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Logo of Michigan Camp Meeting 2019: As a Witness, Matthew 24:14

Ignite Your Church - Part 2: GROW-The Soul-Winning Road

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher




  • June 16, 2019
    8:30 AM
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Now when we talk about this grow cycle now I know it's it's pretty catchy that you know no he doesn't. Care. If you don't see. How have you heard of a meeting that. I don't. Let us know what So. How many of you have heard the term grow Michigan praise Lord how many of you have seen the logo the icons good how many of you could just explain it and say what each one means Ok this is where it's at least everybody's heard of it most people have seen it and a good number could probably explain it and that's where it starts to go fuzzy let me tell you something the grow initiative the grow Michigan you know program is not just a thought up catchy thing like Oh I get it agriculture kind of grows you want to church is a grow let's come up with some icons that force it into that motif this is actually a Biblical concept and I want to give you just a couple of passages about this so you can have in your mind that what we're trying to present here is not just some like program somebody thought up in a conference office this actually comes from the Word of God itself one of the passages I like to go to it's not actually in here but it still works it's not in your notes but it's Isaiah Chapter 61 this is the chapter that Jesus read when he went to his home church of Nazareth that day by the way the Bible is very clear about why he went to church that day it wasn't because the church was so warm and loving and hospitable it was because that's what his custom was how he'd been brought up and how did the church receive him that day very poorly to say the least they tried to execute him after potluck I've seen some pretty awful churches but never once has anyone actually tried to you know kill me yet if you like it's coming I'm sure but but Jesus but you know where I was the next Sabbath back in the church why. Because it's your cousin that's what you do it's a day of holy convocations up anyway but when he stood up in church that day and you can find that story Luke Chapter 4 he quoted from the prophet Isaiah right and he basically said this is my mission statement the spirit of the Lord is upon me right and he said all the things he was going to do and then he set down and said today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing right so clearly Jesus saying that portion of Scripture is my personal mission statement now Jesus was only here public ministry work for how long 3 a half years and I know this sounds a little heretical but did Jesus when the whole world know he came to do his portion of the work to do the work that no human being can do to be the sacrifice right to be or the Lamb of God who takes away this that he had a whole other big picture but when practical terms of spreading the message to the whole world he really only got the ball started friends as a lot of the people that Jesus planted seeds for Didn't even harvest until he was gone until the day of Pentecost right and so he had always in mind that what he was doing here was just a good start that would finish after he left right now what I find fascinating is you see that in his mission statement and I say Chapter 61 go down to verse 11 Jesus was always in his ministry talking about plants because it was part of his mission statement look at this now as a chapter 61 verse 11 for as the earth brings forth its bud as the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth so the Lord will the Lord God will cause righteousness and prays to spring forth before all the nations and I don't know if you catch that linguistic construction there but as this or as that so this that is that is to say in the same way that the garden works so will the spreading of the message go to the whole world. So when we look at Jesus yes Jesus used parables to break down big ideas in the simple concept of people connect to and he would sometimes talk about fishing he would talk about sheep he would talk but over and over what was the theme Jesus kept going back to in his concrete object lessons he would always talk about seeds in a farmer in the soil in the crop and the harvest and the grain and always this agricultural multi because he was trying to get involved get in our minds that the work of giving the Gospel to the world is like the work of a garden Ok it's a growth process and that's the very 1st thing if you look at your work sheet there I don't know if we're calling these work sheets or handouts handout is the term you like to I don't know what the paper you have in your hand Ok but evangelism is a what cycle not an event this is the most important critical idea right here at the very beginning to get in mind I promise you if I go to churches in the mission conference right now good faithful solid 7 evidence church and say did you do evangelism I say yes we did that last year. And the picture they have when you say evangelism they infer public evangelism where it is a program that starts on September 23 this year called Jesus on prophecy it will go for 4 or 5 weeks we have our Vangelis we put our advertising we have the budget for it and it's a box called evangelism and then all the rest of it is