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Ignite Your Church - Part 14: Coordinating Interests

Jim Howard




  • June 30, 2019
    10:45 AM
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Father in heaven we're grateful for all the ways that you. Have blessed us throughout this campaigning thus far we think Lord. Just the way that each one of us has different needs and you were able to meet each one and we pray that even now today as we have our sessions this afternoon that whatever we come with whatever challenges we're facing whatever conviction we need or encouragement we need that Lord you would meet that need and that the Holy Spirit would be given to speak to our hearts and to guide us and lead us so bless our meeting with your presence may each person here have an encounter with you today is our prayer in Jesus' name amen we're going to talk about interests this is the church manual how would you have a church manual Oh oh that's Ok most I would strongly encourage you you know if you have a vehicle you need a manual and if you are a church member you ought to have a church man you know how things operate and it's not something you read for your devotional time. But it is something that is a wonderful reference and what I want to talk about for a moment is the interest coordinator how many of your churches have an interest coordinator a c 123 Ok. I would say that we're down to about 30 percent if I were to guess to me churches in North America that even have interest coordinators Ok so why do you need an interest coordinator Let's see what the manual says. An interest coordinator should be elected that means when do you determine the interest coordinator is your nominee committee time to make sure that interest developed through the church's missionary outreach are what cared for what promptly Now did you know that the interest corner is actually supposed to be doing that like at the baddest the interest coordinators that we have have been told that their job is to input into the database right the interest that come in through the various events but this actually says that the interest coordinator is elected to make sure you see that make sure Now this is you know if I were to say to you make sure you're up tomorrow at 7 am What would you do use an alarm to do some you would make some action to be doubly sure after I say make sure so the idea is that there's an intentional effort required by the interest coordinator to make sure that the interest that you have gained through whatever missionaries you have are cared for promptly which means that the interest coordinator doesn't just. Act independently. The interest coordinator has to be engaged with the members of the church when with the leaders of the church and you can see that so this person is a member of the board so the interest corner is actually a member of the church board which you know many of our churches I wouldn't say that that's the case and the person ministries Council and works directly with the pastor and chairperson of that council the chairperson of the person ministers Council generally the person in the street leader so this is saying that the interest coordinator will work directly with the pastor and the personal ministries leader and that's because the pastor the person ministries there are always involved in the in the follow up of interests gained through the ministries of the church duties of the office keeping an organized list of all interest received by the church and will talk about this a little later to assisting the pastor and chairperson of the person ministries Council and listing. And recruiting qualified members for follow up service. How many you have ever seen an interest coordinator do that ever Ok but it's right there in the manual the entrance corner is to do 2 things what's the 1st one no not number one but 2 things that were listed here never to. Enlist thing and recruiting now what's it mean to enlist. So you Ok Right so this is actually a what what you would call well I don't know what you would call it but it is redundant for the purpose of of making the impression on us that this person is to enlist and recruit there to go with the assistance and the you know in teamwork basically working as a team with the pastor the person Mystery's leader to go and recruit people to follow up with interests to sign them up to follow up interest to get them to commit on the dotted line to follow up interest so this is a very very important position or 3 and it says qualified members so you know you're you need somebody who's got has some discernment about who to get to help and then number 3 presenting to the board a monthly report on the number of interests received and follow up you know that report that you get every month write a church board. You know get there you don't get it I don't know you know get it so quit pretending when an interest is sufficiently developed. It should be shared with the pastor and what this is simply saying is that you wouldn't necessarily just every contact an acquaintance that somebody makes in the church do you necessarily put it into the official church interest database and communicate to the pastor what have you guess to get to a certain level but ultimately this is saying that there needs to be some accountability here and some keeping it before the leaders of the church so you're presenting to the board these important interests so what do you think is out of a job that we should have in our churches I think it is I think it is let's talk for just a moment reiterate some things that we said yesterday why is it so important to generate interests in the church somebody tell me Ok there are future members they're interested I mean ultimately the mission of the church is to go and find