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GYC Prayer Mission: Iceland

Jonathan Walter
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Jonathan Walter

Jonathan Walter, an Austrian native, is a pastor who currently serves with the General Conference Ministerial Association as well as the Vice President of Missions for GYC.


  • January 3, 2020
    9:30 AM


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Was presented at the g u i c. U in Louisville Kentucky for other resources right visitors to. Prayer and faith will do what no power on earth can accomplish this is the inspired counsel that we've been given and as I see we have made a decision to follow that council this last year in August 2019 almost 50 young and old missionaries from around the world from every continent came together in Iceland for a prayer mission the goal was to reach the country of Iceland within 10 days just through the power of prayer no public evangelistic meetings no health seminars no programs just prayer a prayer to the prayer of John Knox give me islands' or I die. The video you just saw was the introduction of a documentary that will be releasing soon and one encourage you to make sure that you get a glimpse of what happened there but this morning we want to share with you about this mission and what made this mission special and what the power of prayer can do for you in your sphere of influence when we were in Iceland we chose to pray or walk the country most of the population of Iceland lives in the capital region of thank you of each were 75 percent of the people live and we focused our attention on that region where we would pray a walk around the city pray a walk the streets pray for every home and every person that we see knock on doors and pray with people you're going to be hearing testimony this morning about what prayer can do when we let God take control. When we pray we collect prayer requests of people we would share them live with all the missionaries and with thousands around the world who are into seeding at the same time this was truly a collective effort of prayer. This is more we want to share with you this morning and I have my 3 friends here Eric Alex and Jem who are part of the missions team and who are with us in Iceland So Eric what can you share with us a little bit about how this mission came about and what were some of the challenges that we faced Yes You know as we came to this mission trip we ourselves the question how what could we do that would be bigger than we thought we could accomplish because as as we all know you know Jesus told the disciples he said if you have faith the size of a what a mustard seed you could move mountains and so we said God if we wanted to do something bigger than we could ever imagine what would that look like and saw in our discussion of the theme of the last year was to the end and we said well what if we went to the end of the world and we decided to reach not a town not a city but an entire country for God to reach the majority or all of the population of an entire country to go beyond where we have ever gone before to take the sacrificial initiative that we were inspired to take care as you I see and to be propelled into Austin to make a difference and so that's what we set out to do we set out to go not to run evangelist a campaign is not to go witnessing in traditional ways but to just go and pray to have that faith and to see what God would do to see him move the mountains that we couldn't even begin to shift and indeed he did we got there yes there were challenges throughout one of the challenges we arrived the 1st day and we realized that the campus that we were staying on did not have enough housing the there were not enough rooms for everyone that had signed up some how they'd been a miscommunication of some kind and so here we are and we're short on rooms what are we going to do and so we're there and we ended up chatting with some of the people there and as it turned out to 3 days before there was supposed to be a men's group that was. Staying there in the 2nd dormitory and for some reason or another they had just neglected to show up they hadn't communicated why it was a total mystery and so they opened up the 2nd dorm for us to be able to stay in and as far as we're concerned like God calls another group to vanish just so that he could open kind of the ocean for us to be able to walk through and do what he had told us to do in Iceland so Eric tell me a little bit about you you remember we had phone calls and discussions about this mission we want to show how would we do this what would be we doing the challenges we went through in the preparation time tell me about that yeah I mean on a c 2 to pull off reaching entire country is no joke I mean it takes a lot of the just sticks it takes just an incredible amount of planning to be able to map out every street in the entire city some of these things didn't get done ahead of time and so we found ourselves falling to the needs when we heard there saying God help us because we don't have everything together that we had hoped we'd have together and praise the Lord he provided the help we needed with the participants that came in provided the help that we needed in our hosts that we're there working with the standard conference and things worked out one way or another I mean we had vehicles breaking down and even when that happened another vehicle would be found that we could use and so whatever came up God works things out there was definitely a struggle between the tangible and the intangible we wanted to do something for God And usually we we have the different ways that we do it at the sharing literature and on so on but we decided we wanted to focus on prayer and that can put a lot of stress on you when you saying