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Why Are You Adventists So Obsessed with Health?

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • June 29, 2019
    12:45 PM
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Today we're taking a break from the series on Paul and we're talking about health because I was told I need to talk about health and so I like to do it I'm told when I can as much as possible and so I'm actually stealing a illustration that Pastor Hyman used earlier this week with the kids and so I have pictured here one of the most expensive cars is in the top 10 and I didn't spend a lot of time trying to decide which is the most expensive and all the rest this one is priced very reasonably I just 13000000 it's a big ati made in Germany but if you keep digging it's really just polished up Volkswagen as they're the parent company top speed of 250 miles an hour so they say and so let's suppose. You have this car or you've been given this car there it is that's the one I had in college back there in the left that was the older model was really embarrassing to drive to work but anyway you get this car you have the owner's manual and I know as all of you men do when you buy any appliance you pour through and you read the owner's manual cover to cover right past her hymen Oh dear but there's good information there in fact on the way here this morning we were in fact going to be on time and then I had no notification that one of my tires was flat on our van we've never had a car that would tell us in these things you had to wait for the you heard the ram and I don't know anyway so I got out of the 1st stop sign and I did the whole you know kick the tires thing I didn't have to look at this one tire in the back it was really low and so I got out well before even did that the reason telling this story is that there was a symbol on my dash I wasn't fully sure what it meant and so livid What did you do you pulled out where Lugo Anyway she pulled out the owner's manual and she said oh that means one of our tires is low owes me. It can be good to have a round and fact it can be very helpful to pay close attention to the fluids that go into your vehicle and some vehicles are very specific only this kind of power steering fluid or whatever it might be and if you just ignore the owner's manual on how to care for your brand new $13000000.00 Gotti ox wagon what will happen to your car and you might say well that's too much of a pain to have to find my nearest who got a dealer I'll just put in whatever fluids I want to I can use some of this leftover all that I found you know and I can pour in some of this other water and some of these other things and and I have some old sets of brakes that I didn't use on another car I probably can just apply them to this car and then they probably need to replace these tires every 500 miles or so but I still have a lot of good wear on my truck tires I'm sure I can install those on there what would soon happen to this vehicle if you just ignored everything in the manual and of course you see where we're going with all of this but it would be to the detriment of this car and very quickly how much with this car be worse in the very short amount of time I've known individuals who have not checked the oil on their car the lifeblood of the engine and they're going down the road and all of a sudden the heat indicator spikes the whole engine locks up. And virtually the engine is destroyed all because they didn't pay attention to the owner's manual Yeah good illustration we serve a creator God of heaven who created a beautiful world and at the end of his creation He made man in his own image the crowning masterpiece if you will of creation if anybody knows how our body best functions I would think you would be the creator God of the entire universe don't you think but we have all kinds of other things vine for us to purchase and buy and ingest sugar and all the rest I'm really surprised ketchup is in appears ketchup appeared lotsa sugar and ketchup and God knows it was who took it somebody took the. They needed it for lunch today God tells us what is best for us if we want optimal performance if we want to reach 250 miles an hour then we really need to put in and pay attention to what we put into our bodies garbage in garbage out you've heard that too Ok So is this mini medical school and you heard all of they learned about the body system and how interconnected everything is how color and food is important from vitamins and minerals the importance of exercise how to minimize sugar intake how to read labels how to avoid certain foods and what things are actually poisonous to the body yet we have a culture and a society out there that says who cares do what you want if it tastes good if it feels good do it and enjoy it you only have one life to live it to the fullest have you known people that have taken that motto and how they live their life if it tastes good if it feels good enjoy it. And they enjoy it for a season but that season passes all too quickly I really wonder if there could be such a thing as truth in advertising if you could show a product and then fast forward and show the end result of that product try this new alcoholic beverage you'll be grabbing your toilet before morning truth in advertising 1st Corinthians 619 what Know you not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you which you have of God and he are not your own continuing on for you are bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are whose cards back to the stewardship idea that even my own body truly does not belong to me but it is God and He is what he wants to inhabit with His Holy Spirit you know if you were to calculate