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Closing the Back Door - Part 4

Olan Thomas




  • June 20, 2019
    8:45 AM
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Our Father in our God This afternoon we want to talk about the gospel and how the Gospel is really the glue as well as the motivation for us to be faithful and diligent and energetic and excited about what we do for you thank you Lord for your love hasten your coming we pray in Jesus' name amen. So we want to close the back door before there really is a back door right so what how does that work in an Adventist Church we start with a little story so I was in Sabbath school just a few weeks ago and the Sabbath school teacher unfortunately for whatever reason was delayed or didn't show up and so the pastor no you know no criticism there the person teaching the class said to the class as I will say to you so are we Adventists the only ones who will be saved in God's kingdom. Correct answer is. No But is that the only question because the subsequent or the follow up question is then why are we here so being brave a little bit I said after they went on from that I said but then then then why are we here because the Sunday church tomorrow morning is going to say the very same thing God is love we love God we're all you know made in His image he wants us to be as children we can be sternly saved in his kingdom therefore So why are we here that's what we want to look at today why do you want to grow your church as a 7th Day Adventist what is unique that holds us together as a people it's the gospel but there's some specific aspects and that's a word we don't use very often anymore right the truth but is there truth and of course there is so let's look at this closing the back door. So we started on some of this yesterday why do we want people to join our church just so we can have a bigger church you know just so we can say we have the largest church in town or the medium sized church in town or whatever it is no we grow we want our church to grow for much better reasons we want to grow our church just to increase our tithe base that would be nice more people more money we can do more things we can reach more people right Scott of a cycle that we have. How about this one are you tired of all the work you'd like somebody you could give your duties to so they can do the work or some of the work of course that a reason to grow your church now think about it if these were your reasons how motivating really is that. To share the love of Jesus with someone how motivating is but their arguments aren't they. They're losing a human. So we want to talk about building this guest and member friendly environment how do we keep people in this church why are we excited let's look at this. Even this we often don't use in our churches anymore but we do have in our baptismal vows and if you were given a baptism most certificate it's probably printed on their baptism all vow number 13 do you believe that the 7th Day Adventist Church that the 7th Day Adventist Church is the remnant church of Bible prophecy referring to Revelation 1217 and of course you know what Revelation 1217 says right. Here are the people who keep the commandments of God and have the. Faith of Jesus or the testimony of Jesus yes. I'm sorry I want to skip one tonite. So do you believe that and that people of every nation race and language are invited to accept to be accepted into this fellowshipped and the last part is do you wish to be a member of this local congregation of the worldwide church now there are several aspects here that are very very important number one we're not just inviting them to join a local church now our church business of course happens on the local church level right no one is accepted into membership or disfellowshipped or accepted out of membership other than Athel local church with the small exception of what's called the conference church but it's kind of an aside a local church is the one element of our denominational organization where the church is built right so going back now to the 1st part of the baptism all vow it says that this is the church the remnant church the. Some would say True Church the Church of Bible prophecy that makes us unique that makes us unique and that makes the Gospel that we teach quite different than the Gospel you're going to find in the church next door on Sunday morning very very different so that's what we want to kind of look at and unpack a little bit together this morning so what is the gospel commission. What does it say repeat it with me there Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age now let me show you something here I don't know I guess we can read this so let's start at the bottom this is a Barna Research study the question is do church goers this is generally speaking recognized the great the great commission among other verses the Gospel commission the Great Commission notice 2 percent of them said give back to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God What is God's they thought that was the gospel commission the Gospel commission to those to 2 percent of the people's about money whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves take up their cross and follow me Mark 8345 percent thought that was the gospel commission 8 percent thought I am the Way the Truth and the Life no one comes to the Father except through me 8 percent thought that was the gospel commission and then 16 percent thought love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind this is the 1st and great commandment and the 2nd is like 2 it love your neighbor as yourself good Commandments