these people who are interested and then essentially make them disciples so the 1st step to making them to cycles is finding the people who might have an interest it baffles my mind to see churches and I've worked in Michigan which is an evangelistic you know conference to see the number of churches that don't want interests all we're not going to send out a mailing because it would be too much we would get too many interests I ask you Ok how many Baptists are having a year or 2 then how could you say that you feel like find a way you've got to find a way to increase your interests if you're going to interest the growth of the church and what we do is we actually by our actions say we are perfectly satisfied. With having 2 or 3 baptisms a year we are perfectly satisfied as long as we can keep coast until the coming of Jesus come to camp meeting here those wonderful messages by you know all star speakers and we're we're happy we're happy Adventist but the problem is that's not what we're here for we are supposed to be aggressively trying to generate interests for the salvation of souls and for the growth of the church so there's no excuse for putting off or or pushing away interests we should be increasing interest at all times and let me just. A come back to this later but let me say something about this so that I put you at ease the reason that most people do that I understand why they do it Ok you have to coach them through it people say oh if I do this mailing will get 30 interest and I've only been able to find 2 other people who are willing to follow and so I can't do that I need you know here's the problem we tend to think that if we get 30 interest to come in that we're going to have to follow up 30 people well you might have to follow him up but in about 3 weeks that 30 will be down to 10 and then in about 5 or 6 weeks that 10 will be down to 3. Ok you can it's a percentage game soul winning does not you know not everybody who shows a kick the tires kind of interest becomes an active for the truth I'm ready to make a full decision to become a member the realm of church it doesn't happen that way you need a significant number of interests in order to find the ones who are actually going to come all the way through so never slow down your interest generation in the church you should be doing everything you can to balloon that number and increase the interest generation number always and then you find ways to manage that because ultimately it wants you follow them up you'll find yes it takes a little effort in the very beginning it makes take a little push but then they're going to trickle down to a very manageable number and that's how that's how it always happens yes and all the other ones are seeds planted Yes And you know we're will dive into that a little bit as well the idea of planting seeds so now let's talk about generating interest so we know the importance of generating interest how do we generate interest and is it an actual part of our evangelist extract a-g. in our churches to generate interests so let me tell you the number one way to generate interest rate for this ask. So get I feel so proud. When I hear someone say that. That's right just ask because ultimately no one you will never find someone who is interested if you don't ask if they have an interest if you know offer if you don't do that and you know you're only going to get the occasional you know as we say wild strawberries you're not going to get actual crop Ok so just ask who should we ask. Everyone you know that's an easy answer back there Burgess I expect more from you than that give me give me some some everyone's coworkers Ok coworkers Now if you're like me Ok I'm like I'm like the person ministries guy who's not very good at. First Contact personal ministries. Love giving Bible studies you know and I love you know once I but but the but the 1st contact and let me tell you the fear that people have because I can speak from experience with coworkers because before I was a pastor by the way I was a lay person for a number of years and I was a person ministries leader and an elder and I didn't get bible studies during that we can all that so I can relate to Anyway this idea of sharing with people at work though. I personally found it easier to speak to a stranger oftentimes and I did speak to someone at work because I kind people pleaser by nature and I want them to think really highly of me and when I have to start sounding a little crazy it changes you know and I get scared about it so you kind of have to have a you know heart to heart with the Lord and wrestle through the fact that you are not in your work place to be highly approved by the people in your workplace certainly you want to be you know respected and all those things but when it comes down to it the Lord places you in different places because there are people that you can make an impact with and so don't be you know muster up the courage pray and begin to enter ject spiritual conversation into your coworkers. Conversations let me just say you don't have to immediately give a piece when it's a coworker. The way that you interact with people will depend on how frequently you're going to see them so a coworker you're going to see regularly so you don't have to throw them the full conflict of the ages series right off the bat you can begin by beginning to you know start slow and one of the best ways people just fail to take advantage of oftentimes is just dropping spiritual talk like oh yeah. I was talking to got church this week and he said I mean literally it could be not even about something whatever you just say something about church and you find out is this person going to react to that or yeah. The pastor says something the sermons we can know. And just by. Bringing in spiritual