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Infinite Movement

David Paño


What is a successful youth ministry?

How does it look like?

Our youth are desiring something beyond what they can see. Come and see what is moving these young people in this generation.


  • January 2, 2020
    12:00 PM


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This message was presented at the. By many very few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on g y c Where. All right we're going to start with the world of prayer I'm going to start with the. Breakout session they asked me to talk a little bit about leadership and then the more practical way how does the how this leadership impacts like but Biblical you to ship impact in our movements because this is for leaders but I'll tell you this everybody is sometimes they say you know another leaders on fine. Ellen White says that there is not going to be there is not going to be any starless crowns in Heaven rest yes or no that means that you had to leave at least one person to Jesus Amen so everybody is called to be a leader in different degrees so we're going to talk about this and specifically a movement let us by our heads we're going to pray one more time again our father heaven thank you very much for this day Lord we ask in special way that you will guide us you will help us Lord then you will teach us to be better leaders for you and my father each one of us here we have different calls whether we are all called to serve you and we want to do it in the best way possible word for the King of Kings in Jesus' name Emmanuel. When we talked about. Successful ministry source access for movements how do you define success and movements by the structure is said by the sizes maybe so if I have a let's say let's make it really practical if I have an evangelist it's serious if I baptize a dozen people in my successful. And this is our I was reading this book when they asked me to talk about this I was finishing the book and it says you know the many times we put the finite concepts into infinite movements because God calls us to now but numbers but he calls us to preach a gospel yes or no so if we say that that you if you Buckeyes a lot of people then you're successful it's successful you're saying that nor was the worst evangelist ever because he preached for 120 years and he baptized none right so how do you define success and many times it's not defined by numbers because we create metrics as human beings we like to look at metrics and they work we can research and some of those the they look you know how many books you got out in and this is where it gets more books he's the best Now it's not always a happy people that they're not converted they don't even care about canvassing and they have 30 books or they know problems so that's Are we going to talk about movies how does that look like a movement today you can lead the you know in ministry and what are the characteristics for a leader that has this mindset that will make a last long or right and and I'll tell you this this is really interesting because in 2016 I was asked to help in Jewish in Latin America saw from Mexico down you know we're working with all the affiliates and I'll tell you this is not nothing to glory to myself or it's all the glory to God but things have been happening so fast countries are is raising with us sees. Something that we notice with our team is this you know for instance a 2016 the 1st u.s. in Latin America started this in our era and. And it's 2017 we started the 1st. I recall the 1st training for leaders so that we decided there were over 6 countries coming to be trained. For us either working any way in 2017 we had the 1st training on leadership and I want to talk to you about what is what worked didn't work and like you say you can see pictures here that we got together and start praying and then we have a month later a training actual with people from. Albert and some of you know him and they were there and after that created a youth movement in different countries it's really interesting we spent like over almost a with week in training you know given the best like the best training possible that we have because usually you know. Usually when we attended to trainings for affiliates or or other type of leadership the usual teacher you know this is how you the programming this is how you do logistics in this is how you handle money and all of this technical things but we did something different and we realized that that was amazing because it created a youth movement based on joy seemed where we have like now these different countries they are like we have people in Colombia what amount of the recommended are Panama Perot Brazil and Chile and they're more like showing up actually last week and we were in the Jewish improve so it has been a huge blessing but what this is what is really interesting that this group of young people they're growing they're doing crazy things and like this one like we in Venice or they have 3 schools that are running to us running 3 schools where they're feeding children because there's no food or in the country saw we have that I was I can tell you crazy stories about those things you know we have missionaries being sent in Colombia they're sending missionaries to dine churches there was a church that they had like 4 or 5 members only so they sent like 6 missionaries for 3 months and in 3 months they bumped us by 7 and today there are over 20 members like the church is active really active you know so you see sending missionaries they themselves are becoming speakers they're preaching in youth camps etc And also they're doing community service actually not 2 weeks ago in Venice or other some cities that they don't have power for 2 years so you don't have power electricity so you don't have clean water rights so these young people you know what they did they just rented like 5 trucks like that and they just went to the community and given them water with Korea with Adventists literature you know they're moving the church members and they're in all of this things. And this is another one they're start doing clinics as well so they partner with some