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Looking for Interested Hearers

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • April 6, 2019
    12:30 PM
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In 1789 church attendance was 17 percent do you know what it is today 34 percent as double all don't tell me we don't live in a religious nation so you live in secular places let me tell you the United States of America especially the south east is not one of them people are still very religious but as I look at Revelation 7 verse 9 John is shown a crowd so big you cannot count them here's the verse Revelation Chapter 7 verse and I looked and behold a great multitude which no one could number that's a big crowd just a few verses before I saw you about 144000 now as I never got a crowd we can even number this crowd. Of all Nations tries peoples in tongues standing before the throne before the lamb clothed with white robes with palm branches in their hands friends here John is shown the triumphal saints of all ages and the crowd so big you can count it the Bible doesn't say the work fizzles out it doesn't say the work peters out it doesn't say it whimpers it doesn't say It cowers in the corner but it ends up with a crowd so big you and I can count them like the promises God made to Abraham remember the story when God said Hey Ram wake up come out of your tent come down to the river I want you to scoop up a handful of sand how much do you have and they were Ham says I have a handful now I'm not talking about that how many grains of sand do you have no. I can't count that's right that's how many descendants you're going to have Abraham. Abraham look up into the sky how many stars are there in the sky Abraham I don't know I can't count them friends the studies look nothing like the promises of God So either God made a mistake with the message he told us to preach in these last days and the audience he told us to go to or maybe there's a problem with the Sterlings Now I'm not against academia by I just have one question how often and thousands of years of human academia have the academics been infallible are you with many students there's a reason your biology textbook is in that 67th edition they have to change it all the time things that we have assumed to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt you know for the longest time we accepted as fact that men had more teeth than women for years you know what they trace it back to Aristotle was priced brain around in front of his class and he just made the statement men have more teeth than women and for hundreds of years nobody stopped to count Mrs Aristotle t.v. look alike education get all the education you can work ounce will to do this get all the education that you can it's good to study the problem is when you start taking yourself too seriously and you start to put complete faith in your own results I think we've all seen Sadly those individuals who kind of reason their way out of the church and they say this is impossible this is an impossibility the Bible speaks of this condition is always learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth because spiritual things are spiritually discerned human academics have always been prone to make mistakes. So if I if it comes down to what God asks of my life and what God asks of my church and what God asks of all of us if it comes down between choosing that and what the experts are telling us I'll tell you which is a safer bet the grass withers a flower fades but the word of our God stands how long forever if you have to make a choice the choice is obvious not once in 2000 years have Christians had to apologize for what is found in the pages of the Bible we had to apologize with how we behaved we had apologized for things we've done but we have never ever had to apologize for the promises of God's Word they stand for ever so if you have to make a choice the choice is of us any study that contradicts the Word of God is just flat out wrong because I've seen I've seen Gen x. or respond to our message I've seen college graduates and Ph D.'s blue color white color I mean we go down to some of the well known evangelists that you know they would ask was a teenage punk rocker Clifford Goldstein the Sabbath school lesson he was living and a Jewish couple it's just a fun word to say try it sometime. Doug bachelor naked hippy not going to work lives in a cave pushing out society give. John Bradshaw a top radio jockey in New Zealand Ron how recent a gang banger from New York who gave his heart disease at 17 that just doesn't happen folks the studies say it can't be done so on Booster him self was in college as one who hated history now he just loves history he he just consumes history because it's all about what God has been doing with his people all the way all the way through I mean folks do you believe for a minute that God is in heaven this morning gathering the angels and St Gabriel get a pin get a paver come on over here I made a mistake I didn't see this post modern secular generation coming I gave the church the wrong message for these last days we better do a rewrite and fast I mean do you see that for a moment then why do we live like that but we sometimes are somehow got this idea that the work is up to us we think it's up to us we think that Jesus gave us this assignment guys I want you to go make disciples of every nation language tongue and people and then he laughed and went to heaven left us saying but how as if Jesus were just to respond back I don't know you figure it out I'll be back later as if it's up to us friends not at all we think it's up to us to figure out how to do this and as a result we've been making some incredibly stupid mistakes along the way so the experts say all the young people don't like church Ok then we need to make church look like it isn't church and we listen to the experts. What we're missing is that over in Western Europe they've already gone through that phase and all the kids are now asking for the old school and worship from the 800 because it's new