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  • January 4, 2020
    9:30 AM


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This message was presented at the g.o.i. secret menu or by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on the right or. Want to welcome my panelists really good friends of mine. We are the inverse team b. I chose friends from different parts of the world who are all kind of from America except for Jonathan but we adopt him as an American and that we all represent different parts of the world and so I represent all of Asia so all your Asian friends out there I am Your representative of the largest continent in the world and so to my far left here far right is Sebastian Bracks and say Hyde. Aloha and share a little bit about who you are for about 5 seconds. 5 seconds who are you oh Sebastian Broxton c.e.o. for the new life challenge and live in North Carolina husband to Candice father of 4 he's got a background from the Caribbean so he represents all of inter America in a sense Ok to his name rights to his rights Hi everyone I'm Israel Ramos and I am the public campus ministry director for Michigan and happy to be here with you Ok from representing all of the Latino world. And interim America enter into America to his right hi everyone I'm sequel and senior editorial assistant for inverse which is the an adult Bible study guide being produced by the General Conference and she represents the whole continent of Africa Africa is not a country it is a continent and everyone Amen and Amen amen that got some emotions from the floor there are people here from Africa and men and women and to my left to my left Jonathan them a pastor work for the teleconference Ministerial Association and the missions and my wife Amanda is amazing and I miss her I love she's watching and it's great to be here with you Justin great to have you had. Johnson is originally from Austria and so he represents all of Europe Europe all of Europe we also have another panelist Kelly Williams and she is currently in Africa she just got married I want to shout out to Cali correct Charleston's. Tell her you know Chara that is your new name so good morning everyone I want to ask if you have your bible is not if you have your Bibles you should have your Bibles please turn your Bibles to Daniel Chapter one Daniel Chapter one we are entering into a new quarter this the Sabbath and we want to introduce to you also the new Bible study guide produced by the General Conference on. Our office for young adults for Sabbath school a Bible study guide called in verse you should have received one coming here into this auditorium if you have one Can you just raise it up and show us that you have a copy and now this one that you have in your hands is on the book of Nehemiah we just covered the east the topic up as you're in the in my in the adults for the young adults we looked at the topic of the book of Nehemiah from the angle of leadership that how to change your local church how to change the world how to change the institutions around you using the principles of leadership from the book of Nehemiah there are no dates there so even though it is a past topic it is not an expired topic if you will and you can use that in your personal Bible study or whatnot or instructions regarding the new young adult Bible study guide will be shown in the video after the end of this session but for this quarter we are looking at the Book of Daniel in the in verse curriculum of the 4 quarters out there 2 of them follow the adult Bible study guide while 2 diverging go into yellow topics or quarter one of 2020 will be studying the book of Daniel so by now you should have turned to the Book of Daniel I think my panelists are all set well have a word of prayer will ask the Lord for His blessing upon the reading when I ask and you pray for us not me father would like to thank you for the opportunity that it is to come in your presence and to open a Holy Bible to pray that the Holy Spirit would be out to teach and now help us to glean lessons from your word that would prepare us for the times that we're living in you pray these things in your name Amen Amen Amen Dennett chapter one and if you don't mind verse one reading there for us once read one verse and down the line and if you don't or an re just say skip and would skip over you Israel Ok thank you so much Daniel Chapter one beginning in verse one in the 3rd year of the reign of Jehovah Kim king of Juda. Or king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and beseech to. And the Lord gave Jehovah came king of Juda into his hand with some of the articles of the house of God which he carried into the land of Shine aren't to the house of his gaunt and he brought the articles into the treasure house of his gone then the king instructed the master of his units to bring some of the children of Israel and some of the king's descendants and some of the nobles young men in whom there was no blemish but good looking gifted in all wisdom possessing knowledge and quick to understand who had ability to serve in the king's palace and whom they might teach the language and literature of the county and very adverse 5 Israel one verse each think you are right. And the king appointed them a daily provision of the king's Mead and of the wine which he drink so nourishing them 3 years that at the end thereof they might stand before the king now among these