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Little David

Sikhu Daco
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Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary


  • January 4, 2020
    7:00 AM
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This message was presented at the g.i.c. conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like this visit us online. Dot org. Oh do you I see do you love Jesus. Tell me why do you love Jesus. To me that's the reason we. Him. As. She. As we see. Me a man if you love Jesus this morning happy sad. Good friend of mine does that every time he speaks Sebastian that was a tribute to you. And good morning it. That's my son. Who is in Zimbabwe and for those of you who aren't here previous mornings. I would this morning we're going to do the same thing we have done every morning is going to read scripture is that Ok All right so pull out your Bibles turn to 1st Samuel. I was still in 1st Samuel and Chapter 17. Samuel 17 while you're flipping there I've always wanted to do special music at u.i.c. and nobody's ever invited me so that was my opportunity to shine. I should have warmed up more. 17. We're going to talk about David this morning by your hands with me as you play. A loving father we are so thankful for the gift of life with thankful that we've made it into this new year with thankful that you have preserved us and that you have a purpose in mind for us as we delve into scripture this morning we ask that the Holy Spirit would be our teacher we ask that as this is holy time that we would have an experience of holiness that we've never had before that I will walk with you would be closer and deeper as a result of coming into this time of worship in prayer you pray these things in your name. Saniel have to 17. You know the outline of the story right. It's one of our childhood favorites because you've got this little boy named David and and he's there and he does this mine he feet see the Philistines were not always this this formidable They were always formidable but they weren't always this like impossible situation I think one of the saddest chapters in the Bible is Samuel chapter 4 where you have the Israelites and cup come up to battle the Philistines they don't ask God before they go and then the Philistines come up there and the Israelites get a little bit of a beating they lose like $4000.00 of their men they run back and they like what happened they try to regroup and they decide you know we're going to take the Ark of the covenant with us into battle because they think back to the stories from back in the day and when the top of the Covenant was there the Israelites were winning so they're like we're going to get the ark and we're going to be winning now so they go and they take the ark again not consulting God And secondly treating the Ark of the covenant like it were an idol as if just the presence of this physical thing would mean that God is present so they bring the Ark of the Covenant and there's this huge loud shout among the Israelites when they see they are come in such that the Philistines are terrified they're like oh no what are we going to do the Ark of the Covenant is now in the midst of the children of Israel and they have heard the stories too that back in the day when the ark shows up it's game over but they say hey we've got to quit ourselves like men are going to go down fighting. And in spite of their fear this is the Philistines in chapter 4. In spite of the fact that they are so scared they go out to fight. And it's one of the saddest chapters for me because these heathens who recognize the power of the God of the Israelites but when out in spite of their fear in order to protect their families. They end up defeating the Israelites. I believe it's 30000 people slain. Eli is all that time and. His sons Hofner and Phineas had gone with the ark they died defending the Ark of the Covenant. Better if they had lived to defend it. So when word Katz back in life sitting in his waiting trying to hear what happened expecting terrible news and the news finally gets to him and it's bad news the news is that the Israelites have been defeated that is said. The news is that your sons have been killed and that is sad but you know what breaks in lies heart. And the Ark of the covenant has been taken. The old man loses his bearings he falls and breaks his neck. Phineas his wife Eliza daughter in law is pregnant at the time she hears the term of what's the news. And she finds out that Israel has been defeated. Your husband and brother in law a dead. And the Ark of the covenant has been taken. At the news of the Ark being taken she goes into labor. And she brought such child and you know there's a 4th piece of news for your father in law is dead at the News of the Ark being taken. She goes into spontaneous labor she breaths a child and names him. For the glory is departed. One of the saddest chapters in the Bible I find she dies after giving birth to her child. So when we get to Chapter 17 this is a background of how the Philistines gained the kind of courage that they had the defiance that they had against God And I wonder if in our lives we do things that give the enemy courage to treat us a certain way. Not because God isn't great but because of the way that we've acted the full in the past. Chapter 17 let's read together. Verse for it they went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines named Goliath of gas whose