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Why I Don't get the Gospel

Dee Casper


It's easy to assume that the message of Christ Our Righteousness is just a theological concept. But it's actually a beautiful truth that is meant to transform every area of our lives. Spiritually, physically, and psychologically. This breakout session will show what God intended this most precious message to do in our daily life.


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program


  • January 2, 2020
    10:45 AM


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This message was presented at the g.i.c. conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on line do you I see red or. All right it is 1045 I'm supposed to start at 1045 and I'll need every minute I can get so we're going to go ahead and begin. If you remember last night I couldn't remember what the seminar was called even though I gave a title some proud of you for coming anyway I do know a few things in life I'll just sleep deprived it is called Why I don't get the gospel and so you're here I'm here let's pray and ensure that God is here and then let's talk about Jesus Yeah right God in heaven thank you for the privilege to know you this message of Christ Our Righteousness is a blessing and in the very short allotted time I'm given I pray that you would bless us that it would be clear that would be simple and above all else we pray that it would warm our hearts and we ask this now in Christ Jesus' name amen I have the privilege of working for the Pennsylvania conference we have started the school of evangelism that is head over heels in love with the message of Christ Our Righteousness the school is called core I have post cards here we have a booth as booth 120 and you can find us there we have all kinds of experiences it's a 9 months training program that's for 18 to 30 ish age range little bit more than that's totally fine but to be after high school we work study options to make it more affordable to learn how to do Bible we're canvassing how to use social media to advance the Gospel health evangelism organic agriculture we just got back from spending 2 weeks in Cuba man that was a blessing we also have a heavy emphasis on mental health and in practical Christianity in knowing how to share your faith through public speaking and so forth so Dwight Mills is teaching and preaching Stephen Grabner owner of relationship McCarty on the covenants campus ministries is coming to teach us about campus stuff Nathan energy it was already a Rico Hill Paul conifer Chad Barnard Anyway we got booth 120 Come see us there's a lot more information to be found there and we have a new promo video that should be assaulting your Facebook feed any day now so. Let's go why I don't get the gospel so our similar this morning is on the topic of the Gospel and why it's so difficult for us to believe that it would really. We take 4 to 5 sessions to fully do this justice but I'm thankful for the time that I am given some of it to move with purpose all of my notes will be available to you and I'm going to resource you I have a lot of stuff I can give you explain more after today's seminar. So Adam and Eve fell and they fell by being convinced of lies about God and His character right Satan insinuated these lies about him and they were believing lies about themselves and their standing with God right this is what set them up for a lot of trouble the lie that God is not for you he's against you that he's withholding good things from us that his warnings are meaningless and that he can't be trusted I'm going to have to take care of myself because God won't take care of me these lies are deeply embedded in our d.n.a. since the fall and it's going to require It's going to require encountering the truth and daily reflecting upon that truth to overcome them and I believe this is why Ellen White says we should spend a thoughtful hour every single day reflecting upon the life of Christ and particularly the closing scenes of his suffering and of his eventual death so the Gospel is meant to uproot those lies in our hearts and minds and to roost in a truth that can set us free is this isn't John verse 37 that you may know the truth in this room shall set you free believing these lies leads us to make decisions that harm ourselves and others which in turn leads us to be filled with shame with guilt with self-hatred and thoughts of condemnation something we're going to have to wrap our minds around as a people is that sin is not merely physical or verbal actions or unholy thoughts sin is deeply embedded in the psyche and it's an l. working of a belief system of lies that we're believing at the very core of our being. It's much deeper than I said the wrong thing I did the wrong thing there's something wrong in the core belief level within my being that has to change and Satan the Bible says is the author of those lies in John Chapter 8 in verse 44 so in this context then we've become so hardened through our guilt and shame that a gospel that offers a solution in a receiving the love that we know we don't deserve is going to awaken opposition and suspicion of someone come up to you and offer you a gift that you really know you don't deserve and you wonder what are these people about you maybe even a little bit distrustful initially hesitant those lives that we've been dealing with for thousands of years have caused us to not believe what the Gospel actually teaches and to distrust what the Gospel actually teaches and this is why we don't believe the gospel and would prefer a solution that comes from within ourselves and our own efforts instead of learning to find security in the achievements of another that's why I would feel better about trying to earn it myself knowing fairly well they're not going to get there then I have to face the fact that I have nothing to offer any someone else to give me something that I know good and will that I don't deserve but thankfully and Isaiah Chapter 61 of verse 3 the prophetic call of Jesus offers a solution to these deeply imbedded lies in our core beliefs he says he's coming to preach good tidings to the poor to heal the broken hearted to proclaim liberty to the captives to open the prison to those who are bound to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord to come for all who mourn to console those who mourn to give them beauty for ashes the oil of joy for mourning and the garments of praise for a spirit of heaviness. Guys this is what most of our experiences look like we're filled with morning we don't feel that we could be accepted we are bound in prison to lies and discouragement and defeat and Jesus is coming to give relief to all of this the whole point of the gospel is to heal every aspect of our being this 1st shows us that God has a plan to unravel those lies the shame the thoughts of condemnation and he's since Jesus to do a powerful work of redemption and to deliver us from the emotional and psychological havoc that sin has brought in this train and this is why I'm so passionate about the topic of mental health because the gospel is not just meant to heal bad theology that we're calling people add a valid one we're not just telling them to exchange philosophical views it's putting people in captivity emotionally psychologically and spiritually understanding the Gospels meant to set the entire person free and that's what Jesus came to do and this is why I think we need to talk about this topic even more and here's what happens when we let Jesus heal the very depth of our being in