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Ignite Your Church - Part 1: Evangelism 101

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 14, 2019
    8:15 AM
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Father in heaven we are thankful for the privilege of being here Lord we can't overestimate the privilege of the freedom to come together to believe according to our conscience and to practice those beliefs to study them together Lord we know that these freedoms will not always be high and we just thank you that we have them now we help we ask that you would help us to take the most advantage of them while we do we pray for the blessing of your Holy Spirit upon what we're going to do now in this classroom and Lord across this campground with all the different seminars going on we just pray for the outpouring of the spirit we ask and prayed in Jesus' name amen. Ok personal Ministries is a department in the local church whose goal according to the 7 am to church manual is to get every single member involved in outreach missionary service in the church not all I'm involved in the church I do greeting Oh I'm involved in church I help a fellowship meal that's not him that's not total member involvement according to our denominational believes according to what we believe Scripture says I'm going to share that this morning according to our church manual every member should be involved in sharing their faith and so that's the job of the person ministries department is to help provide that training on a conference level and help equip the person ministries leaders in the local church on that level and so one of the reasons the conference office had invited me to do this is because. I've been the director of the minuet stooped since 2009 which basically does training eventually training and they wanted to bring that into a more prominent place in the conference office so that we could make that training more accessible to the field so Pastor Cameron I go out on a regular basis and do training in churches and if you are interested in training in your church as if you are in Michigan and if you're outside of Michigan you can request and you know that but yeah the Brethren just usually focus on you know has cost involved but for Michigan church if you go to our website which is the Michigan s s pm dot org website you want to write that down. I'm going to reference it further this week we put a lot of resources there Michigan spelled out I don't think it's case sensitive but I go lower case I usually put in the case Michigan s s p m Sabbath school person ministries Michigan s.s. pm dot org We're going to have a lot of resources there for you a lot of the things we cover here and that kind of thing but there's also a speaker request form if you are training request form of you want some training to come to your local church and that form gets the ball rolling with us getting it on the schedule that kind of thing just so you're aware that now past camera want to you just introduce yourself and I give you the mike you get a good lawyer yes but he's Cameron of a church and the director of this I was cool person Mr Hartman and our course is the associate director but he's the director of the mental institute that might be able little bit how does that work the issue is that the Sabbath school. It's on but I want to give you one more you haven't really thought. That. Well every member of the Church young and old in some form of soul with a mission there. That same think he was brought into the company's offices and you know if this is supposed to happen in every local church maybe the photographer should have it saved but we have a ministerial department who works with all the ministers right and usually that's how information in training the resources gets conveyed to the equal of the church is through their ministerial represented and prays look we have or still have a ministerial apartment and they have their soci and so they work with like Briggs's or nation service the other day that they train and equip and move around and recruit all the different things that have to do with the minister side but we have noticed and I don't want to get up on the soapbox too much but there is a bit. So if you may hurt my side I about Pastor dependency. In the 7th Day Adventist Church a lot of our church members are very very dependent on the after record they want after all the administration of preaching all the leading out of meetings they want to do it was so when it bible studies of public advances on race and you thought it was having it and how it was like. And it members see their role more wary likes of this issue by the right or I fully support. Hate as. When they were you haven't heard pastors members of that every one of us who we were. That we go and sit with that button set Mr Rather and say you know what we need to make that more clear in our response was not so instead of it's not like removing mark like from the pastoral feel that I would to some conference officer but there's another your birth is out there and actually may happen the means of you know are supposed to happen according to the Bible is very prophesied are voted documents in the church manual what so. Saddest little person missed the part very very happy to be part of it because we have an exclusive focus on the police primary vote is our trade. In the mission to partner with their ministerial brothers right so that all of us can be doing effective Solway work so there are $26000.00 members of the mission conference plus over $26000.00 and there's a $180.00 or so churches and companies. 120 so Pastor So there's a whole team here that we're trying to get to and so the company brought especially market with the mentalist to that got a big so that it could not just the occasional wild thing you might hear about it I mean as you go to it we're trying to make this a more central focus of higher copperheads work is the training and equipping and sending out the lay people or there were already with ministers for that were put out by got 1st finished the work that you have accomplished you. Know the well. If you go yes there is a cost but yeah I think people got to show up. You know and we've talked about the because it also says there's only so many like things weekends in a year or so many weeks we can devote to that and we don't want to come to a place if one person but there's always love to have that you're just speaking for yourself and also just we all know you can all think for people. We want to we want to make sure that if we profile last year it's going to be a blessing from everything we've learned through the church. I love yeah we love this little bit of a counselor to make sure our members of their talk about Permian saps who are going to make of it right because we don't we don't I'll take that lot more time is up to yeah you got your time you know if you have your time Ok I'll stop but anyway. Yeah that was an introduction to you not your servant and I said introduction I this had telling me I was right I don't care about me by the way a group and to deceive about nobody here what they care about a thing they came for Actually there's some pretty exciting stories about that growing up in Tennessee where he could go to prison now I'm going to tell you though that Pastor Kaymer will be teaching in here along with myself my brother Jim Some remember my brother Jim. And I politics. I have my brother but my brother Jim works for the General Conference He'll be here this week so he's going to share a little bit he works in Ironically he's in the same position for the General Conference that I am for the Michigan conference to cameras a director our department and the associate of the Sabbath school person ministries department my brother Jim is the associate a sensible person minister Department of the general conference he's going to be here this week West peppers are going to help us out this week as well Cameron is going to be heading up some other seminars. That start tomorrow by the way you can't do that you know drawn from my own views about it oh well competing if you want your savviest will be alive. To come to the south who lives of an hour and that does not compete with the manual is one of the clocke the other person is the stuff you don't really. Know we manual but in the morning. Yeah we have a lot of debate so he'll be he'll pop out sometimes for seminars in the me popping in and we'll do it anyway so I wanted I want to now to turn your attention to our schedule