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Another Jesus (Remnant Rally 2009 #1)

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism

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him this media has been brought to you by your friends and when the publications you would like more of these powerful resources please visit us on the web at www. web and media Center .com or he was a toll-free call at one eight hundred four two three thirteen nineteen would like to invite you to say that you come and apparently he was him him to you looking in the backdrop and all within a year and a imagining what kind went into putting it together in thing to be a lot of different tools and things that went into this right when you think what you think the most common tool is that I've seen in use since I've been here tonight you're right conducting phase what a great invention well I'm glad to be here I don't know I sure that I just every time I see that they can use on Mars I marvel at it this evening we are they are talking about the sanctuary in fact all this weekend we are talking about the sanctuary that may be even the terminology may be something new to you and I open this up tonight even as we talk we get into the Bible when I talk about the sanctuary racks he talked about the Temple and the Bible not only in the Old Testament but there many Christians are unaware there was a temple in the New Testament and I find that that's that's a common misunderstanding that Temple not in the Old Testament alone but in the New Testament is the focal point of the Christians hope immigrant to see that tonight before we do anything else I'm going to Neil God bless the time we have in his words nine and when asked if you value his with me please father in heaven father as we come before you tonight Lord I ask that you would direct our minds to this temple that the Bible speaks of nonlinear floor but a temple in heaven a temple where the work of Jesus centers right now and father I pray that we would be inspired that we would be convicted and converted anew in the time that we have with you just this evening that we would be recommitted tonight and that father the time that we spend here would would be of such a nature that it would transform us so that the people that we come in contact with would notice that there is something distinctly different about us that they would know just by looking at us by our conduct by our words and actions that we had been with Jesus this is our prayer in his name and for his sake amen I'm currently on the director of eighty and a school it's actually an evangelism training school in Pullman Michigan and what we do there is we we we basically have two main purposes one is to to for the students who come to help them to get grounded in what they understand about Bible through so that they can have confidence in what they believe in and we train them to effectively share that Bible truth and we started our session we have two two secondary Ron what is a three-week one is a fourteen week and they run together and they started the same time we started August seventeenth we minute session met a week and a half like a psychologist a couple days ago and the first on the phone says yeah I like to on a hot go to your school and I said okay well let me transfer you over to Emanuel Roth these my associate director and easy administrator and estimate me a chance freedom of a manual raw thing in the person that it is Pastor Mark Howard and I said yes it has music of know your one oh one adopting I said okay well actually I said them are classes been in session for a week and a half already well you can be down at the rent rally I said yes I will talk to you down there and just then I began to answer well you know what I'm actually in a be down there Thursday night in and when even be down in than the wheels started turning and it clicked in my mind this is Dave brings him that some of you know that game reviewers for remnant publications that he doesn't have a southern accent and as soon as I begin the process that he starts laughing on the Internet as a regular phone as if I ask you now there's some background history and enema beginning tonight I kind of deserve it that have been coming because I I often would would play pranks on big and and so I I found out it it it dawned on me the last minute the David been playing an imposter he really wasn't a potential student at all I want to talk about an imposter or imposture or this taking place in the Christian world today the title of the message tonight is another Jesus another Jesus moment you turn in your Bibles I will you have your Bibles were to do probably Mormon Bible study tonight than anything else is that okay sure it's okay you're the Thursday night crowd can always the first crowd becomes like on a weekend thing Friday night Saturday but Thursday night year the guys that are just intense you're the ones that you brought your Bibles you are hoping I would say we're in a new Bible study tonight right okay segment is Chapter 11 take your Bibles no it needs a second Corinthians Chapter 11 notice the words of the apostle Paul second Corinthians chapter eleven Paul has just finished talking to the Christian church here in Corinth about how he has basically be tried then engage them to one husband even Christ and then he says in verse four or that they would be married to Christ I let start with verse three he says but I fear lest somehow as the serpent deceived even by his craftiness so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ now that was simplicity have you ever heard anybody ever heard the word duplicity okay sometimes we don't think of it this way but simplicity and duplicity sometimes can be compared together simpler duplicity is when somebody is being decided to face deceptive and Paul's talking about deception and he is fearing that we