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Patriarchs, Prophets, and Parental Christ

Ron Kelly


Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • January 25, 2020
    11:45 AM
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Let's pray Lord our lives are yours by profession. May they be yours by practice and pray now father that you would anoint us all we are not spectators Lord we are the actors on the stage of the cosmos and I am praying Lord from the prompts that are in your word verbalized or your servant They each of us move as we see the shepherd moving in front of us stay close Lord may we stay close to you hear us now I pray and guide us I ask in Jesus' name amen. This morning I want to talk to you about relationships I mean title my message patriarchs prophets and the parental Christ I was visiting with someone recently. And I reminded myself that for all the trauma my mother put me through I never doubted her love and if you're lucky you have parents that put you through some trauma too not the kind of trauma that you shouldn't go through but the kind that you should. When a mom and a dad are doing their job the 1st thing they do is create security for the child but that is security is established in the depth of their person and the depth of their relationship when those things are there the child will have to make decisions along the way if the parents are real if the parents are genuine if they're trustworthy. Soul from those earliest days when my mother made me go back to the store because I took that little root beer barrel off the counter without paying for it. To the moments when she called me out of class as a 6th grader because I didn't make my bed and then she did the worst thing is sent me back to make it and then she sent me back to tell everybody why I went home. From those moments when. The crowd of mine my neighborhood friends who were foes whom I had mouth off too much she said are right you can fight him but one at a time no ganging up on him my mother required me to grow she understood that I would have to face my self-made problem someday so why not start now and in the process she develop me for an adult life they had some confidence in it that had some self-awareness that knew where the lines of the relationships ought to be ought to be drawn and so I have a great debt of gratitude to my mother who is indeed one of the most preeminent heroes in my life who actually prepared me to deal in a very fragile world now listen truth has been surrounded by falshood there is a siege that has been laid on truth and slowly the devil is surrounding all who hang on to the idea that there is a God and there is absolute truth in this word and a society that's very fragile and I want to I want to combine some things right now. Your relationships can never be strong and secure or they can be fragile the more false of the ideas you're building a relationship on the more fragile they are and you're going to see in the Bible and you probably experience in life already when you have a fragile idea and you're hanging onto it all you need is for the truth to start to get close and you get edgy and what's worse is when somebody with confidence speaks up and says that's false. If you're not going to abandon what's false you have to attack what's true and that's what's going on in our society right now so the word fragile and superficial should go together I did not have a fragile mother she had no qualms about understanding what her responsibility was to me and you know what I grew up with confidence because I had a mother whose life was parenting practice was built on truth those early days when I was a baby. She held me I could hear her heart beating this was security but I want to tell you all along the way I never doubted my mother's response to anything my mother clearly intoned in my mind I understood the cadence of her parental journey very early on when she said to me if you get in trouble at school you're going to be a trouble she was defining a relationship and she basically said that person is standing in my place as an authority in your life shape up you're going to be in trouble when she had that bar of love on my lips and on my tongue she was saying cultured people and people with the last name Kelly Don't talk like that and as I'm anxiously trying to spit the rez residues of that hand soap out of my mouth I got the message but I never doubted my mother's love I did not I was not raised with the fragile feminine identity I was raised with the woman who understood that her children would need to be strong and confident if they were going to survive with functional relationships in this world now this morning I want all of you to start thinking about your relationships and how they are defined so many relationships are so fragile however much favor as people have for you it's going to do them or you no good except in the temporary a fragile relationship is usually fragile for a reason it's because it's never been tested it's like a muscle or it's been allowed to atrophy because dysfunction is grown in and nobody's done anything about the dysfunction or it's fragile because you haven't shared enough time and experience together to know each other and by the way the devil is out to make the church fragile so he can run right over society and take everybody's eternal life away from them he's doing it by making sure we don't even get to 1st base in knowing the slightest little thing about each other so all we do is we gather you're sitting in church right now you're in the right place. If you're not looking at the back of the head of the person in front of you you might be looking up at me that's good you're going to learn something about me in this sermon and you're hopefully going to learn something much more important about God's Word they are intersected because God has chosen to call me to this place in the messages flowing through me from his words but how well are your relationships defined you are a very blessed person if your parents have not one of their parental identity on their sleeve and they're worried about what you're