and now there's a little Does that sound Ok it's a little ringing to me now I think it's bouncing off of this is what's happening I just want to make sure the sound is Ok turned it up a little bit and I don't Ok if it be if it if it gets bad you need to let me know because I can't tell as much more you're sitting. So if you look at the schedule. We're starting out with evangelism want to one after we do this introduction and you've got that the schedule all week from 1045 to 12 we're going to have a session here and then after lunch starting at 215 The 215330 seminar slots we're going to be in here now you see the on today's for example and today is not just did today there's usually not Sundays are not usually in a lot of seminars that are going on it can't meaning but through the rest of the week starting tomorrow you have seminars going on but the 2 you've got basically the growth thing the sefer newness part one and part was due in part one in part 2 we'll break in between there and so there maybe some of you come in for one part of it not the other part of it just so that you understand that we're working within those seminar tracks of for example if you look on the far left from 215-2315 then there's a 15 minute break before we start 330 to 430. So that if people are coming from another seminar they can come and get that particular session you're going to be in a part 2 on Sunday and Monday you see how that that works a little bit. Some of these things if you have been to an advance of training and I'm into training or another one some of these there will be similarities I will tell you this I rarely present the same thing the same way twice so you really haven't heard before. One of the challenges is you have to understand that when we started a manual institute it was a 14 week program and we took 3 entire weeks of 6 to 7 hour days to present now we're trying to do in 5 days and 3 hours a day so it's always a matter of which part of me going to emphasize this time because of that there's always different things besides the fact that I know when people come to camp many don't have the same thing every time and so we've changed that up the 1st year we did a campaigning seminar we did a solid witnessing training we just focused on personal witnessing you know how to find interest how to. Share your how to share your testimony how to get bible studies the next year we did our Bible boot camp where we just went through Bible doctrines and how to give studies on the different doctrines which you know we'll probably revisit that but will cycle through last year we teamed up with amazing facts and it ended up being an amazing facts training more than a minute training we kind of supplemented with it afterwards this year what we're going to do I'll talk about what we're going to do in just a minute after we promise we'll talk about it now as we're going over schedule so as Cameron and I as Cameron highlighted we got in the conference office and in fact one of the things that that we they set us both down you have to understand that prior to did Wes have 7 school or was that a new thing with you so when Cameron came into the conference office last what March or something. I started in July and so you were just before that. And when that happened they decided to put the Sabbath school department with personal ministries it hadn't been the case before also personal ministries did not have a an associate there was just the person ministries leader so when they brought in Cameron and then they brought me in. That's right now evangelism went to ministerial with Pastor peppers Anyway you don't need to know all that you need to know is that when they say when we got in and they sat us down they said this is what we really are looking for and why we're bringing Mark into why we're doing all this we've done a lot of trainings in this conference the problem is when you do a training people come to the training they're excited but then they go back to their dead church doesn't want to do anything or you go into a church to do the training and people get excited and then it fizzles out because they run into challenges and we've got to find a way to keep the excitement going and to keep that we're going right to simple task we've got to find a way to get all the members excited about Personal Evangelism going out witnessing giving Bible studies all the members in your local church if I told you to do that you go home discouraged So anyway that's what they tasked us with. And so we've been taking and I want to tell you something that you'll hear me say this in if you made her heard it in a different setting but. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the Michigan conference of 7 day I mean if you're from the Michigan conference you have know you have a little clue how blessed you are many of you I did not start working in the Michigan conference it's funny because I go I still go around speaking different places and admin the civil lost their bearings where like all the 3rd angel's message is not relevant and all this talk about end time stuff and b.s. and it's scary and we just need talk about Jesus and all of this incidentally Jesus is the one who taught about to be so but all that aside. As I go around there are people that are doing stuff admin a sitter in the church and the like oh we're doing all this innovative stuff in our conference innovative you know what I mean innovative new edgy kind of like not the old fashioned stuff like what kind of stuff you doing man we got like we're trying to get more young people our church and so we do is we start the morning by servant breakfast and we have coffee and donuts and I know that coffee isn't the best thing but it gets the people in the doors and then you know we've livened up the worship service and we've got you know we've got you know there are places that folks I have not always been in the church and you know it call me over fashion but it seems odd to me when I come into the church and the smoke rolling off the stage and there's splice going on and they're calling it church we didn't used to call that church when I was in the we're wouldn't call it church at all oh but there's all this other and all were innovative and I just want to tell you you're not being innovative you're just copying what the Sunday church is the Babylonian church has been doing forever and this I'm getting this from ministers were being innovative but when I'm here in Michigan I'm telling you we are doing stuff in Michigan nobody else is doing. Our grown Michigan in the emphasis there we're not we're hitting this stuff in practical ways that people aren't doing and so Cameron and I were looking at the you know we're looking at trying to to how are we going to get more people active and we began looking into what we did is we adopted a district now Michigan conference is divided up into 12 pastoral districts Ok so you have the whole state there are 12 districts and within a district for example we chose District 6 to work within district 6 there are 7 pastors and 17 churches Ok And there's a district superintendent over each one of those districts now we knew that if we were going to change things on the local level we weren't going to be able to do it from the conference office sitting in a chair sitting in a desk somewhere we had to be in the churches we had to see what was going on in the churches we had to be able to do on the ground boots on the ground training in the churches and we knew we couldn't get around 288 churches in the mission conference and do that and so we decided to pick and we're working with our ministerial department were years we have talked about some of things we're going to share here Cameron touched on the idea and you hear more about this this idea of pastoral dependency this is not Adventism folks it is not Biblical it's not early church you don't find it in the book of actually don't find it nearly having a smooth but we will find if you look through history the slow decline away from a the biblical model to where we have a very dare I say Catholic model of ministry. And so as we have looked into this and we've been investigating this we said we've got to get in the church isn't in be able to evaluate and be able to do that on the ground training. So we work with ministry of apartment we as we met with our minister director of Rice naman and associate West peppers we said guys have been talking about this forever how are we going to do something different so we said let's get on the ground