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Ignite Your Church - Part 9: The Implementation Guide

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism




  • June 20, 2019
    1:45 PM
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Father heaven we are so thankful for your goodness toward us we thank you for. A knowledge of yourself and of Jesus Christ whom you have sent and Lord I pray that as we are now reviewing the implementation guy that your spirit would speak to and guide us each of our churches is different Lord but there are ways that we can begin to to move them more in a direction of clarity of focus and purpose on the Gospel Commission so we ask that you would guide us to this and in Jesus' name we pray ma'am now one of the things I'm going to back up a little bit when we some years ago how many of you know about the discipleship handbook I don't think we've talked about that how many of you know about the discipleship Handbook with the blue cover Ok You know it's been reprinted by the General Conference and now it's got a great cover with a red binding thing it's a new theme thing Ok but when it 1st came out you'll notice in the binding of the new and there's a little review in Harold logo but on the 1st one there was a little low going to said t.c.c. that was the training center churches committee and that's something we formed right here in Michigan I was part of that and Pastor Cameron My brother Jim an elder just a ring staffers a conference Secretary Stacie chef who I want to say Osterman all the time but she's no longer estimate she Shefa and we had some others that were there would come and go off that committee and the purpose of that committee if I go back a little further I haven't shared this yet is that. Our ministerial director when he was not the ministerial director when he was per game when used to be the person ministries director I guess it was when he went into ministerial and elder Steve ale came into personal ministries they began an initiative that was similar to what we're doing in District 6 on a smaller scale where they picked 3 churches in the Detroit area large medium and a small so they could kind of get an idea of the differences and nuances in implementing more of a lot of what we're talking about but they called it they started out calling it Acts 2 and then it became training center churches and the goal of that was to fulfill that statement that Ellen White writes where every critically look at this earlier today every church should be a training center for career. Training School for Christian workers and how there needs to be actual work under experienced instructors etc. And as we mentioned earlier today that that's really our goal good a good picture of a goal for the church. It still is a good picture of the goal for the church and that was their goal as they started the training center Church Committee now when we looked at that statement and try to draw out from that and other statements what the similarities were in every training center church churches who worked in churches we read about in the Spirit of Prophecy What do they all have in common we came up with 4 key characteristics that's what you see on this 1st page in other words every training center church there are 4 elements that make it that training center church that really make the difference the 1st is that they have what we call a great commission culture Ok and in other words this is in we've talked about this already the church understands that the reason it exists is to forward the Gospel commission and that understanding drives everything that church does Ok and I'm just summarizing here than what point number one is every training center church has that philosophy if they don't have that philosophy they don't have what it takes to drive them to be that kind of church Ok but the 2nd key characteristic in a church that fulfills that training center model is what we called functional church structure what that's pointing to is the fact that we have a lot of great structure did you get into the church manual all Cameron. Cameron does a whole sermon on what do you call it mining the manual and I think when I've heard him presented before he says it's got to be something people it's got a sound at the back I've heard you introduce a sermons like this I know this sounds like the driest sermon in the world like we're going to talk about the church manual today but the reality is the 7th Day Adventist Church manual is one of the clearest most practical helpful books. 2 to 8 your church in the very things we're talking about we have a lot of good. Outlines and an established structures in the manual that if we were just to follow them as they're stated in the manual our churches would come a lot when Cameron talks to you tomorrow about the church board he's going to go to the church manual and I will tell you that I was in pastoral ministry at least 10 years before I actually read through what the church manual says about a church board and it did not look anything like a church board you know I remit church boards like I had been on church boards and I've been on you know as a as a board member before and now I sat as a pastor and I've been with other pastors and they all ran pretty much the same way you bigger about money and your time's up and then you go home and that's a little facetious but not a lot it's pretty close to what happened some time and so when I read what the church manual has to say if you have not done that and maybe even if you have you going to get blown away by this tomorrow morning that the structure outlined in the manual is very mission focused and there are a lot of things that are outlined the way certain offices work you know elders and deacons and deaconesses and and the way the Church is organized in whatever and different places and I mean different areas of the church and church. Operation is very mission minded It's just that we don't do it it's not functioning the structures are there but they're not functioning the way they're intended to function and so what we realized is in a training center church let me give you an example and I don't know if you're going to share this with Cameron if you were you can share again. A for instance is there is a church growth expert named Dr Donald my Gavron he's not a 7th Day Adventist and he was studying Church Growth and What made the difference when churches you grew introduced who didn't and any time you doing a study you want to compare apples to apples you don't want to compare for example and if this was in the Chicago area the big inner city Chicago church was some rural Illinois church right because then it's you don't know why one maybe growing for for a total different reason so you want things as close as possible you don't want to be comparing a an African-American church to a white church or to a Hispanic church because those are all differences that could affect your so you want to is close as possible compare apples to apples which he did he organized arrange that and he began to go through the kinds of things that we tend to think of and we say well this church is really global a growing explosively but this other church not so much and we the things he jumped to and I think there is we tend to jump to as well this church must have a more dynamic pastor maybe they have more money to do stuff with. Maybe they live in a an area where the population is more open to Christian you know all these different things that we would and as he went and studied and compared those things while