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Atmospheric Pressure

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • January 10, 2010
    2:45 PM
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I was thankful today that we can spend some time together we ask your presence to be with us as we talk about this important subject the price name amen we live in a society where the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and one of the areas that the really works through is moral impurity sonography and noticed places in the world or maybe even worse than here in terms of the overt miss of it but America certainly catching up I know in Scandinavia is very pronounced on the billboards and whatnot billboards magazines movie theaters movies in fact some theaters are actually focused in on this always exclusively I will call those if you will high places on the Internet is increasingly on that avenue for feeding lustful thoughts and I might say that I don't believe our heart can be trusted on this new thing well I'm strong my heart 's good here others resist that pride goes before a fall and the heart is desperately wicked and who can who can know what the Bible says all so yeah we can get a wrong relationships and wrong friendships and we can be taken advantage of in these areas as though this area of moral impurity and it surrounds us so is it a big deal do you know anybody yourself that you think struggled with these issues but soon the Bible says about about the importance of the subject Proverbs five and Proverbs seven him versus loose four will look at Proverbs chapter fibers eight through fourteen notice what it says in Proverbs five percent to forty three move your way far from her and do not go to the door of her house lest you give your honor to others and your years to the cruel one unless aliens be filled with your wealth and your labors go to the house of a foreigner and you mourn at last when your flash and your body are consumed on a deciles go dangerous another was his old chapter was about going near someone who is a a prostitute someone who was availing themselves for the fulfillment of lustful thoughts and intentions and it talked about giving your honor away in that situation and letting aliens be fulfilled with your well and that your body would be consumed about anything that in society today we've had any recent examples of someone losing wealth and having all these situations come to pass the right of the Proverbs will be jog your memories where the catastrophic fall of law the celebrity on demonstrates losing massive amounts of wealth and having multitudinous problems yes or no continuing all of the passage and they say how I have hated instruction my heart despised correction I have not obeyed the voice of my teachers nor inclined my in-laws who instructed me this particular celebrity I just grew up in a home where there was a similar problem and from being a young man he had heard about the problem and it to avoid it and yet listen this as I was on the verge of total ruin in the midst of the assembly and congregation saw anything this can be somewhat dangerous Proverbs seven twenty two and twenty three immediately he went after her as an ox goes to the slaughter how many new governmental slaughterhouse I watched the Fox go to slaughter they have a maze where they have them go through this maze in a day in the after you made it all they don't want all those catecholamines to be released when they when they kill the animals the lake they try and make it so that it will be an easy transition against darker and darker that mazelike on Zen and the and and the final blow is almost not even known I don't know what they do the Bible 's times but it seems similar because of full on the correctional stock still an arrow struck his liver the bird as the burn hastens to the snare he did not know it would cost him his life so dangerous a dangerous situation first Thessalonians four four through seven each of you should know how to possess his own vessel such as body some people say that it's is a person 's wife or spouse but this since it looks to be the individual to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor not in passion the last like the Gentiles who do not know God so there is to be a market difference between how the Christian handles the left of the flash was also a loss of the spirit but the loss of the flash and the Gentile you know in ancient times the Hebrew Temple was surrounded by Canaanite culture and the canine culture was known to be bear area sexually promiscuous by Francisco Moabites mold means who means father who is my father and the reason for this was because they had these high places they had these fertility rites and the actually brought this together into the worship of God so we went to church you would pick up someone who was not your spouse and they would go through all the activities and then they would in the evening with a very close relationship with each other that was usually reserved for just married couples and as a result worship became sin and the Hebrew culture was right in the midst of that and they were to be known as markedly different right another words they were smooth as they were supposed to have their vessels possessed in sanctification and why is this you don't want people to take advantage of despite his brother in this manner because the Lord is the avenger of all sets nowise is that no one should take advantage of and defraud his brother in the in this area of flow of love of loss because you know if you are a young man and you are involved with a young lady that's not never be your wife is currently someone's wife probably your defrauding your brother right and and and in the same way for four ladies with men and is of the Lord is the avenger of such forgot the nut calls to uncleanliness but to what bucks a holiness so there's a big deal just a review it is you gets sick Proverbs