and it's cool Have you heard of the Church of God chicken grill this church continue to see a decline of man in the church not on common phenomenon and I said how we're going to get our men back and somebody came up with this brilliant idea what have a tailgate party after church will have one of the best chefs known chefs come in we'll have this big barbecue and all the men will come out and you know I haven't the barbecue got bigger and bigger and bigger I mean there were men everywhere and you would have the church service it got smaller and smaller and smaller because you can't bait and switch it doesn't work I don't have a slide for this next idea but his nomination and northern Europe felt that men were reading their Bibles enough solution is about 25 years ago let's print a special edition Bible with bikini girls in every single margin flew off the shelves they sold millions of them. Not one of them was ever read and services just got smaller and smaller until they started closing churches in the Netherlands they said we can't get anybody comes church and you think I'm making this stuff up I'm not making it up so let's let the drug dealers do their deals in the sanctuary in the pews that will get people in the building sure did how many converts you think they saw 0 none it doesn't work New York Times 2007 was observing how Christians do everything and anything to bring people to church and including video game parties the article ended with this question a New York Times is no friend of Christians but anyway here was their question what price are these people willing to pay to appear relevant. That's a good question isn't maybe the better question is what makes message relevant to people somehow we've got this idea that it's up to us we need to make it relevant but is that God's plan focus is our job to make people think that this message is relevant or is it our job to find people who think this message is relevant Those are 2 different tasks I want to show you a quote from desire of ages that to me is one of the best quotes about how to do this thing called evangelism it's in desire of ages Chapter 37 it's the very 1st line of the chapter and the chapters and titled The 1st of Angeles and it goes like this the Apostles were members of the family of Jesus and they accompany him as he traveled on foot through Galilee they had shared with him the toils and hardships that overtook them they had listened to his discourse they had walked and talked with the Son of God and from his daily instruction they had learned how to work for the elevation of humanity and then we get a list of how to work for the elevation of humanity are you ready. As Jesus ministered to. Go home today and put these little numbers and your desire of ages home as one Jesus ministered who is minister in Jesus to the vast multitude they gathered about him his disciples were in attendance eager to do his bidding and to to lighten his labor they assisted in arranging the people bringing the afflicted ones to the Savior and promoting the comfort of all you recall revelation 4 and 5 John is standing in the throne room of Heaven he sees God on the throne and a scroll written front and back and is sealed with 7 seals and a voice asked in Revelation fivers 2 who is worthy to loose the seals there and they couldn't find anybody and so John weak. And then they Behold the Lamb that was slain This is Jesus this is sanctuary language and so the scene revelation 4 and 5 is Jesus been installed as our High Priest and they say over and over you are worthy you are worthy worthy is the lamb and you are worthy to open the seals and so as a result Jesus opens the seals and from that moment church history from his resurrection forward or we can say from Pentecost forward through the book of Acts church history begins to unfold and we see that in Revelation Chapter 6 the right horse is the episode all the church the red horse Christian suffering under own persecution the black horse Constantine so called conversion the pale horse the church slipping into the dark ages is the whole history of the church taking it all way down to the far end of the stars and $833.00 now time out for a minute remember before Jesus left what did he tell his disciples before he left he says I want you to go to Judea to say Mary to all the earth but. I want you to stay here in Jerusalem until what until the Holy Spirit is poured out and so they wait and on the day of what we call it Pentecost the spirit falls and they're able to preach to all people in their own tongue and Acts $233.00 lo the great job bring it to us speaks of all this and ties these 2 events together both what's happening in heaven and what's happening on Earth and how that's impacting what's happening on Earth and so we read again Acts 233 on the screen there for being exalted to the right hand of God who is this this is Jesus and having received from the father the promise of the Holy Spirit He poured out this which you now see and hear where on earth. Has just been exalted the right hand of the father he receives the gift of the Holy Spirit and He Diesel's sheds it forth on us we always say to the disciples that receive the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and it's true but it's not technically what happened because in heaven Jesus' sacrifice was accepted he was inaugurated as our High Priest he received the Holy Spirit and He said that on the earth beneath there is a prophecy in the Old Testament I think that alludes to this Psalms $133.00 Verse one it says Behold how good and pleasant it is for brother and to dwell together in unity I believe that to be Pentecost coming together in one accord and in prayer and so on continuance only 3 verses in this song and it says it is like the precious or oil upon the head the pressures oil being the Holy Spirit running down the beard the beard of Aaron who is the high priest now Jesus is the high priest running down the edge of his garments. And so on the day of Pentecost Jesus in heaven receives the spirit it overflows from him to the church beneath that