would be deceived and be drawn away from the simplicity the singleness of purpose RRR the symbolism viewing Christ summons and a notice how he says this year that your minds maybe he's concerned he says that your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ for he who comes preaches another one another Jesus he'll leave the apostles have not bring or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received or a different gospel always have not accepted you may well put up with it but he's basically saying that he is actually kind of chastising gently the Corinthian believers are just about believing anything when people tell me that as somebody come to greet his mother he is a you have so little disarming you probably believe it brothers and sisters out and tell you something there all are a lot different Jesus is being preached today and explain what he's saying here I want you to understand something there's a term in the Bible right okay that the term that data is at the title Christ was not Jesus last name Christ comes the great work Chris Nelson means the anointed one that's in the New Testament the easy Hebrew equivalent in the Old Testament is the word Messiah that means anointed one their title when Jesus asked his disciples who they thought that he was or who they said that he was answer Jesus thou are the Christ the son of the living God that the title you're not just Jesus of Nazareth you're not just an earthly man you're not just a son of God you're the Messiah the Christ is a title and the Bible says that there would be coming out of there we come false Christ's apology say another Christ you know if he would say here he was saying that that that he is he who comes preaches another cry is to say to me anybody who says I am the Messiah this pieces of Nazareth was but what Paul specifically pointing out here is that there will be people that claim to be following Jesus the same Jesus of the apostles claim to follow the only problem is that the Jesus their teaching really doesn't fit the historical Jesus he doesn't do any of things that the Jesus that the apostles taught in the evening they don't he doesn't say anything there keeps the things that the Jesus the close time time you get that in other words they would profess to believe in Jesus they would say the name Jesus Jesus they claim to believe and did not match the Jesus the Bible talks about and as I said there are many different Jesus is being preached today rhyming that simply this you can say the name Jesus all you want that Jesus was a real person a divine human person who lived who taught through the Bible bears witness of anything Jesus you believe in is not the Jesus the Bible speaks of then your believing in another Jesus the one Paul warned you are you with me so far now there's one specific area that I want to focus on tonight our focus this weekend is this temple the sanctuary many of you have studied about the temples in the Bible the Old Testament thanks Roy Temple the New Testament some of you have I want you to see something in the book of Hebrews which I believe was written by the apostle Paul as well I want you to notice and admonition of Paul gives us in the book of Hebrews were talking about another Jesus what kind of Jesus is the what does the Bible Creek what is the Jesus of the Bible doing maybe it would be an easier question for me to ask what he did think a lot of Christians would be in agreement on that what did Jesus do Jesus is the one that came onto this earth and he died for our sins on Calvary 's cross we would probably be pretty universal right there everybody would get the same place the question I would ask tonight is what you what is their next in fact before we go to Hebrews three islands you look at John chapter sixteen and find that Jesus has to say very question of his disciples John Zappa sixteen Matthew Mark Luke John chapter sixteen and verse five Jesus has been teaching his disciples about the trials that are coming he's been trying to tell the disciples that he's going to be crucified but that he's any raise again he tells his disciples he is going away and this is what happens there this is what he says and John sixteen verse five knows what it says he says but now I go all way to him it was who did what okay were not an important play up on it just a moment here Ms. sent me now I know what him and sent me and not you and asks me where are you going why is Jesus saying this doesn't sound like he wants them to ask he wants them to be interested he wants them to be curious to hear all alarming you oh Lord your all to us your all in all we love you we give our lives view great I'm going away in a bind my bad okay fine and if asking when Jesus said he wants them to ask what you want Mrs. Christianity today seventy percent across twenty two after that I'm saying that's what the book of people are doing today in the Christian church and Jesus would say the same thing to you and me today that none of you ask around nine don't you want to know what I did after I send them the apostle Paul admonishes us in Hebrews chapter three be concerned with what Jesus did when he ascended up into heaven knows what it says he rejected three Hebrews chapter three and notice verse one you probably read over this before not even thought about Hebrews chapter three verse one therefore holy brethren partakers of the heavenly calling consider the lot the apostle and high Priest of our confession Christ Jesus you are considering to consider is that it is all quantities and when you consider them I want you to think about them I went to a legitimate date on this two things not one apostle of the Lord apostle literally means somebody who's say we just had that done sixty nine Jesus said young going away to him who sent me only think of Jesus in the back of a little bit Paul tells us here I want you to consider Jesus first of all as the