going to say about them when you grow up. I've had children who 4 phases of their life probably didn't have a whole lot of good to say about me but you need to know that when they get past their immaturity their fragility and their attachment to false god which is society's metering out with all kinds of covenants and pedigrees behind it it doesn't matter to me if you have a lot of letters behind your name get as many as you can as a consecrated Christian and use them as a tool but when those letters are in opposition and antagonism to the principles and practices of the word or the collective wisdom of 6 millennia of life they don't mean very much and we had sought to redefine what parenting is we have sought to read a site define what family is and in the process there is this growing corporate social pathology in other words society is starting to come to the brink of implosion And what about all this adolescent young adult middle age anxiety and depression people who feel like they're being victimized by society they don't understand that the name of the Lord is a strong tower it's built on truth they can run to it and be strong. Yes my mother made me do a lot of things the chief of which was go to a church school she did not understand that in doing so she was laying the future groundwork for a change in our relationship because my mother who had been truly the one in charge in my life in my home she put me in that church going on a sudden I realized there's a higher authority. Now authority was a big deal to my mother and oh and my ever so glad. But when I met Jesus Christ she moved into 2nd place along with my father as jesus christ moved into 1st can you say amen every child needs to make that decision every young adult comes a place where they have to say this isn't about mom and dad anymore for me there were some challenges in our home for me I could taste and see that the Lord is good and I understand right away that he loves father and mother more than me is not worthy of me my love of Christ did nothing but elevate my love for my mother but we did start to have moments where the Lordship of Christ ran into the authority of mom along the way I would have known couldn't have known she did not know that eventually not only with the relationship change but she would go from being my leader to where I would move into a relationship where Christ was preparing me to be a leader of people and be a blessing to her hopefully as she made a journey back to Christ everybody gets old if they're lucky. Some are peace some people listen to me right here might be old and only be 20 years old because you might not have but a year left. I want everybody to stop and think about this I'm here dealing in the commodities of truth today. I'm not relating to you like I have a fragile relationship with you you all came here of your own free will you came because either God prompted you are you wanted to I'm not here today to have a superficial encounter with you but I'm here to tell you the father our society moves away from truth the more superficial it gets and the more superficial it gets the more vicious it gets when truth is brought up with confidence. The meaner somebody has to be because they don't like what you said is only proof that they are not humble enough to allow the living Christ to lead them on to higher ground now if I make a social fold a mistake. And I'm rude or I'm inconsiderate or I'm discourteous in some way that's different but when in the free interchange of ideas you say something or I say something or my initial response is anger I better do some serious introspection as to why because false and has no comeback except anger but truth has the ability to disagree without emotional venom. And I want you to think about this the truthful person and I want to catch it in the terms of forgiveness if you've never known forgiveness and you've not embraced truth when somebody bring something up that's wrong it's immediate condemnation and I deal with people for whom if their parent or their pastor or their teacher or their spouse or whatever relationship it is but let's use mind pastor parishioner relationship if I say something's not right immediately they feel condemnation. Now listen we're in a communion with each other and I make mistakes and occasionally someone maybe more than occasionally needs to say to me Pastor I think you got that wrong. If I'm humble enough to want to hear and know truth then because I'm in a saving relationship with Christ when I'm no longer under condemnation but I'm under grace I can embrace truth without emotional antagonism in response to the person who's talking to me. Jesus did not come to condemn people. But he did come to judge right and wrong and the truth of the matter is we get to decide if we're on a liberty loving journey or if I'm on a journey where I want a pseudo security a pseudo assurance while I make my way up to that colossal moment of judgment where I find out it was all worthless. This morning friends let's define some relationships what is the word stranger media. What does the word friend mean here are we moving towards the circle of the bull's eye on emotional intimacy what does work Brother mean to you now I want to tell you something when I sit on an airplane by myself I'm sitting by strangers there's a different social contract with a stranger when it comes to relating to somebody who shares a measure of blood type or d.n.a. with me at least common parentage that's a different relationship the truth of the matter is in some places the follow Christ in truth may cost you your life and that journey takes you from being a stranger to church member to brother or sister and that journey is stronger as brother or sister in Christ it ever was with anybody who shares the same 2 sets of originators parents define your relationship to this church right now. For a lot of you the place is full of strangers and the devil likes that because in a fragile society you can't do serious spiritual lifting in a fragile home you can't handle serious problems the dysfunction reigns because in our society today making sure we all