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Ignite Your Church - Part 16: Questions and Answers

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher Jim Howard




  • June 23, 2019
    11:45 AM
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All that when we are grateful for beautiful day to day and we asked that especially those who. Wrote specifically for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Bird who are our interns are. Present. So please as we seem to example questions we. Are. All right so this morning let's go ahead and see what you might have in terms of questions from this week and we are right about yes. Ok well you know nothing. We need. Anybody having Yes. I guess. Your innovation. Like stuff and. You know I think that I think you should bring your pretending your pastor is a person. Ok And you know I think it's. I mean we kind of you pastors this distant special we're going to be there in the local church The only difference is everybody this is one of the little pet peeves I have about Ollie we're going to volunteer to go we get with your volunteering for service. It means that your volunteer a. Null tyranny so I can quit when are out of our job right. So theoretically. What. We want. You know what I thought of. As a Nazi leader. When I didn't really. Grow our troops. Where the areas where. We were. Well it isn't in that unit. Everything we're hearing is going from me as you do not share their part of the work of the border is you consider. This is our thumb as an opposition so master of. Nothing and just verify for you yes those of you either were or were here I don't remember Sure yes. But Michigan s.s.b. and or their website under-resourced resources you'll find they're. All there you see. In there you'll find well there is no I'm going to have one that's going to say Sasco whatever his seminar was the saddest the audio once any of that film can get in a in a club. And then let out the only thing in the dollar you mean not only in the whole good then I've owned everything we even that wasn't there he could share all that you Catherine he. Hurt. Because you're here in Michigan and I sat in you just mentioned that you learned this and can't mean I discussed it and he really gets started you should find some more receptive. To one. Other similar passages in your pastors not in his corner here in the church many of the injuries coordinator position held by a church member who sits on the church board so he may be doing the job for mayor years not. And that's why I sometimes you know. Emphasize that there was a strong emphasis in the Emanuel session that we have an interest coordinator who can help not only with the core mission of interest but following up on making sure it is a getting involved and all those lives of those and so we mention that it was a church member zation in the church men on. Adding tonight if not all over the. World this is well. I would say. This is an expectation. Never thought of on Whoa oh yeah Oh sir I mean all. Well and yes. And all that. But it's enough to give everybody a Nazi you're in. Areas where you are like him or her. Or the other this morning. In our. Doing. Delicious No not a big. One of it one of the primary bases records of an issue right now in fact. There. Is a short to me that this was. So good thing is they don't notice that interest rate is up one is doing all hollow. But if I ask. They're organized and you stay on top of things this is it was very me if I was that interested and said oh here's our this is our this Us house alley watch this with. This is that this is one of those great if you don't have to have a great personality and we got to leave you with your. Comment Yeah but getting stuck is one of the primary obviously needs of people or the one. That primarily I mean computer skills are using. Or it's all right you. Very rarely. Hear it in his back so yes there are many. Of the birds and all her. Other words. And the these are the in his corner. And so there is interest who are actually having her or whether this. So the Internet is more doing nothing it's just horrible. And that's what they view as their job so I like being a behind the scenes person and I'm a listener. But you want somebody who's got a bit of a sort of. Part somebody who. Has an interest in making sure things are part of what actually you know that. Is there's. Intrigue. Then you. Know. All the. You don't have to transfer to. Interest Oh interesting. I will say. You know ultimately you get a ton of them but I was there you were asked and then on a certain percentage continue to. Take my I was the 1st couple that you would probably into your interest. Or just never. Respond to. Yes. And both of those read all of the ball but. You got few more minutes. That we were right. That was. So here is so that is a word about why was that. It was developed as a horror to get biased as. It was not developed as an interest tracking software everybody wants it to be an interest tracking software because those are the only interest there were. But the truth is you should have interest coming from your health ministry coming from your children's ministry coming from various other ministries decide about a setting. In which case you would be transferring things from about us to the op or into a database that has all your trip Ok having said that because of the great demand we are looking on the back again and having a way to track which Bob was there on in some simple tracking and be able to produce perhaps but no but other than that I was not going to be an elaborate type. Of case there was I had a whole lot of that going to interpose here we're going to start to move the rabbis unit into her well he has on you know that's not available I know but then I Anyway what I want to do with them acknowledges the being in the hold. And I had your by your hand does iron hand and by entering into my meaning in another now who I don't know we haven't seen you never. Know we have got to go you're the go to my get right now no not another and not all of your you know. Idea of your new knowledge you know the you'll have to hold it up the one time I was trying to model Oh. Oh. Ok I know you're right Brad would you question. Me Need my product. Right. Ok. We in the annual Institute used to run a form of training program I the 1st one I was aware of was when amazing facts ran there are program in the black field in the occult life field mission cards hitting back at school with Louise Story. And then ask what are to become have ho