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When the Mission Field Comes to You

Alanna Rodriguez


Learn how to share with those that God has sent to your campus from overseas or just down the street. There are close to twenty million student currently enrolled at a college or campus. One percent of these students are from international countries. God is giving us an opportunity to reach one of the most ripe fields on the secular campuses. Come learn who these people are and how God can use you to impact them for eternity.


  • January 2, 2020
    12:00 PM


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This message was presented at the g y c conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like to visit us online. Dot org. Ok. It's 12 o'clock and I want to keep to our time something you guys are having some good discussions. Were some of the places that you guys said would be the most dangerous just to be a missionary and you say Australia Ok where do you say. Ok cannibal tribes that would be kind of Syria. Saudi Arabia Ok. The United States you know go ahead. Ok because we're comfortable here Ok United States because we're comfortable here Ok anyone else want to share. Wow very sure anywhere you are that God does not want you to be any. That's why I would agree that's probably one of the most dangerous places to be if you're wanting to be a missionary and then you're not there kind of like Jonah right and even in Jonah situation God set a fish to rescue him so let's go to have oh yes go ahead yeah. Yeah. True very true so just it and I repeat it for the recording you said that it just depends on what you're afraid of you know it could be that actual community college or university you 10 you know so very good well let's begin with a word of prayer shall we let's pray Eternal Father in heaven we think you that you are a god that sees hears and knows but even more importantly you have promised that you will give us a word in due season when we are here because we want to hear from you I pray Larry as we talk about public universities I prefer that you and still no hearts what you see on these campuses we love you we think you in Jesus name. So. You're in the right just so you know which workshop you're in this is when the mission field comes to you. And we open with prayer ready my name is Elena Rodriguez and I am from Michigan this is my husband he's here helping with the mike Danny who I'm very very thankful that God has given him to me and vice versa. But just a little bit about myself I've been involved in public campus ministry for about 17 years both in official capacity and then volunteer as well but my journey with public campus ministry started in the community college how many of you guys have attended a community college or a public university just curious Ok so you guys understand. That context so I went from being a Adventist boarding academy to going home to my local church and attending the local community college which happened to be literally right across the street from my church in Pitofsky and we have the pastor from the task here which is so wonderful. And I mean I remember going to school there and just feeling so out of place like I just did not belong and think fully I had the next year I had my friend who came home and was going to the community college as well and we began to pray together once a week with me in the church parking lot and we would just sit in our hearts and pray together because we just we needed something so I actually ended up dropping out of school because it was just too much for me I dropped out of college when I was probably about 20 and I was also going to work full time and going to school full time I worked in the factory 40 hours a week night shift and then going to school during the day you can add that up it doesn't work very well so I just continued working and then fast forward to the spring of 2002 I really felt God pulling on my heart that I needed to do something for him and someone had given me an application to canvass have ever done door of our campus in so got for my higher than any of the campus and specifically Big Book Not too many people big book now but. To big but there was no big book program in Michigan and he had to be the application in November and I never filled it out. And you guys have ever done that before the Lord is kind of like put this on your heart so you know you need to do this and you just kind of like leave it there where the Holy Spirit was like a lady you need to fill this application out. So I filled out the application finally I think this was the beginning of February I filled out the application I sent the application in a few in a complete relief because I'm like they're not going to factories the program I haven't been canvassing in over 7 years and I was thinking all these reasons why Well long story short. I ended up canvassing that summer leaving my job and I was in a relationship at that time and I knew that relationship was going to and and there was just so many things that were involved but during that summer something really significant happened in my life. One being I began reading the Bible for myself because up to that point. I didn't read any of the books of Ellen White because I really didn't see any value in her and in her writings. And I questioned a lot of her writings and then someone questioned me why don't you start reading it and so I'm like suddenly in these books door to door and so I started reading and as I did I began to read the desire leaders and I discovered Christ for the 1st time in my life by reading through the