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Closing the Back Door - Part 3

Olan Thomas




  • June 19, 2019
    11:45 AM
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Father God you're an awesome God and we just thank you that we have this these few days that we can kind of come apart slow down fellowship and also spend time in your word and also learn some ideas some techniques some suggestions of how we can be even more effective in our witness in the very place where we thank you Lord for your love today in Jesus name Amen All right. So we want to close the back door before there's even one help yourself to know. You will forgive us for leaving the window open there'll be a little distracting noise there but the air outside it's considerably cooler than inside. Yasser. So we talked a little bit about this previously but why do you want people to join your church or what are you looking for we all say we want to grow our church right some of us feel like our church is getting smaller rather than bigger So what is the motivation What's the reason that you want your church to grow and there could be several reasons is it just for the sake of having numbers you know there are more people more fun more activities more more whatever is that really what it's about is it yesterday I think we said it's not about Manvers or numbers it's about discipleship really isn't it more people following Jesus that's really what we want. Or could it be as a way to increase our offering base. You know gets heavy right so if we had more people then the course our load might be a little less that reason enough to want to grow your church. How about this one we're tired of carrying all the load doing all the duties all the cleaning up and that ing up and tearing down and putting away and you know there's a lot that goes to running a program and it's true that sometimes he added 50 people it really wouldn't change the work much right and if you're setting for 30 people that for 60 it's not that much more than have plates go you know whatever. So is that the reason that we want to grow the church so we have to think about this as we think about this so how do we build a church with a guest and member friendly environment and you know what I'm starting on the wrong one here I thought it was about relations talk about that. My bet will be that of our relationship and I tell you a quick story that I just heard over at the display 1977. Lady had lost 4 children or miscarriages Wow even lock them down. 4 miscarriages and so she was really down and out and God letter to watch the it is written program in 1977 we started in $56.00 right 1977 she liked what she heard her husband was a police officer and so he was sleeping and so she said literally I was this close to the television course they were smaller then and not as loud she said I'm this close to the television and I'm watching this thing and at the end she says I'm trying to figure out what church this is she was interested she wanted to know how she could learn more about whatever this guy was talking about and show I could never find any anything other than apparently she responded to the member there's always a book offer or something offered so she responded she read she said I read every one of those things as they every one of them as the king and she said I asked for somebody to come and meet with me and do Bible studies and she said I never got my Bibles and finally this is her story she said one day after several months not an uncommon story by the way after several months this guy shows up at her house and I remember this lady is not as tall as I you know is this tall. And this guy shows up he's 71 That's what she told me savin one and he says I'm here with your bible studies believe it or not she went ahead with whatever she did and since then she's been in rejoicing in the Lord and growing and has served in different capacities and she stood there and said I'm still excited about what I've learned all those years ago and I love to share with other people what do we do to build relationships with people that's the thing people many people by the way especially for our church we understand nobody joins this church or becomes part of this church on a long term basis without Bible study right. I was kind of surprised when I heard that the 1st time either we study the Bible individually we can study in our closet we can study it you know online we can study it through some sort of public meetings we can study but it's Bibles. That that holds people ideologically together this is interest. So today we're going to talk about relationships how do we build those kinds of relationships and as you have your notes it's building a lasting friendships practical ways so there are 7 p.s. we want to look at today 7 pieces and the 1st one is to pray God hears prayer doesn't he and even the Apostle Paul when he wrote to him and he said making mention of the Are you always in my prayers. As things when people. We heard David Shinn there this morning talk about they did a series of meetings and they spent 5 hours every other day praying specifically over the names they had registered and people coming to those meetings you think it made a difference 5 hours it took because there were so many names and so on but try to trying to be specific with each one here's one we pray and we hold up children grandchildren friends relatives in truce. It's amazing what prayer does to transform people's lives notice this one I have prayed for. 22 verse 32 that was Jesus speaking right I have prayed for the with your new friend anyone you're trying to to mentor let's call it we need to pray for them we want them