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The Savior and the Second Mile

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • January 4, 2020
    12:00 PM
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Let's pray. Father we're here before you and we're asking for your presence to continue to be with us thank you for the special music the opportunity to give our offerings Thank you Lord for the songs of praise we could sing in a reason to sing it and now I've prayed or blessed us as we open the word in Jesus' name amen. This morning I am still in the series on the healing presence of Jesus I've been titled My message the Savior and the 2nd Mile I want to tell you a principle that's very important most of your aware of it my job to tell you many new things but to remind you of things you already know when my boys were small I understood how important was that they learn to work working is a practical expression of love to a spouse to children to friends to Parents teach your children how to work become and about it and persistent but make sure they understand that work is a kind of loving service when I was traveling up and down Route 31 I had stopped and went into Lowe's and there was a lawnmower that someone had brought back and it was marked down to have price which was my kind of buying moment and I bought it. And for about the next 8 or 10 years on every Sunday from April to October my boys along with my wife at times praise the Lord for a very down to earth wife we had a family lawn mowing experience we the boys had a little business. And of course mom and dad are what really made it go in the beginning eventual it became theirs and along the way I tried to teach them to do a better job than they were being paid to do I tried to teach them that when you serve out of love and it's a ministry it's different than when you simply work for pay working for pay has it's own reward working for love has an internal or an intrinsic reward and those intrinsic rewards are what motivate the Christian they're what take us to a higher level of excellence there are many years just for you parents that are actively parenting right now and I thought I was an abject failure Ok So keep your courage but over time things kicked in and with a lot of extra inspection and encouragement and accountability this morning I want to build on these principles about ministry and instead of the drudgery of simply working there is an element in the Christian experience which raises service to an offering as opposed to simply a transaction a transaction for money and especially inside our families our church families in the places where we work but indeed everywhere we're to take into that something that's unique that's otherworldly So this morning I want to point you in the way of heaven and the way to heaven is the 2nd Mile take your Bibles and open up to Matthew chapter 5 Matthew chapter 5 is the 1st of 3 chapters which we call the Sermon on the mount when we come up to our small groups towards the end of this month which I hope each one will join be a part of a small group we're going to be studying this sermon on the mount from the book called The Mao of blessing Jesus really doesn't have a sermon recorded in total any where else in the Bible. And as we come to the end of chapter 5 Jesus is going to bring to our mind a prince of all it is a principle that will open the doors to a different kind of readiness to receive the healing touch of Jesus now I know at the beginning of this message that I'm talking to a wide spectrum of people there are some here today because their friends came to church here today there are some here today because this is what they've done for many years there are some here today who really do want to do good but they're kind of busy and God's an add on to their life there are some here today for whom God is everything and they won't miss disappointment or other point meant to be with him and his people whatever that spectrum is for you today it's my hope that the Holy Spirit shows you and touches you so that you desire to be a follower a servant of the Savior of the 2nd Mile when Jesus comes down to this part of his sermon he begins talking about things that will get the attention of the world because the world doesn't act like this Matthew chapter 5 beginning with Verse 39 but I say if you do not resist an evil person but whoever slabs you on the right cheek turn the other to him also if anyone wants to sue you and take your share let him have your coat Also whoever forces you to go one mile go with him to give to him you ask of you and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you you heard that it was said You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy but I say to you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you so that you may be the sons of your father who is in heaven for a cause is the sun to rise on the evil and on the good he sends rain on the right just on the on right is for if you love those who love you what reward do you have do not even the tax collectors do the same if you Greed only your brothers what more are you doing than others do not even the gentiles do the same. And then this verse that has troubled Christians therefore you are to be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect now I don't want to lower the standard of Christian perfection it's not mine to do Christ is the example The good news here Christ shows the way and before we're all done today I hope you understand how this final verse in the chapter can come to fulfillment in your life without the kind of intentionality that you might think when we think about the love of God we have to realize that there are some communions that have no profession