Gospels and ringing through in the desire of ages and I had this transformational experience with Christ but this was just the beginning at the end of the summer I heard about I knew that I couldn't go home if I went home my my journey with the Lord was going to be interrupted and so I prayed it was like Lord I don't know where I need to go but I know it's not home. I got home I'm a Tuesday I got on a Monday. In August this is I think August 15 and I had heard about the missionary training program which at that time was based in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan and I had filled out the application the application we have one of our for foreign missionaries here so it's a long application process isn't it it takes a while because you have these essay questions that are very reflective and you have to fill them out and you're like. You know it took me entire day to fill this out and sent in my application and God works in such a miraculous way because the program had already started that people had already arrived and I got a call that night from the director inviting me to be a part of the program and that a scholarship was available for me and I didn't have to pay because I didn't have a lot of money to go so my car was still packed from Cam the scene and I drove to Ann Arbor Michigan to start my missionary training program a 1000000 not knowing that this was going to be a life calling Ever since that year that missionary training program I decided to take that year off and just dedicate it to the Lord said God this is your time this is for time an opportunity for you to speak to me personally and individually in that year I have never been so shaken in my life everything that could be shaken was shaken I washed my grandfather die that was a really hard moment for me I love my grandfather. Everything that I thought that I knew about Avon's is a. Completely destructive I at that point I grew up in the advent of school and this is known this is not a disrespect to Atlanta schools I think it's more of a reflection of my desire to actually learn the Adventist message I didn't know at the end a typical day of atonement was I didn't know what it meant to really keep and cherish the beauty of the Sabbath I didn't know what it meant for Jesus to be my intercessor. And as I begin to discover these truths my life changed in the missionary training program with a safe place for me to deal with myself it was a thing of place for me to make mistakes. But I want to talk to you today about what God has placed in my heart and that is public campus ministry there's a there's a need for public campus ministry and I want to share that with you today. So how I work part time now with the Center for evidence ministry of public university students and currently we're based at Michigan State University and we have a missionary training program there for students that want to learn how to minister to public universities and we will have a missionary training program which includes a scholarship a Scholar program which you can be a student while. Attending the program. But what I want to talk to you today is about some statistics and what you find at a public university so this is the actual law library at the University of Michigan. And it's a very secular university. And specifically I want to start to tell you a story of a young lady named Sue that's not her real name I changed her name but she came to study at a university here in the United States from China for mainland China and she was actually with a can in exchange program program with the Confucius Institute and what this is it's an exchange for the help like cross cultural communication between the different universities she was actually teaching Chinese to high school students while on the wall in the u.s. and working on research and that sort of thing so she came here to. As an exchange program for 2 years. While she was at a bus stop a young man came up to her and started talking to her this man it had this in him was in his undergrad at the university there and they just struck up a conversation started talking about spiritual things and he developed a friendship and he started inviting her to the students programs that they had there on campus they would meet on Friday nights they would meet during the week for a small group Bible study and they would every time he would see her he would always invite her to come and show you like no no no but finally one time she decided to come and it happened to be a Sabbath evening that they were closing the Sabbath Now picture this a Chinese young woman from mainland China who has no religion her parents are cultural Buddhist and she comes into this meeting this home where a bunch of public university students are Rav interest are closing the Sabbath together that doesn't seem like the the best way to introduce someone to Christianity would you say. I guess it depends on the person right and that was the case in Sue our suits case she absolutely loved it she saw in the students there's something different about these people they have the peace of God there it's almost like the they have love and peace just exuding from him from them and that's what she later told me and over the next 2 years she began to study with people she began to meet the students just be friended her there is many times I would go and visit with her and she made a decision to be baptized I wish I could see that as the end of the story for her but it is a struggle she's in mainland China now she lost a very very very prestigious job because of the Sabbath and she gets a lot of criticism from her