right but not the great commission that's 16 percent so 37 percent one in 3 people walking down the street could even identify the Gospel commission look at that pretty amazing Christian people only one in 3 could actually identify what the Gospel commission is. And of course we're trying to share today that the Gospel commission we want to inspire you with is more than just. Simple you know your god loves me i love you and of story kind of thing but then here is the real sad part not sure if any of those passages of the great commission one 3rd of people that's how much people know of their Bible would we do better hopefully yes hopefully now look at this one now this is churchgoers have you heard of the great gospel commission look at this 51 percent of who I was is not Adventists right of course we can take kind of patter sells on the back and this is not Adventists but 51 percent say they have never even heard of the great gospel commission by the way you know historically it took us a while us as an Adventist organization to get started to really understand how our mission was to reach the whole world not just to reach those here in Michigan actually New York in a few places. 25 percent yes but I can't recall the exact meaning so if the one plus $25.00 were 76 percent of people now don't even couldn't even identify what the Great Commission is and then 17 percent said yes and it is I could explain to you I could tell you what the Gospel commission is what would happen in your church if you asked people this do you think it would be better than this I hope so this gospel of the kingdom shall be carried to. All the world. As a witness and then the end shall come we share with you a couple of statements from review and herald we are now living in the closing scenes of this world's history let men tremble with the sense of responsibility of knowing the truth what does this mean let men and women Trumbo all with a sense of knowing the truth you see this is what's different about 7th Day Adventist Christians and the the mission the job that we've accepted you see it's not the only Adventists will be saved but Adventists have been coming and assigned accepted and assigned a specific job what is that job this gospel of the kingdom shall be carried to all the world and then the end shall come the 3 angels messages it's our mission this is what we do this is what makes us one of the things that makes us different so if you go down and join I lived in the East for quite a while in the Congregational Church anybody or from the east Congregational Church is our big thing right each will or Baptist is the same when I was a literature evangelist I would talk to people Baptists and others and I would say so you were on vacation did you go to church on vacation and you know what the answer was. How would I know that the church I go to believes what I believe. Now I know in Adventism that can happen too but generally speaking if you are traveling somewhere and you go into an administration you're going to find a body of believers who accepted baptism of on number 13 and they are trying to share the gospel commission right they share your major religious beliefs and so this statement is saying that we should Trumbull all with a sense of responsibility as Pastor Bradshaw said last night approximately 10000000 people in this state why are we going to do how do we what are you know 40000 in Michigan I've been gone a long time I don't remember anymore 36 thank you how are we 36000 people going to reach the 10000000 we should Tramadol with this responsibility it's a responsibility and as we look at church growth in that sense it kind of changes things we're no longer about the fellowship dinners that we talked about yesterday other than using those as an evangelistic vehicle to bring people closer to G.'s to see them all to many saved in his kingdom to be able to share this message with them continuing the ends of the world are calm proper consideration of these things will lead all to make an entire consecration of all that they have and are to their god. My wife and I've been traveling a little bit we were a Pennsylvania camp meeting before being here and we had to drive because she's recovering from multiple myeloma and so we've been listening to pathways of the pioneers if you've not listened to those recently I recommend them those people knew how to live by faith. You know the preachers talk about Alan White James White others they'd be invited to go and speak they'd accept the invitation but they didn't have the 1st dollar towards paying their way to go and do it amazing. Ellen White and James White for quite a number of years for quite a number of years lived with other people they didn't have the finances the even have their own place do we tremble and are we making an entire consecration of all that we have to reach the 10000000 people in Michigan and of course if we reach those then of course our mission expands right so all of North America and of course ultimately the world the ends of the world are come the weighty obligation of warning a world of it's coming doom is upon us from every direction far and near calls are coming for help is that true absolutely calls to you cause to me not financial only what can we do how can we use our talents What skills do I have that I can use or you can use to impact people for the Kingdom one more the church devotedly consecrated to the work is to carry the message to the world course that's your town your state our country and the world carry the message of the world come to the Gospel feast the supper is prepared come and then she says crowns immortal