doctors and all of them and they do. Selzer doctors so they the clinics are free clinics so actually in August we partner with them and with their like our clinic in Calcutta which is the border between Colombia Venezuela and there were at 1000 people that we treat in 3 days so with 30 our 30 member or 30 doctors actually and they are doing a lot of from a lot of community service they were painting places they you know feeding the homeless the homeless. Also not too long ago for Christmas you know they went to the poor children to give them gifts etc So it's it's this is all this movement that has been generating it's over and over we keep hearing. Like news from this group of young people actually impair rued they started the youth Russian or this is the same group starting youth rush canvassing and they're excited and now in Bogota they're they're praying about this they're working to this there is starting with a radio the you know them Bogota has 10000000 people in that city alone and that is the 5th city with the most traffic jams car traffic jams in Latin America which means that a lot of people are listening in radio so we're looking into and radio so these are the thoughts and movements that young people has come come up in order to spread the gospel you know what is interesting that in those trainings that we have have enjoyed We never train them to do those things we never talk to them you should do clinics we never talk to them you should do community service we never talk to them you should do send missionaries or you should preach we never talk to them about it but the what was it that moved them to do those things. So in this is what we're going to talk about like leadership and this is the 1st thing that wing planted in their minds is a clear identity when. You need it this is the motivation factor that you need to do well with this we took away all the more we didn't took away everything of course but we took away most of the technical part and we start implanting them the message the message of why we do a c I hope you know why we argue with c. because you know the word generation youth Christ it was created not because aging the ration of you through Christ it's supposed to be dire generation of Youth for Christ because in the generation in your region the nation the work should be done should be finished so it's not a generation is that generation so we start telling them through prophecy through the Gospel how young people are called this day to finish the work so we start implanting them in actually not in years ago I committed my life to God in this in this convention center enjoy seeing. Morning speaking Sebastian Braxton was preaching unfulfilled dreams you can listen in our universe powerful message I committed my life and I said Lord here is this is a more oh he's more at the end he said we're going to finish the work we're going to die trying and we preach that to this young people who told me we're here to finish the work so we always tell me you know this is going to cost you your time your personal money your life will be change you know you have to make decisions and these young people just started doing it we give them the goal the identity is a just cause and you know this is the Bible says in Ecclesiasticus he has made everything beautiful in its time also he has put it what. Eternity in their hearts so God has placed something eternal in your heart the nothing in this world will will be able to make you happy fulfilled or make you complete you're going to be empty your whole life if you don't put this eternal thing in that's the problem that Jesus had with with the disciples because he was trying to explain them something eternal in they were trying to understanding in something temporal The Kingdom of God is like this he never said the kingdom of God is this he said it's like this is like this and they were like Ok even after his resurrection so I guess we're going to. You know are we going to get our positions right now soon he was like nah nah no you don't get it because it's something eternal and that's that's what it is so God has placed us that's why actually I finished this book at the infinite game from Simon Sinek and he said that a lot of people aren't you know they don't like to go to work and he put in the business context because they don't like to go to work because because they don't have an identity on it they want to fall out just because they want to do something crazy and that's why actually you know Steve Jobs everybody wanted to work for him he was he you know he pushed them hard he threw them really really hard but they were focused on the mission because Steve Jobs didn't want to become rich he just wanted to make a difference to his products so in Adventism we have a better just cos that's eternal that trust passed into the temporal things because everything in this world is going to burn anyway but the cost of God is worth is worth more than that so that's why you know and listen listen to this this is what and when you set up a goal why you have to start asking what's the purpose in your and this is your identity of your ministry calling what's your purpose. What why you hear a says a human being but are also God is going to call you some of your literature work some of your missionary So what's your goal and make sure that when you set up those goals don't make of the end there without the finite mind because a finite mind just blows it in there with numbers with all of these things which there are good in the Times because I'll tell you this this this is from Vicki Griffin's excellent speaker she says you know or go what I get we can say you know I want to get this etc That's not a good goal actually because you can use it but but this is not have the process how I get there let's say I want to I want to read one book a month I write what I get are I want to read more write is a good goal right and then I said I'm going to get a one book a month yes it will help you to have the process but your main goal should be your identity who I am it's different or to say I'm going to read a book a month than I say I want to become a reader you know there's a huge