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From Wound to Wonder

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • December 21, 2019
    12:30 PM
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Father thank You for invading the darkness of this world and bringing light. Love and liberty. We're here this morning exercising that Liberty and I'm praying Lord that it would grow that our knowledge of you. And our encounter with you would both touch us and change us. So now Lord I ask that this journey in your word would bring the same hope that Christ brought 2000 years ago Bless Us To that end I pray in Jesus' name amen. A few summers ago just outside of Aspen Colorado a mother was awakened to the screams of her children. Didn't take long for her to appear in the doorway of the rented house as they were there vacationing and when she peered out onto the front lawn a couple miles outside of Aspen Colorado she saw something that required a decision to be made for there on the lawn of their Aspen home was a cougar on top of her 5 year old boy. It didn't take her long to make up her mind she burst through the screen door was racing towards this animal the had the head of her 5 year old son in its jaws and as she charged the animal she pulled off one paw and then proceeded to pry the jaws of the Lion open. Grabbing her boy and scooping him up she raced toward the house where her husband who had just returned from a run was there to catch the last chapters of this amazing deliverance. What was the problem the problem was the melt line had something that did not belong to him and the mother was determined to get him back now friends I want to remind you and the Sabbath that precedes our Christmas celebration that in this little encounter is constituted the plight of the human race and as I was in to supinate in standing here before this morn I could not help think of David who in 1st Samuel 17 after he's offered the armor of saw says I can't fight in these and so all his told him you can't do this and he says listen when I was a boy keeping my shepherds flocks my father's flocks as a shepherd a bear and a lion at different times came out they took my sheep. With that encounter David describes him going out and grabbing the lion by the beard and slain the animal. Now this is not a normal encounter and as I have mentioned before there is no moral equivalency there is no no semblance of really a sense ability of about a man's life or a sheep and yet this is one of the ways in which David typifies the experience of Christ in that Jesus himself comes after that lion that's looking for someone to devour and after 4000 years of darkening human history when it appears in the jaws of the mighty Roman government which would slay innocent babies in order to maintain its authority and its throne ship Jesus came to deliver you and me darkened as this place was take your Bibles this morning and open them up to the 1st chapter of the Bible. Genesis Chapter one. I want to talk to you this morning about spiritual healing my sermon is entitled The healing presence of Jesus from wounded to wonder. Genesis Chapter one. God in. 5 days has spoken the world into existence on day 6 he's continuing to create and his crowning act of creation he comes to the monarchy of our planet. I'll begin with verse 25 Genesis one 1st book of the Bible God made the beasts of the earth after their kind. And the cattle after their kind and everything that creeps upon the ground after its kind and God saw that it was good. You know follow this closely then God said Let us. I touched on this imagery last week when I talked about social healing there is no tighter bond in the universe than the bond of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit making up this child wondrous God Himself divine this decided to make us a social creature God said Let Us make man in Our image. Now I want to talk to you this morning about what it means to be made the image of God. What does it mean today for you what does it mean for the people you love the people you want to reach what does it mean to be made in the image of God Let us make man in Our image according to our likeness let him rule over the fish of the sea over the birds of the sky over the cattle and all the earth and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth and God created man in His image in the image of God created him male and female he created them now it's interesting as we understand this ministry of the Father in the Son of the Holy Spirit we see here. Not only the pronoun our But we hear the statement made in our image 3 times. There's something distinctly focussed and purposeful about being made in the image of God And while we are inclined to think of that as physical representation the smore I'm going to suggest to you it's far more than physical representation being made in the image of God has far more to do with the inner man and the inner woman than it has to do with the outer man and the outer one. You were made to reflect the beauty of your Creator. God made you to reflect in a dark world. The rays of light that have not been totally extinguished from the human race. It's interesting turn over to to chapter 3 when we come to the fall that we find this phrase the ology of the Paul repeated 3 times as well. Genesis Chapter 3. Verse 6 we don't know how many days or decades have separated the creation from this moment but we do know that there was a moment of truth for the human race he says in verse 6 when the woman saw how want to place that emphasis early on when the woman saw that the tree was good for food and that it was a delight to the eyes another reference to seen and that the tree was desirable one more time. To make one wise she took