Ok We're just going to show up and pray and we're going to leave the results with God You know there are things you can do in evangelist efforts where there will be results you have the results guaranteed but we decided let's just make a step of faith here and see what God will do so why did we choose prayer Jim share with us what prayer can do and why prayer was so important on this mission Zechariah 4 Verse 6 says not by. I might nor But power but only by His Spirit and why prayer because we have seen that prayer works for the past we have seen that it's only when we plead before God that he could do great and mighty things so evidences after evidences of the Lord's faithfulness of the Lord's power the question is why not prayer and that was the question why have we not tap into prayer from the very beginning and you see from the very from the very start God was faithful and this might sound funny but I've seen the Lord's faithfulness in this while we were shopping and you were you were making fun of agenda will be no rise here in Iceland and their brother Alex picked up a bag of rice and then he said he has the Lord answers prayer and then that is an indication alone that the Lord sees the little things that we desire and I'm thinking Lord even if you provided with this rise how much more of the things that we ask for greater things in Iceland so when it comes to prayer in the context of secular Europe it is quite something we have to Europeans here in states Alex and myself and for those of you who are based here in North America you have to understand in Europe you cannot just come up to people and say you know believe in God or god exists in Europe secularism is very very strong science is the God of Europe facts and and things that you can see and touch and measure that's what people look at and if you are religious beyond tradition if you believe in the Bible you are an absolutely crazy person but this is exactly what people in Iceland need they need God people in Europe need to know that there is a God we cannot come and present them just with the logic of our beliefs while those are wonderful and we need to present them the 1st thing that people there need to know is that there is a God so how can people know that there is a God through prayer Jim. Only the Holy Spirit could move hearts and this is one thing most of the time we bring we bring God in in our own way in our own manner and we forget that the only one that could move hearts is the Holy Spirit so I believe that when we when we bend our knees God works and as the saying goes when we work we work but when we pray God works Amen you know when you are praying with people we would go to the Doris knock on the door and say Hello I'm from Glo Iceland and there was the name of the mission trip and we are here to pray with people is this something we can pray for we believe that God does hear our prayers and it was amazing to see the reaction of people you have to understand we are now dealing with generations who have never heard the Gospel who have never been to a church in fact there was one young man the teenager I met I met on the streets and I asked him you know is there something I can pray for and he asked me what is prayer he had never heard of the thing and so I shared with him and he said yes I'm a very depressed person I am depressed and I struggle and you know you can pray for that whatever that means and so we prayed together another time I was knocking at the door and a 20 year old young man opened and I thought oh no he's going to just throw the door in my face and I share with him and he said well you know I guess my teeth are hurting because I had my wisdom teeth removed and I said well let's pray about it. You know the point was not so much to just pray for these prayer requests definitely that was important but we have to understand that when we pray there is a spiritual warfare going on and when we pray God has the opportunity when these people to agree to pray to speak to their hearts that very moment maybe for the very 1st time I prayed with this young man for his wisdom teeth when we were done I opened my eyes and he looked at me he was so moved because the Holy Spirit touched his heart he had never experienced anything like this before and in this moment he fully made for the 1st time was realizing that there might be a god and if God hears our prayers So prayer is a wonderful way to present people with the idea that there is a God and that he can answer our greatest needs but when it comes to prayer we are engaging in a spiritual warfare so Alex why don't you share with us a little bit about what that means and what that looks like so for the sake of brevity spiritual warfare one of the verses that we use a 2nd Corinthians Chapter 10 verses for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they're mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds and what that basically says is that what we're talking about and unfortunately what we're neglecting is the fact that number one it's war. We're not engaged in war we don't live as if we are engaged in war and we don't conduct ourselves in a manner that is representative of what you would do in an actual war physically the other thing is that it's spiritual right it's not carnal So what does that mean is that the war is over the mind over the heart it's over the thoughts over truth and over the affections of the heart where our affections right and the last thing is that it's over strongholds if we want to conquer strongholds there has to be another way and so this is the way that I basically break it down if you're in a war and I'm going to give you kind of I'm in the medieval kind of scene if you're in a war and you're fighting against a stronghold and you have soldiers who are swordsman