makes sense so what's the point of all this the point is that the whole plan for the church is run from the heavenly sanctuary Jesus is the one that ministers Jesus is the one that's annoying to do with the Holy Spirit is working through the Holy Spirit and He does the work of repentance he brings people under conviction he does it all we don't do any of it if you read the Bible carefully it teaches that God gives people the gift of repentance not us Romans 2 verse for the goodness of God leads you to repentance doesn't say Pastor Wright pastor Hyman the the head elder is says the goodness of God leads to repentance God brings people to the cross of Christ John 644 No one how many no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him he does the drawing he does the convicting the Holy Spirit is the one who brings people in the conviction not us it is all his work and none of it's a us in fact you can search the Bible from cover to cover and you will never find God telling us to come up with another plan it's not there so back to this quote as Jesus ministered to the vast multitude that gathered about him his disciples were in attendance eager to do his bidding and delight in his labor they assisted as we continue on a says they disciples watched for interested hearers think about that Jesus is preaching Jesus is teaching Jesus t. is healing and they're watching and what are they watching for the next bargain on Amazon. Are they watching their watches to see when are we going to take lunch they're watching for interested here. Because they're they're focused in and the Holy Spirit is speaking through Jesus and their hearts are being touched and convicted and you can't hide that look from your face you can see in the eyes you can see the expression and the disciples are looking for interested here's why because the Holy Spirit is able to penetrate that heart 1st Corinthians $214.00 but the mat natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God for their foolishness to him nor can he know them because they are spiritually discerned friends if someone is genuinely secular which I don't believe there's that many that fall into that camp we talk about the secular an awful lot but if you actually sit down and talk to most people a lot of them are just atheists or they say don't believe in God but how are you really truly angry at somebody who doesn't exist but anyway if you could actually find a genuinely secular person there is nothing you can do to make them interested in spiritual things nothing and they're not these are my words this is Paul here who writes and there is nothing you can do to change it you can't make people interested you can which makes me wonder why we spend so much time and energy and resources talking about how to reach people who aren't interested when all the while there are people falling off the trees all around us who are interested gospel workers 136 you can go home and read this as well and why here's a dream that he's told about the berries to pick and they're out taking in the whole thing as a parable but he says don't pick the green berries don't do it don't touch them pick the right fruit I mean the farmer knows or anybody with an orchard knows you can point all day long not right not right not right not right yeah I get it. But you can also say look right right right right right and you can also go to the same trees on the ground you can say nobody harvested they're there they're there and they're you know you look for the right fruit we can make people interested God makes people interested that's his part they watched for interested hearers number 3 they explain the Scriptures to them and in various ways work for their spiritual benefit I mean that makes sense because those people are hearing the voice of the spear in their hearts and then you open up the Bible to them a book inspired by the same Holy Spirit and when they hear the words of the Bible they recognize the voice you and I are just there to help them connect the dots and invite them to come home but friends until we get this witness seen is stressful What if I'm not convincing enough what if I don't sell the right things what if I make an altar call nobody comes forward the fact of the matter is you don't have to convince people because you can't what you have to do is appeal to people who are feeling the conviction that the Holy Spirit brings you see the difference we watch for interested hears we explain the Scriptures to them I mean you read the book of Acts there's no such thing as a coal interest anywhere in the whole book of Acts I challenge you to find the Day of Pentecost who people people baptize it tells us devout man from every nation under heaven these are people the Holy Spirit already been working on and now there's just a harvest x. chapter a God says Philip I have a Bible study for you and your Lay He's right in a cherry way through the book of Isaiah he doesn't understand what he's reading Philip is the last one to the meeting. We're always the last one to the meeting by the way God always gets there 1st Acts Chapter 9 and a nice I've got a Bible study for you oh great lord I love Bible studies who is it solid Tarsus Saul of Tarsus I can't give a bios and a solemn Tarzi kill Christians don't worry about I've already pushed him over even blind for 3 days when the darkness Bible study Acts chapter 10 the 1st Gentile convert who is it Cornelius described in verse 2 as a devout man who is already giving gifts to God's work and Angel appears to him tell him to go to Simon Peter the tanner in Joppa we were just there right there on the Mediterranean Sea and God gives Peter a dream regarding Gentiles so when Cornelius shows up they have a Bible study God sirs conviction there is no way you and I can do it you look for interested heres you look for conviction you don't create it it's everywhere we just have to look people are ready to come home all over the place. My last district I was in we had purchased this house and we had lined up for the moving truck to come and we only had so much time before