of God that love better than some churches this is not a pleasant thing for me to say as a pastor but it's true and since I have to deal with what's true I'm going to deal in the fact that there are communions of people that don't really love each other we've even come to the place in time where we realize that some religious communions are actually toxic they are negative Now you might find yourself in one of those I don't believe that's the experience of this church I'm in right now but you might be listening online God is not giving you permission necessarily to abandon the journey of those people but I think what we talk about here today could help change it it's important for us to understand that Jesus always practiced what he preached and I want to focus in on one verse but it's in the context of love these last 9 verses of this chapter are about a unique way of living they are not an admonition to let evil people run roughshod over you they are not an admonition to stand by while evil people are violent and despicable We don't have time I'm not going to try to cover all of the things that they're not I want to focus on one verse in particularly which is verse 41 So look there with me it says whoever or if someone forces you to go one mile go with him to this is an admonition that certainly was understood by those who were listening so I was struck by the fact that it says whoever. There weren't too many whoever's in that society that could do this the Greek word here reveals that there's a holdover from several empires before you see the Persians had determined that in the days of their kings any kingly commander any postal message that needed to be sent would be sent with intentionality from the king but should there be a break in the network of getting the message out anyone could be conscripted to carry the message for the Persians. Don't think this too terribly strange when our good allies from Great Britain were not our allies in the same way some 200 years ago their troops were quartered in our homes their horses were stored in our stables our food was their food this quarter and of men in times of military dominance is not particularly unusual but the Romans did not release this this type with this mentality of operating when they took over the world scene and the Romans developed the best road systems in the world and they were marked out with mile markers and as you were Travis traversing down one of these Roman roads you might see a little brigade or a troop of Romans coming towards you it could be terribly bad news because they came up close to you depending on how long it had been since they had shouldered their packs they could say hey you come here and then you do lay your shoulder underneath the leather straps that carry the Roman burden and you'd walk a mile now the Whoever that say's says to you take my burden one mile every person listening them knew that was a dreaded Roman That was a hated Roman which sets up this sermon in a little different way because all of us have somebody in our life that perhaps really doesn't care about us which makes it hard for us to care about them everybody has somebody in their life that rubs them the wrong way and Jesus doesn't say that's fine just go around Him Jesus doesn't say abandon them don't care Jesus says No Listen the most hated person in your life and the person the intersex in your daily activity is not there by accident this is an architect it engineered experience God has allowed these things to happen and can you imagine what it would be like if one of these Roman soldiers met Jesus and His disciples on the road now you have to remember one of Jesus' disciples was a zealot that meant that he particularly hate the Romans and they would have been an unusual thing should Jesus be shouldered with a Roman soldiers pack. Can you imagine what it would have been like. Now before I go any farther I want to bring one more dynamic into this message I'm reading here. From one of my favorite authors and this is what she says. She says we have but one probationer which can form character and our destiny depends upon the manner of character we form in other words. There aren't going to be sinners in heaven we're not taking our bad habits our lack of loveliness to heaven this world is our chance to become like Jesus those who on earth of the form characters that through the grace of Christ bear the heavenly mold will be right pened through the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit for the eternal reward I like that I know that we pray that we would learn of Jesus but you need to know something there's a ripening that goes on that is sometimes nothing but supernaturally miraculous he's changing you and you don't even know it and you aren't even try now that's not to say that we don't exercise a cooperation in an effort to try. They become partakers of the did not vine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust it's a realization of the fact that our characters are Christ like the calls for the song of praise and thanksgiving to God into the lamb so when we all get there and we realize we've become like Jesus we're going to erupt into praise those who appreciate the goodness the mercy in the love of Christ I'm going to say those words again goodness mercy and love and by beholding him become changed knew his image will be partakers of eternal life now I have good news for you today Prince if you take what I'm saying in this sermon and put it into practice you will be in heaven he says and legalism is that racist by works no I'll show you I just promise you if you follow the savior of the 2nd Mile you'll be changed in ways you may not even be aware of and along the way you'll be surprised and others will take