one God sent not sent into this world to live for us to digress on Calvary 's cross consider the apostle of our faith of our confession Christ Jesus most of us do that pretty well but he doesn't there doesn't not satisfied to say consider Jesus the apostle of our faith he does consider the apostle and high Priest of our confession took Paul and listen to me carefully to call the picture was incomplete the work of Christ was incomplete unless it included both Christ as the apostle and as the high priest of Christ as the one God sent to die for our sins and the one who ascended into heaven after his earthly sacrifice to begin a priestly work are you with me on that so far done at a big tenure my move I just want you to get as I'm saying this because I was teaching a class this last year is similar to the one reviewing how we had students coming a student in the classroom in anywhere from bring our young students sixteen in our oldest is midmorning last iconoclast like this it had to have one of these evangelism training schools that that that I helped out with and the one of the students one of the elderly students and if at that point we had any art are listed in the student was around seventy two anyway he was in that range and I know some are sixty was between sixty eight and seventy this particular student not only was he between sixty and seventy and spent most of his life thirty years of his life as a spare in I forget what domination that wasn't my and we were teaching of his teaching on the subject of the sanctuary and Christ's priestly work in fact much of over to look at this man raises his hand in the class and he says this is why haven't I ever heard this before I said partly human a minister for thirty years and you not heard anything about the desire crazed is not never heard anything like this I said well tell me what what what what did what did you and your church do when you came to these passages that Jesus a high priest he said we can do anything with it maybe it's different for you but I know from my experience that it's not uncommon in much of Christendom that appears with Jesus did as he ascended into heaven as long as I'm saying that's what matters but let me let me make this clear you just just drawing from a Paul say Paul did not receive salvation as complete in the picture of Jesus as the apostle he only saw salvation has complete when Jesus the apostle was in a twenty five reduced in Hall's mind these two things were essential is that I want you to consider the work of Jesus as the apostle and at the high priest no one insists on board my men making a big deal out of this one on making a big deal I'd well let's go further on in the book of Hebrews to chapter eight and in the time remaining tonight we are going to consider not Christ the apostle the one who got sent but Christ the high priest okay the roots chapter eight bear with me were just been established a few things here's were building and in and moving along he read this chapter eight verse one knows what Paul says he announced giving volumes here and you'll see that from the beginning first next year in Hebrews eight one the Bible says now this is the main point not ring in the new King James this is the main point of the things that we are saying what the King James says enhancing games this is the lot this is the Psalm had ever come up with a song before what is of some if it's a total of a bunch of different things that are together right right to delete when you when you enter any missed everyone involved is okay now this is the Psalm what would you expect probably a whole bunch of other things it ran together prior to the Mister Draper is one that summarized in this next statement and others suffice it to say that if you go to Hebrews chapter one through seven what you find is a summarization of crisis arteries pump pump pump is always qualifications of Jesus as dark as a high priest is priestly and the briefly aspect of his work and he says now this is the main point of this is the sum of all the things we are saying we have such a high priest such as what such as we just described in the previous chapters and enforcement don't have time to look at time we has such a high priest in the will say who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the habit now I just wanted bring a little point out here for you tonight bit.ly sometimes we get Howard this weekend we can weaken the way to a literalistic with some things it says he seated some Christians say well I'm out says Jesus is seated and that's always going to sit down there is not done anything else but if you look when you have your member when Jesus when Peter was a visitor on-site when Stephen was stoned to death in acts chapter six or accept the seven rather when you read that story when Stephen was being stolen he looked up into heaven and he said he the heavens were opened and he saw the Son of Man stands a at the right hand writing is seated at the right hand is he is a bright logo expression for any position of authority Jesus it was despised on the earth rejected by his own people but now he's ascended into the heavens and he sits in a position of authority and power that's like those disciples in Matthew twenty eight all authorities given me in heaven and on earth though therefore right he's in a position of authority no notice you seated it says that the right-handed versus Uganda clears it up forth a minister of the sanctuary and the true why feminine feminist 's words attacked and post- language of in the Old Testament the first temple of the tent had been made an attempt form and so they can move it around because it is never permanent dwelling he says Jesus is visiting Nina by name obviously but he gives is the evidence before him is is seated at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven a minister of the century and a true time and time tabernacle which