and Taurus continue his program and then that turn to new rye. And the rise we're through is Mariah's moving on and so you have you were on the program the big group program can you come to the program in a very crude you know we did all we did you complete form a any way has written but you never o.e.m. Arbet was a household evangelist 6 years this experiment was are going to come with the program unions and in class training about how to go knock on doors how to find interest out of your bible studies and then in the evening we're going to have 3 students are all running amok and you're already going to work with those that was growers in solar or models are going in our learning you're getting you're coming back and we're doing in class how things are going the opportunity as opposed to mean you're buying all if you're going with the common meaning do some develop you go through the mantle to me we're going to rain anyway that's like a field school. In you don't does not do that anymore or one reason being that we shifted our focus to wanting to work more and in our terms of it and there are others all that do do the Abaco I'm up here that were yesterday were it is all happening to them do they don't exist anymore are not true they're doing their program online right now not permanently but because they're building a new facility for training and it isn't done and so in the interim they have online where we've done online classes and they are your words are that they're. Always given or didn't talk. We spent more time in here teaching the basics and when I say more time we spend an hour here with our there to go. After that are going to or the Bible or you know we have lab classes where you can get together the number pregnant I mean when you hear your point you know ideal is that every church would be a training school were Christian were in the pastors and elders would be able to train their members and you have had available in your local church and they would be coaching in the you know the local church that's what we're looking to do is work out the best teachers were given Bible study if you can by the week of our program our eyes and they're going to cation it into our know and then learns will and there's so much you can say in a classroom it just doesn't trailblazing you you know getting out of doing it and I remember going to go in the end of our working the program that we had and it all we just had another mum we just had another how we and I remember we thought about other stuff about should be late in the program but it became very evident to us that what would you bar or those of you know you know and doing were so why isn't training is important I'm it needs to be happening in the local church Nahid stuff now is what we're doing with training district 6 and beyond that we're trying to count the years start making it available we encourage we will call if you're sure that hey we need training was interning for a week and we give you 6 hours ahead of you but I was lucky and then after that you got to get by with them and I will practice of our church member and I know having vows as well among others or merit pay 7 years and I want to get a now why don't we get together and send out a present files and what you're asking though if you give us money to me in the more you do that you're going to find that you become more professional. The good thing. And separate from that is that we are working there's a different reason that people don't get bible study there is the reason they don't know how they got experience they don't know that says they don't know the process they don't know the methodology that. Is something that we cover in a manual and we can from our mention but we're right now working on the 2nd reason which I have found to be perhaps the primary reason that people don't get by with the they don't feel confident about what they believe they have a question about certain things like they're not solid on certain topics and so they hesitate think that they can do that so that's why we're working on the Bible study him which is going to be a training guide for local churches to use. Kind of on an ongoing basis in each topic it will walk through the main point to be study explain and know how those points are drawn from the taxed and then did the common answer answers a common questions on each topic and that can be used for training programs but that's something that we're in the process of working on will be ready for the next you. Want to I was trying to make you don't get the idea that it was a comment by were early professional Why were how kind because 3 reality is it's not it's not this extensive training that goes on the most of the training the have it's probably a program like we talked about or else they just sort of you know Miles I mean they have some experience doing it. Services say Ok Next year they're not in basic training the one or the most part and when the Lord gave the Bible study method that ministers other Haskell invited people to abiding Bible reading in the 1st training program arguing about that in the end. And putting that anybody men women young old you can all come because anybody who can read the scriptures and tell what God has done for them and give allows them. So it's not a complicated by the day and we're going to in other manual send a program to go in and make that the where March of this next year and it will not evening it's full on or you know how to be more like and I'm Neal we're over the weekend to meet you and. He posted owner's name here another. Time that I follow up question or a separate. Training. For. In fact. It's not only. A lot of this or. This program. And we have heard mission well. Mission program this starts with a global perspective what they are doing over there and want to make sure or pay for all the work about reach overseas then we also have a local testimonies meet here what's going on in our own conference our own local churches but mission doesn't end with what they are doing or even what we're doing mission has to include what am I doing personal ministry training and the simple mission program outline includes a little section for every week a plan to reprogram your savviest and personal ministries training Ok now how do you do that every single week well there are personal ministries training guides called rote training guides they're available at a live dot administers order and there are company if you desire to use them instead of teaching them yourself you can use the guided