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How you can be an Effective Witness for Jesus in Post-Christian Culture

Michael Lemon René Lemon


There are so many lost and lonely people, locked behind closed doors of darkness, depression and sin. These people have an urgent need for the abundant life that is only found in a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

The real question we want to answer is how? How do we do evangelism in a world where social scientists tell us we are now living an un-Christian and un-churched culture, a world where people do not see any relevance in Christianity or in attending church?

Our objective in our breakout session is to show you how you can reach this world, where people definitely have a need for the life-giving message of the gospel, although they may not see their need. We are going to look at how you can bring people to Christ right where you are.

Yes, whether you are a carpenter, a physician, a mechanic, hairdresser, chef, waitress or a student, God is calling you to reach lost and lonely people with the life-giving message of God’s love.


  • January 2, 2020
    2:30 PM


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This message was presented at the g.. By few in Louisville Kentucky for other resources like visitors on the right. So welcome everyone we're going to start with a word of prayer and and then we will greet you. And talk about ourselves Ok let's just be our heads where we are Father in heaven we thank you so much that you have blessed us with love for you in our hearts I pray for your Holy Spirit to speak to each one of us and to fill our our minds our hearts and draw us to you that your name may be glorified through our lives and we may seek to lead others to you in this this world that is called a post Christian and a post church society. Guide us we pray in Jesus name Amen so Hello. And wait for my wife to turn on her microphone go ahead Hi My name is Rene Lehmann and my name is Mike Lemmon and we are from it is written in Canada we are the speakers for it is written Canada now. We are 100 percent Ok and make not. Sweet and Sour a name and her name is the sweet one. We love sharing them a city of Jesus with this and they have worked in ministry in education in Canada for the post 20 Yeah and before that we worked in South Africa as teachers and I also worked as a pastor during our time that we were there we recently came to eighties written in Canada 6 months ago and before that we were both teaching and fun to view Academy for 12 year. 12 years yes so we have 2 daughters their names are Joanna McLean This was recently taken during Christmas here and Joanna McLean love to connect with people they're both extroverts actually all of us in the family are which is a nice thing and we love making connections with people from all walks of life really literally and we have people in our home all the time it's filled with people misuse when the phone. Topic for today is why evangelism and we will be addressing the why as well as the how to components of evangelism So just to make it very clear to you let's give you a definition of lead evangelism is if you don't know evangelism is the spreading of the Christian Gospel by public preaching and personal witness and if you need to take any notes you'll see a long you can take it with your phone or whatever and this is being recorded so you can listen to that afterwards as well. As they are $43.00 tain makes it crystal clear you witness says Dick Lee's the law which is that biblical However we are finding I don't know if you know Barna Barda is a research organization that does statistics on what's happening in cultures throughout the world in the church and they in $2950.00 they came out with this article that says their findings almost half of practicing Christian millennial is that would be you Anyone born from 1980 to 2004 is a millennial So how many of you are malign ells Ok so says almost how. Practicing Christian millennial say that evangelism is what is that word. Wrong it's not saying it's irrelevant it's saying it's wrong to do evangelism Ok now so it's a definite no no rot and precisely 11 days ago the following headline appeared in the news pope's eighty's Christians should never seek to convert and believe. Anyone who proselytizes is not a disciple of Jesus is a stand that word proselytize is to convert So when we're trying to convert someone to Jesus he is saying you're not a Christian you are not a disciple of Jesus the pope Pope Francis went on to say that in front of an unbeliever the last thing that I have to do is to try to convince him never so what are your thoughts. Why do you think this is the trained of Christian thinking what do you think these people are really saying or maybe you identify with these people. And you're saying to yourself yeah. Maybe evangelism is wrong so what are your thoughts you can talk to us. If you are follower of Jesus Christ should you share your faith and lead nonbelievers to accept Jesus as the Lord and Savior What are your thoughts go ahead. Correct. That's what they're saying they're saying that when we do public evangelism in fact someone the other day at a Christmas gathering and he was a church member he said Jimmy. You you how do you do evangelism anymore there's no longer the days of public evangelism that was his perception that this is not and this is a 7 day administration or so. Yeah oh yeah. Correct. Yeah they're saying that you're going to offend people if you do that and you're let those people have their truth and you have your truth and just become friends with them and maybe they'll buy us most is catch faith and catch faith in Jesus Ok Any thoughts why do you think this is happening why do you think this is the trend yes or. Is it Ok. Trying to hold people back. So. All. Yes. Well right. Yes yes right the so it's a process of homogenizing people so that they believe harmoniously that it's wrong to share your faith right and that's a form of persecution as you said was really strong language Yes Ok. Yes yes. Correct yes. Correct. Yes yes. That's that's one of the things within this research is that a lot of these people feel like they've been hurt somehow by evangelism Yes. Yes yes yes. Yes. Yes yes exactly that's questionable Yes good point yes ma'am. Yeah yes. That's right yeah yeah and that's true this is this is a a message that's coming from the top leader of the world's largest church saying don't evangelize evangelism is out don't do that don't proselytize don't share your face with other people you don't do that one of the things that Barnett released was this I wish I had coined this phrase but I'm glad they did so that I can quote them there they're saying this why is there resistance to evangelism he said because we are living and we are held captive by a digital Babylon is that an interesting phrase a digital Babylon So here's the actual