and do it so we picked a district we picked District 6 because it was close enough to Lansing to drive back and for. It we the district superintendent Pastor Terry Elsie's on a.v. this week repair Terry has been a conference evangelist he has an experience in in evangelism he was going to be supportive and a strength we thought in what we're going to do so we adopted District 6 and as we went into District 6 we began with a process of helping the churches to evaluate their own sense of mission there not just the sense I don't want to say that where they were in terms of really moving the mission of the church are they evangelists stick or do they just think they're evangelists to how do they get off of if they're not operating in the way that that is the most efficient for church growth we look at Church Growth indicators and let me tell you this about our churches how many of you are from Michigan Ok let me tell you about a Michigan church as 188 churches we have 30 churches give or take. It may be more than that but pretty close 30 churches that are this close to closing their doors altogether there's just not enough there to keep them going. Some of those churches I shouldn't say that some of those churches might have enough money to pay for hospice care for the next 10 years other words the church may be dead no growth but because they have money in the bank we can just keep wasting that money and keep the doors open and I and I hate to say it that way but that if the church isn't growing if it's not present in the gospel is not winning souls you've lost your mission. And what's happened is we even talked about so we've got these 30 churches give or take and unfortunately the trend is not like well once we get over this hill things are going to get better they're not getting better our churches are dying as a result our schools are dying anywhere any teachers here Ok our school teachers our schools you know we got to get. Sometimes we think we just break the Saints and get more people can't send the kids to school well that's great if you have the people but we're losing the people baptism we're going to talk about I won't get into the details of this cameras going to touch on the details a little bit later we're going to get into details but we're in a crisis situation if something does not change not only I mean it's not just listen there are churches I'm not just talking about church we get churches that have more people in them that won't close their doors you might be in a church that is not in danger of closing its doors but it could be just as dead if not deader than one of those churches that will just because there's enough people or wealthy people that can help support and keep the bills paid but our goal is not to have a church that's doors are open. Our goal is to have a church that's winning souls for Christ and in preparing the way for the coming of Christ as are a 7 day going to church in 2010 what year is it folks in 2010 we launched this initiative of praying for the Holy Spirit the outpouring of the revival in reformation initiative you remember this annual Council at the end of 2010 October of 2010 said we have got to come to terms with the fact that we're not growing and unless we have the Spirit of God poured out on the church we're going to die and we need to make this a priority so it has been a priority for 9 years how long did it take the early church in the Upper Room something's not something's missing here. And I wish I knew that you're supposed to know this where you're Ok great you can tell the answers that we're going to do this week I have some answers but I don't have all the answers and that's one of the things with this district thing for us District 6 thing is we're as we are in this district and we are not only theorizing but then putting things into practice you know how that goes some things work and some things don't but I'm going to tell you that from that we're coming fresh from that we've got a very practical tools that will help you to start your church on the road to being the kind of church that can finish the work in this earth I don't want to be here for another 10 years talking about oh are I will never maces I mean seriously tenure with not been full 10 years so maybe we can look at that as a positive side but what we've been doing in District 6 is is looking at nuts and bolts of not just how you can give a Bible study but how do we change the culture of our churches to make them more evangelistic how do we really get every member involved how do we get our churches to begin to function and. I want to I don't want to dive into it just yet but as we've been in the conference office and we go around in training in different churches can I say I'm appalled at how some churches run and any kind of mystery as to why that church isn't growing is suddenly clarified in my mind there are some churches I walk into and it's obvious why they're not growing and it's not because they're not given Bible studies in time is because they don't it's because they we in the worship service on Saturday morning people don't even know who's supposed to get up to the platform and 7 they are going to say I think unfortunately don't realize now some of your churches if you're one of the bigger churches they can oftentimes take care of that not always I pastor bigger church has not been surprised at the lack of organization in those churches like it or not if you go to the Sunday churches. They've got it down in a lot of I mean they were competing with it like it or not and they don't do sloppy surfaces as a rule they're very polished they're very own time they're very and there's just all of those things are elements that are going to help us grow as churches and there are a lot of those elements that we never look at we're like Ok We're going to talk about so we're going to go to bible studies and then we wonder why my Bible study interest came to church once and said I'm never going back and it was because of the sermon is because nobody greeted him when they came in is because it's because nobody mowed the grass for the last 2 weeks because the church is in a shambles because it smells like grandma's basement. I walked to a particular into a particular church and told the pastor walked into a church and I have. My wife has played with this but I have a sensitive note sensitive to mold and I say that I don't think it was that fate but I walked into this church in the 1st smell that hits me is molding musty and I'm like that kid can't somebody spring for a dehumidifier this is God's house 1st impression coming in and don't think that doesn't affect people so those are I'm just telling you that to say the areas that we're talking about this week are not just going to teach you how to give somebody go track there are things that our churches need to evaluate to ask themselves are we set up to win souls and all of these little pieces fit into that I'm just going to go further with this particular church I walked into the church through the moldy smell I get into the church it's a big church it's probably I mean fairly good sized probably as big as this room so I'm walking in the back door I'm doing just as illustration so you got this church like this and the front of the sanctuary is down where the wall is right and this and I come in and where are the church members there in Santa School where they're all huddled back here in the corner in the only lights in the whole sanctuary are over their heads because they don't want to pay extra on Saturday morning if they don't have to. I don't know who that looks good to I don't but to an outsider who's coming into a church for the 1st time that's freaky that's just plain freaky you're not going to you're expecting you're going to church is here's a group huddled in the back corner with their class and something else about new people I didn't ask them why I didn't ask them why their head in the back corner I can imagine I have heard some people say this I'm going to soon this some people do that because they say well when people come in they sleep in the back and this way they can't just slip in the back you're right we slip out the door you know you can't do that you got to understand you know visitors can slip in the back and you're like so we're going to keep them from you they're going to have to come right in among us they won't they won't if you try to force that maybe that's not why the church was doing it but I'm just telling you folks there are a lot of these things that we're