office you might get killed and the Lord will thence I think it's a fairly significant deterrent should be right what is the promise fell for people that are victorious remember as says the possessor vessel in sanctification and holiness preserve peace with all people and holiness without which no one will see God but if you are holy like I said bear in new docs and the sonar in their pure in heart blessed are the pure in heart or another was the holy for they shall watch you see God not many want to see God you say will airwaves covering this for a glow rally from there are numerous statements that are like this if you are not connected with God if you are not abiding in him you really can't make your influence felt in a skeptical world you really cant below unless you are in relationship of the Lord in the way you need to be and you don't have that that same vibrancy I think that's one of the reasons know three main battlefields that we fight with when it comes to lost of the flesh the mindset will say go have a look or linger do whatever the spirit will say don't want and then the actions once you begin to think about it and the mind and actions and when you start to act on the lust of the flesh the Bible calls that giving place to the devil and to give the place they debuted record in the Texas 's total blast topography it's giving up land giving up territory to the devil and this then allows the ballot to inhabit you in the sense value of the Texas as rebellion is as a sin of witchcraft and many times of those all kinds of golf for the mommy things that can happen so the mind the actions the habits and they continue you will need to to what to bondage bondage so these three main battlefields the mind reacts as it happens so how do we conquer this giant of all the lost bolus of the flesh are one began a war plan exists on board in big begin a war that is Artie been one and needs to be claimed having to say to you that I believe that the war over lost in your life has already been one started in one and is not been won by you perhaps but it has been won by Jesus Christ and but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through the Lord Jesus Christ was a thank thank the Lord for that lowers if you come in here defeated remember that you are already a victor in Christ the problem you must be having our might be having is that you're not in Christ amen so he already victories this I hope that those who hope as we begin but then realize even though the victory is there that it is still a battle right it is still a battle and the battle is one of surrendering every moment and every thought the crisis moment by moment and surrendering to his victory right summary times we we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat or defeat from the jaws of victory against we use as a victory for us and we sell job as the obviously is instead my brother be strong but as a net and the Lord and in the power of his mind to put on the whole armor of God that you may resist the walls of the doubling those of the entire list of followers he has given us everything and the battle is many times putting on his armor but remember is that the fight and be aware that it is a warfare and that the devil has all kinds of snipers around his death webpages insist immediately when you go to them he's got all ties of techniques yesterday now landmark 's snipers the battles in the mind don't be squeezed into the mold this world Philip Sadler be conformed into this world but be transformed by the way the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is a good example and perfect will of God so is his idea we have to focus on having God saves our mind out one way to begin to change the mind is through fasting and confession let me I is is is is this not the past I've chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness so there's something between fascinating and victory now you know if you wanted to ask me physiologically what that connection was like to give you know maybe one example recently I was listening to Doctor Natalie lectured on Bakersfield and he talked about that if you fast what happens is that the big big gut can produce more of the substance called melatonin and it rejuvenates your brain and when your brain is rejuvenated you get that more sensitive of well-being and rest of the brain you're your sharper your eyes will pop your job will drop your death smoking your trunk and hear your year of your able to to resist more fully as your fasting right there one to be mentally clear the next day 's alumni can eat the night before him he sees everything a will increase your blood center for four to six hours after you need it and you won't get arrested because your melatonin production of the cutdown by buys of almost in half or more of the you wake up you feel a disease that they are not able to do that well you are not able to resist as adequately to see a connection between fasting and a father say what what oh how should you fast I will say that evening meal make it light and by the way that's many times when were tempted with lots doesn't know later that night like during the flickering screen and sympathizing in front of you your cheese add that the time and then you have that temptation that this seems to be over math mystery but it's the Bible says the curse did not come cause lists Mozilla the cause for the church that comes right discover the curse reversed the curse immense number four commit to have Christ wash your brain for the love of the more war per second Griffey is ten four five five one not carnal on those of the flash don't try and bite flash with flesh this is like not to work on coral but mighty in God was in the spirit for the pulling down of strongholds are casting down imaginations for arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ maybe this is a wonderful thing and how does he do that how does it come in and not down strongholds in order