article that came out October of last year just a few months ago October 23rd 2000 in 1000. So what is the what is Babylon are there some hot buttons there for you as the 7th Day Adventists and get the idea of Babylon started with the Tower of Babel which was said for the purpose of you save yourself because God said hey there's never going to be a flood ever again and so they said no we don't trust God and so we will build a tower just in case it does flood again just in case he changes his mind we'll save ourselves and we have this also it lead to confusion right confusion of languages and so Babylon is a babel of confusion it also is connected with never can as or as the whole idea of his you know self aggrandizement was also connected with Daniel and it's interesting that Barna Research which is not some devil to say that within this digital Babylon we have a remnant that's the actual language that they use that we have a remnant of true believers who are not buying into this cultural deception and so how is this happening and and what's happening is this our accelerated complex culture that we're living it is a digital Babylon. And now the reason could be that there is a cross is in authority authority figure and Thora take on things is increasingly viewed with suspicion. So is that telling you. You can't trust and you. Go on to say that this generation has immediate unlimited access to our turn advancers so why should you trust a in authority figure I've seen people when I say something they'll check it on their follow. Or they'll go home and get an alternative answer Oh that's good for them to say but I have this person and this person and this person and it contradicts what they say I've even had kids in class who have said to me what you're saying to me doesn't agree with what I'm reading on my computer and so I'm saying. You know so let's say where is this information that you're getting on your computer coming from and so what are people doing they're asking questions they're more interested in questioning than right answers. And you've got this little illustration on there it says Question everything but this statement. And I think this is important that we have to when so everyone says Question everything maybe we should also question that idea that we should question everything and maybe we should settle on some kind of truth otherwise where are we where in the last days and 2nd term of the chapter one verse after 3 verses one to 7 says in the last days people will be and there's a whole list of other things but one in verse 7 says Always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth never able to settle down and say this is the answer you know as my grandmother said to me one day she said I found the truth she was searching from church to church to church and she said I found the truth and she told me all about the Sabbath and state of the dead and all of those other things and I was just a young kid and I knew nothing about any of these things I trusted her because I knew she loved me and I think that's kind of a key that we have to look at here question everything why. And the other reason could be that. We are suffering from a profound sense of alienation from institutions and traditions that keep structure and meaning to us so there's no structure and no meanings to lives any more things no structure in the home people are children and the devices until all hours of the morning because they are living in the virtual reality not in the real world Yeah yeah and instant gratification becomes a part of that nearly a nation you can get whatever you need now you're unhappy with it you say to your parents I need right and they give it to you and this is not training a generation towards trusting anything really or being more mature in their thinking so we are pushed by the tyranny of the word tyranny of now so whether it's like we are slaves to now we are being overloaded with choices now and there's more choices then you can consume. And so you're just consuming consuming and consuming and people have more fun things to do than ever before in the history of the world and there are more depressed. That's kind of scary isn't it the irony of depression we have so much more fun things you should be out here but we're not. You may has now become the best way of making snarky cool and cynical smart there is any mochi for every mood and Jeff for every moment. So. We're not taking life seriously anymore. How can you if you cannot take life seriously how can you take the gospel of me see cheery see you come and rot and everything everything is mocked everything you mock now days and so yeah there is that used is the way it is and they're even just about Christianity about 7 they haven't isn't about Jesus right it's just everything is mocked and everything is satirized and everything is nothing is sacred anymore and if you can make everything humorous then there's no seriousness and we're just laughing and laughing and laughing but we're not happy and so something is missing obviously the typical 15 to 23 year old spends nearly 20 times more. More hours per year using screen driven media than taking in spiritual content Think about that how is the gospel going to have a chance to land when we don't pick up our Bibles. I saw a study that talked about if you open up your Bible once a week the chances of a doing anything to you are virtually 0 if you're reading it and that means in church so if you just get one exposure to the Bible a week the change that's going to happen in you is nothing twice a week same thing 3 times a week you get a little bit of a blip. 4 times a week they say it spikes something happens to a person when they're reading the bible 5 times or 4 times a week and more so there's something powerful about the Word of God but are we even giving God a chance because what is the the expression that Alawite uses by say with me by beholding we become changed or in other words what we're looking at will change us and that comes from 2nd printing the chapter 3 verse 15 it says but we all with open face beholding as it is as in a glass the glory of the large and I don't know if that's the glass of your screen. I mean if it's a good out maybe and it's of a have a law are changed into the same image that works both ways isn't it whatever you're looking at it's going to change you change the same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of war this is spiritual this is spiritual and when we're in the spirit of the world we're getting changed by that spirit but we're in the spirit of the Lord of course he can change us and he will. Reach it free to use the tonsil kind of just says this quietly using screens and phones for entertainment has become the dominant activity of childhood. How many of you have children yeah. Ok So speaking to the mommies and daddies I know we have children and when I do it is we young and