in so we're looking at things we're going to cover this week are are very practical things that I think will make a huge difference in your churches ability to grow and win souls it could be that you've been trying to we've been sent out mailers and doing this is not doing any good there could be other reasons that contribute to why it's not doing any good and let me just add this to it it may not be any visitor ever seeing what's going on don't forget the Lord himself sees what's going on he's not top tap and anybody on the shoulder to come to your church if your church isn't ready to receive there's some great statements in the spirit of Ellen White says the Lord does not now work to lead many souls in the truth because of those who have. Backslidden and those who have never been converted and incidentally the context of that statement is the evidence you just haven't received haven't to have bucked against the health reform so that's an interesting that's all of this up so that we're going to be looking at some real nuts and bolts stuff this week I just want you to understand that that's that's where we're heading we're taking this. Stuff we're working on right now in our district 6 and we're going to give you some tools that you'll be able to take home to your church we're wanting to do what we're doing in District 6 we're trying to refine it so that we can spread it out to the whole field we've got people already said hey can we use this can be used that you need to go out to all the churches or we can't get into all the churches right now but guess what you can and as we're going to look at this morning in this 1st session I just want to remind us all how it started with the Christian church and what God's calling for us is and don't think that you need the pastor to go into you need some evangelist to go you God can use you you're not here by accident this morning. This might be like this might be where you're saying well I mean a mistake coming in here because now the worst happened you in the shoulder and saying You're here because you can be a catalyst and you can make a difference where somebody else didn't and that's why I'm hoping that we're going to accomplish here throughout the week so I'll highlight as we go on here well let me just tell you let me just highlight now in our schedule vandalism want to one I'm going to revisit just the basic principles of what church is all about this afternoon and we're going to look at our growth model we're going to look at that from a standpoint of we're going to review just the what we call the cycle of evangelism but we're also going to review that from a standpoint of. Helping us how do I say this without getting into it. I'm not going to you're going to have to come this afternoon and you get all the. Ok in the morning Pastor West peppers is going to be talking at 1045 about where to begin Ellen Weiss says many of God's people would work if they were just shown or taught where to begin so I'm taking you from that Ok let's say you've never shared you've never witnessed how do you even get started with that where do you go who do you find is it just door to door ministry or is there some other way you can find people who witness do and how do you witness to him and what's a way you can witness to him without being preachy and all we're going to talk about that's more we're going to give you practical ways that if you just came to tomorrow morning you would have no excuse when you leave here I shouldn't said it that way because that leaves people like if I come I don't have an excuse if I don't come in still and have an excuse because you're here and had opportunity here things. But will be giving you practical ways easy ways dare I say that you can begin to share your faith and you may be like I'm just not one of those door to door people I just I feel awkward about even saying that even with that having been said we're going to give you ways you don't have to do all that invasive stuff and you can still begin in a very winning way to find somebody to begin sharing your faith with. Not just not just in we're going talk about it not just building the friendship back how do you make that transition from the friendship into spiritual things and again very practical ways that we'll share that tomorrow tomorrow afternoon I'm going to be talking about how to give really good Bible studies now you may have heard about you maybe even come to one of my classes on one of my class and Bible studies this is going to be different because they always are. I'm trying I've been trying I've been telling Karen you have to understand that every time I teach something I am I evaluated afterwards and I ask myself Was that part of it a big part of my evaluation is that it really translate into people giving Bible studies. Because I don't want to just teach a class make Ok that was interesting and go back on your merry way and ever give us a Bible study so I try to make the stings more and more practical and what I want to touch on in that training is I'm going to go over some basics but then I want well they may not be basic for you how many of you given Bible study here before I just had we just had I just had a follow up trip we did a training in a church and we followed we went back to the church I went back to the church Carol was unable to go and I followed up on the people with Bible studies that we challenge them to get I'm going to give you ways to get bible studies tomorrow ways that if you do what we tell you the class you'll get a Bible study 95 percent of the time happens every time we just did it didn't we Cameron It's our many churches and we keep going to churches and they don't believe us until they do it and have it works and they get jobs as problem is when they get a study they get what like I don't know I didn't know it was going to happen now I guess you have a Bible study and we're going to do with it but what we've been running into a lot is this people who get bible studies they start giving Bible studies but they feel like they're not getting anywhere the people in the studies aren't really making any changes aren't really and there's a reason for that and I really it really became clear to me as I followed up with this church and I was asking and they were telling me how their studies were going to want to give some of those practical tips on what's going to make the difference and you just giving Bible studies in the person smile and we print them never making any decision to follow truth and what the difference is in giving a Bible study and somebody following the truth is not that complicated but it is kind of complicated now you have to. Tell you about an element a bit later I'm just highlighting things evaluating your church for mission we came up with a diagnostic tool that has worked now it's not perfect but I want to tell you it's close as we can I mean as far as what we wanted to do it's a tool that we have the churches fill out for themselves and it is really helped the churches to see in most cases that they're not nearly as evangelistic refocuses they thought they were. And when a person does not see a need for change Guess how much change is going to be but when person when people see a name when churches see a need for change now you have some ability to begin to move forward this diagnostic tool I'm going to share the tool itself and how it's used and then in the afternoon Cameron's going to tell you about what we did as we had the churches fill those tools out and then we went and met with those church boards or church business meetings and we went over the evaluations with them and learned some very good stuff in very practical stuff and we're going to Cam is going to share the nuts and bolts I'm going to give you the form and then he's going to share with you some of the effect of it and how you could use those things in helping your church to evaluate and move forward evangelistic Leigh. Cameras going to talk about the church board on Wednesday and I can imagine the fact he's title that. There's a brother this is the one they're all marking out there get it crash now and that's a day every day. Department and if it's all it's a free day let me say this This Wednesday is all about planning folks I don't know how to say this any better I mean the conference of I mean let me describe conference work for you Ok it's going to be exciting Ok discomforts office work go to the conference office and you have a meeting after that meeting you have another me. When that meeting finishes