feel good on the journey to self-destruction is more important in figuring out where the journey ultimately is headed. I'm appealing to you when Paul writes in Hebrews Chapter 1024 and 25 don't for sake the assembling together there's a reason and that's because the kind of business we do to stay on the path of life is a corporate journey it's a group journey. We need somebody to say hey we're not acting with very much faith or hey you're falling in love with the world this matters more than this it's like that person in one of my churches years ago that on Monday night from September to January wouldn't show up at a board meeting even though they held a leadership post because they were going to miss Don't don't don't and don't you know when the night football sorry for the poor rendition. It was a pretty poor showing somebody need to sit down and say you know being a head deacon in this church involves a different kind of fidelity. This morning France I'm going to show you. That there's a lot of people that are reading their Bibles because they don't even know who God is. I'm going to show you that Protestantism is set on keeping your spirituality at an instant tile level where you don't have the ability to have anybody bump into you let alone someone sharp an iron with you because I am certain Zion So one man shouted another man's account is same chapter. Open rebuke is better than hidden love. The walk of Christ could not leave you in fragility he loved so much let's talk about the basis of how we redefine relationships number one is love he loved people so much that he could say to a Canaanite woman from the area of Tire and Sidon he could say to her as she came along imploring him Lord have mercy on me he could say it's not good to take the food off the table and give it to the ducks. But he was so committed to loving the human race and he was teaching His disciples a lesson while he was engaging this woman she became the instrumentality the catalyst for teaching His disciples about love and she won't give up and she says yes Lord but even the dogs get the Cubs and finally Jesus can't take it anymore and the woman has seen through the charade and Jesus turns to her and said there's Saint Center away and Jesus does send her away with everything she wants and what about that woman this with with 5 men now with number 6 Christ is number 7 he says go go get your husband he knew very well she didn't have a man why would Jesus do this Jesus was not going to leave this lady was some superficial blessing when he understood that the fragility of our relationship even with the Samaritan she was a Bad Samaritan the fragility of a relationship even what the Samaritans could change because she was going to have a deep relationship with God She she was willing to make the journey I'm just a poor way very strange or she was willing to take the next step I'm going to tell him the truth and when she did she didn't realize she was stepping into a redefined relationship. She then wanted to not let him get much closer so Jerusalem Samarium out now there is him now Mariah where do we worship Jesus says that's not really what it's about are you going to worship me in spirit and truth she says yes she takes another step and finally she says. I know them the size company and Jesus does for her what he does for almost nobody else except he's going to do it in the message this morning he says that's me. This kind of love is the foundation of going from fragile to firm of going from superficial to substance Stansell. And this kind of relationship can only be had as we encounter the living Christ Christ wants us to encounter each other the church is falling down because it can stand up with truthful dialogues inside of it without losing its Christianity and that's no Christ to serve at all Christ calls us to a relationship with truth to where a different idea can be discussed and we go away making a decision either walking in the light following the narrow way or going with the masses lots of accolades and affirmation from everybody but a conscience that won't set me free that was Saul after he held the coat for Stephen Stevens last stand but it was Saul every night he lay down in bed his conscience was bothering him all he could see was the peace and hear the words on the face words from the mouth of Stephen he saw Jesus standing up fragile relationships are not to exist in our families and they are not to exist in our churches now you may have one and you may be in a church and so very very fragile you might be in a situation is very fragile but there is one is sure it's that as we wisely lovingly patiently pursue truth fragility and superficial fission superficiality will give way to something that substantive and strong and by the way friends that's what you want when you're in crisis take your Bible to swear in open them up to the Gospel of John John is all about who is Jesus how do you define him in John chapter one John's purpose is going to be defined Jesus as God nothing else right out the gate the Bible tells us in the beginning was the word that word was made flesh nothing was made unless the word made we go all the way through the Gospel of John from beginning to end and what we see as John is establishing the fact that Jesus is not an ordinary man. Jesus is truly the God man when we get to John Chapter 2 well let's not leave John chapter one they rejected Jesus because the light came into the darkness they love darkness rather than light John Chapter 2 Jesus is a wedding feast praise the Lord for celebrations they run out of wine it's an embarrassing moment you invite this many guests you maybe get more maybe they enjoy what you're offering and pretty soon you're out of food food is the center of the relationship in this case they were out of the line his mother comes to him and of all the miracles to include this one is precious because it takes the ordinary dynamic of human life in a crisis and transitions that into the celebration of a God infused presence of in this marriage feast. Jesus turns the water into wine and everybody knows this was no ordinary encounter Mary knew who