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So... Should I take Time off for God?

Andrew Park


Okay, what’s this missions thing REALLY about? I don’t have time to postpone my life! What would I actually be doing? Is it worth it?


Maybe these are all thoughts or questions you’ve had about taking time off for God. Whether just interested, or you’re seriously considering a decision along these lines, find answers as Andrew breaks down his one year in mission experience in Hong Kong. Hear about what actually happened, the lessons learned, and honest thoughts as you consider this potentially life-changing decision.


  • January 2, 2020
    10:45 AM


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This message was presented at the g.i.c. I meant thank you in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors or do you want to see where. Our rights are going to start on time it just turns 1045 I have the 2nd son here so we're going to be punctual here thank you everyone for coming out to this breakout session My name is Andrew park it's good to see a lot of old faces I feel like a lot of faces that I haven't seen for years. Even some of my friends from Hong Kong are here in the back as well I introduce myself just now but my name is Andrew park Currently I am a student at Michigan State University and I'm studying something called packaging engineering if you're not sure what packaging engineering is just look it up on the Michigan State University website it is a real major and you can get a Ph d. in it. Currently I think you heard at my shorts sort blurb on stage but I was in Hong Kong for the past year and I came back on Friday to the u.s. So it's good to be in a community you know the one thing that was weird is coming back to the u.s. everyone is Chinese and then seeing all these different colors I went to Wal-Mart it was it was a weird experience and also being able to speak English there English speaking people there in Hong Kong but to be able to speak fluently in your own language it's really a blessing that I wasn't able to understand or appreciate until I went overseas. Just to let you know this is a as you can see a presentation on a year in missions and a little disclaimer I was always the guy who is like why should I go overseas when there is a mission field in my backyard we're wasting our time there's plenty of people to be resold I was not always an advocate for overseas missions which is ironic because I'm advocating for right now and for all of us here how many of us grew up in the some day in the search raise your hand Ok so what do you hear quite often during Sabbath school you hear about the mission spotlight you hear about people taking time off going overseas committing to God for multiple years and it's like a distant story you know the question is Would God ever want me or you to take time to go overseas to commit for one year or even more years for training or for missions that's something that we're going to be exploring today Hey good to see everyone good to see all faces. How on a. How is my volume perfect and you know I'm guessing the most majority of heap of us here are either students or working professionals so the question is what I ever have time to take off for God should I ever take time off for God I mean I'm a full time student I'm working 40 plus hours a week there is no time this is not feasible but would God ever want to call me to go into the mission field so as we're diving into this presentation I'm going to be covering a breakdown of my experience and I'm going to end with some takeaways for us to consider so as we jump in if you don't Monem going to my head and we're going to have a word of prayer. Father in heaven or do you know what my experience has been and you know each person here I don't know the background or how you've been working in each person's life but I know that you want to call all of us to service for you in whatever capacity you have in mind so as I share about my experience I ask that you may send your Holy Spirit to fall upon this place I ask that you may send your initials to and camp around us I ask that Satan's Host cannot find entrance into this place and that if there is anyone here that is considering that decision I ask that you may send your Holy Spirit to them as well please be with us Lord we plead for your presence I ask that you may speak to me speak through me I really need you to speak through me Lord in Jesus name we pray Amen so one year in missions how many of you are familiar with one year in missions raise your hand that's literally like 2 people this Ok Ok we've got some people in the back so one here and missions is a a world church a general conference initiative and it's estimated that around 70 percent of the world's population is living in cities Ok we're talking about the entire world 7 plus 1000000000 people living residing in cities and so one of your admissions is really in an initiative to get young people activated for God and get them to commit to going to different places maybe in different countries and committing one year for God in a mission field my question is when you're in big universe when you're in big city settings where are a lot of people were a big concentration of young people college right public universities or a giant concentration of young people are located in public university settings that's just something to keep in mind. And so in 2017 I made a decision I was at a camp for its called a high c. for a public school university students and the main appeal for all of you who want to stand up and commit one year for God in mission to come to the front and to be honest I didn't really think much about my decision I was just like hey my brother took a year off maybe I'll take a year off too so I sit up made that decision and I didn't really know where I wanted to go and in 2018 I received a call from the Chinese Union mission to see if I wanted to be a missionary in Hong Kong and long story short I accepted that call I committed for that decision and I ended up doing going to Hong Kong for one year to do public campus ministries and just to let you know Hong Kong was not my 