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Behold the Man

Jim Howard


  • October 5, 2019
    7:30 PM
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This media has been sent to you by the Maryland then a c. L n and encourage characters. More information to sit in the last hour or. Less saying to me was you are today that I sat have that. Really good program really well organized. Well the one thing I could think they could make it a little bit better would be a few ladies involved. You know with the decoration the registration and you know. But that's all right. So. A couple of housekeeping I don't we. Saw I dive into the toxic for this evening somebody asked me for being a reference to a quote that I said earlier in the morning message. And that was I did not share the reference as I didn't have it with me it was something I was kind of speaking to on my head it was the passage in the book starts from the man of blessing. That talked about not censuring or trying to. Trying to change people who. Are approaching this meeting that's not sure. If I really am going to look worse or. Have peers to be. Well. Correct. Ok. Now exactly it's going to come to the moment Ok so I'm going to share this quote with him briefly and it's full context thank you for the reference. Not until you feel that you can sacrifice your own self dignity and even lay down your life in order to save an erring brother and he asked of me I'm out of your own eye so that you're prepared to help your brother. Then you can approach him and touch his heart no one has ever been reclaimed from a wrong position by Center and reproach but many have been driven from Christ and lead to seal their hearts against conviction a tender spirit a gentle one in an apartment may save the erring and had a multitude of sins the revelation of Christ in your own character will have a transforming power upon which some of you come in to come in contact let Christ meet daily mail you to manifest in you and he will reveal sort of the creative energy of this word a gentle persuasive yet mighty influence to recreate other souls in the beauty of the Lord our God has started from the madam blessing page 128 I was asking about that and. Maybe I should just use that. You know right. Ok let's try that. For the new thing those tournaments. That work for this thing. Ok one other race matter for those of you who did not come to my afternoon seminar. I kept track of your name. And. I did want to let you know you may have an interest in a couple resources that were produced in a whole series of resources this one is just a small booklet called Fundamentals of faith that is. Used for preparing people for baptism so it's a baptismal preparation or professional States. Preparation guy that an elder or a layperson can you know. Not just for pastors and then this is a book called The discipleship am but that is to be it is after someone is perhaps. You know we often have a looser an organized method to 2nd people after baptism and this is sort of a systematic way to connect a mentor or a small group leader with a newly baptized person so that they can go through it together it's got $26.00 chapters which is representative of 6 months one chapter of per week that a mentor or a small group leader can go over with a newly baptized person and they can gradually be gaining a deeper understanding and becoming more grounded in the truth while the same time having time with someone from the church to build a relationship and then in the appendix the 1st appendix it has weekly outlines and one page outlines for the mentor so that not just going to the chapter but he's also got little ideas for things he can do to incorporate the new member into the life of the church and the mission of the church taking them inviting them over for vespers. Taking them with them on an outreach project and a whole host of other things so through the 6 months they're in a great image of the church while they're learning as well. And it also has in the 2nd appendix a Bible and Spirit of Prophecy reading plan that's correlated so that it when you're reading about something in the Bible the same topic is being covered in a spirit of prophecy you're reading it together and that's helped a new member develop a devotional time and motion a life so it's built around developing spiritual habits and a new member as well as training them and the idea that we make this cycle so make cycles right so if you don't have something in your church a systematic way and continuing the process after baptism i'd highly encourage you to check this out you can get it there's an ascending administers book center and if you have any questions about it in these you can talk to me afterwards. Right before we dive in the topic in this last message of the day I'm going to ask if you wouldn't mind about your hands once more. Nothing solid there I am so grateful for the privilege to be with these men here this weekend and we want to send you to them for making it all possible. You are the one who said Jesus. To be our sacrifice. To surrender all that we might have the hope of eternal life and so we want to lift him up so please give us. The revelation of Christ to ourselves we pray to Jesus. So the title of the message this morning. Was. For a Met. The title of the message this evening is behold the net and I like to take your Bibles and target me to the Book of John. Where we will see. Where this title is drawn