those root lies deceit in the sun in our in our d.n.a. for thousands of years this is what happens when we allow that good leaven to leaven the lump of our own hearts and they shall rebuild the old ruins as Isaiah $61.00 of verse 4 they shall rebuild the old ruins they shall raise up the former desolations they shall repair the ruined cities and the desolations of many generations those perpetual generational curses of these lies of cause this is what our allies feel like when facing what our sins have done to us and the people around us and what other people sins have done to us it makes our life feel like a heap of ruins doesn't it it is a disaster I'm a disaster. But the true Gospel of Christ the message of Christ Our Righteousness has this very if healing effect upon people it heals us right it repairs the ruin places it raises up the desolations and this is what's happened in my life this is what's happened in the lives of the people that I minister to and we have a powerful case study from the 889 revivals that happen in the absence church when this message of Christ Our Righteousness was brought to our people who are in darkness and bondage because they didn't see Jesus in their own message and they feel overwhelmed by the expectations of God without knowing how to achieve them ever been there overwhelmed by the expectations of God but not knowing how to get there Paul talked about this a Roman 7 for I know that in me that is in my flesh how much good will nothing nothing good will for to will is present with me but how to perform what is good I don't find like I know that God expects me to be obedient to the law but I don't know how to get there because I've tried and I've tried and I've tried but I'm not succeeding and then you had this response that maybe something like your per life last night Oh wretched man or woman that I am who will deliver me from this body of death when 889 many of our people had this very experience of failure in confusion while earnestly desiring to serve God you want to serve God you want to do what's right but you keep messing up along the way I know what God wants but I don't know how to get there and we feel so condemned by or feel pursuits you have been there. But the 89 revivals and the testimonials of people who encounter the message of Christ Our Righteousness shows us 1st of all that freedom is possible and that freedom is found when we see our message in its proper perspective and we understand what our role is and what God's role in role is in the plan for transformation and we also see how God views this in our journey towards that transformation because some of us may feel like it's not until I'm transformed that God would actually look upon me favorably but in the book Return lettering Volume one by Rhonda field it's the most exhaustive history we have of what actually happened in heaven leading into and afterwards until 1901 is when this book ins. And it's using only primary sources so it's not relying upon historians point of view or what they think happened what they say happened it's looking at what Ella White said happened what people who were present at the meetings it happened and so forth it's really really helpful it's the best treaties we have on this and in chapters 8 and 9 of his book called revivals one in 1002 I was flabbergasted and merely a Finn did to find out that Pentecost was happening in the 7th Day Adventist Church and the latter rain was falling in the 7th Day Adventist Church in 180-980-9891 extension 993 no one told me no one told me that the very thing we're praying for and have perished is for has already happened and there is a blueprint to see it happened again. The history's there guys and so that book can actually be found in the booths in booth 111 to the return lettering booth and also if you go to Illinois audio dot org You can download the audio book for free and all the footnotes are there so pin a cost of Healing Rain were falling on the 7th they had this church from $800.00 the $993.00 the laughter words and l. White tells us the Latter Rain was beginning to fall then so clearly something important was being communicated that time if heaven is going to send its most powerful sign of endorsement if heaven is sending rain the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in response to a message it's indorsing what has been shared and so the rest of this morning's is going to be covering some of those themes that were addressed during that time I can't do all of it right there's very little time today but again a resource into it I can say here's the problem Romans 323 tells us that we all continue to sin is and it continues even the original language Romans 623 tells us the wages that sin is death as if it's universe to tells us why because that sin separates was from God And John 14 tells us that God is our source of life that's a problem yeah God made us for life Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly but we right now are living in a battlefield where there are casualties Yeah we live in the midst of a great controversy so humanity is facing a massive to face problem death and that which causes death which is sin but God's posture towards us does not change even though we have fallen Amen and this is one of the beautiful messages that was shared during that time his posture has always been for us and not against us and we see this clearly in x. text because a Roman chapter 5 or say We're told that God demonstrated his own low force Notice Jesus didn't come to convince the father to love you God since Jesus because he already loved you in this says while we were still sinners. You with me that's good news this implies that God is for you and not against you while we were still sinners Christ died for us so even though we have sinned God seeing us in our darkest condition since Jesus to die for us into provide for us complete salvation so God clearly here is taking the initiative and doesn't wait for us to do something before he comes after us and begins the work of redemption in our behalf so that's very good news then God is not reactionary he's the one making the 1st move before we get anything right and in encountering his love for us 1st this is what awakens the reciprocating love in our own hearts 1st John 4900 phrase it this way that we love Him because He 1st loved us it is impossible to love God and to you 1st encounter his love for you amen which is again why Ellen White says that we should spend a thoughtful hour every single day reflecting upon the life of Christ particularly the closing scenes so Jesus not just loves you and God not only loves you but he longs for you to know and believe the love that he has for you not just to hear about it to be intellectually convinced he want you to experience really know it and to believe it with every ounce of your being that's 1st John chapter former 16 and this most precious message I believe is what God wants the people in the world to see to better understand the love that God has for them and it will give them the intrinsic motivation for sake anything that would pull them away from him in no one is going to surrender to God unless they 1st know that he already loves them. Why would you do surrender to someone who you don't believe has your best interest at heart you wouldn't want to do that which is again why God is smart and shows you love before you deserve it which awakens within you a desire to reciprocate so here's the big issue we don't naturally possess the righteousness of the law requires Yeah. We