1st choice Ok I grew I'm from Michigan born the reason to choice I go to Michigan State University that's a public university setting so all my life I was like kind of in the city so I was thinking all right if I'm going to take some time off or God 1st of all I want to become a medical missionary I've been reading some counsel I want to go do some country living I want to get involved in some natural lifestyle Romney's I want to be in the country get some fresh air Ok so i once you go to Cambodia this is not a picture of Cambodia. But this is literally like the picture that I had I'm going to be walking around the farm you know I'm going to eat some really good food I'm going to take a walk in the mountains and it's going to be grand but clearly God had different plans for my experience and the specific project that I was doing with something called the p.c.m. project so you have one year in missions which is a a World Church Initiative and the North Asia Pacific Division was starting to the 1st time they're sending. A group of international missionaries to people in different countries so you got people from Korea got people from Brazil Taiwan and then some people from America's Well all of us we came together we accepted that decision and we were sent off to different public universities in this area basically one year in missions in the n.s.c. territory just to give you a little bit of information on Hong Kong as a light so dim. I guess over the serene Ok Perfect. Works out so Hong Kong is a city located on the southern tip of China as you can see over there and the population is over 7000000 Some will 7 and a half 1000000 people there are languages Cantonese so something that I wasn't not too familiar with when you state when you hear Chinese you actually have 2 major languages which is Mandarin and Cantonese and a majority of mainland China they speak Mandarin and Hong Kong and select portions of China they speak the traditional language which is Cantonese if you're familiar if any of you have been following the news I think Hong Kong has been on international headlines been in 7 plus months of protests against mainland China it's been a very tumultuous situation over there and I'm going to cover that later. Hong Kong has a lot of religious institutions there's a lot of Christian presence but it's estimated that even though you have different established religions 80 percent of the people there don't actually have a religion Ok now the lights are back on and they don't actually have a religion going to go through the timeline here so here I am in the last year in Houston Texas and. I made the decision I committed earlier in 2900 so I had spent some time praying I was asking God to please prepare me I felt a very big burden because God had called me overseas this is my 1st time in a in a different country and I felt a big weight on my shoulders and I remember I was that here at the morning Punin recession I don't know how many of you were at last year's u.i.c. Ok during the morning plenary sessions I remember you know the theme was x. 18 to the end you know we're going to receive power that we're go going to go to the ends of the earth I thought it was a very fitting for the situation that I was in and from Jew I see I flew out to Korea for 10 days for a training session and that's where I met all these wonderful people some of them are actually here I see and it made January of last year which is basically this year we had a dispatch and ceremony where we were sent out to our different locations. Now just to let you know in my mind I had never done your emissions you know all my all my stories of your emissions is like you hear a little highlights of testimonies in different places so I was thinking you know it's probably going to be something like that I had this incident you know Instagram put an ice filter on like nice diversion of my time in missions and I was thinking all right I'm going to be get in there they're going to welcome me in Somehow I had these pictures in my head I'm going to be up front I'm going to be teaching people about Revelation all right now we're going to get all the people from the church we're going to go on these public universities we're going to set up student organizations we're going to get all these people to come out for events people are going to get baptized it's going to be amazing Ok that was the picture that I had my mind this was the expectation that I had by subconscious expectations and I remember the 1st day that I came into Hong Kong the reality. I met some people they took me to my apartment and then I went to a study center slash church where I would be working for the year and I remember my supervisor she told me hey I need to go somewhere people are really busy I need to go somewhere so what I want you to do is I want you to sit here next to the receptionist Ok when students come in there's like this button that you can press Ok they're going to press the button just talk to them Ok so my 1st day in Hong Kong I was a greeter. A stark contrast to what I was expecting and this is not a bad thing it's just I had different expectations and this was really good for me also that same day there was an evangelistic series that was starting so I thought I was going to be the one doing the event of this experience actually I'm just watching from a satellite location Ok so there was a lot of different things for me to get adjusted to. These are some pictures of me at the local church. Actually a wonderful local church and I had a lot of adjusting to do so I'm Korean American I was born and raised in Detroit I don't speak Korean Ok so even though I look very much American and because I grew going to Korean church I thought I was very multicultural but I realized I'm not I'm not very multicultural and I had to learn a lot of new things you know learning a new culture learning a new language new way of transportation new food even though I grew up on Asian food it was still a little bit different. Just new way of life getting into reading with this church in other things that I had to use who was just being quiet so in America I was very involved in my church and