teaching yourself use them as hand outs in the Sabbath school program put them in certain the bulletin or something or and or I should say I've always use those but you can have a video presentation a little 4 and a half or so minute video presentation on that day's training all of which are currently available at a live to Athens dot org And I also think we're making available at Michigan s s e l the dot or so friends if you go to Michigan s.s.p. in Dot or let's say that you're running your status quo superintendent and you want to put on a dynamic mission program we have collected all of the global mission reports the mission spotlights are there we also have made a good number of and we're going to continue to make local Michigan conference call and grow testimonies later. Michigan protest of all these and then they're going to find a mission wrote person ministries training video series and the accompanying p.d.f. bulletin inserts so all of those global local and personal ministries missionary activity resources are currently available that admin is a live at site alive dot admin is the org And we've collected all those g.c. and put them together with Michigan conference resources at Michigan s s b m o r t just go click resources and you'll find those are the very 1st things you're there so not only is it Ok but we would expect that there's going to be missionary training in the south as well because Ms White very clear every church should be a school or mission or. It is that of a Christian or spiritual So again this is the deception him who Chapter $25.00 has a how to be modest That is it is so we heard churches uses it gives the whole picture how about abstinence but when the side who has announced it is about as those and those of you who used by was an offer dot com as a whole leader training section in matters that are not. Talks about how to follow. You have a personal. Level and it's all in there as well so there are materials that your local church can do they want to do something what. Are your best. Yes. Absolutely. More than anything it generates. She may just be aware a lot of our churches have not really had functioning interest coordinators and it wouldn't surprise me if they got one because a Bible study offer and they may not be aware of what that job and feel there might be. 5 is when real briefly in the beginning of their offer dot com We had coordinators sign up it was not they were not necessarily the interest coordinator of the church so this very well person may very well be correct in the day to day on the Bible study offer dot com For me yes because there is in the church manual a bible school or there and then it is an interest coordinator so she may be more the boss gubernator I don't know officially you have to see this human interest porn and you're right. Well I completely agree with everything my brother stay here. Always. Bibles that offer for a lot of churches is the only place where they have interest track. And so why couldn't you just make it like I got this the receptacle signed up about as they offer and they're going to say it is written The minute my vitals they are interest no problem it is use it as your interest director because it would be great if you had a Bible school where they were they were there manning those who got fried and they had to make sure literature is together they were recruiting all all of the people there to hold up just for the Bibles then you could have an interest court or have a separate list of interests and they would make sure that the reports of the important votes just excite whatnot but in a lot of churches you don't have that much personnel and so if there's one person who is doing stuff and they don't I mean if they know how to run miles they offer I'll give an example I can't solve this you did and they did it last year and try to improve it every year but you know they had all these new decisions for very here about the hundreds of decisions that are made for Bass's of. By children but does that mean that they're ready to be baptized right now because they say that they love Jesus which think regular Do they need to be kind of it would certainly not understand or believe that if there's more to it they need to be prepared for practice right and so what they do in the past they've always smale little snail mail cards those decision cards to the respective churches to the pastor of the their church for vote and that's where it breaks down. Because you have a 100 decisions and does about it now many of them are ready for that you know that's fine and we're glad for the interest but a lot of it is just that it's just washed out of the pile right and so we came up there why couldn't we make those Bible study off our interests that we got offered our interest and then so the local church would give them automatically Hey I believe classify them as a camp decision and so you make sure you use a children's Bible study with them but still have a lay person that way it would go the prophet using the tool we already have now there's pros because of that and that they have a perfect solution but you're right it could have more interest tracking features but there's plenty of you just people are you going back to the government right now I mean active or inactive and we think it's not like our use it more it was more robust we have more commentary allowed people are even clicking the box that whether they're been visited at all you know say so I would say yes because would be made more robust but for the time being use what you've got it better than the other and no that's really spiritual sounding answer but. Very very. Well I'm one whereby I get off and if I have the Africa interest coordinator in you want to clarify that with that person understand they're doing maybe they're there but I was go to work if it is interest for me and it might need to have a little bit more information as to what they're not in the main to not be aware that there are trackable in those and I can meet up with an individual now to the knowledge of now through the Internet parent by itself mean like a puppet master Mary-Kate again from our very people just not knowing like I said a lot of I would dare say we're lucky a 25 percent return of the interest. So they not you don't even know what many people don't even know and ordered her back neck to be something that we're going to try and make that more clear to work with a lot of. John. Yesterday. Likely you know what I bet as we're talking I don't know that of an adult