they had friends playing when they were quiet they were doing something wrong. Children should not be quiet they should be they should be playing and having fun and that you should be able to you know they and yet this is become a norm. It's a quiet child is not necessarily a child. And so what do we do this is a pacifier by the way this is a pacifier the problem with that is if you use that to babysit your kids you'll pay for it one day Ok And it might not be right away but it will come back to bite you and they will not listen to you or your authority so you have to decide what you're going to do with this very very very powerful device which has a lot of technology in it there's a kid walking one by one and tell you the story so he was walking with his father true story I heard the grandfather tell the story he saw this phone on the wall it was a payphone you know to pay phone is an archaic thing Ok he saw this thing he says is that what's that and he says to pay phones on a fall so what games can you play on it and his father said you can't play games on that so what abs can you download on it you can do that well what is it good for you can just make phone calls it's like let's go shopping. Wasn't interested likes like I don't get it so some people say this is just an updated phone no you're Rob. This is way more than that this is the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil we're in trouble and if you don't treat it carefully you will be programmed by it another story we we just recently like a mention before moved to usher with 6 months ago we both when we had we been trying to find danger from doctors and all of that we found this day interest level a lady and she has 2 younger young children and she was telling us one of her patients he's he she was asking him some advice about so what you know what we should I travel What should I do with my kids and so he said not stay in Canada you know travel in Canada and so he said I want to tell you something he said I have 2 grandsons a 10 year old in a 12 year old and I gave him the opportunity to go travel with me to the Yukon I was in the summer and they were going to do a whole camping trip from the Yukon and it cost a fortune because apparently it's very expensive to travel into the Yukon so I was going to cost this grandfather about $40.00 to $50000.00 for them to do this trip they were going to be away for 2 weeks to 2 weeks and so he invited his grandsons to come with him and so he said but there's one condition you come with me but you are not allowed to bring your parents you're not allowed to bring our pets at all you just come and they said no we can't if we say said if you bring your pets you're not coming and those 10 and 12 year old sons never went on the trip because they refused to leave their pets at home. And the grandfather wouldn't budge Can you imagine and so the 2 of us love to run and we love to go outside we even walk like we were always active you know just doing things so he came to Toronto that's where our show is in the area and so we're walking and we're doing these trails and they're beautiful trail beautiful trails and there's beautiful parks and when I was a kid I was always outside Guess how many kids we see outside 00 kids the only things with the only people we see outside in parts are married people with little little kids pushing them in their primes and things like that I mean this is craziness like I'm looking where are the kids you know where they are they're in their fall they're at home this is the only activity they're doing that's not an activity by the way. I guess moving your thumbs is an activity sort of Ok living in this digital Babylon makes individuals satisfied and in chaunt to it with the notion that God is nonexistent or at best passive in the world that Christianity is and a priest of system and that religious institutions are composed of a bunch of self. So. They believe that somehow we would tell we are taking the fine no way. But taking away these devices look at this would Incheon meant I mean be which Dr enjoyment so we're talking about a spirit here we're not talking about something that oh yes you have a lot of people who are behind the scenes engineers social engineers people who know how to program and code so that they can get you hooked and so when you're picking up this device and you think oh it's just fine it's a way of communicating it's way of socializing. It's more like a slot machine you're gambling Ok And so what are we looking at we're saying that Jesus is offering you life and that this is not where it's found and and there's something so much better look at this I had to throw this statement in the air but I read this to my wife today and she was like well that's frightening so I want to share it with you for thousands of years this is from selected messages book 23522353 I'm saying this for the people who are listening on tape. For thousands of years Satan has been experimenting upon the properties of the human mind and he has learned to know it. Well by his subtle workings in these last days he is linking the human mind with his own imbuing it with his thoughts and he is doing this work in so deceptive a manner that those who accept His guidance know not that they are being led by him at his will the great deceiver hopes so to confuse the minds of men and women that none but his voice will be heard. So scary so when you whenever you try and take something from someone who's addicted to that something they tend to get angry and whenever you mention anything about it to them there's total resistance and so we're talking about how do we do this and how did Jesus do it in his day when there was serious darkness in the world serious darkness How did he do it so that people fell in love with him and were able to let go of the world. Ellen White said this in her day she didn't have devices to show that. Not often not I'm and able to sleep because of this burden raised race thing upon me be a half of that and warn citizens not often not I am praying and trying to devise methods by which we can enter these cities and give the warning may see each why why is there a will to be warned and saved and we are to go east and waist and north and south and work intelligently for the people all about us as we undertake this would we shall see the son of ation of God and encounter each moment will come so this is an encouraging message this is not a hopeless message so God is on your side and his spirit is on your side and no matter how many forces of evil there are. We have a desire to find our rest in Christ to find her and we're not going to we're going to be restless until we find our rest in Him and sorry hearts are are going in that direction so to tell you a little bit about our daughter who went. Over to Australia she's been there now for 4 years and she's in her 4th year of university she's studying to be a