height was 6 cubits in the span and then it tells us that he had all of this armor on him in verse 8 he stood and cried unto the armies of Israel and said unto them why you come up to set your battle in a red mine not a Philistine and you are the servants of Saul choose your man for you and let him come down to him to me if you be able to fight with me and to kill me then will be your servants but if I prevail against him and kill him then shall you be OS of ns and serve us so this was going to be somewhat of a battle by proxy you pick one person and send him out here will pick we have our one person and we got him out here and let's see who wins. It had a Reminds me of the Book of Job. Where. You know God is up in heaven and Lucifer goes up there and his like you know what would be God like where you've been on roaming about Lucifer says I'm roaming about on my territory and God's like well actually have you seen my servant job. And that means yes you may be claiming that is your territory but I have a representative down there. And because job is there Lucifer cat laid claim to the entire earth. Because you are there. The devil can claim this entire earth amen. Its kind of a battle by proxy God is like you are my representative and when you are winning. Well God is always winning but we want to be winning with him. Verse 10 the Philistine said I defied the armies of Israel this day give me a men that we may fight together. Verse 11 the response of Israel is kind of like what the Philistines were like interrupted for. When Saul and all Israel heard those words of the Philistines they were dismayed and greatly afraid this is the backdrop. The Philistines are there the Israelites are fearful nobody's going to go out and fight David get sent by his dad his dad says David go check on your brothers his 3 older brothers had gone out to battle with Saul go check on your brothers this is this was his mission he came from taking care of the sheep actually David in the previous chapter. Had been called to salt palace to play music for Saul but apparently after playing music for Saul and being in the palace he went back to 10 sheep now how many of you would go from the palace out to the woman as to take care of sheep. But that's David and he's out there tending the sheep and his debts is going to check on your brothers. And he goes and when he gets there he finds that there's this this conundrum that's going on where God's people are scared. And for David his like. Do you got is your fate of this Philistine God is bigger than this guy. And his brothers think that he's they're just you know seeking mischief it like why you're here David you just want to be part of the action and they was like nah this is there not a cause there's a reason why I'm here we're getting to the part of the story where I want why I want to end up you know they could they tell Saul assault tries to give him his arm and David says no thank you there are very many lessons in the story I'm in we're just we're brushing through a bunch of them he says no I can you know basically I got a fight in my own arm and so he picks up 5 smooth stones and he puts them in his little sling bag and he goes out there and he's ready to fight. Verse 42. When the Philistine looked about and saw David he disdained him for he was but a youth and ready and of a fair countenance and the Philistine said to David am I a dog that outcome is to me with stays and the Philistine cursed David by his gods the Philistine said to David come to me and I will give that I flush on to the fowls of the end the beasts of the field. And Goliath has reason to say this because he's cute and he's covered in all this armor and he's protected. And he's a man of war and he's been fighting for many years. But David says to the Philistine that outcome is to me with a sword and with a spear and with a shield but I come to the in the name of the lot of hosts the God of the armies of Israel whom doubt hast defied he says I'm not coming to you in my own strength it's not because I'm something important on something mighty I'm coming to you because my God is great. This day the Lord will deliver the into mine hand and I little David I will smite the. And take the head from these and I will give the caucus of the host of the Philistines this day and to the followers of the air and to the wild biz of the earth that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel. All Go Elias has had it. Appears to me little is really. Talking to me like that. Apparently he is so raised by these Confident words from this little boy. That he pulls back his helmet. And he goes to rush David. It came to pass when the Philistine a rose for a sporty ate and came and drew nigh to meet David that David ran away. David ran away Ok. That David pasted ran. Toward the Army to meet the Philistine I love the words that it uses here he didn't just run toward Goliath he ran toward an entire army right. To meet this one Philistine was representing all this host. He put his hand in his bag and pulls out that stone and. And in the children's story it says when the stone as it flung through the f.a.. Hits the giant in the forehead and the Philistines see their dear champion teeter and totter and they're amazing like what's going on right now apparently the force with which that stone hit the forehead of the giant caused traumatic brain injury. And he starts to lose consciousness he's gets dizzy he's a bump and down he falls to the