just you know church stuff Jesus never intended for us to have that kind of rigid box like silo thinking right this and one container here that the evangelism that we're supposed to be doing is an all around continuous cycle where the public proclamation of the present truth is a vital component but it is not its own thing separate from the rest Ok so you're going to see this as we go through. Again eventually the cycle none of it Jesus used the practical strain of planting and harvesting to describe the process of making disciples saying such as they so went out to so they can have like a mustard seed we talk to this we go to the 2nd paragraph we refer to this process as the grow cycle and it has 5 elements and you could probably name them off if you're good 7th heaven is here in Michigan the very 1st part is the preparation of the soil next part is the sowing of the seed where the planting of the seat right 3rd comes the cultivation of that seed cultivation of the crop then you have the harvest of the crop and then you've got to do something with it you've got to preserve it and put it to use Ok so the goal would be that that generation of crop then becomes the workers in the seed for the next generation around and around around it goes right it's an ever in doing a never ending cycle so let's what we're going to do in this presentation is just walk through the biblical basis for those 5 different distinct phases of a one continuous cycle Ok so it will get into come back to that question if every member were involved with your church grow it is a trick question or as we go through this you kind of see why I will address it more specifically later but let's take a look at Matthew chapter 13 this is the well known parable of Jesus of course talking about the so we're going up to so his seed. And it says in chapter 13 verse 19 that seed is what let's take a look Chapter 13 verse 19. I assume that we've got pens out we can fill in the blanks. Pair of the Sower when anyone hears the word of the kingdom is not understand it the wicked one comes and snatches that away. What was sown in his heart this is he who see the seed by the wayside the word which was sown is the Word of God The seed that is sown is the Word of God right that's what Luke Chapter 8 tells us that when Jesus talks about the parable is the Word of God am I saying it correctly or letter b. Yes the seed is the Word of God So how did Jesus prepare people for the Word of God that Jesus just walk up to people is like behold the kingdom of God is at hand I mean maybe in some instances but did he just start with Bear and Earth like that no if you look at Acts chapter 10 this is a fascinating little passage here the get to eavesdrop on the apostle Peter explaining the ministry of Jesus to a man who didn't know Jesus Cornelius and listen how Peter described Jesus' ministry. Math accepted in verse 38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power who went about what doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with him the evidence of Jesus divine Commission and his his credential from Heaven was his doing good over and over you see this I've got a whole sermon on this but I think it's a fascinating thing you know there were people who didn't believe that Jesus was who he claimed to be I mean fact lots of people and I know we're kind of thinking are probably off the top or head off course the Farriss and Sadducees really questioned it and really pushed against it but did you recognize that his own disciples were unclear about his ministry. Remember from the dungeon John the Baptist I mean how hard that he was when he said Behold the Lamb of God but later in life he's like Are you the one or should we look for another there was was close disciples who said Lord show us the Father He was like and he was coming close to the end of his ministry can you imagine what that had been like if he was like look we read really enjoyed being with you you taught us a lot of good things you're a great teacher but we really for just one glimpse we'd like to see God. Take that was my whole point. If you've seen me they didn't get it but look at it if you ever to do a little study this every single time that Jesus was questioned about his identity he gave one thing one piece of evidence to say this is how you know what I'm saying is true and it wasn't anyone take a guess it's right his good works look if you don't he would even say things like this if you don't believe my word for it at least believe for the sake of the works no one would do this if they weren't from God So the works were the evidence that his words were believable now want to share passage to you again if this is not your nose but you can put it down da 9 to this desire pages page 92 because this is another kind of a trick question when did Jesus' ministry begin Well the temptation to say at the baptism you know John the Baptist and that's when his public ministry began that's true but did you know that he was preparing hearts for his word for years before Mrs White says this This is from page 92 in the desire of ages so this is not some obscure hidden reference right she says this really carefully so we don't misunderstand Jesus was the healer of the body as well as of the soul. He was interested in every phase of suffering that came under his notice his kind words havingness to the. Soothing balm the next sensible none could say that he