the Lord directed and not man for every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices therefore it is necessary that this one also has something to offer for if he were on her if he would want he would not be a breeze since there are priests who offer gifts according to the law to serve the copy and shadow of the heavenly things and because there the simple twenties making there is in the various late Levitical law a priest had to be of the tribe of Levi Solly sang the governing chapter seven but we can reach up to seven what tribe is Jesus wrong in his earthly lineage Judah and had himself Paul makes that point but but but I want to gather them are important one of it he says if he were on the earth he couldn't be appraised many Christians say on red and violet abuses are present only the high priest but some of the Mono Tribune 's prison talking on your ministering to people because the apostle Paul says he couldn't do his recent work on your which means he could think of something else to eat when you're reading these things and I want to challenge you Christians I want to challenge that when you're reading something in the Bible don't take your meaning from the minister showed up more of your service at MS study and out in the violet focus remedies that amount I say thread but an understanding that both find out whether I'm telling you the truth the apostle Paul said the debris ends in acts chapter seventeen verse eleven he says the brands were noble Christians why he says because my preached on the estimate how many serfs up the Scriptures make sure I was telling the truth he wasn't offended by now be offended by the I challenge you to do it what happens is we hear this imagery in the New Testament all the Lamb of God Lamb of God what's that mean well it's so clichéd today a lot of Christians that finally means Jesus alive in Jesus and while I am well that's all drawn from the imagery that got set up in the Old Testament with all these animal sacrifices in your photography and the more you can understand about that it gives you an understanding of what Jesus work is will will flesh that out as we go furthermore an earthly priest by nature of his very job had to take the blood of the sacrifice that's what he ministered in the sanctuary they condone the same train Leslie had a sacrifice first you following I'm in a sacrificing person in a priestly work with a sacrifice well who was the sacrifice Jesus was so until he sacrificed himself on Calvary 's cross there was nothing to minister as priests and so what's Paul saying is when Christ finished up his earthly sacrifice then he ascended into heaven and he began a work of priestly work something he couldn't do while on the earth something he had to do in half and it was after he ascended to heaven what is this crazy work on Outlook he says again in verse five the EEC these these earthly priests he says offer gifts according to the law who serve the copy and shadow of the lot heavenly things so he said all this stuff on the earth is earthly temple not only on the wilderness the tenth but the building that Christ went into in his day install he stood up in the Temple read that Campbell the earthly temple it was just a copy and shadow it wasn't the reality Paul goes on to make the point here he says who serve the copy and shadow verse five again of heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed when he was about to make the tabernacle for he said CNN now I stepped that the Lord speaking every visit see that you make all things according to the pattern shown you in the mouth and he's quoting right from Exodus when God showed Moses the Formosa the tabernacle God told Moses here to show you a picture of it I will show you what they in more than a picture and him and you look at this one in heaven and I wanted to build the one on the earth based on what you see that for Paul saying here he established her he built this earthly temple based on heavenly temple simple point that's made here that I want to emphasize very plainly that you can't get around if you accept the Scripture is that there is a temple in heaven and that's where Jesus 's work I say that because I know that there are Christians who take the position that anybody who focuses on this temple in heaven and this is crazy to me is not only nonbillable but they're not focusing on Jesus I've heard that before they're not focusing on Jesus they're not talking enough about the cross of talking about some template heaven let me tell you something their preaching to you another Jesus and the Bible preaches not to diminish the sacrifice on Calvary 's cross but let me tell you something if there was no priest to minister the sacrifice the sacrifice didn't do anybody any good so represent Jesus working as thanks Rahab and instantly a time to the cross of Calvary and exist by the sacrifice of Christ which were going to see Pollock they make this post I make this point were jumping ahead to Chapter nine and verse one are you with me so far okay good good chapter nine verse one follow along here the apostle has has has talked now what were jumping over a portion ways actually comparing the old covenant newcomer he talks about a new covenant has been made now or I think they were that you write new covenant most of us should meet fairly familiar with that term new covenant in addition of this in a bloody way we cannot look at here in just a moment nine numbers one it says then indeed even the first covenant which would be the old covenant had ordinances of divine service and what the earthly sanction Aaron Brown will sibling your mindset one is okay even the even the old covenant had ordinances of divine service and the earthly sanctuary what is what is he saying by implication he's just old and new he said even the old covenant had temple services had an earthly sanctuary or the earthly things right what's the