note that you've been with Jesus goodness mercy and love by the holy in him we become change we can partakers of eternal life. The attributes of their character like those of Christ and they cannot fail of the rest that remains for the people Ok listen to 2 or 3 more sentences if we would see Heaven we must have heaven below now this is getting really good we must have a heaven to go to heaven in. And when I read that again we must have a heaven to go to heaven in we must have heaven in our families through a continual approaching one to God All right so let's combine a couple things. The Jesus of the 2nd Mile and bringing heaven down to earth to have a heaven to go to heaven in so let's go back to Jesus with the Roman soldiers can we do that here they come a little true and here comes another little true this once led by Jesus to Little troops they're going to pass on a Roman road except for one thing the Roman soldiers are tired and thirsty and these Jews can be their slaves for at least a mile so they stop the troop we have no record of this you say it's just sanctified imagination but Jesus did practice what he preached and the 2 troops stopped because the one command so and they directed their packs are to be carried one mile in the obs direction that Jesus and His disciples are going some of them are grumbling as they put them on but not Jesus and Jesus as his shoulders his pack walks next to the person to whom the pact belongs to and there's a walk along since Jesus brought heaven down to earth and was taking making a way for us to go back to heaven you can be certain for a few moments maybe 20 minutes or sell this Roman soldiers are going to have heaven next to them as he walks down a Roman road and as they visit Jesus takes an actual interest in the man listen he's not doing a religious duty that Roman is not his project. This is someone he actually cares for are you hearing what I'm talking about there is no substitute for actually loving the people but Jesus puts in your path this is the transformation journey if you come and follow Jesus you will be called to love your neighbor as yourself good news you can love like you're loved you can give away what you're getting and as they walked down that Roman road probably many of the other 12 are quiet enduring not enjoyed but Jesus Himself has found this is a divine opportunity to connect as they walk down the road and he learns about the man his wife his children his pre military service his hopes for when he's out of the military etc and they come to that marker on the road the Roman looks at Jesus says Ok you can put it down and Jesus Accel venom and smile and says let's go one more mile listen you talk about jobs dropping open you talk about hearts opening up the hated Roman being loved by the true Israelite whom there is no guile bridges are built but Jesus is suffering to build them if you think that building a bridge will not require some suffering for you you need to stop and think again by the strikes of Jesus we were healed we were he was bruised for our iniquities he took our suffering and he calls us to take a measure of suffering love motivated by that yoke that is easy and that burden is light not that impact was was light for those $1000.00 steps that made up a mill a path I'm a Roman mile but the love of Christ in the heart for all humanity took drugs or e and made it into ministry and Jesus like us are called to be a drink offering poured out for a dying world. Now I want you to understand something before Jesus finished and actually before he started prove it pass you don't know what I'm going to say you know that cyro Phoenician woman to whom Jesus said is not right to take the food from off the table and give it to the dogs and how about how about that woman in John chapter 4 who's been married 5 times and Jesus Go call your husband you know Jesus has the ability to probe into the most intimate dynamics of human relating because there is an atmosphere about Jesus having came down and glory was in his soul and you know friends as heaven comes down in glory is in our soul there are doors that are opened by the very essence of who we are there is an atmosphere that surrounds us that speaks peace joy kindness consideration indeed as Jesus walked that mile and that 2nd mile there were Romans talking about the strange Jew they ever met. But I want to tell you something we are to be the most peculiar people anybody else ever meets to because inside of us we have been filled our love cup is filled with the knowledge of precious we are to God His children forgiven read deemed In a chance for me relationship this is why it's so very important that we're not half in love with the world and half in love with God if I could envision a boy and hold a cup and in the cup there'd be a certain amount of water we'll call it the water of life. If you were to bump into me and the cup was just barely a little bit in the bottom and sloshed around in the cup if the cup was half full it might even make it up to the rim but if I'm sitting at the feet of Jesus and I'm filling my love Cup know it in spite of my weaknesses my past the people that have mistreated me the opportunities I didn't get all the things that are wrong are not beyond the redeeming touch of Jesus and if the cup is full and you bump into me out flushes the water of life. But you know what if I'm too busy to be with Jesus if I'm in love with the world if I'm afraid to let go of Satan's hand because I think Jesus hand might lead me down a road I don't want to go then I'm not going to be able to be that person what I'm here to tell you as I mentioned in one of my 1st sermons on this series that is that formal religion is to be dreaded there is an animating love in the heart