had worked a miracle so Jesus was not out setting bones in like giving eyesight to the blind and raising the dead as a kid but he was still working in ministry none could say he had worked a miracle but virtue the healing power of love went out from him to the sick and distressed thus Now this is so cool Thus in an unobtrusive way he worked for the people from his very childhood. An unobtrusive it was underground it was kind of covert but he was still in the soil and then she adds this and this was why after his public ministry began so many heard him gladly The reason people appreciated and gave credibility to the words of Jesus or all those good works of Jesus. That there is an essential element before even coming in with the gospel message that you have to win their hearts 1st and if you I don't know I'm getting off the script here of the. It's absolutely true that he had a he had a love and a disinterested benevolence like none other but let me I almost hesitate to use that phrase disinterested benevolence because it makes it sound like he was just wildly crazily scattered I'm sure he loved and cared for everyone but it wasn't haphazard in the sense of just like I don't care what happens after I just want to show you love no no no he had a purpose in mind for the preparing of the soil let's take it to the agricultural model what is the purpose of preparing the soil sowing the seed right prepare planting seat no one goes out. Even if you're just a hobby gardener right you don't just go get the rototiller out and have a hard day's work unlike me and that is good in the next day hit the road till you do it again and the next they do it again come light mid July everybody else a certain get crops up and you're just out there till the soil right yeah I'm getting this ready and some is going to say well ready for what Rather you're not doing anything right and then the fall comes the snow comes and you're still to still soil next year comes to when the soil could you honestly say you're farming at that point now think about it in the evangelistic cycle many many many many churches including many 7 demonstrators will go out and do good works and say that is our evangelism No it's a phase of event it's preparation for the next part. But just done on its own you can say that's a Vangelis if all Jesus did was good works but he never came to give those good words and give that message that people needed the eternal part who stuck on the temporal now the temporal is essential but its purpose is to get us to the eternal which is the Word of God So we've making sense there so we're kind of skipping through here and I want to make sure that we see it in our works here but underneath see the savior seeking to find the key to the heart and with the tact born of Divine Love he asked not offered a favor the offer of a kindness might have been rejected but trust awakens trust. That was in context of his dealing with the woman at the well right if you notice how Jesus dealt with individuals he was always looking for that in to go to the next step right and so instead of saying getting his own during a trying to start he just asked for a favor but why did he do that he wasn't just trying to make friends he was trying to have an outlet so he could go to the next phase right and of course we know this from page 143 ministry of healing Christ method alone will give true success in reaching the people I like to highlight any time you have an adjective like true success that implies that there is such a thing as false success but what we want is true success in reaching the people and how to do it the savior mingled with Minutes one who desired their good he showed a sympathy for them ministered to their needs and when their confidence then he bade them follow me I've got a statement after statement as a White is very clear that the workers of the Here here's one. Crisis object lesson pay 5074 put this down as extra extra credit in the c o l 57 she said the sowers of the seed again speaking spiritually here have a work to do in preparing hearts to receive the gospel in the ministry of the word there is too much sermonizing and too little of real heart to heart work now that hurts me because I like to sermonize and I met a hobby out in fact made a career of it. But if all of our evangelism is just preaching and sermonizing its let's say incomplete. At best she goes on to say there is need of personal labor for the souls of the lost in Christ like sympathy we should come close to men individually and seek to awaken their interest in the great things of eternal life their hearts may be as hard as the beaten highway and apparently may be a useless effort to produce a present to savor to them but while logic mail may fail to move an argument be powerless to convince the love of Christ revealed and personal ministry may soften the stony heart so the seed of truth can take root now you know hard as the beaten highway and stony but soft Those are all the references to the parable of the Sower again right and if you remember the parable the sower the seed was the same the sower was the same His technique was the same he went and sewed on this were what was the only variable that had anything to do with the outcome of the crop is the condition of the soil right and what I find great encouragement and we might get to this later on is that 3 out of the 4 were bad well people go around like I want