from its fruit and she ate and she gave it to her husband and he a then the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together. And made themselves going coverings. This story taking place some 6000 years ago. 2 people the uncontested monarchs of a fantastic creation called Planet Earth and in this moment insinuated doubt about the character of God leads them to abandon that internal sense of certainty that God has given them in a relationship and they look they look they look and they can't see anything that's wrong. There was in that moment no doubt a divine contest waging in the mind of 1st even then added. There can be no doubt that the unseen presence of God was there saying to them don't take this step. Don't doubt don't deliver over your inheritance to this deceiver. And yet the fruit probably dropped into the hand of leave no immediate ill effect which is the way satan works no immediate ill effect here me friends no immediate ill effect that's how it always works. She brings it to her lips and the juice is sweet. And moments later she's handed it off to a husband who without deceit. Repeat her action. A very different sin than Eames. What happened in that moment is still happening. There is in the heart of every human being a battle that is still raging in reference to being made in the image of God God's. Presence in the experience of humanity has not been lessened it has only been intensified since that moment. The power of a convicting voice directing out of an education whether it's from parents or or church or from the Scriptures themselves directly that ever echoing voice of God that is coming as it appears from nowhere perhaps yet from within take your Bibles and turn over to the little bitty a pistol written by John find the Book of Revelation and back up through the book of Jude. And into the book of 1st John. And verse John Chapter 5. The author references to this resonance this sensitivity that the gauge of our heart has for the voice of God. First John Chapter 5. 1 sentence. John is concerned that people should believe on Jesus and this is what he says the one who believes in the Son of God has the testimony in him self this is what John Wesley would call the inner witness on his father's death bed he appealed to the Wesley brothers don't forget the inner witness above all things paid attention to the inner witness that voice that still responds to the pluck of the Holy Spirit saying yes you're doing the right thing no you're goin the wrong way there's something about being made as a son or a daughter of God that yet responds to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Take your Bibles and turn to the Book of Romans after Matthew Mark Luke. And John comes the Book of Acts and then Roman So this 6th book in the New Testament and the Book of Romans. Looking at chapter wind. Paul references to this as well. Romans chapter one. Paul is developing in the 1st 3 chapters of The Book of Romans as a religious legal expert the fact that every single person is bad at last without God and yet not without the ability to respond to the divine appeal. In this 1st chapter he says in verse 18 after declaring the glory of the gospel which is for all Jew and Gentile. He says in verse 18 the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men it doesn't say that the wrath of God is revealed against the people all it is against this disease which has blown out an epidemic proportions to destroy the people themselves and the wrath of God is against the own godly ness the unrighteous nuts. It's against those things which were never to be encountered by the human race that would drag it down and destroy it all and godliness and unrighteous and men who suppress the truth and righteousness and then we come to verse 19 and we hear the echoes of this witness again because that which is known of God is evident within them for God made it evident to them. Paul will go on to write that mankind will be without excuse for 2 reasons one is the ability to see like Adam and Eve saw in the garden the manifolds manifest beauty of God They could see that it was a good world they could also see that the fruit looked good God's creation speaks today as in no other time except before the fall with the powerful testimony that none of this could be an accident. But God speaks in another way as well he speaks through the inner witness he's speaking to his children not so deformed and marred from the original handiwork of his tender loving care to where they can hear God talking to them you see friends there's a reason you should wonder and you should wonder there's a reason last night when we got home from visiting with my family my wife got other cards and said Honey look at the stars. And we just stood there for a little bit looking up into the sky said yes it's like Abraham. Look at to the stars. That still small voice that inner witness can be heard for those that will silence the soul long enough to hear it for those that are willing to accept the divine diagnosis to accept the divine leadership of God That voice is still speaking in praise God and glory hallelujah. I bought a book the other day not a new book but it will be a new read for me of a new science that's developing it's a book written by Michel Waldrop. It's called complexity the emerging science at the edge of order and chaos. There is something unique happening in our modern civil scientific world so I decided to get a review of the book since I haven't had time to read it yet and I read are a review by Robert Baer who's a research seminar in engineering systems at mit and he talks about what Waltrip has done while there has developed what's called the Santa Fe Institute and what they're trying to do is start a new branch