teacher but before that before that she decided to do the Ross program which started in February so she did the Ross program Fabian Re 2016 and was a 4 month costs and then off to she graduated from that they also to to come back and to be a cap and so she was a babu worker for 7 months and she did door to do window to do and she was also hoping to plant a church. And she was quite successful God bless her she's very magnetic when it comes to people Joanne has to know everybody or she knows nobody. So if she doesn't know everyone in this room by the end of this meeting she feels like hi didn't meet that person or she just like she loves people so she's in her neighbor and this is where I took this picture when I was there I was doing some talking in that area and so I said Joanne you're surrounded by these kids she says Yeah we're playing together and she gives them Bible studies and of course then the church gets filled up this little church that they planted and people loved her and she really went door to door and gave Bible studies to people and she would fall on us and she would be in tears and she would say these people are so trapped They're sowing darkness they're lonely they're crying they're in addictions the kids are are addicted to things and they just sit there like there's no activity going on and she'd get people kids onto the street so this is one home that she went to so much like brokenness she would cry people are hurting and they broken and suffering. Right but she went to this one door and there was she was speaking to the mommy the mommy on superdog and then she was asking the mommy questions different questions they had 5 different questions that they are asked and all of a sudden the 2 little girls were 2 daughters came up there too and they said we want you to ask us questions to you and soldier and change the questions to accommodate the little kids and then it came to the question we should state the mother would you like to have Bible studies and the madness to ignore but the one little girl levy a state I want to study the Bible and so Joanne looked at the mommy and the mom said you know my husband in I've decided that our kids we would not like to give them their own choice and so if my daughters want to study the Bible then you may study the Bible with him and so it was amazing because then she had to get bibles because these girls had never seen before she had to teach them how to use the Bibles but we still have such an awesome God because she was with these 2 young children going to be a home has given them powerful studies and so we do you think the parents were they were right. God is so good so I went with her to these different places and they would call her the church lady and she saw it. She was 19 at the time. And so she bought these kids by was also the older sister started joining them this is one of them went to church Olivia and this lady in the middle Her name is Angela you can see that she loves to play basketball she's got a Chicago Bulls shirt on and. Angeles a single mother she had a father husband who was a father to her 3 children 3 boys and he was always addicted to something always kind of out of his head and very very aggressive men and and so Angela was on her all and Joanne got to know him became friends with Angela started teaching her the Bible and and to love that one day she came will tell you that later but anyway so Angela and becoming a 7 Devan us. Baptized into that little church they started. So she was one of their converts not only did she become a 2nd evidence but she joined the Arise program she became a Bible worker So here's a serious someone who's completely you know oblivious to Christianity becomes a 7 Davus and now is evangelizing others and now she's studying to be a nurse she's in her 3rd your 2nd or 3rd. Each with you and she's got her 3 children and so God has really blessed her. So here's a big question what did Joe and experience one way Joy. God could have reached he's object in saving sin is with out. How can God reach people does he really need us how can you reach people how can you reach people without us give us some answers through angels through. American lives through donkey's. Rock through rocks. And. Through what nature through visions and dreams but God gave us a work to do why I like this quote from the start of it yeah but in order for us to develop a character law crost we must share in he's worth. In order to enter into he's joining the joy of seeing souls redeemed by he 2nd finance we must participate in he's labors for the redemption so God One says to be coworkers with him so if you're suffering from depression get out and work. Asked the Lord to give you that spirit of joy His Holy Spirit and to give you love for Jesus so that it just overflows and when you share it with others you will experience joy it's guaranteed this is what you are wired to do I love this by the way the chapter in steps of Christ that this is we're going to give you a couple quotes from there is called The Life in the work Ok So really it's really good it's as our saviors joy Jesus is joy our Saviour's joy was in the uplifting and Redemption of fallen men he found joy in lifting people up so angels angels if they engaged in working for their happiness of others this is they had joy so this was the joy of an angels to work for the happiness of others. God might have committed the message of the Gospel and all the work of loving ministry to the heavenly angels but. In His infinite love he chose to make as coworkers with him. With Christ and the angels that we might share the place in the joy the spiritual uplifting which results from this and selfish ministry so why does God give this to us because it's good for us we benefit this is for our benefit we want to give you a couple of more quotes from the same chapter is so powerful and just so that you see this is so powerful it's really good the only way that's a pretty comprehensive statement the only way to grow in grace is to be disinterested Lee or unselfishly doing the very work which Christ has enjoyed upon us to enlarge to the extent of our ability in helping to gauge the extent of our ability and helping and blessing those who need the help that we can give them strength comes by exercise activity is the very condition of life the court because on those seen David to maintain Christian laugh passively accepting the place things that come through the means of grace and doing nothing for Christ or simply trying to live by eating with working and in the spiritual as in the natural world there is always results in de tuna ration and the care that is the law and I must say when I became or started tending isn't there in a church I love to sit on the balcony as far away from the activity as possible and just absorb like a sponge and I thought that was the most comfortable place I could ever be. That was it was comfortable. But