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Real Evidence about Life's Issues

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 10, 2010
    1:45 PM
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there you are going to talk about loss and real evidence about life glorify well last night no I was a pastor for thirteen years my priest a lot of sermons the most downloaded sermon from my website ever in the history my website was a certain amount lost so I got this idea that people are interested in the subject of last although they may not want to show up at a seminar entitled lost because people might think something about the meters and feel that way I want to leave right now but I know I know that later on another later on probably people come to the website and more people listen to this and maybe even of the other seminars because a lot of people struggle with lust that is good news and bad news there is good less than bad lust the Bible talks about lusting after the spirit and then there's there's of course bad witches lusting after the flesh so let's try together and then we will begin hereditary because the pick of the chair on the stoppages that looks like somebody had an accident on the chair so the minimum so let's pray together and asked the Lord be with us father and have them recycled today that we can spend a few moments together here in Fresno and we want to glow for you we want to light our world but were often driven to be busy and hurried when we really have not spent time with you and allowed you to cleanse our lives and hearts a week when we can't really make our influence felt in the skeptical world unless were connected to you so we want to be connected to you and I hope that there be some practical aspect you will really help not just the people of England even me myself and Christ daily pray amen all right moral impurity and tomography are all around us on its worst in some parts of the world but it's getting worse here I mean when you're in Scandinavia and some places invasion different things don't have huge billboards of naked bodies and different things and saw a couple years ago I was asked to move to Norway and in and work there but I just couldn't put my kids in that environment because it was so over but it's becoming more that way here it's all around us it's on the billboard design magazines it's an instant and movies it's in theaters and you know certain theaters will focus exclusively on feeding lots and Bob Dylan our movie or something like that or even PG 's now they basically gave to the explicit nature and all of the things that would elicit a lost response and I believe that these places and even Internet we can turn Moses what the Bible called high places where the profits of bail and all those different people that went to worship there would couple of their religion with immorality you may not know this but in the temples that surrounded the Hebrew Temple and in the nation cultures and they would have many of the same parts of the service of the sanctuary but they would meet someone who would be there their companion who was not their spouse and they would go through the entire time of religion supposedly and then they would they would colonnade that with God without becoming a like husband and wife as a result of the religious ceremony so the Hebrew Temple and the Hebrew culture it's stood out as completely different than that where there was immorality all around they were moral and they were reminded that they were people of the covenant from way back when Abraham had his name changed from a broom to Abraham and he was circumcised that time and God shows that part of his body to help them remember that even that is a to express covenant relationship with God and with his spouse and I have a faith filled experience with God right and you know so we live surrounded by all of these different things and I'm I say this as well none of you in this room can trust your heart because the heart is desperately wicked and you can't say all right on my own on the dominance would be this thing I live in this culture beauty the Holy Spirit I need the Holy Spirit you can't trust your heart and I were also surrounded by wrong relationships and wrong friendships and I think that there are people that prey on young people I think Debbie looked rattled people and I think that unless you're connected with the Lord you're going to have someone approaches you and tries to do intend to make the temptations real in your life so is this a big deal with the begin of deal I guess for you folks to come here but there's several texts that I'll look at with you on Proverbs five eight two fourteen Proverbs seven twenty two and twenty three first vessel lease four four seven plus look at those here's the first one Proverbs five eight two thirteen Proverbs five eight two thirteen battle another can have a website associated with this but I'll probably put this presentation in PDF form up on my website half .org and then go down under the training section and you'll see a place of business training of fine Macintosh notes what would I Macintosh noticeable at all I'll put that up and if okay after all .com so she opened that up in PDF form now let's go through the stacks this brother and amazing facts center of evangelism may be amazing vaccination of who did the blood week 's amazing facts Proverbs five eight through thirteen remove your way far from her do not go near the door of her house lest you give your honor to others in your years to the cruel one lest aliens be filled with your wealth and your labors go to the house of a foreigner