to try to win souls but this one wasn't receptive it doesn't work any more no you just found stony ground or thorny grout or whatever the thing is right but the difference came when Jesus that word of God The so hit that soft receptive heart right and that's what the parable tells us the soil is a metaphor for the heart then it sprang forth and pretty produced a crop so oftentimes we think about evangelism about how we get the word out but we do need to get the word out we need to plant that seed but we have a work to do in preparing So you have a good effective result so that's what we're talking about in the prepare cycle so what is the goal of this phase look at letter d. there Mark 3 the sower went out to do what to so the goal of preparing the soil is to sow seed So let's look at the Real quick how long should the farmer till the ground before he starts planting the seed. This is another one of those kind of urban legends in the church that we need a really long slow process a building friendships and a stablish ing trust in the community and winning their hearts and then when the moment is right when everything is just sour when the atmospheric conditions the bare metric pressure is perfectly and bathed in careful prayer I will and I'm a gloat that we have this idea that it's a long time to make friends and we've got to be friends with them and develop these hobbies and interests all of us which That's nothing wrong with that Ok but don't think of it that way Ok the parings soil for planting does not have to be a lengthy process again consider the woman at the well Jesus like I got a few minutes here how can I make some connection will get me in right we will often need to test the condition of the soil by planting test seeds the process of developing the soil will continue throughout the cultivation process so we talk about test seeds are we getting into this impractical we're just going to Ok so I just kind of very briefly touch on this but. You know plenty test seeds is this is simple as just throwing out something spiritual some religious see churchy thing and just watch for their response and it doesn't take long we say yet church last week and something like Yeah I got to go now you haven't lost a friendship you haven't a friend have you given your life to you know it's not that but you can just see if there's an interest right or if they bring up an optimism weathers crazy these days or this it seems like you know there's war everywhere and I don't even know for a war or not anymore I mean the United States are we at war right now. Yeah most people couldn't at all like I mean I think so kind of. I don't know which one I don't know with I don't know up book there's a spirit of you know why you say you know it's fascinating we were a bit by was a Bible study group here we were talking about that very thing it if the if there's an interest there you go and if it's not hold off you haven't lost a friendship and I think that you're testing your stool of soil sample test seed to see if they come up correct So Wes will talk about that more but we're always looking to find ways to be kind and be sweet and be wind some and friendly but with the ultimate objective in mind I don't want to just have friends for now my goal is to have friends for eternity but Mark I want to go to some planting talk about Bella talk about. Some of these and I think I was thinking. About so apparent age. And it is something that. He has. Needed saves very aware that the or it's this sort of yes my office is what. You need I think we're. Doing and talking about the Church years if you wanted recognition that's what our. Own things I was reading recently in the book was erroneous I was the chalk it up it really struck me how do you go heard us talk about that hat. Just like John that you're right and so and that's when you be happy and like us you heard that we have it we were kind of John the Baptist of the last if you ever heard that in part we granted that sometimes enters that is just like I look at what is the serious your why so that's the word all to do and so I was really interested to read isn't very neat what nobody very graphic or. If you talk about the work of John and John the Baptist evolved out of course but then he says there's you see if you give the back chapter is the way and he gave his mother about Jesus anything and. As you can genius if you give your back you remember the eulogy of Jesus gave John the Baptist as you tell his crowd John came neither eating or group and you know you can't be. The son of a 1000100 and you cannot wind your urine and asked. Him what he was doing as running the station in a bag that is minister who is very much more social the world just was wrong his were are others that this is well meant garlands and there is going to wonder if users of austerity in isolation of just like we're not any example of other people. You know we're not going example of an actor and I think you know again I would say is everything that you know you are a lover. You're not regular merrily. Now you're not ever going to come it's like as if you don't know that when you out come up. Not that I have a journal that will give him well and I said you know what I need people that are always haranguing the most devoted members of our other church members who. They're all used to God a lot of them and so we're going to sign a reserve and leaves are there in their