parents because she has chosen to be faithful and it hasn't been easy she hasn't always been able to keep the Sabbath she there was one job she was working tireless many hours on the Sabbath and finally she had to quit it and again she got some kind of flack from her parents she trying is very very secular I've been there and it's it's such a bit of rich culture but it's like religion really has no no context there but that's the story of Sue that's just one story I want you to consider this number 1001095299 international students are currently study or study and 90 study in the United States from 2001002018 in 1000 school year this number does not include students from international countries that study at private universities community college this is not include numbers of refugee students nor does it include the those that are naturalized but are from other countries so let's say Saudi Arabia students that have made their home are Iranian students so this is a very small number. In comparison to how many international students are actually studying the public universities to make sense Ok so here's kind of a breakdown of where a majority of students come from where are most of the students from China right there's 34 percent Ok what's the next country India Ok And what about the next one South Korea and of the next was a little bit tricky Where do you think the 4th largest country that is sending students here to the u.s.. Saudi Arabia correct I want to share with you a quick story. In my undergrad. I made a decision to go back to school when I was sent to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to be very familiar with the geography of Michigan Ok so the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for those who don't know is very remote to the lower portion is a completely different culture different people I mean and where I was at all the street names were in Finnish. Ok if that mean Finland Finnish Ok so it's a very different place and I went to a universe in called Michigan Technological University and I just opened the doors for me to be able to work in the writing center at that university which afforded me the opportunity work with a lot of international students and the story have to share with you was actually someone who was my neighbor. Because he knew that I worked in the writing center he needed help with his c.v. this student was from the Middle East and so he asked me to help him with his c.v. So I went over to his house and we worked on his c.v. and we had a really good conversation he started ask me questions about my faith because he knew I was a 7th Day Adventist Christian. And all the sudden he's like I have a question for you and all this and he goes over and on top of this bookshelf in he said he was probably about a foot taller than me I'm very tall and he reaches up on the very top of the bookshelf and all the way to the back he grabs this book now mind you I was very curious so you comes back and he hold it he opens his hand it's a really small book and it was a green ball you know the little ones of the Gideons give out he has the Psalms the New Testament and he's like is this is this real and I was like What do you mean and he's like well is this is the Bible is this real is what's in here real and so I explained to him that it was the New Testament in the Psalms but it didn't include the Old Testament that this was something that was given out so it was easily accessible and he began to ask me all the questions and I was trying to figure out why he hid it all the way in the back and I realized because he was one of the older students among his community and for them to know that he had a Bible in his apartment would have been not good let's just put that way let me tell you another story of someone from the Middle East. This young man I became very close friends with about faith and I am very many things that we have in common and one point is like you're a Muslim and I was like no but in this sense you're same in terms of you know our belief in in. Because we're talking about different things of the God of the Bible and things like that and. And we went through the 10 Commandments and in this one conversation and we went through every single time coming I meant and I asked them I was like as a Muslim are you expected to obey this commandment. Every single one I skipped the 4th commandment and then I went back to the 4th commandment I said Well then why if you're expected to if you're expected as a Muslim to obey all these other 9 Why is it then you don't keep the Sabbath and he didn't know he's like I don't know it's I'm still in contact with many of these to these these friends today and that's why I'm not sharing the countries that they're from but one thing I can tell you is that on these universities especially in the Middle East we have such an amazing opportunity here in the United States because they're coming here. So I want to show you just like kind of a diagram of where students are coming from within the u.s.. So one out of every 3 international students based on that. Diagram that we just saw our study either in Texas California or New York but even then if you look at. You can see even There's quite a few states in green and that's between 10 to 55000 so there's a lot of these university student international students that are studying here in the u.s. this information is is taken from open doors it's a nonprofit organization that tracks they've been tracking international students studying abroad from the u.s. in those communities with into the u.s. it is. It isn't a substitute. For a while it's