and you mourn at last when your flash and body are consumed this proverb was talking about being involved with someone that was a prostitute or in harlotry and it was saying that you are you spending your wealth another words year of their vital forces or something of that related to your future and alternately leads to what flash and body being what consumed and destroyed so is this relevant today have we seen in examples of people losing their wealth and everything else as a ruse all in all then sexual immorality recently maybe you've heard about this situation of wounds that heal this particular celebrity and he had a very public fall some of which we don't know is true or not but it really teaches you whether or not all those things are true that everybody jumps on the bandwagon and they will leave you high and dry and try and take all your wealth and take everything away from you right and I think that it's one of the major lessons of this time and that that happening in such a public way should give us pause as well continuing with the verse and you say how I have hated instruction in my heart despise correction this particular celebrity we were talking about when he was a young man his mother tried to drill into his brain not to do that in these of the reports is alive now obeyed the voice of my teachers going climb a air to those who instructed me I was on the verge of total ruin in the midst of the assembly got engaged and now you know when you get involved in this it can be a very embarrassing thing you want to just go away a high and never maybe see anybody else again and you might even want to answer life in fact some people have that concern about this particular celebrity were talking about were just alluding to today is an illustration haven't seen him in months and the devil wants you to get so discouraged and so down and out as a result of not having victory over the flesh that you believe there's no way out he wants you to kill yourself and I wanted to say that the God of the way to do it no matter what you've done this can be hope I better keep going we'll get to it so how dangerous can this be immediately he went after her as a law goes to the slaughter was a fool to the correctional stocks until an arrow struck as a liver the bird hastens to ensnare he did not know it would cost his life federal I think a lot how they had the cattle go and they haven't got it I do know they're going to dine and put them on the maze bright and I go around and against darker darkness don't want to understand Dana blown that Big Bang hits there had never their slot in the name and there they try and now allotted to the back in Bible times but the whole idea was they tried to doing away that it seemed like it was any big deal but it cost them their lives so how does God relate to this first vessel is four four two seven each of you should know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor not in passion of a loss like the Gentiles who do not know God 's will is a difference between someone who is this enjoying of Gentile and those who are of God one is sanctified and what is on sanctifying no one should take advantage of and defraud his brother in this manner because the Lord is the amends are of all such we also forewarned you in testifying that it talked about possessing his own vessel some people think that means the individual 's body themselves some people think it means their wife depending on the passage in one but this would put it this way if you are messing around with somebody alternately is not in a beer wife that somebody else's wife doesn't know is that if you're messing around so it is not your husband then that's given me somebody else's right Seo does remember that for not call us uncleanness but to what does it say holiness so is it any big deal yes problems five A through four phases are getting as sick if you get involved Proverbs seven or just summarizing seven twenty two and twenty three you may get jailed and first Thessalonians four four two seven the Lord will advance in other words is not just to let a dog on a dolly of this letter golf so what is the promise for the victors know why the world I talk about this on a glow as I want you guys aglow right with with with moral purity also might say we do a lot of door-to-door stuff that that after all the others last year we had two young ladies that went to adorn this guy was completely involved in tomography and stop and he he tried to you know I'll make the moves on them is that he got a no win to go and when the glow and when not to go and when not to glow a man so this whole idea is processing your vessel in holiness and sanctification in those days thanks preserve peace with all people and holiness without which no one will see the Lord remember this morning says that we will see his face and it will signal lights when we docked about the right look at this rejoice ye pure in heart because blessed are the pure in heart for they shall walk seeing God so Carrie of hard allows us to see God and when we say God and we savor God when were so satisfied with them you know God is most glorified when I am most satisfied in him Jack when we see that we may not even have some blow tracks with us but will be glowing and people will be drawn to that life will become an epistle that's now been read by all men another was will become a what will this hand one out will be one of the event and that's really a minute of this on a bulletin board but how delighted not only be glowing with retractable blowing as a person so there are three main battle flat fields is the mind Satan will say go ahead and look