stronghold is those old that is even stronger than all the strongholds it's as if something that I don't make the road where some I really really has a draft is something that is there is getting stronger and stronger as a result all of the activity or how does this house is worth one ways with the water of the washing of the washing of the water of the lot of the war so you have that hydraulic systems go wash that I went on those weapons casting down strongholds as not enough to cast them down they have to be replaced with strongholds watch this text replace the double struggles with God stronghold in the stacks I will love you old Lord my strength loser strike the Lord is my rock and my fortress my deliverer my God my strength into my trust my shield and no more of my salvation my what strongholds that you see replace the double strongholds within a powerful concept of this make a covenant with your your eyes jokes that I've made a couple of my eyes why then so I look upon a young a young woman I know God wants to make a covenant with our eyes once my department every part of our body yes or no when Abram became a Barack and Wright and Serra became Sarah Eberhard have what did they do to symbolize that covenant sayings circumcision that was another body part you need to explain it to be seen the afterwards by the circumcision of the eyes circumcision of every every part of the body meant and so made a couple of miles wide and so I look upon a young woman represents an even really make a covenant and of the him oh so well for his size and had a hard time seeing God it was black so maybe contrary got my eyes ears I want them to see what you want them to see when you want them to see and I wanted to see it in mobile talks about having eyes full of adultery when a lab that will analyze full of circumspect worship the Harlequin floor eyes I think you got a be ready and on alert recognizing the devil is attempting to give you double vision and mess up your eyesight physicals around like a roaring lion with something roars and you look at what's Rory Gastineau in all liens schedule and the males roar and the females try to meet you him and others allow lessons we learn about that young man of such a letter about that so they already are they ready for the warfare and vascular quote Scripture give the thoughts to God give the thoughts to God pick a word and say it when the temptation comes Peter love this work will help me on a sinful man remember that they were now why is it that this helps why is it you know one little word can slay him Martin Luther said one little word shape you start focusing on word of God your brain can't really focus on more things than one thing at a time and out some people said all yes I can multitask now innovative studies on people and talk on their cell phone while driving you know there were some drunk drivers and they've done studies on people that have instant messaging on at work and him all the e-mails coming Brian is a sequence organism photos you can thank and that if something else happens you have to start over think again and think again and it starts overly so now the same as the online organization is the ineffective organization as of so many interruptions but this illustrates another point if you want to interrupt what the Devils try to get you to do you got to do something radical like how this is while horn works Google voice and it averts an accident yes or no suffer my orders and an anemic and able to look mild my wife and I when we were ignored were days he had this car that had a malfunctioning horn it always would honk incessantly when she turned left sonar sensors left in this thing where you are but those of you get the right idea anyway so here's a little in love so this is I think a very a very good technique because our member I was doing stop smoking classes once in all everybody eventually stop smoking but anyway these people want to stop and I was doing this class with them and this is all the older cloud stop smoking teacher showed me churches and give them all a big thick rubber band and whenever they had the temptation to smoke just take that were banned snapped as they snap in and they have a whole bunch of things are supposed to do right after because the brain will really get their salaries in Connecticut in the shower and are running a gas emotional wellness shower and then doing other stuff right and by the time the family urges God 's Army configured how we think there's something to that and if you have those ready-made things in the brain those those textiles Stornoway they can help no limit to show you that I was reading a book on the brain recently the Dragon smart and as I was reading this book by Jeffrey Schwartz I talked about how in our heads there is a readiness potential right and this ready for the bread is potential 's unconscious celebs getting closer to him he's ready to jump these of the monies already got a readiness potential that is unconscious in fact it's like three hundred and fifty milliseconds before you know what you do which are bodies are rethinking about many times because you got these habit patterns and everything worked out a list of your resume the jumpy all in all and and so this unconscious readiness potential is there that is ready to act at any time but then you become consciously aware of it annually have like a hundred and fifty two hundred milliseconds left right and then the actually come now experiment is shown that a person can choose not to perform a movement that was on the cusp of occurring and that was preceded by a large readiness potential now I think it's good news another words you're all set up to do something wrong and you still can say I'm not convinced I think that's right and I you know that's called the gift of enmity I will put enmity between you and the woman readers stated her seat in other words God said even though the wrong seems also strong I am the ruler yet