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Bible Studies 101

Jim Howard


  • October 5, 2019
    10:00 AM
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This media has been presented to you by the Maryland menacing manner challenge and encourage the character of Christ more information these does it and less. All right well I don't want to waste any time because I have precisely what our share like those girls with you before we began lesson possibly in class or the blessing of our time Heavenly Father who we are grateful once more for this blessed sadness in this beautiful setting and as we look out your beautiful creation we were reminded that. That you love us and that love is seen on each blade of grass on every leaf we see that you have created all of this for our happiness and Father we pray that you would help as your ambassadors So who rightly present your great love to the world so please or give us a burden for so. Give us a burden and to share the light with those who have been trapped in darkness and made me Lord that many souls will be wanting to the kingdom as a result of the principles conveyed in this seminar we pray in Jesus name. All right if you are looking for giving Bible Studies want to one if you are in the right place if you are not you are free to go but this is what we are going to talk about in this room for the next hour I'm going to do some context 1st I wonder if we not only to turn this on as well Ok so you want to look to the left for just a moment to that comes out. Hope it's going to miss going to. Take us on a journey. Ok. I turned it on. And it's coming but I got rid of my. Present experience and listening about. Yeah can you give me just a 2nd you're all patient there are. No problems. Right right this not arts every 2nd I like yet. All right here we go. This. Looks like so many things meant. Something else. Ok so I want to give you some context here. What you see here is. A graphic representation of the disciple making process and that's not the topic for this seminar I can do all seminar on that that's not what we're here to talk about but I want to give you the context of where bible studies fits within it so you see that there are different phases that we take people through when we are making disciples and it follows agricultural model that Jesus gave us right now these are said that the harvest is plentiful and he talked about how the story went out to so his lead any. Oil that soil represented the heart that seed represented the Word of God. And symbols that Jesus used we can equate to the soul when in process and what it means to grow the game of God So what you see here are 5 phases of the mark to them briefly firstly to repair the soul of the heart this happens by making friends by serving others by building relationships ultimately this is where we are aiming to bring down the defenses of the heart and show people that we desire their good and win their confidence Ok this is called Preparing despoil action for the story about a plan to see the seed according to Jesus is the Word of God And so this is talking about sharing spiritual conversations sharing our testimony sharing literature sharing media anything that now is introducing them to spiritual truth it is planting the seed as they are responsive to that spiritual truth then we need to cultivate the spiritual interest this is done by bible studies giving Bible studies giving spiritual guidance coaching them along as they're learning the truth and growing and the truths I was then surely that will lead to a point where they need to make decisions for Christ and this is what we were to do as a heartless they make a decision. Along the way but ultimately they make that that decision to be baptized and so we make appeals for decisions through personal bible studies through public commands a sickening appeals are important so that we can harvest decision no harvest it's. Ok we are involved in the heart. And then finally we need to preserve the harvest after someone is baptized we need to make sure that we nurture new believers that we train them and get them unresolved so that they will be strong and so that they will reengage and multiply themselves and become disciples who make disciples describes that this will end Christian service they want 211 soul one to the truth will be instrumental in winning others and there will be. An ever increasing result a blessing in salvation and that we call that multiplication right so if we're baptizing people but not training them to win souls then we're working on the plan. And dishes well what is going to finish the work well only when we begin to work on the planet multiplication and that's why it's so critical when we talk about the problem we have in the church being a problem of retention and then our problem is that for add a 10 7th Day Adventists have left the church over the last 50 years it's not really retention per se it's our goal I mean I remember I used to former life I was involved in corporate accounting and we had Rick Sanchez was the word that we used when we were talking about record retention you know when you would you would keep your financial records for a certain period of time and you would put it in a box and on the side of the box it was say it's destroyed and you say when you can destroy it if it's such and such a time of day. Document in 7 years if you can destroy it Ok and then you put all these boxes up on a shelf and then just gather dust but at least they're there in case you get audited right and then actually get to a search every year you go through and clear off all the boxes that have gone past the destroyed unit and so they just sit there collecting dust sometimes I think that's our mentality retentionist as long as you're sitting in that you were happy but we're going to take it as punch that you are still there in your spot this Saturday morning and we don't even think about the fact of whether or not they are making disciples. Because we're still thinking the goal is to make members and make sure those members are attending and we're not thinking that the goal is to make disciples who are missionaries who are helping to finish this work and be engaged in the work of making disciples so we've got to change that mentality and make sure that we're thinking about a process that is continuous sequential and continuous sequential is important because it shows that you can skip many steps and I don't want to go too far in this because I get on a preaching and I'm a sermon here but sequential is important and continuous It is important if you cut it off then you're just working in addition and no longer multiplication Now this is where bible studies are primarily but there are studies that happened all through this. This different these different phases Ok In fact the word is involved in all 4 of these phases the word is not necessarily involved here because the seed is the word so this can just be friendship prior to spiritual. This is building friendship and building confidence and once you get to hear the words introduced and once you get to hear these 3 phases all include bible