to pray for us to write but if we pray for them what does that do it bonds us together it gives us a compassion a concern a sense of camaraderie a feeling with them and it makes a huge huge difference so the 2nd p. 1st p. is pray and we can't overemphasize that enough we could spend all day on that but moving on to another p. would be person we live in a digital age and it's amazing what we can do digitally right we can do like this I mean I can show you things very easily instead of just telling you things digitally we can do a lot we can communicate we send messages we can Facebook we can you know there are so many ways we can stream the program so people can watch it without being present banking are you doing your banking online now. Tell me why is it now when you go into the bank they are all true friendly if you noticed them you noticed that they may have somebody in a suit and tie just to greet you really at the bank there's something about relationships no matter how much we do digitally we still want relationships at the end of the day we want to talk to. A many times you heard somebody say I called and I could never get a person all kinds of machines all kinds of messages all kinds of push this number push that number. But not a person because you wanted a person you knew a person could help you where the other might not same with us dealing in the church people want to be heard only impact they want a personal relationship now I know some people have more of the gift of hospitality that than others well you know will be from when we can all reach out we can all caucus somebody we can all ask someone why I'm here last asked them something we're going to talk more about some of the specific things that you might use to start a conversation but we can all do something I know out some of us are more gifted than others. So you could so you're meeting let's say you're meeting someone at the at the sanctuary at the church they're coming in and you recognize them as someone that you don't regularly see so you could suggest that you contact them sometime later in the week it's great to have you here I realize you're just new in our community I be happy to meet with you on Tuesday and have lunch What do you think that we're previewing what's what are they going to respond either yes or well no I can't I were them all so what do you do and you have a conversation going and then you say well I could do it Wednesday night of Tuesday morning or whatever you followed I'm saying so you're just trying to interact and you making offers it's easier for them to obviously they can decline your offer but you you try and it makes a big difference. In the book of Acts it's amazing how they prayed together with one accord they agreed and this is what somebody was talking as we began here what prayer meeting should be like you know we should be praying in one accord people were thinking about working or people were contacting we can bring reports I remember I was pasturing in the Williamson church we had a lady coming to church regularly who was new she was somewhat elderly really at the time and I as pastor would bring reports of what I was finding as I tried to visit our members who didn't come to church are people who didn't come to church and I remember this dear lady she would say to me over and over again she would say Pastor I don't get it the feast is here and they don't come for why do you waste your time and energy going to them very valid argument really but my point is our prayer meeting that was small our prayer meeting with a wonderful time for us to encourage and build up and help each other and pray for each other pray for those who needed that prayer so a Time in place where we can meet together those who meet together for prayer someone has written will receive an angst in from the Holy One notices capital h. that's the Holy Spirit there is great need for secret prayer but then skipping down a sense that it are 2 it says but there is also need for several Christians to meet to gather and unite with earnestness their petitions to God There's something about praying together. For a common objective that Moses the gates of heaven we can't explain it but somehow God honors that kind of commitment just that we take the time we put the energy in the thought and it makes a difference person we're talking about dealing with people how do we recognize them and remember them so in your notes I think you have this the act or map for prayer. This is not an outline of how one should pray this is just an idea an acronym that you can you as a way to bring variety to your prayer and meaning perhaps So every prayer should have some adoration in it right God is an awesome God you might have a try closing this again. If you read the Psalms you read some of the Old Testament writings of course. There's a lot of adoration in the Bible isn't there a lot of adoration in the Bible and so we can use that or we can of course create our own. In the worship service those who of you who have prayers in the worship service should be at a ration in those prayers to write why should it be different this is our corporate where ship bring in adoration we the God we serve is an awesome powerful. And let us not hesitate to remind ourselves. It's meaningful and then of course we can move to confession we need confession. We are all faulty our way where we're fully trusting that's that's our call waiting is to be fully submitted and committed to God but we stumble and we fall we have a human nature and so a confession is important you can read the prayers of kings in the Old Testament they confess the sins of their people even though they may have been excellent