crowns are to be won the kingdom of heaven is to be gained a world perishing in sin is to be enlightened and then of course the last pearl is to be found the lost sheep is to be brought back to the safety of the fold who will join in the search. Lost Sheep lost Pearl valuable things by the way if you study those those chapters it's look 17 isn't it there is no czar of the last. 15 thank you there is no. There is no reference to failure in every case the last is found the pearl is found the ship is found and the woman who had to sweep and clean and find the coins the coins were found in every case the last is found so the point is God seems to promise. Promise assure us of success if will engage in the Gospel commission we have to understand it anough to be excited about it for it to motivate us to most of us from where we are to where we need to be I have my friends here yesterday some of you that were here from the Methodist church and I know nothing about that congregation other than what they have told me their church is in decline this is the large church in downtown Lansing if any of you are from Lansing. There are churches when doing for example the Carol and she likes to sing in the choir and she was talking about how the choir stays on the platform during the sermon the presentation and I said from the way you've described your church are you saying there are more people on the platform perhaps some times than there are actually in the congregation and she said yes. We're talking about the big Methodist Church in downtown Lansing not very far from our conference office now. That can happen to our church and to be truthful with you from talking to her they have no clue how to turn that around not a clue if you were in charge of the Methodist church what would you do to build attendance at the mouth of history if. You're just competing with the churches up and down the street right but we have a message to tell to the nations we have something special and unique to share with them there's a reason for people to come and be part of your congregation things are happening there your church is following the Word of God right so you have something you can point to and say here's the reason you should come and be part of our church instead of part of their church I'm not trying to pit churches together but I'm trying to help us understand we have a precious treasure we have a precious treasure we've accepted that perhaps if we have then we have a responsibility to those around us to do what ever we can to invest our time energy and talents to help to advance that that commission because all only than we heard so eloquently last night the sermon about the soon coming of Jesus only then can Jesus come right he's waiting for somebody else to respond maybe it's one of us here today he's waiting for somebody else to respond otherwise he would come right if there was no more work to be done he would come that's clear and we've been told that that he didn't come sooner for those reasons the last pearl can be found it needs to be found a lost sheep needs to be brought back to the full and who will join who of us will join in that effort. Who will bear to the light to those who are wandering in the darkness of error as a people we greatly need to humble our hearts before God pleading for his forgiveness for our neglect to fulfill the Gospel commission Bester Bradshaw's and hear Sawtelle one of his little things you'll probably hear in one of his sermons I don't remember his quote exactly but he said someone said to him recently how much do you have to not love someone to not share with them what you know. You believe based on what we've looked at here this morning you believe that you have the message of salvation not just enough to get people in but to prepare them to live for eternity in heaven right we don't want to just slip in the door we want to stand tall when we get there we want to be in every way we can God's matured children as much as we can and so how much do you have to not love someone to not tell them do not share with them you'll probably hear him preach it you'll do better than I just but it's an interesting thought you know we don't usually think of it that way we're so we're so involved in our own things we need to plead God's forgiveness for our neglect to fulfill the Gospel commission we have made large centers in a few places leaving on work to many important cities let us now take up the work appointed us and proclaim the message. We have a message to tell to the nation right we used to sing it frequently we've a message to tell to the nations that will turn their hearts to the right we need to be about God's work let us take up the work appointed us and proclaim the message that is to arouse men and women to a sense of their danger now if every 7th day adventist had done the work laid upon him the number of believers would be much larger than it now is or than it is. Is that true. That your all. May God help us that's our petition this afternoon may we get the vision of what God wants to do through a group of people who are submits and committed 100 percent to him whatever it may be so if we who are here today were a church a congregation if we those of us who are here today if we focused on this mission so this was the thing that motivated us the thing that brings us together on Sabbath morning to discuss to pray to find ways to accomplish this Gospel Mission what can we do. Twice this many by next year. So this is the challenge can you take this home can you take this this enthusiasm that you're experiencing here at Michigan camp maybe and take that home and be perhaps a