he was the world did not we come to John Chapter 3 a prestigious Man is trying to hang on to the respect of his his colleagues in the December simply of the 70 the Sanhedrin he doesn't really want to be seen he slips out at night crosses the Kidron Valley comes up to the Mount of Olives and finds Jesus and what does he say to Jesus a good teacher and Jesus in effect says I'm not just a good teacher he says you need to be born again. He doesn't understand we're born again means. Don't be surprised if some of the most elemental components of Christianity people with prestigious positions don't understand because you don't understand those things by position you understand them by following the Holy Spirit in an encounter with truth that both arranged you enter sure you yes you are guilty and yes you are loved and yes you can be saved but this kind of relationship with naked Amos was what Jesus had and he could Demas didn't go away totally surrendered you come to John to have to force that woman at the well. It's another dynamic about who am I to you frigidity fades away when you encounter the living Christ because no matter what anybody says about you you've got this is surance God knows me he loves me forgives me there's no need for fragility in a relationship between Christian and Christian except for one thing darkness hates light and when light comes into the arena darkness either runs or it fights and when it fights its means it doesn't deal with the issue or the idea it deals with the person because we are people who need to be in reasonably safe and socialized communion we want we want to be connected so when you run into falsehood false it's got to rear its its hair has to stand up on the back of its neck its eyes after Merrill it has to grapple and has to look like it's going to bite so that you'll leave it alone whether it's personal or whether it's it illogical or theological That's how error works and when you don't live that way you don't have to be afraid ideas fall down in the presence of light it's a fact but that's not how it was working here John Chapter 8 Now this is one of the longest conversations recorded in the New Testament between Jesus and anybody so John takes time we have chapter long conversations but now we're going to see a 2 Chapter dynamic in Christ will go quickly Chapter 8 verse 12 Jesus spoke to them saying I am the light of the world a verse 12 he who follows me will not walk in the darkness but he will have the light of life the Pharisees said to him you're testifying about yourself your testimony is not true and Jesus said to them even if I testify about myself my testimony is true for I know where I came from and I know where I'm going there's a definition on a relationship. But you do not know where you came from where I came from or where I'm going You judge according to your experience according to the flesh I'm not judging anyone but if I do judge my judgment is true for I'm not alone in it but I and the Father who sent me even in your lot has been written that the testimony of 2 men is true I am he who testifies about myself in the father who also sent me testifies about me so they were saying to him Where is your father and this becomes a key definition a key identity point in these 2 chapters where is your Father Jesus answered You know neither me nor my father if you knew me you would have known My Father also skip down to verse 28 a Says So Jesus said When you lift up the Son of Man then you will know that I am he and I do nothing on my own initiative but I speak these things as the father taught me now go down to verse 31 this is a very important verse so Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed in him so please get the definition of their dialogue right get the picture frame right Jesus in these next chapters is dealing with people who at one point time had believed in them in him is he saying is John the author saying they had quit No but he say up to this point time yes they believe me. If you continue in my word then you are truly my disciples Now listen to me friends I'm just a poor way there in Stranger I'm on a journey in this chapter we're going to read about Abraham if there's one thing you need to know about Abraham is that he followed God no matter where God led him even when he didn't know where that was we're going to read about the prophets we're going to have Jesus quoting Moses or quoting God at Mount Sinai at the burning bush when Moses asked for a name God says I am that I am We're going to go from patriarchs to prophets and what I want you to see is that in a relationship with Christ where truth is enshrined liberty giving truth fragility fades out of relationships because of love and a commitment to what's right Jesus says if you continue in my word yes you were born into the 7th day have a church May the Lord bless you I wish that I could have had the privilege of being raised by 27 day Aves Christians I love my mother I love my father but man if you are raised by 2 people that love Jesus a new this truth you started out on a journey that was weighted dance of me. But doesn't matter where you started your comes a point time when you decide if you going to keep going Jesus is the shepherd he calls us on the higher ground he calls us into the narrow way I think a lot of admin is a forgotten this Jesus said the way is narrow that leads to eternal life James Well right the true religion is to take care of the widows in the orphan and keep oneself unspotted from the world that last phrase is not talked about inside proper Christian culture these days because it's much nicer to because eat up to the world and still have some assurance that heaven is yours too. This is a journey we have to continue in the way for some of us we've taken an awful long. Detour. God is calling us into a deepening experience do you not understand that the world as it was in the days of Babylon when wrong will be in throne in power will be in the hands how is it that it says in once every man and nation. That basically it says that error is on the throne and truth is on the scaffold but the scaffold sways the