there were nuances that yeah they could have made a little difference it really didn't describe the phenomenal difference of why one would grow really in a lot and another wouldn't would hardly grow at all and so he began trying to figure out what is that what you know what I'm not finding what the difference is here and he got this idea he got the idea to get asked go to the churches and get the church board minutes from the last 15 years and he can pay you know the board minutes if you don't sit on board the board minutes are the little the little a summary of what all was discussed on the board and you see a board meets once a month and you've got 15 years that has He went through it became very obvious what was happening. The churches that were growing spent the bulk of the time on their board meeting talking about how to reach their mission territory the churches that were growing spent the bulk of their time talking about the finances talked about church repairs yada yada yada following that I'm saying functional church structures we've got structures that are outlined in our 7 as manual but they often don't function with that mission mindset that they're outlined a bunch in and so we notice that the growing churches that the training center churches he did churches that function the way that they were designed to function according to the Bible according to of course what we draw out of the church manuals just drawn out of Scripture principles so functional church structures number 3 characteristic key characteristic of a. Growing church each week we call it training senators now it's the we get to grow and everything is what we called intentionally cold personal truth sharing witnessing because when you talk about witnessing our greatest need in witnessing is the sharing of the 3 angels messages but there are a lot of members in our church that feel very unnerved about sharing those messages so they'll say well my gift is hospitality I just I'm friendly to people but I'm not really into the other and that's great that a person does gift is hospitality but the problem is if everybody's gift is just hospitality nobody ever gets the message or just one or 2 are given the message and everybody else is hospitality you understand I'm saying so a lot of people say oh I witness but I witness in a different way that's not what we find in a in a growing church in a training center in the training center church we see that because of that great commission culture. Every member sees himself or herself as somebody who has to share the $300.00 messages personally personal truth sharing labor and as a result they're in volved in some capacity of sharing the Bible it may be giving Bible studies and maybe just inviting people to a group site in the home where they plug in to Doug batts or d.v.d. but somehow or the other there intentional about giving studies and that was something again we saw consistently in the churches that would be dubbed a training center church and finally the 4th key characteristic is systematic discipleship when people join the church there needs to be a systematic a regular ongoing plan process to integrate them into the church a discipleship plan and. I could tell you stuff about this so what we ended up doing is writing the discipleship handbook I would have any want or anybody on our committee would have loved to find a resource in our church that we could have just used. And we had people say oh we've got that oh no we've got that here we've got there's nothing like the disciples of Hamburg there is nothing like it in our church or outside of a church there simply isn't oh we've got these great innovative discipleship tools we have people say that so we check them out oh there's a piece here in a piece there but it wasn't anything that could be put into the discipleship handbook in case you're not familiar with it and even if you are it's it was it was 2 parts now it's just one and I praise God for that it was the Handbook and the mentors guide and the idea was that for every new member the handbook would help guide them into discipleship with the work of a mentor who was the one who would disciple them like Jesus disciple people like the apostles to personal mentor ship and I mention this the other day when I run into a lot of places people just give give in the book give a new member the book and say Read that and if you have questions ask me that's not discipleship. So the idea of systematic discipleship we needed something that would not only review the tenets of the faith for a new believer but that would give them pieces of understanding the structure of the church and and what was available to them in the services of the church and they would have a mentor who would help to introduce him to other people in the church and integrate them into the church and involve them in the church and get them to understand the offices of the church and how they could help in the church and all of that and that's all in the discipleship Handbook and the mentor is a guy well the mentor has got is now part of the handbook it's included in the new handbook because what we found is we were getting rid of a lot of ham books and then a mentor's guy to just be out here there and everybody else everywhere else and people were not mentoring but the training center church has a plan a systematic plan to disciple new members these characteristics across the board big church small church whatever those work core values if you will for a church that really wanted to grow so in our implementation guide we put that on the front and I wanted to bring you up to speed a lot of folks in Michigan are aware of that we've been we've been going over this for some time but I think maybe you know a lot of you are from Michigan and you may not remember because I don't think we've really broken that down like we had been at one point in time in fact I think when my brother was here he did a lot more of that now laying that out what we do is if you go to page 2 this is what we did with the implementation guide and I want you know seen how this works we gave very practical steps so let me back up we went through that evaluation with the churches so when we got done with that process in the church said yeah I see we need to grow we got areas we need to work on and we want to be more like the biblical model instead of what we're following now what do we do the implementation guy was to give very practical steps on what to do not only what to do how to do it and when in what order to do it now this is still a work in progress. We try to ask ourselves what how how you know we pitched this we started this in January this year with our churches in District 6 and so we developed phase one phase 2 phase 3 and phase 4 of steps and you'll see that there's a tentative timeframe we figured we introduced that it January 1 not during or one but the beginning of January sometime in January we held a rally in the district to just bring all the churches together and pitch what we were going to do and just so we gave them that that group overall this is where we're headed and then we went into Phase one and our recommendation to them was from the month of February through a pro which we thought was a manageable time period we want you to work on the bullet points there in phase one I'm going to explain those more specifically in a minute then you go into phase 2 and you notice that phase one goes from February to April phase 2 goes from April to June the reason it goes to June is because anybody in Michigan knows what happens in