elements in the conversation there are some people who will respond and they'll Oh I don't know you or. You know where do you and they'll begin to inquire about your spiritual life keep in mind. The cycle so just remember that any time you are planting seed the purpose of planting seed is to cultivate in the purpose of cultivating is to harvest and then that harvest you're going to put back into the labor Ok so so we want to never we're always seeking to generate interest but what we're really aiming for is interest who we can get involved in Bible studies so while you're planting these little seeds you're also you're aiming for finding interests who will actually. Respond to what you're saying so this is just the seed planting part of it if you find someone who's interested though that's where the asking comes in because it's and then it's more than just you know a comment here or there that comment here or there is intended to lead to someone showing enough interest that you feel willing to ask would you be interested in coming to such and such of an event or would you be interested in studying the bom with me at lunch time or whatever the case might be so you're always remembering the next step in the process when you're involved in sharing we're going to come to church visitors church visitors in my experience were the number one place for me to get bible studies now and I'm talking back when I was a lay person so Ok when I was a lay person I tried to and I generally did but I tried to always have at least one. Bible study that I was giving per week so if I either somebody fell off to or praise the Lord they were baptized then I would. I want to start another Bible study and where did I look I was even I was looking ahead of time usually where did I look well in many of our churches you have spouses of members who are not baptized you have people who have just made. Intermittent visits but they're not baptized there are a lot of people if you really take time to scour all the people who attend your church over the course of several months and you actually look at how many of them have not been baptized you might find there's a significant number sometimes it's young people who maybe they're really they're teenagers and you realise they're not baptized and you wonder maybe they haven't recently had anyone ask them if they would be interested in studying the Bible or something like that so there's a whole host of opportunities in the local church one of the 1st things that I do when I go into a church as a pastor is I make a full list of interest if they haven't done it I find out I get every Give me the last evangelist meeting list give me you know the attendance and who who or any of the people who are attending that are not baptized and I start putting together this list and you find out there's a lot more people than you think that you already have acquaintance with that have some measure of interest so Church visitors is key and that includes. Church ministries and events because you have the occasion Bible schools you have concerts you have health ministry events like cooking schools and health Expos and the like a lot of those I don't spend a significant amount of time usually we give surveys at those events to find out if there's a spiritual interest if there's not and you just maintain the health interest and you kind of see where that leads but you but you do want to use events and the number one a vent to get interests that are spiritual interest is an evangelist to me. And I get it's almost comical to hear people say that evangelists at meetings you know why do we do that why do it because I'm telling you as a pastor the most volume interest that I got was through evangelistic meetings I would these are people who aren't just marginally interested they actually. Are interested enough in the Book of Revelation or to come and sit through an actual presentation on it I mean that's not a you know I'm not saying that everyone in there is a super strong interest but I'm saying that that's a different level then somebody who just you know says for instance it's a different level than even somebody who says Oh I'd like some free Bob city guides because that's something that might come to their home that's something they might just check out this they come and sit and listen and it's a it's a different level so I believe that if for no other reason and I also get this with evangelists and meetings Oh most of the people that actually come into the church. Are through personal invitations so we should stop wasting all this thousands of dollars we spend on mailings we only get one or 2 per 1000 and I say yeah those are one or 2 per 1000 that you would not have gotten if you had not sent that out so I always send 425-0000 handbills and I get 40 or 50 people on night one and then another 20 to 25 on night 2 and then if they don't come back I still have 75 people that I'm going to one way or another be able to visit after the meetings find out if they'd be interested in further study at center who have shown some interest where else do you get that I mean that's an incredible In other words of as a sick meetings both reap the ongoing interest that you have and they are a way of attracting and finding interests in your community that you wouldn't have found otherwise. Remember there's 2 different ways to to get interest one is directed targeted So for instance would be. You know asking a coworker or something that's targeted or you do a. Internet ad where somebody searches for revelation or whatever they can go and they can ask for bible studies you've you've found them through a direct targeted search but when you do a mailing to homes that is a mass we don't know who you are you know we have no demographic information on you we're