future. God is in charge but we are headed to a point time in which everything that can be shaken will be shaken the journey of following Jesus is a journey of building on the rock and we will not be shaken Jesus answered them verse 33 said we're Abraham's descendants now remember this is always people who have believed were Abraham's descendants we've never been a slave to anyone how is it that you say you will become free lesson friends they've been enslaved in Egypt they have been a slave in Babylon and they were currently under the iron monarchy of Rome they were blind to all the obvious things in the responsibility that comes for the situation they were in Jesus says in verse 34 Truly truly I say to you everyone who commit sin is a slave of sin the slave does not remain in the house forever so if the Son makes you free you'll be free indeed Jesus wasn't deviating this is a parental Christ he's I hated him Oh said he's like my mother my mother was practicing a measure of Christ's love in the way she raised me. The prophetic voice was there this is Jesus operating as the chief of the prophets and he's not backing off the liberty given fact that he's arrived to set his free and a refusal to accept his journey non-word is the last ness of ourselves. I know that you're Abraham's descendants verse 37 yet you seek to kill me why because my word has no place in you here we are we're back to the fragility hang on to the old ways the customs move forward with the truth but if you don't like what Jesus is saying but you're open to at least thinking about it you don't have to be in the posture of plotting for his life I speak the things verse 38 which I've seen with my father therefore you also do the things which you heard from your father they answered and said to him Here we go this is going to get ugly now Abraham's our Father Jesus said he already knew that Jesus said If you're Abraham's children do the deeds of Abraham follow on verse 40 but as it is you are seeking to kill me a man who has told you the truth which I heard from God This Abraham did not do right here we go you're doing the deeds of your father. By implication they're getting it. And rather than stop the conversation and go home and think about it they're going to leverage their position of power. And they're going to embarrass Jesus best they can and they said to him at least we know who our daddy is. You don't get it because in today's society this is not a big deal. But I want to tell you in the days of Christ with the lineage keeping Jews knowing who the patriarchy of your family was knowing you had a dad by the way you read in the Old Testament a child born out of wedlock is excised from the communion of the faithful for 10 generations. Why child's fall no way. That's God saying everybody deserves a dad and don't you mess it up by playing around. And they're taking advantage of this right now and they're saying to Jesus look you not only well let's just let them use their own words you're born in sin we have a daddy we have a father verse 42 Jesus said to them if you are if God were your father you'd love me for I proceeded forth from and have come from God for I've not even come on my own initiative but he sent me why do you not understand what I'm saying to you it's because you can hear my word Ok let's pause again why couldn't they hear his word. Because they already loved something else. They already had made up their mind and had a cushy cozy place of course they were at the top of the religious pecking order when you fall in love with this world or the wrong person by the way hate to say it have plenty of experience in dealing with people for whom this happens. You can't try somebody is hands off that for love nor money. They can't listen because they love something else they won't listen because their hearts are connected to a worldly religion that has actually institutionalized wrong 1st 44 your of your father the devil. And you want to do the desires of your father he was a murderer from the beginning Listen friends what is going on here is this an out of control argument with the Son of God or is this the most fierce parental moment you're ever going to find where the grace of parenthood is hanging in the game for an arrogant in this case family member or members some of you have never raised anybody who's wrestled with rebellion. Unfortunately in my fatherhood of 4 I've got some experience. Do you just wash your hands and kick him to the curb or the Bible says there's more hope for a fuel fool than somebody that's wise in their own us society is teaching our kids that they know more than everybody else and in some arenas they do know more than every else it's just not the critical ones. Life is the great educator. Jesus the author of Life had brought this conversation to the point at which it's been. How important is the truth to Jesus how much love does he have for these who are arrogant and out of the way Jesus is showing us in this chapter what a parental crisis looks like we must not remain an infant child or adolescent dynamic or definition of a relationship with God with the authority figures in our lives our parents our teachers in the answer society today is looking to codify dysfunction and its stablish a sense of well being built on anything that you choose let's get down to the end of the story the Jews said to members 52 now we know that you have a demon they called him a Samaritan a demon possessed in the in between verses now we know that you have a demon Abraham died he's made the assertion that he has a familiarity and the prophets also and you say if anyone keeps my word he'll never taste of death. Surely you're not greater than our father Abraham a died the prophets died To whom do you make yourself out to be and Jesus said If I glorify myself my glory is nothing it's my father who glorifies me of whom you say he's our God so there is a witness for Christ and you have not come to know him but I know him and if I say that I did not know it I would be a liar just like you. But I do know him and I keep his word your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and he was