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From Curse to Cross and the Smitten Rock

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • December 7, 2019
    12:15 PM
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Lord. We want to be like Jesus. Thank you that we could get a picture of him so close and personal bless us as we look into his power to heal in Jesus' name amen. Beginning a series of sermons on the healing power of Christ this morning I'm going to talk to you about the healing presence of Jesus I'll be speaking on different dynamics of healing physical mental spiritual and social over the next 456 weeks we'll see how long it goes and then when we come to our 10 days of prayer in January we are going to organize a special prayer service. I've had a person approach me as of late who shared both the testimony and to request the testimony was how a season of prayer provided spiritual strength and a measure of deliverance for them with a request that we consider a special prayer experience for this individual as God put in my heart this journey about healing he merged into it as a function of prayer this idea that we ought to take more seriously the invitation of Jesus to receive the healing touch. So we're going to go through this series we're going to understand what God's plan is we're going to understand what the laws that preside over these types of health are. We're going to seek to bring our lives as far as it's in our power through the Holy Spirit into compliance with that those modules of healthy living then I'm going to be asking our elders to fast and pray with me before we pray for you. And on one of those 2 weekends I'm not sure which one it will be I have to work out the scheduling but either the 2nd or 3rd weekend in January we will have groups of elders and perhaps deacons and deaconesses as long as they're willing to make the journey of spiritual preparation and if you know someone you may be suffering right now with something physically I have no guarantee of what deliverance a look like for you but I do know what peace looks like and it could be that mentally you feel like the devil's been harassing you or spiritually it could also be that socially you found yourself running into a wall and you sense God's calling you to a greater freedom socially and of course spiritually God wants us all to come to higher ground we can't go there without his power or his leading So I'm inviting you to make this journey with me if you're away for the holidays encourage you tune in on You Tube and watch the message messages and lets see how God's leading but I truly do believe God is going to do some miracles and those miracles may not be known to the rank and file public of the village church or the world but I'm inviting you if something's been on your mind and you can't shake it and you don't want to shake it you want Heaven's peace in a sense of his presence consider joining us as we set aside special time for prayer take your Bibles this morning if you would know them up to the Gospel of Mark and entitled My message the healing presence of Jesus from curse to cross and the Smitten rock Mark Chapter 2. As we celebrate the incarnation. We need to stop and understand what great divine purpose and focus and energy has been placed on this little globe and Jesus came here when he had no compulsion to come here except the compulsion of lug it is the heart of Christ that draws the sinners and the sin sick to himself and this morning what humanity gets to celebrate is the fact that Jesus through the merits of a life of suffering and sacrifice becomes our elder brother in a way that he never would have been had he not been a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief I don't know a grief you're carrying I don't know what worries on your heart or mine but you need to know something Jesus had to walk the same walk of uncertainty and potential fear except for one thing he knew in whom he believed and yet to think that Jesus was never tempted to be afraid or to feel insecure would be to remove him at some level from our human experience. Jesus operated out of the land of Galilee he had a special place where he like to reside that was Peter's house and as we open the book of Mark to Chapter 2 we find him there Mark Chapter 2 beginning with Verse one when he came back to Capernaum several days afterward it was heard that he was at home he was in Peter's house the Scriptures do not come out and clearly state this but as you study it it becomes more clear he was actually in the home of Peter this was where he resided when he was in this area of Israel many were gathered together there verse 2 says that there was no longer room not even near the door and he was speaking the word to them the problem was not everybody could hear. There were people close up who had privilege that was described in the Pharisees but the rest of the people hope for a window or a doorway or a corner of the room it was exceptionally crowded a bit bus lady in the in commentating and the wife says that Jesus was teaching in the House of Peter his disciples close about him and there were fair seas and doctors of the law sitting by which were come out of every town of Galilee and you Dia and Jerusalem so they came a long ways they were spies outside throng the multitude the eager the Reverent the curious the unbelieving In other words everybody was there and the power of the Lord was present to heal but the fairest season the doctors did not discern the spirits presence they felt no need and the healing was not for them. We say Pastor they weren't