were the children of Juda Daniel. And Azariah and the chief of the Unix gave the names Daniel he called Bell to show as their head and he called Chadrick Michel he called me and he called Ebony go by Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile him self with a portion of the king's delicacies nor with the wine which he drank therefore he were requested of the chief of the Unix that he might not be file himself now resign Sebastian. Now God had brought Daniel into the favor and good will of the chief of the Unix. And the prince of the Unix 7 to Daniel a few are my lord the king who have appointed your meat and your drink or why should he see your face is worse liking than the children which are your sort then show you make me an danger my head to the king then said Daniel to males are whom the prince of the Unix had sent over Daniel Handler and as a Test your servants for 10 days let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink verse 13 you still with us out there verse 13 yes verse 13 then let our appearance be examined before you and the appearance of the young men who eat the portion of the king's delicacies and as you see fit so deal with your service. So we consented with them in this matter and tested them 10 days and at the end of 10 days their countenances appeared fair and fatter and flesh than all the children which did eat the Borsch and of the Kings meat that smells that took away the portion of their meat and the wine which they should drink and gave them pots as it is for use God gave them learning and skill in all literature and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams at the end of days when the king had said that they should be brought in the chief of the Unix brought them in before now because Or Then the King interview them in among them all none was found like Daniel. Michelle and Azariah therefore they served before the king. And in all matters of wisdom and understanding the king inquired of them he found them 10 times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all the realm and Daniel continued even on to the 1st year of King Cyrus Ok this is General chapter one thank you for reading and for some of you this is your 1st time for maybe for the majority of us we have read Daniel Chapter one of bazillion times and this is an Adventist convention we have probably talked about Daniel a 1000000 times some of you out there are like I'm tired of Daniel one I know I'm going to vegetarian skip over I want to join you 278911 that's what I want to get into but Daniel One is what sets it up so when I asked the panel this morning what from what I view from what you have studied this week on Daniel one what have you mind out what are some things like to share from chapter one if I may just give a little bit of the basher up here is you go we are in the in the year 6 or 5 b.c. around there and. Did King of a can is or has been besieging Jerusalem taking people captive Yes and we have to understand that the context in which Daniel grew up was a wicked one you know in the 2nd Chronicles 36 gives us insight here you have just who I came who reigned for 11 years that was evil and his kids did was evil it was not a very faithful time in Israel it was like a lot of moments in Judah before the exile happened and so in this situation Daniel and his friends teenagers are taken captive because of their background their education taken to Babylon on a long journey through the desert couple months not a very pleasant experience and so this is the situation I brought into and they're brought into you know into Babylon 2 to be used by the kings pleasure and in a different different way yes and I can go. A little bit further back than to hook em Ok as background in Chapter 35 seconds up on a 2nd Chronicle 2nd Chronicles you have Josiah. And there was a 3 viable. That took place where just you know reinstitute of the Passover and people worshipping God and it says actually in verse 18 of attempt at 35 in 2nd Chronicles that there was no pass over and like to that kept in Israel from the days of Samuel the prophet so this was like a crazy revival that happened yeah and going by the timeline Daniel and his 3 friends parents would have been alive when this was happening so they were part of this great revival that happened and it seems from the story that the revival that happened in their lives at that time even though they went through these this horrible King and you know they're now being punished for their for the ascent as a nation that Daniel's parents Colleen something from that revival experience that they passed on to their children so that their children within able to be faithful in the future parents want to see for many years and there are a lot and so these are this is the next generation after do I see yeah Ok great great Israel. Something one of the principles that strikes me from the very beginning in in terms of what John Vinci were saying is the fact that here we have the principle that excellence is not developed in a moment but it's the process of what takes place in the home Excellence is not developed in the moment but developed into it's a process that takes place in the home process that takes place in the home you know in the home and what happens most of the time is that we think that Christianity is best revealed when it's revealed in public and we had Meyer people who died for their faith and who suffer