of God for us and when that love really touches us and we have not allowed the world to short circuit it that love flows out out so you know somebody who's a person of the 2nd Mile you do I know lots and these are the kind of people who rarely and they're very human but they rarely complain and they are people who have found an amazing amount of strength because day by day they're doing what Isaiah 40 said they're waiting on the Lord and in that quiet communion with God their religion becomes so simper Blee practical that in spite of a a growing knowledge of their unfitness for heaven they have a growing and a changing nature to like gods their being transformed to being ripe and this is the Jesus of the 2nd mound I want to contrast to people I want to contrast Mary Magdalene. Of whom I spoke of last them 7 times the demons are cast out of her and I want to contrast her with Peter the preeminent or one of the preeminent of the Apostles. And I want to come down to the very last week of their life on that very last week of their life Mary is breaking in alabaster box of perfume over the feet of Jesus and getting in trouble for now by Jesus. The very night before Jesus dies he's talking to Peter and he says Peter. Tomorrow or tonight you're going to be Trade Me I want you to see the difference because I would like for there to be a breakthrough for as many as would desire it here Peter says No Jesus you're wrong. Jesus says I'm telling you that tomorrow before the rooster crows 3 times you will know Jesus I'll die and I will go to prison if I need to for you. And then there's Mary Magdalene. So stuck in her sin that she needs the delivering hand of Jesus 7 times. Where are we on the spectrum of being able to hear Jesus. Are we over here at the Peter side. Or how fragrant was Peter. Come on in a few hours he'll whip the sword off and he's going to go for the head and only get the ear. I don't need that kind of fragrance in my life. But here's Mary all 12 of those men run away but she follows Jesus. When they get to the cross the disciples are standing on the outer circle and she's right up close. What can Jesus say to me. You need to know how much he loves you so that you can hear him say to you what will set you free you need to know how much he loves you so that you can be a fountain that flows out like stream in the desert according to The Book of Isaiah or like the the symbolism from the reality of the Israelites wandering from Egypt to Cain our lives are to have this beauty to where when the world bumps into us they don't get the anxiety and the anger that the rest of the world gets they get the love of Jesus. Now there are some challenging relationships we have inside our families inside our churches and there are places for iron to sharpen iron and for there to be dynamics that heal dysfunction but this morning what I'm wanting to talk with you about is this How full is your cup. Are you receiving the refreshing from God so that when somebody comes into your presence they realize heaven is around me and there are a 1000 ways the devil Chinese rob you from having that heavenly presence but I'm here to tell you there is something so powerful about the 2nd Mile that the world may not want to listen but they have to think about it. So the question I ask is Does Jesus practice what he preached he did turn over to Matthew Chapter 27 Matthew chapter 27. This word and Gloria this Greek word is only used 2 times in the book of Matthew. And I'm going to show you the other time. Of. Matthew Chapter 27 and then begin in verse 27. Where in the crucifixion. Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into the Praetorian and they gathered the whole Roman cohort around him. They stripped him and put a scarlet robot him and after twisting together a crown of thorns they put it on his head and a reed in his hand and they knelt down before him and they mocked him saying Hail King of the Jews. They spat on him. And took the reed and began to beat him on the head. After they had mocked him they took the scarlet Roe They took it off and they put his own garments back on him and they led him away to crucify him and as they were coming out they found a man of Simon Sirene name Simon whom they pressed into service to bear as cross. What Jesus was talking about in Matthew chapter 5 is what Simon the Sirene is about to experience with the cross beam of the instrument of torture. Jesus is so physically weak he cannot bear the instrument of death and so they forced Simon to carry it it's the same thing I shouldn't be surprised that from Matthew 5 the next place we should see this expression would be at the ultimate moment of going farther than anybody would ever dream someone would go to save us. Jesus gives up the cross member but he has not laid down the burden. Now this is a strange thing that I want everyone to understand for 3 hours Jesus hung on the cross and everybody could make fun of him and Goc at him and it could be the entertainment for the Passover weekend. The famous one the Judean rabbi the one who could heal the blind and make the lame walk and make the dead here and fix with their arms and straightened up the backs of old ladies and and bring the dead back to lie they cry out around the cross physician heal yourself you heal others save yourself if you're the messiah come down off there can you imagine the gaol of a wicked human beings ignorant willfully ignorant of the one who is hanging on the tree who one who spoke the substance of our being into existence. As Jesus hangs there for 3 hours there's an opportunity for everybody that wants to show their true colors to show them unfortunately everybody did and they represent you and me. In the middle of the day things go dark. Jesus is hid by