you have 15 Mr grabs of me before you next meeting possibly sometimes now in between the meetings the schedule meetings are the whole way meetings hey you have a minute in the new do and then after the day of meetings is when you get that the secretary comes and says oh by the way can we see you in our office room in it we got some we want to go over and since we're all here. Which just translates to another meaning so once your day of meetings and my lion. And when you're done with a day of meetings then you get to go home and decide when you're going to do all the things you talked about doing in the meetings now those of you who sit on boards and meet you know how that type of thing goes but I'm telling you that to say on the one hand I don't like the meetings I don't like all the meetings I'm telling you that because you can probably resonate with it so I can tell you this without the meetings we would go nowhere we would go nowhere and there are churches and yeah I'm with you Pastor I don't like the meetings either and we don't do them and we don't have them but the reality is you have to come together and have meetings and sometimes the meetings are on longer and sometimes you could accomplish and in half hour what it took you 2 hours to call because everybody had to get their little word in or whatever that's how it goes but that's how things get done meetings and planning and filling out paperwork there are a lot of churches that avoid it and it's evident in how their church is run it's just a reality and so as much as it may be the stuff you like yeah I don't like that stuff all the more reason you should be tapping in on what we're doing here we're talking about the church board going to say we're going to shares today how many are board members in your churches or have been board members I'm going to guarantee we're going to talk about some stuff of the church board from the manual the says how the board should run that are going to you're going to be like. Because it will not be like any board you've ever had and yet it's how the 70 m. is manual says the church boards run I'll just give you this little insight number one purpose of the church board discuss the mission of reaching the territory of the church as a number one thing that should consume your board meetings talk about how we're going to reach all the people our community is that how the board meetings you attend go to you go to a panel maybe and if so how will you you're going to say it most of the time it isn't how it works we're going to talk about how to make those board meetings more effective to the mission of the church we're going to talk about different planning you can do to help your church become more streamlined in so waiting to get away from a lot of this mechanical stuff that we've been doing and really you know people say oh we're going to make our church more vibrant we're going to liven up the worship service I'm going to tell you what's going to make it vibrant Is this kind of planning and meeting the kind of boring stuff allegedly boring is really going to help which are sick off so that that stuff on Wednesday I can't say enough about it. Thursday Kaminey want to same thing about how to disturb our monotony he's going to disturb our monotony on on Thursday morning. My brother Jim is going to talk about some of that department planning and planning for evangelism and all of that and also Thursday afternoon he's going to be talking about how to coordinate interests you know the interest coordinator is an essential role and every church every church should have an interest coordinator and it's a board position we as we travel around what percentage of churches do we go to have interest coordinators it's a very marginal number but the interest coordinator is is one of the most important roles it's the it's the person who coordinates every contact that you have to your b.b.s. evangelist means cooking school supper clubs keeps track of those people that have shown an interest in the truth and with with an interest coordinator who's function the right way you could double or triple baptisms in your church. Or more depending on your church and how many Baptists you have 0 you can I don't know you can't be quadruple you can't do anything with 0 would be a big improvement how do you change the era by multiplication Anyway start with addition Exactly. And then we're going to talk about missing member ministry this is something that recently it's just been really impressed upon me if there is no other ministry that you do go tracks or anything like that if you're timid most of our churches and we'll share this we get into details and the experiences we had We're going to be sharing with the statistics of going into the churches and what have you but most of our churches have been attending Sabbath a warship membership I'm not talking about permitting members to attend answer so I was cool but sadly the worst service attendance is generally half or less of book membership Ok so for a for let's just say a 220 member church which is not a huge church let's just say for a 100 member church that's on the books you've got 50 members who don't come on a regular basis if you did a missing member ministry and let's just say that you have 3 of those come back to church and one of them stated would be worth I'm telling you we got but we can have better results are these are people that well we'll get into this weeks we're talking about not just missing members in the benefit but how you can actually organize in orchestrate a regular missing member ministry in your church I'm going to tell you it will it will bring people back. We're going to do that and then Friday we've got a q. and a where we you know you may have questions from the weekend practical questions from your own context of church we're going to handle that on Friday morning and then my brother Jim is going to finish up with keys to successful public we're heading into Jesus on prophecy any public evangelism again there are certain things that I have to say this. I've been to evangelists I've had more experience recently. Because I've always preached my own series so I've always been an advantage to my own of and I had one guy preach some you know Ted Kooser he preached for me when you're in a series and we work together on that but I've generally preached my own series so I don't have a lot of experience going to other churches I haven't you know if I've gone to other places because I went and somebody invited me mission called inviting me to go preach the series I preach a series for somebody else so to go to somebody else's evangelist meeting other than watching in a meeting or something like that is something I hadn't done as much of I've had more experience with that recently. And I can start to understand you know people have said well evangelism doesn't work anymore and I've always been a staunch defender against that public evangelism does work and I've defended public evangelism but that defense is weakening with the way I've seen public of Angela's and run sometimes some evangelists come I've sat in a meeting in the guy sounds like a used car salesman because he learned that quippy style was supposed to get people and I'm just and so I'm their tips and I'm and I'm seeing and here's why here's why I'm saying it why we're going to go into this on Friday there are things we do in a public in public evangelism that we'll kill whatever we're trying to accomplish you're meeting isn't going to be a success you're not going to have the baptisms you're not going to have the interest to follow up with and then afterwards and this is what I'm saying it is what happens afterwards because I work in this kind of department is people will say well our church isn't going to do that anymore because it just doesn't work and I know why it's not working and it's not because it's public evangelism we scare the people with the b.s. is because you're meeting with so sloppy and you're speaker didn't know what he was doing there are things that we can address. That will help your success and your success in public evangelism helps our success because you stay positive about it and you continue to support versus when Helder Mitchell gets up and says our offering that is Republican vandalism What do you think's going to happen to the churches who said Our meeting was a bomb yeah I'm going to give to that forget about it and the offerings go down and we can do as much public evangelism So it's important that you understand what makes for