June that's right and camp meeting is do you realize everything in the church in some ways and you don't want to start a big thing in June so you know you're concluding there it with your leader training in June and maybe getting some of that leader training at Camp meeting now Phase 3 you'll see that it also starts in April and it goes all the way through August it goes through August because something else begins to happen in September in Michigan. School and. Jesus own prophecy we're doing Conference wide evangelism here in Michigan in September and so you'll notice then the discipleship training training your church leaders and how to have a discipleship plan in place happens beginning in September because you don't want to wait your meeting start in September later in September and later in October you don't want to come to the end of evangelistic series and be like oh you know what we probably should have thought about having a way to disciple people that's it things are going to get crazy and hectic So anyway this was our tentative map for how these things were going to be carried out now I want you to notice still on page 2 under phase one the bullet points educate your church in grow principles evaluate local church mission emphasize mission in your church services for each bullet point if you go to page 3 that 1st one says Edgett they're not all in this order but I want you to notice the 1st one says educate your church and grow principles on page 2 if you go to preach 3 you see that below point and underneath you have a very clear plain practical ways to do it so if you're on page one you're like wow how do I educate my church and grow principles go to page 3 and you see on that book point in oh here's some ways to do that I'm going to walk through these with you but I'm just telling you how this works so for every bullet point on the overview implementation guide the implementation guide overview for every bullet point there are specific steps included in the rest of this document and I'm going to walk through the steps they're not in this exact order. Because what we've done in the implementation guide is we put the bullet points under headings under those 4 key characteristics each key characteristic has ways to delve Elop that and so the bullet points come under there and so under phase one I might have different bullet points from the Great Commission culture from. Functional structures from true sharing labor from systematic discipleship So there may be all through that document but the bullet points are there in the point is that you can look at a bullet point and know that there are detailed instructions for that further on Ok now and I'm going to we're getting there in just a moment the last thing I want to say on the overview guide is notice that there is a theme for each phase Ok Phase one is the awareness phase Ok you've shared with your church leaders the evaluation tool you talked about it you prayed about it you're saying Ok we see this our membership at large doesn't see this yet now we need to begin the process of making our church aware of what we're aware of or we need to make ourselves more aware of the principles before you can start stepping forward and doing things you've got to have an awareness of what to do where to go so Phase one is all about just awareness for the leaders awareness for the church members casting the vision and the bullet points under there are how that can happen you can begin to cast that vision in church when you move to phase 2 the vision has been cast now we start into action they say 2 is now we're going to begin training our leaders in the church in the things we've been talking about in theory in phase one. Phase 3 is outreach training Now here's the trick where the outreach training. Here's what's going on in your church your church is getting a paradigm shift they're getting a whole new idea of how to do church they're learning that there's a lot of things we've done and we've just not been doing it with the mission focus so they're becoming aware of that and now you're taking your leaders are you beginning to train your leaders in the church in those things but you can't this is going to take I'm going to tell you where we are it is June and we're probably not halfway there in District 6 it takes a while to change the thinking of church leaders and train and all that So this is ongoing but I can't wait to teach the church and get them involved in outreach until we get everything else ironed out in fact we have very plain Kelson the spirit of prophecy that sometimes this is idea we're going to fix everything in the church and then we're going to Elm I says you don't do that or the thing you'll never fix all the things in the church so while the training is going on there still needs to be the outreach training there still needs to be because there's a lot of the things we learn better in the outreach in the actual doing of it so it compliments the training that's going on and so that's why Phase 3 overlaps phase 21 of the leaders are being trained you're still doing outreach training having outreach savages passing out literature and whatever else is being organized because you're building up to a series of meetings that you're planning in the fall and you don't want to wait until then right that's when the farmer gets the combine Now you don't want to wait until then to start plant seeds you want to step plan the seeds now and so Phase 3 is cunt current with phase 2. And Phase 4 with the discipleship training of course the reason that's down in September in this particular calendar is because of the way the evangelistic meanings are shaping up and so we feel like in September a church can begin to focus on this make sure they have discipleship leaders make sure they understand the process so that when people are making decisions in the evangelistic meeting when people are choosing to be baptized they're not it's not an afterthought they're ready to go when that person is splatting for baptism they can already assigned somebody they've already talked about it and from their discipleship team they can say Ok you got this one you're going to be their mentor you're going to be this person's mentor you combine them and they're going to it's going to be you're not going to be coming from behind and trying to catch up you're going to be on top or ahead of the curve you understand I'm saying they're Ok now you understand the general gist of the overview Ok now we're going to get very specific. Let's look at that 1st bullet point I want to walk through them in the order of the bullet points not in the order of the handout some looking at the overview guide the very 1st thing it says is educate your church and grow principles how can you begin to do this how can you begin to let it change this thinking and cast this new vision your church here are some ways 1st of all review and discuss the 4 key characteristics of a growing church that we just went over read it together discuss it together you could just take a prayer and you could take whatever format we didn't put a straight jacket on here's her church had to discuss it in the us this is a Pacific format but somewhere discuss this with your church cast this vision it could be a sermon that highlights it whatever that's one of the things that can be done I'm going to tell you that when church members hear about these clear key characteristics it's going to make them think a little bit and it's going to bring things to mind that will help them to buy into the direction that you want to go. The