of it or not but it certainly contributes. It's going to be duly thought there I. Believe I would be surprised if. Things situation that I was in are what happened. But yours is now or made in the past you didn't mean your meter in there could be some confusion as to where you're talking about interest for me or my was the operator with your 2 human. I don't know that you were maybe yes. Yes Art Art. Or. That. You are a. Person. I honestly from my standpoint I don't care who he scored neither is I wouldn't want to be the pastor has I think there is just enough as to soon. But I don't think and I probably would want to be another either because they've got a responsibility it's like Jim a chip here Dave I can't get around this is the goal is in his words I don't want that excuse interest hornier is a is not a complicated job and from a perspective of just trying to get your members involved in stuff it's a kind of job that I wouldn't want your pastor of us doing when somebody else may not be doing something to be doing it but I don't as far as again you're just you're just keeping track of interest so who do you buy what were the church hires does it my only concern with that is bombers are who are using temporary So they're going to be there and are they going to gone. And then well out past why don't you have a quarter of ones out there. It's hard to say without knowing the situation of your church why some churches allow me to have another cup of halves whenever that didn't because the f. 15 people deserve the right of our group to do that so it's hard to know what's going on there in every church but. I don't want just to say that that's not totally abnormal only because of the bomber and the when you hire a bottle worker their only job the best really used to work with interest and work with members to work with into it so there you know if they're not coordinating going what are they doing you know I think that. Theoretically that should be the reason why Richard generated a significant increase in interest but it isn't always the case that I would sometimes and the only one who really handle be in his now they may be having a mom 2 members. Involved. That should be all here at the church for other words if. I don't have firstly I want to have a problem to get it if I'm getting regular reports at the board early we're getting in find that job is getting done by probably the pastor that is probably going to hinder him doing something else the right to the point is I've been in majors where there is an avenue interest coordination to do once a month at the board once a month talking about what the interests are assigning visits and that kind of thing felt. And I think it comes down again to are there more interest than just biased a. Because more than likely those are all about a study of this so there is sometimes a need to keep your strong help interest in other interests and that's where you just make sure that if that person is interest coordinator there after all I think yeah yeah. Ok Was there another black. British. $7.00. An. You know they are the. Good but if you and I believe there is anyone who is involved in the do a very rare thing and read the manual on one of those things it will walk through a narrative the importance of recruiting you know one of the 1st steps is to talk about the significance of bio study ministry to get the church inspired and then that is a calling of the church to be involved about the ministry and then to recruit people who are willing to be involved about that ministry then you have that other couple battles where you go through the training in the in the manual with those leaders and then you've got to live by was that the leaders that are reading if they were going to come then and then the Bible study coordinator in mortgages you know in the interest come then they look at where they're at and male or female that is sort of you know make a decision about who to give the next 5 of those are the 2 that's where you have the difference between an issue for you with the in the evening the buy in supper her still your what with the Bible study coordinator if you look at it. They. May have a cup of. Tea meet in a room. You know you have to eat. But that means to be understood by the study leaders that's part of training you know this is eventually going to give you this you have 2 weeks follow. And everybody should want to be on that list. Yes. Yes the. Nearest thing and if you can provide. Well it doesn't say. You have the 5 things you need in order to get by so you email that I mean we've got a son that was for him to log into the website on the back and there are 3 tabs one shows you any requests became one shows you supplies you can were in one of those are the men will need an order and a mental one or the 3rd thing is resources and it's also to p.b.s. you can print it out or you know the more that is available to her on the back you can get it back in the west side so you have an account. In the ne I think or you know you hear us talk a lot about how anybody can do a Bible study I would say that 95 percent sure I'd say there are probably a handful of people that probably wouldn't. You could not. But you need a little bit of experience in the yeah I would want experienced people to take anything down I wouldn't want just people who the larger that might might get something in a period and I would have to be the one to rule that as why is that if they haven't been training for if you don't have the process to train and then have a list of trained people then you have a bro. Well I think it's pretty self-evident it's like hey we had a Dubai was that he had just go it was going to I did a body anybody about the fear. I mean you know I happen I know it happens but I also know it's terrible and. The reasons for that again are so self-evident what if a nonmember comes up what if that one crazy person right who you know is going to take the hit and now you've put yourself in a position I'll do it there's one 0 I'm sorry not you. That will never happen that's never going to happen so you're just going to give it to the worst you know it's just the worst possible scenario right it really is there's a reason that people talk about the nominating committee why don't we do have a church offices there or they want to just do it people what they feel so inclined to do was a serious now it was. Ridiculous thing right but we do that with Bible study interest for some ridiculous reason possibly And what but that's why the job of the interest