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Are You an Evolutionist?

David Wright


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • October 26, 2019
    11:45 AM
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John are you an evolutionist seems to be this is expected belief in society today isn't the scientific community they don't hardly talk about it as Fieri anymore they like to almost refer to it as fact but the fact of the matter is it's still a theory but sadly many are caving to the pressure sadly even within our own ranks there are individuals who have thrown out this idea of creation maybe it's the endless articles that we see I was curious just in looking at Time magazine alone I don't know why I picked out time but there are so many various articles talking about evolution where we came from Big Bang Big Daddy how many evolved and so on and so forth that it just is rather astounding how often this gets a front page in just one magazine let alone all of the others and in each one of these magazines in most all of these articles you'll find something that looks probably similar to something like this going back on the millions and billions of years and how we as a people have progressed to where we are today we see it in textbooks we see it interviews on virtually everywhere we go you go to the Smithsonian our museum it's there the timelines are all there this seems to be the accepted norm and anyone who sees things differently well they just don't know what they're talking about and where to start well it goes back to Charles Darwin and his work originally published in 1989 On the Origin of Species and it seems like other headlines are showing that the papacy and the Catholic church likes to appeal to both camps to I came across this this was just 5 years ago Pope Francis evolution is not inconsistent with the notion of creation enlarging that bottom portion there it says when we read about creation in Genesis we run the risk of a match. God imagining God was a magician with a magical wand able to do everything but that is not so this anybody take issue with that as if a magician with a magic wand can do more then our creator God have mercy continuing he created human beings and then let them develop according to their internal laws that he gave to each one so they would reach their fulfillment So if you break that down God is really not powerful enough to create by his word he's not some magician it's not as the Genesis account really States but that he created human beings with the ability to develop and reach our fulfillment So when God was essentially powerless to do we can accomplish on our own just given millions and billions of years and if that's so if we are truly that capable does that make us more powerful than the god that created us that's the fact that we're in a higher state than we were at creation and if that is in fact the case maybe we should just be worshipping ourselves and much of society would be happily agree and go right along in that continue in this article it says evolution and nature is not opposed to the notion of creation because evolution presupposes are we going to say assume the creation of beings that evolve Now this isn't new in case you're wondering the traditional Catholic teaching has not been in odds with evolution in 1950 Pope Pius the 12th proclaim that there was no opposition between evolution in the Catholic doctrine and in 1996 Saint Paul John Paul excuse me the 2nd indorsed Pius statement and so for a long time the Catholic Church has said you can have both you believe in creation yes we do yes but you believe in evolution yes we do whatever you like we can offer it to you interesting friends is our dog. Akron something like a buffet that we can just walk in pick up a plate and look over the things and see yes also take a little bit of this and little bit o. but I don't want any of that I'm going to pass on this over here is that how it works I don't think so what's the definition if we can of evolution Well the 2 that I have listed here there's a few more the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth millions and billions of years and secondly the gradual developed development of something especially from a simple to a more complex form so I asked you this morning is this how we came to be and everything is always couched in millions and billions of years as if the problem goes away after millions and billions of years let's suppose you have a leak in your roof there is a nail sticking up there is a hole that has been created the water is coming in and my wife says honey we need to do something about this water this coming down the wall and I say darling does give it a few 1000000000 years it will take care of itself that it might but will the roof ever get fixed I don't think so well maybe we just tack on a few more 1000000000 year then in atom an object of the nail will combine with the living or formerly living of the wood in the tar paper and they will somehow create an evolved into something that is a patch you're saying Our pastor has lost his mind I choose to believe Genesis 11 in the beginning God we could almost put a period right there in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth or the alternative we have all over billions and billions of years used to be a worm or a slug or something of that nature and then you progressed into something a little bit bigger a little. Better a little fancier until eventually over millions and billions of years you had fur and hair and skin and all of these other things which is harder to believe Revelation for leaven says you are worthy Oh lord to receive glory and honor and power and why is our God worthy to receive our praise this morning for you created all things and by your will they existed and were created it's right there is fundamental of praising and worshipping our God is to recognize Him as our creator who formed and fashioned us some $33.00 Verse 6 by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth think about that by his own word this is power he doesn't need some magicians one he just speaks the word and what was not there is now there what did not exist now exists this is the power of the Living God this is the power of the created or creator god and this again I would submit to you is the power of God's word that is still living and active today but the devil hates the word the devil hates the