next bullet point is the pastor and or elders present a sermon series on the mission of the church maybe the pastor presents it maybe the pastor chairs with the elders in each take a topic but you want a 4 part probably a 4 part anyway seriously go for status in a row and every Sabbath is casting that vision of soul winning and evangelism and mission now I'm going to tell you folks went in this is as a pastor when I pastor the church in fact one of the challenges I had a little bit of in Cedar Lake in a lot of it was my fault but in churches when I was pretty because I would preach my associate pastor would preach elders would preach students would preach school at events and what would happen is you lose your consistency whereas when I was the past when I was in the pope every week when you got a message every week that message helps shape the direction of the church. And I don't think you know when I and I would debate a little bit I don't debate him and I have a debate on this but he'll bring up the our the state he brought the other day about sermonizing you know what talking about sermonizing and and I've been through this with this you know oh my says we should expect a sermon every Sabbath cetera et cetera and all that's true but I've had some ministers come away and say yeah I'm going to get into that all of the elders preach and I'm out doing this that or the other that's Ok if your elders can cast that vision but the point is this the pope is prime opportunity to drive the mission of the church and a lot of pastors or a lot of pastors elders they Savage is just like hey whatever you want to preach on just cover for me I can't be there and so you just have this random number of messages and they may be good and they may be uplifting but they're not driving things are not moving things you understand I'm saying this is an opportunity to if I was an elder in the church whether c.l. or the pastors you're getting together in your goal talking about it the idea is your on board with this mission and you're discussing and saying let's do this series whether it's the pastor alone doing the series or everybody else you're casting that vision every week you do that for a month you go over the key characteristics in prayer meeting your casting the vision in that sermon series and then for prayer meeting the next bullet point or the next point there on the checkbox commit a month of prayer meetings to the studying a discussion of the following chapters week number one have folks read the chapter education the book education chapter 31 the life work if you have not read that chapter it is one of the most phenomenal things you will ever read it is I don't know what else to say about I assign it almost everywhere I go this chapter is is is the Lord's I'm going to say Ellen Wiseman is a Lord's picture of what the life work of every 7 they have an ist is not of a minister not of a Bible worker not of an elder you want to know what your calling is as a Christian the life work. It's incredible you go through that and then you discuss it at a prayer meeting next week go over Christian service Chapter 5 the church a training center there's a several quotations there read through those discuss those the next week and how you do it I mean you just want to make sure that you cover there's some education 30 want to go to a permit is read through the whole thing I would rather have people read it up front and then you can highlight things and discuss versus just read through it in a prayer meeting and even if you just read through it it's going to have impact week number 3 Kryten these are suggestions maybe you have another soul winning passage or something and you want to look at week number 3 Christian service chapter 7 the cooperation of ministers and laymen a lot of this talks about what we read in that q. and a earlier and then Week Number 4 Read The 7 Habits church manual work of the board you're going to hear about that tomorrow if you take a meeting and go over the 4 key characteristics if you got a sermon series going every 7 the mission of the church if it every prayer many you start going through these things you are going to see a change no question I can't gauge what that change is going to be specifically but you can't not have an impact as you're all everything you're talking about now is talking about mission in a way that many of the Saints have not thought about and sometimes I think we forget the power of our power you know it's almost like sometimes our our public meetings that we have prayer meetings and church services or whatever like there's just this randomness to it we do we act like we don't have a direction we're going just this step number one is going to start your church thinking in different ways I'd guarantee it and if I was doing that sermon series out and each summer series with a challenge something to do hand out 5 book tracks this week do this this week try this this week and it we're going to have training in how many want to come out to training we're going to sign up sheet and we're going to do whatever I would just and then you had your casting vision and that this is just one of the bullet points about awareness but you understand how that's going to help be awareness of future. It can't help but have help the awareness of your church as you're casting that out there hey look at the next bullet point under the. Ups got to go to my quick guide again climb next ball point evaluate local church mission now this is going through that evaluation through with the church if you've only done it with leaders so far you want to have some time where you can share that with the church maybe it's your business meeting or something else but you're going to share with them what that form is about and what you've discovered as church leaders now that's going to be helping the awareness of the church members just like it helps your awareness the next bullet point is. Emphasizing mission in your church services I'm sorry I should have gone back here I didn't I there's more to that that evaluate local church mission if you look at the ball point on page 3 pastor and elders fill out the Gro evaluation tool Ok talk about that a little bit schedule a special board meeting to review and discuss the results of said tool appoint a subcommittee to develop an action plan to address the church's strengths and weaknesses discovered through this process so what your board meets now after the board appoint a committee to say Ok who wants to put it had this committee is going to put together an action plan about what we can start doing and once you have an action plan you going to bring it back to the next board meeting next checkbox invite the committee to present the action plan at the following board meeting for review discussion and. Implementation we're not just going to talk about it we're going to Ok what are we going to do and then share the results and action plan at the next church business meeting so so far in this particular step this is all happening with leaders at some point has to come to the congregation at large in a business meeting say this is the direction that we want to go we talk about the board's met on a business meeting should not but they could because this is a it's a I don't understand it to this day it's craziness this is part of the functional structure thing business meetings who now you understand that the. Most authoritative body in the local church is the church in business session the pastor in the board can't do anything without the vote of the church members in