close range fighters do you send your swordsman against the stronghold. Hopefully not. Would you send your swordsman against enemy swordsman I also hope hopefully not initially what do you do 1st you bring in The Archers archers as they begin to spray fire right they begin to shoot arrows they thin the lines of the enemy and then you take in your close range warfare your Spearman your swordsman and whatnot would you take archers against the stronghold No So what you need you need siege weapons but before a single siege weapon can reach that gate you need long distance siege weapons so what do you bring a trebuchets What is the trebuchets the granddaddy of all catapults search it is awesome but here's the spiritual implication of that swordsman. Are what we generally use evangelism close quarters combat right we do Personal Evangelism we do health evangelism we do Bible studies we do all of these talks and that is swordsman The problem is we're training only swordsman. If you want to win a fight you need to have all units. Your archers are your prayer warriors the people that begin to pray to thin out the lines to create the opportunities for the swordsman to actually have a way in. And what are your trebuchets before you send anything else your travels Shay's are not highly mobile they're built with a team of people that constantly hammer at one single point in the wall they don't pepper Lord God help us with that help us with this help us with whatever they choose one thing to focus because if you don't focus the stones on that one section of wall that one section of wall will never crumble and so there are people that are committed to pray continuously to live breaches made and then the other units can invade Now the reason that I bring this up is because. We don't have tribal Shay's we have a few archers. We're trying to fight a war and I'll be honest with you if you're not fighting with archers if we're not fighting with trebuchets if we're bringing only swordsman and we're doing the best that we can to let's let's train the best swordsman we can at the end of the day what we're doing is we're fighting Carnally y. because we're not asking God to send the fire before us. Do you understand it's we need all units present and one of the last things is I know to many of us the spiritual warfare is not real it we don't see it whereas the conflict and so there is this is a kind of a quote from I believe it was from a samurai I'm no samurai but. I really liked it and it basically one of his to one of his students basically said Master It's a time of peace. There's no war going on and you like peace why do you continuously train your hand for war. And he responded with Well I would rather be a warrior in the middle of a garden than a gardener in the middle of a war. We need people who are training their hands for war and we need people who are learning to not just be swordsman but to be archers and to be siege warfare trained people. What we're looking for is to become an army of prayer warrior missionaries we need to understand the power of prayer when it comes to evangelism and missions in general and in our own sphere of influence and when we do large things and what God taught us in Iceland was that he wants to bring us to the point where we don't know what we're doing so that we fully surrender to Him God want to do wonderful things and he has done and he will do more and so God has led us see over the past couple of years into an understanding of the importance of prayer how many of you can part of the prayer room this morning. You know what it feels like to be in the presence of God the power if you feel in United prayer this kind of thing is what God is that over the last 5 years especially to focus on with you I see and I believe God is propelling us into a direction where everything is done under constant and specific prayer but what we need also to understand is the importance of surrender Eric can you share with us what made surrender so important in Iceland and what it in general is important about surrender you know really the important thing about surrender is that it's going all in with God saying God There is nothing left that I'm not giving to you 100 percent and when you go out with that mindset it makes a big difference just 3 statements from inspiration the 1st one is from you construct I'm a 27897 very sure this is self-surrender is the substance of the teachings of Christ not about you but you think that sounds important yes or no the substance of the teaching of Christ is self-surrender later on in 1800 on. We come across a statement to says in. July $26889.00 Christianity means entire surrender to the will of God then it can be said of us complete in him Christianity is surrender so not only is that the substance of Christ teaching but it is surrendered it is this important yes on our and finally interview on Harold July 25889 sanctification is the measure of our completeness the moment we surrender ourselves to God believing in Him we have his righteousness as a ready more than anything else surrender a saying God I'm 100 percent sold out to you nothing and I am a hanging on to I'll give everything to all leave everything behind is that radical all in for God abiding in Him saying God I'm going to do whatever it takes go if you want me to go and you know sometimes God's pretty cool about this he often sends us where we would have wanted to go anyway and he does things that we didn't know that we ourselves once a case example where we're out in Austin where it's the 1st Sabbath off the new where we're walking around praying around one of the major cities and as we're walking around in a team with I think it's Alex maybe General is there as well I forget but we're walking around and we're praying for schools who are