there to get healed you're right but they did need it and it's very possible this morning that some of you came thinking there's nothing wrong with me some of you may have came thinking everything's wrong with me. And somewhere in that great spectrum of life all of humanity lines up they'll be moments in your life where you say I am the pit I'm not just in the pit I'm just a black sucking hole for lives problems I'm a magnet for everything despicable and detestable and yet you're here and others come here they may not for a moment think that the message was going to really be for them to be for the guy or the gal down the pew but this morning we all need to understand that everybody in the room needed a touch from Jesus they all needed the healing some differently but there was one man who was being born to the house who needed 2 types of healing verse 3. And they came bringing to him a paralytic carried by 4 men being unable to get him because of the crowd they removed the roof above him and when they had dug an opening they let down the pallet which the paralytic was lying something had begun to happen in the mind of this hopeless individual he had been to the scribes and the Pharisees and they like many others of which there is scriptural reference and establishment had directed that his sin was his own fault and because of that there was no mercy for him now I want all of you parents to do something real quick and ask yourself the question how many of the troubles that your children have did they create for themselves you have your meter is it pegged way over here at almost all there is something about this I think we need to stop and understand this man did create his own sinful condition at least physically perhaps he was rebellious perhaps he was proud and arrogant what you need to know in this story is that even when you dig your own hole there is still Divine Love to reach in and pull you out and. Friends most of us dig our own holds now I've mentioned before that my wife at the age of 18 had cancer some of you had cancer some in the 1st service had cancer could you bring it on who could know but it doesn't matter I know that my mother and father in law live very healthy lives and I know my wife did too before she was my wife but she still got sick. But most of our sins do lead to problems that we'd like to be free of the problem is the sin that created the sin it was motivated by the desire has created a returning desire and some of those things that we loath we still kind of like. Can Jesus deliver from this yes Christ is able more than able to take the human heart and turn it and transform it from stone to what Flash stone hearts are called they can't be there's nothing for the world in a stone high but I watch and stand stone will be a significant part of this message before it's all over remember I've untile it from curse to cross and the Smitten rock. God can make things that aren't alive live he can take the inanimate and animate them he can take a say a soul that is dead in trespasses and sins and He can give the gift of repentance he can give the gift of m. the t. against sin now I can't keep going back to where the sin is and keep saying I want to be free this is why the Bible says fleeing especially sexual sin. But there's liberty in love and the love starts in Christ not in you the power of Jesus to set his free is a power that flows from him to us creating desire 1st and then strength of purpose this man was a paralytic probably because of some type of besetting sexual sin and he was lame he couldn't even carry him self anymore. He had been told it was his own fault he knew it was true but he still had heard about Jesus. What an awesome God so powerful that he could lay his hands on a leper while the disciples are trying to run scrimmage just imagine him as Big linebackers trying to stop the leopard from getting to Jesus but you know what it was non touch game and as the leper got closer they split and a leper fell right in Jesus' feet 1st miracle after the sermon on the Mount Matthew Chapter 8. And the Bible says is the man who couldn't even look into Jesus' eyes he was breaking all the social laws says Lord he saw something in Jesus Lord if you're willing you can make me clean and Jesus could have said willing. But Jesus reached out a touch to me said I'm willing and everybody else's eyes are popping out of their heads and their jobs are dropping down because this means Jesus is now unclean except that he's none because he's the fountain of all purity and power and affection and nothing can stick to Jesus he is the source of purity and the man is restored and everybody is in a moment of absolute jubilation and consternation of at the same time. This man being led down through the rough is the one who suggests that we go up top because I needed. Imagine getting a man on a litter up a ladder some of you work on ladders this is no small feat imagine once you get him up there trying to figure out where in the house is Jesus imagine after you start pulling the tiles off and digging away whatever they have for waterproofing it says they dug a hole imagine the dust falling down through the ceiling onto the listeners in the speaker Jesus knows what's happening a spirit of Proverbs says Jesus was drawing this person to himself listen nobody ever finds Jesus unless Jesus finds them 1st that's how it works you may finally come to a point live where you're not blind and your interest is after God but nobody finds Jesus unless Jesus finds them 1st he knows where everybody is that this man has been drawn to Christ and is there letting