committee of one just start a revival in your local church to start redirecting if that needs to be redirecting the energies of your local church to where you focus on the thing that's important the Phang that will ultimately make the great difference why are we here to share message obviously we need to understand the message to be able to share no one is disagreeing with that but we don't exist for the purpose of fellowship we don't exist for the purpose of recreation we don't exist for the purpose of entertainment we exist to prepare people to seek and to save that which was lost to find that pearl of great price to find that sheep that has wandered away yes sister. It's a good thing it's a good thing to talk to your husband. Oh I'm sorry I'm sorry. That he is not. Well he was in some. Way years ago. But. You know you're gay yesterday she seen yet. She's about 18 years old he. Just. Says I don't. Know. I read. Downtown restaurant was. Crazy about. You know. Now. I look. Well. I'm going to meet again. So what do you. Want. Praise the large not there is. No one. That's work. Right there was a young man. And I was asked. What. Really. Well. Well. You know I was. Not hurt. By. You you know I was here. Jealousy just. Now. From a family. Here. And that's what we've been talking about here this week by the way let me recap our story so far 1st story was her husband who is not a committed some Devon is Christian obviously God's doing something in his life but he gave a book to a woman a great controversy book to a woman she of course didn't read it apparently the time but then sometime later if I understood she finds the book laying out no one she enters and how it got there but she read it she likes it she wants more of those books to share with friends and family after attending an administration or 2 and sort of experiences there now we're talking about a person or camp meeting that came here just because God brought them here and they're finding a Bible study here. Let. Me tell you a story a pick up over the book this lady this is several years ago quite a number of years ago this lady worked as a nurse and she worked with another nurse lady who was married to an advantage pastor so that Pastor gentleman got assigned and that happens once in a while right. And so the nurse wife was having to say goodbye to her friends and somehow. In the whole process she said some things that this nurse friend was kind of impressed with in a positive way but of course she knew nothing about anything and time passed and one day after work she went home she flipped on the t.v. and she saw it is written and she responded for the offer was in 1988 Georgia Vandeman program she responded to the offer and asked for bible studies somebody came and did Bible studies with her and when they came she said the way it happened they came in the husband was in the backyard doing whatever and there was 2 people who came good idea by the way we talked about that yesterday boys 2 by 2 as you care. To 2 people came in they were talking to the husband and she came home and so they introduced themselves to her and told her why they were there and she said I have one question for you what church are you with how do you answer the question the training is of course you don't you try not to tell right but she said they told her of course they were with the administrators she's that's great that's the only church I want to study with and so she studied and became a 7th heaven is Chip Christian she's still happily doing I think it took her husband 12 years or something she told me if I remember correctly so patients have patients the point is if we really did accept baptism of our number 13 and if we really are excited about the Gospel commission then we have a story to tell to the nations if we get focused on that as a church. Our board meetings will begin to transition as we talked about a little bit yesterday our whole churches focus we won't be so focused on what people look like talking about the gentleman coming to church new we will be focused on some little thing people say on whether they bring the fish dish or not you know we can we can get over those things because it's people that were about right it's people that were about and so we we've got to learn to get along they all know we are Christians by our love and where love gets tested is where in our family and in our church there are people in the church that are just difficult to live with her I mean that in the sense of dealing with right now maybe God put them there so we can learn to love learn to be patient learn to be tolerant learn to focus on one thing an amazing thing so let's move on here. You're all familiar I think in Michigan with the evangelism cycle right very important that you understand that evangelism is not an event it's a cycle it's something that we as churches should be just doing consistently Yes we do events that's part of the cycle but we're moving continuously towards an objective in that is building our church congregation So 1st we prepare the soil that can be many many things I think there's some things in your notes for that you know there are all kinds of events you can do smoking cessation events depression seminars stress them in ours all kinds of things. And let me say something here when we do let's say the pastor does those things. Do we come out and support why is it important for us to come out and support I don't need to stop smoking I mean maybe I didn't need to tell you that but. We come because we need to get acquainted with those people right Pastor can't can't be friend all of them but we can so we come so we can get acquainted