creator and so if you can get rid of creation through evolution everything else starts to crumble scientific evidence they say shows that the physical and behavioral traits shared by all people originated from ape like ancestors and evolved over a period of approximately 6000000 years how do you like that as part of your identity Genesis 126 tells us let us make man in Our image according to our likeness I would much prefer the latter to be created in the image of God rather than just being a little bit higher than the apes review and Harold says this all Heaven took a deep and joyful interest in the creation of the world and of man human beings were a new and. Distinct order they were made in the image of God we were something new I imagine after the fall there was this void that was created and he is I'm going to do something new I'm going to create something out of my own or after my own image and all of Heaven was excited to see what would be produced not from apes not from billions of years but after the image of God Hebrews 11 verse 3 the faith chapter it says By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible again by faith we accept the fact that Jesus spoke and it came into being in the same way and any passage of scripture we can take God's word to the bank and when he speaks in his word it becomes life and power to us. But then you still have this theory of Darwin I want to just look briefly we don't have a whole lot of time left so we're going to go fast but some pitfalls to Darwin's theory number one still no proof of non life generating life that pretty much should in the conversation right there that's a very big oops or what if or where is it Darwin called it the warm little pond friends in no laboratory have they come close to replicating even a single human hair much less create life from non-life number 2 pay to mention this when cells are far more complex than Darwin conceived he thought it was a few elementary components that could be easily assembled guests again Charles Darwin in fact if you can read this we have learned within the cell there is information processing storage retrieval artificial languages and there decoding systems error detection correction and proofreading for quality control digital data embedded technology transportation and distribution systems automated parcel address and similar to zip codes or u.p.s. labels self reproducing robotic manufacturing plants and it's all happening within the cell the more complex than he thought that it was a few elementary components that we could recreate not yet and I don't think ever number 3 everything we know about d.n.a. indicates that it programs a species to remain within the limits of its own general type I mean if you want to have this dog with this dog and create a different kind or form of dog that can happen but take your poodle in an alligator and put them together and you're not going to get a put a gator sorry that's not in my notes. It doesn't work there's lemon in d.n.a. number 4 Darwin assumes more fossil finds would fill missing links of mutating species but they have not even after 160 years found any of these missing links I don't get that word just right but you understand so all these missing links between these big jumps if you will in time they'll come to the service and so we have I don't know how many go over a quarter of a 1000000 and that was back in the 1979 or some of the scientists made the statement and he says and we still the gap still remains we still don't have these missing links another big oops here's the quote I forgot I put in there the number of intermediate and transitional links between all living and extinct species must have been inconceivably great this is Darwin writing by the way but assuredly if this theory be true such have lived upon the earth there out there we just have to find it this is on page $289.00 the origin of species so that all these intermediate animal types or whatever between this type of animal and that type of animal there must be a ton of them out there on the Earth we just have to find them if this theory be true on how we found them know and number 5 I could go on but I'm willing to do 5 to worry no good answers for the Cambridge and explosion which fossils of a bewildering variety of complex life forms appear suddenly without predecessors it's like this big boom of life and it's not this you know long over millions and billions of years is just this big kaboom and where does it all come from again can't be explained unless you just want to take God's word for someone 39 verse 14 I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully what's the word made if you look at the eye and the complexity of the if you look at the heart and the complexity of the heart of the lung of the liver or any number of things you can see that we were designed by a designer not by chance. So how about this question how does evolution impact various things starting out our view of what might the devil I had in mind if you could just tweak it just a little bit because if it truly is a buffet if I can take it or leave it can I still keep everything else that's essentially the question so I'll look at some of these How's evolution impact our view of God Well 1st off God may be loving but he's not very powerful because it took a millions of years to create us would not be true another reason God is not all knowing because he did not for see the pain and heartache that comes with evolving over millions of years and since he didn't know he's not responsible I mean his evolution and the explanation of the hunted and all of these National Geographic and the survival of the fittest is that will God just to know Are you Ok with that makes God very impersonal think about this when the millions of years a God decided he wanted to have a personal relationship with the human race when was it your 400009 $163.00 because a couple of cells came together and now they could say. It doesn't make any sense and so it makes God impersonal not very powerful and certainly not all knowing how does evolution impact scripture well the Bible evolve just like life evolved. Some might say or the Bible writers were more simple in their thinking than we are today we're more developed in our thinking or if the Bible evolved in truth evolved and still is now truth for a long time was lost and God's Word for a long time was lost and we have been rediscovering