him down through the rule of. Everybody is wondering who has the audacity to destroy this important meeting with this unlettered but significant celebrity in Galilee and finally there is hanging in a litter in front of Jesus verse by Jesus seeing their faith said to the paralytic he's looking right at him but I need you to know something before he says a word volumes have been spoken there is no irritation on the face of Jesus there is no impatience in the tone of Jesus. There is no hesitation in the conversation with Jesus Jesus Knowles everything about the man he has drawn him into his presence and he is glad he had the confidence and the faith and the desire to go as far as a dead and so is the ropes come down through the roof and the man is hanging there initiate Jesus looks into his face and the man is already better off friends the Bible says Jesus became Emmanuelle God with us not God a distance not a solution lobbed over the celestial field goal post to score a few points in the eyes of the onlookers no God came in to our existence and God It drowned this man in and Jesus eyes meet his eyes and in 11 recollection of this story Jesus says Son family term son. Be of good cheer your sins are forgiven the message that nobody would give him the promises of God The evidence of the character God all run over thrown under the bus in an age of institutional control but this man is told what he had always worried about the most is that he would die an outcast from God and Jesus looks into his eyes and he says Be of good cheer you sins are forgiven some of you don't believe that some of you believe you got to show God you really are serious. Some of you don't understand what a gift is some of you don't know that your best right just in this is filthy rags until you get really filthy and when you get really filthy then you know sort of. And sometimes what's really in the mix is more shame about what I did than actual spiritual remorse and repentance God alone can give you that and you don't have that until you know that God loves you at your worst moment. God drew you to him at your worst no. God was pursuing you in the activities that were creating your worst moment until you understand that there's not one fraction of a molecule to add to the gift you'll never ever really be able to be sorry because sorrow of a godly order is built around. A knowledge of the power of love real repentance happens in the context of the knowledge of the love of Heaven but Jesus' words don't make everybody accolade. Not everybody's applauding when Jesus said some of the scribes were sitting there and they started thinking to themselves who does he think he is Why does this man speak this way verse 7 he's blasphemy mean who can forgive sins but God alone. Ministry of healing in the desired ages tell us that they broke i contact with Jesus and they were they were giving each other the I and everybody got it. He doesn't have any authority to act like this. The Jesus knew their reasoning immediately Jesus aware in his spirit that they were reasoning that way within themselves said to them Why are you reasoning about these things in your hearts which is easier to say to the paralytic your sins are forgiven or say get up. Pick up your power and walk now I need you to know that it's it's easier for a man to say take your bed and go home. But that's not the easier option for gun man can never forgive sins. Man can announce that there's forgiveness praise the lord that's your job it's my job. But the truth of the matter is the one who spoke the world into existence could speak life into those atrophied muscles and that sagging skin and that led colored look on his face God could spread pinkness and freshness and vibrancy and life in with the word because the molecules obey his voice whether it's clouds that flee away and waves that settle down or whether it's the dynamics of physiology when Jesus talks the world listens at least the non-human part. And Jesus turns human says since you're wondering and since you're doubting since you won't respond to the spirit and remember Spirit of Prophecy tells us they weren't subject to a sense of the Holy Spirit's presence they didn't think they needed any healing no other they didn't accept it or him but he said I want you to know because I do have the power to do this I'm going to show you I have that power by doing this take that bed stand up and go on home and when he does the crowds part. And on the way out the man is singing praise God Hallelujah he is singing the praise of Jesus what's it leave Jesus with it leaves Jesus with spies who came not to learn but to critique and they went away and with one desire to destroy Jesus you see Jesus wore a big target on himself all the time it was in the shape of a cross he was headed towards it from the very beginning. Now if the man who had been let down on the mat had only heard the words sons be of good cheer your sins are forgiven that would have been enough. That would have been enough. That's what he wanted most. Spitter prophesy tells us we need to combine the spiritual and the physical listen we're living in a day when it's not our job to look like one of the other good non-governmental offices that go around doing good we do our good in the name of Jesus we do our good with the spirit of Jesus we don't push it on anybody but we're not embarrassed of the fact that we're not just offering what everybody else can offer we're offering a drink from the fountain of life our very presence is to carry with it a completely different atmosphere but this world is trying to make us embarrassed