produced by folk channel that has young adults and I actually host a show with different friends of mine representing different parts of the world we actually go through the Bible study with you we also have a pod cast they can listen to the audio version of the talk show so that while you're running outside or working out or cleaning the house you can join. Our conversation through the Bible text as well. As in part about this Bible study is that it takes Bible study from all different angles we getting the Bible texts you're studying the Bible texts you're writing the Bible texts out looking at where is Jesus in the Bible text what the Spirit of Prophecy has to say about the Bible text and in discussing it in a group of friends the most important thing is a flying the Bible text greater personal life. Dive deeper into the purse that's why we are calling it in for. The. Right you can always see your complimentary copy at the booth will be giving out a Sabbath school it will be on Nehemiah which is actually the last quarter but the Nehemiah are taking a different angle I know we just did as your Nehemiah are looking at principles of leadership how to change your local church maybe in your local kind of fits this quarter it's on Daniel and not on not the prophecies of Daniel but what character you need for the last days especially reflected in the life of Dave so a lot more practical than that to a riff off of the adults thank you so much for your time you know stay with me we'll have our prayer will dismiss We'll see you on Saturday morning very sad a school. That's pretty good their gracious Father has read you part from this place we ask that you smile upon us and you bless us abundantly Yes Jesus even. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or by Hugh in Louisville Kentucky do I see the supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at do you I see Web dot org.


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