the truth but friends truth has always been God has always been we just lost it for a time and we have been reminded of what is truth but truth is not evolving God is not evolving and this idea if the Bible is evolving then whatever they thought about 20 years ago 30 years ago that is obsolete to what I'm thinking now and essentially what it does is the Bible becomes archaic rather than authoritative and it loses its power and authority and it also makes God a liar when in Genesis He says it is good what is good the slug some try to keep both to meld scripture with evolution but it becomes very difficult and friends when you start with an idol and then you look in Scripture to support your idol doesn't work so well because God's word has to conform to your idol and it usually your faith doesn't last long next one here how does evolution impact the Sabbath Well 1st of all with evolution where with the Sabbath even come from not from the Creator or creation so it's just another day to see everything starts to unravel when you throw out creation not a sign of resting in his free gift of salvation certainly not necessary or worth dying over is just as fabrication I suppose how is evolution impacts in well evolution makes evil good because that is the means by which we are progressing think about death for a moment through all these millions and billions of years and all the evil done where better today than we were before and so it makes evil good if God created over millions of years what is sin when is someone kept it. How noble for sin and if you don't have the fall in the Garden of Eden if there was no fall then there is no guilt that needs to be remedied how does evolution impact the judgement well as never looseness Why is there judgement what is there to judge is it because we didn't evolve fast enough is that what you're holding over my head and after all who would have the right to judge me anyway if there's no creator they don't have the right to judge me pretty simple concept I have dominion over the things I create don't I can publish it I can trash it I can burn it I can do what I want with it because I created it I made it and therefore it is mine but if there's no creation there's no creator then there's no judgement how is evolution impacts salvation Well there's no need no sin no judgement and there's no need for salvation do you is merely becomes our example not our atonement and if I believe in Jesus he didn't come to die in our place but simply to manifest love and that's nice he is a God of love but that was all he did was to come and show love and we could even say Well Christ came simply to speed up evolution he came to show us how we could be better people and really why do I need salvation when we just keep getting better and better and better anyway how's evolution impact the resurrection of Christ well if he didn't create by his word the way Genesis says then how in the world does he have power to come down and resurrect Christ that would also take millions and billions of years wouldn't it how does evolution impact the 2nd coming same idea of God did not create by his word as the Bible says in Genesis and how he simply going to come at the end of time to resurrect his people how with the magic wand Yeah by his own word he will speak just like he did in Genesis Oh but there's no Genesis there's no creator. Shoots a hole in the resurrection of the 2nd coming. And I certainly don't like the idea that he's going to start a process of millions of years to get us back to the New Jerusalem however in some form in this since we can be similar to the evolutionist when we think that yes the bible claims this and in Christ I am that but it's going to take millions and billions of days for me to accomplish it or is it the simple fact that he said I believe it and it becomes fact and reality now when He healed pick up your bed and walk in at that very moment they were changed 20 but we like to soften God's word we like to say Well God's Word it works but it works over thousands and millions and billions of days no works in a moment friends and if we're not careful as creationists in part we can be evolutionists that's just an aside how does evolution impact our view of ourselves well we're not creating God's image but that of an ape How does that impact your view of yourself I don't know about you but I think it undermines our value and our purpose and it causes people to tend to look inside for God We can self-sufficient and really become our own gods a member a story when Mark Finley went to a communist country and he was preaching there on this topic creation vs evolution and he was simply reasoning because he couldn't they would allow him to use Scripture so he was reasoning he says you can have it one of 2 ways. Either you came from apes and you're just a little higher than the apes and when you die your body will return to the dust of the ground and you have no meaning no purpose and when you die it's over and it's finished or you can come from a God who created you form you and fashion you he has a purpose for your life he has redeemed you he has pardoned you and he wants to grant you eternal life and to live for ever with him which would you choose the reality of this whole dilemma is putting a theory and philosophy over God's word friends and house in evolution impact how we treat others survival of the fittest no offense I'm just better than you I ousted you I'm wealthy because I'm smarter than you natural selection I chose a better wife than you did you on the list goes on and on feeling of superiority because I have more wealth or power can lead to ethnic cleansing and the improvement of the human species but this certainly would never happen or would it Hitler Secretary Christopher Schroeder speaks often in her memoirs that Hitler spoke of human evolution this idea we're getting better and better the German people are the best so we need to take charge of the world it doesn't matter how we do it or what we do to other people and so yes evolution affects how we treat other people so Creation is a big deal not only speaks of where we came from but it keeps us grounded in God's Word and helps us understand this great controversy and sin and the judgment the plan of salvation the 2nd coming it impacts how we treat each other and the faith in God to recreate as a junior school brought out to recreate in us today some $5110.00 create in meaning. Over