saying God what could you do in the school 10 years from now if if you walked on the teacher's hearts and they began to bring principles of scripture and of a knowledge of you this could change an entire generation and we're praying for the churches and and finally we prayed and we said God don't use transform the Adventist Church in Iceland we pray that you would transform every try to bring people into the church who haven't been back in you know us and the next day is Sunday the day off to that Lisa comes up to us she she was helping out there one of the locals She's a local Icelandic she works with us Europe as well and she plays piano at a Lutheran church on Sunday and she comes to and she says there are Jonathan you'll never believe it. I usually play piano at destruction and on Sundays are 20 people in the choir and about 5 in the pew don't ask me how that works it sounds a little backwards but praise the lord they're in the choir and she says usually that's the case this this Sunday there were 20 people in the choir and 5 times that in the pew 25 people just all of a sudden this tiny little church just blowing up all of a sudden one day off we pray to God revive this country I don't know about you but that tells me that God is listening to our prayers it's powerful to see what happens when we let the Holy Spirit guide us and when we let goal of trying to control every step of the way when we let him step by step to lead us even when we don't know where it's going to go when you come to surrender when it comes to spiritual war when it comes to prayer it is so important that we learn to trust in the beginning I read a quote to you that said prayer and faith will do what no power on earth can accomplish the faith part trusting in the Holy Spirit's guidance when you take God's word seriously when he says in Romans say that all things work together for good for those who love Him Do you love him amen he tells him Proverbs 3 that we need to trust him with all of our heart and He will direct our paths when we do that he can use us in special ways create divine appointments that we could have never made possible when we walked through ice and we were learnt we were God is teaching us that it is important that we need to accept when he interrupts our agenda one thing that happened was that. We didn't plan for this that here the local church asked the c.m. this church can you help us with some renovations with the local school this was definitely not in our plans and I was very resistant at 1st but God said no do this and so we did it and it was a huge blessing to the local Adventist they felt so supported and so they felt they also supported us in return and also God was able to bless the school because we started interceding at that school and later on we have because he was struggling with enrollment we've heard that some of the people that we have actually prayed with that we met on the streets came to that school and enroll their children their women and so got interrupted our gender another time at Sharon Hopefully none of you know him but if some of you might one of the most successful popular Christian Christian pop artists in the world came to Iceland and did a concert one 5th of the country showed up exactly at the same time when we were there and we didn't notice so we said hey we should go and pray around the stadium and we walked like the people of Israel some of us 7 times around the stadium praying that God will reach the hearts of the people. You might think that's crazy but we felt the Holy Spirit's guidance in this this many other stories we walked up to the president's home and we prayed for the president of the country and there's many other things and I would like to share more but we are running out of time but what I want to do now is to invite some of the missionaries that came on this mission to come here on the platform and share some of their testimonies so I'm going to ask him to come out right now and we will hear some powerful testimonies of what happens when we pray. As I told in the beginning we are 46 missionaries from 6 continents you see about 14 to 15 of them here right now they have made it here some of them were you know from Africa from Australia so they not all of them could be here but they here in spirit and they're praying for us right now but I want to I want some of the missionaries here to share with us what happened before the mission during the mission and how this mission of prayer impacted them personally and I pray that this will be inspiration for you as well to engage in prayer in a different way I want to start with Victoria Victoria you are from West Virginia is that right Virginia Virginia are close enough and share with me a little bit about what happened during the mission for you you know what led you to this mission and what one powerful experience that you had well what led me to this mission was last year's announcement about going to Iceland and 1st it was like oh cool Iceland and then it just seemed like a great opportunity while I was there I the thing that stood out most in my mind is that prayer is a full time ministry it is something that you can go out into the world and pray and that's what God means God wants us to do. You can. Being a missionary just by having the presence of prayer in a place and so that was Ray important to me so tell me about. One of the experiences you had when you were prayer walking as you were prayer walking you were looking for different satanic strongholds places of darkness that meet that trip you say that Alex was talking about that needs special intercession for God to break down these spiritual barrier so she shared about one of those experience with us so we were walking the city of Reykjavik and we passed by a garden just outside of the