business session Ok And it has happened at times that the board may want to go some Lone Ranger way that the congregation does not want to go but in most cases. The congregation should be supportive of whatever the board has decided because the congregation are the ones who voted those leaders into the church offices I've had church members say well we got these leaders in our church and it would put him there when our nominating report gets read and you're like Ok You voted them in and if you don't think that they're fit to be in that position then don't vote them in and raise your voice and use your voice but one thing that irks me is when I've had churches and the board meeting and all of us board meetings work hard the board works hard to come up with some plan and then the business meeting comes in is our not going to do that what do you mean give us an alternative in it's needed if for no other reason than we just don't want the board come in and tell us what to do when you go to the board to do that to do the legwork for you so in this particular set you're going to roll that plan out and you see the steps the leaders and then broaden it out to the board come up with all that do all the legwork so that the congregation doesn't have to the parish the vision to the church congregation this is what we read this is why we've done it this way and again this is another step in casting that vision to your church. Point number 3 emphasize mission in your church services still on page 3 that's next bullet point here are some ways to do that develop or continue a mission program in your Sabbath school did you know how many of you know what investments is what do you know investments to be what do you and gusting money for let me tell you what most people understand investments to be including myself before I got to the set of school department labels investments as food labels for more than to set or you know how many 7th Avenue believe me and it is for a lot of churches that's investments but investments the idea of investments is that every local Sabbath school can pick an investment project. That they can collect money and give to and in that was the label program and back a lot of these food companies are cutting out the label program altogether but that's not the only way you can contribute you can personally contribute but each Sabbath school can have its own mission but you can have a come a local ministry that your savviest says we believe in this ministry and it doesn't have to be a 7 Day Adventists ministry maybe something that goes on the community like we want to support that right we support world missions we pay our time everything else but here's a local mission project maybe it's something within the church every Sabbath school can do that develop or continue a mission program your school may already have one you can develop one. Now this is this here is talking I'm talking local Sabbath school but this is talking more in the Sabbath school program I have to be careful here I think as long as I've been in the church how many of you remember Mission spotlight how many still do missions spotlight Ok some of you do that amen now for why a person fall it was really promoted and I don't know if it's been promoted as well Cameron are trying to promote it again and more in fact one of the things that we're behind on it because we've been it can't meeting and I'm the guy who has to update it you can go to the mission spotlight website but it isn't real. Like you can go and you can order and they'll send a d.v.d. for your church a lot of churches are live streaming or using digital information or whatever else the camera and I are trying to do is bring those to our Michigan s.s. pm website to have a place where you can go and get all the mission spotlights for the month and you can just download them you can do that now but it's it's almost rocket science to find out how to do it and I'm fairly proficient with the computer but I mean try it you got to go here and there and there we can oh no it's only put it on youtube you can't download from youtube to get a governor So anyway we're trying to make that easy to put in a place where you could go to our site boom but you have that mission spotlight that you can show in church churches used to start the Sabbath school with a mission program and what that morphed into again as long as I've been in the church it morphed into superintendent remarks and they used to be the churches would have a Sabbath school superintendent but the trend of the times is well that's too much leadership I don't want to have to take the burden of that can I get more people so now we've got church and they share that role and you have a super tenant and assistant superintendent or multiple superintendents and everybody gets a Sabbath and so you have isa Burnett and what are they covering the Super 10 or mark whatever they feel like and so you get this randomness of whatever that is all in it I'm not saying it's evil stuff that shared but what happened is where used to be casting vision for World Mission let me just hit the pause button here and tell you this the offering we take up in Sabbath school is the only offering that goes to the worldwide mission of the church right the tie that supports the mission from the standpoint of pastors but the missionary work of the church and support of missionaries comes out of that little envelope they pass around inside a school that nobody puts money in and that's the truth. And I I'm guilty of it for too long I didn't even know what it was I don't think half the people know what it is they passed this envelope around you don't hear what it's about I think we need to pass plates and explain it just like we do in the church service for the offering for the church this is what this offering goes to I think more people would give to it but we used to have these missionary programs and now we have superintendent marks that may be totally unrelated to mission and some churches have done away with that altogether and they just go into the study time but I'm going to tell you what's happening with that mission is out of sight out of mind now I want you to put together we talked about you looking at the principles of the growing church there's a series that your church is doing on evangelism and sewing in prayer meeting your studying evangelism So winning and how your church can be mission minded in Sat is cool you have the mission program in some school year about mission spotlight what's going on the world around you reminded every week that we are a worldwide missionary movement and then in addition to that you do share some local testimonies of what's happening in the church this is part of the Sabbath school live program not going to get into a lot of this because I'm looking at the clock on the Walt but you see these bulleted out here. Under emphasize mission in your in your local church. One of the things I want to see the bottom there incorporate personal ministries timey and what. Every worship service now I'm going to just caution you here a lot of churches have person ministries time but they don't know what to do with it they do it because they know they have to do it but they don't not sure how to do it and sometimes you have to have people get on the drone on for 10 minutes about they don't know what they're supposed to or for person ministries time that's going to kill mission in your church you want your mission missionary personal ministries time to be tight you want to be a 5 minute just a quick spot because in that crowd