difference because because even when you miss let's say something crazy happens one month and you don't read a book a month you will feel that you failed right but if your identity go trespasses all of that you can say doesn't matter if I fail this month my goal is to become a reader even if it takes me again like to get to read one book in 3 months are going to start doing that so look for that goal look for that cause there's going to move the you move you because for did you were there movies like we're going to finish the work we're going to finish the work no matter what no matter what and he has to be something actually this book tells us something interesting in this. Well tell you. Just cos this because it's just cos it's a specific vision for a future state that does not yet exist right so you have to look for something that doesn't exist or you're a you know sometimes he has to be something crazy Don't be afraid to dream you know I remember one time I was in Minnesota and I start asking you know why they don't have a radio a radio station for the Hispanics you know at least one program a week and. And they. And they say you know because of money and something that hits me hard and gets me upset is when we stop projects for God because our money you have that that that hurts you know. And I remember they told me that you know sometimes we have it but etc but sometimes we don't because our because of money like Man I hate it or there was there was a radio station actually that they had. From 6 am to 6 pm or secular and from 6 pm to 6 am a Christian so I cantered the Christian radio station and it all can I talk to you and I remember people you know people will go against you just get ready is not a matter of biggest Satan when you're when you're a threat for Satan's ground get ready you can get attacked so I remember like I was going there just making my appointment with that gentleman and people even family close family members there were tell me you're crazy you're trying to get a radio time you know we already asked one minutes too expensive you're crazy you're damn you you wasting your time I was like I don't was anything asking right the most going to lose a lunch because we're meeting in a probably you know so I just went there and I remember that this gentleman he sets and he says you know this is crazy because we only use programs that we have have. It was canceled last week because they used. Whatever was running the program he went to the Middle East to be a missionary and this morning he said we were wondering who's going to take over you know in the give us our weekly program and we have crazy things you know I can tell you a lot of stories that we have had people getting converted on the radio for the low for all of that but anyway something that doesn't exist don't be afraid something the putting your a you know when we started working with a little Latin America we pray Lord give us Latin America we want the whole continent we don't want one country we want the whole thing and you know guess what God is answering God is answering so haven't and also the leader you have to make sure this because if you're the leader specially the you know when you have you heard you know the v.p. of logistics What do they do all the logistics your name does this say this says what it does what about the president what do they do and that's those are the problems that we face you know when we're training about leadership there like so what does the president do you know all of this is just tell everybody what to do or is something actually building they mean leaders at this then to the keepers they make sure that their team cast the vision and keeps reminding them you know remember that's why in the previous how many of you were here in the previous 7 are now Ok he was you know he was mentioning that and White says you know they should spend like a one hour like thoughtful hour in the life of Christ because we forget daily. Right so this is the same thing happens to the movements because the 2nd generation 3rd generation they start losing the vision right so you the president should be the one that if the president doesn't have the vision the whole the whole movement is going to lose identity right so the president should be focused in feeding the vision to to the to the to the members and the just cause there you have you know your vision your goal has to be something like this this book is coming from this book is it has to be for something it has to be affirmative an optimistic right so we're not here to or to preach against the pope now it shouldn't be like that you know it should be to preach or twinge of message right are also inclusive because open to all those who will like to contribute because so many times we create this movement or only this people can come here only this is so you can count like exclusive becomes kind of explosive it has to be open to everybody everybody has the same vision will join you and say Can I Just how can you it has to be sterile service oriented it has to be always something for something beyond themselves if this is even you know this guy's talking even above business but I'm just reading that he has so much relationship with ministry because most of the time people would spend times in the business of working and that becomes their identity Who are you I am a nurse in this in this you know but guess what Paul he was what was his profession in this world to make a sham in the Bible where he introduces himself for the 10 maker he always say stop or servant of Jesus Christ called by Jesus himself The possible to the Gentiles Amen so he was living his calling law he was now living his life so he has to be solved or a service or into the you know to your cost what are you going to him for. I'm in or out of this you know we want to finish the work this Enjoy see when I finish the work in this generation that's our goal everybody can join us I hope that everybody else will have the same resilient he has to be something able to endure political technology going cultural change change is something that will endure everything something that will last long right. And finally our idealistic see