of science where they explore how all these highly complex systems come together biology economics all kinds of systems and they believe that they exist right on the edge of potential chaos and yet there is this amazing complexity and I was pleased when I read in the book review these words. What's evolving at the Santa Fe Institute is a common language and a framework for thinking about complexity that is enabling experts to establish connections between a multitude of disciplines. And then in his review he quotes a Stuart Kauffman who's a a doctor in a a biologist and a professor of complex systems he's held that post of the universe Akad go you never see a Pennsylvania University of Calgary and I'm quoting Kaufman in the book review he grabs on to a metaphor an illustration you've heard before you know if you're the man and you're blind and you come up to an elephant and you get its snout you say one thing if you get its leg you've got a completely different description if you get its tail if you get its ear You've heard that metaphor that illustration before but what I was so pleased about in a book called complexity the emerging science at the edge of order and chaos. Was that these scientists were at least humble enough to use this metaphor and this is what Kaufman says. The very existence of a common framework is reassuring in the sense that most of the blind men at least seem to have their hands on the same elephant. Now I want to tell you today in the last 200 years we've watched an ever increasing confidence by some that not only is there is no that there is no God but this world could have somehow found itself into existence from an amazing progression of simplicity to complex city but in this modern age with the complexity of science and society showing a self on every front. We are living in an age without excuse there is absolutely no way with what we know now that we can still accept the simplicity of the origin of the species and come away saying yeah that's how it happened. We even have new branches of science that are acknowledging this complexity and in the midst of the acknowledgement there at least humbling to say there's so much on the front side that they're not terribly unlike the metaphor the illustration the moment when someone gets a little piece here and a little p.c. or friends we've been told there is no God we've been told that it all happened by accident it reduces us to a nihilistic or meaningless way of existed with no future and no hope and by the way the sounds of no hope and no future are reverberating more loudly in society than ever before as we watch societal systems unravel and come undone and look like they might implode. Yes You see we're made in the image of God and the voices of the past that have suggested that somehow it all happened accidentally that it's been progressing by its own merits its own nature its own undesigned ability to progress those sentiments and those voices are diminishing in some sense for the honest and heart saw and they can know because the evidence is not just what they see there's more reason than ever to stop and think and be quiet and they can hear what God is trying to tell God is trying to amplify that we were made. And that we are loved. And that there is purpose and that there is hope Look at verse 20 of Romans while you have it open it says for since the creation of the world. Has invisible attributes and by the way with the advent of the microscope and molecular my craw Skippy this is more than ever before his eternal power and his divine nature have been clearly seen being understood through what has been made so that they are without excuse in verse $21.00 is probably more the point. For even though they knew God or at least knew there was a god. They did not honor Him as God or give thanks but they became futile in their speculations and their foolish heart was darkened the darkening of the human heart Jesus told the parable he said a so I went out to so. He sowed good great but not too many days or weeks later they show up and they look at the field and while it has that beautiful spring green carpet of of weed or or barley or whatever it was as they kneel down to local built closer they can see that it's not exactly as they intended it to be for in that field there is not only the wheat that they sowed but the weeds the tears. And the workers look at the master and they say should we up root the weeds and the master says no let them both grow together until the harvest as the harvest develops it will become more apparent what is the good fruit of the ground and what is the we need. It is this very process that is one of the most distinct signs of our age at this moment as we watch the wickedness of the evil one who began the plight of pain and misery for all who live on this planet we see that darkening of the mind. It's come into our modern societal arena and we are paid a price for dishonesty and deception and line like we've never paid before the human mind is darkening into a polarization of pre-determined belief it doesn't matter what truth is. And yet in that moment in this arena in this hour God is looking to have a new burst of glory to the fact that we were made in His image and he still speaks in the quiet of the soul to the human heart. This is where we are after man sinned. And in the midst of the crisis in heaven Satan was at work. With intense interest one author pens these words the unfallen world had watched to see Jehovah arise and sweep away the inhabitants of the air and why. Why. Have you ever asked yourself that question why would all the angels who live with God. Watch with intense interest to see Jehovah arise and sweep away the inhabitants of the earth. Have you ever asked yourself and