on litigating the gift of enmity and and you can change I'm a statement so now with her same is not only have free will you also have free won't to I is no less an accident to commit an act and overseas I'm not even do it that was an action and Valentine about free wolves and free will I would be glad for free will and get for free will and that in and they proven and that's true now it's a silly stories about this but I will select one how do we control our eyes another idea is to have a prayer target trying always with prayer supplication in the Spirit being watched listened with all perseverance and supplication for all the one so watchfulness and perseverance is connected with the application for no for the things you're going to mere glow tracks out and you realize that people are walking throughout the valleys of lustful land America and you say wait a minute I'm being tempted on the to pray for someone else right now to pray for this person or that person so you punish the devil by praying for someone else we tempt you are you tempted me good I'm Fred A-to-Z about this temptation for everybody else pick a prayer target and then that you don't have one just don't give you a name Don McIntosh I seriously need your prayers I need the prayers of those I love that song goes yes or no I've been unmolested save by prayer I thought my mother 's pride be dead today let the prayer of another atheist in a hospital bed for me when she was I'd be dead today prayer targets my mother had me in her sites for years the Lord used her prayer targets first rent is one eleven look it up later and helping your prayers helping Paulson always hated me I had the sentence of death and myself but they pray for me I is another one the Thanksgiving defense I want this one just recently begin to see it of Scripture but fornication without a male lust for Jason and ongoing this encompasses the emphasis is always connected the fornication right like to have it right for Jason Clay is a lookout and let it not eliminate the money was spending for Saints need a filthiness nor foolish talking of course adjusting with are not fitting but rather what giving thanks Re: Seattle list any as they are for the list if you are struggling with any of those areas whenever the temptation comes when he starts to thank you God for something praising for something that living unit of just a couple questions when was that that God when was it that God thanks his father for the loaves and the fishes before he gave an hour after her win was that that Jesus thanked his father for the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead when was it that Jesus thanked his father that he would he would he would drink the cup new in the new Jerusalem before or after the Last Supper before an inanimate movement when it started well a lot what what was that what the word and the beginning of the end that moment the sound of the seven trumpets Lord we give you thanks because you've taken your great power and you frame and the time of the database to be just the Thanksgiving I noticed always preceded the mystery man when you want to the outside and on precise and again thanking the Lord Thanksgiving God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus cry I think I think this this this defensive gratitude is underutilized not his own ass the women dog has placed in your life to protect you notices as the women that God has placed in your life the devil employs women you like to write on and vice versa so in on Genesis sixes is that they chose what they did to women they chose to nullify thing falls apart but that the asked the women got a pleasure to protect you understand the constables lectured for from a bill co-authored tape that I heard years ago and I just remembered it so well so helpful to me that was going to talk together I got pulled extensively I remember the guy talking about how each of these texts seriously going to show you listen to your father who begat you don't despise your mother when she is old my son give me your heart and let your horizons are my ways for a harlot to depict a seductress is a narrow well and she lies in wait for a victim increases unfaithfulness among men a study says that this Texas teaching that you need to listen to the godly women in your life so went when the women be walking down to the mall with him his wife and his daughter Suzanne struggling with this lustful thought you don't help me out and I be watching for people that wouldn't maybe trigger thoughts of lust lizard that don't look to the left elbow to the laugh that don't look to the right dad disclosure I've run a messed up on this outing allowed around anywhere now you know that sounds funny but I'd I I think of as I was refreshing to meet its own to be that transparent in their family no it really is and it also felt as a love to know some people it matters how you dress hello folks if you want to go out and glow make sure you're going for the right reason is below not blow no day is only a preview the address for four for disaster and they look as you know what there might be a reason you are doing and I think of a bigger problem sometimes than last is lusting after people lusting after you some people dress in a way that they want people to actually think about that that may be because they have feelings of self-worth that are so well that they think I don't reduce it down to just the bare basic base instincts or no one would pay attention to me or maybe they were abused when they were young but sometimes we dress away both men and women that invites problems in certain and ill I got to tell you that listen to them that that that that the women annualized men but also listened to the man in your life women because I may look I guess sometimes you can just look at him I say to my wife Sally that's a bad silence address that's a nice dress but there's just not enough on it for whatever thou set up whether the problem that