crowded worship service and you want to be able to highlight in that something very well planned out you might take a month and say this we're going to do in the 1st 7 months we're going to highlight a piece of literature that the church that we have at the church that could be a blessing to handle I will tell you that if you highlight a piece of literature one of my favorite little pieces of literature is a booklet called the drummer boys prayer has anybody ever read that you are missing out aren't they now when you read it did you read it when you just thought about it did you read it when I promoted it because I know I've promoted around server 4 but I don't know if that input impressed but I'm going to tell you what it's a story of the conversion of an Orthodox Jewish doctor during the Civil War It's just one of those amazing facts booklets and it is incredible Now I'm going to tell you that if I had a stack of those right here every one of you be picking one up on the way out. That would have never thought about of course sounds boring sounds dry but when I pitch it you're going to pick it up that's what happens when your person ministries time you highlight some piece of literature I'm not saying well we have this book in case somebody is interested no tell him about read it and say this is a great resort and I use this last week with us and so so 1st Sabbath let's highlight a piece of literature that we have the 2nd Sabbath of the month let's have a program testimony a local testimony of some witnessing event that we've had in Archer the 3rd Sabbath you know it just happened you could plan out 1st Sabbath 2nd 73rd 7 for Sabbath and then that plan that personal ministries time once again it's just another step in casting vision in the minds of the church members folks I'm speaking for myself when I don't hear about mission on a regular basis and I'm a trainer it's out of sight out of mind it's when I'm reminded of it and when I hear sermons on it and when I talk with some of it that those things come more prominently and then I begin in a setting where maybe I'm rushing through the grocery store now I think oh I need to leave oh I need to go and talk to this person you understand I'm saying it happens that way with our church members so all of these things they're very simple but they're shaping and they're casting vision emphasizing mission in the church services more things listed there but I want to keep going evaluate your church is curb appeal let's go to that one that's on the top of page 4 I believe I'm going to share with you a resource in fact all the resources we use here I'm going to give you a link before this week is done and you're going to be able to take those you know on the last one we didn't even touch on this developing visitor ministry and there's ways you can do it I mean this just has a step by step Listen folks this is holding your hand that's what this is nobody here can say wow wait a minute how I don't understand no it's it's right here spelled out. And this is what we've done for our churches in District 6 and I want to say that having done that you think everybody's doing these things I doubt half of them of even read it we just oh we're too busy we did here's very basic steps if you really want to see your church become more mission focus you do these steps and it's going to happen at least to some degree it's going to happen. Evaluate your churches curb appeal now I found an excellent resource and this is something that I've known about for a while as far as not the resource itself but as I go to other churches now I've gone to speak in different churches and I do it much more now I'm not pastor in a church that I'm in a different church every weekend but I've gone to I've been to a lot of churches and I don't know what to say folks about the what reception I get in churches and I thought it was just me in a mass camera because of the same thing pastor resident name thing I mean. You don't get acknowledged there's nobody greets you and I'm now come talk about the personal aspect so let me step out before that even happens come up the churches grass isn't mowed isn't plowed snow isn't plowed salt isn't put down ice covering everything I mean although their church in disrepair all of these things are part of your mission presentation so I found a great the resource from the North American division called evaluating your I think it's called something like that your church is oh why curb appeal is important. And so you see that under the bullet point evaluate your. Church board members read why curb appeal is important handout in fill out the questionnaire there's a little questionnaire with it it's a They've got a Power Point made up and everything else but it's a presentation that just goes through very practical things in your church service from the appearance of it from do the greeters greet everybody do they know how to greet do do when people come into the church in the church service do you and melts things that visitors how many times how many of you have visited other churches have you ever visited a church and you're there you're sitting there in the service. But you're not familiar it's not your own church and then they do the offering and then everybody stands and they don't do that in your church was like Ok praise God for me you're just like oh you know you don't know what to do and nobody told you what to do or better yet I was going to say Praise God from whom all blessings or we know that when most of us do know they have their own little song that they do so they all stand in the nick turns on to and you're like I don't know what to do here churches should think about that and you should have if you it's a so if if it's whatever it is there ought to be words somewhere and you can direct a visitor to it and you can announce what you're about to do and would you please stand something as simple as that when you break up or Sabbath school classes I've been in churches and then they just they just dismiss they disperse and everybody just starts going somewhere the very 1st time one of my churches I went in it was my 1st ever there and they had the superintendent remarks. Which I won't comment on right now and then it just everybody just left it was in the sanctuary but it just dispersed I don't know where they went I don't know where I was supposed to go I was a new pastor but I recognize one of the elders from the interview that I had there not a brother what's going on oh Ok you know and then he told me where some stuff was so good curb appeal asked a very specific question so you can be thinking about and evaluating that yes or. Here going to get it here. I'm going to give you I'm just going to they give me a digital copy and I'm just I'm going to take everything and I'm going to give you guys a link where you can go and get all of this stuff in a digital format that you can use implementation God's evaluation tools and all of that and no there's no charge to it how could we just want to see our churches grow so there are there are steps for evaluating the churches curb appeal. What's my next thing there this is a still casting vision and that evaluation of the church is curb appeal is just practical questions about what you know the appearance of your church and other things like that all of these are increasing awareness that's the for the purpose of them obviously once you increase awareness we're hoping there's going to be action steps Ok now that you see this what are you going to do what are some things you could do and folks listen to me and I