don't have it we lost our robes of righteousness as a people when Adam and Eve sinned and lost their covering and that's why they were naked and felt shame but thankfully also in Genesis 3 we see that God preaches the gospel of a suffering messiah who is to come who will eventually crush the serpent's head and Romans 8 breaks down what's available to us through his conquering of Satan and how he conquered see Romans chapter 8 in verse one says this There is therefore how much condemnation no come donation for those who are aware for those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according to the flesh but according to The Spirit for the law the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death and in so Jesus death clears all of the debt that Roman 623 told us the wages of sin is death Jesus's death clears out that dead and it frees us from the condemnation that we deserve in the judgment and this becomes credited to your account and my account when we respond to his faith in us and place our faith in Him and trust him to be our righteousness we see that the Spirit is the agent that God uses to set us free from that cycle of sin and death that apparently is so strong that he equates to a law right for the law the spirit of life in Christ Jesus had made us free from the law of sin and death and the solution so far seems to be that we need to be found in Christ to have the Spirit do work that lives in us this disparate we need it synchronize 517 alludes to this Therefore if anyone is where in Christ what does God do he makes them a new creation the old things pass away behold all things have become new. So going back to Romans 8 here's what we're told for what the law could not do and that it was weak through the flesh God did by sinning his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and on account of sin he condemned sin in the flesh here's the point it took me a long time to understand this verse it took me quite a while the law couldn't save us that's the point he's making what the law cannot do save you because this week to the flesh because my flesh can't keep the law on his own God does but did by sending Jesus in flesh just like yours. In flesh like yours and in doing so Jesus condemns in the flesh and overcame sin in the flesh he became our perfect standard of righteousness in human flesh so that when we're found in Christ all the achievements that Christ achieved are now credited to us through His Spirit that's the point in a verse chapter 4 we see the end result of that Jesus does all of this so that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in who in us who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit so Jesus living the successful and righteous life in flesh like ours opens the door for us to have access to righteous life that we have not lived and that the law requires and we have access to that in Christ by faith through His Spirit so this is what's implied when you hear the phrase Christ Our Righteousness we have earned no righteousness we have not achieved righteousness we have access to what was achieved in the past in Christ and it becomes a present reality in our lives through faith in the outworking of His Holy Spirit that's what's implied. And l.-y. breaks it down like this she says the righteousness by which we are justified is imputed the righteousness by which we are sanctified is imparted The 1st is our title to heaven the 2nd is our fitness for heaven now some of these are nerdy terms that we don't define very often but we use them and it kind of confuses are people so the imputed righteousness of Jesus is His righteous life being credited to you when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior all of his achievements are credited to you you are viewed as righteous when you accept Christ and trust him to be your righteousness and then at that very same time another faith that's what's called justification at the very same time another phase begins of Jesus now making that a literal reality in your life by changing your life right that's called sanctification or it's imparted to righteousness that's the tangible delivery of Christ's righteous life in your life that's when we give our life to Jesus there's things that we don't do that we used to do before we gave our lives to Jesus so you're viewed as righteous and in that process in viewing you as being righteous he now begins a process of making you righteous so it makes sense that you are viewed as righteous while he's making your righteous assuming you walk in the situation where if you leave Jesus the process starts all over again but again he's for you you should come back and keep going. So we are declared righteous while God is making us righteous and this is such good news for people who want to overcome in a make sincere decisions for Christ but they are wrestle when they still see sins in their life as are striving every word and you wonder how does God view me right now. Right I know at the in the line that this is what I need to look like when when the assembly line process has finished this is what I need to look like right especially if we're going to live in the midst of the close in crisis and so this is what we focus on and we think I had to be that then if I want to be saved then but then a really difficult question becomes Yeah but what if I'm not that right now am I saved right now that makes sense we wrestle with this but if we're striving to overcome if we are in Jesus right if we are striving for heaven we're journey and we're going through a process of overcoming l.-y. says there will be many times when we have to bow down and weep at the feet of Jesus but we are not cast off not for saken know if we're continuing in the journey because he's not done with you yet. And what equates this to the growing of a plant and I don't even have time to go into this because I just I don't but there's a chapter in Christ's object lessons called the blade the kernel in the ear something along those lines where she makes this point very clearly that we are viewed as righteous at every She said we can be perfect at every stage of development that you can be viewed as perfect at every stage of development so if you plant a seed of corn right now it would be illogical to expect that that will be a full stock of corn with full ears of corn tomorrow that just doesn't make sense as to how agriculture works which is why Jesus used the illustration of agriculture but here's the problem that's how we view ourselves though we think that's crazy thinking about agriculture but we think about our spiritual lives with a no no like I'm clearly not good enough because I'm not a full stock of corn you're what you should be right now if you're staying in the soil if you're receiving the graces of heaven if you're growing and striving those things are going to leave your life gots not done with you yet but you're viewed as righteous while he's making your righteous if you continue in the process so here's the point don't leave. Don't quit don't pull yourself out of the soil and that's what Satan tells you you've been read your bible for 3 weeks now and you are no different just quit those thoughts don't come from Jesus those are coming from someone who knows that this process is excess because he who began a good work in you is going to complete it it's God who works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure but it takes time guys no one says a min in the penitential prayer and is perfect from then until the 2nd coming of Jesus just doesn't happen that way but if you remain in the soil and keep trusting Jesus this process does end and success to him in God's people are set up to overcome but keep moving forward keep trusting Jesus that's the point. There are 2 messages in all your verse where I do more on this because I don't have time why I haven't is a matters in the answer to our deficiencies and I'll give you a whole bunch of resources at the end you can email me for because I just I don't have time. L.