glad so the Jew said to him You're not even 50 years old have you seen Abraham and Jesus said to them remember they had believed on Him folks these weren't the enemies of the enemies Truly I say unto you before Abraham and some of the virgins don't say was born but that is clearly implied statement before Abraham was born. I am we just went from Abraham to Moses Jesus grabs confidently on to both of them and he says they have their existence in a role in Israel I society because of me they picked up stones to throw at him but he slipped away but the conversation continues because on the way out of the temple there was a man who was there who was born blind think Peter on the way into the temple in the early part of x. Well now Jesus is on his way out of the temple and the commentators in general agree these 2 things are right smack up against each other because they happened one after the other and so he is on the way out of the temple things got pretty twisted in Jesus' day too don't be discouraged our society has has as stone a mountain heap of its own wisdom together and called it the pinnacle of truth same thing it out back then only they were using the Bible a lot more and so they're on their way out and the disciples look at Jesus who has just left this intense conversation they say Rabbi teacher Jesus who said this guy or his parents not what you think about this room and do you really think for a moment that even Christianity's worst enemy would teach that somehow God actually condemned people in the womb I mean it is such a preposterous and implausible and illogical. Construct for even a decent human being let alone for God and Jesus said it's not that but I'm going to show you the glory of God And so as he engages in this conversation reminding us again that he's the light of the world in verse 5 he spits on the ground he makes clay out of it and he sends this blind man into a Firestone storm of trouble now I want you to see it's Abraham who made the journey it's Moses who stood on the mountain it's the prophets who stood up for truth and now he's going to send this man born blind into the maelstrom of hatred and animosity he's going to let him become the point man for arguing with the Jews so he puts clay on his hand and then puts it on the man's eyes and he sends him to the Pool of Siloam which by translation means Sent nothing's accidental here there's a journey for all of us there's a journey for you there's a journey for me and there was a journey for this man and so he goes to the Pool of Siloam he's all by himself maybe there's a few spectators he washes the clay off his eyes and you know what he's never seen a now sees amazing people on the way are are confounded they don't know what to do with this it happened on a Sabbath and pretty soon he's at the center of a theological discussion should this have happened or should it not and then once they they had a real good idea of who had done it and pretty soon it's like well whoever did this has to be a sinner because this happened on Sabbath and so they bring him verse 14 says now it was a savage Chapter 9 on the day when Jesus made the clay and opened his eyes and so they kept asking him How did you receive your sight and he said verse 15 he applied clay to my eyes and I washed and I see an affair see some of them were saying this man's not from God because he doesn't keep the Sabbath and others are saying how can a man who's a sinner perform such signs and there was a division where the conversation goes back and forth and they even bring in his parents. Now I want you to think about this I want to come back to what I said when I'm in a saving relationship with Jesus and I'm surrendered to the truth you can tell me I'm wrong and my human pride might rise up because I'm as human as anybody else my wounded ego could rise up a wrong sense of who I am might resist but if I know I'm in a secure relationship with Christ and my real goal is only to follow the light that's revealed to me I'm Ok. My ideas don't have to be the right one and some of my choices are the wrong one but when I know that I'm in a safe relationship with Christ and that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and it alights in his way and though he falls we shall not be early cast out so I stumbled I've got my hand in the hand of Christ getting up he's just a me off and I'm going but when you're not in that kind of relationship and somebody says you you're going the wrong way was watch out bear the teach show the fags let the venom Roll Jesus is going to put this man into this kind of relationship now he just had a showdown with the decide with the Pharisees Now this man's going to have it so they go through all of this rigmarole they call in his parents and look what his parents do they choose to remain in a relationship of condemnation with the institutional church they would rather keep their friends and their status by just falling in the line than experiencing the new definition of freedom that Jesus just gave this man. I want you to think about it's perverse there's a reason the pig goes back and wallows in its mud hole and the dog returns to its vomit there's something about humanity that gets a little bit comfortable with us it's a signed role Christ said that's not the gospel this man nor his parents are guilty I'm going to show you the liberating power of my ability to set him free on the inside now and so the parents leave him behind he's pretty much left on his own and finally we come to this final showdown between him 1st $26.00 it's going to be the 2nd and then it's going to roll into the 3rd time so they said to him What did he do to you how did he open your eyes he answered and said to them verse 27 I told you already and you did not listen why do you want to hear it again do you want to become his disciples too while there's a lot in that sentence in one short moment he knows what truth is and you can too they reviled him in his head look at there we go the fragility of their to their their relationship to truth they can't just leave him alone with his own opinion they've gotta do something to him the devil never