for their faith but there's a lot to be said about the fact that Daniel and his 3 friends develop the characters that they had this character of excellence they developed that long before Crisis even took place and so it's important I think the lesson that that comes out here is the fact that unless we are Christians in the home we're not Christians at all because outward tests are only that they're only tests a reflection or a revelation sorry of something that has already. Taken place deep inside for a long period of does Tony piggybacks on c.q. your message this morning in a sense Sebastian let me ask you what in what area of excellence is manifested in chapter one Well I think what we see in Daniel Chapter one is this this issue of self control or what we call temperance and the fact that Daniel has integrity drives him to be faithful even in this very small area of things that God has asked them to dispense away with in terms of eating and drinking so when we see this it's a very odd way to start a prophetic book in relation to diet choices because I'll catch that he says a very odd way to start a book of prophecy talk about diet Yes Why why why why is it why you keep on I think for many of us we would not put the 2 together yet we would see no relationship with the prophetic gift that Daniel has it's manifested in the book with us I'm not going to eat this and I'm not going to drink this but in actuality it shows us that temperance is the foundational virtue in terms of character building that this here starts a chapter one says self-control underlies the development of all other virtues that Daniel is going to show us throughout the rest of this book so let's have a little bit what in the world is Temperance that some people reach after 10 and Chapter one. Vegetarian a movie going fruitarian I'm on oxygen area and I'm a water Terry and whatever and like look I only drink like gluten free water so I understand prophecy better. Is is that what Dennis Hopper I want to say facetiously no right soul and then you get in Adventism we have access to diet so munch that there's all this reaction against I and so the people who are pro and what a lot of so let's hash out temperance I think one of the things that stands out to me talking about that excellence that they sowed in terms of the Temperance invest for years for the reason why. These young people were among the group that was selected he says Children who was no blemish well favored skillful in wisdom cunning in knowledge understanding science they had ability to stand in the king's palace that they might do it so they could teach them and train them so these young people that was selected they actually if they had already demonstrated. Commitment level to their studies right and they were so there temperance wasn't just in what they ate and drank but they would apply themselves to their studies they apply themselves to to what they were exercise because of the ability to stand in the king's place so I think underlying all of the other areas where temperance manifests itself is what you eat and drink it's like the basic But then it pervades everything else you know if you are if you can be disciplined in the way that you eat when you eat what you eat then that discipline can transcend to all the other areas of your life your studies your relationships etc. I think we have to recognise that temperance self-control Ok and that is a gift from God It's not you know we uplift Daniel and his friends a lot because they are so amazing and they're so faithful and they are but we have to also recognize that faithfulness is only something that is possible when Christ lives in you this comes through surrender it is God who gives you the gift and the ability to to be faithful and to have self-control Now when it comes to temperance in this situation and in any situation in our lives self-control is only necessary because we are out of control when has made us out of control and we know that gift of the Spirit is self control so as we give our lives to God He helps us to be balanced in our life to not exaggerate to not go to extreme left to extreme right anything that we do but to to go according to His will in courting with the laws of nature including with the principles that God has given us in His word so it is a gift from God and he's helping us to be he's taking control of our lives really in this situation you know. I think that you know and I agree with Jonathan but I think to get even more practical hands on with Temperance you're looking at doing away with things that you know are not harmful but temperance demands a definite aim and so based on that aim of what your goal is you say well this is harmful to my goal so I'm going to get rid of that altogether but the things that are helpful to my goal I'm going to use judiciously with wisdom so that a person may say well Bible study is helpful for my goal to living a Christ like life but that doesn't mean Bible study 16 hours a day right so that your heavenly minded and no earthly good that's not helping you reach your goal because Jesus was very useful in the world and so I think that's where temperance practically meets the road so I will is this really helping me but I think you have to define the aims and for Daniel that aim was to represent God as the people that they were called to be in so God says do away with these things completely and yet use wisely the things