millions and millions of years no right now create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a steadfast spirit within me to believe the power of God's word spoken how about this one if anyone is in Christ is a new creation not fixed new all things have passed away the whole All things have become new phase and God and His Word and in his power to create in me not just when he comes but now a new spirit and new attitude a new mindset starting today. I don't know if you're familiar with a man by the name of Roger Moore No he's no longer living but he has an incredible story and he's written several books some on prayer and many other things but this is one that's an interesting read a trip into the supernatural he got into spiritualism as a young man and became entrenched as a follower of Satan and became really high up in the upper echelons if you will of demonic activity the Church of Satan and all of that and here you have him this is you can tell it's years ago Doug batch looks a little different now because being an interviewed by Doug bash 3 years ago on amazing facts in other places and he speaks of in this book how he heard and witnessed many things being discussed by Satan's evil angels as their plan their message to dupe the world to lead men and women astray and particularly how to neutralize people from God and His Word and this is coming from his book it says The 3rd point in the plan Lucifer and his spirit counselors was to destroy the Bible without burning it you will know what the other 2 were going to get the book it was very interesting because after the great general counsel it was decided that Satan would tutor Charles Darwin personally insane at the principles of his theories of evolution he was tutored by loose for himself the fall in Lucifer and you say now this is just too much I can't take this you're telling me. Friends is it all too impossible don't we are we the people that believe in the great controversy are we just kind of Spain around here waiting and twiddling our thumbs or is there an active individual or force the devil Lucifer who is cast out seeking you and our demise isn't it true is it so inconceivable to us that of God inspires people the devil won't inspire people and so he says he overheard this and continue on it was understood that if a person was led to believe in the theory of evolution it would in his life destroy completely the creation week of the Bible the fall of man and the plan of redemption it would do away with it have we seen then come to pass and then this gets really interesting one of the saying This priest raise his hands and asks What about the evidence what about this group worshipping on Sabbath and the response comes back the reason they cannot be brought under the great deception the fact that the avenue is observed the biblical Sabbath of creation and reverence the creator that day it makes it impossible for the spirits to deceive them they are not ordinary people in quote I read that and I say whoa I don't like the idea that the devil having meetings and counseling and coming up with game plans I just like to prefer not to even think about that and as one of the devil's tactics is well he doesn't even exist he's just a cartoon figure friends he exists and He means for our harm and he saw something here that he could capitalize on and now we have seen a society virtually whole heartedly grasp on to something that has no biblical validity and undermines virtually everything we believe in and our theology crumbles. It's not just one topic on the buffet of doctrine they all are intermingled they're all interconnected so it's a big deal so day one let there be light day to let there be firmament day 3 Let there be dry land day for let there be lights in the firmament day phyla there b.c. creatures in every winged bird day 6 Let there be every land animal and let us make man in Our image says God's word and then on day 7 God rested from his work it says he blessed it me he turned his full attention towards it he sanctified it is another word for saying he made it holy he holy eyes did with his own presence infused in that day and then thirdly it says he rested his divine example and that we too can rest in that saving relationship with Jesus Christ Remember the Sabbath that keep it holy on or the day why as a safeguard against attacks of the enemy because friend is not just our Creator He is our Redeemer and if you take away one you take away the other and so the Sabbath is our weekly reminder of our Creator who is all powerful all knowing and fully able to recreate in us his character his likeness for His glory can you say men to them I like this quote signs of the time 1001 says God created man for his glory it was his purpose to repopulate heaven with the human race if after test and trial they proved to be loyal to him that was his purpose in creating us and his image to bring glory to Him to repopulate heaven and the devil hates that purpose and has sought ever since to undermine that purpose and so friends in the 70s out there. It's all around us with the pervading idea that anyone would have a brain believes in evolution but friends in these last days I encourage you I implore you to stand alone on the Word of God. Because you find right there in the heart of Revelation in the 3 angels message fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship him. And who we were shipping worship Him who made heaven and earth and sea and the springs of water I don't know about you but my faith has found a resting place not in a manmade Creed My soul is resting on the Word of God The Living Word of God salvation in my savior is named salvation through his blood I need no other evidence I need no other plea it is enough that Jesus died and rose again for me friends if that is your commitment this morning if you want to stand alone on the Word of God I invite you to stand as we sing our closing him this morning it's him Number 523 my faith has found a resting place and all along we have decided a long time ago to trust alone on your word if your word says it we believe it and that settles it and so Lord I pray that more than before we can be assured of your word that you are the Creator God that you did in fact die and raise from the did you have conquered degree. And that in Jesus Christ. We have hope for tomorrow in just name we pray for rain. 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