God. You know he comforts those who are afflicted but he also afflicts those who are comfortable. And so the Holy Spirit came along and afflicted me and said You have to share this with other people and I couldn't help it I just had to share and I would talk about it and eventually I was talking so much about it I was studying to I was actually studying pre-med I was studying to be a doctor and the other guys who were studying theology said you sound like a preacher you should study some of our classes I somehow will take some of those classes and then eventually they said why don't you go into the ministry and I was like I never thought of that before and I said let's give it a try so I went into the ministry and it was the most enjoyable adventure of my life really is I would recommend it highly recommend it. But part continues and man who would refuse to exist would soon lose all power to use the name that's the Christian who will not exist he's God given powers not only fails to grow up into crime but he loses the strain think he already so here's the big question if I listen to the question if I don't go to work to make a difference for Jesus will anyone be lost who exactly me. Guarantee guarantee this is all for me this is all for you God has given you a work to do for your sake because you will grow by doing it this isn't like I can't do this work and you know Jesus reign is hands all if you don't go to work who's going to do it no he's giving you the work he can do it himself and you get the work done and he well but he can he uses us to hasten his income so the real question that we want to answer is why why did. Joe and go and do this and what is our purpose why is this irrelevant is it even relevant anymore so why did Jesus do you even. What was Jesus paid. Can you answer that question yes yes yes. Very good yes this example yes. Yes yes. Yes. Yes very good really good character Rob let me give you a Bible verse that says exact it was a gentleman back here says he says this is Jesus saying this as for the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost so to seek is an activity this doesn't happen by osmosis it doesn't happen by sitting still this is something you have to actively do you have to actively do it look at this from desire of ages I think this is in compass is everything in this one statement and yet it's so excessive all. That says that Jesus was busy stiff one. He lived to place. Does that reflect the character of his father yes does that reflect the way that you were created you were created to bless others you were created in your most have when you are blessing us. You are most joyful when you're giving. And yet the what is the motto of heaven hello it says to give give but the motto of Satan and of hell is to get get which is the motto of the shopping mall. Matthew noncustodial 5 cities and Jesus went through all the cities and villages teaching in they synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction what do you think Jesus did Mo teach you you know. That's true no one says it very clearly how does that how yes go ahead sir. Yes yes yes. Good question. Yes correct. Yes. Yes yes. Yes Yeah there's probably about 20 years ago I was sitting in a meeting and someone was reading all these quotes of the board saying in the last days people are not going to listen to the Word of God they're going to listen to the right arm of the gospel which is the health message and so I thought at that time I'm going to give up preaching I'm going to give up teaching and I'm going to become a nurse I'm going to go back and study medicine and even go on and become a doctor and then I prayed about that and the Lord said use your talents that you have right now right here where you are so I was left out of the academy and I started a program soon after that was in 20 years ago that 12 years ago and I started something called 18 days of health and fitness. And I started to share this with my students some of the right here in their guinea pigs of this guy. And what I started to realize is that we even if those those who become doctors they don't like being doctors because they're just prescribing medicine all the time are they really healing people and they start questioning that right and so I started to realize wait healing is much more holistic than that and when you're healing people it can be with a word with a hug with touch with that consciousness and there are times where you pray with people and you do see healing happening. Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah exactly so holistically you are a healer if you're connected with Jesus you really are and you can bring healing to people that a medical doctor who has done 7 years cannot bring I'm not saying they're not doing healing but I'm just saying you have a power that this is a not a power of talk this is this is not a message of just talk this is a message of power of true power that when you connect with these We're going to talk really about that and we want to get on to that really this and that is think phase when he saw the crowd see had compassion on them because they were arrested and hopeless like sheep without a sheep and. Then he say to us disciples the harvest is plentiful but the labor is a few they fall pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest you see laborers into he's Hoffman's. So it's not just about past doing evangelism it's us leading other people it eventually because he's saying we look and we say oh no one's interested no way Jesus looks and he says there are plenty of people who who want who are hungering and thirsting and and we need to be an army of workers we need to be laboring for those people so how do we do evangelism in a world we social scientists tell us that we are not living in then and Christian and and church society oh well we people do not see any relevance in Christianity or in attending church no relevance big word is authenticity authenticity means you have to be real people want to see Christians who are the real deal I mean we need to be connected with Christ that's our 1st work. We cannot make what we are not. If we are not connected to crime. We cannot do anything we cannot make what we are not in a proposed. Post-modern culture people are more impressed by what they see as a guide to truth than what they hear so our actions are going to speak louder been. That's right so the 1st principle is be authentic The 2nd principle is be relational according to the talking Jesus research over 60 percent of people coming to faith I have come to the faith through the influence of friends and family. Having an churched Frayn's and being a good neighbor is any sane chal part of the solution so you want to be crystal clear about something when it comes to evangelism there is no such thing as one size fits all Jesus had different approaches with different people when it came to the woman at