you know and my wife Jill I tell her luggage at ease you tell me you know Don look into good for consumption in or whatever it is also not tolerating this is practical and when you're out there in your glow teams playing from now man I don't think you should maybe take this on but I'm just telling you that this is helpful of them number nine the Holy Spirit most effective weapon weapon in this area of lost is thy word have I hear my heart that I'm a hi Sandra against God and you know these there's only been a powerful typhoon go through what I like this was such a minor thing about none of for you Eli was in with Christ in God setting your mind on things above how it has a powerful concept and if you read down collisions by collisions of the Colossians because the Colossus is for the collisions of life energy rating down to that of pencil it's like any missile it it goes right exactly where you are and what here's the thing it starts out by so set your mind on things above and then it goes through all the relationship between husband and wife and everything else and it is basically a say in chapter three that the success in your relationships is because of your rootedness and looking to Jesus about and I know that if you really want below that's the sacred is not getting almost tracks of the facility within the conference although you should get those to you with me in setting my things about it is another tax is useful silly fornication also than trying talk about it the cell count this doesn't look good now run get out of there on this this whole tax was built around when there was a fire in the house and even desiderata you got out of the and the word fornication of the Greek word looks interesting looking like it's very fitting the so removes provisions for defeat this seems obvious but was covered anyway make no provision for the flash this might be cable-television this must might be the Internet this might be what you eat or what you drank others primary and secondary issues here like I said before some music that you listen to can generally be problems against the well for lustful thoughts yes or no and some food that you eat like I said before those high fatty foods and different things they begin the battle your brain and drink as well you know I fly quite a bit how I fly through Las Vegas is a flight to Las Vegas I fly through Las Vegas over the land and then I take off without getting off the plane and as I'm on the way to Las Vegas you know what I've noticed is a lot of stupid people and will Las Vegas and they are all going there to gamble right patio asked what he do a longitudinal ongoing to the note name with her going well it's only going out to look at going to Las Vegas and I like to ask you for some money to another elusive anyway you like one thousand eighty two thousand dollars three thousand dollars you plan to gamble and only newly be rude but if you lose it anyway and I got some great plans for your money and is given the great return it has really been successful yet but I asked him out and then Ellie what he had to lose him a anyway so unsophisticated my approach right so anyway but on the in no one listens to me on the way to Las Vegas but on the way out of Las Vegas I've had many Bible studies and people listen why do you suppose it is a people is on the way out the population was sitting next to this man once he losses will house everything else a gambler alike and he was in tears reading this magazine about how gambling beguile 's people and it was only three days to light and reason tears we has motels oust any any any 's is way down I'm looking at the magazine in all of the magazine said was he about how they baffle people in these casinos they do with music they do it with food they know exactly the foods that if you meet those foods a bath the rank they do it with scantily clad men and women and they do it with drink in all the magazine said the safest place to be in a casino if you have to go in the bathroom but what it taught me was all of those things are provisions for the flesh and just like noticing other trying to steal money from you they'll try still your life and be wise in what is good and simple concerning evil even reading the salacious details about tigers in the woods and whatever else you're looking at just a wise and what is good and simple concerning evil set no evil thing before the eyes so I mean do I need a break that down that seems a pretty relevant does not set no evil thing though why is that you'll does mirror neurons scientific American magazine talks about this when you see something you begin to merit no matter what it is a matter what it is you look at a son not that that a person but you begin by the beholder you become changed and they looked at this they had these little services baboon and they were watching the watching that baboon had always electoral of the upcoming seen what happened when he did this accident and they laughed and the guy just ate a peanut or he signed it appear the baboon did in the part of his brain that would've lit up if he ate the peanut begin the fire even though he wasn't even if he is branding in the fire as he was either because he saw that the intervening so mirror neurons far not only as we perform a certain action but also when we watch someone else perform the action you will look to a woman to lust for that woman who committed are I will send your nozzle just far one of animals watching someone else they also fire the monkey hears the sound or when they read about it even when they read about this is why romance novels at all different things are just as bad right is a picture you can see it maybe there's a section that lights up in the red if you did the action here's the section that if you just thought is the same second not quite as much but same-sex one so this is what I may make no provision for the flesh by what you see of those different things and realize that way war