a sub organization sub organization of the government so it's not it's not religiously affiliated this is just looking at the statistics of international students coming to study in the u.s. for the purpose of cross cultural experiences. So I just want to give you context of where this information comes from. So these are the numbers of those top 4 countries that we looked at. Saudi Arabia's if there was so many students at our university from Saudi Arabia and they would bring me dates. After they would go home and a very have the best states in the world they're so good anyways so there's many different ways that we can interact with people from these countries but I believe that that is one of the biggest reasons why we should reach these universities so I would like you to turn your neighbor I'm a teacher by trade so I like interaction so I hope you don't mind in places before lunch and so this is the time everybody wants to sleep or you're really hungry I'm very distracted so what I'd like you to do is I want you to think and then I want you to share what are what barriers are removed when students come to study with in the us what barriers are are removed when they come to stay in the u.s. to does that make sense Ok turn to your neighbor find me ever if you're separated from a distance. Ok How are you guys what berries or. What can join us. Ok but when they come to the us what barrier is removed so it doesn't the kids their family isn't necessarily here Ok. They actually have to pay $3.00 times as much money they have to be a lot more money to come here yeah. I mean. Ok well in terms of like ministry if let's say I was coming into the u.s. from China. Is what makes the easier for you to reach me coming here to the u.s. versus you going to China. Yeah exactly exactly exactly we don't have to we don't have to learn their language and we don't have to I mean I was if we can learn phrases of what language isn't that the biggest barrier right for us to reach them they're trying to learn our culture as opposed to us trying to learn their culture that makes sense so they're trying to learn Ok what is the u.s. culture all about in the college experience Ok. What do you think I'm a clown. When you go. You know yeah Ok Ok I want to hear some of your answers what are some barriers that are removed when students come here to the u.s. versus if we were to go to their countries. Yes. Oh hello they're coming here specifically to learn so they're already in a more open state of mind because they want to experience the different things here and the other was that they're also more vulnerable because they've left everything familiar behind and so they're more eager for interaction with other people correct Ok very good Ok anyone else. And on that and understand the point of view people who come in from other countries especially China. And South Korea those I was chatting with and their level of education is way higher than United States so I number one don't see why they will come here on less that they're just going for the easy school way. That's it. But they don't deliver parties on those countries the control system is way different your guys are not in the United States free you can do whatever you one they are known so when they come here they see him for that so you see that and for them to go to school here and pass through what we sometimes struggle a struggle to it is there they're in a party because it's cold there it's too hard here recently so the average is really well here and you see now turnover rate there are a lot of international students dot com thinking you know I want to go to the distastes studies and then come back to my country to be successful you know they stay here they don't go back to the countries because the opportunities that are offered here and because when they went to school in here they average really high so they have all their shopping here. Ok someone else yes right here oh sorry to. Come back up there he kind of touched on that but he talked about not only like freedom of speech in a lot of places but also religious freedom so. They're just about to have a lot of freedom like. That here. That's how loud you can talk I guess right. Ours was basically the same thing but yeah in other countries they don't have the often don't have the freedom to do last religious topics discussed other religions. You could be punished like severely by the government for that something we have here an opportunity to share an opportunity for them to learn that they don't have home Ok there's still one more that I think you know that I haven't heard yet but I'm. Ok family. Culture Ok. Correct so I don't have that pressure willies while they're here when they go back home and in changes Ok they're still one thing I guess. You understand. And another barrier that is removed when they come to studying the states is language exactly bathroom because they have to test real hard English skills before getting here and even those who don't test that high be have to go through intense English lessons. On their 1st semesters. And. Some of these 2 year types are removed when they get here because maybe they just had one experience we've an American in Kenya and we're like well I'm from I maybe they thought Americans are selfish people but when they get here they meet a variety of people and it kind of changes the your way of thinking Ok. You're a woman waving Ok yeah that language language is one of those things that you know I don't have to learn Arabic or Mandarin or Cantonese you know I'm there they're wanting to learn English and so that becomes kind of a platform