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Walking Dead

Chad Bernard


Have you ever visited a church, school, restaurant, or store that was dead? They didn't know they were dead, but you knew. How did you know? What influenced your thinking? In this seminar, we will be discussing what causes this death and how God can use you to bring it back to life again. Caution, this presentation will probably offend you or it might convict you. Either way, you will hear straight talk on this issue utilizing group discussions, stories, and principles learned over 20 years in ministry.


  • January 2, 2020
    9:30 AM


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This message was presented at the. Very few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on the right. Ok let's pray. Lord I thank you so much. For being our God and I thank you that you want to be with us not in the future but today before we were conceived you you knew our names you you knew the life you desired for us and in turn a one and Lord today I just pray that you would speak this morning I'm very excited. To to share what I think you've laid upon my heart and I just pray that you would speak and not me is my prayer in Jesus' name. So this morning what I like to do and this might be awkward I hope it's not I'm going to I've asked Tanner Tannadice Come on up. I'll I want to explain something that I think is real and I think is true and I want to just share that with you and but I think it would work best in a conversation and Tanner has every he quite possibly could represent you. This makes sense so it would be awkward for me to every time I said something to Tara you know and Shiloh and you know those types of things but what I'm going to do is I'm going to have a conversation with Tamar this morning and. Explain some things that may or may not be your experience Ok but I think it I think that everyone here this morning is quite possibly God has a message for you Ok so. We're going to start off and by the way as we have this conversation there's some stuff that will go on the screen because I'm going to kind of kind of shape the story of this narrative I'm going to be giving some scripture some some different details and that'll just come up on the screen but I'm not going to I'm not going to read you a Power Point this morning if that's something that you were wanting to have or experience my apologies that won't happen here so this makes sense good set the ground rules All right so Tanner. Is someone who has a child I have a 5 year old daughter and your parents I know you're parents and you have sibling his sibling sibling if you have sister. Ok so here's what I think possibly could have happened with you. You your parents wanted you they were excited that you were coming into the world and they were they did everything in their power to give you the life that they believe you should have Ok And it doesn't matter how much money they make as a matter where you live it doesn't matter what kind of clothes you wear whatever the number one thing and I and I think bar none the number one plan or the number one goal for your life was for your parents for your parents for you was for you to be in the kingdom of heaven but more than that to have a relationship with Jesus and they were praying over you I'm sure your dad prayed over your mother's Balli you know it just this then follows a son my son you know I'm so excited you know will you be a good man and but will he have a relationship with Jesus Lord that is our number one goal and every day they prayed about it in the day that you told them you. Want to give your heart to Jesus or you wanted to be baptized like that just made their existence and so what parents will do they'll try and craft this whole environment I'm sure that they they came up with this this room that was perfect and they had their you know whatever color it was and just different things that would make you be whatever they wanted you to be it they did that because your you are the center of their existence and that might be harsh and you might want to theologically discuss that and of course Jesus is the center but parents understand this once the reason why you think parents aren't cool anymore they're not in style they quit being in style when you were born because they spent every minute of their day every every ounce of their energy to make sure that you were everything that they believe God wants you to be. Because it makes sense so far and so they would take you to church if they were good parents they would take you to church and they would tell you stories and like for instance we have Moses here this is the next Pathfinder big thing and they're going to have in 2024 Moses is the theme and and this cartoon kind of represents you know they would put the cartoons in the books and they would read you stories and they were so excited when you would you know regurgitate something to someone that they didn't you know might know at the grocery store if you mention Moses or David or Daniel they were so excited that it was catching on that you would know something about God and then they would. You would you would go to the church right there would bring in a church you know you'll create old times and you would learn new memory verses and you'd sing the little songs and everything you possibly could do they were proud of you would scribble something that just looked horrible on a piece of paper and they would go look he's an artist and they would put it I mean your refrigerator you know and what would be funny is like everyone look at a woll