we had a lot of people coming to be say Hey how are you good good to see you thanks for coming here I am I'm the visitor now. I'm the visitor I'm the outsider I don't know the language people are talking and having conversations I can't really engage in it what am I going to say I don't even know what they're saying so I had to learn a lot of different things during my time and really just join in a new way of life in that was probably the 1st couple months of my experiences getting to know the church getting involved getting integrated fixing up my apartment learning how to shop in a different place with a new kind of money and I can't really speak the language and in the beginning of March I and I started to go on to these public universities so there were 8 major universities in Hong Kong and 2 of the universities that I was doing outreach on was one called City you City University and Baptist University of Hong Kong and just to let you know in America I was always used to working in teams teams teams teams teams big teams Ok We're going to plan this are you guys go on do this do this Ok we'll just make sure everything is done now I have no team now it's just me Ok I don't speak Cantonese I'm going on to these universities and I'm not a student either so I'm like Matt this is really uncomfortable I don't even know what I'm doing I'm supposed to be doing this all your comment if you live near a public university or community college Ok put yourself Ok get in your car in your mind get in your car and drive over to the university and then park in the parking lot and then walk out to one of the campus areas now you're going to be here for the next year Ok you're not a student Ok there's no advantage there there's not really any Christians there either over there are Christians but you don't know them Ok Also you don't do anything else this is what you're doing full time how would you feel easy. Now very easy right this is what I was doing I had to go on to these universities I had to make this survey I made this little survey and I tried a lot of experimenting on different things and by the grace of God I was able to talk to some people I ended up paying out eating a lot of meals with people doing some Bible studies something I realized that the people in Hong Kong are very secular so in America you know everyone knows about the Bible everyone. Not everyone believes in the Bible but everyone knows about the Bible everyone knows about Jesus but in in Hong Kong you've got a lot of people from mainland China it's a communist government. And a lot of people and they believe that the Bible is a good book of morals but everything is fake everything is just good stories I can take some good lessons of parts of my life but this is not relevant to my life so that was kind of my experience there so that was my experience from probably January to May I was doing this for 5 months going on these universities hang out at this study center Hey and I was also an English tutor so when students came in Hey I'm from America way you look you're Chinese and I know I'm Korean I'm from America I speak English and they start speaking chinese to me so. It was kind of interesting. That's what I was doing and I remember in in end of May a friend of mine from the u.s. she sent me a message on Facebook messenger. And it was in an article entitled The End of Hong Kong is almost here and this article talks about how there is this extradition bill basically the Hong Kong government is trying to pass legislation to allow people who are suspected of criminal offenses to be sent back to me and then China and then they can be tried there is for safety purposes but the reality is they would be using this as a foot in the door because right now Hong Kong I should give you a little more context So Hong Kong is something called a special administrative region so they were a British colony until 1907 and when they were handed over they were given 50 years guarantee protection of their own government system democracy etc And because of this bill now anyone who is suspected of a crime whether it's religious or even political against a communist government they can be just taken away you're going to be tried in a closed court you're going to be convicted behind closed doors and no one's going to hear about you again so this would be a a subtle way of breaking down the protection that Hong Kong has and it was a pretty big deal and I heard about a lot of protests that were going to be starting and you know what I thought was. You know in the local news you hear about strikes we're like protests what is what is usually the picture like the video is on local news maybe like 20 to 30 teachers rallying around a school and they want higher wages right that's kind of that was my picture of a protest I had no clue what was was what was coming but this was brewing and also in. In May my girlfriend ended up coming so I felt like I hit a wall I'm doing this outreach going these universities trying to do Bible studies no one spiritually interested I'm trying to get people to connect to connect with the church this is basically impossible and it was getting a little bit discouraging for me I was also by myself in a new culture once again and finally my girlfriend came that's the one Nicole Nicole is actually right here she's beautiful. So she came and I was really encouraged when she came so finally we're a community so I'm a guy a little bit more conservative so when I was doing outreach I only talk to guys so like 70 percent of the people I couldn't talk to because Hong Kong is more girls than guys. And so finally we can approach both genders who are a community and we started going out to. Do mission work together it was an amazing experience and she also finally had to go through the same experience I did accept she had to go through even more so because I had some kind of context because I'm Korean but she's straight up American you know American and she's a new culture everything bam bam bam bam she was living in a shelter with Filipino people so it was a completely different experience so I had a helper integrate into that as well and this is one thing