study of some kind and somebody's got to do those bomb studies now let's talk about what are the store type. Bible study. First you have the original Bible study that are given to someone in which they discover the truth this could be a personal matter study could be something to do correspondence they could get a hold of it somewhere they could see it in a man's Alysa campaign whatever but it really they got to learn the truth through some systematic sparing. And Time Message little message after that when they make a decision to be baptized they should be taken through at least. In brief if they've already studied. Systematic baptismal preparation process which is another type of study and Dame already been thoroughly through everything and that may happen in just a couple of visits or something but if they're not then it may take a little more time if there are gaps to fill after that we should have systematic studies that happen after baptism to further ground them in the truth to review in a firm certain things that they learn to help them understand they theology the church and its organization there's a variety of things that they need after they are baptized separately and then once we have to that process they should be reviewing our entire. Message doctrinal message only this time doing it with a little more depth and doing it in a manner in which they are planning to share their learning out there learning it again in order to share. Would that be a good thing yeah so anyway that's what we're working on in my department General Conference as conference minister Department is trying to develop the resources they can help with the different types of Bible study many people right now are using with all kinds of discover it is written as it is written you know made in fact has all kinds of data so you can be used to that original series that introduced some of the truth from back to the preparation and we have just. Published a baptismal preparation guy called Fundamentals of faith if you don't have something that you're using out encourage and use this it covers all the 28 fundamental beliefs but in a way that is more and more a mentalistic order I don't hear a notice about the 20 if I want to believe star in a theological order our theological categories Ok so like when it comes to the doctrine of the church the remnant is covered and then later they introduce the Sabbath like if you look at the numbers there they're not the order that we would share with somebody evangelist sickly so this kind of orders things. A.b.c.. Yeah. Just a month ago yeah yeah so this was just published. So listen this is going to be because and also a little more about a minute I'm going to detail but just because you don't have to be a pastor to repair someone for baptism that makes sure that you understand you know the important facets to cover want to thank someone that isn't an elder or someone else could take someone through and prepare him for that. After baptism we this is previously published we produced this discussion handbook which I'll talk a little more about this later but this is good to take someone through a 6 month process after baptism immediately after someone's baptized with a mentor or small group leader or somebody who will walk them through a process so that you're not just baptizing people and then not really doing anything systematic to follow it up and then what we're in the middle of working on now is not yet published I hope it will be published by deception but that's an aggressive goal and I appreciate your prayers it is called The Bible study him but this is a much more substantial value and we're in the middle and working through it and it will go through these key topics and really go in a little more depth and answers to any objections and questions and be something that would give more confidence to members and their understanding of the truth so that they'll feel more willing to share with others because my personal opinion we can talk about methodology which we'll do today it's fairly simple I'm going to give you a one hour seminar and we're going to talk about some methodology but I really want to get to the heart of what causes a lot of people not your bible studies it's more that they don't feel fully confident there are certain gaps where they feel a little bit of some doubt or uncertainty about certain things they believe they don't know how they would answer certain things because they've never really gotten any satisfaction in a satisfying answer themselves so the idea is that we need not just to teach we want a dog. Raji for doing Bible studies but some clarity to the message itself to where they really gain confidence and what they believe Scripturally and that's the intent of this book so pray that it will get that done by d.c. session which is next summer I want to talk to you promote about the history of Bible studies because you need to understand why this is so important. Anybody here Stephen Haskell Ok Stephen asked well are asked one of the pioneers of our church father of the tract and Missionary Society and friend of James and I like our house was preaching and it can't meaning in 82. In Southern California and there was a big storm it was an uncharacteristic storm for southern California but it was it was allowed it was out of Canton eating so they were under a tent Ok And when you're under a tent a big storm can be very loud I think the wind and the thunder the rain it all made it so that the people could not hear you know you didn't have this type of protection so the people were not able to clear out or Haskell and so there was a thought of actually canceling the meeting but other Haskell was inspired to do something he walked off the platform down to the center just like I'm doing here and he asked everyone to gather close around. And then he began to ask a question like Who gave the Scriptures brother where you know the 2nd 7316 and then the brother would open up and read all of Scripture is given by inspiration of God and then he might give a brief comment on that and then he looks at the other side and said Ok rather than ask another question and give out a text and ask them to read and the people were gripped like they stayed totally locked into him the whole time they were amazed that their questions were answered and right out of the Bible and it was powerful the meeting was so powerful that Elder w c y l y n f actually known as Willie White. He was at a meeting and mother was on the campground but not at every meeting he went and told her what had happened and how powerful it was. And she told him I want to meet with the ministers so the next day she met with Elder Haskell and the other ministers who were there at that camp meeting and she told them the God had shown her in visions that there would be a mighty reformation in which his people masses of his people would be going into homes and sharing the Bible using the same method that Elder Haskell used in his army service. I want to show you the quote where he talks about testimonies for the church by night they'd won 26 in visions of the night representation