or do the spirit will say don't the actions and those actions if we decide to go ahead and do something we should the Bible said talked about giving place to the devil book of Matthew network places for the word told Poss which means to we used we get topography from that you know this whole idea were giving up some ground were surrendering ground and when you do give place to the to the devil he drives and take more and more he wants to take over your place and feel the demons of get into your life the love those actions in late habits and that leads to bondage and there's a lot of people today and bondage to many different things and they may very therefore called warring lusts in the Bible and it can be appetite it can be sex it can be media some people so maybe either addicted to iPhones and messaging and to also think they really are and you know I I know how that is to I want vacation I was off the grid and first couple days you may looking at your stuff in an earlier nobody knows one talking about digital after an okay begin a war now this I like is also practical thanks when you are dealing with this issue you got a remember these things began a war that the general war that has already been one and needs to be claimed when I want to stress that I believe God has already one the battle for you and hello I say that Thanksgiving God who gives a possible victory through our Lord Jesus Christ he's already won the battle that here and going to encounter or encountering he has the victory I say praise the Lord for that number two but realize that even though he's won the battle and still is a battle work out your own salvation with fear and trembling Ford 's got it working about the will and to do is good pleasure strives to enter the narrow gate another words he's got that battle but the EU it is a copartnership not that you're doing anything this can save you but you have to allow in all those times were talks about the camel it's easier for a camel to go to the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God zero that passage any of them that there were the high gates there in Jerusalem and the camels would they can go through the eye gate but they had to take everything off and and then they can go through the eye gate and then they could put everything back off this interesting so realize it's a battle finally my brother season six hundred eighteen be strong in the Lord and the power of chance my cell in the Lord his life and put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the while the double we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities powers rules of darkness of the stage against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places so realize it's a battle and and prepare now you know are just behind almost everything the devil is trying to set landmines and snipers in the area of lust on me to look on a Facebook site in these pages come up next year will add it in this is like all over the place that you know some people cause some people dress in a way that draws insensitive and that may him that's you I think the biggest temptation sometimes for people is to be lusted after we talk about lost but other people have this problem they lost to be lusted after they dress in a way that attracts attention I doesn't excuse you for locating and lingering longing and whatever you're doing is sensible now but that's their problem so yes or no and when you're going glowing door ajar people interested in the gospel and not at you amen and this is practical being it yourself in trouble real fast and not just tell young ladies are young men as well so the battle Dan is for the mind do not be conformed to work as it says in the Philips translation squeezed into the mold of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of the Lord so it's a mind battle so some practical things that you want to have victory began with fasting and confession out remember that you know you have a fast of different things but it in the Bible fasting is a subject immaculate fully studied here but is this not the fast that I have chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to undo the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free there's something about fasting that can lead to the loosening of the bonds of wickedness now I was is with Doctor Natalie in Bakersfield when I heard him answering questions about fasting and one of the things that he brought out that I haven't read the study but will is that when you fast year melatonin production will go up your brain actually gets rejuvenated and you have more status I love the concept here seven smoking your drunken guys are pop in your jaws drop in and you you know he you are you are more able mentally to be sharper so there's a physical aspect to it and that leads to the ability to be loosed from a bottle and I say also given a fake one meal a fast let it be supper there are double dual addictions to last if you have a high fatty meal if you have an alcoholic drink if you have certain heavy foods that are spicy and whatnot guess what it breaks down the mental ability and then leaves to the secondary issue this is why people will say can I buy you a drink you with me while still out to eat and defending out what is is is is being eaten or uses a high fatty meal and that will directly reduce the ability of your frontal lobe to say now I'll call I don't need to explain to you commit to have Christ wash your brain the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty into in God for the pulling down of strongholds you can even pull down the god-awful anonymous stronghold what's that