that in religion somehow if we were full claiming Christ it was something in it for ourselves corporately listen. You work for this church for absolutely free. All those other non-governmental Obs Is that are doing their work most of their people are paid you work for love don't be embarrassed about Jesus and don't be embarrassed about the fact that every human being is sin sick and God needs to make you sensitive to what they need because at the dentist's office this week 2 days ago. Before I could sit down in the chair the high Jenna said to me if my phone buzzes I've got to stop she said I'm sorry. But you know I've had my teeth cleaned many many times but I've never had the hi Gina say I have a phone call I have to take so it doesn't matter to me where we are in the process now she was very polite about it she explained to me that her youngest was having serious heading problems she cleaned my wife's teeth the day before she put the dust together you know she had laid in one of those big tunnel things and they done a scan of her brain and they found something. The daughter didn't even know yet. I tell you the lady was worried since I'm a father of 4 and have a daughter since I've had those moments when I've wondered is my child going to be Ok my heart was immediately knit to the worry burden she was carrying you can't talk a lot you know all there scraping and polishing and all that but afterwards when I sat up on the chair I said could I pray with you not a head moment of hesitation I know the name of the daughter I know the name of the hi Janice I'm going to keep praying. This world need something more than a good doctor praise the Lord for good doctors this world needs the assurance that in the midst of all the insecurity and the Un Certain things there is one who cares for us and will go through them with us this man would have been Ok if all we knew was that his sins were forgiven any was going to die we're all going to die but there's something about dying thinking you're messed it all up and you're not worth saving that's never there realizing I can die now and I'm loved and I'm going to look into the face of God some day. I was once sick in India I haven't had people lay hands on me for sickness maybe but one time I was in a hotel room in India. I was there with a group of people doing Health talks and cheering good news as the Sabbath came on I got sick I was the leader of the group I really wanted to go with them on Sabbath but there was no way. I can remember quite vividly them coming into my room and surrounding my bed. I had hands on my head and hands on my arms and hands on my leg and I don't know if I had hands on my feet I want to tell you. Their prayers meant so much to me but they didn't heal me. They went off to worship I laid in the bed I slowly got better but there was a real sense of Heaven's touch in my heart. If he would have only heard that his sins were forgiven he got that message 1st because that's what he really wanted. The other message was for the scribes in the Pharisees who didn't believe in a course he was glad for it to. He never expected in a 1000000 years that God was going to heal him but he did want to see this person who was full of mercy sympathy in tenderness. He didn't want some kind of assurance from somebody he thought was the real deal that God was actually compassionate and there was forgiveness and Jesus said your deepest hopes are true. Take your Bible and turn over Genesis Chapter 3. Let's go back to those self-made problems. The very 1st one. Was very self-made. Genesis Chapter 3 will start in verse 7. She took the fruit 1st. He took the 1st 2nd. For a moment there was an exhilaration don't tell your kids that sin isn't fun. Make sure you tell him it's fun for a little bit and then it's not. The eyes of both the number 7 were opened Satan didn't tell a complete lie. Their eyes were both opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and they made themselves alone in covering they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and a man and his wife hid themselves in the presence of the Lord among the trees of the garden then the Lord God called the man and said to him Where are you. And Adam said I heard the sound of you in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked so I hid myself talk about a self-made problem. Oh yes God comes walking in the garden they can tell by his stride in his cadence I don't know if the ground shakes when God walks or what but he's walking through the garden they can tell it's him and the 1st things they think of is we've got to hide so they run back into the recesses of their beautiful garden home and their period out between the leaves and God says Where are you and they say we're over here but we don't want to come out you see this but they didn't know it's. Nothing hidden from God Who told you you were naked they told themselves. They now saw when I want you to realize is that when a person does what's wrong God doesn't turn and run away God follows after while they run away from him. God didn't come to this world so that we could spiff ourselves up and present ourselves he came to this world so that we might be transformed back into the image of his original creation by the power of His presence and His love God pursues us in the midst of our iniquity as offensive as it may be Satan from heaven couldn't fathom this he thought that if he got us to sin he'd separate us from heaven what he didn't realize is that when he created a snake pit in a cesspool God would jump in. As the cries for help from the faithful alien human race while