for assessing gauge and conversation. So the one thing I want to show though is that the number of international students coming to study in the united stance is actually going down so this when this this opportunity do reach that 1040 window is going down. And this is why I think that there's an urgency of reaching our public universities and especially the international students that are studying there. Because if you notice at least in the United States you know in $21213.00 there is 9.8 percent that were coming in and now it's negative point 9 So it's going down significantly. So just something to think about still the one mean thing one reason of the 3 are the international students that were reaching on these campuses. And it's wonderful to think about you can reach the 1040 window just by going across the street to reach that campus. So the next one I want reason I want to share with talk to you about is I'm going to share with you a young man by the name of John that size real name. But this story could have been any one story. This young man was raised in a Baptist Christian home and the church that he had 10 you had so much infighting and he just was so put off by religion left it and some of the time he got to college he had no religion at all in fact he was more of gnostic atheist than anything else when he walked on that campus and he came across an Adventist students. And they were just some of the friendliest people he'd ever met in the because they befriended him he would come in hang out with them you start come to their bible studies. And I'm not he's on the Sicily baptized at this point but his life has been dramatically changed his view of God has been completely altered because of their friendship with him and this is the next group of people that I want to talk about this is a research from the Public Religion Research Institute it's a nonprofit. Organization that's dedicated to India they say independent research I think every organization has some influence on the research but this is very interesting what I want you to notice. When you're. Wondering. And more which will use the. All perfect thank you so down here at the bottom notice the age groups right you have 18 to 1930 to 49 and 50 to 64 and 65 and older and what you'll notice is the percentage or. This research specifically looks to add how people define their religious identity based on and. Their values and so the different colors represent the. They are their religious affiliation. And what you'll notice is those that are unofficial United and it's 38 that are here I think it's 30 percent and it's in the 18 to 29 if you know this research was actually done 3 years ago so it's a little bit old. 4 years ago now because it's 2020 but. So. The way you notice is this trend right that this this an affiliated religious group is growing over time here's another research that was done by Pew. Pew Forum and this shows a decline significantly in this is just Christians in general it's not Christian specifically just specific denomination but Christians in general and the religiously unaffiliated these are agnostic atheist these are people who also may have a religious background but they may be have be spiritual but they have no religious affiliation at all. So you see kind of a trend there this coming gives you another info graphic that helps to map the information of the change that we're seen this was a a survey that was done on college graduates so. College graduates from the ages you know from early twenty's all the way to the sixty's. And what you'll notice again you have an affiliated 23 which is actually more than Catholic and this is where a lot of you know some of the articles you may have seen posted in the last year or so has quoted you know this saying that there's more an affiliate than Catholics the reality is that some of the an affiliate those aren't all agnostic those are not all atheists the large portion of those on affiliated are actually people that don't want to be associated with any type of religious or spiritual affiliation they're just an affiliated. Here's a map at least of the United States that gives you an idea of where. The nuns are so to speak. So you can kind of map out where you may be studying or where you live what the ratio is in your area. And so my biggest. You have the international students that are coming here for United to the to the United States from a 1040 when you and then you have this this group of people called the nuns those that don't have any religious affiliation but that are searching in their heart of hearts they are searching they want to know that there is something like In the case of the young man that I mentioned. Ok here's the last question. Where and then we'll talk a little bit about this will share a little bit more who are some people in the Bible that studied at a secular university and why I'll just get your feedback now who are some people that say a public university and why. Moses Daniel Shadrack me shack in Bendigo. Joseph Nehemiah Yeah he was in the Persian king them Ok why did these people let's say Daniel why did Daniel study at a public key or a secular university. He was forced to write Ok how about Moses. He was taken to write Did he have a choice in the matter Mel God actually had to reeducate him did any Yeah Ok who else. Joseph Ok how about the visit of the Paul studied at secular university why did he study is likely to oversee. Yes. Ok yeah in in this I think was the school type kicker if he was studying and he began to reason with them for 2 years I call that his community college experience. Because he was