started picking up speed in June 6th you know how I told you I thought it was going to be 302030 people I was talking to some people yeah I'm going to this protest in Victoria Harbor I was thinking Ok great you're going to have a little 200 people it's going to be a little dinky thing. Over a 1000000 people came out to this protest and they're protesting against what is happening in Hong Kong they want to protect the freedoms that they have and this was the start of a major think a major thing that I had no clue what was going on or what I was expecting and so I just want to let you know just as a disclaimer while I'm talking about the mission experience simultaneously all of these things are starting to happen these are some pictures taken by my phone it started off peaceful you know peaceful protests but it started escalating into something that was more violent and the protests I guess brought into into more police brutality etc They wanted to get more international attention here are some pictures of companies that are in support of the communist government they were targeted by the protesters and this was just a huge deal so I'd be eating dinner you know I be eating dinner in my apartment and I live on an intersection and it almost be normal I look on my window and there just be police just shooting out tear gas and then protesters dispersing vandalism graffiti everywhere it was just part of the experience Ok so just keep that in mind also our work was our worst schedule was impacted by this we had to go home earlier because the public transport was shot down except her and this was all part of the spirits as well. So Nicole and I started doing outreach Once again I said we're we're a community now and as you can see there are some girls in these pictures praise the Lord that we can talk to girls. And these are some pictures did a lot of eating out Ok you know. I always thought my picture of vandalism was all right so you guys want to do about was that. Our So we got to start with dental too right Ok whatever they do we do a lot of eating out. A lot of hanging out with people because what I found out the hard way and this is maybe an obvious thing for you but you need to start with friendship you need to become people's friends and when we were doing our research we did a lot of experimenting like do you believe in God that didn't go well that didn't go well or different kind of biblical approaches for evangelism guess what the most effective approach was for reaching public university students who are very secular. This is what we did. You have 5 minutes for a quick survey Graham who I'm Andrew is mine from Nicole we're just from America and then you know we do we wouldn't even do a service we literally just have a conversation with them literally just talk to them and get to know them and guess what that was the most effective method for eventually for us breakthrough moment for me I also got to just on a side it wasn't all just we had some time off we got some chances to travel and sight see. That's that's a picture of Bruce Lee That's a floating restaurant just as I think this is like a side pit stop and. I have one testimony of one of the people we are reaching out to we go on campus and the one goal that Nicole and I had is we just want to have one good interaction you know sometimes with the Ok we need to go out and do our reach for 2 hours that's not really good for your site cycle if you're doing it every day just one good interaction so we're looking around and we came across this girl who looked like a student and she looked like she was an international student and longs to research we ended up having a a 45 minute conversation with her we found out his G.'s hearing impaired she's actually deaf she can only hear consonants but she can read lips and we hung out with her so much like we hung out with her a lot and the cool started having some spiritual conversations with her her per dad is Buddhist she has no religious background and long series Sir we ended up buying her a Bible Ok we bought her a Bible when we see her next maybe like a week later we saw her a week later guess what that Bible was marked up it had it had like Page marks she started writing on like different Bible study things she was telling us about faith it was an amazing thing this girl who has no spiritual background who we just met on this public university who is deaf we can't really communicate with her God used OSs to bring her the Gospel masses and she started developing a relationship with God Currently she's still doing Bible studies she's talking with the next missionary and she's gotten more connected with the church praise the Lord for that prison. In other part of our experience here was in August we went to visit one of the surrounding islands and with a couple people from one of the other local churches and while we were hanging out and talking we got on the topic of the Christian life. About ministry things are very busy it's hard to have a devotional life there and something that their their church did was united prayer Ok so my experiences with United prayer prior to this was before I was converted it was like people would come in we'd have a united Per I thought it was kind of like pseudo just some feel good thing you know feel good thing and then we go home I don't really put much emphasis on the United prayer but they talked about the importance of it their church does all night united prayer and we ended up having a session of United purred that day and from that time on this was in August I sort of listen to audio verse people like. Jerry and Janet page wrong clues a and I read a book called sets of personal revival I started getting more resources on the revival and reformation page which is General Conference and I realize that God was trying to tell me something he was telling me Andrew you know you're fretting about this mission stuff you want to have all this success and you're trying to do in your own string and guess what it's not working what you need is the Holy Spirit what you need is so learn how to prate So God placed that upon my heart and from then on Nicole and I dedicated one day a week