implication that the new covenant has ordinances of divine service animal sanctuary pray tell what the apartment just by induction Paul is contrasting with you going to see throughout this that there are two sanctuaries there is the earthly which was a copy and there was a heavenly which is the true there was the earthly temple where earthly priest minister the blood of animals but that is a heavenly Temple when she is a minister his own blood are you with me so far and that those earthly priest working with animal blood in the earthly temple were directly connected with the old covenant just as Jesus ministering his life in the heavenly sanctuary is directly connected with the new cover and so by definition in the Scripture a new covenant Christian can't but believe in the work of a sanctuary in heaven that Jesus is doing right now now you have requested that I just don't read what were looking at right now meditate on what else could be saying a new kind of thing just were talking Paul is trying to draw our attention to the work of Christ our high priest now he goes on to describe these the earthly temple and he talks about the they did and how it was set up holy place most holy place in verse five he makes an interesting statement finishing up his description he says and above it speaking of the Ark of the covenant and cherubim of glory overshadowing the mercy seat he's just described the two apartments in the sit in a printer in the same Trinity says something interesting he does all these things you cannot now speak in detail now this is what I gather from this policy using he's he's talked a little bit very little just a few verses abound that the structure of the sanctuary and impulses in essence this one I wanted to tonight or this afternoon a regular whenever he was talking about this is what I want to do is not so much focus on the structure right now is focus on what Christ is doing in this Temple are you with me and is aware that that's what we're wanting to see what what what is and why it is so important what is Christ doing in this Temple why are we to consider the high priest of our confession I want you to jump down Timbers Melaleuca verse six number six and he says now when these things had thus been prepared this earthly temple this did the building and instead he said the priest always went into the first part of the tabernacle performing the services but into the second part which would be the most holy place of her two apartments in the sanctuary and younger about that this weekend no doubt but I'm not getting it all that detail right now these things we cannot now speak in detail okay we're focusing on snow much again we say into the second part the high priest went alone nobody else went but the high priest the high priest went once a year it was the day of atonement the Heber David Yom Kippur it's called today the day of judgment judgment and Hebrew mind as the high priest went once a year not without blood which he offered for himself and for the people 's sins committed in ignorance that's focused and numbers a and and nine eight September save the Holy Spirit indicating that he says through this earthly wealth make appointment the Holy Spirit indicating this that the way into the night reading the new King James I'm kind of disappointed that they do this you really like the translation this is the way into the holiest of all if you have a new American Standard Bible it reads more correctly before the Greek actually says into the I believe in Americans is holy places the new American Standard here English standard version of that yet either one of those you have more pictures again amplified Bible you look at the grief you can find out that the that the statement here is not into Paul's point is that the way into the holiest the most holy place but into the holy places are the heavenly sanctuary on the flush that out for a moment he says this is what the Holy Spirit is indicating that the way into the holy places was not yet made manifest while the first tabernacle was still standing in the first tabernacle the first sanctuary was symbolic for the present time in which both gifts and sacrifices are offered which cannot make him who performed the service perfect in regard to the conscience number to zero in on this part right here all because coming home again is bringing his point home he what he has just told us is this there was an earthly temple God 's people were required to go and worship of the earthly temple repeatedly and that that was their worship service just like we go to church today they went to the Temple et al. what they would worship in Temple et al. says that .net Temple service notice verse nine he said it was symbolic that of the new King James that was the King James version say are you following with me it is less than what the preacher says that following in your Bibles are what is an update here now listen this is a year to enjoy that that that that the New Testament translated from the Greek here's the Greek word that she is there the Greek word is translated symbolic in the new King James and figuring and if the word parable when one where do you think we get from that everywhere else in the Bible that word is translated parable and Christ felt this parable unto them notice Paul's usage policy what Paul and essences saying it this whole earthly temple service for the priests were going to be more guilty animals they did the blog and in all this what a parable it was a picture lesson designed to communicate a true to God 's people in the blood of bulls and goats climbs anybody sin through the blood of bulls and goats draw anybody closer to God it wasn't it was it was a it was a it was a single of the year and let me make it at a little application the people in Christ ask units do you think that the people in Christ's day or for before some of the patriarchs Abraham Mike and