mean it's a whole but got strong and through repetitive action right pulling down strongholds casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ and other translates as casting down imaginations and is idolatry it's an image that becomes an imagination in all and still images that we see sometimes can be a problem to sell have commit to having him loss your head and the water of the washing of whom were this is a cerebral love lies this is a stent put in your ad and a divine dopamine drip of the word amen so replace the double strongholds than with God strongholds is the picture Psalm eighteen one I love you old Lord my strength as a result I love you all he got away L all R by Gaylord is always outweigh the judge I love you old jobs my strength the Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer my God my strength in whom I will trust my shield and the horn of my salvation my one strongholds what is anchor against casting down strongholds and replacing those strongholds with the strongholds of the Lord right we need habits we need actions we need thoughts that are the Lords and when we get the others in our mind that's a strong police be broken down and replaced so jobs that I've made a covenant with my submitted covenant with my eyes why then should I look upon a young woman right so he's a lot done I'm not to do that and he sat on the look away most of the look on a young woman I used onion is almost practical ladies and men we had better debates anything these guys with sunglasses on as a reason there wears sunglasses and it's not because of the sun this is a wall look at you what are you saying the look of them they want aloft without being seen on every man's like that but a lot of them are so don't dress in a way that that even that doesn't do that yes or no plan to something here okay I'm just trying to make it plain rubberstamps and had his eyes gouged out you make a covenant with his eyes it really was a good one so ultimately he spent all his wealth and everything on who he chose to guide them into a lot of trouble and ultimately his eyes were gouged out the contract got my eyes or ears I want them to see what you want them to see when you want to them to see it how you want the decision and then we control our eyes a couple hence be on alert ready alert for warfare one guy told me that the humiliated to visit his family with them and and and the ladies in his family were they were cattle like the lost police and he had a probably just told his family says look I just have this problem whenever they see someone who was dressing in a way that would probably be a problem they say look to the left that looked allowed him know what that arrived ourselves out of funny but how do you think that's a kind of actually beautiful picture but there could be that transparency remember that the devil is a roaring lion and he's trying to use try to devour you seeking whom he made varsity of the alert and you got a have this idea another were ideas that quote Scripture and I give your thoughts to God that the word and say it when the temptation comes I think one great word is out him help me Lord and you know the brain really can do two things at once people try and tell me that they multitask now they don't the brain is like sequential doesn't have that ability so he seldom do my instant messaging buildings shown in offices where there's Instant Messenger that promote productivity goes down by fifty percent they say that the online organization is the ineffective organization because they have all of these different things that are interrupting the so another words when you say a word it gets your brain can focus on two things at once so your help me Lord and you don't they are all very and your brain has to focus on that I can focus on building an assailant saying that's why it is powerful now I was reading a book recently by Jeffrey Schwartz the neuroscientist the sunlight no devotional time and I like to read a book on the brain each year so I can know for Pierce Mark so as I was rating is created as I found something that was very white he has left about that I have been I found something that was very fascinating this is of course why put on the slide and that is that it every and your brain and your thoughts there was color readiness potential that's unconscious and highly conscious of it but your writing to do something and before you even do it your brain has thought about it and prepared you to do that very thing right long before you're aware of it well not that long like what one hundred two hundred three hundred and fifty milliseconds right as well as the thousand milliseconds of the second so another words is three hundred and fiftieth of a second right and here thank you for thinking there is anything right now give Donna thousand dollars right there is a human is alien and now he has identified the studio is out it was as happy as you say doctors unconsciously got his unconscious potential right running as potential but then this is important I think an understanding of this idea of saying something and stopping the erroneous thought then there comes conscious awareness and you only have what's it look like their audit and fifty two hundred maybe three hundred milliseconds left before the action is going to occur so I freight saying moments as a lustful thoughts is the year where of it in the way of this much time to bring it into it but experiments is shown that a person can choose not to perform a movement that was on the cusp of occurring and that was preceded by a large readiness potential closures because the freight train is going towards the