just sending this to everyone and the percentages are always lower with that group but if you only do targeted then you will never find out who is wistfully looking to or to have been in that broader group so you need both and let me just say this when it comes to interests here is the rule to live by it's not either or it's both and all and every That is the rule for interest cast the net in as many ways as possible now give you a few other ways to generate interest before we move on to following up interest Ok another big way that we did hear that that you should still utilize is Bible study offer dot com I mean if before I left Michigan here we had. You known I don't remember the exact number but we had thousands of interests that had already just shown curiosity enough to sign up for bible studies and that happened through and when you looked at the statistics all different ways. They came in you know you're always going to get a much higher volume when you send out a card mailing Ok so this you could put in a separate category or the same category but card mailings are a great way to find interests we use by will say offer dot com because if you get them to sign up online that immediately comes to your coordinator and you're already set up to follow it up but ultimately this enables you when you have a portal on the Internet it enables you to get interest through any avenue and your members can get involved in advertising and getting interest it's an open door like let me give you a difference. Back in the day we always did card mailings and we did send out something we would call them something wonderful cards something one a gift just for you or something wonderful just for you and it offered free by a city request or free Bob city guides and it you would open it up and you would you know free for you to tell you about the Bible study guides and then you would fill out your address and information you would tear it at the perforated line and you would stick it in the mail and then those cards would get sent to a central place where they would pile up a little bit and then they would get sent to this person and that person and then by the time they got you know followed up it was a few months later but bottom line is you know we use that for many many years and some people were more prompt with it and they got immediately and are ready to go and follow up promptly but when they follow them up because I did it many times Ok here's the cards I'm going to have a big training event and get people to church and get them fired up to follow up these interests Ok here's what we're going to do we're going to go out we're going to follow up here's a study guides we're going to use here's what we're going to say you know role play Ok now let's do it you get these 2 you get these 2 interests you get these 2 interests you get these 2 interests you go out and I can't tell you how many times I forgot to like log the interest before I gave them to the members and then they go out and then you're like hey praise the Lord and then the next week you wonder I wonder how things worked out you know and you got to go trying to figure out who you gave those cards to and they don't they don't say anything about what happened a few of them do but a handful of them don't and you know it's it's it's a problem but even if you keep good track of them and they go and follow them up that offer is over what I'm saying is the door is closed because the only way for you to get more interest is to do what. Send out another mailing and this is why the Internet is so valuable to us because the Internet is an open door it's a portal that is always open so if you give out glow tracks that offer by a city offer dot com If you have a bumper sticker if you have a yard sign if you have cards in a in a waiting room or whatever it's always collecting it's always an offer there's always collecting interests and this is the value of the internet but I think we need to make sure when we're talking about generating interest that we don't lose sight so here's what you have to do if you are from another area and you're into I think most of Michigan churches are all signed up they were sign up for some time now but outside of Michigan you were working on a portal where you can sign up but right now you email this information to me and I said into the web developer and we have I would say about 400 churches signed up so that's. So you would send the name of the conference the name of the church the physical address of the church because that's how we assign that's how the system assigns it. Well it will give you a code. But anyway so those 3 and then the name of the name and email the coordinator because they're going to be the ones who get notified but it's basically a name of conference name of church physical address of church and the name and email the coordinator. It's Howard j.. Howard j a g c dot have been a stunt org So if you send it to me right now. I will send to the web developer and he'll get it set up now here's what happens then you become your church becomes a Bible study offer dot com participating church which you should not take entirely lightly because that means that if you get an interest you're responsible for following it up and that means you need to have the study guides ordered right away so that you have the study guides to follow it up it means you want to go ahead and get advertising materials and things so that you can get the word out and let me tell you what happens and I mentioned this yesterday this is personal ministries one o one personal Ministries is flame and. Flame and die and so what happens is we get all juiced up about something and we. And then nobody does anything and Bible study offer dot com will not generate interest unless you're