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God's Call to the Jungle

Jason Sliger


Have you ever sensed God calling you? How do you know for sure? And how can you get up the nerve to take that leap of faith? Jason will tell how he and his family went from living a comfortable life as a pastor to wholeheartedly heading to work in the jungle of Papua New Guinea. God is calling you, too. Will you put yourself on the launch pad?


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.


  • January 2, 2020
    2:30 PM


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This message was presented at the g.. By many or by few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on. Dot org. Or you joins you why See it's good to be here we actually live here in Kentucky now we're about an hour south of here near Elizabeth Town Kentucky actually that's where our storage container is and you'll know a little bit more about that here in just a few minutes as I share our story but just to give you a little bit of background I used to be a pastor in the mist and conference My name is Jason sliders you already know from the program and passed it in Mission conference for about 7 years prior that I was with amazing facts doing seminars with them Bible prophecy seminars to evangelism and now we're in another transition in our life heading off into the mission field how many of you familiar with administering to your missions. Ok if you haven't gone by their booth you need to do that it's one of the 1st booths that you see when you walk in through the side door there and sign up to be a missionary you won't you won't regret it and especially if you're going to college they've got a great program student missionaries and John back to be more than happy to talk to you about that program and what it all entails for you give a year of your life to foreign missions all the essence that I've talked to have not regretted in the least bit giving one year of their life and taking a year off of college to go and serve God in the mission field so if you if you have the opportunity go over there check out the program ask questions John's of wealth of information he served as a missionary in Thailand you probably heard his testimony before if you have it you need to google it and check it out check it out he's got an incredible testament how the Lord led him to the church and then into missions in the works the work that he did over in India so anyways that's a little bit of my background I've got 3 beautiful kids they're not here right now they're probably come here in a little while my oldest is 8 we named her evangelize. And we named her that because we were doing evangelism at the time and it's a derivative of the word evangelist and we want her to grow up to be one who would share the gospel of Jesus everywhere she goes then we had our son when we moved into Pastore work. We named him Christian he is 6 years old and we named him that because we want him to grow up to be a man who is like Christ and then we just had our last child 4 years ago and she is a bundle of joy lots of energy or name is verity and we ended that because we want her to grow up to not only be a truthful person but to be one who also shares the truth and if you're familiar with Pilgrim's Progress you know know where we got our names. I've ever read Pilgrim's Progress it's a great book wonderful book read that many times and I was a kid growing up learning that many wonderful lessons so the ways that's a little bit of my background today is going to be just I'm going to share with you stories that happen in our life in the last 6 years of as we've made this restart last 6 months as we've made this transition from pastoral work into full time missionary work so let's go ahead and begin with a word of prayer and I invite you to bear heads with me as we start with a prayer now Father in heaven we are grateful that we can come into your presence the softer noon and father we invite the presence of your Holy Spirit to rest in this room to speak to our hearts to apply the lessons that are shared in just the right way and Father I pray that as we go from this place in about an hour that we will have sensed that we were with Jesus and that we serve a God who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. So Father we ask now that you would speak to our hearts through this through this story and that we would be drawn closer to you but we prayed in Jesus' name. 21 years ago I remember the day like it was yesterday some of you weren't born 21 years ago were you. And makes me feel really old 21 years ago I was a member of the like was yesterday I was standing in a hot muggy country of the world it was my 1st time to a 3rd world country I was in my senior year of high school and I was standing in front of the airport getting ready to come back to the United States and as I was standing there I had this wealth of experience that had just happened in the 2 years that I was there in the Philippines helping out with a Bible prophecy seminar while I was there I saw things that just radically shifted my world view I saw poverty like I had never seen it before I saw happiness like I had never seen it before I saw contentedness like I had never seen it before I saw the generosity like I had never seen it before I went into homes of people where they had dirt floors and they they wanted to give me gifts as I was leaving their house and this just was very transformative in my life coming from a 1st world country but the one thing that was seared in my mind that I will never forget was standing on the street corner night after night watching the sugarcane trucks pull up in front of the tent with people standing in the back packed in like sardines and it was just truckload after truckload after truckload of these people and they would get off of the truck and they would file their way into the tent and they would sit on the hard bamboo benches for 2 hours to listen to the Word of God preach and you're thankful you have a soft cushy chair to sit on today. And I stood there in my young 18 year old mind I had just given my heart to the Lord I'd just been baptized I was fresh out of the river of my Baptist baptism and I'm standing there watching this phenomenon happened night after night after night and I'm thinking to myself Lord are there that many people in the world who are hungry for the Word of God and now I'm standing that you know 2 weeks later I'm standing in the airport I'm getting ready to come back to the United States of America this whole experience is behind me I'm watching people hanging on the chain link fence around the airport watching the rich american go back to the states and as I'm standing there in the airport a passage of Scripture just flashes into my mind I remember this so clearly Matthew chapter 24 and verse 14 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached and all the world for witness on to all nations and. And I remember thinking to myself I mean this whole experience behind me and thinking about this Bible passage in my young 18 year old mind I remember thinking to myself If the Gospel has to go through the world before Jesus comes then I want to take the Gospel to the world because I don't want to be in this world any longer