has to be big bald even if it is the other says should be something unachievable So that's crazy that will keep you going ever ever because and this is where the problem that we have switched some some affiliates because they think that they when you do a Kung used conference you're done and that's when you kill it because us is not done nurse created to do you conferences because by the way their work is not to be done by you conferences just go and look that range of message and the great controversy there's nothing you've conferences we use the use conferences are like a trampoline to go to the movement so it shouldn't be you know something too narrow it has to be something bold idea I tell him Look what's wrong in dreaming to finish the work in this generation what's wrong with that you know I don't feel capable and they from like Martin Luther King Martin Luther actually Wesley I don't feel like that because but God can make you want something impossible God this is the God of the impossible sister No Yeah so once you have your goal you know why you're here then you start developing a team and the next part is trusting teams. The Bible says this is really important because you have to be too tough to components here the Bible says can to walk together on less they are agreed. Out of the this agreeing is numbness only saying Ok we have the same mission let's work together and do this it has to be a team that trust each other and for that is really interesting because this this other thoughts about this is another one there to lead it says trust and vulnerability grow together and to be tray ones to destroy both Actually there were checking on the Marines when they look for a for our soldiers you know they have the high skills low skills medium skills and high skills and they also have another table that says low trust medium trust and trust and they say when you have a high skill in medium stressed they don't take them when they have high trust in medium skills they take him because these soldiers they need someone that they can trust and for that you need to be vulnerable so when you have a team that is not open to share I need help because sometimes you know and this happens a lot of the churches everybody you know has their faces that they're super spiritual the No one struggles you know and then we see our sister this ticks that 60 percent of the our young are males are stronger with pornography So where does that come from because no one is vulnerable or trust enough in their teams to say hey can you pray for me I'm strong in something at least like that because everybody tries to be you know if I'm in a special leadership I cannot be I cannot you know in out of this I'm a pastor in this once a lot in pastors as well they're struggling with sins but these cannot share because they're afraid to lose their influence. And this is not to make Of course I'm not saying that you have to make public things because the person you know the scenes in your life you have to deal with God but there are things that you can you can share you know after this book tells a story about this drilling companies you know these guys you know they work in drilling companies the oil drilling they're big barfed TAF and everything and they and this and the found out like in the Gulf of Mexico a place that they were going to drill a hole so they brought the best person the best guy to do that and he said you know for in they said collect your team this is your team and you're going to go there in how to be safe and what he did he said yeah I want to bring the speaker from California because she's like bubble law she's going to talk to us about our our life in or emotions it's stuff like that and they're like What are you talking about like. She said they were why why aren't why do you want to talk about your emotions and all that stuff that this is about you know drilling and this is not about your emotions these are trust me and what happening is is that they did that they did that and she did. Exercise about sharing and people started getting the team start getting to know each other because you need to know as a leader you need to know 2 things in their lives their stories and their cross write their story will tell you their background their many times will help you to understand what's and their Cross' their infirmities you know things that are a struggle because many times their strengths are your weaknesses and your weaknesses are the strengths so there will help you and they start opening up the someone share you know my son is having he has cancer right now I mean they start like if they start they stop being afraid to say I need help. Right so in that drilling our station became this safe this is the safest in the u.s. and they produced over $100.00 there what it was suspected $100.00 it was $115.00 or 120 percent of what was expected to produce so it was like it was like rated like no accidents because why because they have a team there were willing to trust each other and say a brother you know just you know you when you have a good friend you can call him I have my friends you know leery I can't draw you know I'm strong with this can you pray for me do you have those friends and they should be in your teams so. Trusting are trusting you know and it's as your trust is the stacking and layer layering of small and reciprocal Bolingbroke. You say it over time right so what when we have these times with us Mormons you know the best friends that I have in ministry I mean life story the best friends I have a life spiritual speaking are the ones who I campus with I did mission trips together with the Christian things will go out in the last longer the last the last for eternity you want to have this France you know not to go to parties anybody can go but to go to Mission to sacrifice those from France will last long. So you want to you want to you know the best teams that we seen in Latin America because they're friends they help each other they you know they're always watching for each other I mean their family is not just a position it's like a family membership that they have so and that's one of the things trusting teams. And that's