let you go free without you paid a price and by the way Jesus doesn't stop you from paying that price he's measured it he knows what you can endure when you go through something like this he doesn't take all the pain out of the bite he doesn't take all the sting out of the rejection here this man is and he's standing up for what he knows is Liberty giving life from a true teacher they mocked him they reviled him here is disciple but will be the disciples of Moses we know God spoke to Moses but as for this man we don't know where he's from and the man answered he said didn't and I love this translation right now New American Standard This is so powerful I can almost hear him saying it. I mean he's he is he's lower than the low he's a senator from his 1st breath based on their definition no longer they reviling but he says well here verse 30 well here is an amazing thing. You don't know where it's from and yet you open my eyes we know that God doesn't hear sinners but if anyone's god fearing and does His will He hears him. Since the beginning of time it's never been heard that anybody had their eyes open of a person born by if this man were not from God he could do nothing I rest my case and he had surrendered said you were born entirely in sins and you're teaching us get out of here so they put him out. I want you to be that man. I want you to be that poor Wayfaring Stranger because before we meet Jesus every earthly human rip support is going to be removed you know why Same reason Zacharias went 9 months without talking. He needed to discover. That God the Father was the 1st and best one to withhold communion and while he cannot use his lips in his tongue to talk he could commune with the father when we see Jesus coming face to face we will have determined that God was an ever present help in trouble and we didn't even need to be afraid I want you to be this man everybody can a got away from him he's sitting outside the temple. He can see he's followed the impress of the inner witness he knows Jude because he's not resistant to it he's willing to obey it so he can know it. And he's sitting there thinking about what to do next. I made a lot of trouble for my mom and dad today. I can't go home. I made all the Paris he's mad at me will be no Churchill if ever somebody had the weight of the world on their shoulders at the same time they had the joy of a miraculous healing I mean we need to take some time and think about these things don't read the Bible in a hurry slow down to be the one. You call low. And all of a sudden the shadow falls on and he looks up and Jesus says Do you believe in the Son of man. And he's looking into the face of God but he doesn't know me yet. And he says who is the Lord. That I may believe. And she's with us you're looking at him and you're listening to him right now and he slides off that stone ledge and he doesn't care who's watching friends you've got to get to the place where you don't care what everybody else thinks about you and she says. He's been kicked out of the church he was an amusing moment in the dynamics of church and ministration and discipline but I want to tell you while he's kneeling in the dust outside of the temple of that day he does not care his heart has been set free because he's followed the truth and he cannot only see physically he can see spiritually because his heart is open to the lordship of his maker. To be in any other position is the be in the wrong position. To think you're going to get from where you are now to there without paying a little bit of a price socially for all of those who still wear the moniker of heresy and by the way friends give the conservative church a break it doesn't matter whether you're conservative or liberal fair say ism is a function of an established idea which will not change a principle Christianity which it resists. The truth is the same spirit and true Jesus talked about in John chapter 4 and it's calling us today so if you're calling you to stand up for something that's going to make you percent and non-grata go right ahead because it is not God Your money is all figured out now as a way to win you can't buy you can't sell and you can't breathe. This is the advantage of my upbringing very little parental safety net to fall back on. I needed it for ministry when. I almost said I wanted presided over but that's the wrong word. I once was stuck dealing with a horrific interchange member adulterous affair. Actually a coworker and I was the victim of. 2 little kids. That night when they would pray they would pray sorrow for their causative dynamic in the breakup of their mommy and daddy's home he serious is eerily evil one light. Year relationship isn't good it will get better by finding some but he healthy will get better by finding Jesus so you can find a new person in the one you promised to be with. The new couple had redefined everybody's relationship. Through rejection and abandonment. But they thought this will get tough for some of you but they thought they could maintain a normal relationship with everybody else in the church. So they came to church and sat over here on the side about 2 thirds of the way back it wasn't in this church I mean this is really weird. Somehow the wires had gotten so crossed. That they thought they could put everybody through the emotional relational meat grinder and come to church and everybody was just going to be Ok with it. But one day the head elder praise the Lord for these courageous elders. Found them after the service and said you can't come to church like that here are some of your thinking nobody can say that anybody where you're wrong. And some of you of always had a very low level of relational functioning that's based pretty much like the world on feely and anything can go and the main thing is to make sure nobody feels that what I'm here to tell you it's hard to be told your dad is a liar and the devil and not do a little thinking about why it was said so powerfully and pointedly they didn't like it fortunately it was a church that did more than come to church with each other they were quite united not completely. I had somebody up