they're choking down filth of their own making Jesus jumps in. This is who God is he still does it today you can't clean yourself up and make yourself better before he does it all you know how to do is flail Jesus says I'm the life saver. Take your Bibles and go over the book Exodus next book chapter 17. This world becomes a wilderness. Everything that was in balance becomes out of balance God delivers his people and takes him on a journey. Here they are approaching Mount Sinai. They've seen miracle after miracle but they're about to see another exodus 17 there in the region of Rafa d.m. Exodus 17 verse one that all the congregation of the sons of Israel journeyed by stages from the wilderness of sin according to the command of God and they camped at Rafa demin there was no water for the people to drink therefore the people quarreled with Moses and they said give us water that we may drink in Moses said to them Why do you quarrel with me why do you test the lart but the people thirst is there for water and they grow against Moses and they said why now have you brought us up from Egypt to kill us and our children and our livestock with thirst. Moses cried out to the Lord saying What shall I do to this people a little more and they'll stone me God How far are you going to push us when the Lord said to Moses pass before the people and take with you some of the Elders of Israel and taking your hand your staff with which you struck the Nile and go Behold I will stand before you here on the rock at Horeb horrible is another name for Sinai. And you shall strike the rock and the water will come out of it and the people will drink and Moses did so in the sight of the Elders of Israel. Listen friends. God's Grace had delivered the people from Egypt God's grace is provided food every day twice as much on Friday so there was no gathering on Sabbath and before the law is given God's fountain is going to flow out of Sinai you need to understand something before the law there is Deliverance there is provision for food there's provision for water and finally there's provision for maintaining your liberty that's in obedience to the law through the power of Christ don't let anybody suggest that Sinai is a covenant of legalism God never made a governor legalism with anybody now we human beings are crafty we can turn anything legal if they can we want the misunderstanding of God to the idea of earning our own salvation for failing to enter into a intimate relationship of love we can turn what is good bad but at Sinai at the base in a mountain was the food that was provided and this mighty fountain that flowed Now I don't know about you but I do like to study Rivers you know that mighty Colorado River that flows out of the mountains there 1000 miles from here there are years when it never makes it to the Gulf of Mexico actually the little gulf there. That river dries up in the dirt because it's so used. The truth of the matter is. Is that the amount of water needed to feed to 2 to satisfy to slate the thirst of 2000000 people in their animals is beyond our understanding but the Psalmist comments on it turn over some 75. Some 75 how much water. Some 78. Verse 15. He says he split the rocks in the wilderness. And he gave them abundant drink like the ocean depths. It may have been a while since you've read that why does it matter it matters because this symbolism becomes an image of the grace of God in John chapter one verse 14 it says that Jesus Christ came full of grace and truth the grace at the base of the mountain was the fountain flowing the truth at the top of the mountain was the law given those 2 things are completely combined in the imagery of a complete Christ who has the ability about clans the power to set free and the desire to do so and then the directive how to live free take your Bibles and turn over to the book of 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 1st Corinthians Chapter 10. Paul comments on this rock and there's an interesting statement about the rock. That is important for us to put our arms around 1st Corinthians 10 I'm looking at verse one I do not want you to be unaware brethren that our fathers were all under the cloud and they all passed through the sea and all were baptized in the Moses in the cloud and in the sea and they all ate the same spiritual food and they all drank from the same spiritual drink for they were drinking from a spiritual rock which what followed them. Why did it follow them. Why didn't it lead them we can say the cloud in the fire were doing that yes indeed they were on a 48 year detoured places they never should have been scenes they never should have sought experiences they never should have had god didn't abandon them to become a non people in the midst of that hiatus. God goes with them and every day they have what they had at the base of Mount Sinai that rock was Christ let there be no misunderstanding you never get water from a rock never unless God ordained to change the physical structure of what he created he can do it in the volume he wants to do it in but the point is this God has always followed his people into their problems which has been a problem for God When you jump into a snake pit you expect to be bit when you jump into a cesspool you expect to get sick. God counted the cost before he made us that's why before the foundation of the world the plan was consistent with the heart of God Love would not abandon those who rejected and resisted him it would try again now before I finish. I want to make sure that you understand you have the power to be like Jesus I'm reading our desire of