Mike David in and in these no leaders in the Bible do you think that as they came to those earthly that those earthly temples and offer the earthly sacrifices do you think that that worship drew them closer to God absolutely dinnertime everybody closer to God know how to draw anybody closer to God only as they saw by faith that the animal sacrifice represented the great sacrifice to come Jesus Christ the following okay so so it possible probable more than probable cause we read about in the New Testament Christ they when he came into the church there are multitudes it came into the temple they got nothing out of the Temple service it didn't transform the characters in fact they actually almost used church as an excuse to be able is it possible Christians today going to the Temple services in the church in heaven do nothing for the spiritual life of search if our minds aren't fixed on the purpose we are there if our minds are fixed on the great sacrifice of Christ for my personal sense indexing are sent to die for our sin guess what he got your sin injures and my sin there is no such thing as accepting Jesus as a personal savior until you admit your personal sin and natural and it's possible we can see and hear we can gather the IVF and Paul is speaking is speaking to be speaking to the Hebrews and incidentally he wrote this book to the people who had crucified Christ on Calvary 's cross then they were still offering animal sacrifices involve trying to get them to see your earthly services are doing anything you're missing the point the point was that they were elite unit Jesus is your worship leaving you to Jesus is your worship leading you to Jesus and Paul says this was the whole point of those services they were a parable in the parable and he says in verse eight as we backed up a little bit he says this with the Holy Spirit was indicating the Holy Spirit ordained by God we give this sanctuary less the Holy Spirit impress upon the minds of Moses and Bezaleel the holy and the craftsmen worked on the set on the Temple and all of the people that had part in the original ten in on the wilderness and beyond the Holy Spirit work through the whole process to get a lesson in teaching to a parable and he says there's always fear was indicating this is the way into me holiest of all technically really the sanctuary heavenly sanctuary of Apollo sang as easy as reading his contract year wasn't revealed to man while they were still absorbed in the earthly temple and then resigns as the earthly temple was a symbol it was a parable in which the VIP viewed the gifts and sacrifices were offered that could not make him to perform the service perfect in regard to the clock conscience very simply put he couldn't clear the conscience of man it wasn't ever intended to it was to point them to Jesus who can clear the conscience and an immigrant pickup again to jump ahead and see that again Paul makes the same point again in verse fourteen thirteen fourteen the first thirteen fourteen Hebrews nine he sets the gift of the line of bulls and goats and the ashes of a heifer sprinkling the unclean sanctify is for the purifying of the flash how much more shall the blood of Christ who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God cleanse what your conscience from dead works to serve the living God much more he says that even if these animal sacrifice could do anything for man and they do they help the point them to Jesus but if they had any positive repercussions how much more when we turn our attention from the sacrifice to Christ then he cleanse the conscience from dead works then explain what that means I'm nasty white if my conscience is bothering me why is it okay knowledge that will want my why would you bother me I'm here because I want my resumes they ever did something wrong so there are two as far as I understand it two ways I can clear my conscience or dying into a thinker my conscience I did something wrong and equipment concepts down that you have to do what's right or are they repented you are right that's one way of doing it with the other with any conscience and that have to somehow explain it away and say really wasn't wrong right to justify one of two ways to cleanse my conscience now Paul says that how much more can the blood of Christ cleanse the conscience now you think Jesus is funding the Contras through searing our consciences angrily does not which method you think prices as inconstant listen carefully the very ministry of Christ the very purpose of Christ in the temple in heaven is to transform his people delete them away from those works of sin so that the consciences can be clear before God the Bible says that Christ becomes our righteousness Paul puts it this way all things are passed away and all things become new wondering Christ Jesus I am crucified with Christ are no longer live Christ lives in me if Christ lives in me as my condos can be clear it ought to be questioned as Christ lives in you the whole purpose of the ministry of Christ is to cleanse his people and this beginning one more step one more step let's go one more step with this is why I I I I I give a final conclusion Hebrews chapter nine were in a jump ahead yet again just for sake of time I'd love to just go through every verse notice verse twenty four he says for Christ has not entered the holy places made with fans which are copies of the truth are remained up one evening again but but where has he entered into heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God for us he's speaking in terms of mediator that's what the priest did incidentally if you look at the work of the priest in the Old Testament the priest was a representative of the people he would go before God as a representative of the people and he would seek the claim whatever he was seeking to claim forgiveness cleansing in behalf of the people so that when the priest received