higher than me in the ranks of the Established Church. Who did not understand that it was not their role to get in the way of the local church trying to mete out a parental Grace. Thank you no thank you. There is a moment when you run into the rejection of your family that says the Kellys don't do this or this congregation doesn't stand for this there is a moment when you run into that when there is a chance you might break it off you might have the scales job from your eyes and say oh I'm smashing that little boy's heart oh I'm crushing that mommy's heart oh I'm breaking that Daddy's heart. It's not your job to save anybody from the parental Christ. And it is your job to practice the parental Christ. Now if your relationship is not defined close enough to do it then don't do it. But God forbid that our relationships would always stay so fragile that nobody can ever do it. And when white in our father kills says Jesus would have us understand the love of the Father and he seeks to draw us to him by presenting that his parental Grace. He would have the whole field of our vision filled with the perfection of God's character why did Jesus and the Israelites back into the wilderness for 40 years. Tell me why vindictive arbitrary capricious got no because in that 40 year journey there was still a chance. They might get what 10 plagues a divided Red Sea a cloud by day of fire by night food by morning was water out of a rock there was a chance it was the only way he could see. I want to leave you with 2 things Number one the Bible says in the book of Romans we are not to be conformed to this world. It's time for us to go back to the Scriptures and take our cues from the living Christ. Is back for us the it's for us to go beyond the inventory and the adolescent measure of grace statement of Grace I want to tell you something when Jesus stayed in the game with those fares these long enough for them to hate him and want to pick up the stones and kill him that was an act of grace he was letting them see in their own heart where the fragility of falsehood would leave them destroyed innocent man for doing nothing more than telling you you're wrong that was an act of parental Grace. He followed the loving truth all the way to Guest Seminars. And Peter on the night before he died. Says Jesus you don't know what you're talking about. Jesus didn't Kalar and say I just need somebody to love me. Jesus said No Peter. Before the sun comes up tomorrow morning you're going to know something about yourself you don't know tonight. But remember this. I prayed for you. I never doubted my mother's love why should I doubt God's. And why should allow my relationships with him his people. To remain in a fragile mode we have to share some experiences together we have to share the love of Christ to gether we have to bear the cross admin is shared a special bond. Why do admin to share a special bond. Because Jesus calls them all the way to the cross in every part of their life your eating your entertain your Jessie your talking your time. Everything. That's a special fraternity so as Evan to some backs away from that special fraternity what should you expect you should spec an expected fragility. I can be instantly close with somebody who's made that journey I can barely know them but know them in Christ and they're at home with me and I'm at home with them. The go as they get us all home with our Heavenly Father who Christ chose to represent the parental Christ please I implore you today think about how your relationships are defined. Move from fragility to Fidelity based on a loving truth do not operate from fear operate from love do not reject the impress of the Holy Spirit or the people that love you enough to amplify its voice. Do not replicate in worldliness or conservativeness whatever it might be do not replicate. The experience. Of the leading Jews of Christ day. The love me Peter Yes learn the my sheep the nice Jesus could leave him alone do you love me Peter feed my lambs. Do you love me Peter. You see this gospel of John ends with the parental Christ is he rubbing his face in it I told you so. I see giving them a chance to give back what he lost and to show he now knew him self differently. The Lord you know everything about me we love in the same way a man. Father. Forgive us when by our neglect or apathy we've allowed for Gelati to build into our church family dynamic. Failure to follow you individually and failure to invest in the living stones which you are fitting together you desire to build a household of faith that will be there when our churches are no longer available to us forgive us Lord when into desire to hang on to the favor of man or woman we released our grip on truth and allowed people to slip away into an assured falsehood a path of perdition that will destroy when recovery is almost or absolutely impossible. Save us Lord from the wrong idea and the wrong time in the wrong place of interjecting our ideas or our person may our relationships be defined and in the right definitions in the right time with your spirits leading give us Lord that brotherhood that's closer without blood Good give us that sisterhood that family right May the fathers and mothers in Israel rise up and stand in the strength of Jesus to make the church a bastion a final holdout a fortress of proper relating to each other of true love of security but of commitment to remaining free and not gravitating back to bondage Oh Lord we all want to be loved and accepted May we offer love and acceptance except when acceptance means destruction and then Lord I pray May we have the loving discrimination to declare that there is a path that looks right but the end is death. Oh Lord thank you for loving us like you do. Thank you for the security that comes bring it to all listening to me are as they surrender to your lordship. Not just. Your role of redeeming God is that enhance our Save your church and save others through us I pray in Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse you would like to listen more sermon leave it to w.w.w. audio verse or.


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