from John Chapter 19. John 19 beginning with Verse one jar 19 begin with verse line. So that my lips Jesus and then. In the soul the crown of thorns and put it on his head and they put on him a purple robe then they. Hail the Jew. And they struck him with their hands. Pile and then went out again and says Then behold I am bringing out to you that you may know that I find no fault in him. Then Jesus came out wearing the crown of. And the purple robe and pilot said to them behold the men. What and credible. They are still Jesus. Battered and bleeding and yet he was maintaining a clearly barren before the people pilot probably thought the crowd really was going to look upon and be satisfied with what was evidently a near fatal punishments that he had already. And which had been inflicted upon him but he guessed wrong because the bloodthirsty priests and officers would not be satisfied until Jesus. Pilot's in the midst of his cowardice his own wickedness. And that of the religious leaders he would add unwittingly pilot says these 3 words in which he explains to us the prescription for eternal life we hold the man. As I told you earlier was. Born into a 7th Day Adventist family that left the church when I was 9 years old the only thing I really remember from those days and the only thing I remember even as a teen was. Well I think there were 3 things our members one was my Good News Bible I had a little Good News Bible with a yellow cover and you know anybody familiar with Good News Bible had a little sketches in it and I remember that Lazarus coming out of the grave I remembered that I remembered seeing him around the campfire Vespers would have best reason there was this woman her name is Pat White there was a saying errancy put out some C.D.'s and she always played the guitar and we would sing around camp fire with that and I remembered one satisfy there who had only had epilepsy because he had a seizure in the middle of satisfy and. Beating on a sleigh uncontrollably and that was kind of traumatic for a child and those were the 3 things I remember from my childhood. Religious training. And as I. You know grew up outside of the church. It wasn't really a hardship to me I didn't I didn't you know I just kind of followed the path that my parents took a song we didn't talk about God and really except for the occasional negative comment that might be made here or there my mom sometimes talk about how the friends she made in the world worth much more accepting than the friends that she had in the church and those types of things of course there was a divorce around the time that all this was happening so they had bitterness that was. You know. Their own experience. But growing up as a teenager I call myself a Christian I considered myself a Christian. Although I didn't really want to be equated as a 7th Day Adventist So I called myself a Methodist. I thought that was like the generic Christian was a methods I had never stepped foot in a district like a Methodist I would say. There are no well. And my friends who are no better than me a couple of little were either agnostic or atheist. His parents went to church and none of us were religious I can promise you that. But we would late at night you know what. You know a bit of intoxication would get talking about whether or not there was a god and. You know a couple of them didn't believe that there was and I said I believe there is I believe there is a God because if there wasn't you know we wouldn't be essentially good people. My theology wasn't the best. But I understood something. That I didn't fully grasp but I understood enough of it so I know that. Through my only experience if I did something that wasn't right I thought conviction about it. And so I just described it to myself when it was really natural to me. Anyway time went on there was another experience I had where I had an older brother who was much older he was 9 years older than me so he had gone to the academy and gone to you know he had been raising ever schools a little more. And I remember him coming home for Christmas and then again we were drinking and late at night we got talking. And he. Started talking about how he believed that God would give everyone a chance at some point in their life to know the truth he wouldn't he wouldn't cause anyone to be lost until they had a chance to know and follow the truth. And I was thinking in that conversation and in even asking him if he felt that this conversation was might. Because if you're already into that maybe he doesn't change it but I was also scared about that. And you know teenagers now that and time went on. Was until I was 22 years old I. Had been going to be a nurse in the survey and I had a couple of knee surgeries in a tonsilectomy same. The Lord. You know. Making sure that I got out of there and my parents are in the back to take care of their parents. And my mother talked me into leaving the universe and going back to her extended her because I could start my g.p.a. over transfer my credits to start my g.p.a. I where I could start making money to pay back my friends because I couldn't work out 70 surgery I finally realized I just had to go and let little friends that were like brothers to me and we'd grown up together for 10. And that was very painful for me but it was during the next couple years that I started wondering like who I really was the start realizing how much the things I. Loved and the choices I made in my