Reykjavik cathedral and I'm not even going to try to pronounce how to say that. And we walked into this garden and immediately I could see especially on Jem's face he felt this darkness and we continue to walk we continue to look around and there were many say tannic symbol of symbols just around the garden and so we were there we studied them Alex shared some information and then we prayed over the place and we prayed while we were inside we prayed while we were outside and we compare continued to pray for after we left the spiritual warfare became very real in that moment to you in your experience Esther you came also on this mission you were from Singapore is that right yes I grew up in saying that you grew up in Singapore you're studying right now in the United States yes I am now as to share with me about why you came on this mission and how this impacted you so I came on this mission because someone recommended me to call on it and I was thinking you might be a cool opportunity but actually even on the taxi ride to the airport I was thinking this is ridiculous I don't want to go and this is I don't know what I'm going to do and then I went and really just want to pay for a spiritual revival because you know sometimes when people work in ministry or for so long as you get kind of tired or you get burnt out it's always asking for a spiritual revival and actually God gave it to me during this trip and I learnt evolved a privilege of prayer praise. Now we have to understand we spend every morning together here like here in the prayer room in United prayer every morning and evening we came together to seek the Lord to ask him to show us how to interact with these people that speak a different language these people who don't even realize that there is a God and so God brought revival to our own lives he healed broken hearts and he's gone that us together I believe we saw a glimpse of what the book of Acts talked about and all of us we could feel that this unity was so beautiful and give us confidence that God was with us now Sara you were also on this mission and I remember you were part of my car going around the city and sharing the glow tracks and praying with people and share with me an experience that you had on this mission so one evening well most evenings we always try to finish the territory's we didn't want to leave without every house in that territory being done so I remember one time it was time to go back but we only had like 2 apartments laughter were like We can't go back we're not done and so we were finishing one area and Ira finishing it and we came across a gentleman he's probably in his eighty's and we started talking to him and what caught his eye was the prayer track and he was like oh what's this is how we start explaining it to him and he didn't know that it's Ok to pray you know he thought that you had to go to church or something for that and another time we knocked on a lady's door and we asked her what she wanted us to pray about and she's like I just just lost my uncle and I have no hope of ever seeing him again. She is probably in her forty's she never heard the word heaven before you know and that made a big impact on my life you know not everybody you know in the world maybe not everybody in your community or maybe even your next door neighbor has ever heard the word Jesus before haven't we think because we have Bibles everywhere everybody knows but they don't so we need to make sure that wherever we are they were always sharing God's love with. God has given us divine appointments on this mission leading us to people who need it in that very moment to hear about hope and that there is a God and that there is a way out of this starkness in this world. We don't usually go to 1st world countries but there are people hungering and thirsting for something more and when we pray and we tell them that we are praying for them when they see those prayers answered Isn't that the most convincing argument for a god so let's have faith as we go around the world as we share with people around us about prayer now marshaling me you came also on this mission and why did you come on this mission share about that. Various experiences different Victoria's because I wasn't planning on going ice and I saw. The trailer and I was like I don't even know where I would be going alone you know and so I just had no intention of going and my chariot and some sponsors supported me and courage me to go and I was definitely inspired even though it was definitely out of my comfort zone but I felt God using me in that situation to get me out praise God when we ask God to get us out our comfort zone he will do that and he will give us amazing experiences when we let go of our personal agendas and say Lord just leave me to a person to witness to and you have the chance today to do that in our outreach just after this now as we went on this mission these divine appointments it was wonderful to see that we have a chance to meet people who are saying you know you came just at the right moment one lady I knocked on the door and she said God must have sent you to me because I needed this right now the people were crying people hugged this and this is a secular route Europe the place we think where you can do anything like this God prove us wrong it was nothing we did but it was what the Holy Spirit could do when we intercede for people in darkness this prayer mission changed our lives forever and I believe it can do the same for us well what are some things this was just in August so this is just a few months old fresh out of the oven What are some things that have happened in your life how have you changed the way you do life and ministry here in this world I think. Esther you wanted to share a little bit about your college experience yes so. My