-y. talks about this in just a case in my face she says what is justification by faith it's the work of God the work of who the work of God and lay in the glory of man in the dust and doing for a man that which it is not in his power to do for himself and when men see their own nothingness that's when they're prepared to be close of the righteousness of Christ when we recognize that we bring nothing to the table in and of ourselves and that we need access to a righteousness that we can't conjure up on our own it's humbling isn't it it's deeply humbling it lays our glory in the dust and this falling upon the rock of Christ will lead us to plead with him to be all right just in us and to save us from ourselves and if we do that there's a very good news because in John chapter 6 in verse 37 we're told and all the father gives me will come to me and the one who comes to me Jesus says I will by no means cast out a min. If you come to Jesus him plead with him to be your righteousness he's not going to cast you out he's not going to push you away this is precious precious good news for us when you see how insufficient you are it will drive you to Jesus and when you come to him he's not going to push you away now you can walk away on your own you have free will but he has no intention of pushing you away which means again that God does not have a posture of being against you before you came in Unfortunately the nation of Israel did not understand their nothingness today in excess shepherd 1000 x. or Shepherd 20 $43.00 times they say all the Lord has spoken we will do this is in response to them in countering the glory of God and seeing the expectations of God and it spooks them and they say all that you spoken we will do all the words the Lord has said we will do all that the Lord has said we will do and be obedient they saw through the law was important and it caused him to respond with a promise to obey but their worldview at that time led them to think that they had to do things to get God to leave them alone and to care about them why because they spent 400 years in Egypt where religion was based upon you having to do things to appease the gods and get them to notice you and to favor you you with me they were see this is called syncretism right they were seeking to follow the God of the Bible while using principles from pagan religion they were trying to intermingle 2 different approaches to religion and in turn did they succeed yes or no no they failed miserably less than 40 days later the running laps around the golden calf and pagan revelry why because all the Lord has spoken were incapable of doing in our flesh Romans chapter 8 in verse 3 says but they didn't know that because the religion of the Egyptians says you gotta do stuff to get God to notice you and they even care about you unfortunately we have many Egyptian Avon's ists. Who think I got to do stuff to get God to notice me and to favor me but remember chapter 5 Verse 8 says that God already loves you and since Jesus before you got anything right does he desire you to do right of course but you're not going to do that without Jesus right we want to faith that works by love but you're only going to find that love by 1st encountering his love for you with me so because that's the religion of the Egyptians they didn't get it and so the God of the Bible though is not one that you had to do things to appease to get him to notice you exit Chapter 25 in verse 8 tells us that God wanted us to build a sanctuary why so that he could well among us and John chapter one tells us that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us they were for another word for the word is Emmanuel which means God with us and I would say God for us are you with me we do not worship the God of wood and stone and from Egyptian lore and then we serve a God of love who has pursued us in our darkest moments why because he knows that only by love is love awakened and obedience will not be possible without true love and that true of only comes by 1st in countering his love for us which we have never deserved you with me and that's the point so this process and this thinking still continued all the way until the day before Joshua dies right to the end of Joshua's life we saw quite a bit in his time in Joshua chapter 24 he gives that whole saying as for me in my house we will serve the Lord you can do your thing whatever but in my house are going to serve the Lord maybe some of you have those placards in your house will cross stitch things or something else and the people say no no no we also will serve the Lord and you would assume at this time the justices Oh good they finally get it Amen instead. In the Nischelle glances it looks like he gives the worst Pastore response ever because he says you can't serve the Lord and God is not going to forgive your sins can you imagine a pastor saying that his congregation we will serve you you can't serve the Lord and he's not going to forgive your Since is Joshua just losing it because he's angry at these people then a No here's the issue and your study bible picks up on this and to some great commentary they say this reaction of Joshua to Israel's pledge of commitment echoes Israel similar pledge at Sinai many years earlier Nexus 1024 even though the words were appropriate the people needed to realize that it was not enough to make a brave declaration and Pledge of Allegiance that's not enough they also needed to recognise their inability in themselves to obey God and that they could not be forgiven while they were depending upon their own strength and righteousness that's why he says what he says they needed to trust wholly in the merits of the promised Savior who would forgive their sins and to give them power to obey him but yet some of us are still rolling with that struggling with that Egyptian mindset. Now there's more that could be said here in the real issue between the Old or new covenants but I get those don't have time for this there's a message in all your verse called the grace of Christ the new covenant I can give you notes for that or give you audio but I just don't have time but the main issue was this who was going to be responsible for ensuring that the people keep the Law of God was it the people or God That's the issue in the covenants who is the power source Jeremiah 31 and is equal 36 makes it very clear that God has the power source through His Spirit who would empower the people to obey and he could only do that because his son came and live that perfect law abiding life in flesh like yours and mine and this is what the Spirit makes a reality in our lives right that's that imparted righteousness that's what sanctification looks like that's what the Bible just said Ok and the wife says this very thing in Christ object lessons as the will of man cooperates with the will of God It becomes. All powerful and whatever is to be done at God's command may be accomplished in whose strength and his strength and then she says that all of his biddings are enabling in another place in Christ object lesson she says in every command