the worth of the human body people have tried to do this in fact and this is to sell parts of the body is not ethical it's illegal it's not even fully possible to get everything because we are so in fact interconnected However insurance likes to estimate and hospitals estimate so if we were to calculate various parts of the body it would go something like this your d.n.a. is worth $9700000.00 Your chemical antibodies 7300000 dollars your intestine $1100000.00 your heart $1400000.00 your liver well that's only 813000 kidney 415000 you got 2 of those lungs 862000 each pancreas 347000 if you're a woman your egg cells over 8 years is $214000.00 if you add everything up the value of the human body $45000000.00. You are incredibly and wonderfully made at the hand of the Creator God and at the end of the day you cannot put a worth or as value on your health and on your life our bodies are in fact the temple of the Holy Spirit we are to glorify God in our bodies we are to treat our bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit our bodies belong to God both through creation n.e.n. through redemption and so I do believe God cares about how we treat what he has given to us so we have 3 diets in the Bible if you will or 3 categories one is the perfect diet and where would we find the perfect diet was already alluded to they learned about it this week Garden of Eden was the perfect diet fruits vegetables nuts grains raw if you want to feel better and feel better fast go raw God diet 2nd category we have things that are permissible not necessarily advisable but permissible And thirdly we have category of things that are for HIV It is so 1st if we go back to this perfect diet the eating diet was a vegetarian diet my wife often times will take things to work she packs a lunch because the things that work look more like this and so she packs a lunch and often times so you are some of her colleagues and everywhere she goes she has a reputation What do you have today what are you eating How do you survive on that and you call that what lentils wonder lentils. I've never heard of lentils Well I don't know about well I'm a vegetarian but I don't know about the how do you survive how do you live and just simply you have to say Well that was God's original diet wasn't there was no killing of animals in the Garden of Eden was there and for some strange reason the response to something like this one never thought of that and then he can also say and you know in heaven there's not going to be any killing of animals either we're not going to go in around oh I'm hungry. Pretty animal Oh and we're going to be in the fruits of well I never thought of that that was God's original plan that is how we function best and so we have here in Genesis 129 and God said Behold I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the earth and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed to you it shall be for me that shall be your food this Eden diet studies of 34000 people reveal that man who follow an even diet have a life expectancy of 83.3 years and women 85.7 years are a marketable addition of 9 and a half and 6 point one years respectively as compared to the life expectancies of others and you might sit there and say well that's not too much time it's just almost a decade for human in a pretty long time but never mind the fact that this is not even measuring at all this is just in till you die Never mind the quality of life how you feel what you're able to do I'm continually amazed that people in this congregation well into their eighty's and are still very active biking and hiking horseback riding I say this is incredible. You know I go out into the community and I see people hobbling around and they're only in their sixty's and they're in all kinds of pain and different things now again I'm not trying to make fun of anyone but often times is because of preventable diseases and health issues key word preventable is stuff that they've brought upon or that we ourselves because I'm guilty times we bring this upon ourselves with little things like well Oreos are being. And so we next thing we know we polished off the box it was only after the flood that God gave human beings permission to eat meat but you'll notice there was a decided change this get to this picture here this is under the permissible part has decided change before the flood and after the flood how long people live and even how big and tall and strong and everything else they were I think the people before hand if they saw us today would laugh and say what are all those little people running around and I don't think diet is the only factor but I certainly think it was a factor they didn't live as long because of their habits of eating flesh mean and so forth Jessa 71 and 2 and the Lord said unto Noah Come thou all the house into the ark for the have I seen righteous before me in this generation on every clean Beast also take to the by sevens the male and his female and the Beast that are not cleaned by 2 the male and his female and so if they were to eat the unclean animals that animal would cease to exist but of the clean animals in this situation since you going to be in that Ark a long time I'm going to allow this to take place is that the ideal it's not would we be better served today on a vegetarian diet that was closer to the Eden diet absolutely well those walls are imperfect too you know they spray in chemicals and this and that well there's things that you can do as as best as possible but it's still far above and beyond isn't and if you can do are Ghana even better but here we have was permissible so clean and unclean animals are pre Jewish if you will we don't have Jews at this point in time but we