coordinator includes rates because we're not taking the time to meet and organize Yes assisting the pastor and chairperson of the person ministries Council and it listening and recruiting all of my overs fall observed so you got to enlist the and then recruit them which I'm not sure those are different rates but basically you're seeking them out a contract with Pastor the person you're supposed to think together who would be good leaders then you go seek them out and then you train them and then when they come in you assign them right but you don't just do the open forum over Mark. That's my $0.02 and the tournaments we're talking a Sabbath are too simple it's not. You know I mean look at the training manual it already outlined through things you know if you have you materials with you and I mean spirit simple because also it's our most I mean when I say most I'm going to get 95 plus percent of the Bible study offer interests that. Are going to be what we call drop out. They can think of it classification as personal but that means personal by myself not with other people. Most people are clicking while we're small group option they want to just have it delivered to them so they can do it so the training that is required to run Bible study can take I mean minutes. Now you can do a drop or early and you can do it well but the difference is I mean it's so simple it gets to be in a good drop off of the. Double. Qualified and trained sounds still high falutin but like here's your materials make sure you hold it like this I didn't buy or sell high with vials that he offered up I thought it's so simple that could be part of the person that is restraining venue maybe they are everybody was afraid I would but but enough to use this training level do it up so I'll be sticking up there in the litigious of the sun's rays. And putting the of that was too far one of the retraining but the other that there may be people that know them and don't want. That way you are filtering and then then you have an actual live because if you if you do like the mass transit Ok everybody in here you're not trying to bring all our lives and you know that Bob over there and in time Trinitarian and you know. Sally still smoking you know behind the church and whatever there are certain things that would make you maybe not quite suited for that right now so when they move you to filter through that list make sure that you only put people that are prepared to do it and then have them go to that tree and you have actually. Written. By voters are. Voting. Yes. One party or. 31. Yes Ok. Oh toilet. Or I mean a cock in his flat or make as you already have a special musical. Why couldn't you do especially as the offertory but I've heard people push back against that no because the distracted you to focus of what's got and let me be clear. I put those in there because most of the time we talk about music we looked it up to this lofty level that it is just as equal with the sermon and there are statements Ms White makes about the importance of using the power of salt in the congregational singing some not against music let's be clear but she herself gave testimony we have him in another hand in a boxing and choosing commands move a lot and so I would not be opposed to seeing some of those streamlined initiatives though I guarantee you're going to read it some people who will but I've tried to experiment with it before to submit success but. All or or. All. So. There it is. Well. Pastor standpoint. This is not the God but the knowing. That. Not everyone was going to have this ability but from a pastor standpoint. Pastor standpoint. You know we were all group. I mean there is. One of the best way to shape the culture of your church into your priest and so the preaching needs to be very real preaching that helps people to understand not only the privilege of service but the calling of God or service. One of the things that our people are woefully. Unmindful of is the wealth of bible and Spirit of Prophecy evidence that we are all call to not only be involved in some generic way but to actually share the truth the. Light actually says that the devil is constantly trying to keep people from doing their part in sharing the truth of the being weighed in the mountain or. So it's a very serious thing and there needs to be education on that though there's got to be inspiration in the in the communication that comes from the Paul that's what I've heard. Ok well let's get to the politics with who with what reaching you are preaching this you've got to out it's only for now and no action and separation you know our pastors and elders who just want to get inspiration why reburying no money going on Wednesday Wow that was highly religious and for my Sydney Morning yet even heard a new a baptized who are not happy with. Well you know it's all I asked was a honest and there's an element of that communication that has to occur in connection to the sayings Now this isn't just an awful thing there are. No you're not doing this you're not a Christian you are not a Christian you go in discipleship you look at scripture Jesus multibody he says Chapala me you know me you become pictures of me you're not fishermen you are problem and they asked me nearly the same thing the lot of time than your past who knows that I don't say that to 100 tell you that you're going to reach all of us what you're going to get is Well I sure would be nice thinking as we were going to pass us the books and if you get behind of them times out new or minutes out of that you didn't encounter to be under your picnic and not like we can by managing us we're making them I think that's one of the reason that we're not getting that Bartok who are. Them into evangelism So everybody's very hesitant to want to say. Also there's a whole other part of the church besides just the worship service there's the Sabbath school and then you have a status cool it was focused on the mission the way that it should be furious yes it is should be alive and there should be not only the inspiration but the training goes along with the practical application separation of the perspiration the air does the patient the participant. But think about if if every Sabbath class had an outreach project if they were hearing global misreports there in person ministries training if they were all. All these testimonies were being heard of the bugs are being raised you couldn't help but know that we're about the mission but when you don't have that in your step a school and then to top it people