college is very secular is very liberal extremely liberal so it's very hard to reach out to distance and we have an advantage group there and here's a little story I want to make it too long but so before Dyson sure we were planning to have a gospel concert at the school and maybe we're trying to collaborate with the other Christian groups there and we actually didn't plan anything and it was only 2 weeks I think about 2 weeks after to mission trip so we came back and I was talking to our members and we were saying well we don't know what to do and I was talking to Christian non Avon's as Christians and we were like I told them maybe we should pray together because during this mission to really learn how to do unite our prayer so we were saying we should do united prayer together and then we did that every Sunday and gospel concert was really great and I could talk about that sometime later but after our last prayer session after gospel concert and. Christians were telling as well this is this united period thing is so great we should continue doing it afterwards so we didn't know and that praying just what a concept we also prayed for the entire campus all the world leaders in we gather every Sunday at her room and we prayed together their God Praise God you know we as us you believe in public campus ministry amen the world comes into the universities and we can reach these people with the power of prayer and so we are excited to see what God will do we have another testimony in that regard from our Selena share with us what happened when you went back to your campus Yes so there was a lot of. Different testimonies that I had I did want to share one from when I went into the mission trip which kind of inspired what happened after so I we went with. Groups from the Iceland our ice and team but the 1st time we went out we went with the church the local church and one of the ladies I went with I was kind of nervous because. I didn't know Icelandic you know and then I was praying like I know it sure is an Icelandic and it's like thank you and how to use the Russian humor find the Russian of and I'm like I can really get by with that so luckily she was able to speak mostly English and she was very energetic very she would go to all the doors and I'm kind of an inch of her and my roommate knows that very very quiet and so she went to all the doors and then she started praying with everybody and we prayed with I think every door we had a prayer which was such a blessing and some people were painting the house and then they asked prayer for money family career and then. Another lady just lost her job and she's trying to find a job so it's definitely something that we wanted to pray for and then afterwards what was the most meaningful for me was that when we were walking back we were ending our time there this woman who was my partner from Iceland she opened up to me about her her childhood and what she went through and she opened up about how her husband left her he's in a different country she's has to take care for children here and what I learned from that is often times one where the people we think we should be reaching are actually right in front of us and I was like that was the most so we prayed together and after the prayer we were just all emotional and it was just a huge ball saying you know when we pray together the whole spirit Bonnes us into this true fellowship experience that we read about in the book of Acts that you went back to your college. Part of the campus ministry there yes so the campus misuse group that I help out with is called event the students for Christ and it's in line. To us your mansion and before the school year starts there is organizational boots and we were able to actually kind of do the same thing have glow tracks just have a booth of clothes and when the students came we would pray with the students and and it was a blessing because compared to last semester to the semester the Lord really multiply and there was a lot more people who came in which is a huge plus and so we are just the beginning of what God is trying to show us I believe God has led as I mentioned earlier into more of focus on prayer and seeing what God can do when we trust him fully and so this prayer mission has inspired us it's changed us to change the way we think about prayer more than just something we do in the beginning in the end of a program or before the meals it really has radically revolutionized the way we look at the world understanding that we are in a great controversy understanding that we can with the power of faith and prayer break down strongholds of Satan in this world Amen Now one of the testimony that is very powerful Eric you want to share with us as well something you got a phone call when you were in Iceland and to share with us about this you know sometimes you go into things and we plan for this mission trip and things go well and things don't go well well one of the real challenges for me and in my personal life is I got married 2 years ago and I got married to someone else you seen on stage once in a while Esther. Was my wife's name and. For some time leading up to this she had been going into worse and worse health to be married she got really sick and she had have a goal bladder out and we were just like why is her body just like not doing so well and it got to the point was worse and worse where she was some days having to go in on crutches because different muscle groups were locking up and she had like heart issues and we just I What in the world is going out we we went to doctor off to doctor after doctor and finally once we had. Basically exhausted every single option around Andrews University where I've been studying we said well you know what the only option we have left is to go to Mayo Clinic and