than is necessary. And it was there in that stillness of the moment with all the jostling of people around me in the quietness of my thoughts that God began to pull my heart in the direction of ministry and now I understand one day into overseas missions well in the 21 years between then and now a lot has happened but what I want to focus on is what has happened in the last year of my life well actually before I do that share with you one other thing about 8 years ago and this is all leads up to what happened in this last year about 8 years ago I was sitting in my living room I've been an evangelist with amazing facts for 7 years at this point crisscrossing the countryside doing by proxy seminars watching people get baptized it was a phenomenal experience and I'm sitting in my living room a good friend of mine comes over to visit me his name is Kyle and he had just made the transition from Bible work into missionary work he was going to the country of Thailand to serve as a missionary and he sent my liver to me sharing with me this call of God in his life to go and serve as a missionary and I was so excited for him Kyle and I had worked together in Bible work and we had just had a wonderful friendship and now it was fun to see how God was working in his life to take him overseas and then he opened up his laptop and he showed me a 3 minute video that rattled my cage he showed me this video about the needs for foreign missions and how the there are people in the world in 2000 years ago Jesus gave the Gospel commission and there are still 2 to 3000000000 people who have never even heard his name mentioned. Now you say something like that to an evangelist who wants to win souls and hasten the coming of Christ and that is very disturbing for me and as I sat there and watched this video with all these statistics and you can look at it on the Joshua project or if in website you can get those statistics if you want as I sat there watch this my eyes began to burn with tears and the and as these tears welled up in my eyes I thought to myself Lord I'm only one person what can I do to help there's so much need there's so many people who are starving for knowledge of Jesus Well the Lord heard that prayer and he began to work on my heart I grew up like many of you reading the great administers missionary stories how many are familiar with Eric b. hare. I grew up on that stuff we read those stories over and over and over again and that that the concept of missions was kind of seared in my mind but I didn't understand it until that moment when I was sitting in my living room with Kyle that the need is greater than I could have ever imagined I once heard a quote that the his name was called Smith or something like that. He said no one deserves to hear the Gospel twice when there are people in the world who haven't heard it once. 3000000002 to 3000000000 people in the world who have never heard the name of Jesus and I want you to think about that when it comes to your life goals and what you're going to do in your life do you want to choose to spend your time talking to people who already heard about it or talking to people who haven't heard about it now the Lord needs people who have to minister to those who have heard about it we need missionaries all over the place but let me just be very blunt with you here this afternoon Christ is not going to come back until the Gospel goes to the world I heard one name and. And as long as there are 2 to 3000000000 people who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ is not going to come back he is too loving he is too kind he is too understanding he won't come back to people who are unprepared and it doesn't matter what's going on in the Vatican it doesn't matter what's going on in the secret chambers of you know these different buildings in the world and all these meetings of politicians and all that kind of stuff yes Bible prophecy is being fulfilled but as long as there are people who haven't heard the gospel Christ cannot come back and when I 1st started learning these concepts it started to change my world view and my ministry and the way that God was directing my life in my service to him so about a year ago my wife was reading the administration tear magazine how many of you see that it is from Time magazine frontiers magazine's great magazine you should get it and read it my wife reads it from cover to cover every month she loves looking at the stories of what's going on in the mission field great stories there so she's reading through it and we talked about mission work all the time we had missionaries come to our churches the share about what's going on in their part of the world I shared mission stories from my in my sermons oftentimes missions was just kind of an interest that we had and so my wife one day she's going through they have a magazine and she's reading through and she notices in the back of the magazine that there are 5 mission calls for 5 places in the world. Now you have to understand something about me I had kind of resolved in my mind that for missions as much as I had a burden for it I didn't feel that I was equipped for it you know you think about the typical missionary their doctors their nurses their dentists their teachers you know they have these practical trades that they can use in the mission field and I didn't have that I'm a preacher and I didn't feel that that was something that could be used very well in the mission field so I didn't feel like I was equipped for it now I have since learned that that was a lie of Satan and maybe he has a lie that he's deceiving you with to keep you from doing that type of work as well you need to identify that and find the truth behind it but anyways I had this notion this concept in my mind and so as my wife is looking at these top 5 mission calls in the f.m. magazine she notices one of them is a call for a pastor isn't it interesting how God works it's a call for a pastor to Northern Scotland and so she says Hey Jason look at this there's a call in the a.f.m. magazine for a missionary pastor to Northern Scotland I said That's very interesting. And I didn't give it much thought after that. The next month she's reading through the f a magazine and in the back of the magazine top 5 mission calls and guess what's there Scotland hey look Jason if there are again the top 5 mission calls call for a pastor to Northern Scotland Well that's interesting. Next month same thing for 5 months about 5 or 6 months the same thing happened over and over and over again and I'm just I guess I'm a little clueless on like that that's just interesting Ok now I didn't know this but my wife during that time got out her prayer journal and she wrote in her prayer journal Lord either give me peace about Scotland or put the burden on Jason's heart. Now those of you that aren't married which is probably the majority here take a note out of that Ok it's much more effective to move your spouse through prayer than by nagging somebody else. And so she begins to pray this prayer that the Lord would lay the burden on my heart or just give her peace about the whole situation and so the Lord starts working on my heart I didn't know that she had prayed this prayer request in fact I didn't find out until quite a bit afterwards when we signed