that are available to you let me ask you guys and world friends here yeah if you're on international t.v. in front thousands of people and. What are areas that that you all you for have maybe struggled intemperance Why don't you go 1st I'll go I'll go I'm aimin for best. Just kidding I'm just kidding I think I've actually put me on the spot and I got to. I think running for a big for me. You know one of the areas I definitely struggle with I argue with my wife all the time that she has the sweet tooth but definitely sweets are a struggle you know just because you know I've been a vegan on a plant based diet for like 16 years but you can be an unhealthy vegan Yes ways I mean so you're going to have this and that one why that one more time you can do you know what people are like Look man there's this new veggie fried chicken but it's beginning. It's like so I think for me you know when I got married my wife was was just becoming vegan You know I had somehow convinced her but she actually ate vegetables right and she's looking at the stuff I'm eating like oh yeah Tofutti ice cream in Tofurkey sandwiches like so where's the vegetables if you're a vegetarian her and so I think for me you know learning to control the fact that just because it's begin people come Oreos are vague in you know this is yet as vegan but dude Oreos are you can. You can join us. Room number 700. But the the main focus I see in my life is learning that again temperance has that aim in my goal is to be healthy that's why I made that choice to be vegan vegetarian but yet I'm making even vegan choices that are in tempering that are unhealthy and so for me that's been a big struggle of mine is really getting off of the sweets I love desserts especially vegan pastries and things like that so I avoid certain people's booths here who were giving out muffins in order to help your vulnerability this morning your transparency I think any chapter one we often look to us look at this as a dietary chapter and an advantage when we all you know judge each other and try not to judge each other by our diet but I would say because you asked the question one area which which I believe our generation really struggles with and I personally also do on a daily basis is the consumption of media. And this is the greatest challenge I believe this is what use ministers are saying all over on what is judicious what how do you know what is judicious how not just what content but how much when it is and that self-control is Jonathan brought out it's not just about what you eat and what you watch but it's also how much you watch and when you watch it and the self control demarcation and that those principles of still yet to be ironed out fully in my life and I think that's something that we all have to really dialogue about and specially for our generation especially with these dumb phones I mean they're so they're smart phones but they're dumb phones and social media and whatnot Israel something actions I'm I'm not going to confess and confess. But you know we talk about the fact that. Temperance is essentially self-control Yes and self-control takes place even I mean there's the there's a foundation of what the Bible says in terms of what we ought to eat and then there's self-control beyond that you know you could be a water Tarion and still not self have self control without the more distilling I guess what I'm trying to say is distilling the limitations of what we what is good and what is harmful is just actually the beginning I think the idea of the concepts of self control just transcends everything you know we experience this all the time with our words with our actions with our habits this all of this is an exercise in temperance what I love about the Book of Daniel especially in this beginning chapters is the fact that it gives us the why right it gives us the why in other words when we think about temperance we think it's easy for us to think that the purpose of temperance is health. The purpose of self-control is long jeopardy and so people oftentimes even myself we think will look at that person they're vegetarian they died early you know your whole argument goes into the trash and then we and then our responses typically will they would have died sooner you know that's kind of what we heard you know those extra you know they died young but they would have died as babies and they were not you know so. So the purpose of the purpose Daniel answers for us what is the purpose of self-control or really not not just self-control but faithfulness because even above self-control is faithfulness right surrender to God as Jonathan was saying and the Book of Daniel opens up to us the reason for why temperance is necessary and we catch that in the very 1st few verses the Bible says that something is going on yes that never can as or has overthrown enjoy a Kim and it is in this context that the life or the narrative of Daniel is exposed what that tells me is this that whether we're dealing in a moment of crisis or normal times what we would consider normal times there is a story that is taking place the war between never can as or enjoy a commits not a war between 2 individuals but it is a war between good and evil notice how the Bible says that it is God who gave joy of him to never can as are and so what happens is that every single day of our lives we are experiencing we are participating in the great controversy and the