preferences were kind of wrapped around with their luggage and what their parents. And I realize that I don't really know exactly. What my own feelings and preferences. So I suppose a. Question of how so I was always afraid of being embarrassed. And very afraid. And so I was always a little scared that someone would you know if I claim to be a Christian ask me something about it and I wouldn't give an answer. So I decided to so I need to release a little bit of the Bible so that I you know. Don't get embarrassed. So I was 22 years old I wrote now I'm a little you know there are things I'm listening for. When you're in your laundry. Read about. And. Know Pastor or my worker. Came to my door. I don't even know what of Angelus a campaign was. And I believe in Pastor workers. But at that point in my life it was just me and the Bible. And I can't tell you exactly where I started reading. But I can tell you this. I knew it was true. And knew it was true. And it cut right through my heart right through all the pretense and the pride. It was so clearly divine. You know when the officers came through Jesus and they said never man like. That's the sentiment of what I experience as I began to read the Bible I remember my best friend from Missouri calling my house. Talking to my dad to get my dad 1st and my dad as I tell him Jim's been reading the Bible verse talking about it. So he puts me on the phone the 1st word out of my best friends mouth oh I heard your sound change. It wasn't looking for. Me to give him Obama study I can promise you that. And I found that. My friends were happening for me you know that's what they would tell me but that was the end me and my brother likes. To Sing us were revealed to me very sore silly and those 1st few weeks of reading the Bible while I think what the Bible says about eternal realities was powerfully true. And to the Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior and I always need it but never knew I did. So amazing to me even now that I wasn't really looking for him. When this happened when I was a boy I was the youngest in the whole let's explore Moyse for many years it wasn't 6 and a half years to 6 years later that my younger brother was sports I was the youngest for quite some time and there was a span of story years between me and my older brother so I had a brother was 4 years older 5 years older and 9 years old. So I was quite a distance from them as well and so my brothers they were relentless at times in picking on their little brother and my personality being added to that for whatever reason and even when I experienced a measure of popularity or success when I was in sports or academics or getting a girlfriend because let's face it getting a girlfriend was the ultimate achievement. That's what as a young man I cared about the most you know when things were going well I carried a bit of melancholy in my view of myself there are always those that were an entirely different tier than I aspired to reach I was always trying hard to fit in or to be funny or to be cool but no matter what I did or what level of popularity I mean achieve I was always insecure. Always always afraid that people would come to know the real me and not like me that I would say something done or wear something embarrassing or do something stupid. In my own mind I wasn't as tall or Sansom or a smart or as funny as I needed to be all my life and I had been trying to I've been trying hard to gain a favor of friends and classmates and I was never really finding what I would consider true acceptance or approval. And yet as I read the Bible here was Jesus pursuing. And shining his finger on me in spite of knowing exactly who I was. I have to tell you I was gripped I was overwhelmed and in fact I was a bit surprised by the whole thing. My feelings of insecurity that caused me to always be striving for the approval of my friends. Began to seem so I'm important. The Son of God had chosen me. And the son of God is on your side how can the opinion of mortals back to you. That really start to have an impact on me I started viewing Christ. As this big brother who was always on my side. Where I was. Whatever situation I was in he was the cool Big Brother. Who no one could messed with. So it didn't matter if I was that you know less than one individual in the room he was always the best one in the room. I related strongly to passages like 1st Corinthians 126 to 20. 4 Your spirit calling brethren but not many wise according to the flash not many Miley not many noble are called but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise and God has chosen to leave things of the world to put to shame the savings which are mighty and the base or insignificant things of the world and the things which are despised God. And Romans 8 persons $3134.00 which to close these Words What then shall we say to these things if God is for us who can be against it if I were to somehow doubt. I simply say that I was converted by beholding Jesus. At that time I was working in more than a high road and I had to travel the outer belt to get to work every morning and if you leave in a certain time you get stuck in traffic and would get there just barely in the nick of time feeling 5 minutes earlier sit in the parking lot at work half hour early. Well I wouldn't do that I would leave so that I was there early. And I would got out the book because I'm ages and every morning I read a chapter in the book. That changed