up and signed up with they have and that she had been praying this prayer. And so one morning December a year ago she'd been praying this prayer for about 5 months I was having my morning devotions and I was reading through the bible reading through the Gospels I just got a new Bible and I was underlining and highlighting things that were speaking to me in my devotional time and I read this Bible passage that we're all very familiar with in Luke Chapter 11 and verse 9 and I tell you ask and it shall be given to you seek and you will find knock and the door will be open to you I have a right there to underline I underlined it that day and so I'm reading that I'm just reading through the Gospels just picked up where I left off the day before and I'm reading through the Gospels and I'm praying and I'm asking the Lord you know speak to me and through your word this morning and as I'm praying through Luke Chapter 11 this passage just jumps out at me and I don't have this experience very often but it was very clear that God was distinctively telling me Jason now is the time to start knocking on the doors of missions. I said well that's kind of interesting and I really I it was just kind of out of the blue and so I said you know not wanting to resist the leaving of God in my life I finished my devotions and I shared with me during my wife what I had gleaned from my morning devotional time that it was time for us to start knocking on the doors and she said Ok let's start doing this so we had breakfast shortly after that I went downstairs and I typed an email to admins frontier missions about this top 5 mission call for a pastor to Scotland would you please send me some more information and then I began to do some research online and this is what I found out did you know that the only other place in the world that has a worst administers population ratio than Scotland is the Middle East it's a desert of Adventism there in Scotland now you read the Reformation there is a lot of good stuff that happened over there but now north of Glasgow there's no 7th Day Adventist most of the I've been a spot relation are either Filipino or from the Caribbean islands there are very few indigenous Scottish Seventh-Day Adventists that appeals to the heart of an evangelist so I fire this email off you know tell me more information about this project in northern Scotland and I wait and I get an email back from John Baxter who's the crew he crew. Recruits thank you recruits people for missions and he says you know we should talk more about this right now there's a lot of problems with trying to get long term work permits in northern Scotland so this may not be the best option but maybe you want to find something else out and when I read that e-mail is like the Lord is already working. Because I have British citizenship my stepfather's British and I got it when we moved over there and I said Look at this the Lords already parting the Red Sea. And so I emailed him back and I said all well I guess I should have mentioned in my previous email that I already had British citizenship my kids get it because I have it and my wife can get it as well so this shouldn't be a problem at all look done and dusted he said he writes me back he says this is an act of God You need to come down to my office so we can talk. So I'm only 2 hours away we work out of time and I drive down just before g y c last year and drive down to his office and as I walk into the front office there to meet with with John and some of the others. He's standing in the hallway he's talking to the president and the international field director 3 of them are kind of having a little powwow and together when we arrived he introduces me to them this is Jason he's a pastor in Michigan used to work for amazing facts blah blah blah he's here to talk about missions and then he says go down to my office I'll be down there a few minutes we just got to finish up our conversation over here is Ok so we go down to his office we wait and while the 3 of them were meeting the president Conrad Vine he says to John Baxter he says you know what Jason might do with his background he might be a good fit for the dollar project and p. and g. up to New Guinea What was I going there to talk about you're listening very good Ok so I'm there to talk about skull and some I said with a Scottish accent the green. And. It says maybe p n g might be a good fit for him no thank you very much we've got somebody back. And so a few minutes later he comes in John Baxter comes in and we begin to talk we were talking about missions and we're having a great time talking about you know what's going on in the international field as far as missions go and then we start talking about Scotland in the project over there and how it all came to be and I'm just into the conversation with all this research that I've been doing and then he says you know what have you ever thought about pop to New Guinea I said Pop who knew what. I'm here to talk about Scotland man I mean there is a desert of Adventism there we need to go to Scotland John Knox and all that kind of stuff and he says ever thought about pop when a guinea unlike. Where did this come from this was not even on my radar and so he begins to tell us about the project over there they're building a training center and they they want to you know kind of a after in fact center of answers and or rise that kind of thing out in the middle of the jungle and they're looking for somebody to help run the training center over there and as he's telling us all about this my wife's eyes really big. And she's thinking this is great and she's like I want to do this and I'm over here thinking Scotland. And she's over here thinking Papa New Guinea this is going to be in the country it'll be out in the jungle we can raise our kids in the country this is and she's like she's really into it I'm over here and I'm thinking Scott Lynn you know and we're not on the same page and so I'm giving him all the pen answers like Yeah Ok we'll pray about it you know all that kind of stuff so when we leave his office we go home we have we've talked about 3 different projects 3 different places in the world and so we go home and we begin to pray and we begin to pray and we're talking to our kids about missions and being a little bit more intentional in those conversations that we're showing them different places in the world you know this is the 1040 window and this is part 2 in a guinea and that Scotland and this is you know Nepal and you know just telling them more about the world opened up their minds a little bit more. And I'm training your east train we're praying together at night Lord where do you want us to go to serve you but inside of my heart what am I saying you know oftentimes we say Lord we pray a prayer and we're really what we're doing is we're asking God to rubberstamp. We could care less about what his Willis we tag it on the end there Lord May your will be done but usually it's just kind of something to fill the air but it's not really something that we want to do. Because many times God's will for us is in opposition to what we want for us because God is interested in finishing the work to get us to heaven our carnal nature is interested in having a comfortable life here on this earth and the 