have God's command here Leviticus 112 and 3 Speak unto the children of Israel saying these are the beast which you shall eat among all the beasts that are on the earth whatsoever part of the herf and his cloven foot it and she with the cut among the beast that. Shall ye eat so they chew the cud have a split her fears another way to say it and they have to have both some just do one but they need to have both those are the beasts that you can eat but moving onto was prohibited in Nevertheless these you shall not eat of them that choose it or them that have a divided her as the camel because he she was a cat but divided not the her he is unclean unto you and they hair because he choose the cut but divided not her he is unclean unto you and this wind always divided the her and it be cloven foot and yet he too is not because he is clean to you now this is a popular one I know we're in the south and I know people sometimes subscribe to the road kill cafe so we could talk about hares and we could talk about possums and some other things. Even the pond that we're living next to now they used to fish out of the pond to get snapping turtles and they eat them and they said they taste like chicken and 5 other parts of me but we're not going to talk about that that's why we're going to look at this one because this is the more common one if you will beef of course would be clean under these directives but the pig would be considered unclean. Before we get to more of the specifics of the studies Sunday for Levon is a very simple thing to we need to recognize here for the Lord God is a son and shield meaning He's a protector the Lord will give grace and glory not no good thing will be withheld from them that walk uprightly. The way say you're about to take away my poor I don't know if I like this I'm feeling very uncomfortable with this as one of my favorite breakfast is my own I favor things put on a sandwich his is my favorite things to put on pizza and you're about to take it away and now we're going to read this verse we just read in some 84 verse 11 no good thing will he withhold from them that walk upright really is God withholding a good thing from you is this in your best interest because you might be tempted to think this is not a conflict best interest I was studying with somebody and you can't have green beans and not pour some pagan juice in there that's what makes it taste good. No good thing will he with hold from them what health problems does pork pose pork is loaded with saturated fats and cholesterol is that good for you know cancer in the pig skin kidneys the lymphatic system and other internal organs is common is that good for you know pork products or a really preserved with nitrates which are known to produce cancer causing compounds is that good for you know it contributes to numerous digestive and stomach problems again not good for you I had an uncle he lived in the south he was actually my grandmother's brother and I never met him for. A long time until we finally went down there with my grandma we met him and every night part of his custom was to eat a fried and everything was fried wreckless was fried lunch I don't know what he had for lunch supper was fried if it wasn't fried it wasn't edible and every night as his custom was he got up and proceed to throw up in the middle of the night every night every night every night for literally 30 years as his custom one. I mean it's incredible the things that we put up with and finally my grandma came down and see just gave it to a man only like a sibling could do we're going to get you healthy and we're going to throw this stuff away and we're not going to fry anything else and already she brought in a juice or she brought in the carrots and we started juice and carrots and fresh ginger and somehow opinio and all the. Room and he's drinking this stuff for the 1st time in his life after 30 years of throwing up every night in the Destin stomach problems he slept through the night his I haven't slept that good in 30 years this stuff isn't good for us God has a better way Newsweek September 6th 1999 he says a few years ago one nutritionist said Bacon wasn't technically and meat anymore it didn't belong to any food group at all it was a salty nitrate ridden fat laden carcinogenic thing period I didn't say it is weak said it but essentially. Pigs can be cute. But they're garbage collectors now I like garbage collectors this week I tried to avoid I couldn't avoid it I ended up running over a squirrel on my way home I don't like that you know you're driving along just fine and on. Came back by about 2 hours later I saw the vulture carrying the 2nd squirrel off the road I like garbage collectors I don't like to see that stuff lying around forever never never but I don't want to eat them Dr make not found that one of every 4 pork specimens had living stricken l.r.b. in it. That's appetizing he see pictures of coral larva and a nurse Ella a host muscle cell I don't know about that I don't think I want that in me a single serving of infected pork even a single mouthful can kill our cripple or condemn the victim to a lifetime of aches and pains for this unique disease sugar Gnosis there is no cure Reader's Digest I want to add do you want that aches and pains How is your week not so good I couldn't get any more aches and pains with no drug to stop them the worms may spread through the muscular tissue of the entire human system Sugar knows this can simulate to some degree almost any other malady physicians are confused or can notice with some 50 ailments ranging from typhoid fever to acute alcoholism the pain in your arm or leg may be arthritis or rheumatism but it may be trippin osis. Some more steps one out of every 6 