of mass past the forming of a great reformatory movement let's reformatory move that's a reformation. Among God's people hundreds and thousands were seen this in families and opened before them the Word of God hearts were convicted by the power of the holy spirit a spirit of genuine conversion was manifest on every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of the truth she says it was a reformation such as she had not witnessed since 1904 so she's This is incredible Reformation you know as a church we can pray for 9 years now there's been a committee of the General Conference called the revival and reformation committee we're going to praying for a rival reformation but I do believe according to this vision that reformation will lead to it will look like this where the members of the church that hundreds and thousands are not the ministers that's the ministers and thousands of lay people who are giving my most studies using this simple method that Elder has told was using in that sermon questioned by the Lancer question by the Lancer it's not incredible it started a movement. For Bible reading Ever hear of bible readings for the whole they immediately sent out invitations for people to send in bible readings which would be a study on a particular topic with all the tax question tax question tax question tax the 1st 2 that they put out was on the Sabbath and the 2nd Coming I think they both worked 150 questions one. Ok so so we learned since then that that might go over Ok so 15 might be better for a Bible study but it was powerful and you know the power of this particular method was this prior to that time the way that they spread to 3 angels messages was by raising up a tent and a minister would break and there might be some tracks that the lay people had to give out but that was basically it here was a method that was not dependent upon the ministers. God specifically gave the 7th Day Adventist Church the Bible study method that formerly called bible readings today we call Bible studies he specifically gave it to us so that laypeople could be spreading the gospel and multiplying our witness around the world now let me tell you why bible study is so important this fall here we represent soling and the way to sell when it starts as you know is to prepare the soil with different relationship building activities you might have a cooking school or a church social or a concert or community service or a vacation bible school these are all different ways that we make contact with a community build relationships and introduce them to the church so that hopefully one day that we come of that is member in a baptized disciple of Christ now someone can go to a cooking school and I'm actually become a baptized member without ever going to B.B.'s is that right and someone can come to a concert in the interest of a church that when we come about ties decide but without ever going to a church social. You want me. But every one must pass through the final of this or the neck of this funnel What is that neck. That's my mistake. Every one who becomes the 7th day I'm a substantially has to go through bible study so there grab by the troops and understand. The significance and importance and surrender to Christ remember the word is not a mechanical saying it's a powerful thing it's a living and powerful 1st Peter $123.00 says that we are born again through the Word of God conversion happens through the word so the Bible study is not like an optional mechanical knowledge transference No it is transformational it is kind of verdict there is no power outside of the word and so we've got to remember that these bible studies are not just a simple act of cold transference of information these are transformational these are life changing the gospel has power its creative power. And this is why there are those in the world who are reading the Scriptures but who cannot understand their import the men and women who have the knowledge of God are what are needed to explain the word to these souls you know the problem is that 97 percent of our church wants to work at the top of the funnel. And very few people are willing to work here and this has created what we might call a Bible study bottleneck. A Bible study bottleneck and I used to work in. You know managerial accounting as a controller manufacturing facility and one of the things that we had to do was make sure that we were always trying to fix the bottleneck. You know because you could you could improve one area of the plant and its productivity but if the bottleneck didn't change then your total output didn't change you've got to fix that bottleneck the one of the lowest common denominator in terms of productivity to a great degree in many many places this is Bible study Imagine if instead of having 3 or 4 people in your church who are willing to your bible studies and they were actively doing it you have 30 or 40. This would open up the bottleneck and we this is why this is the greatest potential in the church for growth is nor lay people accepting the call to share the gospel through this simple act of getting a Bible study you don't have to have the gift of teaching to get Obama to study it here and I send. You don't have to have the gift of teaching to give a Bible Study the idea of spiritual gifts has confused. Witnessing is not a spiritual gift it's a spiritual necessity this is not. What we might call standard equipment where we are called to be fishers of men for all are called to bear witness. You don't need to have the gift of teaching to get a Bible study elder Haskell sent out. An advertisement in the signs of the times to the whole church after Ellen White told me about this Bible readings a vision that she had. And he invited people to attend a Bible reading Institute for some training he said men and women old and you know. Even if your head is sprinkled with gray hairs you are none too old to tell what God has done for you and to read the Scriptures. And get it can you tell what God has done for you. Can you read the Scriptures and you can give Obama. You don't have to have a good teaching now the more you develop your ability to teach the better and more proficient you will be but it's not necessary to witness with promise and with that gift. Having that gift or having it to fully develop. Many are on the verge of the kingdom waiting only to be gathered in. Now what this tells me is that there is a bottleneck in other words there are more people who are ready to harvest is great but what's the problem. There are more people ready was right there ready to be gathered in on the verge of the Kingdom then there are people who are laboring in our lives. This is the bottleneck that we're describing and that's. Seen in both spirit prophecy and scripture but the power is incredible the more one tries to explain the word of God to others was a love for souls the plainer it becomes to him selves This is the power of Bible study this is the spiritual growth that we gain the more we use our knowledge and exercise our powers the more knowledge and power we still have about this one in Christian service basics not one of my favorite