abyss and go to go over when you find out God has given you air brakes on your freight train and you can stop it before it goes over the public is a hell you see all of you know what that is best the Bible calls it that book that David was talking about today were talks about the origin of sin church in profits well that the all that it's called the gift of enmity and as is I will put enmity between you and the woman on the other words this gift is the gift of freedom of choice that even though there's a desire to to do wrong is also strong God is the ruler yet the handsets forward on going down here but I doesn't have to blow I can visit test file also holiness because of his Holy Spirit right so another words of your free will is it okay I see accounting is appropriate on the window for both my wife I'm going to just and the vigilance or eye muscles in the state of partial contraction occurs and we have a kiss but for you maybe that's not appropriate amen elected the new regulatory muscles now here's the other side event to refrain to refrain from an act is no less an act than to commit an act on it it is interesting those you said I won't that's also an act I will that's an act so what you really have is three Walt and free will be recycled for free won't have an effect for free will and praise God he gives is this right and the way we can strike the records of the Spirit 's velocity of the water of his word I is as practical as is practical for you right so on I would control our eyes how can we do this note was you don't say a word help leaders and help me Lord I'm sinking right on this one stop smoking program November I had this this this lady who was teaching the attitude stop smoking programs and she had this idea Ernest she said what you need to do is give people a rubber band a civil loser loser coconut William a rubber band so I give a big thick rubber band of these people whenever they had a temptation to smoke we teach in the snack that rubber band will hardly go by their mind then went to go down now the room that needs yourself him think about your mother-in-law know or whatever allies and also you go down the list of things by the time you were doing at that urge to smoke was God right was always driving in Wichita Kansas and I know smoking cessation thing like five or six years before I came next to this intersection and this guy was his way Internet me and I was like you know you know I do not invade I knew he was an early realize that I didn't really recognize and handle momentary senior moment so he takes his sleeve down the salesman is a big rubber band AI and fault so is working for him and but here's another one have a prayer target of prayer target prying eyes with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit being watchful of the sin of all perseverance and supplication for all the saints yet want to pray for an adverse minister just pray for victory over last one pray for David Asterix a given picture of her last pray for Mark I give a picture of relapse pray for each other like that and and and then you begin punishing the double wanting something you all God and restart private so pick prior talk target payment and delivery now here's another one and recently I been thinking about is called the Thanksgiving defense is the Thanksgiving events if God has already won the victory if God is already time in human flash and won the victory on your behalf then I think we need to think a lot more about that and thank him for the very victory that he had that were encountering right now and my idea is that is it is I think father does Scripture was preaching is this last Thanksgiving and I was thinking about this whole thing when did Jesus give thanks before or after the love this is where the when did Jesus give thanks before or after Lazarus was raised from the death when that Jesus Jim thanks before or after the communion service that he would eat and drink it and go with them in the kingdom another words even though in his flash he didn't know whether or not that was going to happen by phase he gave thanks for it so I wanted to say to you that if we start giving thanks to the Lord for the victory I disempower their myriad bit movements as we give you thanks because you took your great power and terrain the time of the database should be raised in jobs rumor that some enemy at that moment the sound of the seventh trumpet begins with a Thanksgiving call I wanted to say I believe that you knew thou have the victory but he has it for you so thank him for and enter into temptation into a praise service this will punish the devil MN so here's the text another one look at this look at this this is great fornication uncleanliness covetousness my will is related right now still not covet thy neighbor 's wife right let it not be named among you as is fitting for states neither filthiness nor foolish talking nor corset jesting which are not fitting what you put all pleasantries but rather what does it say getting thanks for raising this is a powerful defense and so I wanted to tell you that this is this is helped me so many times because of the overclock when we try is a well understood until Armando was a good idea to do it but you can thank God for doing and when you do it on this Allied victory in Atlanta victory he had referral you when anyone says Rectory Manor Salyers but unison website pride goes before a fall as well ask that the women got a place in your life the women God has placed in your life is amenable got enough place there on SF bands the limiting God has placed in your life to protect to write listen to your father got you and do