believe it is that is go you have I don't even get that class of 137 offering practical the back of a quarter there's no thought of mission at all and that we don't copy us we don't do that as we go and we come in late and all we want from the servant is a good piece of inspiration a little self-help module or something like this no wonder people are stirred with the love of the last of this that is a burden for the we're right because they don't go to the things we do those things happen so I would say build a robot satisfy the mission program most ask the buildups Absolutely and deploy missionaries from there and then the worship service could have reflections given the testimonies of how that worked to the worship service you could have a mission you could have preaching that would reach inspiration and conviction on these things and use that pulpit by the way a lot of times that the pastors of the pope you got out of the pulpit if you have a kid that you brought you know you might be the church that doesn't have a lot of reach I don't know but I guarantee you overall out of Church of the bishop there's a lot of late reaching going on this is a burden on your heart preacher way it can happen. Right back to or implementation guy at your section awareness you go through those things then do then in your church and you will start an awareness. And awareness going and you can't help you're talking about mission in a sermon to the church who are you're taking your leaders during your valuation if you do that it's going to increase awareness is going to happen so it's just that we we've been working in District settings were going for 6 months we asked our pastors recently hasn't gone just have kind of a Jesus talk way about some of the you know guys not here who want to be in that one has you know I think even said isn't giving you this implementation got months to go how's that going on they were going to fess up like I'm just into. Well don't tell me you haven't done this in and. When she was doing it I'm just saying I'm telling you going through just even that 1st step. In that guy you're going to see a difference will tell you different but in some of your cases he and your. Past has got to be there and we're going to yes but we'll be going here. Brother of her students to the one of the resources a lot of ads that were to be screwed out of the resources of the. Oh I was or who wrote about his daughter was a personal history space Sasa was alive wrote his personal history one of the little handout books at Luke title motivated or mission right or was the butt of it they were still with us is a little bit about you see that. There is you scrolled out of there it is so probably some good ideas and there was a little book was written about that are her good wrestler and back your with your name crank and then did you have a man get rich. This is the savior of those rich. Or poor. You know Brian never holla you way I mention that like if you're sick but really 200 pounds you can think that by the way it does a little bit of this but when the information comes in from by the author request it Ari tells you a certain amount about it 1st you know whether male or female you wouldn't you know inappropriate in there and you have a map of where they are if they have an interest or in your bible school coordinator of the Bible study or after the car chordate or should be able look at that and hopefully have a structure in place usually I would think the person would be geographically Ok here's where they are 30 leaders are and if there's someone who lives on that part of town that is under that and make sure after geography make sure it matches with you know Ginger and all those kind of things but there should be some planning that that would be the best. That could be one of the consideration because I know there is and I am beginning to Kalamazoo I know there was part of town another broke up with but there are some people who are like yeah but that's great they were and so you just cut or use uncovered as Knight in them or make sure they know what they're going to do when you're. In this part of town. And. Can't take questions I'm sorry order I'm sorry what gives here absence sort of is that all the question has not been right all right. We're going to be fair. Oh you. Know. What about. Violence where they got your license they are you. Know Tell that to have an order for anything other than I will die. Guys. That. I really mean that. I want to hear that 80 percent and here's what I would say. You know when you're if you're coordinating and you have a whole Church of the ball there are certain people who wants and in a certain situation as we will we all can talk about a back somebody mentioned this to me yesterday I mean there are there are several different things you want to keep in mind and I would hear people up when they're going somewhere I would not have. A man started with a single woman you're just asking for probably as they already have you are saying whether happened or not you just got different parameters you got parents or young people who got certain neighborhoods now you might if somebody is concerned I'm not going to tell them hey you know buck up and be a Christian and go and give that study you've got people the church will and so I don't think I think it takes is some sort of a little bit you know wise discrimination as to who's going to discern minister who's going to go where. You know it is possible that somebody could just bought a car and say I'm going to get something consenting people as teens is one part so they're not going on I think that's important and if it's a if there's suspicion that it's not going to be a fit then you probably have certain people that you send the situation to as. Having said all want know that I'm aware of having any incident as of this point and with Bible study offer or we got any we would have heard I think I'm not. Sure. If the gunfire it. Will be solicitous of you maybe have the volume turned up on the cd set. A med. If you still keep going to our top spy right a gift of a very very pregnant way for a little bit and then I saw your hand you know. It is it is no it is not. What is that was a great question of a greenhouse like as in like a brand new thing. It's not random in a mess but in. A few months ago we had interest in Canada the programmers said of the good to go so in his local church so if your local church woman to get involved by a survey on her back you would be emailing me right now because we are at