look at that it's the strongest attention to detail no it was it was just you just. You would try and tell a joke and it wasn't even funny and everyone would laugh just because you were speaking and they thought that this was some miracle every 13 weeks you would get up but right you know they want you to stand up meet him for a church and you do it you're supposed to do you'd you'd saying or you would you would speak you know it was even a full memory versus the abbreviated version right you know and God created Genesis 11 of you know and that was you're potentially your experience. And everyone was super super happy and so now you have church and then you went to school now whether you were home schooled or you went to whatever school you went to. They surrounded that with a love for God Well as you got older. You got some more complex things they started to teach you bigger things you moved on from greater older primary to juniors and teens and and in your school maybe if you went to a Christian school they start talking about bigger things they use bigger words and so instead of just you know it's funny the Bible consists of just people's names in your kid and somehow it morphs into doctrine right and what's interesting is they start talking about things like you know the investigative judgment and the sanctuary and all these different things and you're like oh yeah and it's coming atcha and and you got to remember this stuff and they start using which is really interesting Tell me if you can relate to this they start using the inclusive language and they'll say things like this like we believe this and we do this or we don't do this and this is how we do it and you know and all of a sudden you're I'm I'm I'm a we. Can relate to this and then sometimes you would do things then you would go or we do this but you don't know why you're doing it but you just we do that right of course everyone's going to heaven and everyone but then all of a sudden what happens is you you start to see people that don't do things like we do so you go to the grocery store and some ladies dress different than mommy and so you might say something like Why are you sure you wear even that and your mom's. Right. Or they'll my in their excitement they'll say something and they'll misuse the Lord's name and you'll go we don't talk like that that is refusing the Lord's name in your presence. And you're like what let's I mean that's right right that's what we do right and I guess. We don't tell people that. It's embarrassing and say like well that's weird and so now all of a sudden you start to learn that there are people who are like we know right but then it gets really crazy. As you get older tend to tell me if you've experienced this you start going to school with people who don't act like we do that happen to you and sometimes you have friends that you've known your whole life that all of a sudden start doing stuff that we don't do like you know you're behind somewhere years all by yourself and they say a word and you go AWOL we don't we don't say those words and everyone's laughing about it and you're like wow this is crazy like you're waiting for something to happen because when you were a kid whenever someone used that type of word or did those types of things in about a 5 to 10 minute increment the story resolves itself and that kid either doesn't get supper loses an arm or a leg writer says severely sorry and by the end of the story clearly that doesn't happen going forward but no no no now all of a sudden this is go and I'm like people are talking different and not only that boys and girls are starting to like each other and what's that and then all the sudden you hear stories like woah we'd all do bad but all of a sudden you start going way way way well there's like all these different weeds. And now I find all of the we were like you know these are kind of like my parents are the we and so now there's this new group. And what group of mine because I like my friends and now all of a sudden your parents are in for me in the center of your universe and now they're just like basically car pool it's just I just threw right I want to go here in your brains I don't care you get is you really good and they just you know they take you wherever you go big now they're in Kentucky why because here once a go to do you I see you know so that's what they've got they've literally become travel agents but then you go and you hang out with your friends I saw a good buddy of mine just just unloading You know he's with his daughter just wonderful daughter and she wants to be with her friends she does away with her day anymore and. He's like you know tellin it funny but he's kind of wanting to see if she's going to say anything and she does. Yeah my daughter is 5. You're still the greatest right now and I'm like so I Turner's daughter and I said hey. Dad stop being the greatest see you and she's like you said a question how should I answer that. That Can we just go down to my friends All right so. Are you with me like how many of you can relate to this what we're talking about right now this is making sense Ok to some of you good good good because we're going somewhere and Ok good we've got to hurry up so. So this is happening and while this is happening all the people in this community because right now you're surrounded by again in the I'm talking in the ideal I'm actually not talking about you know I don't know who my dad is I don't know who my mom is I was abuse I'm not talking about that type of dysfunction where there's people here this morning that like that's your