learning when I say we're going to go it was in our hour. But we're not going as far as time to go out the witnesses aren't were. And I've never been doing that pastor is really need a church members actively minister any of your spirity early last year you should out recite your last areas keeping you from sharing the gospel ugh who are there are those that might use maybe John the Baptist years is example was not one of the people right it was in was one of the Beatles we're talking about and so operation you got to connect with people to enhance your. Who share the gospel. This is where you said I was going it was the action leaves are loving There's nothing wrong with the user. But she contrast that with what authors long as the end of my years of service will never be able to do what you. And I was here before we need all that everything if after talking to both. An average a certain raft of group of by can't usually group like there's. Not nearly the same. Result I got a lot rather here like are you have are eager to of all are exactly and moved here and now there's a death here when your personal with people is just loser different there are so many levels of. Give you an example. In one of my churches that mathematician years ago the church was very small does not require mother of rented in my one I came up with the idea of starting something eventually cost of talent and this is what. They had knowledge of be a once a month and. Every other me we have equal. By members or so in other words it looks like you have. You have never seen the church. After. You were. You happy every way that is why you use even if you have to like what was or was great so we have 60 Ok now and then about Martin habit or sass and. Sociability all of that like that we are going to sit. You know your out of town senior gone to church so you invite people to your oh your. Lives easier and you know you have even met. Or a regular one are not your at your door and you don't really. Lose your genitals even wrote in. Your are or aren't you know the summed up you were just like I don't want anybody by the way I'm not you know we were all of the deal now if only you wouldn't buy earth. As you are that I do not have as a birth as was a relative there of a time. When you were in my career were you not God not your friends you are your new young people you don't know where it was and why you might do. You have 2 teams on your exam. Gossip us a lot of numbers as it is going to give you. That church. Is never going to. Do. I don't know how. You. Practice are but with God that you live by. Is a different experience in the whole that is. Not trying as another one like yours later yet somehow they just fine you more in their own. Well they are doing and instead of Arab money going all they just out of what were not done well that will just losers. You heard I was in a Zagg is. Exactly what you are a lot of neighbors of you know well there's a difference I will relationship that. I was talking. As a target. Or actually. He's not a story about a guy. We're in the ground and it was a guy and you are so you are absolutely I started. Work or at most. And hundreds of the gucky to me using some years of the evidence dungeon 8 Listen I were I wanted to know this guy was not an eternity he said I am glad not you were going there it was the other one. In reality. You will see you right as a perfect ear to get targets upset example we're going to go there now and as our universe limited out you're in Arizona you know what we have. You know so that all of the he was nervous about any resentment that well in your book about your and your years of them rescue me mentioning constable very bizarre. I wish I could give you an answer like through laws do is but I don't know ours. Well about who you know but everyone is different I'm not only among those who don't want to dwell example I don't like that very yet understand that even though you might be trying to find a way to their art and build their relationship well or may have been working on a long time or you were going to not and have both were not I don't. See any years of what I'm around to be willing or able to I'm not evil that you were then and you mustn't even of us so you do not know that's where we get into the idea that has. Passed the soil out and was not over there probably are. So on and we're happy there is no art to live well as if you want to. Go to a green. Economy as ocean or our shores. Looking for not doing the right now but the guy was very as a as a person very. Much. So a lot of us how much of an opportunity that was with the viewers now they work together what having Well opportunity and tons of. Burgers because his brothers and sons are one of the horrors of what. You know nothing about are. In any service to go back to all of this guy and industry I was so impressed with. Their origin. And they're not. All invite only were they when they were together. Started talking about the weather. Grazier. Rose of the eye and. You know the Bible says you have a. Bible. He said and I don't even remember exactly how it goes he said all over see Germany actually was like I thought you were never asked the guy just all over the last hour oh yeah I'm going to run and suddenly realize this is not I haven't been reading. Proved. This operate and I think that these people yes have been. News not that. There are dissidents in the on the we're in we love it they'll use them to let's remind the reality that there are also who. You are you should do your own as that I don't realize there's more and more as I have friends from Baghdad I mean a lot of my branch of my life who wants to stick around it has hard time actually just to give the very minute details of the story and make sure have it right but he was meeting this morning. The president. 