we actually took possession the house we had about a week Elizabeth's dad helped us actually preview some of these houses and when we saw this one says Old Man we do a lot of good stuff to this place and live because I don't like this place she didn't see the vision yet but we're going to knock down this whole wall that was separating the kitchen and the dining room it was all going to be one big great room this is tiny house anyway and the wall was kind of awkwardly placed and so for that week we're going to take that out well we had to match the countertops and the and the cabinets which were relatively new from the last remodel and they thought they got them from Home Depot and so my father in law he calls up Home Depot and he talks to this lady and I was Linda and Linda was very helpful about trying to find and match the same cabinets with the same countertop she actually was able to put everything all together I was very helpful Finally we go and we meet her and we're introduced you know we meet in the flesh and we because we actually had to work by faith in order of these things we would have them to install that week that we had everything worked perfectly and Linda told us later Long story short she said this guy in the phone was just so nice there was something about him I couldn't explain and then we go to Home Depot to meet her and she tells us later there was just like this light around them light I mean I just told this morning in the dark I don't know of any light no there was just something about their countenance and their face and and their kind eyes and I don't know the Holy Spirit can do amazing things and she ended up coming to church I was able to go through a whole set of studies with their she's right there Home Depot were ordering cabinets people are falling off the trees and then bring the right here 2nd row can tell me this more and they were searching for 3 years for a church that taught the Bible. It was bible base but friendly praise the Lord what a complement to this church and they came to the Daniel fast and they were friendly and then they saw the advertising for the revelation seminar and said let's go check that out and it just clicked in the start to make sense to them now you come to our Daniel Fast burns all over the place as Can one of our deacons I mean we just think they've been here forever Did we create that longing in their hearts we did not God put it there long before we even came on the scene just last Sabbath Joe Gaghan right here was baptized Jack Henderson met him in Lowes and the lighting department when I tell you evangelism is not dead if you want to vandalize go to the hardware store. Meet in the lighting department to have a spiritual conversation he too was was seeking this is it's called a God ordained meeting if you will and so they start talking he shares a book and some other things and he starts studying that you stay in touch with them thank you Jack for doing that I commend you for that and he's here excited about the truth. Pastor friend of mine was grocery shopping at the store with his cellphone at making sure he bought all the right things for his wife and you never do that now is it this one or is it that one no don't get that one if you get that one I won't use it oh no that would be a waste of money put that back and he's gone to the store and he's talking I mean thing he has his phone up I think he has an earpiece in because the lady behind the deli counter thinks that she's talking to him and so she tries to interact and sorry I'm on the phone so he gets off the phone The apologized to her and says oh don't worry about I forget why you're here why I have your attention if you want to chicken I have a great deal on chicken a whole roasted chicken on sale 5 dollars each How many do you want his man that's an incredible deal how many you want none why would anybody want chicken is a great deal too I'm a vegetarian they did Tyrian really why when I found out later in life it was better for me hung I used to be vegetarian that's interesting but not anymore no way around she said no you don't understand I was really vegetarian This is I'm not sure I know what really vegetarian is and I said No I was really really vegetarian every weekend my mother made a special k. roast my friend telling the story says I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but at that moment a bell went off in his head he says I know there's only one people on Earth that we need special Garros. So we change the language a little bit they said that's fascinating he said you grew up badness and I didn't and he said yeah whoops I knew it I knew it he sand and I'm an Amazon minister and God sent me to your calendar today because I bet you have been going to church for years and she hung her head and started to cry right there in the deli counter and she said I was just praying about death this morning folks are falling off the trees all around us and we're trying to reinvent it folks you look at what's happening and this nomination crowds are bigger than they've ever been there's more response than I've ever seen things are happening even in this country that are causing people to really scratch their heads and say What in the world is going on oh but we need to focus on the right berries give the green ones a little time they'll ripen their cycles watch for interested heres and explain the Scriptures to them you know even on the road to m a s. Here a couple of post modern right that used to know everything they believed in now and everything was nailed down and secure and now the Messiah is being crucified and they don't know what to believe anymore and so they're just kicking dirt down the road and yes appears any kind of flash in all the glory and said I'm back it's me is here I am but no the Son of God The resurrected son of God is says in Luke 2427 beginning with Moses and the prophets he expounds all the things concerning himself somehow they don't recognize him and what does he do give them a prophecy seminar a Bible study and if that's how Jesus does it that