so last Thanksgiving 2018 we went to Mayo Clinic and we saw off a dozen dozen specialists and nothing and so and now we're planning for this awesome mission trip and and I've got this going on in my life in the morning and and we're praying and we don't know what's going on with her some day she's totally fine and other days like everything's going insane and she can hardly get out of bed and move and finally get to the point where we're on the mission trip and I'm praying that she's going to be Ok You know sometimes she has some good weeks on sometimes she doesn't and so I'm just praying that things go well and one morning we come to the pray the prayer group and I get a text. And she texts and she said to me I think we're going to need to get a wheelchair because it had just gotten to the point where just some days she could not move certain certain limbs and it is just it would last sometimes up through we can we just didn't know what was going on and so here we all were praying like God Like what do we do do we do you know like once you get a wheelchair how do you go back from that right it just gets worse and worse sometimes it seems and so we prayed there and I just I didn't know what to do I was just floored I I focused on the mission trip I tried to be supportive but here I am stuck in Iceland and so we're going through and I've got these 2 things in my mind we'll finally get back to United States and we have one or 2 more specialist to see we have a neurologist we'd already seen on at Mayo Clinic but we have one more to see and we're just saying you know like what do we do we they couldn't find anything there what's the chances are going to find anything here. And so finally some family members said Eric have you considered an annoying thing and so we're thinking well you know this exhaust all our opportunities and then do an annoying thing sometimes we treat annoying thing as some kind of last resort riots and off to being an arsonist seen God work so powerfully to on surprise just like that. I said to myself you know what this let's just do it because we're just about at the end of the line anyway I mean we've already seen these types of specials before what's the chance that number 57 is going to figure it out right and so we decided to have an annoying ting and I was blessed to have Alex be a part of that and we prayed and as you were praying my wife shared with me said that she just felt God's presence like suddenly he was there and she's praying we're praying and we get up from that and she just senses this great peace that God loves and that everything will be Ok. And I tell you what from that point on she hasn't a single problem God completely healed her as far as we can tell. In fact she's been having heart heart rhythm is going up and down a little bit crazy we looked at her watch which tracks that and you see just going crazy crazy crazy for months leading up to that and then stable ever since. The Lord amen hallelujah the power of prayer is real friends we've seen it in ice and I think we just saw a glimpse we didn't know what we were doing we just said Lord we're here and whether we fail in Oz we trust you and we leave success up to you whatever success looks like some of these things that we did there some of the prayers we prayed will probably not be answered for years but we committed ourselves as missionaries we collected all these prayer requests and wrote them down we we committed ourselves to continue to pray for these people because it's not just a one time thing you've got an interest see there's a spiritual war going on do not give up on prayer do not give up on people and God can reach entire countries for him in fact I told you we knocked on the president's door where able to pray for the good the leader of the country. Just the other day that Gavin Anthony that conference President of the Icelandic church was invited to the president of Iceland in his home yes last 2 days ago and he had a one on one sit down with the president and his wife and he was able to tell them that you know he's praying for them and had a connection there and had an opportunity to share God opens doors when we pray the church in Iceland is very small it is struggling there is about 100 maybe 150 active members but they have seen that God wants to do something with them they have found new courage and hope in fact there was a constituency meeting going on speaking about it got interrupted your agenda constituency been going on during a mission and we decided we will go and pray for that as well because this is important and the decisions that were made there the Lord lead they told us that they felt the Spirit move in a special way and the wonderful thing was that the 3 executive officers of the conference this chose to become all 3 of them are now in charge of prayer ministries for Iceland prayer has become the most important thing now in that little country and for us here and I pray that for us well this will impact you I want to thank our missionaries here and those who you are who are here and those who couldn't make it for being part of this journey I believe this is just the beginning I believe God is going to take us into another experience and so I want to invite you all to sort of part of this so thank you so much for being here with me as we close tonight this morning. I want to wrap up and I want to share with you a scripture if you have your Bibles open to Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 7. Jeremiah 29 verse 7. Here the Bible says the Lord says to you and me. To God's people. But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile are we in exile yes or no we are waiting to go home right to heaven but right now we are in exile seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile and what