not despise your mother was result in all my wife is very helpful to me to say that ill I'll number three that lady is out to get you like you now that I know to say this was absurd to start the rent as well my son give me here in your heart and let your eyes observe my ways for a harlot is a deep pit from the seductress of narrow well she lies in wait for a victim increases the unfaithful among men the laser mom stocking filler there boys and these are these are godly one I think we need mothers in Israel some mothers in Israel my church and they would just they were they would take care of this business I see some old cozy cozy and when overloading in our eye cinnamon special forces and say I already knew to go in and they did it on them other than as really deliver the head over the wall clock is so well but I think it all based on this idea of saying a word of prayer target may be godly when they are life has another one I do practical things we you but by the way is another practical reason my time trying to tell you the practical reasons or is Nelson wants me to know make sure you go practical things when you go on Hannah blog tracks door-to-door and stuff you got to get this this is people waiting for you Desyrel Holy Spirit 's most effective weapon by latest title story here before get the most effective weapon and that is the altogether study a casinos and they saw all the things that baffle men's brains and they wanted to be so confused at the lose more money and so they had people in those places that have ninety nine percent off underclothes and they tried and then you know everybody looking away and it still confuses the mind of its own website they did a study I I take a flight to Las Vegas often not to gamble you and I'm headed somewhere else and on the flight to Las Vegas everybody's happy amino icon of the stupid happy neither going there and their stupid fault diagnosis what are you going to go gamble was a gamble but can I have some money I have to promote as I need a thousand dollars will e-mail you a thousand dollars a satellite clinic two thousand Civil War one evening we would give you my message in here willing to lose it I can guarantee you give me the money now have eternal dividends as I would put it into the work of the kingdom of God so I thought you have ten thousand I appreciate it I figure if I can pressure them on the way to Las Vegas to lose in any way as a man as I can like me I want the pictures of the presidency for their buried in an button then I noticed on the way out of Las Vegas is always a different mood on the plane sitting next to this guy 's like to mail as I thought he amended it to guide his life this allows yes Donatella 's wife is reading this magazine that I just am telling you the information from skill of the magazines at about last night of the safest place on casino is the bathroom but even if there is getting a walk-through to get there all right so back to my announcement once the Holy Spirit 's most effective weapon is thy word have I had in my heart that I might not sin against God would use it as an effective weapon on guys and losing I like this to accept your mind on things above not on earthly value life is hidden with Christ in God set your mind on things above not of a therapy and died the life was in the price of God is powerful think social looking up he really can't look across and out during your setting your mind above and out is a little Celine fornication the record is poured me a closer look a very interesting word doesn't flee it fully and I were to blame our so important that you want that up there it will do more for something six fifteen to twenty okay but you go sorry remove provisions for defeat what time is when this was what was available but you talking renewal provisions for defeat make no provision for the flesh and I talked about the surreal bit primary and secondary sources some music you listen to set you up just by its very rhythm and that sometimes gets in the church in all of that it's crazy about I believe in drum search deer drops as a man is nothing aside from eardrums you know you can overdo a good music and then again really leads you astray and food like I told you high fatty foods and in some of those spicy foods and different things a statue of and you have a secondary thing that kicks in no and let me tell you why maybe it will physiology although not a physiologist but when you eat a cheese pizza say their entities beats or know somebody that the one any of HSA five six o'clock at night that she is goes into your system and it blocks the receptor sites so that your insulin can help the sender get in so the Inn can get in insulin itself and that blood sugar goes up in a blood sugar stays out for three four five six hours and we are blood sugars up you can't really think as effectively and you're more open to two making bad decisions is why sometimes when you if you want your friends to do worse on the test the new supplements ease piece of the night before I get on the Snickers bar in the morning and you probably do better on the test and they'll think you're a nice person is you learned on audio birth no don't do that you understand Joey do that illegitimate you understand what I'm saying and and and I'm just telling you these are these these lead to a lessening of ability to say no and here's another one be wise in what is good and simple concerning evil I mean even giving a lecture like this is fraught with a little difficult as I want to educate you in years you have even thought about yes but I do think that today is pretty much out there your all struggling with and