if God should do this Satan was ready to carry out his plan for securing to himself the allegiance of heavenly beings I'm going to tell you why. Because the leader of the angels had declared that the principles of God's government make forgiveness impossible. What a lie Satan himself. Enameled with his own beauty. Begins a journey with what is called the mystery of iniquity it cannot be explained standing in the very presence of God no evil to behold and yet evil somehow fosters and festers in the heart of this covering angel this cherub who turns into a themed. God offers to himself the book of Kate great controversy reveals God offers to Satan Lucifer at the time an opportunity to be read deemed how we don't know Forgiven yes. And he refuses. And yet he still beats the drum of the twisted dynamic of the holiness that somehow holiness is anger and retribution it is judgement and condemnation because he has long since passed a place where he can see what real holiness is he declares that the principles of God's government make forgiveness impossible is it any wonder that the angels stand back expecting God to step in and destroy Assad. Had the world been destroyed he would have claimed that his accusations were proved true he was ready to cast blame upon God and to spread his rebellion into the world's above but instead of destroying the world God sent His Son to save and through corruption and defeat the corruption and defiance might be seen in every part of the province. Away for its recovery was provided take a Bible and turn to the Book of John the Gospel of John chapter 3 I want to show you this morning on 2 ends of the spectrum God's amazing patients and blood I'll start with the fairest see. Naked Demas the teacher of teachers a lawyer of the law a religious leader a man of renowned in Israel he came to Jesus one night early in the ministry the public ministry of Jesus there was a man verse one of John chapter 3 of the pairs he's named Nick a Demas a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and he said to him Rabbi we know that you come from God as a teacher for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with them and Jesus answered and said to him Truly truly I say unto you that unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God on. Nikka Demas said to him How can a man be born when he's old cannot enter a 2nd time into his mother's womb and be born Kenny Jesus answered truly truly I say and you unless one is born of water in the Spirit he cannot enter in to the kingdom of God That which is flesh is flesh that which is born of the spirit of spirit Don't be amazed that I said you must be born again Jesus is taking the metaphor of our literal birth for what is the physical existence of man and he's moving it over into a world that many today deny they deny the existence of evil and less its evil they desire the existence of the spirit world of good and evil and less Well I should say that actually there is some fascination with both sides of the coin but by and large it's relegated to an arena of either mystery and misunderstanding or self-made sentiments of assurance nikka Demas is not aware that outside of the actual doing in his life and the physicality of Louis is there's a human nature a carnal nature that's that now tends to reflect naturally a self-centered orientation this is a similarity to Satan that we can't be proud of but the image of God has not been totally effaced in man and there on that encounter where Jesus drew him out he in cages nikka Demas and he says Nicky Demas you need a new nature. The game is not ready to receive it. Just as many today are not. One of the worst things that can happen in our post-modern societies for somebody to be convicted and feel guilty. Nobody supposed to feel bad this is the age of discovery this is the age of exceptional enlightenment this is the age of of self proclaimed truth nobody is supposed to feel bad and looking back 2 millennia ago to this story you can see that nobody's ever wanted to feel bad and nobody wants to change although we want to surance it was no different for the very religious very respected ruler. It's impossible to be born again. You can't go back into your mother's womb and be born and Jesus says Listen there's a lot of things you don't understand like how the wind works now we understand that today. But the wind blows wherever it wants to you don't know where it comes from and you don't know where it's going quit trying to think you have to be the master of all things how but yourself to announce that there are mysteries beyond you and those mysteries include the mystery of a god that would seek you out and give you back which you gave away. The clue is there less ones born of the water in the spirit something happens with the Divine Presence of Jesus that touches a human being and all of a sudden in the security of knowing that the God who made them still loves them the God who are date right and wrong forgives them a change can come about that condemns did not change right away he left that night. Our 2nd encounter with Nick in the midst is seen in the book of John flip over John Chapter 7 naked image doesn't move much apparently and sometimes the journey to salvation is a is a slow not seen movement. Almost a movement of stele by both the spirit in the one upon whom the Spirit is moving upon. They've sent the Avs are to arrest Jesus. They don't like what he's saying they don't like his popularity. And the officers come back without Jesus verse $45.00. The soldiers come back they came to the chief priest in the fairs these and they said to him Why didn't you bring him. In the office answered Never has a man spoken the way this man speaks listen friends the inner witness they were