ground. You can imagine the shock and amazement in both the camp of the Israelites and the Philistines. The giant. Bell. David. Not a gun person I I as in I don't own a firearm. And I don't like fire arms because they scare me I'm not making a political statement right now. Like guns in America is like politics no I'm just I want to say something about guns and I want to give my personal disclaimer. But I have friends who are gun people can we be friends with people we decide we disagree with Yeah Ok yeah I have friends who are gun people some very close to me on a cunt people. And they love their guns. And in conversation you know I'll ask like so tell me about guns and the tell me about guns and I don't understand the half of it but something I caught was that when when you're training 2 to 5 to discharge a firearm. They teach you that if you're if you're in a situation where you're trying to defend yourself you aim for the center of visible mass. Ok So that means in a human being where is the largest center of visible mass. Right this this your torso chest area this part so you know sometimes of people are like oh why didn't he just shoot the person in the knee well because it's harder to shoot someone in the knee than it is to shoot someone in the torso. And if if you're trying to defend yourself and what you're using as a firearm you're not going to aim for the knee which I guess if you're like super super duper trained you can aim for the knee and I poop and then they get like they hobbling but Leno they can still hobble to you and they're going to shoot the other knee and then I don't know but it is you. If you've got to aim for Apparently you got to aim for this part. David. Takes his sling. And he does not aim for the largest center visible mass. He goes for the head. Not says the face. But the forehead. Ok so. I'm sure most of us are not gun people but let's try to imagine how hard that probably is. Because you could not dismiss the body you could miss altogether and it goldfish out over the head right. But he ain't poor and it's it's the ideal spot he hits it smack in the forehead and it does the deed try it falls down he gets a lot of thought and says cut off his head like he promised he would but the fact that David managed to hit the giant in the forehead. That points to some level of skill. Yes. I mean this points to like some the level of crazy skill because he didn't just hit his object he did it Runny. So his running to was a giant He grabs his sling out like Dude how do you aid me even like and and he's like so so probably the velocity of him running helps you know propel that device into the forehead of the child until it says it's something into his forehead. My imagine David every day he's out there tending sheep. With his slingshot. Aiming. Aiming. Aiming. Day after day out there in the wilderness with his sheep. Nobody sees him aiming nobody sees him slinging day after day out there with his sheep Nobody cares what he's doing nobody knows what he's doing. To get the money out of you know of it day out. All by himself with the sheep. Amy. You know they say takes about 10000 hours to become an expert at something and they translate this 10000 hours into about 10 years. To become an expert they did the study on on I guess painters and musicians and they look at their works and how many years it takes for them to produce a masterpiece and it takes roughly about 10 years of writing a song after song after song after song until finally they produced their masterpiece about 10 years he made in 10 years. You know. And that's what it takes practice musicians practicing on the piano and you practice and you practice and you practice and it's so parents you know those of you who are musicians you should thank your parents because it took 10 years of listening to you discover that some parents it is. Discordant notes 10 years I think piano is better but the violin is like. 10 years before you can play something decent and amen to those churches that invite you to do special music Amen to the little kids encourage them along the way as horrible as it sounds you know God appreciates your sacrificial gift Ok. David Day in and day out and this is not just 10 years of just doing it they say it has to be you have to focus on what you're doing evaluate critically think through what you're doing and improve like Ok that time when I threw it you know the angle was a bit off oh you know what factor in wind velocity you know the wind and factor in. Year after year day after day until David was a master at a skill that he wasn't practicing to slay a giant. There's a saying if you're going to do anything if anything is was doing it is worth doing well this is from you know a father was writing to his his illegitimate son. And in this letter he says. He quotes 2 things one is dense if you're going to dance dance well if it's worth dancing. So let's not talk about whether this was dancing or not because this can become a whole big discussion in here so maybe we don't dance so if it's not what doing don't do it period if you're not going to dance don't dance Betty. The 2nd thing he says if you're going to dress. And then he explains and he says Son everybody has to dress everyone has to put on clothes if you're going to dress if it's worth it to put on clothes then you need to dress. Well does this make sense. If you're not if it's not worth it to dress then just don't. The alternative is scary right. So basically if