you know I did prayer interceding for our church interceding for friends interceding for Hong Kong. That became an integral part of our experience and I guess one testimony on United prayer one of the peak 11 roadblock that we ran into is when you are an international missionary and you speak a different language and you're coming into a local church you know you would you know ideally things are going to be very integrated but in reality you're separated a little bit you you can't really fully integrate you know so we realize that the relationships that we had with the local church members were not the strongest and we wanted in those relationships so there's this girl I got her consent by the way to share this. In the arrow who's there was pointed her and we weren't really seeing her throughout the week she works a lot so we started praying Lord we want to spend more time with this girl we pray that for probably about 2 weeks 2 weeks later she got into an accident with 2 other church members they were driving around in a disorder called with a Montauk Oh typo Ok typo that's my supervisor by the way she came in from Hong Kong so you can say I later so we're driving around there's a taxi that came T.-Bone the car car was totalled this girl had minor spinal injuries once in the hospital and I'm thinking we're never going to see her again we're never going to see this girl again some are couple days later at the study center she had to take time off work as she can't go into her spinal injuries she had like this thing on her neck she said Hey Andrew Niccol I'm not going into work you guys want to do Bible studies and study English every single day. I was like. Sure now let's do it so we started doing Bible studies and studying English every single day and finally she got her m.r.i. she was good to go back to work and right before she got back to work she said hey you know I really like what we were doing. I'd really like to me 2 days a week I prefer 2 hours a day but I can only do one hour so can you guys meet one hour a day for twice a week it's like sure Ok that was the end of the testimony we went from not even seen this girl we prayed for 2 weeks got into an accident and now we're starting to buy with her twice a week praise the Lord God answers prayers in unexpected ways. But just because you are spending time in Internet intercessory prayer in the United prayer it doesn't mean that things are going to be easy from there you're still going to encounter opposition and you're still going to encounter difficulty so while we were engaging in this United prayer in the beginning of November how many of you are following news on Hong Kong Ok some of you in the beginning of November these these protests began escalating and they started having classes on the universities and this is one of the universities called Polytechnic University and there was a whole event were soon were trapped in the school for multiple days because they didn't want to get arrested for protesting because it's like a 10 year sentence if you're convicted and these protests started escalating in different universities throughout the city and I think it was like after the 10th of November but all of a sudden Ok there was a couple days we couldn't go into work and all of a sudden every single university in Hong Kong sot down for the rest of the semester no one's allowed to go into the universities Ok Do you know what Nicole and I sign up for public campus ministries. Every single one of our mission fields was sought down in November we only have like 2 months left Ok it was kind of a discouraging thing and I realized something I realize that I'm powerless I can't control the way that society is turning and I was thinking why would God bring us to Hong Kong and engage in mission work and be spending months in prayer and be going up all the time doing outreach trying to talk to these people only to just have all the universities shut down and everything be in vain and then we go back home to America we just wasted a year at this point I had a decision to make and the decision was am I just going to wallow up and discouragement give up or am I going to press on faith and have patience and actually apply the lessons that God was teaching me the past year very slowly because I'm hard to learn is hard for me to learn I'm impatient God knows he's made these lessons and despite the difficulties on December 1st we had an event where we finally take after 11 months got 6 of the friends that we met on these universities we got them connected with the local church at a bowling event praise the Lord for that we're trying all year for this and after the universities close down finally we're able to connect some people with a local church you know even though we're having a lot of difficulties God sort of answering prayers in the last month that we were there I have one more testimony here this is a student from City University he's from mainland China I met him we met I'm just doing our reach and he told us that he's going back to me and then China he left at the beginning of December we were leaving at the end of December so we wouldn't see him before he comes back so he wanted to hang out before you know he left because we would never see him. Now I'm going to give you a little confession here this guy we've been hanging out with a couple times a pretty secular dude. He didn't seem very spiritually interested he would text me all the time like so what's like American economics like it's like what are the popular brands like you guys use i Phone or like Sims texting me all the time and like our Lord on the machine or I'm going to text that bomb I hear to tax people you know I'm here to just text people casually but I honestly I was texting this guy casually for 3 months I don't do that with anybody literally island without anybody noticing man this guy's we sing our time he's not even spiritually interested in this guy's not even a seeker what we're going to do fine and we're just going to meet up with him we'll grab a meal this will be all formality we'll say bye Good to see you and we're never going to see him again that was what I thought wasting