decisions that we make regarding how we relate to others and regarding the treasures that God gives to us the gifts how we manage those gifts is a reflection of whether or not God is truly in control of our lives and so the actions are a manifestation or a test regarding my loyalty my proclaimed loyalty to God and I think it's important for us to notice that that temperance or our or any Christian virtue is really a test. That allows me to examine myself to know whether or not I am living up to that proclamation of what it means to be a Christian let me ask of all the Christian virtues Why is it temperance in the beginning what what is the connection What is the actual connection between self-control and spiritual understanding what's the connection I would say there's a connection between self-control and power I think there's in this narrative there's there's an exercise of power and you know think about what Daniel's good and we're getting ahead of ourselves but think about what Daniel's going to do in his life he's going to go through Babylon he's going to go to the next he's going to surpass he's going to he's going to transcend kingdoms and any and in reality even though these kings are in charge of the world. At that time the greatest empires of the world that time the power that Daniel has as a leader and on top of that as a slave is incredible and so God is saying Look Daniel as a slave you're going to have more power than kings and I need and make sure that you are a person that has the ability to control yourself just spot on what Israel is saying I believe in temperance has such a huge impact on our character development because it has to do with the way we make decisions every decision has to do with Temperance what decision I make in each situation is defined by what my where my values lie and who is in control in my heart and so as I surrender my life to God and ask him to give me the ability to to be faithful to Him He will guide me every step we see that with Daniel in chapter one and 2 chapters beyond as well in his friends as well he was taken you know away from his situation into this into this trial he was tested but by God's grace he was triumphant and he had the ability given by God to to remain faithful and make that conscious decision with a small and a large things to stay faithful and balance but this is a guess again I'm stressing this point it is something that God gave you mention God gave him the king of Juda into his hand but when you look down to verse 9 Who is it that gives Daniel favor it is God gave Daniel fear and compassion and then in verse 17 it is God who gives in learning a skill not the vegetables now this is not to say that healthy living doesn't affect the brain it absolutely does but ultimately it is gone who does this so it's beautiful to see that our decision making when we are connected with God will be on the straight and narrow and this is a beautiful promise as well as in just a life of that it's just to know we broadened the temperance conversation to more than what you eat and drink but stooping it back down to what you eat and drink what you eat and drink does affect. Ability to make good decisions that your clarity of thought and starting chapter one with Daniel making right decisions in diet specifically and then you go on through the rest of the book and God is able to use him to reveal truth is that to this day we're still gleaning from that Daniel had the clarity of mind for God to be able to speak to him and for him to comprehend what God was saying so maybe sometimes God is trying to talk to me but I'm on a sugar high and I'm just like I am I can't understand what God is trying to say sure sure let me ask you I mean sometimes we look at Temperance and self-control we automatically think I mean temperance is like we just have this image of a straight lease kind of weird awkward you know person you know and just like oh it's 4 o'clock on a drink my water you know is a that's that's kind of the weird image I have why is it that pop culture makes fun of temperance and self-control what what what is Why is that the the norm and we have to what we what are we fighting against. Sebastian I think. When you when you look at the way that temperance is oftentimes portrayed some reason it's typically associated with these fringe kind of ideas right these fringe kinds of ways of living and I think a lot of people feel like that is presenting an ideal that just doesn't seem attainable it doesn't seem adaptable so it's like the 1st time I was exposed to you know healthful living they're like oh you need this champion juicer and you need this in this and you're thinking dude like unless I can come up with 800 books like I'm never going to be able to be healthy and it to me it reminds me of a story that Charles Spurgeon told about how this lady had come to the church and. Was saying that she needed financial help and when and when she left the church the pastor had collected an offering and was going to her house to give her the money and so when he knocked on her door no one answered and then at noon prayers she showed up back at the church and a pastor said well I came to your house I remembered that you had a need and we collected an offering for you where you home and she said What time was it was about 12 o'clock you know 11 o'clock said well yeah I was home well you didn't hear the knocking I did but I thought you were