maybe know someone that is that's why you're here to help them solve modern one verse three says no evil thing before the eyes I make a lot less I like pretty relevant text doesn't cause no big judges look at it here's the problem with that I should put the slide into the next session this was called mirror neurons in the brain and mirror neurons will fire in the same area where the if you get the real action the same air the brain with fire as if you are done another was by looking at that same sex of the brain fires that if you done the very act that point is that if you look to a woman to lust you give committed adultery in your heart remains in your head and the same is brain is doing more new temptations from about buying and answering cordless phone with NL White says in the feet turned irresistibly towards evil so suddenly will thing realize that one in a war means fighting the battles and don't give up if you stumble once on a life is a series of interrupted false right now I could fall if I put my foot for my fun event and so life is a series of letter and how interrupt the falls and I need we need to keep our focus and yelled by the O'Neill illustration of fire had a a mop and I was trying to balance it out I balance it by looking at the base of the top center when I think about and on earth right and I'm looking up and looking to him he's helping me don't give up over twelve live in the presence of God you wanted below the liver the presence of God man's heart plans his way the God directs his steps there is no one greater than the thousand nine in fact anything really new because you are his wife how then can I do this great witness in San Miguel Scott Joseph said look I'm living in the presence of God is not about you lady is about God am living in the presence of God and number thirteen years temptations as springboards for spiritual insights and re- affirmations one minute at whatever temptation is a praise God it reminds me I'm forgiven it reminds me of the blood of Jesus it reminds me that he's had victory over every temptation it reminds me that I like to rededicate my life it reminds me that I want to see God face to face I want to see him being pure in heart and when you do that you begin harnessing the devil in the very area where he was trying to take you now feel that I will do resist the double I healthfully because man is too costly this too costly to ten Derek in that area as he starts Fran for all those people who stars all those texts and minutes of someone else comments of someone else a man to be accountable for your eyes your thoughts your deeds each of us so give an account of himself to God the Bible says now let me just say this it might not hurt to you have someone ask you the following questions these sets of questions I would like notes of this some point you can get them on the web settlements and again the envelope what did you spend time alone with God this week had even fatefully meditating always one verse of Scripture have you been reading your glow track of you look at anything that you know God would not want him to look at heavy committee reactions that God would consider wrong or immoral have you been completely triple with your answers not sure that you should confess that I think everybody because this chapter in the testimonies Wi-Fi this is erroneous and true confession of that who can manipulate you they know what your struggles are very careful with this but I do think it's wise to be held accountable amen so let me just review begin a war that you expect to win realize it's a battle remember the battle is in the mind begin with fasting confession commit to have Christ wash your brain to replace the double strongholds with guys make a covenant with your eyes remove provisions for defeat realize that when a war means fighting many battles live in the fear in presence of God learn God 's limitation the curiosity and use temptations as springboards for spiritual insights as well as ensuring important is there hope for those who fallen in the event know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God don't be deceived neither fornicators idolaters are adulterers and homosexuals were sodomites of thieves all that list one here the Cato God but look at this great first-person read it with me and sought so were some of you but you were lost you were sanctified you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God have a good safe seat in there's hope there is a look at this one these are the ones who are not defiled with for they are these are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever he and they were redeemed from among men in other words they were redeemed which means what did the last ones and now their synagogues eyes is what virgins no matter if you admit a mistake but now they're seen as what I have three powerful that you make mistakes you give victory to see these mistakes regard them as beacons of warning dusty turned defeat into victory disappointing the enemy and during the Redeemer in a life goal is to pursue holiness without which no one will see God the good news is those who are pure in heart will see God is so rejoicing pure heart rejoice give thanks and saying their facile banter when I'm high the cross of Christ your King is pretty good father in heaven board this message was for all of us or me included we need the prayers of one another and we want to be ready when the bell tolls not just now but at the end of time give us an experience with you old Lord just moment by moment we claim your victory today in Christ's name amen


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