quotes let ministers teach church members that in order to grow in spirituality they must carry the burden that the Lord has laid upon them the burden of leading the souls into the truth did you catch it if you want to grow in spirituality there is a necessity What is that necessity. You have to carry a burden what a burden. But the burden. Caraway to our responsibility. You must carry that and what is it the burden of leading souls into the truth that's different from gathering the truth which we're called to do as well but leading into the truth denotes personal investment in someone guiding them step by step as you introduce the truths and leave them to make decisions to follow it it's a it's a process helping someone to understand and follow the truth and that is a prerequisite to growing further in spirituality that's an incredible statement isn't this is why Elyse says that the plan of holding bible readings was a heaven born idea it didn't make it out some evangelical didn't make it up there is this the if this plan of holding bible readings or Bible studies if the elder Haskell did initiate testified God showed was a heaven born idea because both grows spiritually and it has the effect of winning other souls to Him So with that foundation and do let's talk about how to lead a Bible study shall we want to give you starting steps to lead a Bible study 14 steps only about a certain area already. Got you know paths. Ok saying. As opposed that this is problematic item to. Look at I reached out. That's what I'm talking about that's what I'm talking about Ok this is what we had a guy who came with us to Prague it was like an exercise guy and every so often he would take us through exercises so let's do lunch hour Ok you get your seat behind you. Sit down it is this we're going to going to sit down in it and you know stand back up and you're going to do that 10 times a year I think. There were you know. One. Very. Slow or. When I was. 7. And a $910.00 Ok I would have done 12 but it's sad. How you fail to learn who will a better day you know not not for me now when I talk to you talk to me. Ok starting steps away about is the number one Perry heart going 1st thing foremost you must spend time in prayer you must spend time searching your own heart before you get out of a Bible study and the reason is because a Bible study is so when. It is not nearly lesson teaching so your whole idea is to win a soul to lead a sort of Christ to help them to see and be gripped by the same Robin truce that grips you wouldn't change your life and rescue out of the darkness and then it is marvelous light I mean that's what you want so you're when you're speaking you want to make sure that your own heart is right with God and that. The 1st step of leaving about a 2nd is to prepare the lesson prepare the lesson now of course you've got to choose something I chose for you today I just grabbed. It is written lesson so we're going to go through and it was written lesson this is it is written lesson number one can God be trusted now you can give a Bible study without a lesson about a study with Mark Bible you can do about a study with notes you can and give a Bible study you know using video there's a lot of the ways you know about the starting right now I'm going to take you through what's probably the most common which is using a written lesson there are a couple different ways to do it when you have a written lesson one study with them 1st and then leave the lesson with him Ok if you are comfortable with the topic that is fine I've done that many many times but if you're not as comfortable and you would feel more comfortable walking through the lesson with them so that you are guided as the same found a very guided which is most people then you would do it in distress. 1st for you meet with them you do go through the lesson and do the lesson yourself right you have to prepare the lesson So here's the opening pages and you can't read anything but I'm going to point out a few things to you number one we've filled out the lesson Ok so don't leave the lesson blank when you're going to do it sound a school teachers this is good for you too when your class looks at your lesson and it's blank. And you're prepared you know even if you didn't prepare that like lesson you know at least sometimes I did I'll use my phone to prepare and that sort of thank but I still am teaching or something I make sure that I jot some notes in there because I just want people to know that I have thought it through I have read it I have studied it and if you don't fill it out yourself it doesn't it doesn't go off too well. I started number one and the reason is this. I circle. To the stories for question. That are the strongest supporting arguments for the main point that the lesson that I want the lesson to convey Ok so the idea is that by circling it I have noted to myself that I may be able to spend a little bit more time here. Some of them I'm not going to spend much time on if you think you're going to spend the same amount of time going to thoroughly cover every question you're going to have a $22.00 and a half hour Bible study and you know what that by the way they make it out maybe learning it 02 hours turns a 3 hour them 3 hours or 4 hours and they're just asking all these questions and they're eating it up and you see them off then you say I go out that was heavenly and then the next week they call and say I can't make it why because I think and I don't have 4 hours. Right so I may sound like a good idea but it's not a good idea you want to keep the ball rolling so because of that you're going to highlight only or circle your key areas we're going to spend a little more time this particular question of as how does God demonstrate that he can be trusted. I also put an asterisk here by the comment which says by showing that he has the ability to predict future events before they happen God shows that he can be trusted I believe this is the main key point from the study of danger to the idea that because prophecy shows that. It has been accurately fulfilled that means that the Bible can be trusted that is a key point of Daniel 2 so I wrote my own little jotted down no there other sacredly held writings are lacking in predictive prophecy but about 25 percent of the Bible is prophecy so that point wasn't in there it was one that I happened from another place clean and I appreciate that point that the Bible is different from other sacred writings and that it contains prophecy where they don't and that's a powerful point to me so I want to make sure it was included somewhere so I jotted it down. So the idea here is. Think about it this way if you do have an intention of sharing your faith and giving Bible studies. Then when you're listening to an angel is that meaning you're not just listening to evangelise. Right you're learning with the intent l.