and in every promise of the Word of God is the power the very life of God but which the command may be fulfilled and the promise realized that means you should never be threatened when God speaks to you and tells you his Will you should never be threatened when got to ask you to surrender and you should never be threatened when God gives you His commandments why because in the power in the command itself is the power to walk in the command that's how this works. The command maybe fulfilled in the promise realize through the crumbs itself he who by faith received the word is receiving the very life and the character of God and this is played out in John Chapter 5 there's a paralytic late at the pool Bethesda has been an invalid for 38 years and the white gives us some more insight he's the most helpless case there and he's there and paralyzed because of a lifestyle of sin and a Jewish mindset he's filled with shame and self-hatred because I did this to myself This is what I deserve but there's a tradition in that area that I don't believe is Biblical and you can argue with me later but there was a tradition in the air that when the water stirred people believed it was an angel in the 1st person it got in that water was healed Here's my issue with this if that's actually saying that God favors people who get in the water 1st this is teaching survival of the fittest and that's a cornerstone view of evolution that we do not ascribe to at 7 they have this Christians in him we don't believe in evolution we don't even believe in theistic evolution it's all repugnant and so what's really happening here and I think that the reason why Jesus does what he does because she says that he was looking for the most helpless case there I think it was to dispel this view in Israel Gaza not just you know benefiting the fittest I'm looking for the most helpless case so if you're the most helpless case there in that water stirred What are your chances to get that water it ain't gonna happen but you better believe on day one was for I don't know how often this happened let's say it's 10 times a year you would assume that the 1st time that water was stirred he flopped like a fish desperately to get in that water only to see someone else get in before him and I'm sure he was devastated that was my one chance but then it happens again and he flops and he rolls but he doesn't make it in Imagine how he feels 5 years later after the 50th time of this happening I mean yeah he may try to get in the water but he's not trying near as hard as I did on day one now imagine 38 years later. Now when the water stirred his heart rate doesn't even increase he doesn't even shift his body weight any more why because this is what I deserve my case is hopeless I did this to myself I can't change and that's why Jesus shows up when he does. Because Jesus came to heal the broken hearted Jesus came to set the captives free Jesus came to bring comfort to those who mourn so the Gospels meant to do guys it's not just meant to change a bad theology it's meant to heal your broken hearts and Jesus wanted to heal this man broken heart and his body came in and so he comes up to the guy and ask him a question do you want to be made will you would assume the answer that is obvious this kind of a dumb question but he's Jesus and Jesus isn't Joan and 2nd of all the guy's answer is lame and it's not because he's lame his answer is lame why can't because it is he's telling all the reasons for why he can't be healed and I used to soon the thought that goes through Jesus mind is I didn't ask you why can't you be made will and why are you made well I asked you Do you want to be made will and the answer is clear no because this is what I deserve Jesus is asking this man to exchange identities no longer having identity based upon what he's done to himself or what people have done to him but based upon what Christ has done for him and some of us need that same identities which today Jesus asked the man to exchange identities and so then he tells them rise take up your mat and walk now if you were to go out to someone in street corner in lieu of all right now who is in a wheelchair and told them to get up that would be cruel that would be cruel but Jesus isn't cruel and why does all this matter because Jesus understands the kingdom principle that in the command is the power to walk in the commands. And that's what happens in John Chapter 5 and l. it says this very thing through the same faith we may receive spiritual healing by sin we've been severed from the life of God Our souls are Poles eat of our cells we are no more capable of living a holy life than was the impotent man capable of walking we are spiritual invalids were it not for Jesus there are many who realize their helplessness and who long for that spiritual life which will bring them into harmony with God but there are vainly striving to obtain it that's the Roman 7 experience ever been there no matter what I do I just can't get up I just can't in despair they cry over wretched man that I am who shall deliver me from this body of death but then she says let these desponding struggling ones look where look up the Savior is binning over the purchase of his blood saying with inexpressible tenderness and pity wilt now be made whole do you actually want things to change do you actually believe that I'm for you and not against you and he Bijou arise in health and peace do not wait to feel that you were made whole believe His word and it will be fulfilled if this guy waited for a holy mojo feeling in his legs he never would have walked again his legs are spaghetti noodles they can't support his body weight he had to believe was the Word of God said in spite of what he felt for you with me and at the Word of God can create a universe out of nothing but love and he can change your life he can raise you from the dead he can give you power to overcome but do you believe in His Word says or do you view his commands as threats and as insults and as a mockery of your current condition who do you think of when you hear God says is it a healthy picture of God Is it an unhealthy picture of God. What do you see in the mirror when God tells you to do things do you see an unhealthy picture of yourself or do you see a child who's beloved of God because the answer those questions matters a lot we have a lot of conversations at conferences that like this about hermeneutics and hermeneutics are important it's how you interpret scripture but your biggest hermeneutic is your view of God If you have an unhealthy view of God you're going to read unhealthy come to unhealthy conclusions when you read scripture the God is against me and not for me if you have unhealthy views of yourself you will come to read every verse in the Bible that looks like a curse as if it's personally directed at you this is why mental health matters and this is why the message of the gospel of Christ Our Righteousness was meant to open our eyes to the fact that God has always been for you he's not been against you that you have to help in this journey through the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus walked in flesh just like yours never came Why says the righteous requirements of the law might be fulfilled in your life who do not walk according to flesh but according to the spirit that's why guys you're not losers you're not left to fight for yourselves Satan tells you that and your Gyptian root structures while trying to be an Adventist tell you that but the Bible doesn't tell you are you with me do you no way to feel