it's worth doing do it well. This means you develop an attitude of excellence in everything that you do. If I'm going to do it I'm going to do it well from a wash dishes I'm a learn how to wash dishes Well my husband knows this is a peeve of mine so I guess I mention it because it pet peeves me you know like. I'm not trying to discourage you from washing dishes in my house but you know sometimes you know someone well meaning guest you know you've eaten and then they come in I'll do the dishes and they do the dishes and I go to the dish rack and I take them all back and I put them back in the sink and I wash them again because you know there's like the like when you eat and there's like a crusty thing from the previous meal that like dried on after the dishes were washed. That like really peeves me and I'm like dude like if I wanted to eat food with soap in it like you know. If you could wash dishes washed the dishes well p.s. my husband is awesome at washing dishes. That's the words of affirmation person I affirm you Ok. If you can if it's worth doing do it well you got to sweep the floor sweep it well. If you're going to do it if you're going to read read well you know we have this lazy culture now where we don't learn how to read scripture anymore read period. You know and forgive me for blasting I know there are people who are uncomfortable reading period but if you're gonna do it practice. You go home and you read out loud to yourself and those words that are difficult you sound them out right. So that if I'm ever called to read scripture I can do it well Lord help me improve my internation. Help me improve my my my my walk what you call a swallow. Yeah. The. Protection yeah help me learn to project my voice. If it's if you're going to do it do it well let me read you something. About Samuel This is Ellen White speaking about Samuel when he was serving in the temple he says success in this life this is from paychecks and profits page 574 for success in this life success in gaining the future life depends upon a faithful conscientious attention to the little things. Success in life. Depends upon faithful conscientious attention to the little things. Perfection she now gives the example of God perfection is seen in the least no less than in the greatest of the works of God. When God formed the mountains. When you formed as the worlds in the universes he paid attention to detail and when he formed the minute cell. When he formed the. The very down to the elemental of creation when he formed the little things he paid attention to detail ask a biologist. They'll tell you the detail that is in a cell I mean it's a universe on its own. Everything from the least to the greatest thing God paid attention to detail this was David. That was David. That is part of how David slew the giant. Was that David did faithfully the littlest thing. That's read a little bit more. After Saul Yes we're backtracking. Verse 33 Saul said to David you're not able to go out against the splitting to fight with him for that what better use and he a man of war from his use David said on to Saul which by the way you know it was it always gets me people like when they're looking for an employee they're like they're looking for someone with experience and then like where am I supposed to gain experience if Iran wants someone with experience I mean like Ok it was because David was a youth and he's like You can't fight because your youth but he's been fighting since he was a use Ok Ok Ok All right David said to solve let me tell you a little bit about my resume saw me David servant kept his father's sheep and they came a lion. And they came a beer and took a lamb out of the flock. And what I do I don't run home to tell Daddy I don't go look for a been a dab of. My older brothers I went out after him and smote him and delivered it out of his mouth and when he rose against me I caught him by the beard. And smote him and slew him. David is out there with the sheep. All by himself. And when his sheep are threatened. He defends them with his own life. I wonder if we have that kind of diligence and faithfulness in whatever we do I'm a student. Waiting to last minute to study for my exams. And then pray in Jesus works a miracle. Lord I pray after the exam Lord. Please make Maryland the capital of the United States I mean it's close to d.c.. Because we got it wrong in the test because we didn't study before hand. Some of the time we got it. I'll be faithful in whatever it is that we're doing. He defended the sheep with his own life and some us feel like men of the sheep was losing my life over. Is it worth like you know sacrificing Facebook time to study. Is it worth you know killing my youtube account. In order to do well in my schoolwork. Is it worth dropping sugar out of my diet so I can have clarity of thought. Luck struggle is real on small things I know this from experience because the pain to come to that I have I have one weakness I have a sweet tooth but as a coping strategy I decided that I'm only ever going to eat chocolate not carrot. Chocolate and I know I shouldn't but if I do eat something sweet it has to be chocolate you know that kind of limits you know so if you're going to offer me a lemon Moran whatever whatever I'm like No I don't eat that because is it oh here's an awesome Cara cookie which I heard the care cookies yesterday were awesome but I'm like is a chocolate like chocolate but as a chocolate I don't eat that So this is my