2 of them are in opposition with each other and so I'm praying and I'm saying Lord where do you want to go what do you want to do an inside my heart I'm I'm praying for Scotland this thing to work out but I'm not I'm not getting the vibe from a.f.n. that Scotland's the place to go and I kind of getting a little frustrated he was from Pray for 3 months and I get no answer I've ever had that happen before feel like you're praying in their prayers it's hit the ceiling come back down and 3 months we pray nothing crickets from heaven nothing. And I'm a pastor our pastor is supposed to have a special connection with God You know answered prayers and I kind of stuff you know here's here's a family who wants to go and serve in the mission field and I'm not getting anything from God but what was happening during that time is the Lord was working on my heart and more important than telling me where to serve God says Jesus I want to refine your heart and make you more submissive to my will. And so in the middle of those 3 months when we're praying and asking for the Lord's leading John comes to our house again we have an in home you know visit with each other and we're talking about missions and what have you we're sitting in our living room I remember it like it was just it was amazing experience sitting in our living room and we're talking to my son comes barreling out of his bedroom he's a 6 year old full of energy he jumps up on our couch and he had this big map hanging on our wall over our couch and he points to papa and a guinea and he says John that's Pappu New Guinea we're going to be missionaries there. John says That's interesting I think I should talk to your parents about. I might worry get that from I me of course you've been talking about this kind of stuff but. You're out of the mouth of babes right you know you learn a lot from your children when you become a parent so we're talking with John during this visit and we talk a lot about the Papa New Guinea project we talked a lot about different projects we talked about that when and he said listen I'm going to go back and I'm going to e-mail Steven Laurie Erickson they're the missionaries who are working over there in building the training center and I'm going to find out what's going on a little bit more just get some more information and then I'll email you and let you know what I find out great sounds good thank you so much a month goes by and I don't hear anything from John and of course I'm thinking in my carnal nature or maybe the Lord's going to work it out for us to go to. And so a month goes by e-mail John nothing he said again heard anything they're busy they're working hard and just I haven't heard anything back from that Ok so then John emails me and he says listen we want to invite you to come down to the f.m. office for a week of missionary orientation that's when they accept you as a missionary and you accept the call to be a missionary Ok so he said we want to invite you down to go through week of orientation so we can talk a little bit more about this so we go down to the f.m. office for this week of orientation on Monday we're sitting in class and we're told this tomorrow on Tuesday we are going to extend the invitation to you to be a missionary and at that point we want you to choose where you are going to serve less than 24 hours later and all I'm getting from heaven is nothing. You know nothing like being put in the pressure you know so I'm like Ok you know this is great so we go home Monday night and we pray and we pray we put our kids to bed and my wife and I mean we've been praying for 3 months we're praying more together and we were kneeling there were just born our hearts hearts out to God and as I'm as I'm kneeling there praying all the sudden notice something that I had come to a point in my life were all I wanted was God's will. And that prayer was different that night it was a prayer of desperation you know I didn't want to take a dart and throw it on a dart board and say you know that's where I'm going to go you know I'm just kind of thrown on the map and said we're going to go I wanted God's will because I knew when I get to the mission field it's going to be tough I want to know that God led me here. And so as I mean they're praying I'm noticing my heart has changed and it's a prayer of desperation that I would just know what God's will is for our life where he wants us to go and serve Him And so we're praying together and my wife she says this she's a she's a woman of wisdom she said listen I don't want to be praying all night long we've got to we've got lots of things to be doing to mom now there are time for all my prayer vigils but we're going to sit in class all day tomorrow and she said I want to pray like Daniel is 3 friends did and Daniel Chapter 2 when they knew that they had to come up with some information otherwise they were going to have their heads cut off they went home they prayed and then Daniel had the thing revealed to him in a night vision when he was sleeping so it sounds good to me. So we prayed we had our prayer session together and then we went to bed and about 5 o'clock in the morning I woke up after having a dream and in this dream we had land it important to be the capital of papa and again we were walking through the airport and as we as we got to the place where you get your baggage and you meet the people who are picking you up Steve and Lori Erickson were there to welcome us to pump and I remember seeing this in my dream that Lori came and she gave my wife a big bear hug ever seen that you know and can rocking back and forth you know one of those kind of bear hugs like so happy to see you here kind of thing and then I woke up now I don't know about you but I have whacko dreams. I mean just the other day I woke up and I tell my wife I had a dream that I had long hair. You know and I was at a hairstylist and he was styling my hair you know I mean. That's what bald guys dream of. And you know I have whacko dreams that night and so you know I didn't want to put it I mean we wake up and we laugh about the things I dream about and so I don't want to I don't want to trivialize this thing so I just internalize it I kept it to myself. And I forgot to mention this the night before when my wife and I were praying I prayed a secret prayer my heart and the prayer was this I've been struggling with praying with this prayer request but I went ahead and create that night and I said Lord if it's your will for us if you want to go to get us fine but have Stephen Lauren Erickson get in touch with John because they still hadn't gotten in touch with him at that point have them get in touch with him and that will be an indicator that you're leading in that direction so I prayed that prayer the night before then I had a dream and woke up the next morning Tuesday morning we go to the office for our classes that day and around 10 o'clock ish we meet together with the officers to discuss placement there's about 5 or 6 of them that we meet together and we talk about the different places in the world so we walk into this this room where you know there's a table and they have this white board and they have 14 places in the world that they think we could possibly go and serve as missionaries I'm thinking to myself I didn't