only there for 2 years and he was reasoning with them and as a result there were some that were there were one to Christ and he began to continue to study with them so in all of these situations. Let me ask you a question now why do you students go to a 2nd university Now why do you why do people study at a secular university now. Yes Yeah I'll say specifically 7th Day Adventist Christian students why do they study at a secular university now some of you are studying so you have a 2nd university so you have Ok it's cheaper it's more convenient I heard something. Friday of classes Ok so maybe the specific major that you need Ok accreditation. To show your faith you have additional you faith Ventris university instead you wish drove from the people of the world the university and it's like a handful where you can come that goes to an event University and keep the value Ok so going to agonise university you can. You don't necessarily have to necessarily share your faith even though I would I know that there are Saudi students that are studying and university right now that I know that's a great opportunity but I think the reality is you don't necessarily have that mindset when you're going to an Adventist school because you know that you're surrounded by Avinza least that's the assumption. So I want to share with you a story about a young man named cabin and that is his real name and I've asked permission to share this story so. Kevin was from midsized city in Michigan and he enrolled at Michigan Technological University after going to a community college he was studying there. And I call them am I a student machine in action because we'd sometimes see a month 7 of and then sometimes we went because Sabbath was his day to sleep in because any of you guys know your schedule is intense when you're studying Well he began to come on to Friday a Bible study you see if you can to come up to Saturday afternoon and it so happened that he actually ended up becoming the president of the organization he became so involved but then all the sudden he began to withdraw all and I guess something. We didn't see I want to see him at church some times he wasn't coming to Bible study. And I remember just feeling a deep conviction I needed to meet with Calvin I could text him as I come I want to meet with you and he was like yeah we're going to meet and so now mind you I had a very good friendship with Kevan and so we met in the computer lab of the building that he was in think was the engineering really and. I found out that someone had done something in the church that really hurt him deeply deeply hurt have and he's like I'm just not even comfortable going to church anymore and I know you guys have ever known someone that's had that experience I didn't even know this was happening I mean you know this is going on in his mind and so I apologized on behalf of the church and I said I'm so sorry that you've had to face this but it's always like heaven I don't want you to become a statistic I care too much for you to see you just walk out the door because he was becoming a statistic he was about to just walk out the door and just not come back to church and he knew that himself and he's like you know I'm going to I will come back and I was like I will talk to the individual as well. And how was able to mend that situation we don't want to tell you today he's an elder in his church he was let this pass for I think 2 years he was actually the school board chair at his church for his church school and you know what he tells people today I would not be a 7th Day Adventist Christian if it weren't for the public campus ministry at my university. The reality is I had a classmate of mine that went to the exact same university. Almost 10 years before apart because I was a nontraditional student when I went back to school and it was the worst experience of his life at our uni and he's like what happen when you were the Ab you know Michigan Tech I was like it was great and I told him all the things we did because like I had the worst experience of my life it was terrible I don't know that he believes in God Today he. Is a professor that teaches concepts of evolution. 2 very different people at the same university one had a campus minister there at that time the other one had nothing that moves me to the next point studying at a public university is one of the dangerous things you will ever do. I enrolled at Michigan Tech for no reason but to start a campus ministry I had no intentions of graduating I did not care about education is the world considered an education because the reality is when you go to these universities they're teaching new things that will brainwash you and I can see that because that I realize that. Oftentimes young people we go to school because we want a good job. We go to school in this is and I'm saying this is the same thing if you go to Adventist University you're free go to a public university you go to university because you want to education that's going to give you what you're looking for in life and there's nothing wrong with wanting to be having stability there's nothing wrong with wanting to be able to provide for a family but that should not be your focus and why you go to university that should not be your focus and why you choose any major there should be one reason and one reason only and that is to be a missionary forgot whether it's an engineering whether it's an i.t. whether it's in teaching whether it's in Mortuary Science whatever reason you're going to the University of it other than being a missionary been you're there for the wrong reason in you're in