I've tried to limit myself but then I also know that sugar depresses your immune system you know that yeah taking in sugar depresses union system which means your body is less able to fight off sickness. Sugar makes you dull. So if you're trying to take an exam cut out sugar. Maybe just cut it out if you're studying which means cut it out of your life maybe Man this is hard to say. And in preparing to cut my husband loves me so he gets me a little niceties of once in a while and he knows my commitment to chocolate. So in the sweetness of his heart he got me some chocolate. And I was so mad at him because I'm like I'm trying to speak this week I cannot have chocolate. But it's hard because it's sitting on the counter and it's calling your name. Someone understands me see. I'm like here am I right no no no no it's not a lot. It's really hard. Real talk this is this is Christianity. Christianity saying no to that soft. You know like kind of crumbly chocolate chip cookie. That's sitting on your counter because God I want to be faithful to you you've called me to speak and I can't get sick I can have my mind doll I need to be focused help me saying no to the cookie you guys I have to pray about that thing and I was mad at my husband I still am getting it why would you attempt a wife. And he did out of love. Faithfulness in the small things. Nobody saw my struggle with that cookie like so I come up here and I'm supposed to speak you don't see what happens back in my hotel room when I'm looking at the counter that's a thing that nobody sees but when I come up here I better have my mind clear for the Holy Spirit to speak or you get what I'm saying the stuff that we're doing in private alone when nobody sees and I'm not talking about the huge stuff we do I'm talking about the little things that we do in private alone when nobody sees. We have no time to study the Bible. No time to study Spirit of Prophecy. Because we're on this all the. Not studying the Bible is but I read my quote from the Spirit of Prophecy from my phone so you can study the Bible of the Spirit of Prophecy from your phone but I'm talking about you're on Facebook watching videos on You Tube and You Tube is awful right because they have all suggestions on the site so you just watch something that was interesting and then you're like oh and then you want something else and it could be like an educational thing great like you watched a ted talk that was like about sleep and how important sleep is and you're watching it at like 2 am in the morning. And they suggest another video and you watch another one and another one you know they say the average amount of time that Americans spend on their devices is 4 hours. How many hours away you wait like if you sleep likes 8 hours it that leaves. 16 hours of awake time and 4 hours of 16 is one. Quarter. 25 percent of your life that you're awake you are on this. Now do you feel like you wasted your life. But I got no time to study the Bible. I can't memorize Scripture because I'm busy but somehow I found time to spend 4 hours on my phone and that's average it's not talking about those of us in here that are addicted to our devices. This is Christianity. I've got no time to hone the skills that are going to make me effective for Jesus that doesn't help me to slay Giants but I've got time to be on this all day all night. I'm not against bones in men I'm not against bones. I have one and I use it. It's a blessing. But if I'm not intentionally developing skills focusing my attention on those things like that to help me to be a better honed warrior for Jesus. So David is out there. Lion and a bear come. And he risks his life. To save his sheep on I want you to notice something here. First 28. In verse 721217 stone and his eldest brother when he heard when he spake unto the men Elliot's and it was kindled against David because David was asking what's going on this giant is defying the armies of Israel of the armies of the Lord God Almighty what's nobody's going out to fight him in l. Yeah it's all this brother was like. David why came as Dow down heaven and with whom has the left those few sheep in the wilderness when I read this I was like This is crazy not only did David Sack and risk his life for some dumb sheep and dumb I mean they don't talk dumb sheep. He risked his life for a few dumb sheep. David You left those few sheep in the wilderness here Eliot is trying to diminish what David does but this actually magnifies what David does. Because David's faithfulness we're talking about faithfulness in small things he is faithful in really small things. Little a little flock of sheep. The reason why David is able to slay a giant is because of who David was. It was a character that he developed alone in the wilderness with the sheep that's who slew the giant now I'm asking Who are you. I'm talking about behind closed doors when nobody sees. Not talking about the face that you present when you go up front or when you show up at church. And asking Who are you when nobody sees what you're doing when you're on your computer screen. Pornography. When nobody sees. And I go out there and act like a gentleman opening doors for ladies Meanwhile in the silent recesses of my room of my private time who am I. Look women struggle cannot refute to. I'm acting like I'm holy. Working up in here talking about men be triflin. But in my private time. Who am I. When nobody sees. What I doing with my time. How am I spending my time what skills