ages and I'm reading about the 1st 30 years of Christ like. Jesus was the fountain of healing mercy for the world you so yeah pastor $35.00 miracle 7 of them on Sabbath No no no no no that's not what it's talking about he was the founding of heal and mercy for the world well this is about a different time period semicolon Jesus was the fountain of healing mercy for the world semi colon and through all those clued years that Nazareth his life loadout in currents of sympathy in tenderness she didn't say that for the last 3 and a half years he was the fountain of healing and mercy for the world it's his whole life and this is a statement grabbing the concept of flowing. The aged the sorrow of the sin burden the children at play and their innocent joy and the little creatures of the girls and the patient beast of burden. Now let me go over the list again you say well yeah pastor nobody on that list needed healed Oh yeah the aged one and say they're sick the sorrowing no physical healing they're the sin bird Yeah the children at play and their innocent joy doesn't even sound sad. And the little creatures of the grow so the wild animals Nope no callousness towards Jesus don't let your kids grow up killing things. And the patient beast of the burden and here's how she ends the paragraph all we're happier. For his presence now I do want you to ask yourself the question have you been in the presence of God enough. To where his healing touch can unleash the fountain he spoke of to the woman at the well to where your presence could allow the tenderness and the sympathy to flow in rich currents. So here's how it works same thought he had us. Satan figured this is it God will never be able to be happy again because I stole away his children they can't get free if they want to. Say to become blind himself he didn't even know God was he had at one point time but he began to see God in a way that suited him then liberated him from Snooki did itself and he didn't think a god would jump in and swim in our mess and so finally after 3 and a half years of Christ eluding him. He finally came to the place where he got one to betray him one to deny him Rone to agree with him Herod to let it go and the scribes and the Pharisees to finally have him in there their grin. Those soldiers got him out to the site barely flung him down on the cross member and pinned him. With spikes. They set the tree up and watched his blood trickle slowly down his face his back his arms his fee they heard him cry out that he was thirsty. They watch the scribes and Pharisees mock him. They recognize the labor breathing and finally after 3 and I have hours of darkness where Christ was hidden from the the me and the the insults of the ones he came to save they saw the darkness around him part and they heard him cry out it is finished and is if the devil had a rod in his hand called a cross smote the Lamb of God and thought he had done some sent some fantastic fiendish deed but what he did not know was that in Smite ing Christ as the image of Exodus 17 says he broke open the found an infinite love and it started gushing through the universe in a way nobody else had ever imagined before. You talk about irony you talk about paradox. The Lamb of God by whom whose wounds we are hear of is the Smitten rock but it is in a smile of that rock that the fountains of the deep break open and the angel simply for Lucifer is gone and the Roman soldier declares this was the Son of God and that Fifi nailed next to have recognized even earlier than that this man is different. It is the presence of God. That brings hope to the hopeless son your sins are forgiven Peter. Healing in a look oh I won't deny you Jesus oh. No I won't yes you will. Be for the cock crows 3 times you will and when Jesus sees him standing by the fire their eyes meet as the words are fresh off his lips Peter on is healed in a knock a look themselves African. And he rushes out of that courtyard back to get some money and knows repentance like he's never known it before our God You knew him so well and would prefer to support. His absence of fidelity. Yes friends it's God's presence you may not be delivered. From the vicissitudes of this life but if you want to be delivered from your fear and your uncertainty and your hopelessness and your despair if your Self loathing is running you over today you need to know something Jesus will wander to the bottom of the bottom. And bring you back up where you can see the light which is a hope of a new man a new woman made in His image. Years ago stories told is told by Elizabeth McFadden August 27th 1964 ad ministry view her daddy was a Debbie a spoiled him he left a teaching position in college and took 2 years to be a self-supporting ministry there might be somebody here today that God's calling to do the same thing for 2 years he went to the mountains of Appalachian. Left behind something that would have been comfortable and good he was a self-supporting Minister you read his story books and they encourage you today while I want to tell you he lived the story he was there an Appalachian most of the places he went was on foot he had 3 children. There was going to be a 4th it just so happened that he knew the doctor was out of town so he thought so that night when his wife went into labor he trudged over with his lantern to find the Appalachian midwife it was 5 miles finally she walked back in the lantern light. And as the night progressed the problems got worse finally he prayed this prayer Dear Father that it's bring us down here we've tried to follow the I will many times we have failed but we have