leaders they still were able and willing to confess on behalf of their people not of course the 3rd one is Thanksgiving and unfortunately this one we tend to be short often on right thank you for and we go right on and we often don't give much thought but we need to be giving a lot of thanks. Adoration and Thanksgiving probably are the 2 where we tend to be a little bit. Frugal. Rather than generous Thanksgiving we have so much to be grateful or right if you don't think so I would invite you to come with me to Madagascar or some other developing country amazing amazing. Tell you my story about prosperity what we have I came back from overseas to the Charlotte you know it was the St John's Church and it was in the fall of summer fall we did Community Services who best get things right for the those who needed it working with the community services later that we divvied it up you know larger family smaller families whatever and each family and then the community services leader says to me the new pastor recently returned from Madagascar now she said I will go and call and and they will come and get it 2 things wrong with that what is it how would you call them these are poor people poor people have a phone they will calm poor people they will come they have a vehicle or the capacity to come up with means that poor people my wife still has the shirt our daughter's name is Sharifa she was a little thing then Lady bag or one of Sheree says dresses and my wife said I'll give you a dress on the condition that you give me your daughter's dress. But we still have the daughters. We've never washed because if we did there probably be nothing because she had only one draft some time ago a girl she had only one dress she wore it day and night and when you wear your clothes at night you wear the shoulders right. You we have anything to be thankful for I mean you had lunch today did you worry about whether you'd be able to have lunch today do you have to go fishing or go searching out in the woods here somewhere to find something to be you have much to be thankful for. But for the grace of God We've been born there right we've had that same circumstance so Thanksgiving let's be generous with it as we deal with people and you know when we rejoice to gather somehow that in and of itself poles us together we complain together what does that do it separates us doesn't it nobody likes planers but everybody likes happy rejoicing you know grateful people we love being around those kind of the people who are just happy to be alive happy for what God has done for some people you ask them how they are what's their response well many hours do you have to listen. I have this and I have this happen to me other people how are you oh god is so good I I'm really blessed and then you find out more they have aches and pains and they have children who have problems and they have financial issues and they have what they didn't tell you that. Is there a difference which people do you want to be around so Thanksgiving is a major thing and then of course there's room for us to ask God We heard that powerfully this morning you know last night it was Pastor Finley preached about asking God wants to do amazing things right God wants to do amazing things for us so we can ask what we need to make sure that we're not asking for ourselves right. Will take care of us if we ask for other people if we try to help others there are times to ask for our own needs of course but largely If we focus on how can we be an instrument a conduit to help or bless someone else God will certainly provide those things warranty. So it's an easy acronym x. a c.. So you have adoration and passion Thanksgiving and supplication Somebody here said you you seen this before course and most of us probably have but it's a good thing to remember in this sense of sharing with people now here's a little caution. Be careful not to push new people too fast now all of us have have been studying our Bible we've been growing we've been learning certain things but not everybody is at that same point right in so be careful with people who are new in their love for the Lord take them carefully take them slowly. Let them grow let them a tour. We've all dealt with children every one of us probably in this room has dealt with children at some point some level we don't hasten their growth we were always excited when they grow right but we're patient with them they don't talk right away they can even make noises that hurt but we're patient with them let that happen in your church grow to let those people come in and and the babies let's call it that and then let them grow the Bible even talks about that you know there's nourishment for the new people that others might be ready for more but we have to be careful with those new people so the careful not to go too fast don't push people. Be careful of your conversation that lunch time out let them do a lot of the talk don't try to teach them everything you've ever learned in your 50 years walking with the Lord you're not ready for that you're still getting started getting a little traction. Oh we could go there. It sure sure. All churches have issues write something somewhere little dirty laundry. God's working with us Pastor Bradshaw will say to you. Of course no Church is perfect number one right but number 2 even if it was please don't join because then it wouldn't be. So we're all growing we're growing so here's the point you were bringing up. It's easy sometimes to share material that is controversy 0 in some way or another. Or maybe a time and place for that but be careful with people who are just getting started that could turn them away instead of turning them