working it it's a portal for the church to utilize it's not a self generating portal Ok so unless the church is actively sending out mailings passing out glow tracks you know putting out signs and doing that kind of thing it's not going to generate it by itself the only exception being that here in Michigan they have restarted Internet advertising which does generate probably a handful of interest a day in the state so it's regularly you know bringing in interest Ok so that's about a say offer dot com as an Internet portal and internet in general is a good way to generate generate interest even when we did. A pre-registration site for unlock revelation when I was here in this fall you're doing or saying falls out right yeah this fall you're doing Jesus on prophecy there will be a pre-registration right and not be some gift for people who come to the meetings if they preregister Well what I always did was as soon as the meetings were through or mostly through I switched that thing because I was still getting a bunch of traffic to. That website and I switched that thing and made it offer Bible studies and so we kept getting people they were registering but they were wanting to learn about the things that they missed and they would and so you the interest is to good way to get said requests if you if you can do it it's an open portal but the mailings are are very valuable for local churches and I'm in a local church and I start by was that offer dot com was that offer dot com and I want to get the Bible study ministry going quickly I'm going to do a mailing and you can do mailings when I was in pain a Michigan pastor now painted they had something going already which I really liked they had what they called the Hope Center and every quarter they did a mailing so they took their territory divided into 12. Separate sections and then they sent once a quarter a mailing to 112th of that so every 3 years they cover their whole territory and they just systematically did it so that every quarter would have a little trickling in of 10 interests or so it was a very good plan and if you're you know in an area where you know you don't don't want to do all the mailing it wants but you want to have a steady flow of that's something that you could consider doing yes. Well that depends on you know it depends on budget but I would tell you this is one thing I would tell you. So when costs money and as a general rule we are to. You know we think we're wasting money on with that's our mindset. So I see when you buy. A new roof you know that that thing is there that's going to help you for another 40 years but when you do a mailing you may not. Get anything from it and so many members who are not so many minded find it wasteful they find. Searching for souls through those things wasteful that's why evangelistic meetings many church members feel are wasteful Oh we didn't we didn't have any baptisms Ok Well number one there's probably some things that could have been done better before during and after the meetings that could help with that but putting that aside even if you did everything right and you didn't have any baptisms you still had many interests that you've generated that you can follow up on and you had many people who heard something that seeds were planted so there is we have this mentality that somebody has to always be baptized in order for us to have done the right thing and I think that what we've got to recognize is our job is to seek and save the laws that's just our job you know we can't be one of the other ways to get bible studies is through literature you know you destroy distribution of literature and putting Bible study offer in there or some other event flyer or something like that and this literature is the same thing we think we're wasting money with with buying literature and I would have to go to church boards and say no you know because when I would go to a church I would say we need to spend you know to something like On away I might say a 1000 a year if it was Metro I would say $3000.00 a year on literature and like on you know we spend. $150.00 you know $200.00 a year on that or you tell me $3000.00 Yeah because we actually want to distribute it you know we want to be like a regular weekly distribution that we have now why would we do that well because the message is in the literature and our job is to get the message out our job is not to sustain the building you know make sure that everybody has you know. Even a Sabbath school quarterly and I'm a status quo guy but ultimately we are talking about the main primary purpose of the church is to get the message out and we are not wanting to spend money on that very thing it's almost like a company whose job is to make widgets but they won't buy the components to the widgets because of waste too much money you have to it's what you're supposed to do it's what your your organization is for and we've got to get to the point where we stop looking at money as being wasted when we involved in trying to generate interest and share the message it's not wasted we did Bible study card mailings and Hamblen does and now we have if I were here now where we've developed by which they are dot com I would always do that and we're going to develop 2 new mailer graphics every year with Bible study offered out comes with things we decided to so that if churches want something fresh to send out or whatever but here's the thing about mailings people are always moving in and out people who didn't notice that one year notice that the next. People's lives change all the time so to do stuff like that is not going to specially if you're only hitting it once every 3 years definitely but you might split it up into 3 you know into you know 4 quadrants and everybody once a year or something like that however