the darkness. And during those 3 dark hours it appears to Christ that He will be eternally lost. I'm here to tell you friends from that Thursday night in in and get 72 this Friday afternoon and go Gotha Jesus is carrying the burden that was yours and that was my. My sins about took him out in that olive grove across the Kidron Valley from the city of Jerusalem he just wanted some people to pray for him it was if the entire world was row or lean on top of them and disjoint his very being as if he was being squeezed out between the rollers of an old washing machine. And as he lay there sweating great drops of blood pleading for some other way he always said I'll go the 2nd my own. He surrenders to the journey 30 years of ignore me and insult 30 years of suffering and distress that was enough you could say he was already a perfect man why the rest of the way because it was my burden that he need to pick up and your burden that he needed to pick up and as Jesus exits pilots Khaled judge. He's not so I'm going to physically to carry the physical burden but the weight of the world is on his shoulders but I want to tell you something he has never quit drinking from the fountain of his father's love and is there nailing him to the cross he can say Father forgive them. This is not ordinary but it is something that can become a part of you and me and as Jesus is shut in by that darkness finally somewhere towards the end he cries out God where are you. Why have you abandoned me because my burden and your burden were on the shoulders of Jesus. He's hanging there without a weight that we will never in all of eternity understand now hear me carefully. Be there for perfect is your Father in Heaven is perfect I'm going to tell you how this works when you allow Christ loved to come into your heart and you allow that love become the motivating influence of who you are I didn't say you always feel like doing everything you said you won't have been a parent for almost 30 years. I would hardly ever say the children were a burden. I've been married for 35 years almost and all the sacrifices that my wife is made to love me and grow with me and me to her they're not a burden why because love has taken us up over the mountain tops of distress and discomfort love has a given us the in durance for the cold nights and the uncertain the insecurity the pain and the hurt well I need you to understand is that what Christ was saying in the last verses of Matthew chapter 5 is this and that is if you will learn to love like your father by following him you will become just like Ian and in the process you may not see yourself as saved but everybody that's watching will know that's what's happening there was a moment in Christ life when he was at the highest of his glory while he had no sin of the zone and all of ours and the world's watching and Jesus thinks to himself. This is it I'm terrible it's over by faith he sees beyond what is is experience in any knows his father is good anyway but what I want you to understand is a paradox it's somewhat of a it's a riddle almost that as you follow Jesus in love you will become more like him even though when you look at yourself you see you're more unfit than you ever thought you were before. This happened to Christ on the cross it will happen to those who follow him they will not see themselves as one to be promoted in the eyes of anybody but they will be willing to keep following the path of the law and in the process unbeknownst to them they are writing in and being changed because love is how you fulfill the Law Paul says in the book of Galatians and he even says by bearing one another's burdens. Listen. The only way to heaven is to follow the savior of the 2nd Mile it's the only way coming to church won't do reading your Bible won't do it those are all important things listening to your preacher won't do it. Listening to the words of your mother whether she's alive or gone father here or not it won't do it everybody has to decide can I hear the voice of love when it plucks the cords of my heart and will there be a responding chord that I choose if the answer is No it doesn't matter how well you're quite with the 28 fundamental beliefs and we all should be. There is a ballad to be fought with self when love comes in it gives the motivation to go up and over by looking to Jesus We are not stuck on the road of life professing religion but not practicing the heart of God on. This is the glory of the Savior of the 2nd Mile and when you and I fill our lives up with too many unimportant things we lose that Lance. That's what happens there's a Laodicean message because there's a Laodicean people they become rich and increase with goods and sure enough they do like almost every other generation they love the goods and despise the giver eventually. We're not there right now of course we don't despise Jesus all of that's going to come into view when someday we can buy and sell. That's when it's all going to peel wide open we're going to see what we couldn't see about each other friends it would be my hope and wish that every single one of you would be on the side of love when that day comes saying Jesus has taken me this far I've gotta stay on the 2nd Mile listen you've got people you work with some of them you don't like you've got people you're related to some of them are nice some of them are chasing because they've sought to focus on their needs and they're constantly recognizing that you're not meeting them hey if you're one of those person friends it's more I want to talk to you quit focusing on your needs and start letting the love of Christ meet those needs so you can meet the needs of others around you because I want to it's a needy needy world. We have Jesus. Jesus took my burdens