our time but before we hang out with him Nicole and I had a prayer that God would lead the interaction he came over to the study center we sat down and we started talking and I was like are I was relaxed you know we're just hanging on. And then while we're talking and hanging out Holy Spirit began to talk to me he's like you guys prayed that God that I would do something if you need to put forth your effort and he was impressing me to take this conversation spiritual home so I was thinking all right I'm never going to see this guy again and why not why not just go all the way why not try He's so I started asking him a very big I just brief overview of what we talk about as our sort of asking about that communist government led into questions about religious freedom what he thought about that I asked him if he had any religious background I asked him if you knew about the Bible and long story short. We had an impromptu spontaneous Bible study on Daniel Chapter 2 talking about prophecy full blown Bible study he was blown away we ended up giving him some glow tracks he accepted the Saudi He signed up for the Study Center and we're still in contact with him today and he's going to get more connected when he comes back praise the Lord for that are you kidding me this guy was not spiritually interested though this guy was wasting our time I'm just texting him but like i Phones. How could this lead into this god can do things in the last moment in the last minute Amen he can do anything and I learned a very valuable lesson and lesson was in the morning so that I seed and in the evening withhold not on hand for the hour no it's not whether to prosper either this or that or whether they both alike shall be good they that so when tears are reaping joy he that go with Forth and weep with bearing precious seed sowed doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing his sheaves with him that's the promise that God gives to us we are to sow beside all waters we don't know what will prosper the people that we thought Man these gods are on it they just accepted a Bible study they want to believe in God literally never see these people again like what happened and how this guy you this guy is not even a seeker he's not even interested just accepted I had to learn some hard lessons So in conclusion I guess though we face a lot of different obstacles in the end we thought that all of our labor is coming it's a vain and God decides to show his hand in the last minute. Friends got connected with the church in December guys in December I was here for 11 months and not really much was happening in December why does God always do things at the last minute in December friends are connected with the church we had a a wonderful time we handed off our work to the next missionary and we pray we hope and pray that public campus ministries in Hong Kong which was not really don't which was not really big will continue with the next missionary after the efforts of Nikolai put in we also pray that God will continue building momentum and working with the city and doing unbelievable and unexpected things with this church Nicole and I learned a lot of things one thing that I learned a lot was patience I'm naturally a very impatient person. So patience was a big one consistent United prayer relying on the Holy Spirit. But I would say the one thing that I realized after this year in mission is that I'm a broken man and I need the Lord and I and I need the Lord to do a greater work in my life and I need to work the Lord to do a greater work in my heart and I want to be more consecrated to God and I want to be more consecrated for his cause the Andrew that stands here today although I may look the same maybe a little bit skinnier is not the same Andrew that started my year in 2019 when I was in Korea we were doing these this training and I remember there was one of the Korean pastors he was doing a. A seminar and he was talking about the previous missionaries people who went pm and missionaries pioneer missionary movement missionaries starting work in different places and he said The one thing that all these missionaries said after they came back from the mission if you would was. I went out to the mission field to impact my mission field I came back and I was the one who was impacted I thought I was going to be the one doing the impacting in reality I was the one who was impacted I remember hearing that in January and to be honest this is what I thought I thought the reason that these people are seeing this is they're trying to justify reasons why they didn't have any success in their mission field that was why they did it but now that I'm back here you know what the conclusion that each of these missionaries came to is the very same conclusions I came to I went out to impact the mission field I thought I was some amazing thing or something but the reality God have to show me that I'm nothing and he had to impact me in the mission to bring you back I want to close with. This quote This is from gospel workers I was reading to gospel workers and says the Lord disciplines workers that they may be they may be prepared to fill the places appointed them he desires them to do more acceptable service God brings about what God brings about a a change in their lives perhaps the places before them duties that they would not choose some God trains by bringing to them what disappointment and apparent what. That was on a sea of majority a majority in my experience disappointment and apparent failure a lot of discouragement I had to go through and says it is his purpose that they saw a learn to master difficulties continuing on and says a life of monotony is not the most conducive to spiritual growth some can only reach the highest standard of spirituality only through a change in the regular order of things Ok so we're going to school right to go to class come back I'm going to eat my lunch are got to wash the dishes Oh I got a 1030 class and that's life oh I gotta go to work Ok gotta come back oh man I gotta eat dinner where I washes Ok I'm going to read oh automata about I work tomorrow some people Ok some of us in this room the only way that we can