home. With certain information and we would get your church set up with an account and then it's a local church ministry from that point on which is something that the church is outside of Michigan need to be clear about because some of them think oh I'm a scientist say and then whenever we get interested there's some central place is going to mail you know like like where it is written and we're sending him to the know if an interest comes then you go and deliver the bias as you order the Bible study lessons you follow them everything happens independent The system is just there for you as an engine. To you and the supplies are all right now purchased out of the Lansing he said they had over all over this country and so at this point I would say you know other than the back of the room Henson I suppose it still does the Who just the machine. Supplies also one think I don't know anything about your church except you are at your front. At one of the concerns and I think that's going to be addressed in the side of portal or whatever it's going to be in the bottom of the offing is that let's say that one person from a local church a church of other members of the comes to one of these trainings they get really by as it were to do by this and they sign up their church but the rest the church doesn't know it's coming right so one of the elements I recommend it would be in that for if you take an exploit it Tory you explain it to the church board or the elders or some group who could be behind it yes we as. Sure sport department bias that because if you do it with resources get on the go it went and you start advertise you put up a billboard have something you're going to get a Bible study edges and then you're going to be interest Courtney you're going to be followed and you know you've got to it takes a team approach you know you have a coordinator but it needs to be recognized as true church but they're all partnered with I'd encourage you to show the most o.b.o. explained it to your pastor elders that so it's not just you have a great idea because what happens if you play about or something happens or whatever and out bottles that interest or in that area that are going to get assigned to that church and it's not to get any follow up and that doesn't help at all. Ok Our last year. Yes. We did Jesus. Well I'm. Here doesn't deserve that I mean this earth is a representation of Satan was we're happy that it is not in this one area those it wiser but harmless as the pure and holy but I mean even Paul said being willing I caught up with dial. What you need but I think that we should be judicious we should lay out a carefully planned strategy to up to a missionary who would go overseas to Africa or the verse is wiped out of dull like the 1st thing you say I was that that if I believe that I have worked out all that that what that just slow down that. Withholding information judiciously Why of course you know so there's a whole day we could have about that but I think Christ was looking for us to be more strategic which we. Were going to get at that news a bit Bridget Ok I don't see another me and somebody else rich. Little. Turtle Man you know how. Many. Women are. First heard. Around her. So. I really. Really. Only have heard of you know what it is very. Very little. I don't know. Maybe if you. Or. Any. When you. Go over. Well we are we have been doing that that you know when you didn't start and we had arrived in Europe it was just that 4 months training program by workers primarily and that's one of the reasons we shifted our goal it because that doesn't translate in many even to observe in fact even had churches hear that and then some person on to them pay their way and then it's great we're going to go and they're going to get training and then are going to come back to our current work and then we have a hit we you know or the call for a different conference live and so they take a job as a bible worker nowhere out Minister when we give them over there but it wasn't in most cases impacting our our own meal your mission and so that's one of the reasons we are seeing what we can do because well on the other hand you have to become who eventually would go back to her church and they're all of wire with the church with by and they couldn't get her to buy or buy the bill and so we know that's where we've been for years trying to figure out a ship that you don't realize it training members go through what are you going to do the churches near them so this whole district 6 thing is we're in the midst of trying to answer the question how will you put it. In we don't have the answer yet I mean sometimes there's a how long does it say how long is it me that needs me that wall or are we not doing something right. You don't have something yeah here. My friends had mine so I was just going to say. You know if you're talking about it you're talking about how long does it take does not. You have people who are willing and regular and they are you know. This big but I'm telling. You what I'm saying is and the issue is not that it takes a long time to do it it's that. Because of hundreds of those who are or even just an evil. Man you know. A lot of it is our you know what's going on that's. Very. Yes that's as well I read. Now what was that I mean I missed that part and I think I want to hear. You were another. Did you catch their name. Could just find them again and I guess. If you're not exactly could we get a writers to have a line of pastors and we can have a conversation about it like I said tenderness and other areas and those sentences are usually you know one way or another you know and so that's what we always have to find a weatherman but if we need we're. Not just here is that there is of the word you know. Something yours of the man of so we're going to a lot smoother a word about the word about it isn't it worth. The Internet areas you. Know that I'm trying to get all these of trying to understand the sense of what you're saying one of the frustrations you've seen is that pastors are not implementing some of these things that you have received in training and the reasons you're hearing are things like well we're not financially ready or we've tried that I don't want to put words in your mouth but what was the since the discouragement was because. This is I mean that might be for that but what I like to get at your church I could do this while I'm here we're going to do it this way. Right I mean it's. Gone from here not without her me subtle about it but the really sought. Well