always asked I forgive this now Father I beg to take care of her. Suddenly he heard an unusual sound he thought he could hear the muffled clump clump of a horse the sound came near he went out to greet the visitor. Why Dr Smith explain what brings you here so early in the day he saw the lantern in the doctor's hands and realize that he must have gotten up before daylight I couldn't sleep replied the doctor something seemed to tell me to get up and saddle on sale because I was needed somewhere so I bade the impulse and this is where old Sam is lead me tell me Arthur is there anything wrong at your house friends is there anything wrong in your house God knew it God knows it. God is always pursue these people in their problems otherwise they'd have no deliverance. It doesn't matter if you've just discovered that you're worse than you thought you were God sent you here exclaimed Arthur Spaulding Dr Smith had lived 20 miles away. God woke him in the 9 and there in the mountains of Georgia. A little Elizabeth Spaulding was born. Friends. Nothing's ever changed. But I want something to change I want what God wants. Which is that this congregation would be so blessed and desirous of the presence of God that they could not come away but with the residual of the heavens light in their countenance and in their heart. Like Moses That's for you to it's for me taking him books out I want you look at this and I'm going to sing it just yet we're getting close and I want you to look at it on paper. Ticking hymn books out open them up to him 125. Joy to the world. $125.00 let's look at these verses joy to the world the Lord is come. Let earth receive or king let every heart prepare him room and heaven and nature sing Joy to the earth the Savior rains let men their songs employ while fields in floods rocks hills and plains repeat the sound enjoy friends were to repeat the sound enjoy now the 3rd verse I'm going to tell you before I read the 3rd verse 2 things I want you to remember number one see in increases naturally. Do you hear me it's like there's a huge harvest of sin that's growing on the face of this planet and it's been fertilized daily by all the media outlets and some of our choices sin grows naturally very fervently any of you that have garden know that the carrots don't grow as fast as the other weeds. The 2nd thing I want you to know before we read it is that for 30 years of Jesus' your life he was the fountain of Elian to acts of sympathy and tenderness he didn't heal broken bones or disease nerves or disease minds were deceived diseased eyes or ears or shriveled hands or hunched over women or flu sick children he didn't do that in the 30 years but he was still the fountain of healing in mercy through acts and sympathy and tenderness Why does that matter because I'm supposed to be and you're supposed to be a fountain of sympathy in tenderness and thus a functionary a tributary of. The original source. Now I don't ever want you to read the verse the same way here we go 3rd verse this is it no more let sin and sorrow grow nor thorns infest the ground he comes to make his blessings what. Flow friends think Horrible think the garden think the cross think fountain of tenderness immersing he comes to make his blessings flow think the depths of the ocean like Sam 78 says. Far as the curse is found and I love singing this last part of the 3rd stanza repeated far as the curse is found France this is the glorious good news of God with us it's the presence of Jesus it speaks peace to the human heart yes the let me know they all die but those who die in Christ know they will live a man friends this Christmas season. Don't miss the opportunity to flow I had somebody tell me a story recently somebody sold the car. They sold the car sign the title and over the period the next few weeks the person lost the title so they write a letter back to the person who sold the car. And in the letter they send a check for $100.00 for all the trouble it's going to cost the person to get another title. The person. Decided that they would not cash the check but that they would replace it with a glow track tucked around the new title My question is do you think they'll read the go track. Friends. Whether it's at work or school or play whether it's the gas station or the grocery store whether it's at the exercise arena or wherever you might be you are now a part of the healing fountain full of sympathy and tenderness because the presence of Christ has tenderized your heart and if it's not happened this morning I'm inviting you to let him in. God with us there is nothing more Healy Jesus didn't deliver the thief on the cross did he he just told him the same thing you told the man you sins are forgiven those weren't the exact words I know but you don't make a day have been without your sins being forgiven. Friends. Your sins are forgiven to. Let the healing flow. And if you feel like you're stuck in one. Just draw nearer. And you might need a special limits maybe when we come to January you might was somebody to pray over you I had somebody testify to me that after being prayed over 3 days later they experienced a measure of freedom spiritually that they had not had before. Were Told The pray for each other strike across open the fountain that wherever the curses the fountain flows God bless us may we live this way may we draw clearer nearer to that heavenly heart that wants to touch us and make us a fountain to. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermons they visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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