want 14 I just wanted one. And now this graph you know it's expensive here it's cheap period learn 2 languages their one language there it's an easy language it's a hard language a total language and yet they have this whole chart of information and I'm just overwhelmed with what I'm seeing there on the board but we're going to pray we talk through it and we started racing things on the board there that we just you know look I'm 40 years old I'm not going to learn to tonal languages Ok. So we're just raising things that we just don't think are going to work and so as we're talking I asked John I said John have you heard from Steven Lawry he said Oh yeah I got an email from them last night so that's interesting and so we continue to talk and we were raising things by lunchtime there were 3 places on the board one was p. and g. and 2 were in Africa so we break for lunch my wife and I are driving home and I tell her Look I pray this prayer last night and this is what John said and I also had this dream and she wasn't laughing about that dream so we go home we have lunch and we're praying together we're talking together over lunch and we feel like you know it's not a lightning bolt from heaven it's not the voice of God speaking to us like he did when Jesus was baptized but it seems like God is lining up some fence posts here for us Ok And so we decide to take the step of faith and move you know when you get to fenceposts you kind of know the direction that things are going and so we go back to the office and we say we feel like the Lord is leading us in the direction of popular New Guinean and this is the direction we want to go there like great let's start processing the paperwork and now our prayer is not Lord show us where but now our prayer is Lord confirm the call taking notes on these things Lord confirm the Kong and so the next thing I know is we're going to our next class and we're sitting down and our teacher who's teaching us guess where she served as a missionary How did you know that Pop went in we talked for half an hour about what it's like to serve in Pop Warner Guinea and this is amazing that night Midori fires off an e-mail. To her family to tell them that we have accepted a call to go to pop one to give me as missionaries. Her own instantly writes her back and he says I always wanted to be a missionary to papa and again I wish I would have done it when I was a young person I'm so thankful that you are going now he has since given us $10000.00 towards our project now I want to talk to you very seriously at this point Ok. As I've crisscrossed the countryside in the last 6 months talking about missions and all that kind of stuff I have had multiple people come up to me in there for you guys older years and tell me I wish I would have gone as a missionary when I was a young person multiple people I mean I'm just standing in the back and I'm shaking their hands and they said I wish I would have gone as a missionary I always had a burden for foreign missions but this happened and that happened and this happened and that happened and I wasn't able to go listen the devil wants to snuff out that desire to go and serve God whether it be here or whether it be there be attentive to that because you don't want to get to the late years of your life 40506070 years old and say I wish I had done dot dot dot so we're praying and we're saying Lord confirm the call confirm the call we just want to know that we're in the center of your Will we don't want to be anywhere but in the center of your Will we go through the rest of the week of orientation and on Thursday something amazing happens I find out on Thursday that Lori Erickson is coming from Papa New Guinea to the United States of America and I knew she was coming because her daughter was getting married the next month but I didn't know she was coming that week and John had e-mailed her and said look the sluggers have accepted this call they're going to be coming to work with you she emailed that all were so excited we can't wait to meet you guys blah blah blah we're looking forward to and then I noticed on her Facebook she's in the airport getting ready to come back to the states Friday morning I'm sitting in class and going through my last few classes before I go back home I get an e-mail being comes up from Lori Erickson she says I'm in Berrien Springs are you still here. Now f.m. is office there is isn't very inspiring and said Yeah I'm still here I would love to meet you let's meet together and so we mail back and forth and literally our schedules overlap for 15 minutes God right you guys don't find this very major but I do God brought her all the way from Papa New Guinea and me all the way from Muskegon Michigan to Barry in springs so that our schedules could overlap for 15 minutes. So we're standing in the office and we're waiting for her and her daughter to show up. And we're talking to each other Midori and I mean we just kind of on our own and we're waiting for them to show up and Laurie she walks in I see her walking across the front of the building there and she comes in the front door and I didn't plan this God is my witness I did not plan this meet or he goes out to go say hello to them she opens up the door and I'm walking behind her and she walks out to say hello to Laurie Laurie sees her and she throws her arms around her and she gives her this big bear hug and they're rocking back and forth and Lori's just trying to meet her is crying and I'm standing there thinking this is deja vu. I've seen this somewhere and I didn't plan this I wasn't playing Ok now meet or you go 1st and set action go. It just happened and now you know I we're seeing a lord is confirming this call that he's wanting us that we're going in the right direction. Well as often times happens we are of little faith and we you know we get these little evidences of God's leading in our lives and then we get to a point we start doubting. Maybe God really doing this can you give me another sign can you give me another sign it would become sign junkies. You know you want to go for one miraculous miracle to another you know to kind of keep the spiritual high. And so on Tuesday the next weeks of Friday we meet Lori to say the next week I'm having my devotions and I'm reading through my same Bible it's this one right here reading through my Bible and as I'm reading through it I'm praying and I'm just I'm thinking about this this call that we've just accept it in you know how it's going to transform our life you know when you become a missionary you have to get rid of everything you own. You can't take it with you you know most missionaries when they go overseas all they take your bags with them with clothes and stuff like that me you know they settle in over there I have a house a $21.00 square foot house and a garage and an outhouse on top of that with a lawn mower and a snowblower and all of these types of things and I'm thinking Lord what have I done I've got 2 cars and 3 kids and all of these toys that go along with it in that I don't know how this is going to have been Plus there's all of this money that needs to be raised before I can go properly again is the 2nd most expensive place that if and since missionaries lots of money Lord walk how is this going to happen and I'm praying