danger I want to look at these tax if you have your Bibles to look at me a collage to verse 8 if I could a volunteer to read that I left my Bible my backpack which I don't know about Israel but are there so if someone could read that for me cautions to verse 8. God nice and loud. Ok So is this idea of teaching of based on men what is the world teach you what is the world teach you why you should go to school to get a job right if. All about it was a g.p.d. g.d.p. right yeah so that grows products you know so our how much you can contribute to society financially that's what the world is you insane do not listen to teachers that are teaching you about the principles of the world. And that's what these professors are doing Ok let's go to the next verse James $227.00 Kevin another volunteer to read that James to $27.00 mice and while there is a Mike if. How then it's no it's 127 sorry it's 127 from that's up to 27 it should be about here it's 2121 is pure religion and before the Lord is this 127 Ok Thank you everyone 27 Lisa remembered Ok someone want to read that. In their trouble to keep warm cellphone sported from. Pure religion what is that last thing to keep oneself what unspotted from the world's going to a public university is a dangerous thing why because you will become spotted by the world you will become influenced by the teachings that are there and this get the last verse to take note of it look it up I want to share this I'm not one for reading long quotes on the screen and so apologize for doing that but this quote just illustrates so perfectly what has I've been impressed with in my personal experience so. To me I'm going to read it. Thank you. The advice given to the students to the effect that is essential for them to go through an arbor in order to attain a finish occasion is a mistake they will of Tain in their own years education in which error and infidel sentiments will be mingle with truth many of those advised become unsuccessful to the truth in a season spent at Ann Arbor will serve to maul their characters after a fall standard and the soon return of is the soon return of Christ a reality to us let every student seek to reach the highest point of education and be fitted for an inheritance with the Saints in light if you educated in such a way as to reach this he will learn that which will continue throughout eternal ages. So there's the danger but what does she say if he is educated in such a way as to read to this rich what the highest point of education fit in for Humanity which is eternity that's why it must be the premise of which you enter and education if you are at a public university and your mission is to reach that campus it should not be to graduate let me give you an example my last year in college I would just wanted to be done God made it clear that I need to finish school I wanted to drop out so many times I'm like what's the point of this this is not advancing the kingdom there was so many classes I was taking that was just totally against what God was I knew was true so I was having to study twice as much information because I would go back and study what God said about it and then I have to study my own text that's the master I had 17 credit hours I was working 3 jobs I was a Sabbath school superintendent my church and I was also the president my Sue organization now is that a good idea you know why is that a bad idea. But Ok burnout but on a spiritual component Why is that a bad idea there's no time for the Lord exactly what happened my senior year in high school and college there's a and I'm a finish with this quote. Oh I went the wrong way because this little is straight in the very last part she says but I said scarcely dare present this method of labor for there is a danger that those who are not connected who have no connection with God will place themselves in these schools and instead of correcting their and diffusing light they themselves will be led astray but this work must be done and will be done by those that 11 thought of God and what I found is that because my mind was not fortified by God I was struggling with having my devotions every day I was barely being able to kneel down next to my bed and stay as she and pray when I graduated from from the university I was spiritually bankrupt and this is someone going in with the purpose of being a missionary and I'm sharing this not so much to be a damper for example on things but just to give you the reality that mind you we had baptisms at our university every single year people that were one to Christ every single year that I was there people were baptized while I was struggling you know but that's not a evidence that that you're doing what you're saying what God has called you to do my encouragement to you is that the one reason why you're at a public university is to reach someone. And if you make that your one that one principle that's the purpose of why you're there you know what will happen God will give you opportunities to minister to people God will give you opportunities to start small group Bible studies go give you opportunities for your classmates for your peers I remember began praying one time for this geology class I had to see geology and I was like Lord please give me someone that I can reach and the Lord placed unbeknown to me like paired me with this wonderful girl from the Middle East and we had these amazing conversation we would and we would share like I would share verses from the Bible with her and vice versa and it was just well not from the Bible she was here verses from the crown but she just began in the love of the promise is a shared