tell churches this I'm not I'm not expecting perfection I'm not expecting you're going to get everything that's not the purpose for this evaluation tools to help a church see a direction to go and begin in that direction and any time you begin a new direction they're going to be things you do well and things you don't do well I just want to see a church moving versus not doing anything because as you move in to do new direction you learn from doing that and I understand that in we're going to talk about this more as we talk about some of the more practical tools like Department planning things like that all of this is just to help the church in that direction of starting to be more mission focused how to plan for mission how to evaluate and make changes in the way we conduct things that make our churches more visitor focused and friendly and evangelistic we focused on that kind of thing Ok I saw him and hold on for just a minute I want to get to a couple more of these and then I'll take some questions but I want to go to. Phase 2 Leader Training prioritize mission on your church board cam is going to talk about that very specifically tomorrow some I'm going to go through but you'll see the steps in here as well I mean the point right now is every bullet point on the overview has very specific steps like we're looking at and you can see from the steps Ok it's not like you do in a day or even a week some of those steps are going to take some time that's why we have months of time in our art our time frame may be off in this we're still learning and like I said still in this learning curve and we didn't hit on target of those those timeframes in District 6 so I don't know that you'll do that you know the 3 month or whatever but you get the picture I think. The leader training which is phase 2 mentions training leaders in elevated roles and that's in the functional structures section I believe I just got to find my. Training leaders and elevated roles there it is Page 4 under functional church structure the prior tries mission on the church board as I mentioned Cameron will highlight that tomorrow morning the next point train leaders an elevated roles the 1st check boxes train elders to function as leaders of the local church 1st some point is assign each elder to read the role of the local elder handout I wish I had it right in front me I wouldn't have time to read it anyway I found this in an old review and Herald article published by the article was by James White. I found afterwards one of our pastors shared with me that the position and so anyway James White outlines the the role of the local elder and if I did not tell you that in you read it and I said who's this talking about you'd be like that's the pastor right away all the role you know is the pastor because that's how it used to be remember the pastor was out raising up new church as an elder was functioning in that pastoral capacity in the local church well I found as another pastor share with me that from the 1932 to 19 I want to say 65 do I have that right Cameron you know sometime in the mid sixty's $932.00 to $960.00 something that description almost verbatim was what the $77.00 church manual said is the role local Oh so we have the elders read that and understand that your job is more than just platform duty on 7 this is what is outlined in our earlier church and this is in and of the church still the present church manual it's not like it is not giving a good representation is just that in many churches the role the Elder has become in fact even when we call nominating committee you know could you serve as an elder what I need to do well you know we got a bunch out or so I think you just need to get up and introduce the worship service one Sabbath out of 6. Seriously but we does what we do that's not the role the elder So here you're training this is the functional structures you're trying to start training your leaders what the roles really are and there's some very practical things underneath that assign each elder to read the role of the local elder hand-out incorporate elders in baptismal preparation leading baptismal vows and coordinating and leading in prayer meeting start to get them trained organize elders over departments we're going to be talking about that all day tomorrow that put very very detailed and specific planning not just with the elders but with everybody and then training deploy the elders in member visitation that's all part of that 1st step in training of leaders you've got to train the elders the next check box is Pastor and elders train department leaders So 1st the pastors train the elders and then the pastors work with the elders to train the other leaders of the church that's what this next step is and I'm going to tell you this is going to take some time under that sub under that checkbox you want to review job descriptions we've got people in jobs and they don't really know nobody ever told them what that entailed and what does that mean what does that include Well here's what a glutes and then you want to cast the Gro vision for local departments and we'll talk more about what that grow vision is I mean we talked about a little bit just that more mission focus right bottom of page 4 last bullet point encourage leaders to schedule and lead a regular department me these. This doesn't happen in a lot of churches I mentioned earlier this week I'm not a fan of meetings and yet I am I don't like to sit in meetings but I also know that nothing happens smoothly without meetings. And that's just the way that it worked in departments if they're going to run smoothly need to have meetings and every department leader should be having meetings with the department 7 school superintendent should have meetings regular meetings not random meetings with all the saddest cool teachers elder should have held or should have elders meetings had Deacon should have deacons meeting had to going to should have taken his meetings had greater should have greater meetings and they should have these on a regular basis and that's where you cast vision that's when you discuss how you can are we reaching the mission that we have set out to reach for not what could we do better what could we improve on what are we doing that is good that we could do more of if you don't ever evaluate how you're going to get better and then I move I can't even I hope Cameron you touch on this when you talk about the board but I know church courses they never evaluate themselves like we do all these events and then we never stop and say How did it go we're in B.B.'s again for the for the 3050 year in the exact same way we've done it for the last 35 years and we were disappointed with the results we didn't get people we're not going to talk about it we're just going to do it the exact same way next year why would you do any event in the church and not say how did it go did it go the way we wanted it to go what went well what didn't go well how you could ever improve on anything if you don't do that some we don't evaluate is going to hurt somebody's feelings or it sounds critical it's the only way you can advance and so this encouraging leaders to schedule and have those meetings and in those meetings how to run those meetings and that's a part of the leader training. Top of page 58 in the development of department ministry plans we're going to do that very specifically Also tomorrow we're going to talk about ministry plans and how a department leader would make up their plan and we've got some very practical listings listed here but we're going to break that