and I'm talking to the Lord and as I'm talking to him about the finances it just flashes in my mind Philippians 419 my God I supply all your needs you've heard that one before so I open up my Bible and I go to that Bible passage and I underlined it in blue that's what I underlined all Bible promises in underlined in blue and like the great George Miller's of all I put my finger on that promise and said Ok God you said you would provide all of our needs I'm going to leave it in your lap and I'm going to stop worrying about 4 hours later how many hours later. I'm walking to the end of my driveway with my trash can taking my trash out for the for the trash man to come pick it up and this is my routine I take the trash can out I go over to my mailbox I open my mailbox get my mail out take my junk mail put it in the trash can and take the other stuff back to the house so I go over to the mailbox and I open it up and there's one envelope and there's never one envelope in my mailbox. When you get older you realize that. I open it up there's one envelope in there I pull that one envelope out and it says 3 a.b.n. the 1st thing that comes in the my mind promotional material. But I noticed our actress was handwritten and it was addressed to me Doris Like I said Well I've been enough from my wife's mail away. So I stand there at the end of the driveway and I open up this letter you know we have an open relationship we open each other's mail you know like when we open up and I open up this letter her grandmother had just died about a month and a half 2 months prior to this at the age of $103.00 praise the Lord for the I'm in a self Mrs Damon 103 years old and she she went to sleep in Jesus and I'm opening up this envelope and I'm reading it and it says your grandmother had a trust with 3 a.b.n. we are settling this trust and you will be getting a check in the amount of $7500.00 what happened 4 hours before what happened 4 hours before. My God shall supply all your needs 4 hours later I've got 7500 bucks in my hand somebody ought to say amen to that you guys just don't seem to be too impressed with this. God is real he can do a miraculous things the Bible is not joking when he says when he says he can do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think I didn't know that was happening I mean we were sad to see her grandmother go but now I'm standing at the end of my driveway after claiming this promise 4 hours later I've got 7500 bucks in my hand I go back to my house I take that envelope I put it back take the letter put it back in the envelope open up the flippin step of 4 stick in my Bible I walk over to my wife I said What's highlighted and then read the letter. And then I told her all about what had happened that morning in my devotional time I said Sweetheart we're going in the right direction she said I wasn't doubting that. Thank the lord for good wife's. So that's the 1st miracle by God I'll supply all your needs. So then we begin to pray and we say Ok Lord you're confirming this call we're trusting you but we want to get there as soon as possible or we don't want to wait 2 years before we get there we want to be there soon as possible and then we realize that fundraising is not compatible with Pastor you fundraise on the weekend when you go to churches to talk about missions and you also pastor on the weekend they're not compatible and so we begin to talk about this in compatibility and that if we continue past arena and fund raising at the same time it could be a good 2 years before we get over there and so through prayer together we decide to make the decision to quit our employment in June and go into full time fund raising now it's hard for you to understand this from your perspective right now but when you get older you might prefer this when you are a family and you have 3 kids you have dependents who are counting upon you to supply their needs and you pull that plug it's a little disconcerting. But we made that we could see God's clear leading us in this direction so we said Ok we're going to go ahead and cut our employment in June and we're going to step out on faith and do full time fundraising and so we began to pray we had 3 assets that had some value to them that we wanted to sell to get money to survive on we had our Prius car we didn't need to we only need one. We had our house and we had an old vintage Airstream travel trailer that we used for camp meeting and so we going to pray and we say Lord we have these 3 items we're asking you to sell them for us so that we can have money to survive on and we just begin to pray and we're just leaving it in the Lord's hands and say Ok Lord this is this is up to you know and so one Sabbath I'd already told my congregation that we were getting ready to leave we only had a couple of weeks left before we finished there I'm standing in the gymnasium talking to one of my church members after potluck she's standing in the kitchen I'm standing in the gym We're talking through a window at each other Ok And she says you know Pastor the last pastor when he left he had a bunch of stuff that he didn't need and so he came and sold it to the church members and then they use the money for good cause maybe you should do that I'm sure you've got lots of things you need to sell and you can use it for fund raising I said you know that's a great idea we should do that we've got tons of things we need to get rid of we can't take it with us like our free years and all kinds of other things and as soon as I said the word Prius than a church member standing right next to her said I'll buy your Prius. I said You buy my Prius. She said yeah I'll buy a Prius. So I walk around into the kitchen I'm standing in front of and I said you want to buy my Prius she said Yeah I've been praying about buying your Prius. I said you've been praying about buying my Prius that's funny because I've been praying about selling my Prius. She said I felt kind of odd you know going to the pastor and same pastor can I buy your car. Just seems a little weird so she said I prayed and I said Lord if if you want me to have the pastor's car work out the opportunity so that I can buy it and here it is so I sold my Prius on the Sabbath. God sold it on the set. We exchanged the money after 7. So the Prius is gone and my faith is getting stronger and we were continuing to pray and we're saying Lord you know we got these 2 other things and we go to camp meeting and we have a great time in Michigan conference campaigning and then we come back home and 2 weeks later we're no longer employed and now we're like Ok Lord help us out here now and then a couple of weeks after that we put our Airstream on Facebook marketplace and we get request after quest after quest and then there's this family with I think 10 kids or something like that on my own and I are going to get 10 kids in there but hey you know so they said we're interested and we were you know we want to come take a look at and they come take a look at and then they go away and they come back and take a look at and say here's the cash boom they say it's gone we sold it for what we bought it for. My current lord now we've got this $2100.00 square foot house of lords and you got to get all this stuff out 1st and so we start inviting people over take this