begins Mick means fighting many battles in all of hiding the devil tries to get you to just give up everything is true he tried to get you to give up if you if you have a available to keep keep on keeping on there's some number twelve live in the presence of God I like the story of Joseph never when Potiphar 's wife tried to tempt them he said there's no one greater than South and I is not kept back anything from me except for you because you're his wife how then can I do this great wickedness and sin against Potter for Zeller says Nelson he has got so he lived as though he was in the what the presidents of God on the other practical tend to use temptations as springboards for spiritual insights and re- affirmations so in other words when you're being tempted when you're being tempted he began to punish the devil for the temptation reminds me that I'm forgiven right thank the Lord I'm high I been through this thank the Lord for the for the blood of Jesus they give me pardon but also power thank me thank the Lord for his victory and reminds me want to rededicate my life every time you're tempted to use it as a opportunity to rehearse all the wonderful things that God has done and is doing reminds me that I want to see God and that he wants to see me that he came to save me on this really convince folks that in Christ the victory is already there and when we start to struggle we looked in the claim the victory amen when this happens what's the promise resist the devil and he will fail flee from you be accountable for your eyes your thoughts and deeds each of us still give account of himself to God I was don't blame someone else for your activity while she was dressing that way I bear this defense before dad surf all what she might have fault but your released telephone be accountable for your own actions work on the part of the problem you can work on MN so here's another thing I wanted the states the state is a great chapter in the book got testimonies line five two jets is actually testimonies Wi-Fi is a chapter erroneous views of confession and truly is a confession I think it's called an iMac for Rob confess your faults one to another pray will be sealed I got to be careful of then you will have a confessional where your telling all the gory details allowed to people that are really not part of the problem the solution and you don't want to have people up taking what you told them and sent into the National Enquirer or whatever the making money off whatever you did for devastating you but I still believe it's important to find godly people that you can have the accountability partners maybe ask questions like this did you spend daily time alone with the Lord this week when I fired my life is that whenever I fail and have failures of the week it's I look back and the curse did not come causeless use them this beta time I need to with the war and what I find is what I'm helping with people and relationships there was been spending time alone right I have this couple call me just yesterday and they were they were fighting with each other and then they wanted me to take sides in no it this idea that a couple times and after several hospitalizations I learned this on the show and I'm really not helpful and of so what I told them as I said look I want to hear more about the problems but I want you to do is memorize this text set your mind on things above not on things in earth for you you last visited with Christ in God memorize a text who is sexually I want you to read the chapters from ministry viewing called in contact with others and I want to read about the life of Jesus given couple chapters in the desire of ages always look at Jesus felt out about each other but I sure this powerful effects of relationship the fourteenth or so she is on the top of the mountain gorilla sex of the people up there are singing within the hundred forty four thousand however that him the top of the mountain this is a following reverie goes there the problem am that now if you started at the base of the mountain they go to top the mountain by August to each other the base amount there might be a mountain between you but as you start noncollege ridges as what's happening here getting caused each other even though you don't know is a way to minute she's not rating on objects you keep reading if you're going up and she's down there pretty soon you will look down and side and when you get to the top of that mountain when you're looking down your right next to Jesus and Zach are like Jesus so that I know see you anymore because the Jesus I negatively draw they meant well broke don't worry about that is you just keep looking to Jesus and as you do you really a close legal circles and presales are singing to be back together but focusing on your problem folks is sometimes not the right thing focus on your solution they ran and it is just focusing on a solution he's got to bring them into the pollution is dilution from his work thanks so did you spend time alone with the Lord this week have you been faithfully meditating day and night on at least one first for one book track which is based on one person event with this power in just one tax level daughter memorize the tax couple years ago called this is the text do not rebel against the floor I was her memory verse she followed me around the house everywhere I went and I go to my wife and I set some questions that my wife my little two -year-old daughter goes do not rebel against the Lord and I walked over to the refrigerator I look in the refrigerator there's something in there in outstanding May and she comes out against the Lord anyway him as a seamless metadata nonmembers she didn't even know what she was saying into the center of the right size and how convicting it was have you looked at anything that you look at anything you know God will not want to look at is a good question asked somebody right magic you may ask is government is a wrong or immoral