the approval of God so did the people and what the Bible saying here is that Christ hasn't gone into some earthly temple but he's gone into the presence of God the father in heaven in your behalf and in my behalf to obtain eternal redemption for a and part of that work with he's already outlined for us is to cleanse the conscience notice when he goes on to say now to appear in the presence of God for us not that he should offer himself often has a high priest enters the blood enters the rent is the most holy place every year with the blood of another era of increased medical year after your fear fear Christ goes into the father wants he's going to obtain it now he's not going to have to keep going back and begging for it the Bible says the same bookkeepers chapter seven personally five says Christ ever since they make intercession for his people he ever lives to make intercession for his people young of this habit in fact it's it's I drive people nuts when I do this I am the most I'm probably the most absent-minded person that there is really and and and and it's really valuable to understand people and why call me just what wasn't we can happen I happens all the time tells me we can have millions that happened you all sound like called object the method I think I've got to call them back and they forget until he entered any of his one-time occurrence and I just forget it and then it dawns on me when I'm really in big trouble no I'm not calling back let me explain is it a step further I may tell you to do this is and is absent mindedness I was it I was at camp meeting here in Michigan and that when I get into something I mean it's not like a total absentmindedness I get very focused and absorbing things and I was absorbed in something or the other night it went into Michigan camping at a campground in their common bathhouses there and about houses are set up so that you have this big building and you have a door and typically the door on the left hand well this is not typical it's it in every building the dongle at hand is the ladies in the dark right-hander is the guy and what would happen sometimes during the day when they would clean them as they have the doors propped open of course when the doors propped open this is block wall in there with a big sign that says men or women's but the doors help a caveat we looking at it to see the science unlocking in one day I'm going to take showers in afternoon fortunately does not allow deeper and so I am absorbed in thought and walking along that I'm looking down I walked into the bathroom and you what you do is you have to go by hosting some on-site installs on the other showers in the back of all the way to the back going to the curtain I shut the curtain went down my shower kit and I was standing there and I hear a woman's voice to listen it has been my initial thought is this what is a woman doing in the man's fax is not just about the time that thought came to meet terror seizes me as I realized that a woman is not in the man's back to the bathroom as I read my stuff and a half of the bathroom as fast as I can hoping that I'm not busy anybody in and out and see me and for you know normally within their surprise you see a lady as he's coming in I'm heading out in the wrong place and I headed out very quickly now the same and that if that's not bad enough we had an evangelistic meeting we rented out me elementary school is Jason JA Intermountain Jason flower equity was a platform chairperson Jason and I are getting ready for the meeting I'm in a hurry I go in a minute later the place yet I want over the bathrooms at the men's bathroom but I want to the whims that can just walk right in think of your steps into Jason 's right behind I take a few steps and I realize I've done a picture like this is what you doing a similar woman faces as I was just following you I could never follow your past while the Bible but I do that I get I get absorbed in things not now the reason I'm bringing this all up is to sell you this human beings think we can get focused on something and forget what else is going on but when the Bible says Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us Jesus doesn't lose his focus on whole point is currently high priest would come and go they would die off Jesus is our purpose as he appears in the presence of God for you and me his whole purpose of high priest if the standards are represented the other loses focus to be delivered and why he's there he never forget your case and what Paul is saying here he goes on because crimes disappeared in the presence of God for us verse twenty six a.m. December twenty five not that he should offer himself often as a high priest verse twenty six he would then have to suffer often since it begets is the foundation of the world notice import button now once at the end of the agents he has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself I went back to sink into your heads tonight sink into your brain listen carefully to this e-mail we talk about it the possible birthday Jesus had appeared Jesus came was the end of the eighties that Jesus had appeared he's come one day become to put away sin don't ever forget that when we see the sin and suffering the world let me clear in your mind Jesus is not done with his work yet because the Bible says he came to put away sin became to put away sin in the world he came to paper waste any and in my ones at the end of the agency said he's appeared to put away sin too often too often we struggle and even wallow in our sin as if we have no help all that we would take the heart reading here tonight Jesus has appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself if you sacrifice yourself for something I just has out well I guess I didn't get the job done too bad if you sacrifice your whole self to do something you're going to make sure you do it Jesus appeared to put away sin if