you want to do it but the idea is to have consistent mailings I like I like the idea the problem with Facebook and internet small local church is it's a little bit more diff. A call this is just from my own experience when we were when I was in Michigan and we did advertising for the Internet and we used keywords Bible study any time somebody typed Bible study or some combination of those words in their search then an ad popped up if they were in Michigan an ad popped up for Bible study offer dot com We didn't pay for that we only paid for it if they clicked on the ad Ok so they have to actually see it be interested enough to click on it and that's when we paid we didn't necessarily. Require that they sign up you know we can't do that but the way Google works they have to click on it so we got a lot of interest generated that way however when we try to do it for a local church and use the Geo code to just circle the small area it just didn't work as well for us I'm not saying it couldn't but that is a little bit more challenging so but I have seen local churches that have used Facebook events and have had good success just because of the number of people that their church members friends and that sort of thing so I would use AK is not that expensive but we are talking about dollars mailings are where dollars come in and so I would do mailings for bible studies regularly and then I would do one major mailing for Angelus at meetings once a year and that's you know in terms of percentages you know in a typical area I might send 50000 handbills out for an evangelistic meeting. Which you know a lot of churches will want to send $10000.00 but you know you're going to get 10 people and you're going to get one baptism I like 50 people and plus the friends that are going to be invited and the other methods we're going to try to get we're going to try to get to 10 or 20 baptisms but ultimately. Then you know. The number of homes you can mail to with your Bob said requests will be determined in part by how much budget you have left you know for that kind of thing I would recommend if you wouldn't mind on that particular thing that sounds fairly specific and I'd be happy to talk about it right afterwards but I can talk about that. Because I want to make sure I cover a couple of things a few other ways Adventist media ministries you know we should connect with our avenues media ministries and make sure we know any interest that are in our area you just call them that's all you do find out how you can get in your territory your zip codes how you can get the interest that they are gaining from your territory because oftentimes that happens under our noses and we don't even know that there is interest coming from it is written voice of prophecy it cetera amazing facts and door to door surveys I just it was it I think it was Cameron who just sent me article in the. Internet article that described a he was a Baptist pastor who was proving everybody wrong because every week since he had been pastor he's gone door to door and he's gone to you know 200 homes a week and his church has grown like 4 times and everything else door to door still works just people don't like to do it so if you actually got into a system of finding interests door to door you would find it there would be there would be benefit I see your hand can do you mind I actually have 8 minutes and I'm really thinking that her question in a couple other really critical Nets was very apologetic about moving on but I just want to make sure that we cover these important things. Following up interests let me just say this. If you do something in an area and you don't follow it up it is better that you didn't do anything at all and it's not good that you do nothing at all so what that means is you need to make it part of your event that you're going to fall it's not it's not separate from your event and that's what we get into a mindset of it's sort of like we do it baptisms you know we baptize and then we let them go because you know we got we reach the goal and it's the same thing we finish the event and wow I feel so glad that's over and we don't have a process that's part of it where you're going to follow up so you've got to follow up with interests let me say this about interests they they're different categories so the 1st thing you do with your interests after a big event is go through and you should be doing this during the event but if you haven't categorize your interests so if you're talking about for instance an evangelist meeting a n a n tryst is somebody who shows a lot of interest who is regularly attending and who seems to be making decisions as they're learning new things. But the but the main thing is the the actual effort to be there and the amount of interest they're eating it up you know what I'm talking about that's an interest be interest is not necessarily somebody who's there every night because there may be reasons why they're not there every night but they're eating it up yet they still have that same hunger you can tell that they're very interested they've shown that in different ways but they just not they just not been able to connect with you as much this big pieces that they've missed and you still want to turn those into a interests to see interest might even be somebody who comes regularly. But they are kind of blahs a They've been clear that they're not interested in switching churches. You know they just don't regular connect but they just don't seem like they are all that committed to following the truth Ok so you want to follow up all 3 of those which one you want to follow up 1st a interests let me tell you that usually when I go through an evangelistic meeting when I get to the end of it I am I've got all that I can do to make sure that I am and