9th really I don't know how you guys met you wrote in a church that has been a lot of my life while lying about love letters and so long when I don't even. Know how to. Understand my own who plays. Used to really enjoy going to concerts and reading all and now you don't believe any of them like what do you grade the other see in them. And so it's understandable when they kind of jump ship owners over same or you are. Oh what are the people who thought of the. Last brands you can't explain the light of day what happens if you go but we still have. Got has got something. They're alive something what when they ask well what would you mean you can back you were an hour's question and you investor what you were a Christian I wouldn't know what to say it's a whole different line of Oh the whole their earnings. Earnings are or. Should be surprised what happened ask me a question here about living. Where you are example enough they lived as he. Rented. The lawn so we're going to blast it out what are the terms. Of their cars not like after Cameron's a car when he goes up a. Little goes up well I gave it away he's not barriers oil is only to. The sea no more ever been going out on the roads all are in a never. Ending level loudly. Like well we're going to sue Luton I'll tell you what all those I missed matters. A little you shared. Why not I was only. One of the road still am not on the low road it's not and it was done out of legacy that's why. It's worth. It is the law or basic plan see something well I have learned develop as any or know as that along Rugova Belding the pressures of times I heard yes and how good it was losing another British exhaust and other seniors I was essential. But there comes a time when you've got the whole reason for Mary was oil you think there is no. And I know a little while ago well the reality is now the ars does not mean. Its rescue. You are in there you know who you are that Yahoo. On a single shot the others are in England doubtless who. Were. Here is. Not a guy. Uses in. Addition. National basin and showed that it does not well you got realize it and let is a very strong about in use and as in not going to going out of it as soon as you know he does not go in as you're sure. There was personally and one of the shows and then at shown even more by now I didn't think of it and you knowing are it was just going to zoom. In of your own rows of them are you aware of. What is the you that wasn't you. Has appearances. And how much he appreciates and respects Christians you must allow others. To is an ugly as that lingers you. If you do how must you have. You then really then there's Helen in July now you got out of the us about that I was going to be somebody. Lending emergencies of a dying of. Thirst and you know what are you dumb about as well you know. Now the only solution and we're not talking about those. And so the something. That. Nothing happens by accident or we are smarter. Now or. Was because. I was as the last person of the world as we were there it was difficult. As it were not to have others use. 100 lines. In your hand Ellen Page to number 2 the 1st thing is as we've already seen is it varies as the order of one year's years was actually was. Just murdered Romans didn't want you to. Write was different words you need to. Know in later live you love you know some of your others your are. Wrong understand Erhart see the Bible says How then shall I call on you know who they are not believe and how I believe them are there not her in and out of the euro that router in our living rooms unless they are so yes as it is very beautiful and those are groups that are pieces written by hand. Only as of those who learn others of them legally on your own how your Nobody has a. Right. So if you follow along very well some I never won and last years while as I was and you know. What in or out of the. Year make you well believe me when I am not doing will even then I'm doing a lot we're learning that will go guys. So the sun hounds as we consume news you hear of. West Africa the use verb. I wanted to say probable there are some very gentle when we ought to reach into spiritual beings castings or are divine on their injuries the waves they even do that so that if they're not don't jeopardize the friendship you have to just blow up the ownership George the British and so are you know it's now an Arab league of years of work learn. To do that in the depths of your mind that. You want his will or you know where the good is whatever. There is God there's oil on you don't lose. Any money to your Amerisource only lives if you lose it all Big Brother cultivate it raw so there are example how do you do your life and then. We also do none of those are your original I don't know what they are they're not there and they're not amazing anybody know what I'm talking about modeling gardens and they are so wrong now mayors. Are Not only are not I'm. Not even tomatoes I'm looking out a little artist and well down ours. In so here's a lot of sewing years Ross I thought