these are good questions ask yourself have you been completely honest these requesters were taken from a men's group that was trying to help each other be accountable on a deserted questions about some of these things maybe you think I like to have some of these quotes and everything myself for my own library you can go to my website amazing facts .org and I all post them under Macintosh notes so you get some of these tax so let's review began a war that you expect to win because the victories in Christ realized that it's a battle strive to enter the narrow gate work out your own salvation with Fran Trembley for its got a working you both will do his good pleasure remember that the battle is in the mind and begin with fasting and confession I talked about fasting relationship right commit to have price watch your brain for the washing of the water of the word and ask them to replace the devil strongholds with gods and that isn't that's a science limiting as you you can learn you will learn what you focus on innovative study of obsessive-compulsive disorder patients that entity note that it's obsessive-compulsive disorder patients it isolated this washes her hands five hundred times a day this event made is good news and donate there were these intractable cases where they were just so obsessed with a certain pattern of doing things that was repetitive and whatnot which ended from the way that they handed all these patients over to a guy named Jeffrey Schwartz he was a physician and this is what he discovered four things that helps is not on your list of the new number one a taught them by showing them CAT scans and CAT scans everything in the brain that really the disease that they were struggling with was one of the emotional sexes of the brain not the frontal lobe and a told him what was about obsessive-compulsive disorder they told the full phrase that's not me it's my OCD Micah Saints can assemble that's not me it's my OC Rosalie distance himself from that and then the second thing was to read read attribute it so relabel it then retributive it's happening in my limbic system is not at me in my frontal lobe Baylor is sadly in my state of emotions and feelings and wants but not my needs this is happening where I feel like doing something but I don't have to do it so redistributed any show them exactly how that works today exactly how that works now number three was really important because he seldom the difference between that he then described to them with physiology and all the slide is not is not is a pre- Adventist is added at the visit he described them how the frontal lobe can have victory over the limbic system and then he said the difference between focusing on the one book limbic system and doing the limbo of the limbic system and being led by the frontal lobe is one of focus you become what you focus on everything depends on the right action of your choice your will he told even renowned what and then he said you must read how you your whole system was able to interview refocused within reason value in other words what is the highest truth in your life as a manner that is outside what is in it at the children of darkness are coming to light in that way what a wonderful thing we have to rebuild the strongholds make a covenant with your eyes remove provisions for defeat realized that when warmings fighting many battles and live in the seroprevalence of God we saw learn the limitations got learned on limitations and curiosity always be ignorant of what is evil and know a lot about what is good enough the text curiosity killed the cat satisfaction did not bring him back I used temptation use temptations as springboards for spiritual insights right with other words reminds me of all the things that God is done for me in this pond is the devil big time now if you question is what I've been straight important that we offer units only you know I may is there hope for those who follow look at this I just love this passes do you not know the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God obviously new fornicators idolaters adulterers homosexuals unless the whole list though not in an Arabic yield God and then look at this rate is with me and such were some of you thought you were lost he was sanctified you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the spirit of God it has good news and look at this text these are the ones who are not defiled with women for their virgins who are these words the ones of all the Lamb wherever he downloads these were redeemed what you may redeem that means they want for lots they were at friendship with the world with his adultery and idolatry right and yet because they began all will read all is there now pictured is what versions even though you have you maybe on the version you can become one again to the grace of God amen does the fix is given in the way we knew this one as we close if you have made mistakes raise your hands have made mistakes you certainly get a victory it is seen as the states and regard them as big as a warning that you turn this date into lots victory disappointing enemy and honoring your Redeemer while all things can still work together for good remember our goal is to pursue holiness without which no one will see God but the good news is that those who are pure in heart will see God allowing the city you rejoice you turn hard rejoice give thanks and saying your facile manner wave on high night it what you did but the cross of Christ your King had us regular father in heaven Lord we want to have the last of the spirit not of the flesh fills with your spirit we can't do it but you've done it and we have to our claimant and only do it through your strength you want to do it in us and through us but you demand our surrender each step of the way bring these tools or minded help us to have victory in you for you so we can blow with you in Christ's name amen


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