settles it for me for ever I can't convict people but I can find people under conviction and share what God's word says to them connect the dots a pastor has you go through his neighborhood if everybody doesn't respond he's a failure not true most people he knocks on their door are not going to be interested they might be polite they might take a brochure but it's those divine appointments where Jesus was there 1st and they were just praying that morning Lord if you love me at all before I just end it I'm going to give you one day to show me that you're real you didn't set that up I didn't set that up the Holy Spirit said set up but the Holy Spirit says today's the day I was going to do it on Monday but this thing came up until then but today's the day and you knock and they open the door they take the brochure and they slam it and you say fail and they look at the brochure and they just sink down behind the door and they're crying and weeping because there's something here that has touched our hearts and God has said to them I do love you I do have a plan and purpose for you go to this so divine appointment we don't come up with those That's not part of any marketing strategy studies say you and I have nothing to do with it. But God goes and shows up 1st so Jesus is the minister we watch for Instead hears we explain the Scriptures to them they taught what they had learned of Jesus I'm almost done what they personally knew of Jesus by the way this is your testimony because at the end of the day most people are hoping it's true they'll listen to the voice of the Spirit in their hearts they will read the Word of God and the next place they're going to look is you with one burning question does it work or does it work one man's out of anger sick meeting this guy came every night on the front row after some 20 nights at the end he was just wrestling and struggling and he was talking to the evangelists and says I don't even know if any of this is true we don't even know if he's actually existed and evangelise said Come on you don't come some 20 nights and not believe this and then he open the Bible and he asked a very simple question do you hope it's true or not and this guy sank in his seat and started to cry and said I have to be a fool to not want this to be true Daniel 6 can Gary is can't sleep he may be in bed but in his mind he's pacing the floor Have you ever done that you're mauling this issue over and over and over and he can't sleep trying to hide it from the kingdom trying to play like he's powerful like he has it all under control like many of your neighbors when they too are brought under conviction but they put on that brave front but I promise your neighbors are having sleepless nights and areas made a deal that ends in death and is irreversible Daniel is going to die thrown to the lions kind of like us as a human race we made a deal with the devil we can't change it so early in the morning runs down the lines Dan you know this story. Or more accurately the tomb as it foreshadows the tomb of Jesus has to light before they roll the stone over the door they seal it but lo and behold he who should have been dead is alive and he calls out King various does Daniel Are you Ok Actually it's not what he says read it carefully he says Daniel servant of the Living God has your god whom you serve continually been able to deliver you from the line why that question because if he can save you maybe he can do something for me God sends you and to tell what you know I Jesus Jesus ministers we watch friends to hear as we explain the Scriptures we are taught what we have learned what we personally know and lastly they taught what they had learned of Jesus and were every day obtaining a rich experience do you want to rich experience then follow God's plan take the pressure off yourself it's never been about you recognize that Jesus does the ministry. I just need to look for interested hearers share the Scriptures share my testimony and in so doing I will be blessed but he's in charge he is at the head of the work he does all the convicting and converting my job is to follow the lamb wherever he goes and assist him in his work so many of us are poking through a drudgery we think is a religion we drag ourselves to church we drag ourselves to prayer meeting for size or just such as joyless such little joy even within our own saints I've seen some pretty sour looking Saints you know what I'm talking about and you can't help but think there's got to be something more than just this you know in the Old Testament is a lot of imagery to teach people about what it means to follow him how to approach him how are forgiveness is found the shedding of innocent blood how if we follow the fiery cloud he will provide fresh water to drink and managed to eat and when the cloud moves in the ark moves you move and when the cloud stays or when the ark stays you stay but in Joshua one Moses did a few weeks ago listen I got the privilege to stand on mountain Ebo where Moses passed away but he got to see before hand the promised land and we were standing there is a beautiful day we could see the Dead Sea the top north side the Dead Sea We could see just beyond that that's where Jericho would have been with the walls as huge as they would have been we could have seen it from that spot and if you look at the next valley or across the valley to the next bunch of hills we could see some high rise from Jerusalem no one high rises in but still it's right there you can see it all from that spot so in Joshua one Moses is dead Joshua assumes the mantle of leadership it's going to be tough to fill most the shoes and he is comes to him as the commander of the Lord's host and says let's go. Let's go in the Promised Land and just Joshua gets the whole plan and Joshua has to go back and explain the whole plan to the children Israel and the people are going to have to take his word for what God said to him kind of like there was a whole generation of the remnant church you heard directly from God But now we're having to take their word for it and so he tells the