take that take this take this take this you know we're just giving stuff away that you have received freely give we're just giving it away because we don't want to sell it takes too long to sell or just take it all you know we were giving stuff away giving books away giving bookshelves away giving beds away giving couches away just giving stuff away and giving it out of the houses as we can so that we can get it on the market just in case you're wondering if you don't have a paycheck it's hard to make a house payment. So we get all our stuff out of the house we put the house on the market we say we go off on the road and we start doing traveling around telling people about missions and fundraising all kind of stuff one week ago we signed the paperwork and we sold the house for more than we thought it was going to sell for a man but I would say the best for last. So you know much time I got here. Ok so in the middle of clearing our house out I was feeling very discouraged seen all of our things leave we've been married for 13 years we've been accumulating a lot of things and now our house is empty are our living room our couch that we bought the day after we got married it's no longer there you know God wants to cut these cords we bought that with our wedding money we got married and then the next day we went to the star when I There it is that's the couch we sat on when we were dating and now it's on sale we can buy it we raised our kids with that couch and it's gone our kitchen table is gone our live in our house is just becoming empty and our kids are going nuts and I'm sitting in my kitchen at a folding cardboard folding card table with fold out chairs and my wife and I are talking about what do I mean how are we going to do this the time is just so tight we've got so many things to get rid of them we've got appointments we've got to go to and our kids are losing their minds and as we're sitting there talking my phone rings and it's from Jim Mitchell of the conference president there in Michigan now this is not the time that you want to answer the phone from the conference President when your house is going nuts so I pick up my phone and I go out on the side deck where there's some quietness and I slide it over and I answer the phone and I say hello you know how you doing you say hey Jason how you go and all everything's going great. You know. And he said hey you know I've got the conference Treasury here we want to talk to you about something I said Ok I'm listening. He said it's come to our attention that we have not paid you the amount that you are owed that you are due for the past 3 years we have been paying you what we owe you and. We will make that right and I'm just listening and he said so. We're going to be sending you a check for $18000.00 I'm like Do you have any do you have any idea how much $18000.00 is going to help somebody who is not included. So what did happen was when I moved from one district to the next they didn't adjust the cost of living you know God kept them from adjusting the cost of living. And 3 years ago God had this little savings account that was being added to every single month now listen there was no negligence on anybody's part God just simply blinded somebody is I I firmly believe that and then we get a new conference treasure the old one retires the new one comes in and this guy's going through the books and then all of a sudden the scales fall off his eyes and he realizes that there's some money that needs to go to Jason and Midori slider and so they call us up and say we're going to be sending you a check for $18000.00 and I'm like you've got to be kidding me. And it's just been one miracle after another after another we when we were moving we rented our moving van and then we had to extend it an extra day and I didn't have the $100.00 to extend it the extra day church member comes over to help us clean our house when she leaves she puts a 100 bucks in my hand just one experience after another after another like that that has been happening and I can't believe it I'm thinking to myself Why haven't I been experiencing this type of stuff before. And all the sudden I realize that for my 18 years of ministry I have been depending upon Jason the system other people family whatever it is instead of depending upon God But when I cut the strings of human support and said Ok God and nestled in your arms now you take care of me Ok I've got it all under control I remember a priest a sermon church member reminded me of this because I had forgotten about it but a priest a sermon one Sabbath morning and it was totally off the cuff that this statement was in my notes I had thought about it just totally off the cuff and in the closing part of my sermon I was telling the congregation a story about George Miller you heard George Miller 50000 prayers that were answered in his life 30000 of them were answered in the same hour or the same day looking up so I'm telling my congregation about George Mueller and and I have been telling them lots of stories about missionaries I've been reading a lot of books at that point I've been telling them all of these stories and miraculous things that have been happening in and as I was standing there from my Congress I told them I'm sick and tired of reading these stories I want to experience it myself you know it's faith building to read about other people's experiences it's faith building for you to hear about our experience it's nice to read incredible answers the prayer and all of these missionary stories and all that kind of stuff that's great but let me tell you something if you want to kick it up a notch ask God to give you the same experience in all the sudden it becomes real it's not their God He is your god he's not just supplying their needs but he is supplying your needs as well and I told my Congress I'm sick and tired of this I want this experience for myself and my church member came up to me and she said Well Pastor I guess you're getting that experience for yourself now let me tell you something standing where I'm at right now looking back if I had to do it over again I would do it the same way. It wasn't comfortable it was there were a lot of hard times but I would not give up that experience for anything it deepen my relationship with God like nothing I've ever experienced before just cutting those strings and saying Ok God I'm completely in your hands I read a passage I want to share with you in closing in the Gospel of John John chapter 4 you should be familiar with this Jesus talking to the woman at the well. John chapter 4 verse 34 she had come talk with Jesus now she's left at this point to go back and tell everybody else about this miraculous man that she had just met Now as you know Jesus showed up at the well because he was tired he was thirsty he was hungry the cycles go off to go get some food for him while he's talking to the woman at the well and then the disciples come back and you know they have him food have food form and they urge him to eat the Bible tells us and then the Bible says this in verse 3034 says Jesus said unto them My food or my meat is to do the. To do the will of Him who sent me and to accomplish what his work Jesus said the will of God is so important in my life that it's more important than eating I