of us have living to kindness in us one out of 4 port products have live worms you eat about 200 to kind of infested meals in your life and some places allowed $28.00 worms per ounce that's good Ok $29.00 the problem but $28.00 continuing on Leviticus 11 verse 9 the failure of all that. Or in the waters whatsoever have fans and scales in the waters in the seas and in the rivers them shall ye eat now as a student missionary in the Pacific and I love looking at all the things underwater and all the different life forms all the different kinds of fish some fish look like they're clean because they look like they have scaled but they in fact don't have scale the triggerfish looks like he has scales but he has more of like a leathery all one piece kind of skin and in World War 2 there were people that were stranded on these islands all over the place and people were dying off because they were eating whatever they could find in the ocean and they were getting of course sick and dying all the rest and so our government decided to spend literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to figure out what in the ocean is Ok and not Ok I wish they would have come to me because I could have told them very quickly with one verse what is Ok and not Ok because they came to the same conclusion how we're going to get people to know which is what well it has fins and scales is Ok then scales God's owner's manual knows we're talking about but doesn't have fins and scales such as crab lobster shrimp oysters clams don't eat it because they have a high level of toxicity concentration of other things as garbage collectors God is a divine expert who made and created us he knows what he's talking about Leviticus 11 verse 10 and all the have nots vans and scales in the season in the rivers of all that move in the waters of a living thing which is in the waters they shall be an abomination unto you that's difficult language for notoriety don't do it oh but Pastor there's nothing better than you going to describe in this and that and all the rest Ok if that's what you want but is not part of God's ideal is not part of his plan and you will pay up your pretty good I didn't throw up last night often but over time. It's not what you want to put in the engine headline here hundreds poison in province wide shellfish scares the don't worry about those kind of things unclean seafood in 1988 nearly 300000 Chinese in Shanghai develop hepatitis a from carrot. Oh thank you it's calling. So maybe the only thing on that plate I should be eating is some of those like what is that green peppers or some kind of garnish or something but if I left the clams alone I don't have to worry about hepatitis a pastor I want hepatitis a give me the clams Ok knock yourself out what about Peter's vision his reference in Acts chapter 11 through 35 Remember Peter's vision the sheet is lower down and with all kinds of unclean animals on it I mean we have rats we have snakes we have all kinds of things and then this is what is told and there came a voice to him rise Peter kill and eat See there you go everything's permissible pastor we can have our rat sandwiches now leave us alone I mean have you ever had the pickled tail. But if we keep reading through the account it says but Peter said not so Lord for I have never eaten anything that is common or unclean he says I don't eat those things and so he's confused about what this means and then Cornelius shows up at the house and he recognizes the meaning of the vision by the time you get to verse 28 says By God has showed me that I should not call any man common or unclean but in every nation he that fear of him and work of righteousness is accepted with him the point of the vision not rat sandwich is the point of vision was the gospel was not just for Jews but was for the gentiles who believed which is good news for you and I here today there are some lifestyle practices which just destroy our bodies as well and those who talk about some of the b.s. this charge is pretty disturbing tobacco remains the leading preventable cause of death in this country and the world right up there at the top you would think Well tobacco was from the time the past no is still the leading cause it causes all kinds of complications and you can get both and this warm in the 2 form I have some great pictures of Pastor Ferguson he had a mouth I don't know where he got it and he. Put in some chew in there and tune it up and talking to the kids and doing this it will help lecture about it it was incredible it was nasty is what it was all the stuff in his mouth and under his tongue if you want to check tomorrow you know all this stuff learning about the harmful effects of this thing that we do to ourselves every cigarette you smoke takes 14.5 minutes off your life that's a lot of life and to pay out how many cigarettes you smoke in a day or how many packs you smoke in a day that adds up awfully quick you could set another way by smoking and we are committing slow suicide I don't have it on the screen here today but there's also facts about for the hours of t.v. that you watch how much time sucks off your life as well sorry to share that live stream viewers. Every cigarette you smoke increases your chances of getting lung cancer today we know there are 29 cancer producing chemicals in the smoke of every cigarette smokers lung that look like what you want I mean when you drive that car off the dealership if you have some that looks like this aren't you going to drive it right back and say wait a minute I got a smoker's lung Oh I'm sorry I don't know how they got in there tobacco use is from 2009 will kill $6000000.00 people this year one out of 10 deaths globally cost the global economy $500000000000.00 a year kills one 3rd to one half of those who smoke occupational exposure to secondhand smoke kills 200000 people a year smokers dine average of 15 years earlier than nonsmokers so why do we do it I just helps me relax. There are better ways to relax I can assure you and oftentimes all these addictions yeah they might help you to relax a little bit but you're getting farther and farther away from true rest and relaxation Nicotine causes the arteries to shrink when arteries get smaller and smaller clots get caught in the blood vessels and then a stroke or heart attack happens not to mention the fact that it affects your pocketbook cigarette smoking contributes to heart diseases strokes various forms of cancer cancer emphysema premature burst poor circulation shortness of breath all of these are preventable like say once you put water in the gas here's what's going to happen to your car no just like a little water and there tobacco is a 2nd most costly drug addiction in North America the good news when you stop smoking because you might be seeing they're thinking it's too late that's when my lungs look like I already was done is done right wrong when you stop smoking your lungs improve irritation stop inflammation stop congestion stop dripping mucus stop short as the breast stops like this verse Libyan's for 13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me do you think that applies cigarettes I do you think that applies to the clans like the I do absolutely I do in fact diet and what I put in this Mal's is one of the hardest him data is gone and you have the right there gone you see. I can do all things through Christ with strengthens me 1st Corinthians 1013 another good one there have no temptation taken you but such is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able. Do you believe that or is God a liar is his word line to us this morning but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that you may be able to bear it I think all of us could probably a test of something we thought we'd never be able to get past and we don't think about it today not even a little bit it's back there with the emir but at the time but he's given us a way of escape are there other Bible health principles still practical today where we could go on and on and on but just to name a few moral living prevent sexual diseases not to mention a world full of hurt and carnage relationally hatred and bitterness are detrimental to one's health lots of studies about that right here in scripture and I hang on to something when I'm bitter about something it ruins my health I need to forgive I need to let these things go I need to say Lord you are the judge forgiveness frees me from that prison that I'm in you got all those verses I know you are right now is trying to go on just for you Alicia Ok overeating is harmful Proverbs 23 to our bodies need proper rest Here's another one that were just blown out of the water are we we can stay on these devices all night long 1st thing in the more I mean we just don't go to bed where people are falling asleep in front of t.v. more than they ever were before that didn't used to happen you know expressing their burn the candle at both ends that's the only way you can stand with candles that was expensive and so blow it out let's go to bed with the sun not anymore 11 o'clock 113012 I'm getting hungry again what do you feel like clams and rats sandwiches. With the pickle detail. When we can just eat it here in the kitchen as boring let's go watch some Alright our bodies need proper rist a positive attitude is good medicine had a friend at the seminary he wants you all come over after church today with Ok what do you want us to bring a good attitude of ourselves like what is that supposed to mean. It does ever that is pretty good attitude it's not so bad sometimes I wish people would leave their food at home and just bring a good attitude instead powerful parents habits affect children we see that in Scripture there's all kinds of stuff about there who are children watching kids don't do what I do do what I say well you can say that but it's not going to work they need to see you do it too so the title of this message so why are you 7th am is so obsessed with health I mean what is the big deal churches about the gospel the everlasting Gospel the blood that Jesus shed for me why we talking about poor I mean come on well for the simple reason that many are suffering from things that are fully and completely preventable and if it was not important at all it wouldn't be here at all is it true is it the main thing no it's not the main thing but let me tell you when you're sick in bed and you can't get out of bed and when you're in pain has anybody had the flu and it's a bad flu and you can't move and there were that time that you thought it worked I wouldn't mind taking a sick day and sitting on the couch and you know nap a little bit and then it comes and you say Lord have mercy I never imagined it would be like this I mean you're hurting and you're thinking I just want to die I How much can you accomplish when you're sick nothing and people are having to wait on you when you're sick how much ministry can you do when you're sick none somebody else has to do the ministry for you how many people now granted you can be in a hospital situation and even you know you follow all these methods you can still get sick I understand it happens is not a judgment of God But if we follow these principles we can avoid all kinds of stuff and yes you can witness to the people that are helping you in the hospital all those things but you're still very limited in what you can do never mind the fact how can we be salt and light if we're 6 feet under and