story and that's just another conversation and I and I have praying that it gets better I'm talking best case scenario like this is how we drew it up as Adventists. You with me because I feel like there's a lot of kids like that you're in this realm and I think you're in this realm but we don't have that conversation but here's what's really crazy is the numbers are 7 to 8 out of 10 Adventist young people quit going to church about your age about the time because you're you're about the time where you can decide whether you're going to church or not you're actually driving you don't need carpool anymore. Because we the new we. We don't do that and say look we don't do that because your whole life you just we and your life and. So that's a really bad job so. So in the fight that is here's what happens is like adults are freaking out because like then they're not making the same decisions and they always said yes before now they're not and so they start hitting you it doctrines and so so they'll start talking like they're going to notch it up a minute story about Moses or there's a bigger thing with Moses thirds of the century message and they start talking about those things and you're like No no I just want to stay with the fun Moses I actually don't want to know like you know that stuff or you'll say this yeah I know all about that I told him memorize that that was like 8th grade Bible I made it out of toothpicks you member so that it's in the attic somewhere like yeah whatever and then you'll start saying things that are freaking a lot of people to say things like I mean I just don't know if god's for me or not I mean I just don't know if or if I don't I mean I was like God and everything I love but what I don't need to go to church to be a Christian. Like do I need to go to church to be a Christian and you ask this question your parents are freak because I like how do I answer that because you know obviously church isn't required for and then they'll attach it to salvation like you have to go to church to be saved and of course you can love God and not go to church because. But if I say that he's not going to go to church and they just go. Talk to your father hit him or whatever you know or whatever freaks out and so what they'll do is the call the youth pastor and we call the youth director and the like but get it is losing his mom. Have some type of event or something right you don't want to send him over you know what kid who loves Jesus that could be my son's friend. But of course you are things like cool like. But they are having a lots of conversations behind locked doors because they are freaked because all they want is for you to have a relationship with Jesus so here's my best. My best explanation I can give you and so what I want to do and I'm not going to stand up here forever but you're coming back up to just come back up to this I want to explain something to you so like you get like 2 or 3 minutes Tanner and then you're coming back Ok. So I want to here's what I want to do I want to and this is very very simple I'm going to take fun Moses deep theology put it together to where it makes sense to you in 2020 just make sense all right here we go now. This is if you have not read this story and by the way I'm really absolutely not trying to be funny I've traveled enough to know there are in every audience there are people that absolutely know this material they know it better than me and there are people that like yeah kind of member and there are people that have no idea what I'm talking about so so if you think if you think I'm talking down to you I'm absolutely not trying to talk to everyone. Ok now the story of Moses you know whether you solve the prince of Egypt or the 10 Commandments or you remember the story or you read it for yourself there's the story of all of these people are living in bondage right there are slaves in Egypt and their life is horrible and all they wish they could do is it's the not be slaves in the more because that's where their lives have gotten them miserable to make sense and then God sent Moses to get them out now what was the thing the big thing that happened that made the Pharaoh go you can leave let's give you a hint. There was the Passover So here's what happened God said Ok Look here's the deal if you want to live you want to kill a lamb you're going to take the blood put it over the door of your house and then stay in the house because the angel of death is coming now I don't care whether you feel like it's going to happen or not it's totally going to happen so if you want to live in the south because every 1st born male that doesn't do this will die and that's exactly what happened so all of these people all these firstborn sons died so this is such a thing said that Pharaoh who is the leader of the entire the greatest empire on the planet you could argue and maybe this is a bad analogy but it was the USA of the time they were the biggest military superpower and the greatest work force they had were the children of Israel they were the slaves but it was so bad imagine every 1st born in the United States gone except for those that obeyed they said you leave and they did and so after they left you know the story right they take out and rough estimates one to 2000000 people they just they take off now. Those of you that like to go on trips you like you want those you that travel to come to see did you pack Yeah you prepared for stuff right. As kind of a big deal Now imagine 2000000 and one or 2000000 people going across the desert what would they need just basic things I'm not talking life