am I holding and is God going to be able to use them in his work because if it's worth doing it's worth doing well. And let's admit some of the things that we do are not worth doing. And then. Some of the things that we do may not be evil in and of themselves. But should we be investing the him out of time and effort into those things. Learning how to swipe. As fast as possible on my phone your was sweat masters. Oh I can send a text message oh sorry we don't even swipe Nowadays we talk to our phone right like I know how to talk to my phone so she understands my messages and sends them for me phone tells you I see that having a bless the time period are you question mark. And we know how to do that and do it very well. Are we being intentional. In honing the skills that God will be able to use. So David. Coming to the close now. When David is before Goliath. Goliath it says came at him and instead of running away because of the life that David has lived because David has seen God work in him in the past because David has seen God use him to slay a lion grabbing by the beer like oh you're going to come at me you're going to try to get my few sheep. No sir and got David has seen God work in his life in private. I hear what I'm saying. We want to slay giants in public. But God wants to work in your private life 1st. David has seen God to amazing things for him in private so when that trial comes at him he's not afraid he's got no fear. Because he says you know what God has helped me overcome appetite. When I wanted to eat that day and I prayed God gave me the strength not to eat it I know God can help me slowly a triune. God has helped me to overcome this area of my life laziness. Hate waking up in the morning. And the alarm goes off and roll over and snooze snooze on like snooze if you know problems talk about it person who's like you know like a door and its hinges snooze. God help me to overcome laziness. And get up in the morning. God will help me overcome this giant. God wants to work in your private life. What's going on in your life in secret. What is it that's happening in your life that you can't overcome what's the struggle that's going on that you can't find the victory and for all you're trying you can't find the victory and God wants to give you that victory that private victory 1st. Do you believe you can do it. God can save by many or by few the few that God saves by other few who trust Him completely. And the few who trust Him completely trust him not just when people are looking but in private. By myself. In my room in my bed. For some you your private spot is the bathroom. When I'm sitting there in the bathroom in my quiet time God wants to give you the victory in your private life. This is my pealed a small inning. Do you need a victory. Do you need a victory in your private life. You need the Lord to help you overcome. Slothfulness. You need a lot to help you overcome. Addiction. Needed to help you overcome socially acceptable addiction like addiction to show the socially acceptable but you need deals to help you overcome that. Here I'm talking about 10 people things yes we all struggle with pride and I'm not diminishing pride. Pride is the greatest sin right. Because pride keeps us from coming to Jesus. So I'm not diminishing the importance of that personal issue but I am speaking specifically. About testable things in your life that you know you need to gain a victory or you understand what my appeal is about. 10 Simple things in your life that you know you need a victory in and Jesus wants to give you that fiction. This is my lie in Jesus and I need you to help me overcome my lie and this is the bear that's coming to attack my few sheep. I need you to overcome the interference in my life because I don't care because they're just a few sheep. I don't care about my local church because it's so tiny send me to g y c Put me on the stage and she wifey. And then I'll tell you about evangelism but put me in a little church and I cannot sacrifice my time to go to premiering on Wednesday. I can't even call in they have a call in number I can call in to pray with the Saints. Because I have to sleep and I can call in at 6 30 in the morning God give me victory in my private life. In those small things. By his. Close our eyes. Loving Father. You know that I'm not speaking this because I do not struggle because I do not have things in my life that I need to overcome you know I'm speaking this because this is my experience I need you to give me the victory. In my struggles. We want to we want to see giants come down through your power we know that you are able but God are we willing. Nor do we want to present to you the struggles that we have those personal struggles that we can't tell anybody about. Maybe because they wouldn't understand even they would think it's a small thing and diminish it. Oh is that what you're struggling with. A lot we know that we need to overcome in this area because you can give us the victory. But help us to develop the characters that will be fit to slay Giants to be Giants players in our private life. While I as I still close in our heads about it is anyone who needs to stand up. Because you especially need to ask Jesus to help you the thing you've been struggling with struggling with struggling with and you need a victory. This message was recorded at the g. y.c. conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot.


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