-i says this is how we should learn with the intent of sharing with others so when you hear a powerful point you're drowning it down so that when you do your own evangelism you think i.e. you are biased I think that you do make sure that point is captured in what you're doing you don't want to overwhelm the lessons but if there are a few points that you want to add or insert that are not in there it's valuable to do that because you want to own the lesson you want to be something that you understand and have conviction about let me just say something about witnessing witnessing by definition and is telling what we have seen and heard. And you know the Bible says we cannot. Haters that we cannot but speak what we have seen and heard. We cannot but speak what we have seen and heard so he's bound by what he has seen and heard at the same time we don't want to say more than we have seen and heard. So you know you're not trying to be somebody that you're not Ok. Now you are witnessing is sharing what we have understood what has gripped our heart what makes sense to us. I sometimes tell people if if you are right in the church by watching The Bachelor videos then witnessing to you is going to start out as sharing the rational. Right if you learn about a Sabbath and all attacks are going to everything but your heart was not ripped until you heard John 1415 if you love me keep my commandments then in your pale on the side of the Sabbath you are going to focus on your own experience. If you love me keep my commandments because you're going to speak with conviction speaking with conviction is an important part of persuasion and so you've got to make sure that this study represents your conviction there are going to be other things in the study that maybe are not super clear to you that makes sense but they're not things that strike you and you're not going to spend as much time on those if they're not what you would consider key points Ok. So here's another question that I've circled because I believe it's a key point. Here is where I added a little Testament so I don't know about human and there are minute training sessions where you learn how to give your personal testimony where I you know my life before Christ how I met Christ my life since I met Christ very rarely do I ever tell my testimony that way I'm just being frank more often than not I share pieces of my experience. Bits of my test I cared about my surrogate right where there were a few little. Parts of my experience that I experience it's the same with the Bible study right here I have you know my testimony of the impact of realizing that the Bible was true what happened to me when I realized and you know what was happening and impact it had on me it's good to insert one maybe 2 personal experiences and 2 about me because you need to make it personal and easily personal not just information here's another one that I circled as important Ok here's the last page and what it is written lessons do in the end the end is they put the 3 points to remember they only do that for the 1st 2 lessons after that you're on your own but I would encourage you to do that with whatever series of lessons you're using at the end you want to summarize with 3 points so points 4 points whatever to 4 points what are the key points once more they're going to summarize Ok so you've got to know what those are and then you make sure you fill out the appeal question and that is right there now one of the thing about preparing the lesson before you're actually doing it is I would encourage you to study common objections how many of you have any books on common objections to many books aren't going to actions what you have. Ok but yeah. That's a good one. Mark certainly has them in studying together if you're studying together. Yeah yeah go by with sex or something like that. Ok Ok Ok let me Taurus has one it's a little booklet you want to tell it what do you. How does growing as one. Might say my favorite and get it online for free but don't tell anyone Harold I told you. Answering objection isn't that. Earth shattering name answering objections by Francis nickel and I c h o l. It is more exhaustive and answers more questions then most most give you a couple paragraphs answer when we're going on a Bible study handbook we're kind of in between what Nicol does which is this huge book just on answering objections and what others do which is a paragraph or something we kind of have a blend of those 2. But the bottom line is that if you can get ahold of it online fantastic and I would encourage you if you're studying something and they've got objections that you can go there go there if you don't before you give your bias that it's always good to know what you can know ahead of time and I'll help you to all right that's all stand up. I raise your hands up. All right all right. So. By the end we'll be doing that every study 2nd. Thought number 3 work whereas a partner it's good to work with a partner why is going to work with a partner. Listen to. Deflect distractions that's a good thing or a good thing do you sometimes you know. Right. And I may have an insert Yes What's the danger of having to in the study. But disappearing would be bad and that mean like the I mean like really bad but I'm just thinking about the more common thing is that oftentimes you have to and are both wanting to leave that problematic it makes the study super long it makes both of them frustrated it makes it go and back and forth a ways so it's better to have a leader but have somebody who is observing participating they can share a thought here or there from time to time but they're clearly in a prayerful position and observing more than they are speaking yes. Thank you. Thank you thank you so that's another good reason to have 2 people and preferably if it is a woman it's better not have 2 guys. So but a couple would be good or 2 women would be good I'm not saying it could never happen if it was in a church or something like that where there are people around that sort of thing but you do have to be careful about that kind of but I don't think it's just encouraging you know I've never seen something I'm missing out on and nobody was there but you know. And so I know you're going to you would have loved it but I there's no way I can tell you and adding somebody with you assisting her and you can talk about things afterwards you can bounce it how do you perceive it how do I perceive it and it just encourages both of you there's a reason why Jesus sent his disciples out to buy to write Ok all right when. Fashionably late. No arrive on time because of course arriving late as well. My time is more important then your time so arrive on time actually a little bit early so that you can enter right in on time Number 5 socialize went before the stuff that you don't want to do your main socializing after the stuff you want to open up by talking about how their week has been and talking about more. General sayings so that when you finish you're finishing on more of a Spiritual know Ok Number 6 pray to begin the study always remember to open with prayer so that we make it clear that our dependence on understanding the word comes from God. Number 7 gets practical 3 questions and let the study interest give the answer from the Bible after he or she reads the text so let's kind of walk through with that looks like so when you have a Bible study he never