forward. Any of us who've done sales we understand how carefully you have to lead people through the decision process give them time give them information what appropriate information they ask questions you try to answer those questions but not create more problems in the answer and so that's what you're doing here you're protecting them their influence you don't give influence orange juice right it's good you drink it but the infant can't write same thing here it's good stuff perhaps but it may not be the right so we have to be very very prayerful and careful about that and they put it here in this way don't be found doing the work of the enemy and we're just talking about that going too fast talking about criticism negative things or things that create disunity or disharmony instead of arming we want to. Things together instead of pushing them apart all right. Next p. is phoned. Everybody today it seems has a farm I think I met one person over here that says they only have a landline is that amazing. I haven't even had the landline for a while but everybody has a phone and most of us don't mind texting anybody here that doesn't text at all not at all really really and you have children I'm amazed Melissa. Yeah well. I started texting because my kid said I had to you know I'm saying in order if you're going to communicate. So anyway you can still use it as a phone right it's a computer but it still does work as a farm and so you can call them. People and so you know you can pray over the phone if you're thought of that. Done it so you can call this person and say hey what if we would meet. For example my wife has an appointment on Wednesday to talk to a certain person. They missed it today they both had things it in but not a problem missed but the point is it gives you a reason to connect reason to connect reason the talk that person or you can text them if they text and of course you can ask them. Yes exactly so. It's trying people air but it will go both ways so it's hard to say but the point is use the phone as a wait did you once they say. Yes. My daughter for quite a period of time somehow she's kind of gotten away from it at this moment but about once a week she would send a little tax I don't know who all she was sending it to and that's Ok Is there anything I could pray for you today anything I could pray about for you today that touches your heart simple as that see these are things that we just have to think about and of course we have to develop some sort of relationship with that person who have their number but once we've developed a little bit of relationship to where we're trying to make that appointment for launch or whatever we're going to get there number and little by little we can have these different ways to communicate with them and of course voicemail still works especially on most of the cell phones you can leave a message that way. You can share with them some little thing. I played for you the every word yesterday that's just a little one minute thing you can send them a link for something like that hey here's an encouraging thought I heard this morning. You might like so there's lots of ways that you can use the following as a way to encourage and I know some churches are using something like one call there are other methods where they have a whole church directory and they can send everyone a message at the same time that's great that's great I think I mentioned yesterday one pastor sends an e-mail. I think there's a system called One call you can put as many numbers into it or up to a certain number of numbers into it the message goes to all those people is it a phone call or just a tax. Actually a phone message. E-mail that's another whole way you can communicate with people that may have e-mail museum mail a lot send them an e-mail tell them whatever you want to tell us that you love them you're thinking about them or you didn't see them last Sabbath like to see him this you know whatever it is. A little ways of keeping in touch there is one text them a scripture passes that you were blessed by a little thing but you thought of them see that's the big issue it's not so much even what you say as that you thought of them you remembered them you noticed. Mentioned yesterday you know every once in a while I hear from my church and they know where I am and what I'm doing but it's still encouraging and now that somebody's recognize that I'm not there so important stuff then this one is play another piece play so there are different ways that we can socialize we've talked a little bit about the after service luncheon. That's a great way to be together that of course some churches have like what they call a fellowship committee or a social committee. It's interesting the particular church I'm in they have trouble finding a social committee leader that's going to surprising but it's true. I don't know why that's true but. You know it's all so playing together finding different ways doing little social activities we mentioned the other day doing something in the afternoon with people going out of doors. People have times they want to do something and if they're going to be party your church they might as well be friends with people within your church congregation Otherwise we just go our separate ways. Caroline Walter here you know you do a lot of music in your church right so that's something that holds them together by the way Walt here is from Lansing he plays the bagpipes so you need some time we could hear him play I was thinking about that I should of had you bring your bag. Could have played for us today. So Carolyn I should introduce is our neighbor. Yes Carolyn was our neighbor when we lived in Lang's