you know water. Food clothing and they also shelter right I mean that's like the Centrals right so that's what God does He goes Ok I'm going to take care shelter I'm going to be this cloud cover you during the day and at night I'm going to be your light source in your heat source I'm going to just be fire and here's the deal you like you have no where to go you don't have Google you know g.p.s. So here's what we have and you just go wherever I go you look up you see the cloud there you don't go anywhere you look up and you see the clouds moving you just go where that hug is very simple in anyone could do this and that's what he did matter of fact in 1st Corinthians 10 you know the story and also in the Old Testament Bible says that Iraq followed them matter when it had water came out of this rock the Bible actually says the rock fall in 1st Corinthians 10 and that rock was Christ so Jesus literally led them across the desert that awesome now when they were when there was leading them to go to the Red Sea Now what happens the Red Sea then splits open why because there's these Gyptian to decide wait a minute we just got rid of our the largest workforce that was dumb we didn't even pay them like what were we thinking let's go get them and they get pinned up against the Red Sea and most like what are we going to do it got to just go forward there's a Red Sea just move forward Moses and he doesn't it splits and they go across the Red Sea Yes No this story right these are just oh yeah I've been there you have done that they crossed the sea after they get across the sea the most scariest thing the last thing they added Gyptian ever saw was this all guy with a stick just going at No one it just goes. And the greatest military in the entire planet. Don and they didn't even flex. God did everything and God knows I want to be with you actually I want you to keep going no where do they go afterwards Bible says they went to Mt Sinai now now this is what's really interesting. A Bible says that Mt Sinai was the same sure he says the place of his abode and God is saying I just want to be with you you were slaves I don't want you to be slaves anywhere I just want to be with you so come just come but Lord we don't know the way I know I am the way this come the wonderful really powerful and so they show up they go to Mount Sinai right and what happens at Mount Sinai Well you know a lot of things haven't him outside but most sense of going up to the top and he gets the 10 Commandments isn't this also not just really really simple God is saying look I know you guys were slaves in the way that you acted made to slaves but let me tell you how life is with me. Isn't that wonderful Now that's to ensure you apparently according to The New say well how do you know that God wants to be the Bible says it actually Chapter 25 or say this is let them make me a saint sure that I may dwell among them so he wanted to be with us that's why he did this so why would I go to the sanctuary to be with God What do we call the same story today. Yes so why should we go to church or to be with God Apparently the Bible says this I wail God is in the same story who is so great a God is our God So apparently in the same Surely you can see. God's way for you so I want to show you a couple of things this is this is might be a recap might might we not they build the sanctuary and they had this altar. On the altar you if you said you came here and they cut you would have to kill the land the lamb represented you they way they would sacrifice a slam on this altar and then after they had this bronze Labor had water in it the Bible actually calls it the bronze sea in the book of Acts which is kind of interesting and then that was the outer court inside the head the holy place we had this table of show Brad you had this menorah now menorah literally had it was it said it and looked like Omen branches and it was on fire it literally looked like a bush that was on fire we'll get to that and then you had the altar of incense Ok and then inside in the most holy place you had the Ark of the covenant which was the mercy seat the throne of God in the ark of the covenant does anybody remember what was there 10 commandments Yeah the law right in the later says there's a rod and there's there's man of the 10 Commandments so there are some Let me this let me just go through this again this is really really cool right so what are the children of Israel they were in bondage What was the 1st thing that happened to them to get them out a lamb was slain and then after that they went through where the Red Sea and so that was like this water. Bible says in 1st Corinthians that they were baptized into the sea they look. So then they go to the mountain Exodus $24.00 says that they went there Moses and the elders says they ate and drank with God They had bright if you go if you are to go to the table of showbread it is bread at is tensile it looks like they had a little party but that's what happened on the mountain he says and actually the $24.00 that Moses built an altar to the Lord there is our altar of incense and an action is through when Moses was on Mount Sinai again guess what burning bush. This is crazy and then when he went up the mountain what does he get the 10 Commandments which are on the bottom they put on under the throne of God And that's another story but isn't that super cool like this is this way. Ok very very good now so all that's cool yeah I see the got you know you went from card to Moses to Moses and now that's a nice story so what it's 2020. Come back up there. Now to one over here and we're