is the good I mean as we've been talking about. The whole mind. Thing that we're not doing it's a you know we're not real. We're not lost or isn't. Irony you know. You met him last Did you ever think if you had already know it. I like this is like where can we get a ruler into my. Heart. Ok well then we could think what do we have to lay people who go to this and just over there we need testimonies saying here's I can motivate people that you can fire or you can give me a pen and tell you I'm just I'm going to come in your church I'm going to stand up and I'm going to start telling me you know my way yet you do this you do like a blast and. We had going to ruin a time but how did you have enough time there you may be reading your hand like this where are you reading you know you. Don't want it no doubt here's you're like yes and then you know yes and. Then I appreciate it if it's a cute little star when I was not I thought I would. Yes in the church manual there's a couple sample program outlines for the worship service there isn't a sample outline for the Sabbath school program but if you were to take the one that was provided it's out of school a lot I was taught or was yes as you know and Mary it with some of the recommended church service formats because think about where you are in the Sabbath school Ok. Ok that's a really good comeback that Ok you can be here but if you're anywhere out there. But. We need to start thinking about the Sabbath day in our corporate convocation part of that day as a single unit with 2 sides of a coil or 2 sides instead of saying there's this one program and this other one competing is so I could skip the want to because what happens is we put it all of us as a suffering prayer meeting the mission stuff and tackle we put it in the worship service and we kind of talk about that in our story in the monotony and you know that so if you were to I mean think about it very simply most of us will start with generic we were 9. And most churches and usually about $1230.00 then you got a 3 hour block then you can even we divide into an hour and half or satisfy an hour half the worship service and obviously there's a break time in between there are in rough terms but the saddest pool the foundation of sound school is the Bible study you don't want to miss that in fact or wives as. Well after that. In many churches the Sabbath school teachers have more time to speak directly with all the path to this is a fantastic opportunity to really read these great principles of lead right submission but even within that there still needs to be a plenary mission focus that has all those inspiring testimonies and training in the new device so what we're recommending is that every church it just in time the local circumstance right but generically 9 30 in the morning you start with the opening slot I mean what is that as of the openings are Good Morning Friends are some of what is the use and that's all and you have are so happy as our school is about as forward rare and then astute as that person is a men next thing you hear is this is mission spot and you open with that global and by the way I would advocate bringing killa to that. Then you hear the mission stories right they need to be inspired about the stories of what's going on in the Americas that God is doing really well and it only takes a few minutes all those missions publicly to less than 5 minutes lot and you put it if you say our friends in the saddest call remark superduper remarks would just be basically seeing the mission probably. Even as it has a lot of. Your 1000000 votes that it will or whatever it is it's a watered down. Version of it where it is a minute thing and how it was already for the Little Rock all it will be about Want to get rid of illusion remote. And how it just goes through. Just by and this is the last of the Bible and God knows who are the holes out of the road it's not a binary. The military really. Just what. I would say reinvigorates as many words have it I think about it will invitation card player ever satisfied about group gatherer group in our This is our environment I think you see people even think about and I was asked. Ourselves are radical as this up and by started by me was that a school in and by it was a preferred Zappa school and I was thinking about was this morning Michael. You know that. You do well. Then be. You know you can be a member of a Sabbath school class without being a member of a so they have a strong. Right. And so this is a. Transition between not a member and church or. Invited was asking because there's that small group fellowship for man you can get to know people and. You can open the Bible roundtable around here since. Less Than 0 is a. Transitional one verse through is as. Progress or and then Euro Zone vision is or whether this message was that mission and message Previous of. The service or. One who. Missions I or. You know what you guys just got there was cool live seminar. Right now there's not the one part of that Ok Ok now it was time to remember that you are you're right. In that one read us through your answer and then. The temperament of this we're going to be back here at 215 and then again at 330 in we're going to be speaking and I was talking about how you know for an aspect now or how would you describe it I'll tell you right now right now is the church to focus on available isn't true of any of them a lifestyle how often should we do about them so that we focus more legitimate than less on doctrine or properly so that we do personal level than the public as a moving work anymore the public has been caught up in but what about your to the ready for bed when we heard it all before the big driver who had their people that's better we're going to touch on all the issues an answer is really the public evangelism you mine 3 minutes in all of that and then we're going to go into the exception keys to success in public event. That's what we're looking at that another gather in. Our heaven bothering you and we just thank you for the privilege we have been here at the mission you have any week then you for being nice to be all that you are many blessings each year and one of the more glad we're going to you being here with a determination to finish the work that you know you other power and then eventually let me do. In bring it back together to give them more money more than. This media was brought to you by Arthur. There's a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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