the well he talked to Ernie a different approach than he did with naked demons. He also took a completely different approach with Peter and with John. And although they were both rich he had a different approach with Zacchaeus than he did with the rich young ruler so what we're saying is trust that God is going to but how to do evangelism in other words our goal is to look at what is Christ method of reaching people and you're going to quote it right. Very good and where is it found the ministry of healing 3 step process and this is worth memorizing if you haven't but some have and that's great Ok Christ made that alone will give true succes in reaching the people so quote it with us the 1st thing this a.v.m. mingled with men as wine desire to see the 1st thing you need to mingle and to get cost they're not close to you you just can't win them secondly he said empathy for them men and the searing to their needs and why and their confidence and thirdly then he follow me so a 10 minute conversation is probably not going to lead to conversation it might but are you close enough for us mingle meet their needs and then share. Yes yes it is us. Yes Yes Very good well that's a good point it's not that we're just going in with an agenda to save them absolutely and it's not friendship evangelism it's friendship you are saying yes. Very good. Yes. Absolutely very hadn't thought through very good to have. Yes. Yes yes. Yes Yes Very good very good Victoria Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Would people want a relationship not a program and when we always program program program we're in trouble we're looking for someone else to do it is not someone else yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah yes. Right True true. Yeah yeah. It was so hard for Joanne because she was not a theology student but there was a theology student who was working the same area and he wasn't getting any Bible contacts and she was getting lots of Bible context but it was like this comparison animal is horrible and numbers things drives us crazy so you want to look at it at a variety of different branches go ahead sir. Yes. Yes Yes Absolutely yeah yeah Ok. So I think this principle because with what all of you have said and just summarize it nastily it says and mission Lee People are not are looking for connection and not correction. You resonate with that that's good but we think we're making connections. Ok so they're looking for someone to listen and not someone who has all the right answers and so when people think oh I don't have enough information I don't have enough knowledge. Who does they've got all the knowledge they need all the information they can look at themselves that they need is a connection with real living loving people were there to listen to them John one verse 38 cities what do you seek and they say Team rabbi which is to say when translated teacher we are you staying so they are asking Jesus where he's staying so don't you think it's a little bit for words. Where if you meet some stranger in the mall and they are ask you Where is your house right here you stay here I'd like I don't think we're close like you know. Maybe we can meet some of our house. But this is our Jesus saying he said to them Come and see right they came and so we was staying and they remained with him their day so there's a connection going on there right so Jesus was open he did not say to them come in listen he said Come and see there's a big difference there because when you're saying come in listen it's like sit down and I'm going to tell you what you need. But he was being relational So let your relationship speak louder than your words and people will see the truth they'll see Jesus so I want to tell a story as quickly as we can and we know that at times hopefully we can be no handing out of time the rosary at Butterfield was a university professor she was in the English department and women's studies at Syracuse University and if there was anyone she hated it was Christians she thought that they were narrow minded and she could never understand a hot anyone would want to be a Christian in specially and invent and evangelical Christian and her secular thought did not mesh with any students who were Christians and she was just liberal in her thinking. Good days and laughs style caused you to see Christians as the Fall good people even dangerous people and she was most frustrated by the fact that Christians would not leave consenting adults alone so she decided to write a book about the hatred that Christians would show towards the community which she was a part of and she started writing articles and shoes started by reading the Bible she wanted to show how this was a book of hate literature and so that was her objective and she started by reading a newspaper article in our local newspaper and it was called her war against stupid and in response she received a box full of hate my own and another box full of fan mail and she also received a letter from a pastor by the name of Ken Smith and this man was kind he was inquiring he wasn't hateful he wasn't on her side either he did not argue with her article instead he asked her to question some of her presuppositions his arguments were intelligent and on top of that he said please come and we invite you to have supper with my wife and I So she sat in her van outside of his house wondering Should she go in or not and she decided to go in and he would become her research guinea pig because he knew so much about the Bible she would learn from him she wouldn't have to pay him and she could mock him. Off to the very 1st meal with rosary Rosa Rhea she had to go out for 2 things because this is what she thought they were going to do they were going to share the gospel with her and tell her that she had to give a heart to Jesus. And the 2nd thing was that they were going to invite 2 to go to church. But they didn't do either one of these and she was so pleased. She was completely perplexed he kept on coming back Thursday after Thursday after Thursday and having meals with these people she didn't only have meals with them she called it the cult house she would mock them in front of them she would mock them to her students and her university colleagues she would mock them to her her live in lover lady that she was staying with and she thought these people were crazy until she started singing hymns and her her lesbian lover looked at her and so what are you doing I'm just exercising my vocal chords. This went on for 2 years and eventually it didn't feel lack friendship evangelism but it became a friendship she had made a friendship with pasta Cain and he's waffling they didn't only become friends but Canada Floyd welcomed her gay friends over their house she went they went to her activities with her lesbian friends and she's They started to read her stuff and but one thing they didn't do. They accepted her but they