good public evangelism not all public evangelism is good. And so we're going to give you the tips as to what to my So anyway that's a layout of what we're doing this week is going to be good stuff and I don't know what Like I said I hope you can you can be here for the bulk of that and if you know people that he would talk to some people my church in this is Tell me about it and bring him in you've got the schedule for the week we'll have more schedules for those who come in throughout the week so what I want to do is we have. Why I'm just going to have you do a little stand up and stretch break Ok That wasn't a stretch break so we're going to we're going to dive into the Bible here for a moment and could invite you to sit down if you would and I would like to pray before we do this. Somebody had asked me during the break about what we train on when we come to the churches it's a very good question we actually train on what you need training on so we've had churches say we really want to get our church moving on giving Bible studies so we train on that we've had people say our people don't even they're free to get bible studies we need the basis on just how they can start sharing with their neighbors Ok we'll train on that we've got people say we want some training on how to make our Sabbath school more lively we'll train on that granted that when we come in for a week and I'll be honest with you let me just tell you this weekend trainings are not at all my favorite thing to do this is how we can training usually works you start Friday night all the saints are totally dead tired Friday night Ok so half of them come out and miss Friday nights present haven't come out and the other have misread credits presentation. The Sabbath worship presentations that we do the Sabbath school often times in the worship hour and those are well attended and then afternoon trickles off again and what you end up doing because there's so much to cover and cram into the weekend you have Sabbath school then you do the sermon and then you do 2 or 3 afternoon trainings and the same as afterwards their eyes roll back into their heads they're like having convulsions and you just it's not ideal it's a lot of sitting it's just we work with what we have now we did do a training that I thought went pretty well I lost care I was going to get feedback on this we talked about it but we did a training in the can like church where we went on Sabbath and we preached to get ready for the and then we came Tuesday night Wednesday night and Thursday night and we did like an hour and a half. Hour and a half or 2 hours was more than 2 night it could've been $6.00 to $8.00 or $6.00 to $8.00 or $638.00 or something like that in a church planted to have a supper for the members who came to that anyway I think that they were better able to assimilate in that training so we work with the church and we will work with whatever the church you know you may be in a church like I know that they're only going to come out on the weekend that's fine so we do that I just you need to know that it's makes these long Sabbaths and. It's not as ideal but you know we see that still how it works and will do trainings on the different things of church tells us this is what our need is we'll try to streamline it that way Ok let's we don't have a whole lot of time here so I want to go to Matthew 28 this is where we find the great gospel commission Incidentally you'll find this in every one of the Gospels before we read it I'm going to pray. So let's go to. Our heads for prayer Father in heaven I do thank you for your word I thank you for the Spirit of truth to lead us into true they pray for His guidance right now that you would help us not just understand this passage with understand how to applies to goals of us in this room today we ask you prayed in Jesus' name and then now most of you are familiar with the great commission I would hope anyway it's given in all 4 gospels in different ways I like to tell people as the parting words of Jesus and when a person speaks parting words parting words are generally well thought out it says something to us about the burden of Jesus' heart the biggest burden of Jesus' heart was that his people that were left on the earth after He ascended to heaven will continue his work in seeking and saving the last we find it Matthew 28 Jesus says in verse 18 the Bible says Jesus came and spoke to them saying all of 40 has been given to me in heaven and on earth we heard this highlighted in a message of the day go there for and what. Make disciples it says in the New King James of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age Amen so hear Jesus and trust his church with that commission to go and make disciples of all nations we're going to talk about that a little more fully this week as well the fact this afternoon now I want you to go to the gospel not the gospel but book the acts and you'll see Jesus repeating this commission. Acts Tepper one not in those words but you'll get the same concept Acts chapter one and we're going to the verse 8 acceptor one and verse. 8 G.'s and I got a certain for 6 Bible says Therefore when they had come together they asked him saying Lord will you at this time restore the king to Israel as I have still waiting for this earthly kingdom right and Jesus says are 7 it is not for you to know times of seasons which the father has put into he put in his own authority but you shall receive what power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you when does the Holy Spirit come upon a believer when you baptize you receive the Spirit right so if you're a bad times church member you receive the Spirit what for keep reading. A Holy Spirit when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be what witness is to me in Jerusalem that's where you live and in all Judea and Samaria that's surrounding territory and to the end of the earth that leaves no place out so Jesus right before and right after this he sends to heaven. So again his parting words he's reminding his disciples listen you've got to work to do the Holy Spirit's going to come upon you know I want you to tarry a gruesome but when that happens Holy Spirit comes upon you you're going to receive power and you're going to be witnesses for me that is no different for us today when the Holy Spirit comes upon the people of God It is so that we can be witnesses for him somebody was asking me in our in our manual logo you'll notice that I use the text Mark 117 where Jesus says come into me and I will make you become sorry he says yes I will make you become fishers of men and they said oh you use that because that's your name right you sneak your name in there dislike you sneak your name in here and I put it all over his you know Cirque Tish's Lee and throw it into these places no that's not why I chose to of the Marx version of that the reason I like Mark's version is instead of like Matthew where he says I will make you fishers of men Mark says I will make you become fishers of men and when I read that word become become implies that I'm going to make you something you weren't before and so for the person who says you know I did I just don't know if I have the ability I don't know if I have a skill I don't know if I have the make up to be a witness Don't worry Jesus can make you become what you worked and this is what he says the Spirit of God is going to come upon you and you're going to be my witnesses and that comes to you and me to know I want you to take that this concept of what they heard I want you to go to Penn Acosta once you go to the upper mix perience how many of you are familiar with Pentecost the story in the disciples what happened on Pentecost outpouring of the what Holy Spirit what happened as a result of that big 3000 were baptized in the day incidentally the numbers in the Bible in those accounts were the men not counting the women and children so we just know 3000 men were baptized in a day after a little bit of time that number increased to 5000 again men not counting women and children so you've got massive growth in the church now I was what did they do before Pentecost. They prayed for a long 10 days where the Upper Room Ok how many of you are familiar with what I'm talking about bring the 10 days now up around here's what I want you to think about do you think they were praying in earnest you know was it just a kind of a we got a prayer or do you think they really were Arcot about what do you think it was that drove them to their knees in prayer let me let me before