normally have question is followed by a text that is to give the answer so you ask the question and then you ask the person you're studying with or for the small group someone in the group to read the text right so you ask the question you ask if they would read so that we can discover the answer in such and such a text you are. Studying interest opens their bible to the fact they read the text after they read the text when they do. They look at you. And you say Ok now let's read that question again you read the question again and you say now how did that text answer this question what do they do then. I'm given a decent number of Bible studies and in large portion of them I would say the majority at this point especially when you're in their early going at this point they will answer that question. With what ever answer they had before they came into the Bible. And other words what I'm saying is they will answer the question from their database. Ok and then he wound or you know however they would phrase it normally or whatever and then little will say and this is the important phrase are you reading. You ask me you ask this more often than once what does the text. Say with me what does it say Ok why are you saying. Because you want them to get their answer from the bottom of not just from their memory not just from whatever and often times they are missing a very important nuance in a text by giving you their generic answer they thought they already understood it anyway so you're wanting this answer to come from the Bible how did that answer not what does the text say and then they go back and look at it and they read it and then you point out directly from the words in the text how that answers and this helps you know when you're preparing for your study kind of what you're looking for because when you're going through the questions yourself you're saying Ok there is really the answer right there and what it says there if it's only implying it then you might need to pull out another tax and add a little text to it or sometimes you may just you know not emphasize it in the same way are now when you just kind of move past it because there are sometimes we go there is a reason why was that is near like that answer is not a good I mean how do you think out of that I can that really doesn't mean that so we're just going to say it's going to move right along shall we and so it's but that's the nature of it there are no perfect Bible studies but they're all good Ok so you make the best of them in some cases you're not going to emphasize it but you're going to look especially for those answers you can draw directly from the text to make sure they see if they're yes. Yes you're pointing to the Scriptures. That's right. That's right. You're absolutely right. You know the same way when I'm doing a mentalistic meeting I actually walk people through Ok now we're going to go into 1st Corinthians Let's go to the New Testament mask Mark Luke John then acts then Romans then 1st Corinthians we're going to look at 1st right these are you know like you walking through it at 1st you may need to help them find it or whatever you do just what you do with anybody you just going to be courteous and not assume you don't want to assume anything but you're kind of watching and gauging how much they are familiar Ok I'm going to keep this I'm going to keep this seminar moving so that I can finish number 8 keep the study moving. The idea. There you can get an arm down very easily and you want to make sure you get to your key point remember so don't let yourself get off on a tangent some people just love to get off on an. Interesting thing that are really not germane to the topic or important for the person to understand let me give you a for instance. There's a big you know debate and I'm going to circle about the one will be taken the other be left you know and the idea is the one that's taken the one is taken to heaven or is the one that's left the one that is going to heaven because that's taken ones are taken off of the destruction as it has been you know I think just and I you know talk to me after class if you want to know but anyway and they want to make this thing of it and I mention this meeting that's not the point the point is this meeting is that it's there's no secret rapture so there's one class that remains alive and one class that is destroyed. Right so you can actually distract from the main point by trying to get used and make them have this you know I always thought oh you know and they're trying to figure out what you're talking about you don't want to get into cute types of sayings when you're getting a Bible study you want to stay on solid ground and things that are important for them to know and understand and that when you do that you can get the study of the person all of our talk to you about the importance of including one or 2 personal experiences it's not just about including personal experiences I mean in some respects everything that you do with them is going to be personal. Let me just say this Bible study is the most personal when you can do. You're talking about the things that are most meaningful to people the most intimate to people their spiritual condition spiritual truth whether they're accepting it or not their view of God I mean this is personal stuff and you're spending time every week setting it aside to study with them let me tell you what nothing to Munich takes a lot of like time and days and days I've had so many people be like I can't believe you take this are like look and you don't know who is blessed and who here because this is incredible You're excited about about is that I did waiting for somebody to be excited you know I mean it's. Right but they look at it that way because they see from the time that you're spending something personal and so a Bible study is a wonderful wonderful tool to draw close to people don't present to be an expert. If you don't know something what do you say. I don't know yet I can look into that and let me come back again we'll talk about it together and I said don't pretend to be something that you are not summarize the key points when you come to the end ask them if the study was clear it wasn't clear you want to help you know the many questions or objections that you can get any so that's important prior to asking for a decision because how can you make a decision on something if it's not clear. Number 2 out ask for a decision and it was about a set of guys they just come to the end and they have a question and you feel an answer but here's what we often do. For people to feel uncomfortable and discomfort is a part of. There's a phrase I like to use called Embrace the silence sometimes you have to allow them to be fast when you ask a question that's a little bit contemplated and then it might be a little bit sensitive and they're just sitting there silent we want to cover the silence with our words sometimes you seem to let them think and let the Holy Spirit speak so when you ask a question and at the end you know are you willing to do such and such special such you know and followed by wherever it leads. You don't say I know you are merely because it's more comfortable you quietly look and wait for them to answer and 1st they might not realize that you actually are waiting for them to answer where you are and then well you know in this game. So your so your money you make sure that they realize there is an application to what they're learning Yes. It's study. And then you want to confirm the time the next study and close a prayer you want to leave on a spiritual No Now in case you wondered all those 14 steps are in this book in traffic or 25 on cultivating. 