hearing what the fair sees refused to hear the soldiers were touched by the power of God announcing in the soul still was a better way there was hope there was love there was forgiveness the Farriss that answered them You do not also been led astray had you none of the rulers of the very seas have believed in him have they but this crowd which doesn't know the law is a curse and the Nica Demus makes a powerful beautiful choice and a political mistake of colossal proportions he speaks up you see the inner voice has been wrestling with Nikka Demas he goes to bet every night Me thinks of the words of Jesus unless you're born of the water in the spirit he thinks about the fact that he needs to be born again and that's been wrestling with them the spiritual violence of the quietness of his soul he wants to be away from it but he doesn't. And he dares speak up and the Bible reminds us this is the same man who came to him that night and he says this much our law does not judge a man until it burst hears from him and knows what he's doing doesn't they turn on him like a brute of vipers they have no interest in the truth of what he says they only hate him for any motive come any small little bit of integrity and sincerity and honesty he's exposed them. And they say you're not also from Galilee are you. Searching to see that no prophet arises out of Galilee. Let's go to that last encounter in the Gospel of John. Naked Demas has watched from the sideline so many times. And finally he comes to a moment. When he determines that he's made a mistake. And the mistake is been that he has waited too long to declare Jesus Lord and King. Jesus is hung on the cross he was there from 9 o'clock in the morning. Until into the middle of the afternoon and for those hours from $12.00 to $3.00 darkness was over Jesus and over the face of the earth the ground is convulsed Jesus has cried out Father forgive them for they know not what they do he's asked for something to drink and because it was tainted with a mind altering substance he refuses the labored breathing the mocking and the deriding And finally the ground shaking. And when it's all said and done the Romans injury and declares Surely this was the Son of God and the inner verse in or the inner witness in the Kadima says resonates with an amen. First 30 a then after these things Joseph of Aaron the thea being a disciple of Jesus but a secret one. A secret one for fear of the Jews as pilot that he might take away the body of Jesus and pilot granted him permission so he came and he took away his body. And they could Demas who had 1st come to him by night you always find this reference with Nick in the us too embarrassed to come in the daytime who had 1st come to him by night also came bringing a mixture of murder and aloes about a 100 pounds weight so they took the body of Jesus and they bound in linen wrappings. And with spices. At the very crisis when Satan seemed about to triumph. The Son of God came the. With the embassy Jew The message of divine grace through every age and through every hour the love of God has been exercised towards the fallen race and notwithstanding the perversity of men the signals of mercy have been continually exhibited if you want to see them and when the fall of us of time and come the d.d. was glorified by pouring out upon the world of flood of healing grace that was never to be obstructed when drawn to the plan of salvation should be filled. God loves the sinless angels who do his service and are of b.t.n. to his commands but he does not give them grace they've never needed it but they never sinned. Grace is an attribute shown to undeserving human beings I'm reading from testimonies the ministers we did not seek after it it was sentenced search of us God rejoices to be still upon all who hunger and thirst for it not because we are worthy but because we're on where the our need is the qualification which gives the assurance that we shall receive the gift Now let's go to the other end of the spectrum go back to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 23. Luke Chapter 23. There were 2 criminals hanging on the cross with Jesus. The Bible tells us in the other gospels that they were both joining in the mockery and the derision but there was something different about Jesus no angry outbursts no cries for mercy no hatred rising up in regards to the abuse of both the church and the government and for one of these criminals something begins to change that inner witness that quiet voice begins to grow louder. His mocking words fall into the silence. His derision dies out. And he continues looking at Jesus who bears the marks of divinity. And finally as this. Undeniable witness is burying impress on his soul he speaks up to the other criminal and rebuke him. One of the criminals who was hanging there was hurling abuse that are saying are you not to Christ save yourself and us but the other answered and rebuked him sane do you not even fear God since you're under the same sentence of condemnation but then he goes farther it's not enough that all 3 of them are going to die but now he will distinguish the difference between them and Jesus and we indeed are suffering justly Wow. How many people refuse to see anything but what they want to see they're no different than Eve standing at the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil refusing to give God's voice an opportunity get traction in their reasoning in their life and in their lifestyle This man though he will suffer this man though they'll come along and break his legs in order to get him off the cross by sundown Friday night. This man who at the current moment has probably been whipped and beaten similarly to Jesus is in a rare moment it is like how many people do you