did not approve of her and her lifestyle. And this is an important truth right she can accept someone as a Frayne with not approving of everything they do acceptance is not the same as approval. Can you see the difference we need to get that right this is in desire of ages page 462 men hate the sinner while they love the sin well that hits hard but Christ hate the sin but loves the sinner. This will be the spirit of all who follow him Christian love is slow to censor slow to correct right quick to discern penitent ready to forgive to encourage to set the wonder in the path of holiness and to stay there if his feet there in you want to give you a quick illustration are not a joy and she's in Australia as we said she joined a Cross Fit Gym and she started exercising she wanted to become fit and she got very fit in this Cross Fit Gym and she's telling about be about it every day and we're doing Face Time and she started telling me this and I wrote it down what she said she said to me Daddy if only my church could be like my Cross Fit community people hold me accountable I was like what I am sure he does that I'm going to write this down as I want to share this Is it Ok she said yeah go ahead she's thing when I missed a practice or I'm not thing they will call me and say hey we used today almost to the very next day and she said those questions made you feel like she met and. She said I love this community I love the fact that we are all struggling together and supporting one another correcting each other's form and telling each other that we are not doing the exercises right think about that in terms of the church or their form is incorrect or they are overdoing it can you imagine if we were honest with each other so that you actually loved one another you so much you trusted one another that you could be corrected and you weren't offended. That and you saying I was like wow that is powerful. So this is from Acts of the Apostles and sister hates and reprove sin and at the same time to show a pity and tenderness for the Senate is a difficult attainment the more earnest our own efforts to attain to holiness of hearts and life the more acute will be our perception of sin and the more decided disapproval of any deviation from the right we must guard against undue severity toward the wrongdoer but we must also be careful not to lose sight of the exceeding said fulness of sin there is a need of showing Christ like patience and love for the earning one but there is also danger of showing so great toleration for his error that he will look upon himself as undeserving of reproof and will reject it as uncalled for and unjust do you get that. You need Christ like love to be able to do that. And this is the challenge so what happened to rosary out. She got the message at Canon Floyd's dining table that she was a sinner in need of a savior and shakes taped to cheeses is who save you and her lord she left to blaze the end and became a conservative Christian who is now married to a poster and she believes that home is sick she had a t.v. is a sin but so is homophobia. As a user what if you want to read about her story you can read her 1st book that talks about this the secret thoughts of an unlikely convert an English professor is Journey into the Christian faith. And this is really what it's about and Romans chapter 2 verse 4 it says this is from the amplified version are you actually unaware or ignorant of the fact that God's kindness leads you to repentance that is to change your inner self your old way of thinking seek His purpose for your life and that is exactly what happened to her but it took 2 years every single week putting up with the abuse of this lady and yet at the same time loving her and telling her look you have these opinions and you have those views but have you considered Jesus and being persistent in doing that and praying for her that's not the end of the story yeah Rosa Rio and her husband Cain found the Christian church to be a very lonely place when you believe. They were feeling lonely in church rat so they decided to open up the home to the neighborhood they sent out fly is advertising that every Thursday evening everyone and anyone was welcome to come to the Hans for soup and braid or beans and rice and sing hymns study the Bible and pray and she made it very clear and she wrote this book if you want to read about it it's called The Gospel comes with the house key and she calls it practicing radically ordinary hospitality her her main thrust is that we have a crisis of loneliness in the church and in the world. A crisis of loneliness that's why people need connections and you can offer that and you people are hungering and thirsting for that there's so many books that are written now and I love to read by students and they're telling us one thing that the depression we're seeing in society is the product of a lonely society people are not connecting with people anymore and it's not pills that are going to bring them healing it's connection and love to connection so the main purpose is to meet stranger is and turn them into neighbors and then to maybe into family of God So she has not only done this she has adopted 4 children. She has shared everything meals her car she even gave a van away they give clothes away they visit people in jails and she just connects connects connects she doesn't they all the app she has an app that connects her with her neighborhood and the only pictures of food that she takes pictures of incense are those that she is going to share with her neighborhood. So there is there's a really big difference in this lady's life so when people see. See you are not afraid to open your home to potential strong enough they learn to see your authenticity we need to make sure our relationships are stronger then the woods to be Yes' she says that whenever she opens up her home she knows there could be safety issues there could be people getting offended but number one she's opening it up to spiritual warfare. She says guaranteed there's going to be spiritual warfare and someone's going to get her but she's ready for that why because she grew grew up in a in a hall that was so savagely violent and perverted and she wondered to herself if there was anyone in her neighborhood who could help her and no one ever came forward she said she's not going to do that for the people in her neighborhood she wants to connect with them so how do you feel about Rosa Riyadh and no husband and Hotmail opening up the home would you be able to do this and what would be some of the potential drawbacks. Any thoughts we want to use a too much your time we're almost finished here any question any concerns that you would see with what she's doing it's right on good thank you yeah. Yeah yeah. Yes. Yes absolutely and I think that's important for small children she has these small children and this is this is a quote They're really guides us and we've