me and it really did change me it wasn't merely the mercy of Jesus or the woman caught in adultery that captivated me but his mercy towards Simon the fairest and the venomous priests. It wasn't the way he stood for the right that astonished me but the way he so often sacrificed his own right without complaint and without notice or reward. It wasn't just his compassion for the masses that amazed me but the way he would do to heal the wounded bird. In the end it wasn't his love for the world that brought me to my knees but he missed his love for wretch like me. I guess that's why all my favorite hymns are about Jesus. Ferris Lord Jesus 240 Jesus writer Jesus painter water to the thirsty as water to the thirsty as home to the traveler. My lord to me. And can it be. Credible and can it be that I should gain an interest in his blood. And my favorite quote in a spirit of prophecy Here's one that captures the essence of what happened to me when I 1st met Jesus 7 steps to Christ page 52. This is Jesus loves to have a come to him just as we are sinful helpless dependent we may come with all our weakness our folly our sinfulness and fall at its feet in penitence. It is his glory to encircle us in the arms of us all up and to bind up our one to cleanse us from and purity. So I love this pastor so much I love how it starts. He loves to have us come to him just as we are. It doesn't say he's willing to have this come to just says. That's not the attitude of Jesus toward the center who. Have come to him rebellious. Dark full of shame you name it he has come to him just exactly as we are and it's his glory too in. Crowded out. And they are as it is love to bind up our one to cleanse and purity that's powerful that passes as this phrase in his glory. And I believe that this early experience of beholding Christ. There is. Outlined in Scripture as to clearly so you and I becoming like Christ and becoming in men that the world has a longing for. It's his glory to encircle. Let's look in our Bibles Exodus Chapter 33 Sally. Exodus Chapter 33. And I'm back to this just a little bit. Exodus 33 me and verse. 18. Moses makes the radical requests. Then he said please. Show me your glory. First 19 and then he said I will make all my goodness pass to story you do and I will claim the name of the Lord before you or be gracious to him I'll be gracious and I will have compassion on the like will have compassion when Moses asked him to see His glory of God and I will make all my goodness. Ask before I hear the glory of God It is the good of God and the goodness of God is what brings us to repentance. Romans 24 where do you despise the riches of His goodness forbearance and long suffering not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance. Is the glory of God the goodness of God to encircle us in the arms of the love to bind up our wounds to cleanse us from here it is this that brings us to repentance. There in that passage. In Exodus. If you look at Chapter 34 and verse 29. It says now so when Moses came down from Mass. And the 2 tablets of the testimony when Moses and when he came down from the mountain that Moses did not know at the end of the space shuttle and while he talked with him. Why did the face of Moses. Because he was beholding the line of right. He was in the presence of the like of the world. Let me in John chapter one. John chapter one. With a monastery in verse 5 it's starburst 4 in him was nice and the lights was the light of men and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. There was a man sent from God his name was John this man came for a witness to bear witness of the light that all to him I believe he was not that light but was sent to bear witness of that light that was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world. And they're going now in Jesus is like every man who comes into the world. Back when I was. Thinking everyone was especially a good person only what I meant to say like Jesus was the true light that gives light to every man a comes into the world what I meant to say was the voice of Jesus Christ was pleading with nice. Every day of my life. Jesus. I mean I don't know much about him but he knew everything about me that he had been aware of every decision I had made him aware of every trap I had done for myself it aware of every situation he had orchestrated in my life for just the right moment for me. To receive the revelation and accept it. Because he was speaking to me he had lit my life and my heart my whole entire experience and I'd never know it this is the most important things has sold and. That we can do when we're speaking to the point is to help them understand that the voice of conscience that the Holy Spirit's conviction is the voice of Christ one who loves them as the boys of the Savior and it's not just started he's been pleading with them their whole life Jesus is in pursuit of every man woman and child. And a sense that he was the true light. Which gives light to every man telling him to the world I might go so far as to say he is the only light. That gives light to every man coming in the world let God be true and every man a liar. Revelation Chapter 18 depicts an angel. Representing the end time church. Is actually sayings I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority and the 1st was a lunatic with His glory this is a picture of Christ the true light. And it is good to know this. Shining source. From the Church remember those 