down tomorrow the next and I'm just going on page 5 going to read through these because I'm watching my clock here we're almost out of time collaborate on your church's master plan of evangelism again this is something tomorrow we're going to get into in in detail so I'm going to spend the time today but I'll tell you that several of the things we've talked about the department plans and the. Involved in that is is a calendar of events and other things all of those things filter into the master plan of evangelism and all of those things are simply tasks that we're already supposed to be doing according to the church board are going to learn all this tomorrow I hate to say that but that's reality we don't have time to go over it now you'll get it we'll get it in detail tomorrow implement the use of the event planning worksheet we're talking about the event planning worksheet sorry this is an event with the event planning worksheet we're going to talk about tomorrow to all of this planning stuff tomorrow So point number 3 person sharing labor on number 5 page 5. Organize your members for our reach very practically identify your church's outreach territory what is it whether its zip codes or boundary lines or in many of the churches I've been to take a map of the name of the area and I outline it I know pastors that if they taken those maps in the put them up on the wall and anybody comes in the pastor's office or wherever and there it is and this is our territory that's where we're trying to reach is the church identifier outreach territory organize your territory into smaller zones so you have to move you've got to Metropolis area or something or just a city of let's say you know 8000 we're not going to get 8001 we zoned out make brick little sections up and make teams to go into various sections are all teams going to this is own in this zone in the zone but this is just organizing for outreach organize church members into outreach teams into signing a team or teams to each outreach zone I mean this is again just very practically This may be something you're like Man I'd love to know how to do that better but I'm not sure and I don't know if any my church called the Michigan s.s. pm department or email us and say we want somebody to come and train us in our church how to organize outreach and will arrange to do it just click on training request form there and fill that out and we will get with your church and we'd be glad to train of you said I'm not sure how to do this we've researched time limit there's a couple other things that I didn't touch on here but you get the gist of this and the things that we haven't touched on are just there spelled out just as practically is which it's not you don't need some kind of special degree to read this very basic steps of things you can do now you might have other ideas besides this that's fine but you get the general gist is that these things are starting to move mission 1st of all in philosophy and then in practical training and application and you're going to start 1st of all casting the vision I'm going to tell you when you cast an evangelistic vision you're going to have people talking to everybody but I'm going to guarantee you folks that when you cast vision among Seventh-Day Adventists they're always so. Are they having to remember why they came into this movement and they're like yeah that's what we need to be doing and they're right on board with you casting that vision gets things going and then as you begin to train one of the things we've said is sometimes I say it sometimes leadership Moos. Shows. And so we like to hit leadership and the grassroots sometimes we all tell you what happens every can't mean we do training like this and I'm going to have a handful you come up and say this is great do our pastors know about this and you're ready to go and do something and you find it a church that things aren't so we like that because sometimes pastors get busy with other things our elders are leaders and you may not be any of that but you go back to your church and you're excited and what we call that is upward pressure so the leadership that might not want to do something now they kind of have to do something because the members are clamoring for it and just to keep them quiet right like the un just judging the widow kept persisting as like Ok these practical steps will will will they're not all the steps and we're still working through it I told you that but I'm going to tell you that we've employed many of these in churches and seen the results and you do some of the stuff listed here just some of the stuff listed here you're going to start to see a change in your church but we have to see that change we have to have that new idea of church and of ministry and a mission and as that vision is cast and you've got people the church that begin remember Jesus didn't start with 12 disciples He didn't start with all 12 he started with one here one there and he began to build that team and you might have to build a team in your church with the words going to work through that the Lord's coming folks and then things are going to change I would hate to think that we have to be like the Church of Jerusalem and he has to bring persecution to make it happen. But he will if he needs to but I'm going to tell you things can't the Lord cannot come and we cannot finish the work the way things are going now things are going to have to go differently and I think I did mention I have mentioned it here because I forgot to do it the other day but around the world in other places the evidence church is doing the things we're talking about and more is not law and we know we know it works it's not just theory we see it happening in other places of all those cars there are other countries and they're not as it was designed us. Anyway I won't comment on that you've been a good crowd today I hope this is been helpful and given you some practical ideas again we're not done we're building on this so tomorrow we're going to give more practical steps that will help you to move that local church we want to see the Lord come don't you see the outpouring of the Latter Rain and we're told the lettering is not going to come in less the church is active with mission as somebody said that the Holy Spirit only hits moving targets in mass so we want to be moving brothers and sisters moving about the Lord's work in the Spirit of God will be poured out and will give the signature of heaven to that that work let's pray Father have a father we do thank you again for the privilege of knowing you of knowing your truth of having the opportunity in our local churches in our communities in our workplaces in our families to be witnesses for Christ and Lord if left to ourselves Well we would be perplexed and overwhelmed but this is not our work it's your work and so Father we just pray that is your Holy Spirit impresses us and moves us and motivates us Lord that you would you would bring your power to bear upon the work that is going forward. So that we would see success and the souls of the one in your kingdom and that there would be an abundant harvest when Jesus comes we ask and pray for your continued blessing through the remainder of this day can't ask for the bussing all the speakers and seminars that remain and we pray that you would bring us back together tomorrow to learn more. We can be found faithful when you come to those words well done good reasons are we as can pay all of this in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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