children Israel it's time to go and I've been told it is time to go the promised land to conquer it great idea Joshua let's go in we don't want to wander around the wilderness like grandma and grandpa and die here in the desert but we should probably build a bridge over the Jordan river no bridge was the plan then and flood sees the river 6 feet deep we're going to go through the river and follow the ark follow the ark but it's 6 feet deep We've been in slavery 400 years you don't have any tall soldiers we're all going to drown in the river Bowl the ark why because the command center has always been the heavenly sanctuary and the throne room of God so they fall the orc and the waters part Wow I can't believe how that worked there was great Joshua what's next to start picking off some of these little villages no no we're going to go after Jericho Sharon go it's big and tough we've got a good story and we need more battering rams and swords and spears and both we should open a founder and start making more weapons no we don't need any weapons what do you mean we don't need any weapons and we've seen the people on Jericho in Jericho Have you read the studies about Jericho did you read the Newsweek article about how thick the walls are no weapons no no we're going to follow the arc we're going to walk around the city 7 days in a row while you're going to pick us off from the city walls one by one we're going to fall the ark. It doesn't make sense Joshua I don't care if it doesn't make sense it's what we're told to do follow the arc I don't care what the stats say I don't care what the numbers say follow the art they March around the city and stand thing happens not one study predicted it the walls fall down but notice they never touch them because the commander of the Lord's host was there 1st you and I are in charge of precisely None of this our call is to do we've been told to do and we're only 2 told to do one thing go make disciples of all nations only one thing and noticed when the walls of Jericho fell there was a mighty shout just like the mighty shout of the 2nd Coming of Christ and 1st that's known in chapter 4 there was a trumpet blast just like there will be a trumpet blast the 2nd coming of Christ in 1st Corinthians 15 and you'll notice it says in Joshua 619 that after the walls fell the gold listen carefully the gold the silver the iron was absorbed into God's Treasury just like in Daniel Chapter 2 when the statue is crushed and the gold and silver and iron the brass is blown away and the stone represents the kingdom of Christ fills the whole earth what is realized learned that day if you do what God asks he takes over and does it for you follow the ark you see in the Garden of Eden we broke trust with a gun we chose not to believe in anymore I remember when Lauren was a little girl we have a picture at home her uncle and I were playing catch with her we were in a beautiful pool there was a waterfall behind us and we were throwing her back and forth started out you know were a couple feet apart and 3 feet apart 4 feet apart 6 feet apart so many mothers might be worried I promise you your husbands are doing this. It's part of our job to endanger our own children. But the picture shows that she's got this smile on her face she's in midair I way over here Uncle way over there and she's just fine her curls are just blowing like this she's not afraid I'll she's just giggling every time and you as parents can relate to that you know the age you can take a child and you can put them right here and they'll stand as long as they keep their legs stiff you know I'm talking about and you can balance some around just like this and they're just smiling as ever as like. On their lives ever as well nervous you're going to drop the but they're just like yeah look what I can do I don't even know them do know. But the day comes when they get scared they get afraid to keep their legs stiff and they start doing this my dad also used to do a trust fall where we would fall forward and 1st he'd make sure we were nice and stiff when we're stiff then we could fall in any direction without putting our feet down and eventually we go to where we were falling straight down and we'd let our nose get about this close to the pavement before he would lunge down catches with our shoulders and bring us back same with jumping off something high you know there's at ages a jump the jump and a jump and the jump and then that time comes and they say it's kind of high that here's a con old Not sure if you catch me anymore I think I'll climb down and as a parent you just say Oh. No warning it's just that day is go that's what we did to our Heavenly Father and even we could quit jumping quit holding our legs straight and so I believe he's given us this exercise to teach us how to start jumping again to start trusting again and to simply say Lord we can't do this look at all these studies it's never going to work but it's not by might is not by power but it's by your spirit you declared so we're claiming that promise and we're taking your challenge to take this message and preach it to those people. And then when they're ready to ask does it work somebody needs to be there at the table then give a testimony and say it does let me tell you briefly my experience and I promise you my promises are much God promises you if you partner with him in his work you will have a rich experience it's an exercise of faith will you trust him do you have any father what have we to fear what have we to dread when we are leaning on the everlasting arms Lord we want to lean on you in all aspects of life Lord we're all here with personal issues with work issues with any host of things going on but we also want to trust you with what's happening here in our church with these evangelists efforts where we pray that your Holy Spirit will move in a marked and mighty and powerful way but regardless of the result we want to be faithful in assisting you in your work in your ministry in your meetings and praying Jesus' name. 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