3 angels are not really thinking about the literal angels but they are messengers symbolically representing the church giving a message to the world and in the same way this story an angel is symbolically representing the church reflecting the character of Christ to the world. I don't know I says it this way in Christ sounds like lessons page 214 and 15 the followers of Christ are to shed light into the darkness of the world the light of His glory His character is to shine forth in his followers the last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world as a revelation of his character and about the children of God are to manifest His glory. And our way to manifest the light of His glory His character. Just like most. Just blank and. You see earlier today we talked about how God is speaking men who will not be bought or sold who are true and honest in their innermost it is not fair to call by its right name who are as true to duty as the needle to the pole many will stand for their right though the heavens fall but if you are like me you often fall short of this last into scripture. Perhaps you are disciplined but you lack sympathy and humility. Or maybe you're honest but you can't seem to gain victory over 10 Taishan or be setting stand. And just like my early line for the approval of my friends. You long to know the peace and approval of Christ. How can you become a man after God's own heart. How can he meet with the approval of heaven. The answer isn't easy. But it's simple. Behold the man. And I if I am lifted up from there it's. Will draw people to myself. Jesus is the one who would not be bought or sold here is the one who was true and honest in his inmost soul he is the one who called by its right name who is true to do any good for the right Jesus is the man among men and perhaps it is time for you and I to get something straight. You can only be one of the light of the world as you reflect the true light that lights every man coming into the world you can only bear fruit when you are connected to the lives of the true vine you can only have lived when you eat the slash and drink the blood of the Son of Man without meaning. So as Jesus you can do nothing we have no life. We have no strength we have no rights. We have no life we have no Old Glory. With Jesus has it all. And he says Come to me. All you who labor and every lane and I'll give you rest. I like to think about I was in turn to I say I temper 60. The Old Testament expression of Revelation. And I believe from which Revelation 18 draws. Its allusion. I say 60 in verse Loren. So as a rock and for your light has come. And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you for we hold the darkness not cover the earth and darkness the people notice what will happen. But the Lord will arise supreme you and His glory will be seen upon you. As not your memory. Is not your light. He was the true light that lights every man that comes into the world you can only reflect it. It's his glory that's resting on you you have no glory. You can only accept it. I want to show this to you in another passage this time in the New Testament in 2nd Corinthians. Matthew Mark Luke and John acts. First and 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 and verse 18. The Bible said. They also face the holding as in a mirror image as in a mirror the glory of the Lord our being transformed into our the same inches from glory to glory just as I list spirit of the Lord from glory to glory from one. Out of character development to the next. Where main transformed as we behold as in a mirror the glory of the Lord and where is that sound like a chapter for mercy. For the same God who commanded life to shine out of darkness has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God If in the face of Jesus Christ. We behold the glory of God and the face of Jesus Christ or we have no glory. And that's not my intention so insult you by speaking about matters if you already know. But allow me to just take a moment here to break this down. We will never be the men they God called us to be if we continue to take lightly the importance of daily personal fervent prayer where we bring the thoughts and feelings of our hearts and minds into the presence of Christ. And we will never be the man God called us to be. If we continue to be inconsistent in our study of God's Word the prime revelation of Christ to ourselves and we will never be the man God called us to be if we fail to take Christ out of service and Co labor with him in working for the salvation of souls you can be yourself well for following his temptation you can put out boundaries and barriers you can have someone to hold you accountable but unless we are spending time in the presence of Christ it is all under any. Time and. With Christ. Time with Christ it's simple but it isn't easy. Because our work devised for our attention. Because the world attracts our interest because our hearts deceive us into thinking that we're still Ok still not sinning even though we haven't spent time with Christ. But at the opportune time temptation comes and we fall again. Because we've been trying to live a spiritual life without the Spirit of God We've been trying to reflect Christ without looking in the light of the present there is no other answer there is no shortcut there is no other solution he is the light. Most assuredly. I us you know celestial the Son of Man and drink His Well I don't you have no