it would go on a lot more the article got is a lot. When you learn to say this is not wrong so one. Example. Is a yes. I am a robot why because the best clue I was thinking about this is no slug I don't members of yours. And I'm not one of them going to talk about you not having organized what you know I thought was. What. You are because of you right now and say I honestly tell you lost your life and arrogantly going to what I do now others to live. When I go back to that were like oh I don't know I want to do that material time I like to say I will rather say that it is a minute I want what we're not now going to say I wanted alternately alternately here and measured living in Egypt or wait there's only hours because just the best way to live yeah I'm going to go start getting drunk again and waiting up with hangovers That's a great I. Know that's really not. Well I was going No no no you know you are like l o r I'm going to start smoking I want to take it was not going to investigate you know these are. Real years. Like most of the hours of your lives that. I don't your best. Is not true I'm told her. Yes So why were they whining ever harder to struggle because of as yet I am finally concerned here if. Every you know I had an ira prigs resuming up his idea that there was we're trying to make people disciples not Westerners that's been the. Western World's I mean these are the you were about under because we learned to read you know minus you know you not understand something or these are Western or well to talk to Mary there's a real you say muck rousing. America is what it is he does but a prosecuting. Place leg and nation goes out Kristen's. The reason that Western is of use when it is in many ways because it's Christian. So I just really think. You should be saying. Yes when you go home you have been doing nothing when I haven't got you. There was a time when people didn't say they join the 7th Avenue Church per se they said I came into the truth right there there was a concept that this was not just another denomination and a lot of 7th Day Adventists now Fincke of this church as just another denomination so like oh we don't want to just be a 7 dead like it's a brand of so many different types of thing when 1st correctly viewed as you're talking about it's not just a culture or a few quirky little distinctive beliefs but most everything's in common Everything is different from a biblical perspective so our understanding of Jesus and in time events and daily living in the Sabbath keeping in the Old Testament the covenant the law itself it's like you were talking about salvation right if if you if the 7 have a church teaches as the Bible teaches that the law is still in effect and that's the issue with our relationship with Jesus we've broken that law and we need a savior for well another church might think that the law doesn't exist and what's the these are tectonic plates apart Ok so when people came into the 7th Day Adventist Church in air in times gone by it wasn't just because they friends with someone it's just another Christian nomination just happens to go on the 7th day no no it was a whole understanding of scripture from a new perspective and it was a whole and for instance whenever you look at Acts chapter 2 and those 3000 souls were added to the church please note it did not say they were and 3000 souls were added to Christ that day now they were added to Christ right he had just preached a present truth there's Jesus standing you know. But it said they were added unto him. They're added to the church because the church is the what the body of Christ but I can't tell how many times I have no I want to join Jesus but not the church well Jesus is the head of a connected body. That would have a new. Wow. And it's a little gruesome say but a spiritually it's a way of trying to decapitation Christ right because you have I just want to be part of the head but I won't have anything to do with a body I don't want to connect with anything it's just a spiritual up there that's a big gap between here and there. I have a lot to say and that is great to have I want to say this in under the way we set this up but it still isn't even it is genuine. Or not this is unique for her to. See in. That you. And yours what can we eat I know I understand it in Mark I understand Mark. And I think what we're trying in we who just called the lads were just yes some of the. But there are a he. And I here that. Are just. You know you're never. You're never sure said the obscure. Person. Your goal remotely but a mission am so if you're talking about evangelists you know you will know you know either church or that you're that into the parable going into something wrong as that's why we're just as out of this as we are now we're going to become a lot after great. Great. People we love pray we want to read. Let's pray before brick Heavenly Father thank you so much that you give us in your infinite wisdom a role to play in giving this message to the world help us to do your work your way help us to understand from the Bible itself and from the guidance of the Spirit of Prophecy what instruction you have for us as we seek to be soul winners for you so please bless all of our efforts continue to bless the studies we're doing now help us all return safely quickly for pray to Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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