47 how to get out of city. When we give ourselves wholly to God and in our work follow his directions he makes himself responsible for its accomplishment he would not have us conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors not one even think of failure we are to cooperate with one who knows no failure God will give you success now I have one other I have a lead a Bible study for you one step to lead a video by a set I learned this from Mark Stanley press play. There you know how to press play you know he did it like this but you know. So it is not I'm all for me or my studies you know you pop some popcorn in my dimly or owing me to hospital and warm people out to get to hospitality and they say oh I don't give I'm so that you get tossed out I say you're the party are going to buy a set it's because by the Saudis are about warming people's hearts and bringing their defenses down so hot that popcorn Show Net video and at the end you still have to answer questions and dialogue about it what have you it's a blessing and if that's what you're come forward and do that yes. I. Think. Yeah I think. You like to do or not. I obviously if it's a come back with an answer that you know I'm just not sure whatever so well let's pray and let's ask the Lord to to lead you in your decision you know I mean you're not going to pressure them unduly. Ok I want to talk about how to get a Bible study can we talk about that. First of all this is going to be this is going to be machine gun style 15 places to find a Bible Study family friends neighbors. Co-workers. Take pictures. Visitors my favorite all around place to get about a city by the way. As a layperson I was given I was studies I've always gotten from churches or on that ties us and at times of members prior I mention this to getting interest that we often neglect leaves from literature eventually. Former or in active members that we often neglect health ministry interests. Other ministry interest lists and there's various over ministries we have media ministries that we can call or otherwise get interest that were in our zip code service that we do door to door with a Bible study imitation at the end or distribute a bible study in the take card now I'm going to tell you. How to ask if I was so using Pastor Tony sure fire method anybody ever heard of Pastor Tony seriously I know he was in Carolina North Carolina he's passed away now he's from New York so it's real strong accent the Pastor Tony I went to a seminar at his. Pennsylvania can't meeting many many years ago before I was a pastor and I went there to learn a little bit about how to witness and he started the 1st meeting he said I'm going to tell you a method of getting Bible studies that is 9 times out of 10 effective and. Fantastic and he waited til the end of the very end he said Ok you're ready learn and we're ready So here's what you do this is Pastor Tony certifier message you tell them I'm taking a class on sharing my space and. One of the guys leading out the class is asking all of us to find someone to get a Bible study too so when you do me a favor and he willing to live with me. So he asked Who was he knows by Sometimes sure fire method and I sat quietly because I'm. An introvert. And 5.5 percent and I remember how many people raise their hands and they said they would do it the next day and come to class 1st thing I ask is Ok those of you who want to do that you know use pasteurize method I want to hear from you how did it go because you asked them to do it that night. The 1st one I asked and I and they said yes so I asked and they said yes every one of them got a. I thought oh my god. You know. And interurban I'm not a coward. So he asked again all right this is going to be tonight who's going to ask tonight so I raise money and I'm thinking about it and I asked my little brother so I go to the pay phone now tells you about how long you know what you're going to take on a pension Cammy and I called my brother and he run you know hey listen. I met this spiritual retreat they call it can't meeting and I'm taking this class on how to share my faith and one of the things they're encouraging us to do is to find somebody to go through a series of Bible study guides with us. Anyway I thought of you and Danielle that was a girl for the time and thought maybe you might be interested in doing something like that would you. To which he responded to stroke. I said look you know it's not a trick you know I have no problem if you're not interested it's fine I can ask somebody else I just thought I would check with you. I guess I'll do it. I mean I want to add I was so young I couldn't wait to get back to class until better Tony yes I was going to be the 1st you know so I went back and I went back home and I don't know what I was doing to be honest we had this series of studies but we didn't get copies of it or whatever so I ended up taking the book steps to Christ and I went through all the scriptures that's a crisis and one chapter time just walks the scripture steps Christ was going through them with it and he was very open but his girlfriend was not at all and it came to a point where he basically told me I'm not going to go this way if he doesn't go this way I love her too much and whatever so I backed off and basically said you know what you guys started the rest of this on your own and then as you have questions you let me know and I kind of left it there well after several years of being with us girl he was getting ready to get married in about a month or 2 before they were going to get married she left and. He fire old went in deep into the world and just awful awful situation and. Seeing a girl through this scene and she got pregnant and he came to me later and said hey you know that you know interest pregnant and and we are going to get married. But we don't want the kids to have the same lifestyle. We've had and so we want to take it church. And he said Would you mind telling her why we should go to some of them going to church. And I said well maybe what we should do for you know what church you go to you got and you know what you believe from the Bible so would you be willing if I came over maybe once a week met with you and we walked through that so I got another bible so I was my little brother and and about it you know there was a hard case this one but a little over a year later I baptized him. And his wife from Pastor Tony sure fire method now I'm going to tell you about the secret behind Castroneves sure fire method just a minute and I don't mind if I run 5 or 6 or 7 minutes. But this is another point