I ask that let me ask you Have you ever been driven to prayer I mean it's not like devotional one time where you get up and you have I'm hoping that you have time you dedicate to the Lord every day with I'm talking about those times where you are driven to prayer like this devotional time but then man I've got to pray now for whatever what drives you to prayer generally it's a crisis or a need I want you to think about that now Jesus did tell them to tarry in Jerusalem but what do you think led them to prayer in the upper room I'm going to tell you what I think led them to prayer in the UK. They had just been told by Jesus that it was their responsibility now the 11 of them well now had the Matthias thing that they had to reach the entire world with the Gospel that it was their job is that a little bit overwhelming. I mean if I told you let's forget the world you've got to leave here and you've got to go back to your church and you've got to get your church on fire you do with that be overwhelming to you maybe you're like hey our church is on fire hell over here I know a lot of the churches are not as on fire as it could be Ok they were told you've got to reach the world with the gospel. I believe that it's because they personally accepted that responsibility not they just heard what Jesus said they accepted that responsibility personally know I go Ok it's our job no it's my job how am I going to do that how my going to reach the world how are you going to reach the world and I believe that's what drove them to their knees in prayer and I'm saying that because I believe that we as a church have not accepted that responsibility. And as individuals I should say in the church I believe that a 7th Day Adventist church members really accepted that the people in their neighborhood would be saved or lost depending on their own personal witness I would change them and while that's not entirely the case it's certainly part of the case so the early church what drove them I just what I want you to understand is what drove everything was the sense of mission the believing that this was their mission and I believe that the same thing has to be the case today we as 7 Gammons cannot lose that reality that proclaiming the gospel to the world is our mission and folks don't think that the even Jellicoe churches are doing it too and I'm not trying to knock even job hunters they are going to say well you know you've got other people agree preachers like Billy Graham etc Folks the Gospel we're told the gospel is the divine remedy for sin we're told in scripture that sin is breaking God's Law The even Jellicoe churches don't believe there's anything wrong with breaking God's law they say God's laws done away with what kind of sense does a remedy for the breaking the law make to people don't believe in the law. You just can't preach the Gospel in its fullest like you can as a 7 day agonist. I don't think somebody else can do our work for us let alone the prophetic pieces of that message that prepare the world for the coming of Jesus Christ this sense of mission drove the early church Our mission is why we're here our mission is why our churches exist the reason we have board meetings the reason we discussed painting the church and carpet in the church and all that should all be in the context of reaching the world with the Gospel you still have to keep your church yeah you're going to have a board meeting to talk about carpet I'm not saying that's an evil thing to do but it needs to be in the greater context of the Gospel commission of the mission of the church now this drove those early disciples I was preaching recently on John chapter 6 it was fascinating to me were Jesus feeds the 5000 and I hadn't caught this before but one of the things he does in John Chapter 6 is he goes to Philip now there near the region of the Seda where Philip is from so Jesus in the Bible says he was testing Philip when he did this but Jesus goes to Philip and says You got to find husbands like so he Philip where can we buy bread for these people and it you know it hit me course Guinness and Jesus was testing Philip and I was thinking about that Philip was probably never in that mental space before because that was Jesus' job right we mean where we going to where we where we going to buy bread master you know write it Jesus was doing is he was put in the Philip in the driver seat having him have to even think in a different way to say if I had to take care of this problem how would I do it I don't know that well this is an incredible problem and I think Jesus wanted him to see that so he would understand the incredible nature of the solution to the problem I think it would do well for a lot of 7 the atmosphere put in that driver see if your church if the if the success of your local church in mission. In winning souls in presenting a Christ like atmosphere was your sole responsibility would it change anything that you're currently doing my point is that mission drove this early church and so we go to the baptism of 3000 a day now I don't know if you've ever thought about this before you may have heard me speak on this but I've spoken on this before you have come to some trainings. Either way it's a good refresher I want you to think for a minute I'm going to tell you I don't know many administrations that are 3000 member churches are big churches in Michigan are 500 members a size Berrien what's what's village church you know the membership there about 900000 right so you know 3000 is a pretty sizable not Ok you better times 3000 in a day how you feel about that you know initially most people on how low you know not initially I mean how little your prey's or but. If you're in any kind of leadership position. Now you start factoring in logistics of the whole thing our church doesn't hold 3000 people right village wouldn't hold 3000 people now you need a new building I mean we could talk about parking gripper get parking there's a new building and the building has enough room how many 7 schools you have to have with 3000 member gender stand in that's an edition of 3000 it became 5000 within a short period of time I mean phenomenal grow Now here's what I want you to understand as this happened the disciples themselves were perplexed was what to do if you go on to the book about actually finding Chapter 6 that the the Apostles ended up having 2 point deacons because as the church began to grow they found themselves doing more of the. Practical I do us a manual labor but the the that practical work of trying to minister to the needs of members that others could have done and what was happening is the gospel wasn't being preached as much as it was in at least in the capacity they did because they're getting tied up with waiting tables I think the Scripture says so they appointed deacons to do the job so they could continue growing in the church did continue growing but you this is the interesting thing about it this is the point that I want to make is for just thinking about this this morning in the early church mission drove administration and ministration didn't drive mission you were waiting for the conference leaders or even the pastor to say Ok now this is what we're going to do and this is what we need to do the administration you didn't even have the layers of administration yet in the church in the early Christian church they weren't there yet because they didn't need to be there yet it was as the church grew that they appointed leaders and as they grew more they appointed leaders and the leadership structure followed growth but today we're waiting for leadership to tell us how to grow you understand what I'm saying we have totally flipped the model and then we scratch our heads and wonder why we're not growing. My sister's asking how we can organize and stuff in the pastors are tied up with other things you tell me how did it happen in the early church. Ok so my is my sister again says isn't the pastor supposed to feed the the sheep in the church yes and let me tell you how and this is what we're going to be talking about this week and we're going to look at this from a historical stand where that we look at in the scripture here if we follow through the church in scripture which we're going to continue to do here and I need to do it briefly you're going to see that the pastor in the early church was a trainer not a hover or. He trained the members he trained the elders when Paul went somewhere he would raise up a church and he would stay for a year year and a half sometimes longer but in