love to eat I'm a foodie I like good restaurants I like good food general tell you all about that we go to the we go to Malaysia and we eat during every day together we have a good time we like food Jesus says listen more important than food is to do the will of God and to accomplish his work but the question I want to ask you is can the same be said for You Can the same be said for me that more important than food is to do the will of God. More important than food is to accomplish his work we all intellectually know that there is a heaven that God has for us we've seen it described in the Word of God But the question is are we living as though that's the direction that we're going you know the old song this world is not my home and just. Are we really just passing through or are we building up our little kingdoms here on this earth to make our lives more comfortable if we're really in the business of getting to the kingdom of heaven as soon as possible you know we always talk about let's not have another g y c As long as there's 3000000000 people in the world who haven't heard the Gospel we will continue having g.y. sees. There have been appeals that have been made here at g y c to give a tithe of your life to foreign missions hundreds of young people come forward very few of them follow through and there's a variety of reasons I remember one day I was standing in a church I just talked about missions and a father came up to me and he said my daughter in college she wanted to be an s.m. and I did everything I could to convince her not to go to finish their education but she went anyways and it changed her life and he said I'm so thankful that she went for that one year as a student missionary when the end of that year came she told her parents I'm buying a round trip ticket do you understand I'm saying I'm coming home but I'm going back again her dad's like Are you sure you want to do that you might want to come and just kind of check things out you know make sure it's really what I'm buying a round trip ticket Listen God needs young people who are on fire for the Word of God not to come to another g y c. Not to go from one spiritual high to another and I'm thankful for g y c it's been a blessing to me and I know it's a blessing to you as well but God is looking for young people who are willing to finish the work who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and to cut those strings that are holding us back and to go to the distant lands to go to the local lands and to spread the gospel to hasten the coming of Jesus Christ's heaven is much better than you could ever imagine and God wants to get you there a a.p. And so as I close I want you to think about what God's will is for you God's will is for the world to be saved and to get you to the kingdom of heaven. And if your plans for your life do not center upon this you might want to read prioritize the direction that you're going in your life if your priority is to get rich to have a prestigious job to satisfy your parents' desires because unfortunately sometimes our parents don't have sanctified desires for us many of them do and we thank God for godly parents but you are the age now where you can follow God yourself and if God is leaving you in one direction you need to go in that direction you need to follow the leading of God If your life is not centering upon these things that is God's will the salvation of the world and getting you to the kingdom of heaven you need to reorganize and reprice or ties your life so that you can center your life on God's will and I want to tell you something as God is my witness there is nothing like being in the center of God's will it's so peaceful there it can be all chaotic around you all your life can be falling apart but you're there in the center of God's will and it's just peace. You may not have much but who cares it's all going to burn one day anyways somebody ought to say amen to that. That i Phone you want that Apple Watch you want that big house you want all that stuff is all going to burn one day the only thing you're going to take with you is your character and the people that God has used you to save into his kingdom that's all you going to take with you to the kingdom of heaven so put your investment where it needs to be maybe God wants you to get wealthy Maybe God wants you to get rich so that you can fund missions we don't get rich just for the sake of getting rich that's not our business as God's people you make God may lead you to have a high paying job so that you can support people who are doing work in distant lands and only talked about that is important work there but too often we get distracted we say well we make a lot of money so I can have a wonderful comfortable life here on this earth and I don't know a couple of months ago I was out in Washington State and I met a man I'm closing now and he heard about our call into the mission field and invited us over for lunch and this is a man he hears $100.00 acres of land has a massive house it's off the grid it's a beautiful place out in the middle of the mountains he says God laid it on my heart to give you $50000.00 for your project and I'll be taking it out of my retirement on top of that he said I'm going to give you 200 bucks a month toward your monthly goal as well there are people who want to support that work and maybe God might use you to be one of those kind of people but let's get this work done so that we can go home and see Jesus and then the not be here any longer than is necessary God has a wonderful place prepared for us and I want to get there as soon as we can it's well let's have a closing prayer and invite you to kneel with me if you can as we seek the Lord's will for our lives Father in heaven thank you Lord for these precious people who are here in this room today. Thank you father that they carved out some time in their day to come and listen to your working in our lives and Father I pray that same experience be given to them that as they seek you morning by morning in their devotional time that they would hear the voice of God speaking to them clearly saying this is the way walk unit that father in this room there will be raised up future missionaries future pastors future administrators future donors who would support the cause of God to hasten and speed the coming of our Lord and Savior father may we not get weighed down with the things of this world but may we keep our eyes singly focused upon the goal of accomplishing the will of our Father and His Work Lord we thank you that you are God who metals in the affairs of men who reaches down into our little lives and orchestrates things that just make a stand back in all of your capabilities and Father I pray that we would grow to have an experience where we just lean heavily upon the arm of our Father in Heaven who has everything and will supply all of our needs may bless us more may take us to the far reaches of this world and maybe use us I pray. To hasten the coming of Jesus thank you for blessing us today for yesterday Jesus. This message was recorded at the Jew I see conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky do I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at July so you web dot org.


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