that I want to bring out. If you have a model school in your church and you have a simple way to ask people and anyone any visitor who comes to your church should hear this question from its members have you. Heard about our model school. So it was me I'd heard about Obama school oh it's so nice to have the oh yeah we got a little gift for you yeah and have you heard about our Bible school that's a very non-intimidating question isn't it you're not asking them if they want to take bible studies or just have you heard about it or not I haven't heard about your mom schools then you can give them serious Now here's my little ministry by the study ministry that I had a hand in developing them I tell you about and if you want to have a part of this you can for something else you might use but this is a Bible study offer dot com. It's a free portal are in scope important to receive Bible study requests. Guys and D.V.D.'s at the local church follows up with anyone who signs up either online or by calling the number that goes to an administration ministry and interest can request a series about a city's and a local church and if you say have you heard about our Bible school you can give them you know this got and it is written last on our surprise to less than 2 options one with a d.v.d. and a little sign up card and they can decide if they would like to do it you can advertise putting it in offices in business places and what have you you can use glow tracks to pass out and offer Bible studies you can use business cards you can put bumper stickers or car magnets on your members vehicles you can have yard signs and yard if you want to you can get a billboard such as we have done in many places you just don't words or you can share it on social media by sharing going about and the offer and just clicking share or you can send out a mailer into the mailboxes where they can sign up and of course there isn't anything you know code for a church that signs up and if you want to have the ability to and it's free to sign up the only cost is you have to buy the material so that you can follow up and yet the modern materials to advertise with but if you're interested in the us and you'd like to have your church signed up you just need to do that. Email me. The name of your conference name your church the physical not mailing But Stanzel address of your church the coordinator name in the corner an email address if you're not yet ready but you're interested in no more I can send you a 5 minute video to show to your board your pastor or whoever and also in addition to sending a video send you a manual that explains it more fair for me to go with that and keep moving I promised you that I would tell you the 3 ways to get it and there are only 3 ways to get it. Are you ready. You can ask in the morning. You can ask in the afternoon. Or you can ask and anything. But whatever you do. You must. Address the reason that we do not get bible studies as we do not have any intention of giving by most. And if we had an intention of giving Bible studies we would begin to look for people to ask and when you ask and I discovered this Pastor Tony gave us a funny way to ask as I was doing and I started as a sadder still teacher I had somebody come to my class she was a visitor I went up to her after class and said I noticed you enjoyed some school class so my wife and I had these topical Bible study guides that people love to go through we like to take people through those outside of class and we could meet up with you and if you're interested we could sort of those together oh I've been looking for something like this as a layperson I found this study studied with her and she was better. You have to but you have to have a mind to ask. Now I want to point you to some resources grow dot Adventists dot org has a disciple making a soul winning resources that are only going to continue to grow you saw me talk about the grow your church disciple making model Well you can. You can customize that to your own church you just go to the website go to customize your logo put in the name of your church or your conference or whatever and you know this I just did that this morning just download the file it is automatically download a file for you and you can use it now your advertising also has a better that you can get his to I couldn't give you the banner and you can have that printed by you know on this or printer or whatever and then we've got different sizes of the vertical banner that you can use and I want to remind you that there's a series of books that we're still working on that we hope to have at least this one done for g c section for every aspect of it aside from making process our goal is to have a total member moment in every local church. Not just a little more involvement by going to Rwanda and Japan and and wherever but total member of every local church by having a stablished ministry in every phase church wide community ministry active literature and media ministry vibrant Bible study ministry regular public evangelist meetings and systematic discipleship with new members every local church that have those 5 foundation ministries and that's kind of the process that we are following Ok I'm out of time so most I my sides are going to tell you about this but I'm not going to tell you about it. Ok good at a.b.c. I was going to talk about the subject Ham but I'm not going to tell you about it. Did at the a.b.c.. I am going to tell you to our viewers over here. There these are the chapters discipleship the Bible sort of prophecy prayer character development family worship agonist mission witnessing church attendance church organises church organization and going to St Agnes ministries lifestyle overview Sabbath observance reverent stewardship health modesty entertainment marriage and family eventually cycle preparing the soil planting the seed called any interest harvest and preserve the discipleship plan with the weekly meeting outlines for the mentor because the idea is that the mentor receives a book the new member sees a book and they meet weekly to go over a chapter a week and then other different things of the mentor does to integrate them into the church and the Bible and spread across the reading planets correlated so that when the reading about the 10 Commandments they're reading also a passage in page or some prophets about the same thing so the Bible in the it's pretty prophecy of 20 minutes a day reading to correlate it's in the back of the handbook So go make disciples and if you have any questions there's my information thank you so much. Let's try to get. Father in heaven thank you for these good people and their love for you their desire for mission and for accomplishing the work that you have given us please bless us Lord in our feeble efforts each one of us helpless the Lord to overcome our weaknesses overcome our fears and who to be used by you in a mighty way bless us now we pray in Jesus' name and. Hope this presentation from the Maryland benefits has been a blessing to your feedback is welcome please visit us at them in the last.


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