that you are made whole believe His word and it will be fulfilled put your will your power of choice on the side of Christ will to serve him and in acting upon his word you will receive strength whatever may be the evil practice the master passion which through long and diligence binds both soul and body Christ is able and the longs to deliver him in here's the point the only reason why Jesus would bear this long with people and love them in spite of who they have been is because he sees something of value in them that they don't even see in themselves that's the faith of Jesus Beloved when you read Revelation Chapter 14 of verse 12 here they they keep the commandments of God That's going to be possible the 1st believe that God already loves them. And they're letting God in through and for them what they can't do for themselves and 2nd of all it says they have the faith of Jesus not faith in Jesus the faith of Jesus. In Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 gives us a picture of this our Vangelis uses text a lot it talks about Jesus knocking on the door of our heart but in the original language it's in the continued Of which means that he has been knocking he is knocking now and has no intention of not knocking tomorrow but whose door is he knocking on previously in Revelation Chapter 3 we're told that it's a group of people whose religious experience makes him want to vomit which by the way Ella white as early as 852 diagnosed our movement as being in a dizzying condition we weren't even 7th Day Adventists yet and that virus was already in our system 852 we were incorporated in 1963 but the background of the people these talking to are people whose religious experience makes him want to vomit but Jesus doesn't just say you make me sick you know he tells us but I'm offering you a solution in myself I'll give you gold tried in the fire a faith that works by love in a White says I'll give you white garments the garments of Christ spotless righteousness but here's the tough one lastly he says I'll give you I sat of spiritual discernment to recognize your true condition and this is where many of us have failed we think Laodicean Christians are people who drink coffee watch movies or go to church on Sunday that's not allowed to see in Christian allowed to see the point of the way to see a message as you are not who you think you are at every aspect of your being emotionally psychologically spiritually and otherwise and until you come to realize your nothingness and come to me for a solution you're in trouble. And every single 7th Day Adventist right now has to look in that mirror of Revelation chapter 3 and ask themselves some difficult questions Who am I Who do I actually believe I am who is God really and this is why I am firmly convinced that there is a heavy mental health component to the Revelation 3 message because we're believing lies about or silver believing lies about God and we're beating ourselves up and we're still sabotaging our Christian experience because we don't believe the truth because as a man thinks in his heart so is he and so is God you with me we've got to start dealing with our stuff and we've committed the sin of Kellog that we have separated mental health from the health message and the white never did that she never did that but we do did you know the work in mental health is part of the medical missionary work and if the call of Jesus was to heal the broken hearted we're not talking about heart disease guys is talking about the heavy heart issues that we as a movement shirk from we don't want to talk about that stuff why because it's uncomfortable because we don't want to acknowledge who we are well if we were already branded as being that in 852 then just own it and deal with it you with me come face to face of the fact that you are not who you think you are and you need Jesus and that's the point of the Gospel it offers you accountability but it also offers you acceptance Unfortunately the 2 ditches Navitas and give you one of the other we give you a gospel of acceptance or a gospel of accountability but the true message of the Gospel gives you both neither do I condemn you go and sin no more that's the gospel that Jesus preached and that's the message that we should be preaching and our message should be healing people who are broken hearts not just their broken theology so we better start dealing with mental health as a movement you with me l y gave us a ton of counsel about it for a reason yeah. I'm just saying all right so here's the point though these people they've got issues and Revelation Chapter 3 were a mess and yet for whatever reason Jesus is standing knocking on the door of our hearts and again it's in the continued of in the Greek which means that he has been knocking he is knocking now and has no reason of not locking tomorrow why it must be because there's something of value on the other side to that door it's you and this is why the Spirit of God speaks to you when you're about to believe things that aren't true when you're about to do things that aren't good it's not because he's condemning you it's because he's offering you something better in himself and he's shown your stood the conviction of sin is not rejection or condemnation but an invitation to something better we wouldn't run from him but what I love is the fact that he's not leaving that door and that's what the neighbors are thinking guy's been there for years making a fool of himself on your porch why and if you look in the face of Jesus your pregnancy a few things The 1st is sadness I wish I was in there I wish they would let me do what I know that I could do for them and I think the 2nd would be anticipation maybe they just can't hear me maybe they're just not ready yet so I'll keep knocking and knocking and knocking why because of the feet of Jesus he sees something in you that you don't see in you and he's not going to leave until you do or until there comes a point in time in which he has no other option because you close the door forever but until the very last moment he will love you until you breathe or last breath and even then he's going to miss you for eternity that's the gospel guys and that's a message that God was trying to bring to our church years ago. And we need to understand this it's a blessing it's a gift us and the greatest example the faith of Jesus is found at Calvary in the White says this she says the faith of Jesus it's talked of but it's not understood what constitutes the faith of Jesus to belong to the 3rd angels message Jesus becoming our Sin bearer that he might become our sin pardoning savior he came to our world and took our sins that we might take his righteousness and faith in the ability of Christ to save us amply and fully in entirely is us receiving the faith of Jesus in him. It's living your life as if the gospel was true. E.g. when you put it this way God chooses men not for what they are but for what he can make of them. And there is no limit to what he can make of even the meanest and the most deprived if they are only willing and believe His word there is nothing impossible for God but he does not cross the threshold of the will and this is why your view of God in your view of yourself matters and why the theology that buttresses the things we teach and what picture of God It gives even if it's indirectly matters because if you give the implication that God is against you and not for you while trying to preach the message it confuses our people and makes them invalids and I have counseled far too many of them