to the cross he picked up my backpack he went beyond that he who knew no sin became my sin that was me that was crucified with Christ and I want to tell you something his stripes stand in for my stripes and by his wounded ness and his suffering I'm healed I want to especially talk to those of you who are drinking deep from the wells of salvation right now friends don't become weary and well doing you keep going back to the fountain let the streams flow out from you let the green grass and the trees grow up along the canals of Christ's love he who wanders will be watered Also I am begging you. Nothing makes this message come July like a deeper drink from the well of salvation that woman in John chapter 4 started out a little a little curt with Jesus how do you think you are a Jewish man asking me I've got the upper hand that's a deep well Jesus says well if you would have asked me I would have given you a drink oh how you going to do that. Jesus is the water I'll give you it's going down well up is it well enough friends if not wine. I'm not asking you to be gauging your Christianity on an emotion at the moment here but if there is no emotion for Jesus something is wrong. And what I must say today is that this year will be a momentous year for this world I'm not a prophet at least not in that sense I'm exercising the prophetic voice out of the prophetic office in the sense of calling you to edification exhortation and consolation we talked about that in Jesus on prophecy every parent should fulfill the same rule every teacher the same rule teach what's right given courage written strong xor Taishan even rebuke to do what's right and then give comfort as people try to be like Jesus the friends. The world needs a a real Christianity. And Jesus said If you want to test yours this is how you're doing. When you're Hans the Boston Bach was the a 10 year old he was already a virtual orphan. He was under the custody custody of his older brother 24 years old Gustaf. The problem was Johann at 10 years of age was a better musician than his older brother and the only music that he would give to your hand to practice was easy stuff. And your hand would beg to stuff let me have the harder music I want to praise the play the work of the Masters and he wouldn't so for 6 months every night Johan would get out he would sneak down the stairs he would go to that hutch where the work of the Masters where he would reach between the bars he would pull the book off the shelf he would go up stairs and in the light of the moon in the shelf of his window he copied off his own copy of the music finally when it was all done on a Sunday morning. Gustaf went off to church and Johann stayed behind a gun on the club the air and started playing and oh did he love that music he played the 2nd day when his brother was gone and on the 3rd day his brother caught him is that all you made a copy of the music. He took it from him your heart was crushed 6 months. The next day he said out of the piano and he discovered 6 months of copy music had put the music in him. Friends. The world needs that music. It needs the servants of the Savior of the 2nd Mile. In your home at your work in this church wherever you're at oh it's going to be inconvenient. You don't think it was inconvenient in the day in which the feet were the primary modus operandi of moving you don't think it was inconvenient to meet a troop of Romans and turn around and walk a mile this way and one of you want an extra one you are now 4 miles extra And by the way walking for extra miles on a journey of 10 or 20 is a pretty big percentage. Don't think it's not going to be inconvenient loving a lost world is exceptionally inconvenient. But it is wonderfully glorious as you watch God work in you and through you on what are you going to choose in 2020 it is time for 7 am is Christianity to recapture the beauty of a God who loves us enough to pick up our bird and go all the way to the gates of hell. So that you and I could go all the way to the gates of heaven. The smarting friends in this year starting today and inviting each of you to recommit to the radical religion of Jesus. Not to where the law is a fair form of 7th Day Adventists and that's found its way into the ranks of our 21st century Western churches I'm calling you to the radical religion of love. No there's nothing like the intrinsic rewards. Of knowing God used me listen Abraham as lab was pretty astute guy. Self actualization he was on to something he was just a step or 2 away. Because the highest order of beanie is being like God Amen Oh Lord we stand in on wonder that Jesus would collect all the burdens of the human race shoulder them Lord as he approaches Calvary knowing that for a moment. He will sense the dread of eternal loss of Father thank you for saving us from sensing that dread the devil tries to shove it onto us where he shows us how unfit we are may we keep looking back to Jesus who had more than the 2nd Mile your heart Lord displayed in the love of your son Lord forgive us when we love things that are not worthy things that have been Ok but have stood in the way things that have stopped us from being free oh Lord I pray in this year may we be the people of the 2nd Mile may we go the 2nd Mile Blus us and our friendships and our brotherhood sisterhood in our marriages and our parenting bless this church now or to put our lives in your hands we're not up to it Lord it's not us we can't naturally do it so I'm for a show us again how wonderful your love is for us I pray I may we follow Jesus and his name Amen this media was brought to you by. A website dedicated spreading God's word sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your. Life more. 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