you're struggling with Sula and Jesus the apostle and high Priest of our confession notice when he goes on to say verse twenty seven he says and yet as it is appointed for men to die once but after this the judgment so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many to those who eagerly wait for him he will appear a second time apart from sin for salvation to those listen carefully eagerly wait for him you know the devil has got too many of us distracted with the things of this world so they were really not eagerly looking for him in fact for maybe even hoping he waits a while but we tell you something Jesus is looking for those who eagerly are waiting and the Bible says he appeared wants to put away sin when he comes again and says he's going to appear apart from sand some translations say without reference to sin simple point the Bible 's making is this priests deal with sin but Jesus is not returning to this earth as a priest he's returning as the King of King which means when he comes again the Bible says in the book of Jude that he comes to execute judgment now is the time to avail him of his priestly work and let him put away our sins he standing in the presence of God for us he is not going to stand there forever the front is coming a time when he's going to come to this earth again he's going to do his work of putting away sin for all who are willing down and put away the sin but there are some who don't want to avail themselves just to hold on to this in the distal yield of putting the decision off what about you tonight Jesus stands before the father representing you Jesus says in Matthew chapter ten if we confess his name before men will confess our name before the father in heaven if we don't confess his name before men neither will he confess our name before the father in heaven he's eager and willing to take our case he's eager and willing to stand as our representative are you confessing his name are you confessing his name after jobs you might say what you do and how you act are you confessing his name are you living for Jesus are you making sure your words of the kind words Jesus would speak your job in your home 's hi there weren't just waiting to husband 's underwear just need your wives and emerges beneath your children the kind words that Jesus was the recent passing in your are you confessing him before men in your churches sometimes we do well at home and at the job than a church retreat everybody nasty I don't know why it is i.e. confessing him in your churches among the people you see in the Fellowship of the word are you holding grudges is the greatest concern you your reputation your feeling your respect nobody respects me enough I don't get enough recognition around here why do people treat me the way they do why so many bad things happening to me what's the focus in your life are you confessing him before me I want to tell you something it also Paul would draw our minds to the work of Christ Jesus died on Calvary 's cross but in less you avail yourself of his work right now is a high priest to cleanse you to purify you from sin to put away your sin and when he comes again as King of kings and Lord of lords our God will be a consuming fire to you and you'll be crying for the rocks in the mountains the following ideas in the face of him who sits on the throne and from the rest of the way but tonight the Lord Jesus invites you any invites me commented that yourself now I want to confess your sins before my father my confessor name before my father I want to stand for you I want to cleanse you though since you are struggling with I'm more than able to get back and saved the most all who come to my father through me if .com is we begin this weekend my strong appeal to you tonight is that even here and now you would make it your purpose your determined her Chris that you will come with all you have and all you are to Jesus laid down his seat surrender your heart to him here and now they'll be like the people in Christ's day his churchgoing was just act our discontent that but like many today are discontented Jesus died on the cross but don't bothering me about living a Christlike life why would we do that why we give up the most precious thing on his offer to transform us and help us to be like Jesus to be the fragrance of life to the world around us this intimate friends is it your desire tonight is it your sincere desire to say right here at the outset of this weekend I am going to apply myself deliberately to giving my heart and life holy DeJesus is a Jesus listen all I have is yours I have struggles and if left to myself I'll hold on to graduate out to people nasty I want put away my sin the Lord am asking you help a poor sinner like me like that public and they went and prayed be on his breast is a guy mercy on me a sinner transforming help me to be like you sent your desire tonight is that you desire let me see your hands tonight and as your hands are raised Dyer has with the father in heaven you see our hands we're not raising our hands just for show but father are hard to the new by your word we need Jesus our high priest we need his work and cleansing we need his power lies not the blood of bulls and goats father we need that hour of Christ to transform us O father we need the power price even to help us to yield our stubbornness Lord forgive us forgive us for being so naturally self-centered not yielding ourselves father tonight we want to start this weekend off right we want to give your spirit full access to our hearts as a father this is our prayer were not asking it because of our worthiness but you have told us to ask you offer the provisioning your son Jesus Christ in the coming few in his name reclaiming your promise were asking for your gift father we thank you for hearing and answering in Jesus name we pray these things in


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