reach as high a span centered spirituality is of God changes of our life if God changes of our life are going to continue one in his what was Providence God's direct leading Ok when in his problem ins God sees that changes are essential for the success of character building he disturbs the smooth current of the life he sees that a worker needs to be more closely associated with him and said bring this about he separates what is that word he separates him from friends and acquaintances when he was preparing a larger for translation God moved him from place to place that the prophet might not settle down at ease and thus fail of gaining spiritual power it was God design that Eliza's influence should be a power to help many souls to gain a wider more healthful experience was my time in Hong Kong all super easy and pleasant no was there frustration involved. Yeah there was Were there tears involved. But I think there were some tears. But you know what who cares about difficulty who cares about difficulty if at the end of the day the experience draws us closer to the heart of God you're not in this seminar by accident maybe like all the other seminars are full and this is the only one available whether you have decided to come into the seminar or not you are not in this seminar by accident and for some of us God wants to bring us to a place where he can change us and grow us but guess what the only way he can put us in this situation is if we're broken on the rock which is the Lord Jesus Christ and for some of us the only way that we can actually be broken is if we're taking off from our current current God's purposes not just involve us in one year in missions specifically but what God wants to do is involve us in prayer and prepare us for a life long service for the master I didn't internship in 2018 I was doing back to back internships for packaging and I remember when I was doing my one on ones with my advisors I was talking to like the Big Boss person in charge of North America for the r. and d. department and I realized that after this person graduated from college she worked for the next 3040 years she never got a break she's in her sixty's and she's doing the same thing that she started doing when she was 20 guys life will not stop. If you think that 234 years getting ahead will get you financially stable guess what all those years are blowing by you don't even remember those years you don't I don't remember don't remember those things but when you make a decision to take time off or got to commits Hama for God This is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life and guess what we're talking about return on investment this is something we can even quantify the return on investment one little decision to take either 6 months one year or more for God can result in a complete change of life trajectory this is my experience that's how I was converted I had to beat removed from my current environment we don't know the returns of making a decision to serve God John 141 through 3 says you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house there are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go and prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you on some Myself that where I am there you may be also Revelation 2212 says behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be Jesus is coming soon he's preparing a place for us and he wants us to be ready for this experience and here's my question he's looking for a laborers in his vineyard he's looking for laborers and has been pray you the Lord of the harvest that he might send forth laborers into his harvest and my question for you today is get involved in missions or training. Get involved in missions or training what are you going to do when you go take a year off or God honestly I have no clue I have no clue what you're going to do but why not don't ask we why should I know ask why not take time off for God why not God doesn't need you or me but he wants to mold us and prepare So my question for you today for all of us who are sitting here is if God is speaking to your heart and you want to consider taking time off for God in either missions or training and you want to take this you are see to look in the exhibits hall and look for training opportunities if that's where you want please send up if you want a man if you want to take this. God is calling this is not my appeal this is the Lord's appeal from the Bible if you want to take some time off for missions or training opportunities so that you can be prepared for greater service for the master and you want to use this exhibit this you are see to look for opportunities I ask you to please send. Amen amen praise the Lord praise the Lord and praise the Lord praise the Lord God knows your decision Amen praise the Lord a month a month my 2nd a month or a month God sees or decision God sees your decision my 2nd appeal is if you're on the fence Ok maybe you came here you're in like a particular either steep academic or work situation it doesn't seem feasible but you're willing to consider you're open to the idea of taking time off for God please send if you're open to the idea of considering please send praise the Lord praise the Lord for those a while for those of you who may have made decisions Here's the one thing if you don't follow up with with your decision you're never going to follow up. I think there was a Jew r.c. were like 300 people made a decision to do one year off for God and like one person respond one person actually followed through with that decision God is speaking to us in this seminar session and he wants us to get involved to get plugged in and to become a worker for him and my appeal to you is don't wait to follow through with your decision actually go tonight and look for Mission opportunities. I don't know if there was will be someone here to. Give I think there's a paper I'm going to have to follow up on that but if you are interested please stay behind we're going to try to get you more connected we praise Laura for your decision. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot org.


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