burg Michigan and we've kept up all these years and so you came up with well they're from the Methodist Church in downtown Lancy they came up special to see us and to be here today so we're glad to have them give them a special welcome so how can you socialize What are some of the ideas that you have what are some of the things you could do just to be friendly Here's a thought about camping you know if you like camping. Or you have to ask them force if they like or do such a thing some of you who are older probably saying no no no that's not me that's fine but for those who can. Our youngest son now and his wife they have an 8 week old baby but they like camping so much they're talking about camping. With the baby of course you know leave the baby at home yeah stardom you know that's it on fire or a way. Like games most people like to play games so it doesn't take a lot of work to put together some social things we can do him at our house we can do him at the church we can do at school we can do it wherever doesn't really matter but to think about here's a single person. What would they be interested and what might they be interested in course we talked about that a little bit the other day and we have to be careful the man woman situation we don't want to create problems but if we can find a way to incorporate those people in the right groups we can strengthen the bonds and we can find their skills we can happen to those who help to build and strengthen and grow Archer yet when you. Haven't won oh it is my new owner. Or if. You don't see that area. It's probably more that people just don't invite people much any. Less ask here. You know. That's true you know how many people here live if you don't mind how many people here have had someone to your house in the last month somebody that. You wonderful wonderful So this is an important thing you know this hospitality how we know people when we fellowship when we share when we socialize in that way it raises the bar we know people in a whole different way. I know Carolyn pretty well for example she's come all the way to Florida to visit us and spend time at our home and so on so yes that's true so you know we get to know I can give it to you. We haven't opened that one by the way. On air b.n. b. no. So here's a suggestion if they're not into camping in a physical activities you could invite them to dinner out to dinner or your house or but really it's true it's true anyone likes to eat right and so if you can find the right thing that we have to eat that's true so eating of course is an obvious fellowship association I don't know if it's play but it gets close to that. Spending time together that's what we're really talking about today building relationships. And then of course you can talk when you do these things right you can talk and tell your story and ask their story and you you find those places of intersection where they're so experience their pathway may be similar to your pathway and the bonds become stronger and stronger and therefore harder and harder to break right are harder to break how about this one the pan the pen is mightier than the sword we talked about following a moment ago but now the pan. Now use much is that everything is preprinted and provided when was the last time you got a letter from someone just because just because we shake our head you know and I'm not accusing anybody I haven't written those letters in a while either but how much would just a no or a letter or something a postcard or whatever to someone what would it say. Volumes something besides just me I T's my wife all the time the male is calm and somebody needs to go get an Ok but why it's just young men right. Maybe a bill mostly no junk mail. But if something came from somebody by you open that in a hurry right now. And look at her smile as she tells a story and say So this new person at church if they got a note now they may expect it from the pastor you know or something formal from the Church thank you for being in our church today it was so wonderful to have you. That's great that's great probably should be done but imagine if they got it from Cindy that they had lunch with at the Fellowship. Now it's different because they have a whole different bond with Cindy than they do even with the pastor or whomever the greeter was or whomever. So here are some ideas you know you can send cards for occasions. Birthdays of course is an obvious one but any time is a good time. Kids' parents birthdays anniversaries or obvious graduations funerals holidays we might think of any of those but what about in addition to that or outside of that there's no reason not know any time. Oh how very nice very go great idea. Write that one down write that one down church sending Valentine cards on Valentine's Day to a single widow widowers. Great idea great idea. So there are lots of ideas that we can come up with right if we think about it again we just have to be creative and think about it these things just happenings happen life happens in our churches and we don't focus on what we can do and it costs almost nothing except a moment of time and that's what people want right is to know that somebody gave them a moment of time they remembered thought about they prayed for them whatever it may be then we go to the personal computer the p.c. another p.. Of course sharing digital media there's all kinds of things you know you watch a movie or a video or a short program or something on Facebook you can share that with people and the fact that you thought of me when you saw the program says to me that I may not appreciate that the way you did but at least you thought of me somebody thought of me and that in and of