what also says when leaders are focused in worldly metrics they push people for goals that they can are also kicking cause ethical feeding the problem what happens is like when start pushing when you start pushing your people that you're working with 2 metal goal metrics guys we're going to and something happens you know we have to have 100 buck isms we have you know you might be limiting God because why if God wants to baptize a dozen you turn them 100 or maybe go with just once 10 people and you're pushing for 100 you know what happens I should have you heard of this scandal of Wells Fargo like a couple years ago they fired 5000 people from Wells Fargo why because these people were opening accounts you know if you have a bank account in the world probably you haven't a credit account without your permission to warp an account and 2 days later will cause it so you will not notice that. Why did they do that because well struggle leaders there were pushing for numbers you need to have 100 accounts open this this month and they start doing ethical failure so it was the leadership fault it was not the people because they cost that when you start pushing metrics human metrics you're risking to diminish the ministry rights are not a thing that you want to have is a worthy rival I was like when I start reading this are like no way why this is not about competition and this truth is not about competition I'll tell you the concept of why one of the rival that this man has. The Bible says you know test all things hold fast what is what good a saint from of. Every from a form of evil let me tell you this. This Once us traditional competition forces ass to take on an attitude of what winning everybody even ministry swear we're like that like with this is all about winning rights but this is a war the rival inspire us to take on an attitude of what improvement the former focus is on our attention on the outcome how much I'm going to get but the latter focusing their attention on process how do I get better because there are a lot of things that other ministries and other things will have that are better than you do and why will you reinvented the wheel when you can go just go and learn right so this is not you know even if they take the position of of competing you don't take it you go there and you go to learn and you prove yourself and actually. He continued say in other parts as it is the focus of process and constant improvement that helps reveal new skills in boosts resilience because it's going to help it to last longer actually. And you know when we started Joyce a lot of American trainings are we realize that they have there's all their ministries that can be helpful and instead of our saying you know this is you I see that's it for instance with the implement global low mission trips actually generally you know the pope went to to Panama and 700000 people from all over the world Catholics young people went there and we implemented you know we learn from them we realize that they're doing great great job in the mission trips and we implemented that they taught us to do that and we passed $120000.00 low tracts in an impediment so there's a huge blessing it was a huge blessing so you find you know the people that are awarded the to look up to the right they're not your gods they're just helping you to prove to improve even their your enemies especially them actually because many times we hear them you know they're competing with us and this other ministry now we should be like What are they doing good right. And and the other thing is existential flexibility I'll tell you this we have to be careful with this because we don't want to. We don't want to show up. That my computer is about to die. I don't know if there's power here. And I do not. You help me with this you plug them in your stinking. The Bible says heaven this is a disclaimer in the Bible heaven and earth will pass away but my words will by no means pass away there are things that you can change existential flexibility because things will change your life if you're not ready to change in are ready just things to happen and embrace the changes to get better you're going to lose. Actual I'll tell you the story of corporate cold out when you know have you heard about the correct they were like the top they were the ones who invented literally photography and they start liking. Of your young probably you don't remember the scammers with the film The Remember they had to you can just take a picture in your hope that it went well right and then you had a way to to to to reveal it and everything works anyway Kordic was I was doing that and 10 years before they. 10 years before that the 1st digital camera at the you really developed the digital camera but you know guess what they didn't want to change because they said oh no we're going to lose the industry of film we're going to lose the industry of this because they were providing photography supplies and they said no we're going to lose all of this nano in this shutdown that and actual when the when. Thank you very much when actually when when they 1st and they were not the 1st ones. Which will have digital cameras but they have the patents so they start paying them so they were making money anyway but the in 2060 from the mistaking is when they stopped getting the patents the royalties and they went to back to bankruptcy just they were just destroyed when you talk about photography you don't talk about caracter now talk about Canon Sony and all of those because they were not willing to be able to what to be flexible in the changes and this is really interesting because I love this. I love this because in. When you have when you're in this is where you're just cause you go means your goals should be the good the final outcome. Even seams on excess are impossible you have to go because many times we focus and the path you had to do this you have to do that you had to do that you had to do that so when they face a blockage in the path they just stop they're right but if you teach them to see that's what Paul said Lockett looking into Jesus they are author and finisher of or of of our faith actually you know that that's one