that time he established leaders there when he left anyway we're getting into it we're going to get into that but let me continue so you I just want you to understand that in this early model what we see is that the growth is driving administration. Now we ran into a problem in Acts Chapter 8 come to Acts chapter 8 what happens is when the church grows church members become satisfied with the level of growth in fact I don't know if you're aware of this but if a church let's say your church I don't know it doesn't matter how many seats but if your church building has reached 80 percent of its capacity it generally will refuse to grow it will generally cease to grow because members see that your church is full and so we feel like our mission is accomplished that unfortunately as it is one of the results of that we see that in the book of Acts the church become satisfied with the growth that it had and they were in danger of not growing and so God allowed persecution to come upon the church read acceptor 18 verse one verse one the Bible says speaking of Stephen the 1st Christian martyr now Saul was consenting to his death at that time a great persecution arose against the church which was at Jerusalem and they were all what scattered throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria except 2 were going to come back to that and about men carried Steve into his burial and made great Them Attention over him and as for Saul he made havoc of the church entering every house and dragging off men and women committing them to prison there for those who were what scattered women everywhere. Preaching the we're now preaching you have to understand that preaching the sense that that's used in the original Greek language is not of this it could be speaking of preaching from a pope but it also and more often is referring to just verbally communicating and other words I could be talking to my brother my sisters here about. The gospel and that's preaching in this sense it's not saying that those scattered are all going and getting pope it's I'm reserving a building somewhere where they can hold some seminar it's saying that they went and virtually communicate the Gospel and notice who did it is those who were scattered Why were they scattered because of persecution Why did God allow the persecution because they became self-satisfied So God stirred things up and spread out spread out the church I have a pastor here told me his grandfather has a saying that I have been a sort of like I'm a new or you hear this one you pile in together they start to stink you spread them out they do a lot of good. To cause spread out the early Church is scattered them and it says no it is everyone who is scattered They went everywhere preaching the word but if you go back to diverse one who was it that wasn't scattered everybody was scattered except to the Apostles and for the longest time I had read Acts Chapter 8 or I have my mind set rather of the early church was it was the Apostles that did all the preaching not so every member was active in sharing the gospel they were spread out in the church group and when the church became stifled god allowed to be stirred up and they went out again and it grew. And if we continue to follow it I'm going to finish up with this 1st one is 1st Estonians chapter No not all and with that would accept or 11 if we go a little bit further now notice the setting where we were just reading the setting where we were just reading was just after the martyrdom of 2 Stephen Ok so we're going to go down we go through the house of Cornelius experience and all that in the book of Acts and we come to accept leaven verse 19 and we pick up on you know this point really hey whatever happened to those guys who went scattered everywhere here's what happens x. 11 verse 19 the Bible says Now those who are what scattered after the persecution that arose over Stephen so we're clear that group that we were just reading about travelled as far as Phoenicia Cyprus in Antioch preaching the word to no one but the Jews only at the point in time that's when Christ ago lost sheep of the house or Israel but some of them were men of such a from Cyprus and Sirene who when they had come to Antioch spoke to the Hellenists those just Greek speaking Jews preaching the Lord Jesus notice verse 21 and the hand of the Lord was with them and what a great number believed in turn to the Lord the news of these things came to the ears of the church where in Jerusalem and they sent out Barnabas to go as far as Antioch Why did the church at Europe who is the Jerusalem the Apostles why they sent out Barnabas to check up on what the growth that was happening by the way members write part of this was going else like Barnabas go preacher meeting try to grow that church the church was growing so much as like a Barnabas go check out what's happening are you following so Barnabas goes out the Bible says in verse. 23 when he came and had seen the grace of God I. He was glad when an understatement Cameron when many great We're not we're not no it's not go out and train the churches you got to go out this church is growing and they need some help and. Adding whatever levels of structure ministration because they're growing so fast anyway that's where Barnabas was there to help them in their growth says he was a good man verse 24 full of the Holy Spirit of Faith and a great many people were added to the Lord still the growth continues verse 25 then Barnabas departed for Tarsus to Sikhs all right is going to go is a Pole is going on in and notice when he found him he brought him to Antioch So it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people so there are stab the sing leadership there right the church is growing the people have separate Christ now they need some structured leadership in the apostles are helping with the church members and it says in the disciples were 1st called. Christians in Antioch Christian was not a name they called themselves it was a name that was bestowed on them because what they were doing so. Modeled the work. Of folks this you'll find that this is what we see in the early church you'll find the same thing in the early administers but you will not see it in the church today where most of the church members are out witnessing and sharing the faith in the church is growing and the Conference just exists to help the churches in their growth now it's like when some converts going to send somebody to help us we're about to close our doors something's wrong with that something's drastically wrong and I'm going to tell you if we continue in that mindset we're going to die plain and simple one more text I want to look at and I'm sorry we're out of time but we will be back this afternoon and all week with some really good practical ways that we can start getting back to this money but I want to go to 1st that Sloan Ians Chapter one Verse 8 now in context of what we've been reading after 1st and 2nd printing is fees Philippines cautions. 1st and 2nd best loan is 1st on. Loan and sorry chapter one verse 8. I start talking faster when I'm running out of time and doesn't really help anything but you guys like What did he say in that last but notice what he said what the apostle says 1st that's only one verse 8 speaking to the church and. He says 4 from whom speaking of the church not the apostles from you the word of the Lord has sounded forth not only in Macedonia and Acadia but also in every place your faith word god has gone al so that we as we the apostles do not need to us say anything very different picture from what we have today brothers and sisters the Lord is trying to lead us back to the model he gave us the one that works the only one that works the thing we see in scripture so we're going to be talking this throughout the week about practical ways we can get back to. Thank you for enduring here this morning and I hope that this works in your schedule through the week let's pray Father in heaven we are thankful to be alive. In such a time as this Lord everyone in this room has the ability to be an agent of change where they are and I pray throughout this can't be me that you will use this and other seminars to help them help their churches grow the Lord help us not to be dependent on man but to realize that you have empowered each of us to grow your work and further your cause in this earth and hasten the coming of Jesus bless us through this and forward rate in Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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