with her the point that I'm making is that this is such an urgent urgent work but it's a very dangerous work if you are committed to giving your life to the Lord every single day God will reap a mighty harvest on your campus I'm not here today to show you tell you a lot of practical things that you can do on your campus but I am telling you that the Holy Spirit will teach you I brought some resources here that if you want some practical things you can definitely take those but my encouragement to you is one whatever reason you're on a campus even if you're a professor at a university or college campus use this as an opportunity as a platform to share the gospel asked God to give you opportunities to plant those seeds of truth and in so doing I will reap a mighty harvest you may not see the harvest of those seeds specially if they're international students. But I can guarantee you that God will use you in a minute way yes. Yes. Thanks for your message and this is just a thought yes that you know as parents we send our kids to 2 choices public ravenous Yes but I also feel that if you know they are going to schools may not be what we had hoped you know in the past year or so yeah so you this the young people going to have been a schools must also yes be strong and continue doing campus ministries because just because you couldn't at this school doesn't mean that your see exam myself went to public school you know and I was part of intervention Christian fellowship as well where you mix with other and denominations we just send a daughter to public because we made a choice that you know if you could have been a system it's good I'm not against every system I mean my my wife was a ton in the system as well but there's a lot of dangers and false teachings they have to be strong and make sure they are the way it's going to be it's going to sink them if they don't have a personal one with the Lord exactly no matter what reason that you go to the university whether it be an Adventist Republican inversely it must be to be a missionary that it is you are given and you must have that filter of the Holy Spirit is teaching you agree. Any other questions or comments yes. It will be the last one wow I have prayer and then because worse was and 1245 and those that can go can go ahead. So often people decide to go to public universities because they think that that's where they'll be able to administer and teach guide because teach anybody that because they think that everyone that dichotomy is or every one of the universities already know about God and they already have enough and sometimes I don't even when I was there because they don't want to compare themselves to others like like spiritual wise like where they are in spiritual eyes were like you don't want to get there but like I think that you know like it's really that we have to listen to where God wants us to go because I truly believe that even in the admin ists goals but that's where we need got the most so that we could be able to have the old principle and foundation of one who God is and where he wants a studio so that we could be able to go to those public universities and also out of the out of just that place of you know of just wanting to minister to the people that already knows the things we have to be able to the we have to know God you have 2 hands day in the love that we are but like go to the next level in x. level but we have to be missionaries even in our own churches could be able to minister on to those who are not. You know I believe that it's. You know even with the the difficulties that we do find their Adventists universities there are you know I mean we have there's even a I think he's a chaplain he's one of the associate pastors at p.m.c. he's here he's a wonderful wonderful pastor to the students that are in there and so there is there are opportunities that are obvious that I think that's the biggest difference between or adding to schools and public universities and I'm going to school you actually have an opportunity to grow spiritually if you want it if that's what you're looking for there's also the opportunity to get involved in all kinds of shenanigans just like you would in a public university but you least have an opportunity to grow spiritually if you want to at a public university they're not interested in your spiritual help their. Not interested in your relationship with the Lord they're not interested in your eternal salvation and that I think is probably what you find is the difference but I think ultimately as you've all shared is you need to know where God is calling you individually and personally and you need to be grounded in the truth let's close with the word of prayer Eternal Father have we been so thankful that you have given us counsel that you give us your word you've given us so many examples but most of all you have promised us that the Holy Spirit that we may be guided that we may be able to know what is your will for our lives person individually where we think you with us are privy with each individual bits here specially those that are studying public universities wrap your loving arms around them set a hedge of protection a standard against the enemy and I pray more than anything else that you will use them to be a light in this campus that they know that their campus may be paired for your eminent return be asked us in Jesus name him on. This message was recorded at the g y c conference by many or very few in Louisville Kentucky do I see you supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at g y c web.


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