the Old Testament God made a wonderful promise to Israel concerning their health it's an x.. 1526 he said is that will diligently hearken the voice of the Lord thy God because a few does listen to what I tell you in my words and will do that which is right in his sight and will give a year to his commandments and keep all his statutes I will put none of these diseases upon me which I have brought upon the Egyptians for I am the Lord that he lives the he says look if you just follow the owner's manual you're not going to experience anything neara what everybody else is going to experience is that something I want to pay attention to you absolutely it's something I want to pay attention to someone or 5 or 37 he brought them for that also with silver and gold and there was not one feeble person among their tribes because as my people won't have to deal with all these other diseases because they're not you know that garbage they're not putting those things in their bodies they're avoiding those stimulus they're drinking lots of water they're getting lots of rest they're going to church they're spending time in the word They're not harboring bitterness and by doing all of those things that we bless Dr David from Manchester University he did a study to hieroglyphics to look at the lifestyle of the Egyptians kind of interesting you know is Rosalie she is going into many generally overweight high fat diet drank a lot of alcohol ate pork roasted a lot of the time which is super high in fat content had a lot of sugary foods in their diet many lead immoral lives was kind of the conclusion of their study autopsy on Egyptian pharaoh Ramsay's a 2nd almost completely clogged arteries as you see there in the picture probably died of a massive heart attack what a specimen with his heart disease and arthritis this is what we're looking at for for Pharaoh Ramsay's the 2nd why because he has his opulent lifestyle and he's eating whatever he wants to if it tastes good if it feels good I'm going to do it I'm going to enjoy it and it's what took him out in his life early Dr Claude Rufus did x. rays on 14000 mummies they had heart disease cancer arthritis diabetes obesity high. The blood pressure rheumatism s.t.d. them in the list just goes on and on and on how about this little fact 80 percent of cancer is potentially preventable with the best diet and lifestyle 80 percent of cancer is preventable is it ethical for me to not tell you if I know of a cure of 80 percent of all cancer and it's not me it's found right here in God's word what would a god be like that didn't tell me not very nice especially if you know someone has suffered through cancer now again I'm not saying that everybody here has ever had cancer Well you can follow the we live in a sinful world sickness happens but if there's something that's preventable that I can do I'm interested heart disease worldwide is the number one killer in developing nations healthy lifestyle living including a plant based diet decreases the risk of heart disease by 86 percent almost just like goes away and one of the major elements of a healthy lifestyle plant based diet as chosen by our creator get plenty of exercise in the open air don't smoke abstain from alcohol caffeine illicit drugs maintain a healthy weight and trust God for optimal physical mental and spiritual health and Bible study Don't get me started about how Bible study helps the whole body we are spiritual beings too. And when we feed on his word when we have the peace that passes all understanding in all things in all aspects of life you better believe that impacts our health well I'm just stressed about you don't need to be stressed give it to the Lord Proverbs 420 and 22 my son give attention to my words think on your ear to my saints do not let them depart from your eyes keep them in the midst of your heart for they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh do you believe that beautiful verse you've seen this magazine about the secrets of living longer I'm not gonna spend too much time on that the researcher said a group of them this who ranked among America's long Gemini all stars they have a high rate of send anyway they live a 100 year old suffer a fraction of the diseases that common people in other parts of the developed world and enjoy more healthy years of life and I would say the years that they have are more enjoyable because they're not going up every morning and every night sometimes we kill ourselves by the end if you don't have your health you don't have how much is there truth to that. There really is and so for in good health says great I got more for you to do that's why it's a big deal because if we don't have our health a lot of other stuff goes out the window too but if we have our health you can say I want to be a missionary I want to be a pastor when she'd be teach I want to be a nurse I want you to minister in your business I want you to Mr while you're working on the car I want you to minister to the bank teller I want to do all these other things too stories and they were done a man who called him was a patient of one of our doctors here in Hendersonville he was married had children enjoyed his work he was a drinker but he liked to smoke his diet was a typical American diet and so he went to our doctor here he was examined the diagnoses were found and discussed and Tim had no symptoms to speak of but was found to have hypertension high cholesterol metabolic syndrome and early stages into Sema the use encourage stop smoking is not good for you adopt a healthier lifestyle an issue really Tim was concerned however he pursued his better judgment chose to carry on with his usual lifestyle par for the course oftentimes as time passed he developed