going to. Stay right there now many people have different perceptions of who God is some people have this perception and God is very distant he's very perfect He's very cold he's very calculated and I'm here and he's there and he's actually looking for ways for me never to get to see him. I hope that that's not anyone in this room but that actually is a conversation that many people are having in their minds they're like well like he's absolutely looking for ways for me to go to hell and maybe that's because some of you have toxic relationships maybe you have some people in your life that are literally telling you on a daily basis that you're probably going to go to hell which is harsh. But I want to show you something this is really really cool so here you are and we have the same surely right and here's the situation is is God is again this is no no this is true God is perfect in Him is no sin and he's amazing and he's here and you're here and if I were to ask you to travel if you could physically make it to him on your own do you have anything in you that could make you do that. Yeah. Yeah right but the thing is you personally the corn in the water the Bible says is there really is and no offense there's really nothing any of that's good that's going to make you get there because you have to be sinless and holy. So here you are a slave just like the story of Moses you're a slave do you want to be with God yes absolutely but your ways have got new stuck so this makes sense so you need help now parents that are here like if your child lets because God is our father if your child is hurting what good father would stay here this makes sense Ok so this is where the sanctuary gets fun oh boy this is great. Ok before I go further I need to explain something to you there are some other things in the holy place that these represent by the way does anybody know what the bread you've heard of the bread of life or what does bread represent in the Word of God write the Bible. And incense the prayer. Of instances prayer and these are scriptures right here if you wanted to take it these are scriptures that tell you what I'm saying is true. Ok in the menorah the light the by for this text you're the light of the world it's a Christian witness so you have your prayer Bible study service witness that's what holy place living is now we've never been able to pull that off on our own and this is been a situation for us but a God who's a good father would never let his kid so skinny suffer that wanted to be with him but God so loved the world that he said his only son. That if Tanner wanted to be with him by God's grace that was going to happen so guess what Jesus does because he's on the throne that's what Jesus does he gets off the throne and he lives the perfect life he talks to is then every day they have conversations prayer Bible say that's happening Jesus memorized the whole Bible. His service Shari like a light but everyone around God hates your Jesus did it like Jesus right is not the way that's really the Gospel it did you were Jesus he's so good that he's did that you feel that you know well I mean so he lives this perfect life right and then he goes at 30 and guess what he does he gets baptize because you know what he's known is moving towards you Tanner and then what does he do after he gets baptized What do they do to him they crucified and this is where it's huge at the cross Tanner he comes to you and he says I've come to get you I know you can't make it here but we want you here so I have to cross you Jesus takes your hand and says Do you want to come with me so he says yes and so what Jesus does is he goes Ok fantastic you've asked me into your heart you know what really the 1st logical step would be she get baptized and let me explain to you what life is like as a Christian. We pray we study the Bible and we serve because that's what life is like here you're going to love it now I'm not expecting you to totally get it right now because you're used to being a slave but if you hold on to my hand this is what Jesus say I'm going to take you places you never been and by the way this is where we're headed home. Most Holy Place living this is why Paul could say in the book of Hebrews come boldly to the throne of grace because he understood that this was the destination. Now I mention this last night if any of you were there last night I came to this this tax were or God says If anyone desires to come to me that and deny him self pick up his cross daily and follow me and I ask these questions of war where is he going and what's the cross have to do with it now let me explain to you some things that gets confusing does this make sense what I've shared so far is an awesome God is God Just queenly just explaining how much I love you and how I want this to be and and so let's go back here to the cross Now let me tell you. Some things that some people are saying that I don't I mean I'm given the benefit I don't think they mean what they're saying but the ramifications of what they're saying could be trouble something I've heard people say the cross is a nuff now the cross absolutely is what Jesus did to come get you but he didn't die for you to stay here this makes us it would be the equivalent of let's say that you were swimming in and or were they so in Kentucky that they swim. For Michigan I average lakes everywhere you know so. The river you're in the river right and you're in you're out swimming you can't you know I can I'm drowning and a lifeguard comes any throws a ring around you goes I have saved you and then look you in the river he be like