itself of course is is really the message here obviously I may appreciate that message I may grow from it. So the Internet can be a great way of connecting we mentioned email course mass e-mails are one thing but again a personal e-mail address to somebody you're thinking of gives a whole different message the pan in the email or about the same probably in today's world right. Ours impact nice thing about the and written. Penciled note is that people keep it lying around right put in a basket or somewhere on the fridge they have it for a period of time or the e-mail they kind I wish one of the next 50 but still it's something it needs to be done it can be done and it's powerful in the effect. All right how about this one. Anybody here not on Facebook Ok we've got oh we have several. That's where I am I'm on Facebook but about it. But a lot of people are specially of course the younger generation generally speaking and so it's a fantastic way to share messages sometimes and of course there is Facebook messenger that's private so you can send a message privately not everybody's having to see that message right so depending on what you're wanting to share or say you can do it but typically to a person they're the only one sees. That's another thing you things to remember. Respect their privacy in opinion we're talking about a new people we're trying to keep people build relationships that are meaningful. And here comes the balance now how do we respect people's opinions and their privacy and yet be their friend and try to help them that's where we have to pray a lot right because sometimes we have to just kind of bite our comment say well. I don't agree that's all right we can still be friends right doesn't have to be very rude to me. Yes agree to disagree we may be wrong actually even though we think we're right they may be right and we are wrong so let's not be too hard with our opinion we all love the lore we want to follow him we're seeking to know him better that's what unite that's what's growing our church that's with growing up as groups and we agree on that right. I remember when I was pastoring counseling a lady she was asking about a very specific the illogical issue and we discussed it and I think she agreed with the way I agreed way I saw it I mean and but at the end I said to her not the throughout. We may be wrong we may both be wrong the truth may actually be true the Bible the Scriptural teaching may actually be somewhere. But we can still be friends we can still work together we can still be one in Christ we can still grow and continue to grow together right don't let this thing even if whatever don't let this thing separate us and to my knowledge she still hanging in there and I am to know it's a good message for most of us right it's so easy for us to let little things separate us oh she doesn't Our he doesn't and so that becomes a wedge a barrier that a saying Well of course he does nobody sees things the way I do my way is always the right way that we all know that way you guys don't agree on or stand you you know and so we resist build a barrier but if we can think we're in love with Jesus weeks of Midan committed our life to him where wanting to follow his path and his way we want to be saved in his kingdom they want that just as much as I want even though they see things whatever this is we're focusing on they see it differently Alternately we want the same thing right so why should we and there are many illustrations of that in Jesus' life here on Earth right I brought him the woman caught in adultery I've often said of course I should have brought him to people not one. But. Jesus had a lot of things he could have focused on to send to the people get her out of here get him out of here you know let's be through with this but he didn't instead he tried to heal her spiritually speaking right tried to put her back together at the same time he tried to put everybody back together he tried to help those that had brought her to see what their problems were so that he could come and find the healing that she was experiencing amazing story real but how do we deal with differences Jesus had there a perfect example of how he could have related to that situation differently but instead he tried to fix it he tried to heal tried to acquire compassion and love and sympathy and healing so at this one attempting to correct somebody via the Internet. If it's on the Internet it's true. You can find almost anything on the Internet right yes no yes black white yellow green anything on the internet and no matter what it is you can find opposite or opposing views seems like almost without exception so don't use the Internet much very carefully as a way to persuade someone to whatever. Remember they're still growing we've talked about that. So I guess it comes to your church there's a potluck Sabbath it's announced from the front I'm the visitor the luck is announced from the front and I'm speaking from experience am I going to go to that if no person asked me to come the answer is No I will not. If no person invites me to come I'll not come even though it was announced from the from everybody is welcome our guests are all welcome off I'm welcome and somebody should tell me so right when Joe a great. Right yes there you are can you possibly stay I'd be happy to come and meet with you more right across there and I'm headed there now you know. I can't say that but you can as powerful I know I made extra dishes I was thinking of you and when I prepared this and you somebody like you would be your calm you know very very good. Now. But she said something to the visitors go through 1st that's fine but she said there's a member with them