cleaning up and finding up everything I need about a interests I'm making sure that they're in our follow up meetings if they're not making sure I find out what's going on I'm finding out how they how they're taking these things and if they thought about baptism making sure that every one of the a interest is followed up regularly Ok a interests are a priority that you cannot afford to not follow up then the 2nd tier would be be interested people who you think are going to be a interest potentially but you've not had enough time to connect with them but you think that they've got great potential So that's your 2nd tier the c. interests can wait quite frankly until you are sure about your a and b. interests so you have to know that you can't what a lot of people do is they take their list and they just alphabetical order or whatever and they just go visiting people that's not the way to interest you to know which ones do you feel the best about which ones you think are on the borders of becoming 7th Day Adventists and you make sure that you care for those and because here's the thing if ripe fruit is not harvested. It rots It's it and unless you take advantage of the opportunity that you have there you will lose it so those a interest are critical to see interest they're not even ripe yet so you know it's not as critical when all is said and done and you've worked through the process and you have time to get to the others then of course you should go to every single one of them and try to see if you can get them involved in regular bible studies the same is true with any interest list as you're coordinating your interest list whether it's through health events Bible study mailings whatever there are always a Interests be interests and see interests and you need to evaluate and make sure that you are working through your answers and these are ones that are often you know thinking about baptism or there is already in baptismal preparation. Or they've got a good chance of getting to that point so start with the hottest interests and go to the least and don't fail to categorize your interests before you start following them up because you will waste a lot of time and lose a lot of interests do you know that when it comes to evangelistic meetings the difference between getting 8 baptisms and 4 baptisms is not a lot sometimes. It has to do with the details of of how much follow up you do how carefully you do your follow up your process during the meetings there's a lot of little details that just doing it well that makes a big difference in how many people you actually baptize in the end and so I just want to encourage you categorize your interest it's not a little thing it's very important for the process and it keeps you from getting overwhelmed because you stick with you know this layer 1st and you make sure that you're following through and then you move through that if you can do it all at once because you have enough people that's great but the people who follow with an interest should be the people who are most invested in whatever the event is too so if you are a speaker and evangelist meeting you want to be following up and interests if you are the person who's giving the Bible study and that you're the one that they're connected with you want to follow up that interest so. Focus on those a interests 1st and then make sure that you have a process for tracking your interests now in Michigan for years we've used disciples and it's still a very. You know serviceable disciple or interest tracking software if you if you don't have it you can get it at get disciples dot com and it's an interest wracking software where you can you know make sure that interest from all your different events and Bible study interests and everything are put in there I'm careful not to put into my interest database interest that I don't know if they're interested yet. Ok now I will track my event attendance and I'll track all the guests I won't put my members in there unless I'm putting them there as workers one thing you'll find about using an interest tracking software is it will get if you're if you're serious about a vandalism and you're into interest generation it'll get muddy really quick you get a bunch of interest that are not really interested Eunice and I mean and it becomes more complicated so you want to keep it organized and that's what your interest corner does and make sure that they're got a good handle on who the strong interests are and when interest coordinator goes to report to the church border to the pastor or the person ministries leader it should be 1st here our strongest interest these are preparing for baptism these are not yet but they're being studied with regularly and they are solid We think that they are Ok these were trying to get regular studies set up with them but we think that we have a good chance in that they're very open to the truth these we have contact with them but they've not showing much willingness to whatever and you should know and the interest coordinator should keep those names organized. So Ok those are just some high points Father in heaven we're grateful for this time we've had to just explore the importance of being about your mission and not just in a general way but as it pertains to individual people who are interested in the truth we pray Lord they would help us to care for each soul as if there were not another on the face of the earth just as you care for us so bless us and help us to implement these things that we've got to make sure there's good interest coordination in our churches interest generation and interest follow and bless us as we do with the Holy Spirit and power cringes in this media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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