diabetes and began needing to take insulin he developed diabetic neuropathy he began to be tired and developed back pain the back pain proved to be a spread of cancer to his spine Tim had to leave the job he loved he was not able to provide his usual employment for the care of his family on column and college the treatments continued and Tim became weak permanently unemployed disabled and limited in his activities to sound worth it cancer has taken its toll as well as diabetes high blood pressure and damaged lungs Tim continued to follow up with his oncologist and family of physicians but to today he still needs insulin and at the age of 61 Tim is quite miserable and is really hoping for a different life a better life 61 it's not that oh if only he could turn the clock backward to a better day to better choices to pursue life and health and life more abundantly if only he would have come to me. The Medical School another man we'll call Mike Mike enjoyed his marriage and his friends his work he also enjoyed alcohol and tobacco and eating whatever he wanted to eat he also came to the office to check out his health recommendations were made he can consider these but chose to put things off for another day minyanim Unfortunately his health rapidly declined he found himself in the emergency room minutes later he was placed on a ventilator to support his life for more than a week his life hung in the balance and the Christian physician who attends this church prayed for him in his recovery but this doctor shares with me I didn't really expect this person to live it did not look good however Mike recovered much to the surprise the staff taking care of him returning to the office after leaving the hospital was evident that Mike was a diabetic with a high cholesterol triglycerides hypertension heart disease emphysema and Niemi a and severe congestive heart failure this doctor encouraged Mike to pursue a new life a new lifestyle and a walk with God That's the full picture by the way Mike began to attend church he attended one of our Daniel fast it teaches the benefits of the diet down the garden of eden my can brace these new ideas and chose to become a vegetarian I wish Mike was here we could interview him he might be here anyway I imagine was an easy I need. But he chose he made a choice he quit smoking he quit drinking he even quit caffeine Mike has found fellowship with study of the Bible with God's Holy Word and pursuing a healthy lifestyle in the care of his body today he is on no medications for diabetes and he's enjoying a remarkably improved or markable improvement in the health of his body and his soul and he gives all the glory to God Isn't that what God wants for us to God like to see a suffer Does he like to see us in pain absolutely not Mike has found a true friend in Jesus Christ today Mike is mentally. And physiologically younger than he has been in many decades Mike found a new life through the simple health principles of word that's the point we serve a God of love a God of compassion a God who created and formed us and he knows he doesn't guess he knows what's good for us and was not good for us whether you therefore you eat or drink or whatever you do do all to the glory of God Another verse 3rd John chapter one verse 2 beloved I wish above all things to them as prosper and be in health even as I soul prosperous that's the long I believe of God's heart that's what we see through out God's word and so why are some Dafna so obsessed because we want all to enjoy good health yes they'll still be challenges yes we live in a sinful world yes we still need hospitals all of these things but if it's preventable if it's here in God's Word to Creator gave it to us then it must be important I said for you were bought with a price at the beginning 1st Corinthians $620.00 talked about how the human body is worth $45000000.00 if you pick apart the friends we weren't bought with paper money 1st Peter $118.19 says we were not bought with corruptible things like silver or gold but with the precious blood of Jesus Christ what is that worth what value can be placed upon any single one of us if Jesus was willing to die in our place and why did he do that so he wouldn't do so we could have life and have it more abundantly not just on this earth not just for this time but on into eternity and we enjoy better health we can better understand his words our minds are clearer we're more open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit we can go where you want to go we can do what he wants us to do and it's this is a simple recognition does God in fact have my best interests at heart he does so well you trust. Well you trust him with something as foundational and basic as your health we can ask it on other things too will you trust him with finances with your problems will we surrender our plans to him but this morning will you trust him with your health if you don't pass all this sugar to your body this is the average one year if you don't do it this way and you do it God's way you will experience life and life more abundantly John 10 can the thief come as not but the still steal and to kill and to destroy but I have come that they might have I that they might have it more abundantly Dear Heavenly Father we thank you for your word we thank you for this owner's manual that you have given to us that helps us with any and every aspect of our lives if will simply pick up and read the manual Lord help us to follow the things that we find in scripture help us to simply say Lord I see it now by your grace and by the power of your Holy Spirit help me to do it for your Honor for your glory and for our benefit to his name. 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