usually we send the guests through 1st alone now the guests go in they sit together we can't sit I mean if they sit together we can't see even sit with them now because they're together so it's really better to find a way that somebody is with each of those it's good to let them go 1st but we need somebody to be with them to sit with them to eat with them to get to know them to Jeff so do you invite personally people to that fellowship me a one way or another. Good point take advantage she said of inviting people to other events that the church is planning So this event this meeting is over but on Wednesday night we're doing this on Friday night there will be this you know whatever day and invite them make sure they feel invited to a specific event very very good very good. Yeah this is good to invite them to stay for lunch when they 1st enter the church in other words you're thinking about them right from the beginning they are gas they need to be staying so invite them right away. And this suggests that you know if you've made some kind that action with that person when the worship hours over try to get with them so to speak lead them by the hand to. Have a meal that way you're with them you're chatting you're they're connected already and they feel comfortable because they have a friend everybody likes a friend. Yeah. Good. That's the challenge of the big Sure. Most of us here probably aren't part of a big church but that is the challenge of the big and it's a real challenge real challenge because you know people come to big churches for many reasons they're not necessarily wanting to become part of you know obviously you have those who are many people are passing through there for some event they're there for a training or a seminar whatever and they're just there for church but those may be the very people that need a lunch you know because they have no place to go. So that's a real challenge for the big has to be really studied I don't have many suggestions but most of us are in fairly small churches where that's not a major. That's right. I have to do that in my church you know I travel so much that so I'll say to people you know I don't remember seeing your before you've probably been here more than I have but we'll start a conversation. That's really my true so how to start a conversation talk about something that's going on today trying to get them started you can ask them something about what they do I usually just say to them what keeps you busy when you're here. They'll say whatever you know periods or whatever it is and you started a place there from Mary family. Going somewhere working on a degree you know what are they doing what's a. Another way of course interests hobbies what do you like to do. If we could do something this afternoon what kind of things do you like to do and then you can adapt that to whatever you have to offer maybe current events obviously stay away from politics if you want to suggestion but other current events you could talk about quite comfortably perhaps. And then of course you can you can tell who is it. You know the weather's a great lawn. That's a cultural thing we talked about Moby yesterday in Madagascar you wouldn't talk about the weather what would you talk about family family and by the way in that culture it's very polite to ask a gentleman about his wife here that's you've got to be careful there it's very polite to ask the gentleman So how is your wife because health is a major issue it's not to be assumed that somebody is well and so you ask how's the wife how's the kids everybody well that's the conversation starter they're not the weather because the weather there is like it was yesterday and like it was the day before her. How are you today how's the wife the children you know then course you're on your way so whatever it is all right share about yourself yes you want to tell him something about yourself. My wife's away today you know whatever 3 kids or whatever. By the way some of us choose not to wear wedding then and that may be an issue for some people and working with people whatever it doesn't have to be make it very simple if you're married it's very easy to just say something about your spouse and it's all over. If you're not then of course deal with however you choose you with but for those that are married. That works that way my wife was just at the door by the way. Forte you're familiar with this one I'm sure family occupation religion and your testimony why you love or why you're following him relationships very little happens in this world without relationship think about it how do you get your job usually it's on relationship networking we call it a day relationship. In the church probably don't focus as much as we should relationship building relationships between us. This thing of fellowship thing of finding ways to. In our churches is tremendously important God will bless us as we put effort into because we do each other even to the point of saying we should have accountability. You know what I mean by that rate thing you can make it happen in your relationship let's Father God thank You that you made us social beings you made us to need one another so afternoon we've talked about a few practical ways that we can strengthen relationships help us as we try to acquire these things in our everyday life in our families but especially as we focus on our church family give us wisdom give us grace give us love for those who may not be so much we crave Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio for years or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave visit w w w dot Adil 1st dot org.


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