know in jail who actually say I'm here because I did it it's my fault and I deserve this not many and yet at this moment where this mortal is looking for some little vestige of help he senses in Jesus something that almost nobody else sees. We're suffering because we deserve it. We're under the same condemnation but this is just for us but not for him and then he looks to Jesus and he says. Remember me what was it about the Christ that could birthed such hope in the midst of such hopelessness you know that man's record is not just splattered but it's dipped in evil which look to have apparently effaced the image of God in this man's heart but there on the cross with a flood of healing grace it's beginning to flow. He hears the inner witness. And he says You be quiet. You need to listen. And Jesus as I tell you today. You haven't what you want you will be with me in paradise no promise to go there on that Friday Jesus himself clearly did not go that Friday he told Mary Magdalene on Sunday morning had not yet ascended move the comma just one word one direction and all that needs to become clear becomes clear Jesus gave every hope on that day for a man whose life looked pretty hopeless so friends were you in the spectrum. Is your life over here where you don't want the inconvenience of conviction that says you know some of what you're doing is wrong. You know you're not you're not like that group over there but you know the condition of man the carnal nature is still there it's not been fertilized it's not been unrestrained you had good parents you made some better choices but the core of the issue is still the core of the issue the whole head is sick and it needs what only I can give it needs the divine touch again it was one thing for me to create Adam in a garden but now I have to do for you more than I did for him it's much it cost me so much more to bring this hope to you than it did for me to spread the molecules out and hold the dirt in my hands and form him and breathe into him the breath of life but I'm going to breathe into you a new spirit I'm going to going to touch you and changing from the inside out I have the power to do it whether you're in this group over here who's not sure you really need it and don't know that you want to make the journey or whether you're over here so hopeless and knowledgeable that there's no reason in the world than anybody should give you the time of day the full spectrum of Heaven's heart is displayed on the cross and the grace that flows is a flood of healing grace it's for everyone everywhere and all the time. The presence of Jesus to heal us in our hearts spiritual healing right relationship to God yes God came in search of us. And in searching for us he paid such a high price. In order that he might reigns supreme ruler Satan sought to overthrow Christ and reading from a manuscript in 1000 no to that he planned to carry out the murder of Christ for no other reason than that. Than that to the last he entertained the hope that Jesus would not endure a death made as horrible as infernal wisdom could make him. He endeavored to prove Listen to this make up your mind friends is there good and evil in the world. Is there good and evil in the world is it an accident. To make up your mind. Because he endeavored to prove the correctness of his assertion is there a reason all the angels expect in Christ to rise up and destroy saw yes the lies had been told misrepresentations had been made and he endeavored right to the very end to prove the correctness of his assertion that Christ was not self sacrificing. The withdrawal of the divine countenance from the Savior in his hour of supreme anguish listen when he cried out My God my God why have you forsaken me that cry was a result of the withdrawal of the divine countenance and that anguish pierced his soul with a sorrow that can never be fully understood by man never means never so great was his agony that his physical pain was hardly found. So what do I want to get done. I want to do this. I want you to know Paul writes and clippings to read 12 not that I've already tainted or Marty perfected. But I press on what he pressing on to I press on that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me friends. I want you to envision that unnamed mother of that 5 year old boy. It doesn't take a fraction of a 2nd to determine what needs done under more normal circumstances she my cower in the corner of her camper in the Rocky Mountains under more normal circumstances she might scream but under these circumstances she will do what is but a very representative of veiled representation of what the love of God is and does and bursting through the screen door she pounces on the mountain lion and pulls up a power and opens up the jars and scoops up a little boy who has to be taken by air live from Aspen to Denver this is not some fluke. In the origin of the species this is the image of God reflecting itself in the moment of man's extremity. You see friends David's rescue of the sheep and this mother's rescue of a boy. Is in effect what Christ did when the lion looking for someone design I devour has the human race in its jaws only when Jesus goes out to meet the fall it's different. He grabs the devil by the beard. And in the process the devil sinks his venomous fangs and his powerful claws and jars into the very essence of God which is the sense of belonging and he seeks to separate Jesus from every last vestige of support knowing the power knowing the oneness of the Trinity knowing that if he could pull them apart he might give up he might give in the world might be Satan's And all of his lies would be established as true. Instead Jesus goes and he grabs hold of you and me and he says this one's not yours. This one belongs