the person coming for the rent so I didn't answer the door because she couldn't pay it so in her and her mind Spurgeon makes the point that many times when we are presenting the Gospel and we're presenting the truth people feel like I don't have enough to pay those demands I don't have enough to take to live up to that standard of what they're presenting as temperance therefore they don't answer they're not responding because it seems like you're bringing more demands rather than more grace to reach it more ways to accomplish it and so because I think pop culture looks and says that's not realistic you're not really like are you really living that way in your house and if you are that's just weird and right in a lot of people aren't interested in being weird they want to be able to be themselves and be temperate at the same time many ways pop culture glorifies intemperance the passion into the extreme the. The wildness because extension weights the sensual parts of the carnal nature I think John I think it just is a way for for Culture and sinful nature to in a way deal with the fact that this is we are not or who we are we can't change we can change is not possible but the beauty of the gospel is that there is a God who gives you the power to overcome and have it through is right I mean it is he who works in you to work in will of His good pleasure try so it's just a beautiful thing that's the gospel and this is what the world needs and desires but at the same time makes fun of because they think it's unachievable sure because they look at themselves as a source of power and this might be beating a dead horse but in verse 10 of chapter one percent after they've made their point to petition the prince of the Unix and to Daniel I feel my lord the king well appointed your meat and your drink for why should he see your faces worse liking than the other children who have your sort that there was there was. Prevalent understanding of what it took to be healthy what it took to you know beef you know look juicy or whatever you know and. Juicy. And I am not looking for anyone I was desirable Ok just so there was this understanding right and this and to go against it's hard to go against the grain right to be a pioneer. Obeying what God has asked you to do but here's the crazy thing right is after Daniel and his friends are faithful to what God has called them to it becomes evident that the diet that they have chosen is actually most beneficial for you know enhancing your intellectual capabilities with the blessing of God on top of it you know makes it 10 times even greater right but being the 1st one to take that step can be hard when everybody else around you is doing something different and when everybody else around you when the science says differently right when all education and learning says differently. Being the one to stand on the truth of the Word of God in spite of what the world is saying can be hard but that's what Daniel and his friends do there they stand for what the Word of God says in spite of everything else around them saying that it's not so and as you know it's it's the question that you're asking why is it that sometimes people are are so against temperance it's not because temperance is weird as as not necessarily because temperance is weird I mean if you look at society today people embrace we are and how many how many weird people do you see every day and people want to be they see if something looks cool on t.v. I mean weird people do I see every day you see a lot of people. Probably not we're probably not where you work I'm sure not where you work but when you go to the grocery store etc We you know we come across people all the time who want to be weird Yes so weird this is actually the new cool I mean it's all weirdness has always been cool let me express myself the way I want to express myself even if I look like an idiot I mean this is you know this is the way we live in society today I think the reason why people are so are so against temperance at the at the end of the day is because our culture has one goal and that is to make sin normal. If you think about it that's the goal that I mean we want because of our last full natures we want to make it Ok that it's fine it's normal it's cool it's all right to have multiple partners and to you know have intimacy before marriage but because we can't control ourselves that's what we make up those those norms and rules and so the bottom line is that the reason why people are so anti. Temperance is because the human heart is naturally anti things that cut against our heart and I think that's really the foundation of the bottom line reason why we're against it you know after hearing us talk I mean there's this desire that I would I need more self control in my life is that you all feel that in some capacity in some area of your life that we need more temperance we need more self-control and the one temptation is I just got to hunker down and try harder and try to be vegan again in 2020 for like the a millionth and 10th time and then resolve again and then break it tomorrow so what are some principles what can you do to get more self control in your life more temperance in your life gets the basic one. Jonathan said right from the beginning that this temperance is a fruit of the Spirit self-control and coming to God and asking that God would give us this gift you know that comes that this is the Holy