quoted it so many times in the past and with our students even it's from fundamentals of education page to 18 to 81 it's as if we wish to do good to souls our success with these souls will be in proportion to their belief in our belief in an appreciation of them that you get that do people believe that you believe in them you will be successful if they do so I just want to ask you a couple of questions how often how often would you do something that is this thing for yourself why we do that once a year I would do it maybe twice a year maybe I would do it 4 times a year or once a quarter or maybe. Once a week once every 2 months once a week I mean this is what they do they do it once a week and why would you do that I think that's a big question why would you do something like this so she has to reason she says she knows that people are either suffering from addiction or suffering from abuse she knows that she says in her community people are coming and they may not be sober or safe today but she keeps inviting keeps inviting keeps inviting and one day they'll be ready and then they show up because they know so I want to give you a couple of other suggestions what else can we do number one we can pray start every interaction with prayer and it doesn't have to be allowed it can be just in your own heart pray because you're doing something spiritual and mostly pray that God will give you is to listen. To listen and to OSs question the scriptures tell us that everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak and slow to becoming this is our challenge to you and if you want to take up this challenge to pray this is a challenge I took up many many years ago I heard a pastor say this and I said Yes I want that he said Every day I ask God to give you opportunities and the drive to make a speech specific difference for him in the life of at least one person. In the life of at least one person so you can choose that every single day and God will lead people to you they really will the people to you. Remember there are all meaningful relationships start with a conversation and not a presentation. Joe and listen to her friend Angelo one day she was going to do a Bible study with Angela and when she got there engineer was beside herself she was in tears because of her ex-husband there was very abusive and she was having a rough time. And such are in just put the Bible Study away and she just listened was very hard for her to do that because she had spent hours of preparation on the Bible 30 that she was going to presuming it right but she had to put it aside in she just listened to. She had sat on the fall with me preparing that Bible study for days and then when I found her I said out of the Bible so you go she said I didn't give it like what she said I'm sorry I couldn't she was crying and I was like you did the right thing. You can't be sharing the gospel and trying to save someone they're like crying like crazy about something else they're not even hearing you. Was wise enough to do that want to finish with real quick story that that happened to our our my wife's parents take your time conversion usually doesn't happen often a 10 minute conversation God is infinitely more patient than we are so I was born and raised in South Africa my parents are Dutch Reformed Mark and I have been married now for almost 25 years and we immigrated to Canada and they would come and visit they would come with us to church but there was no interest and just recently last year they came to us in December and stayed until March of last year and when they came to visit us that fountain view they started asking questions. And Mark actually did a Bible study with fame and gave my appearance of Pavel because our mom's 3rd she doesn't enjoy reading the Bible and she's afraid she was a lot of fear because she had the wrong picture of God she saw God as an authoritative figure if you didn't do what you were supposed to do and do what was right she was going is there right so her whole mindset in our whole character of God was so different and so Mark would give them powerful studies and they would ask questions and last year on the 26th of October appearance of bet. Christian. So. I want to ask you this question really quickly what makes a person. To follow Jesus it's one big thing the realisation that they have an urgent need they have to realize that for themselves Here's a quote Just quickly and causing one reader for us it is only when the sinner feels the need of a savior there is heart goes off to the one who can help him when Jesus walked among men it was the sick bed wanted to physician the poor the flicked and the distressed followed after him to receive their hope and comfort which they could not find our swear. All who feel the need of crime and you will be as it is to end determined will receive the police weeks they crave and that amazing So what is your earnest need your greatest need right here it says what promises less fulfilled in the church then the endowment of the Holy Spirit here is our greatest need every viable of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all of our needs to seek this should be our very 1st work. There must be earnest effort to obtain the blessing of the Lord not because God is not willing to bestow his blessing upon us but because we are unprepared to receive it our heavenly Father is more willing to give His Holy Spirit to them that ask him than our earthly parents to give good gifts to their children select a new messages Volume one page 2 or 121 so it's pretty Father in heaven we thank you lord that you have made it very plain in your word that the harvest is plentiful there are hungering and thirsting souls all around us and we are hungering and thirsting for you lord we need you we urgently need your Holy Spirit to fill our hearts and our minds so that we can reach these people in this world this world that people are telling us is un-Christian unchurched it may look like that and it may look like the enemy is winning but you have all power and you've promised us that you have all power and heaven and earth and you give it to us that we can go out and preach the Gospel that we can share it. And show love through Christ method the law through mingling with people through showing that we really love them and we meet their needs and then bidding them to follow Jesus give us the courage give us those opportunities and send people to us Lord and give us the message of the confidence that we can share that message as we pray Jesus to him and. This message was recorded at the g. y.c. conference by many or by few in Louisville Kentucky do I see a supporting Ministry of the 7th Day Adventist Church seeks to challenge and inspire young people to take a sacrificial initiative for Christ to download other resources like this visit us online at do you I see Web dot org.


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