pray pray to the Lord on its behalf become an intercessor for in its welfare you will find your welfare we're waiting for the Lord's return I believe we're closer than ever before we're not called to wait in idle and to sit around we're called to intercede to become the light in our city we implore to seek the welfare of the people in our sphere of influence and that welfare is Jesus but we cannot break through the darkness with our logic arguments yes Adventism has the most beautiful message the most logical system of truth. And we have to present it our message is powerful it will change lives but we need to do it in a prayerful mindset making prayer to 1st work and continually intercede for the people around us it is the most powerful tool that God has given us and I believe we have only vaguely tapped into it if we want to see the glory of God revealed throughout the world as Isaiah 60 in Revelation 18 talk about this will happen when we let the Holy Spirit fill our hearts to its completion when Jesus is shining through our lives when we lose all fear of sharing with people that we believe in the God who hears prayers. I want to encourage you to make a decision today become an intercessor become a prayer missionary work here. They're almost 2500 maybe 3000 of us here today what will happen when we start to pray like this Eric. What do you believe will happen I believe that God will change the world in this generation a man God can make a difference he will make a difference he's promised us that if we are not with him we can make a difference not in our own strength as none of us we surrender all it's all him but how can he use us if we are refusing to be used and so I want to challenge you on your seats you have a commitment card you'll see it should be one in every seat maybe on the floor look around I want to challenge you to fill one of these out say God In 2020 I want to go all out for you I want to go beyond you I see I want to serve in some capacity maybe as something small maybe a something big whatever it is you can fill in the blank if we don't have if you have something that doesn't fit under the suggestions that we have on the card but whatever it is say God I want to go all out for you in 2020. And then one thing that I want to mention as well last year we heard back how you as g y c had been involved we asked you to fill out and text in numbers of of how many people that you've been influential in in witnessing to in in praying for in baptizing and praise the Lord we had thousands of Bible studies completed we had over 750 baptisms just represented among you and so today we want to ask you as well as you as you fill us out we also want you to pull out your phone because in the g.u.y.z. app that we're using we have a form you can fill out it's in the menu is called I served as the I served a menu and this is where you can share what you did this last year what did you do in 2019 we have we have an option for other we have several options as well that we're trying to calculate and we just want to see what impact you have had in the past year or so you can go either on the apogee y.c. web dog slash I served so check that out but we want to challenge you go all out for Jesus in 2020 Amen friends I'm tired of imagining what will happen when we trust God I'm tired of imagining when the rain will fall why don't we go on our knees and ask God to give it to us starting today transforming our hearts to become active living sacrifices for him people who are willing to look crazy for the world. In order to save some Jesus did this for us and we're called to do the same friends Prayer is the beginning of that work you might not feel like going out with today you might not feel like caring about people I understand I've been there and sometimes I still struggle with that. But when you go into prayer Jesus will change your heart He will poor his love into year and you will be encouraged to love the people around you. Want to hurt you can this morning to you I see to make a commitment with Jesus and to become a praying warrior missionary for him not just today on outreach but for the rest of your lives. Are you willing to go for a man are you willing to go and do something for God No matter how small or big it is if you're willing to make that commitment when you stand with us today when you stand and say God I want to fill us out our do something for you I want to make 2021 step further out Saddam a compass on one step more involved with you one step further then before I want to change the world I want to go beyond g y c I want to make a difference where I am a man let's pray that's power heads father we are nothing we're dust and you love us unbelievable and yet. We recognize that you have a calling upon our lives thank you that you want to fill us with the Spirit think you do you want to make us like Jesus thank you that we can be part of this mission. Lord thank you that there are angels waiting to work with us you've promised us that when we seek the welfare of the cities in our lives the places we live the places we interact with the people we know that you will do a mighty thing if we let you eyes that was just a glimpse father I know you have much more in store for us so as you see these commitments this morning. As these young people are about to go out I prayed you'll give them incredible experiences that you will transform their hearts and as we leave you I see that you will make this 2020 the year where the Latter Rain is poured out on all of our lives uses father we are yours we pray in the name of Jesus let everyone say amen. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky do I see the supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at. Www dot org.


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