but I don't want to be here and imagine if the lifeguard said you enjoy all the river you want now you are saying you would realize you have a. Rod sure this is a good thing. Trust me you'll love it you see that understand this this is this courtyard theologies the problem and I was how makes how do it I don't get this but but here's what this is what's really interesting when Jesus has. Take up your cross and follow me what he's saying is I want you to follow me here but I actually want you to live like I'm living now what does that actually mean and so so let me just just just really quick pause 30 seconds turn to the person next you. Just really quick what I want I want to say this correctly because I say it wrong it's going to not be good. Tell tell to your neighbor and answer this question Why do you love what Jesus did to save you at the cross so much of what about the act just makes you love it love him this makes sense what about what about that whole you know he came died the whole cross thing. And I don't mean to make it petty but why do you love that so much why does that just make you so happy Ok 30 seconds discussed go 2020. Years when the doors get. Done so you and I think the biggest voice. Just yet we're saying Ok so it unlocked for you a new life I think is a wall there before and then once you think your life that will really be able to see what you know it's good you know that's could be broken on a wall that's going. Could. Already paid to some case all right. It's been maybe 30 seconds Ok Tell me tell me your answers sis this maybe in one of those I'll probably repeat them for the recording or if you raise your hand pain can get you but why why why why somebody yes. Ok makes you feel important Ok yeah absolutely very valuable Yes. Yes. Yeah absolutely access to have an understand of character that's awesome yes. I wouldn't do that for anyone Yeah oh boy. My change of mind here just a minute because no that's not true I totally agree. That anyone else intentional sacrifice yes. Thank you because he did that for me now I have someone who will always be there for me all his so good. Tennis and he broke down a barrier Ok Now now don't read into what I'm trying to tell you just like I'm not suggesting in any way anything negative here but but hear hear hear me out God was on the throne he had a life fully divine perfect nothing has ever anything physically anything spiritually and you know I'm saying this like just perfection Jesus what he does is he goes life as I know where it stops I'm changing my life and what was the number one goal for that change you to save you like you do you if you don't think you're much that's a lie divinity said I'm going to put my life on hold which is again this is why Don't don't take it too far I'm going to that's the wrong word I'm going to change my life and fully live differently because I need you with me does this make sense so when Jesus comes he's fully committed to you now why is this a big deal here's why. Jesus says Pick up your cross and follow me what he's suggesting is that you do exactly what he did and if you don't get this it radically changes your view of the cross if you believe that the cross is the purpose of the cross so the god can take you to heaven and you can be saved you will live a selfish Christian life we're all you're worried about it and we're going to go to heaven and I'm going to go to hell I'm going to heaven I'm going to hell and you know you're all you're worried about like whoa did what I did what I drink what did I say you know am I going to have an you know look at all these poor saps going to hell but I'm going to heaven but when Jesus says Pick up your cross and follow him what he's saying is forget about yourself and start doing what you thought you would never do for someone else this is why Moses you know when God says I'm going to wipe these people out Moses goes no send me to hell but save them Moses got it Moses met him at the cross and picked up his cross and follow them and he was so immersed in how Jesus was it was done and then look kill me send me to hell and he wasn't the only one pulse of the same thing a Roman because he look all go to hell for you he literally said that Jesus is like pick up your cross in follow me live differently so if you wake up in the morning you're experiencing P.B.'s prayer Bible study and service you're literally getting up in the morning then you're saying God who will you show me today that I can lead to you. Because here is what the end time people do you say. Is this really true yet Revelation 14 verse 4 says this that there are 144000 people right and we love the 144000 is that it is right and we love the 3 jewels messages boom this is the money shot that they follow the lamb wherever he goes. Now where is Christ going it's not just it's not just to heaven it's and he is literally circling and trying to reach people for Christ the Bible says this in Revelation 3 now I don't get me wrong he's building the mansion for you but he is at the mansion right now he's at the door of your heart knocking hoping you'll open it and guess what this is the humility of Christ people look through the peephole and they see Jesus not going there are not interested and then he goes like this. To your friends with this girl right you pick up your cross and follow me right a knock on her door show recognize you maybe she'll let me in because I mean you are the hope of glory and she'll look at you in the go ahead 10 years like a good guy like he was a jerk but now everything nothing he said what happened so you know it Tanner's