lives again and the words that I speak to you who are spirit and there are lights. Maestro brothers in Christ. The greatest one of the world is the Light of Christ light and men and men and his face are shining as the face of Moses. Because we spend time in the presence of. The only place to get it. He's the only one who can give it to us. Perhaps your marriage is struggling or your personal life is in shambles. Perhaps your fighting anxiety discouragement or depression perhaps you have no assurance. Or you are enslaved. To an addiction that you cannot seem to break. I want to appeal to you this evening. And I want to especially appeal of those. First who have never. Made a decision to come to Christ just as they are. And have never fallen at his feet. And found that he loved to have been come to just as their. Hero never made a decision to make. First. And their priorities and why. Maybe there is someone here maybe there are a number of people here. Who the Spirit of God has been waiting on you as you've been here throughout this day I don't want to go into day go by without giving you an invitation I want to give you an invitation to come to Jesus. There is no other door. To peace and salvation there is no other sacrifice that has been made for you. There are so many around you must go through and that's coming face to face with Jesus and what a privilege it then he makes. He holds out his hand to you and me and he says Come to me. Just. Come to haul you know you're in every way and I will. Perhaps or someone here tonight who would like to say Lord Jesus I want to make. An. Intentional effort to come to you tonight I want to make a decision tonight not to leave everything behind but just to Karl to you just as I think I don't need to know what this is about I need to have an even in my lies I need to know that you are on my side if I ask him today do you want to come to Jesus and say Lord Jesus I'm coming to live just as I did and I'm going to ask you to just stand where you are standing around. Maybe there. Among you know someone who. I'm going to meetings like this I've been coming to church. And I'm still not made a decision about as. I know the Lord wants me to make a decision but I didn't help I didn't encourage him and I am someone to mentor me. And he want to make a decision tonight or to me or I'm in the Silliman of and balances and. I'm going to ask you not only to spend but actually comes already here to the front so that I can frankly. Want to hear it was never going after x. and you need to make that decision to be better. I don't want to look this up or to let me go without giving you an invitation. To come to the front so that we can pray for you. Leave that door a little bit so that if you don't. Go to Central while I'm still talking if you just come that's right and we will. But I also want to make an appeal. To many devices. Do this today to make a recommitment. Commitment to make a decision to spend time praying and reading God's word every morning. So many of us have set that aside as consequential I couldn't do it or I cannot do it I'll tell you I don't spend time with Christ Meanwhile we're destitute as a boil of the Holy Spirit and the bridegroom is coming and brothers and sisters. Return meant with me today do you really commit with me today to spend time every morning in the presence of Christ trying and reading God's word I want to invite you to say and if you want to make that decision with me today. I want to ask each one of these I want to invite each one of you. To behold. The man. Let us pray. Father in heaven are so grateful for the gift of Jesus Christ. For saying so that when no one else cared. For sexual then when everyone else is getting up. Still coming after. We're thankful that even when we felt. That there's no way that whatever. He said I think you know him well. Being clean. Thank you for the gift of relentless love in the person of Jesus Christ thank you for the sacrifice. That we cannot measure. Thank you for the love you have for every soul. And Father I want to pray specially for those who have made commitments here tonight. I want to pray that those who have made a commitment to come to see you and their destitute condition when I ask for that you live less than that you would circle them in the arms of your love and bind up their with cleanse them from all of purity I want to pray for those who have already committed their lot to spend time every morning in prayer and the study of the Bible. To spend time every morning in the presence of. That the light of the world might reflect a part of their things and their countenance and their character I want to pray that you would help them to keep that commitment help me Lord to keep that commitment. And Father I want to pray for those who perhaps had their hearts stirred here today to make a decision to be baptized. And they didn't come forward but your spirit pleads with them still. Let them come to you in the quietness of this evening and talk to you heart to heart and what may and be that there are those in this room within the sound of my little voice that make a decision this day to commit to you and Betsy. And now Father bless our decisions. Take our hearts. For you and your care by your abiding press we bring. In and. We hope this presentation from the Mellon benefits has been a blessing to your feedback is welcomed please visit us at m.l.s..


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