to me. And even though the fiendish evil heinous brutality of Satan all concentrated in those moments to where physical pain was almost not even felt. Jesus lays hold of us. So that we might just like Jacob who wrestled with Jesus by the Jabot river so many millennia ago my realize that hanging on to him is life itself. You see France. There were 90 in 9 that safely lay in the shelter of the flock. But one was out on the hills away far off in the cold and dark away on the mountains wild in their away from the tender shepherds care yes away from the tender shepherds care. Lorgat has here the I 90 and 9 are they not enough for the me but the shepherd made answer this of mine has wandered away from me and although the road be rough and steep I go to the desert to find my sheep Yes I go to the desert to find my shui but none of the ransomed ever knew how deep are the waters crossed now how dark was the night which the Lord passed through ere he found his sheep that was lost out in the bleak desert he heard its cry of bleeding and helpless and ready to die of bleeding and helpless and ready to die Lord once or these blood drops all the way the market out the mountains track they were shed for one who is gone astray as a shepherd could bring him back Lord Whence are they hand so red and torn their peers to night by many a thorn Yes their peers to night by many of the one and all through the mountain thunders riven and up from the rocky steep and there arose a cry to the gate of heaven rejoice I have found my she and the angels Eckerd echoed round the throne read Joyce for the Lord brings back is on rejoice for the Lorne brings back his own. Friends there is a god. And every lie that has that can be told about it has been told. And anguish so intense that his physical pain was hardly felt. Abuse so great that no collection of stories of trauma and difficulty could ever begin to compare and Jesus. Trusting. In the love of this father. And motivated by the very love of who he is will die on behalf of man the 2nd death the death for which there is no resurrection by faith he will lay down his life you see friends spiritual healing requires again knowledge myth that there is a god. Spiritual healer requires an acknowledgement that I am a sinner. It doesn't matter whether you're fair a-C. or prison or spiritual healing requires a knowledge of the self sacrificing love of God who doesn't meter out forgiveness and little points of penance to get you to do what he wants no it initiate a new sense of value m. purpose and freedom and joy that are not natural to this earth corrupted by the touch of Satan it bears the marks of his government that's why it's getting worse the fruit is ripe and in the field the wheat and the weeds friends what we have to determine is will we stop in this season and Behold the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world and will we make the connection with Jesus to receive the divine touch in which we receive the new heart and we begin to war against those things that were natural to us before. Yes we belong to Jesus. And he would not let go. Today were celebrated he wasn't anything they thought he was but what they wanted was so different. And yet he's everything we need him to be. So in this Christmas season. You might be afraid that what Jesus is going to ask of you is everything you don't want to be you might be afraid is going to take away that special person take away that special hope that future that game. Just look at the hands Neal Peirce the Scripture say he withholds no good thing. From those that trust him. And I'm appealing to every person in this room today no matter what your past no matter where you've been no matter what you're afraid of no how are tainted your your own sense of self maybe no matter how wounded you might be maybe even at the hands of the church on the pealing to you today to let Jesus have perfect permission to touch and transform these spiritual miracles are happening all around us all over the world. But differ us to. How do you hang on a cross and say Father forgive them for they know not what they do they knew in some sense what they were doing. It's in a completely different nature. That nature. Is a gift. That the exceeding great and precious promises we can become a partaker of that nature at what cost what pain this is what the Christmas season so you'd best be known for. I wonder is I wonder out under the sky How did Jesus our Savior could come forth to die. For poor ornery people far too tame of a word by the way for poor onery people like you and like I. I wonder. Why his stripes were healed. He took our eternal punishment on himself we did deserve it heaven has a constitution there are laws they have been broken over and over again by not only you and me but by all the people that preceded us Jesus took it all. Became the new father of the race. And this is the season. To look at the wounds that heal and look at your own savior who can heal the wounds this world has inflicted on you and wonder. How could such a good actually exist. Don't mess that up a tune a difference don't miss that opportunity look at the stars tonight. And wonder how this little speck in the universe could be the center of attention hateful rebellious and filled with evil. Until Jesus becomes the wounded healer. He would have done it just for you he did do it just for you. And he did it just for me. Don't rush on with the world. Stop and discover the value of the saw. The value of your soul. Be astonished Oh heavens. And wonder. For in this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or you would like to listen to more sermons they visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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