like well Jesus and then you lay wot g s I come not into the Jesus thing and then tanner in his school super awesome Jesus away in his a life preaches a sermon that you hear loud and clear nearly had I want 10 or wants because we all want a holy place living we were here I look at you know it's true even when you're denying him in your life style right now in your hearts you know there's a voice going you know you want this you know we want the peace that comes with this you know that the only things worth living you can't buy. It's nothing more fulfilling than winning a soul to Jesus that someone was lost and now fallen because what God did for there's nothing better than just at saving the life is where it's at and it's like look that's how it is so. So if that's true then picking up your cross is wherever he tells you to go it here's here's here's where this is let me connect this back to the real real talk here. Your whole life everything that you've done has been wonderful Remember we talked about crayons earlier and look at him memorizing half a verse and you know today he prayed at lunch and look at him he got up and preached a sermon he read it but it was good at some point in your life they're not going to say it but you tell me if you tell me this isn't true people are going to expect you to stop being a consumer and to be a contributor because what happened was your entire life all of these people that get it have sad they they've done like Jesus they put their life on hold so you can get it so Mom and Dad high 5 high 5 the Sabbath school teacher and the principal and the whoever and they're like Oh man thank you for sacrificing for my kid and at some point in your life they're hoping that you make the switch and go Ok I'm not going to be a consumer anymore I'm actually going to contribute. Now that's not attractive like flashy thing but it's true everyone's waiting for you to now be what God wants you to be are you going to pick up your cross and are you going to follow Jesus are you going to continue to be a consumer back here and go Jesus save me so where's my big production everything and let me go even a little let me touch a little for let me maybe offend a lot of you stop complaining about that 10 person church that doesn't have the the music set up in the great sermons like you have it college does. And pick up your cross and make the church. Stop saying this is lame and help because here's what I find out when people are actually doing it they will no longer say it's lame because nobody wants to say the early member I guarantee you that lady who could never get all the words Amazing Grace right does not think that 7 school is lame or the music's late there was a good that was because they were doing that you know again everybody wants to go all over the world and save the world and put it on Instagram and everything but nobody post on Instagram here I hear been most service school with 2 people the closest person to me is 50 years older than me and wearing it read in the King James this year nobody puts it on Instagram but let me just say this that maybe God is calling you to do that maybe he is I don't know but here's what the people do that just before Jesus comes they follow him wherever he goes so maybe it's a church and I'm telling you this is someone who's under conviction I go all over the place and tell people how to live I'm just being honest that's what I do Ok We want to speak here and tell everybody how to have life right and then they maybe they'll think you know what you're doing but if but Jesus said this to me just recently he's like look. Why don't you practice what you preach why don't you go to that little church that's just 2 miles from where you live and want to do that and I was like but the good 7 schools 20 minutes away from my 5 year old I may be a good parent right I got. You to practice what you preach and I'm like. Ok Ok. I'll be faithful and I don't know what's going to happen as a result of it but I just I want to are you with me I just want to follow more if we go this makes sense. This is this is what we were created to do and I just want I just want to. I just want to be the world to somebody even if that person is 80. Right for some reason as young people we don't think the Gospel applies to the old people that gathered in forget it like 5 minutes from going to be asleep in Jesus. I can't believe you said it you know it's true we never we never think about it this is a generation that needs to be reached and not only that this is a generation that is so much to teach you so do it let me just tell you this when you do that you're going to have you're going to stop complaining about church you don't like church and I'm going to say this if you've ever watched these movies about this matter with the school or the church you know how the movie always starts this like there's 4 people there you know they're one step from closing down everything's horrible and then someone shows up to change everything you see in it we've seen the movie read the book is that it makes sense it always starts away why not be you and I here's the thing God is actually saying your if you're reading the story this is lame I wish somebody would do it and got it so you know no that's you is this you this is when you step into the story and this is when you do this and they'll make the movie later actually recording right now and then throw the book is being written the movie's being recorded and you'll see I might not be on a.b.c. But when you get to heaven I'm going to point on spots on your crown these are stars you