and it needs to stop it has to stop God has never been against you there has never been a day that God has been against you there has never been a day when God was not for you and working for your good so the way in which we communicate our message matters we need to use tact and wisdom stop and ask yourself the question is your writing your slides writing your bible studies or writing your sermons what type of a picture of God is implied even if it's not explicitly communicated I've met a lot of invalids who are invalid because of implication. If you did a survey in Athens as I'm right now and asked people you saved by your works every want to give the right answer but if you asked what was implied by the way in which some people communicate the message there could be confusion details matter so this why this now hopefully will make room a chapter 116 or 17 make more sense Paul said I'm not ashamed of the Gospel and now we see why the Gospels amazing for it's the power of God What draws us and keeps us a salvation for everyone who believes for the Jew 1st and also for the Greek for in it the righteousness of God is revealed from the faith God's pursuing faith in us to faith our reciprocating faith in him as it is written the just to live by faith in the Hebrew Bacchic which is quoting it actually says the just to show live by his faith Christ faith not your faith that's the answer guys so you may feel that your whole life has been a total disaster and has no potential to bear fruit that there is no hope and that you think that God is wasting his time on you maybe you wrestle with thoughts like this and I meet many people who do I've been sitting here year after year after year and I'm no good you know I believe he would tell you give me one more year you know the parable the fig tree it's not put Now they say get rid of it this is no no no no give me one more year let me dig out all the lies that are in your hearts let me dig out all the false distortions of myself and of yourself that are in your heart give me a year to cultivate that soil give me a year to nourish to nurture you to sin the latter rain from heaven to strengthen and encourage you and let's see what happens and beloved It's that time of year isn't it all of us are making all these resolutions I want to lose weight I want to get right on to read my Bible again my appeal to you is this given year. Give Jesus a year in studying and researching the most precious message and see what happens see will do for you I believe it will radically change your life you know why because this radically changed my life it's radically changed the lives of people that I've seen hear this message in a corner what we're seeing in the history of 89 revivals it was raising people from the dead people who were in experiences of bondage and discouragement feeling they would never be good enough for God or having the chains broken in their experience why because the true message of the Gospel sets the captives free it heals the brokenhearted it comforts those who are mourning their lack of success in the Christian experience gives them the oil gladness and joy in the exchange their action beauty for their ashes this message can do that for you I've seen it but when you give them a chance that's the question this message is meant to heal your broken heart in the set you free so would you take a year to study this message to come to better understand it for yourself and see if it changes your life he's inviting you to come to him broken as you are in to see what he can do for you and if you come to Jesus there's a precious promise that he's given us listen to this we care for this earlier in John chapter 6 in verse 37 he who comes into me I will in no wise cast l l a White was writing it corresponds to someone who was deeply discursion felt that they would never be good enough for God by the way a White was familiar with every experience did you know that with the 1st line of the testimonies her own testimony was an unhealthy view of God By the way you know all had unhealthy views of God Martin Luther John Calvin John Wesley William Miller in a white and you know what happened when they came to respond to the faith of Jesus and to see themselves the way that God saw them the world became a different place. We would not have the present Reformation were not for people coming in the face to face with the faith of Jesus with the Gospel we wouldn't be where we are today were not for the fact that God met people where they were with really unhealthy views of God in unhealthy views of themselves and he brought them to a higher experience any use them as champions of that message to awaken generations that were standing on their shoulders right now but the unfortunate thing is we could give to Rip's about the process they went through in the sacrifices they made and were believe in the same lies they held them captive we're inheriting a generational curse that they overcame shame on us it's a disservice to their sacrifices in the work of God in their life but that's the human condition guys we are dead set against the gospel until we encounter the faith of Jesus and recognize that there's a bunch of lies in my head and in my heart that I'm going to deal with which is why I'm a white tells us has been a thoughtful hour every single day reflecting upon the life of Christ and particularly the closing scenes why because we're so prone to forget it I believe instead of Martin Luther he said I need to hear the Gospel daily why because I forget it daily Yeah listen well I said to this person who was deeply discouraged feeling that she would never be good enough for God just manna from heaven she says the message from God to me for you is Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out if you have nothing else to plead before God But this one promise from your Lord and Savior you have the assurance that you will never never be turned away some of us have felt this way and we may feel that we have nothing to offer God today and it's true you don't. You have nothing to offer God But if you come before him with this one promise the Jesus you told me that if I come to you you will know why is cast me out listen to this she says it may seem to you that you are hanging upon a single promise but appropriate that one promise and it will open to you the whole treasure house of the riches of the grace of Christ cling to that promise and you are safe to listen to this Him that cometh unto me in no wise cast presents this assurance to Jesus and you are as safe as though inside of the City of God If you have nothing to offer Jesus today but he's made this promise that him who comes in to me I will no wise cast them in that moment you are as safe as the inside of the City of God because he is for you and not against you him in always has been and always will be and this is the message that God is trying to get through our heads years ago so where do you go to find this message some people say well yeah but Joan's a laggard they had this time where they went crazy you're not going to find that stuff in the l a white out 1st of all to think about it a 2nd of all here resources you can trust there will be a huge blessing to you in just understanding what happened and what were they saying return a lot of rain Volume one by Rhonda field is a big book do not skip the footnotes they make the book but if you're scared of big books it's amazing I believe this book has prophetic significance I am not lying to you today it'll change your life but if you're intimidated