of our goals we should be like Jesus user no quick question when Jesus comes in the 2nd time we've done growing from glory to glory I mean we're trying to become something eternal and infinite so that means we're going to be eternally constantly growing so so when you focus you know this is my goal or I want to be like Jesus so whatever obstacle goes in your path you're going to learn to be flexible to go around to go out to from the top are going to dig a tunnel even whatever is needed you know and that's what us is they have been doing and they said we have to finish the work how we're going to do it Ok the church time we're going to send people over there right and Ok I remember I preached in Venezuela like years before the train like the year of training but in Venezuela. And we made a call you know we want to go back to your town and set your town on fire spiritually right now literally. And I remember this 17 year old. I met her a year after and she says you know Pastor Pastor. And I was like Yes How are you and she's like you know I just want to tell you that I took that call and I went back to my town I mean we're talking Venezuela where there's no food. Like you know what I want to do and she's like yeah we have a small group you know we're a group of 15 years or 15 to 17 years old you that's the range of my group like she's a 17 year old they were like big God how many are you guys and she's like well we love big we're just 40 and I'm leaving them are 40 or well anyway it's all or so what are you guys are doing you know you know and she said I have a goal in my mind and we went there and we will realize that people are not eating and these kids they have no money but you know when you have your goal you make it happen however it you know what they did they went out to town and there's that collect in each house they say a do you have an onion by any chance that you know using yes sure a do you have a potato here and they have this in the other and they went to the whole the you know good time they went to campus for 4 ingredients they went back to their house and they start cooking a meal and finished their meal and they went back to those poor places the most needy people and they were feeding people and you know this is the flexibility is like many times when we try to define an infinite Movement we want to give them a shape why because we want to check list is or not it's easier to go to a checklist because we don't want we being coming lazy thinkers we don't want to think we don't want to process in or when they when they call me sometimes from from the fillets what should we do in our country I was like I don't know but if you're the leader I don't know I can pray for you but you should talk to God He will tell you what to do because he will not tell me he will tell you. Right I can just pray Lord please talk to this guy so that's why they need to be a real spiritual and and this is with a movement that that we need these people that are flexible you know defining an infinite Movement is defining what shape has water is the same thing we're going to shape has water does it exist yes exist what exists right you can touch it you know water water would take the shape of the of the recipient right so when you pour water in a town it has to take the shape of the needs or whatever you come from because when we go to a cd when we go to see this I do not know their needs but the little people know yes or no they know like improve like they're doing crazy things I never thought that because they needed to know so there was a juicier there were struggling and they were telling me we were waiting for your orders are like you don't hear my orders you hear God's orders why are you not seeking that so he's like well what should we do I don't know you have to start think you whether it needs are in your country and you pray to God What's the next step for us and that's what they're doing now because when there's an infinite moving nothing can stop it nothing you should see what kind of. What kind of challenges these guys are facing they're facing crazy challenges financial like they're getting attacked bad reputation that people have been telling them that they're that they're crazy one of our Presidents she travel to another country because her family was one of her family members were getting married in their family member paid people start telling them that are. That arm. That they were using the money to trouble stuff like that like they're getting at tact but you know they were not afraid in they were like whatever they were in need and actually especially when the when we go to certain places year some people will see you assert competition yes or no like a Why do we need another youth conference we already have one right so that's why it's on like something one of our best sees they haven't had a youth conference yet and they've been doing the most for the last 2 to 3 years and that's when as well I mean because a movement is not based in certain things that we're staying telling you so if you another car you've conference if you don't have a use conference you're not now you are a Jew I see why because our goal is to finish the work is not to have youth conferences so you can to be flexible in whatever need need is in your country in your country in your town whatever you are in your school so finally friends I want to tell you this this is the last part and I'm going I'm doing great in time writes. Courage to weep and this is really interesting because there are 2 things that you have to have many times. Many times arm we go to appeals yes or no stand up for appeals and you know the Holy Spirit part your heart is for now and you know that I was not just in motion or I was not a cute story it was the Bible that caught your heart you're convicted you step up you go there and when you're done a week later you're back where you where I we have experience being a good leader also a conviction is not enough because conviction will lead you certain way a certain distance some people will go farther some people will go shorter and then you're going to stop and you going to die what do you need. It is because the courage