had no idea what was going on but I actually was saving the world for you and you just thought you were doing 7 school come on you know it's true so do it you don't even. Look you. You don't even need anyone's permission there's another excuse I hear is you know the old people won't let go of the power really just do what you can do like you know what I do when I go to my church I talk because that's the only thing I don't do my whole life I've been told you talk too much now you know what I get paid to do talk too much so whatever it is like you maybe like I absolutely love you know Microsoft's new program and we can record dimensions good go work order your church maybe like order could be the order person you know I love to sing whatever just use what God is giving it I'm going to ask you to be someone you're not just to be you and just finding someone if you don't know anybody pretty that God will find someone for you literally pray God give me someone interview or if you're if you can hear them to say God give me the picture of their face right in their head wouldn't it me still so cool if you see this picture some you don't even know it is and then like later on the day you're like there is you know one of every so much far I mean following Jesus can be so amazing Why don't you have that conversation with him you can experience that look again you know God wants us to happen so you know these are person answer some prayers you're like he's like I can't answer that but there are certain person it's a slam dunk he's going to answer so when you pray God will you help me to save people you know always going to answer it so be that So Ok Tanner In closing I feel that you know enough. Just super simple 3 things in closing for you and anyone else listening. Ok that's telling me that this needs to be quick 3 things all right now one practice holy place living prayer Bible study service that's what we do when you're holding the Lord's hand that's how we function he wants to communicate because here's the deal the devil this is how the devil you know breaks up everybody he just stops communication. Listen talk to him sometimes and I don't know if you've heard have you ever had conversations with pick on your sister she school amazing and all this it never happened but you've got a conversation your sister like you're not into it as much as you are other times maybe she's do all the talk and you're like All right here we go. All I'm just being real sometimes your conversations will be one sided and then other times you'll decide to join the conversation but he's always there keep talking don't believe the lie that that conversation with God doesn't exist because it does so do that and pray for every day i give me an opportunity one person Lord please and I believe he'll do it 2nd thing go home and do something for you should now you maybe you already are great keep doing it but be involved in your local church look you know the worst thing you can do the worst thing you can do is go back and tell everybody how great g.y. c. was and how lousy it is there but you know if somebody do that you just do they it is amazing is it was on Pine and here we have. Here ere all this into the podcast and just be depressed or where I'm at spirits of depression by going to an event like that happens at no no don't be that way Ok all right all right so we're going to p.b.s. we're going to go back and work on our church and do something and then. Why already said this but the 3rd thing is this every day. Ask for Conti gives you someone but more than that not just and I love Glo I absolutely love go I'm not just talking McGlone the person is would like to do that to like hey you know glow and that's awesome like I'm so but I'm saying like ask God to give someone that you're going to need to spend time with to spend money on to send to literally be everything to that person in lead them to Jesus now if I were to say to you hey. Everybody look under your seat I I tape $20.00 out of the seat for you to do ministry would you be happy about that. You know make any money I know what you know what you pastors me but if I give that $20.00 should you go do it Ok good just take out your own $20.00 and it isn't funny how $20.00 looks different when someone gives it to you it's true like 20 dollar 30 year old friend yeah I'll spend it no problem you know this is if you blow it I mean a thing right but if you have the $20.00 and the plate comes around you're like oh where's the one. But practice that growth fish still living once you find that God is giving you that hate be that person be the be everything that person spend your time and spend your money on these people and be invested skin in the game and pray for them and see what the Lord does well that is what God is calling us to do that is what I believe is following Christ in these last days and that does make sense begin to do it yes I'm going to call your parents to make sure it's getting all right praise the lord amen how many militarily Yeah man a man anybody a man I'm in I'm totally in our let's pray. Lord thank you for doing everything. So that we can be with you Lord I pray that we would follow you wherever you go people. To businesses parks wherever that is to our churches or help us to be safe so that you can use us for your Korean when sold for so that others may be able to get. Because of you at the cross. Thank. You love. And Jesus. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do I see the supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot.


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