by big books here's the good news you can go to w w w l n white audio dot org And you can listen to it Oh free all free and. Lessons on faith by a t. Jones and e.j. Wagner and living by faith by 80 Jones need to Wagner these are compilations of their writings. There have been years where the Muslim relations booth or an amazing fax Canada has had those books it's right next door to my booth see if they have I don't know if they do or not the other one the 30 message by 80 Jones These are a series of meetings that he preached to Ella white wholeheartedly endorsed and as Jones was starting to wonder told him brother go back to what you preach that year and read it again here's the good news you can get that book for free you can get access to many of those messages for free at the Adams pioneer library booth which is booth number 344 there for free you can get in there if you want to see all the messages that he shared during that series covering the stuff between liberty of conscience and all that stuff as well you can buy it at the library booth $344.00 you can get all these resources there you can also read the materials by Ellen White took me a few months but it's worth it and you can read manuscripts and memories this isn't actually necessarily by a White Sox a party materials that tells all the correspondence that people are sending to a white. Letter she was sending back to them. Here's another one that's amazing Oh amazing and I had time to go into this 5 minutes or so and when I was clamoring she was basically asked to leave the country because she was preaching a message that wasn't being received it was sent to Australia God in color there but she went on a church authority it's a whole other story Ok and so she goes Australia and she pleads with them police in Prescott to preach her can't meetings because can't meetings back then were not esoteric veggie meat fests we just hung out with each other and feel better about each other they were Vangelis experience to reach the community and she said Sin Prescott they said no she said Cyn Jones They said no then she said Prescott they said no but they eventually did send Prescott and he preaches a series of messages that she give such a ringing endorsement of and she says that this is the way that we should do our public meetings from now on Unfortunately we didn't. In fact when she sent one of the manuscript of his messages she was told it was heresy and they wouldn't publish it. But we do have access to some of those manuscripts but not all of them of the message the Prescott preached she says not one of those messages what I consider to be a quote unquote doctrinal discourse but there was power and what he shared people saw Jesus in them so what was he talking about the law creation the fall of man the nature of Christ this Sabbath like he was preaching our message but he was saturating in the Gospel giving it a context where Ellen White says all of our individual beliefs find their power in relation to that theme the theme of the cross Prescott did that in Saul boomin results but that's not really been the model that we've adopted at large but she said we should and so there's an example of this kind of a case study that you can use and all the quotes and what has about that time at the Armadale can't meeting are found in the preface to their book it's amazing it's a work done by I don't even mean even say this the late for it to show off. I still haven't gotten over that So anyway they have been compiled and run to fill the thing together the both of them put those together that all of the quotes in White said she said that people will cut people thought in the community that they didn't want to come to the meetings because Adventists are bunch of kooks and all the going to hear about is the as Moses and Sinai as what they said and they were already thinking the Adventists at that stage in Austria believe that Jesus wasn't God and so they didn't want to come but Prescott was a trailblazer it was really smart what they did they took down the shorthand his messages and printed them immediately after they were preached and distributed in the surrounding communities and people heard what was being says I'll come and elements of the people would come on the property and their faces would go pale and they said this man is inspired and people would say we have never heard Jesus preached like this before and they baptize scores of people we have access to some of those we would do well to read them and if you have a spine your library going to 344 and you can go to the Illinois audio dot org website and you can listen to Jones is some of his books and Wagner's books spitter prophecy books. You can read some of Prescott's stuff you can hear some of that being read audibly if it's easier to ingest it that way and both of Ron Duffield book right now return a letter in volume one and wood in the house of his friends. You can hear both of those for free in the footnotes or read in the very context the chapter that they come out of which makes it really helpful if it's in the movie since you'll see footnote reason footnote then comes back and keeps reading really really helpful it's worth it it's worth your time because if if the latter rain is being poured out in Adventism in the 890 s. 809913 little bit afterwards. If the White says that's what happened we would do well to figure out what was going on because at the same time a Sunday law was seeking to be passed by the us government and what was God doing to prepare people to stay in the day of God The message of Christ our light righteousness and religious liberty liberty of conscience those 2 messages were being preached of power Jones debated Senator Blair in December of 888 and that eventually shut down an attempt to pass on the law so what was God doing to prepare people to stand in the day of God to be ready it was that message of Christ Our Righteousness So how do you think God wants us to prepare hey we want a lot of rain hey we want to be ready it's the same thing guys it's the same thing we have nothing to fear for the future except that we forget the way the Lord has led us in the past and in his teachings we already have case studies of what worked just do it again and we can go home a min. It just made sense this morning Ok there are resources available to you email me take a picture of this and e-mail me and I will send you a whole bunch more resources than what I've shared with you today x. I just have time Ok we're giving little glimpses of parts of the of the gospel of Christ or righteousness there's a bunch more to it Ok but I hope this is made sense I hope this has been helpful for you have any questions and come by my booth or you can email me let's prick God in heaven thank you for being good to us thank you for allowing me to finish in time a pretty blessed David as he prepares to share his seminar and God I just pray that your spirit would follow in us that you give us an insatiable desire to learn this message to preach it as you want not man's opinions we want to know what you want and God show us sin the Spirit to give unction to that message and May the whole world see the character of the glory of God and we ask it now in Jesus name. Him in. This message was recorded and did you I see conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do you I see supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take the sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at u.s.c. Web dot org.


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