that you will need to lead a group of people is is the courage that you'll need to make good decisions that's what the Bible says that we could flee were Nomen pursue but the righteous is mauled us as a lion so if you want to be born as a lion in the public you have to be bald as a lion in your personal life and this you know when you're bored in your personal life public is not going to be a problem no it's not going to be a problem but this is required 2 things. Because of this as a leader in your goal is to set up the movement so good so resilient so spiritual that even if you disappear the movement continues actually the 1st can meeting the admin movement had after all the arousal of the Adventists have been preachers did you know that William Miller was not there he was sick he got sick the main speaker of of the Advent message he was not there the day stopped they came meeting No because it was about the message was not about the men so if you want to be a good leader is because you mean you're making sure that even if you're gone it's going to be good now tell you this because arm when they come in they hear you know those crazy things about Latin America they say they were you're doing a great job it is not me 1st it was gut 2nd we have an amazing team in Latin America it's an amazing team so if I disappear praise the Lord they can continue even no problem I have the confidence so the thing's not going to stop so so you have to be 2 to the hour now how as a leader in the way last long. When many times I took appeals and I forgot I promised to God maybe to do a mission a year in mission and nothing has happened this is there are 2 things conviction and conversion Do you remember. When when. The Matthew chapter turn in the well when you said go back before that you remember when when Peter was in his boat in Jesus tells him you know Custer you know it's. Rough you know grab everything and he you know the heap or a lot of fish and they runs to Jesus story he runs to Jesus on his feet and he hugs him and he said what the part for me for what I'm a sinful men so he was convicted it was it was something in Jesus the he saw is the Son of God These men are just not any other men it was not just a miracle it was like Ellen what's in the safe as he felt the conviction that he was a sinner in him in front of the god god of gods so he cogs Jesus and he tells him depart from me but at the same time he's hugging him just in he's actually saying don't let me go don't go please because I have no hope without you so. And Matthew Chapter 10 you know he started watching Jesus doing miracles crazy and like. If you go to the. When is it showers are there to morrow or not Sabbath we're going to have the the affiliate and testimonies time please be there you're going to tell you miracle stories from the affiliates I wish I could tell you stories here because I don't want to but I don't want to throw that out so by you going to hear that you're there so. This guy's watching miracles I remember I was like you want I'm in a church in the pews and I was really upset because I was listening this these testimonies of these guys and I just I pray Lord I want to have my own testimonies and tired of hearing I want to live it so I got some of those are to Cambers and I saw a lot of miracles there and now enjoys you were seeing crazy miracles so Peter was experiencing that he was seen miracles done by Jesus you know cue magic How do you face any demonic possession it's crazy but Jesus will come and say like get out of here in Palm and I can be you know I'll be like wow this is crazy but. But if you go to child Matthew Chapter 10. The Bible says and when he had called unto him he's taught the cycles he gave them power against unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all manner of sickness and all manners of what this is so you can say the other side polls went from from this level to watching miracles to the 2nd level which is what performing miracles to magic. Like hey you have cancer somewhere in the name of Jesus than I mean this guy's I mean you can imagine if you hear that this is spirit he's the follower of Jesus and not just that he performs miracles do you think that he's a powerful men men of God yes or no. Go to look up the 22 verse 32. We can start in verse 3 what the Bible says and the Lord said Simon Simon behold say to have desired to have you that he may Swifty you are sweet verse 32 but I have prayed for you that your fav fail not and when you are converted. The strength of my brother in strength to your brother and so the Bible saying to these leaders you're a follower follower you perform miracles but you need to be converted is like going to mark fairly and on like a unit you need to be converted and like it can be an even and often strike like the keep me off and serve like Jesus is telling Peter but you need to be converted What are you talking about I'm doing miracles and you tell me to be converted this is the reason because conviction will show you the path but only conversion will give you the strength because Peter was only convicted and he felt but later on in John at the end of the the end of John he says restores him and tells him how he's going to die and he asking 3 questions Do You Love Me Do You Love Me Do you love me and that he says for me and Peter follows him because in that point he was convergent many times as Christian and this is this is essential for leaders and should be essential for Christians. We are we are convicted to do the right thing but we know that we don't have a strength and we think that we just experience it just conviction in going of front we are done we should be seeking conversion. Because this will give you that the courage to lead the courage to make decisions in your personal life and also for your ministry that's when many people stop stop reading the Bible Yeah I know what to do because not knowledge is not enough knowing what's right is not enough that doesn't give you any power will solve them to sin but when you see conversion conversion will give you grace in grace will give you strength that's why the Paul said you know your grace is sufficient for I am weak then I'm