Spirit it would help us to have self-control and recognizing that God is able to do it so now it's not trust not I'm trying to do it but I'm trusting that God can do it in me yes. You know God works through the natural laws that he has created and so while he occasionally does miracles and lives I know people who have given up smoking you know overnight in those kind of things but in general when it comes to Temperance God wants to develop our characters and that's why he wore works through the process we got to embrace the process but it is a process I cannot mine climbed Mount Everest. To morrow if I want to do that I need to you know climb the hill in my backyard 1st and climb maybe you know in Maryland they're not that many mountains but you know I got a step by step with the Lord experience growth so you know in 2020 if you would start a new diet say I want to replace one item in my diet this month and just grow from that front in that direction or when it comes to your problem with social media or with films that I know of only your problem. You know maybe it's time to say kid from this time to this time these 2 hours I won't touch my phone you know make make that a thing and so it's a step by step process and myself as well amen So you know I believe that God works the process and we got to embrace that process and not expect Ok I'm going to do everything overnight overwhelm and we can handle that but God works in the process and he's very gracious and helpful as we trust him especially I was going to say one of my favorite quotes is that that which at 1st is difficult when done repeatedly becomes easy you know a lot of times we are committed to this perfectionistic mindset that I have to get it right the 1st time but we realize that the journey to success is always met with failure along the way and I think if we can be Ok with not making it right away then that principle is something that we can practically live out to develop temperance to say look it's going to be difficult at 1st but if I just keep showing up repeatedly trying to do this following that you know Proverbs 2416 of just keep getting up eventually is going to become easy and so to me that's a very simple step in a practical way to get there I love that proverbs Sebastian I'm going to ask that we turn to Romans Chapter 12 this quarter on Daniel the adult Bible study guide which was written by someone else but the young adult in verse Bible study guide was written by Pastor David Shinn of Alaska and. He makes this connection in Romans Chapter 12 verse one when asked the question how can you practically develop more temperance more self-control he goes to the Romans Chapter 12 verse one in Israel if you don't mind can you read it for us I beseech you therefore brother and by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable one to God which is your reasonable service and he makes this connection and connection in verse one that he says in verse one there for by the mercies of God meaning from Chapters one through 11 Paul has talked about this process of salvation the dynamics of salvation and therefore and he connects it because of these mercies because of the salvation process now present yourself present your body as a living sacrifice meaning now for all that God has done for me just open yourself up to how God will just move through your body move your mind move through the habits of your life and then understanding it and opening yourself to the grace and mercy of God allows you to be an open conduit and so rather than end and hunkering down and trying harder and group. To find that's a word. Or was a lot out of later like we just got to embrace what chapters one through 11 and present ourselves a living sacrifice which Paul says is your what reasonable use and will serve reasonable service reasonable service what are other virtues that we see in the Book of Daniel we looked at Daniel chapter one and this entire quarter going to look at different chapters and without time we don't have to look at each chapter or other virtues that the Book of Daniel manifests. In the Chapter 2 we see the clash of prophetic verses prophetic you see that how how human wisdom and and really satanic religion comes to clash with with the mighty word of God as as Daniel. As you know showing what this dream that them can as I had means and that the future it is reveals how useless our ideas and our religions of this world are compared to the Word of God face to prayer life in January to any other verses that we see interrupted the a faithfulness faithfulness down to 3 I think ingenuous Chapter 9 you see intercessory prayer for the church is a very critical loves the church and is praying for the church abscesses the whole premise of Daniel Yes there are the prophecies but there are also the character that we need for the last days to endure through the prophecies at supremacy of the Book of Daniel at this time going to look at we're going to get a video which actually looks at the whole in verse Bible study process thanks so much for joining us this morning how many of you want to say Lord give me more self control and then God bless you guys. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or a few in Louisville Kentucky do I see the supporting Ministry of the 17 and his church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at the Web dot org.


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