strong and that's what I mean like when you don't have the courage to leave in your personal life public life is not going to be a problem you're going to make decisions because it's going to cost you something all the disciples of Christ have to pay a price to see to serve God and. When I was seeing in Minnesota my desire my greatest desire was I have a computer science degree it has become i.t. in the health so minister at the University of Minnesota they have a program called Health Informatics it's a master's in mit program I was longing for that I desire for that. And I told God you know Lord if you give me this career I'll be the best lay member ever you know teach my friends are and also I have a burden for Hispanics because I don't like you know you you can be Hispanic but that doesn't stop you to get better and better and excellent summer sayings education is wrong now about that was not my call on that Master's but because I went to the. University of Minnesota and they sent me to the minority the parliament and they said you know guess what we have a lot of grants for for grad school these are all the undergrad grants are gone because everybody's taking that but says for some reason all the minorities are not taking grad school they're stopping there so they pay they offer me to pay me the whole for right I pay 100 percent and then they offer me to that they were going to. To give me $20000.00 a year so I can be a full time student statement and that was my dream becoming true like it was amazing and I remember. There was the time that they got Kami to go to this school watch the hills where I have to start another career I have to study theology you know grants you know scholarships you have to campus to pay your tuition you know help but God was calling there I don't regret that decision ever because there isn't the miracles that I'm seeing here no way I will get in those offices there's no way encourage you to live your life that will give you stability in your team if you're consistent your friends will be consistent and I'm telling you all of this because I've been observing that I myself will need to learn from a lot of you know a lot of people in Latin America I'm learning from them because they're excellent workers they're in inspiration for me because you have to be have the courage to live your life to live your calling. And these tips will help you to set up a movement that will last long you know Sylvia she was the president and us even as well and in Venezuela she was she dedicated her credit for time into ministry but guess what us as many of you know you don't get paid We're all volunteers right she was working full time just being born 2 years they were living they were living out of savings for the last couple years surviving out of savings but dedicated themselves to Joyce and to ministry Shaw her husband has our sister she lives in Netherlands and she was getting married so of course they don't have money but they one they want to both to be in the wedding so much that they pay their tickets from Venezuela to Netherlands so they follow them there and they were in in on it I don't think they're Adventist actually and these are asking so what are you doing in Venezuela and they always told me you know our desires to you know their young couple they want to have kids but having kids in there as well as crazy you have to be nuts there's not diapers there's not but seems that there's nothing so a lot of things are missing. So they said like it's impossible to have babies so they went to 2. To Netherlands and they told him you know you don't have to come back to Venezuela because there's a lot of here that you know they show them some was that they can stay legally and if they learn the language they can start working in earning euros right someplace you're with family and then she calls when she says David I cannot stay and the family members well that why are you going to that country people are paying their bills they're begging people to good to get out of that situation and you're going back and she told them like I have a mission. To fulfill and there and then I'm not moving out until God tells me so and she tells me no it was not easy those assertions are not easy she told me that she was crying when she pulled back but she said there was the best decision because God is with her you don't want to be in a place where God is not with you if you have the courage to lead in your own life or God You will teach others to leave that way to Courage courage we need people there was willing to do crazy things for God Don't wait until you're 20 if you're 1715 you can do crazy things for life because people are already doing it you know France one of the greatest sign of the times signs of the times that I'm seeing today this is the there are already young people serious with God and God is setting up his army and he setting up armies like like you guys they have these characteristics why because Jesus is about to come soon she's about to come soon how many of you want to say Lord I want to have the courage to lead I need conviction and conversion I need conversion many people need conversion being convicted is not enough it will change your life but as our heads Ok let's pray Father heaven thank you very much for this the Lord my father thank you very much for their work they have you have done in a lot of people in Latin America there are many of them they will lost their jobs for the ministry and father and being coughed the ball here in the u.s. Laura we wonder if you can work the same here my father I know that you can is just us my father we ask a special whether you will give us the courage to make to do create ought to desire crazy the zisha is for you you each one of us we call to do a ministry in life and that's why you brought us here in this world in this generation. So we ask special whether you will help us. Lead us and help us to accomplish what you told us. And just maybe we're asking you. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky do you I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at July so you web dot org.


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