with these people that are coming and then when the next thing is happening we call up our friend say hey I haven't seen you in a while we've got this going on a church has got Michael Bennett is coming to sing or whatever it is would you like to come here I can even come pick you up we can go together it's your friend and so they come to the concert and then there's the cooking school so you bring them or you meet them at the cooking school your relationship is building and then at some point somebody says to them hey did you ever think would you want to study the Bible and they will say I've been waiting for you then ask what took you so long maybe. But that's preparing the soil sowing the seed that's easy for a lot of us you know we don't mind telling people where they should start and stop but but we do need to sow the seed at some point we need to share and there are many ways we can do that share with them watch it is written television a lady was just at the booth before I came here and she said what interesting person she would ask this of she said what media Jen I recommend to my family friends who are just starting to learn about God. What you've come to the right place is that's what it is written is all about we're not Adventist television I need to make that clear this is television designed to help people along the way to give them the information to draw them in and then little by little they'll learn what they need to learn and ultimately knock on your door if you haven't gotten to them 1st Shame on you. So we sow the seed and then of course we call today and this is all part of that friendship thing part of the more meetings part of the Bringing Them Back Of course we all want to harvest right it's all about the harvest we do meetings we always want to know what's the number at the right the number well and then of course we preserve the harvest evangelism cycle so once we've gone through the cycle here it's all broken out more like some of that's in your notes if you have those David Hartman has a book out you could find winning ways to witness and on page 64 it has these methods of of talking to people are dealing with people are witnessing and interesting he lists 1st intercession intercession What does that mean Ellen White talks about and maybe you've heard this where she sat down and made a list of people she knew that needed to find God and she prayed over that list of people. And if I remember the story correctly maybe I don't maybe you'll help me every one of those people on her list became Christians What do you say. Could that work for you were talking about intercession you see how can you speak how can you speak badly of me if you're praying for me. See how that works right from the beginning if we were interceding for an individual it's very difficult for us to be to be negative about them and my right to give your kids your grandkids your family friends whatever if you're really praying I mean not just saying you know God take care of Billy but if you're really praying for somebody if you're really praying for somebody if you're really concerned for somebody spiritually speaking how can you how can you criticize them how can you be hard on them so you see why this is at the Foundation one of the 1st ones then of course the 2nd would be friendship so now I've prayed for you said Billy So let's use Billy I've prayed for Billy and so now God may open that door for me to express my friendship maybe we talked yesterday or about sending little now sir email or telephone or computer message whatever God may lead you to do We talked yesterday about pencil handwritten notes and how powerful they can be because nobody gets them anymore and so it really says a lot that you saw about someone enough to sit down and actually write them something and then put a postage stamp on and get it off to them how many of you have just sent a note to somebody in the last while for no reason at all not for a birthday not a graduation just for no reason at all you just sent a note because you cared now some of us we had e-mails that might change there might be more we had to text messages it might be more but we don't think about these are all acts of friendship how we can Dilg bonds with people grow people and then of course service we're familiar with this we talk a lot about this sometimes in our churches things we can do for the community community services and so on and then testimony. This one we had been a stone tend to be strong on just talking about what God has done for us I mentioned I was a looter Vangelis for many years and I found it interesting because you'd meet these Christian folk and they did not hesitate to tell you about their church about the activities at their church about their prayer life about their books their reading about the Bible didn't hesitate but if we meet Adventist people we tend to be I don't know why we tend to be shy about those things very shy about saying to it so to speak a total stranger I was praying about why not why not I was I was talking to God about why now why not when I became a Christian 30 years ago you don't have to say 7th Day Adventist when I became a Christian I was so excited that God's word was trustworthy. They can they can throw that in the trench and ignore it or they can say why are you talking about never met anybody who talks that way Ok you've opened a conversation testimony saying something about God something that would lead the conversation in the spiritual direction and then of course invitation and of course you can apply this in many many different ways in the Tasia meetings in the case into an event invitation to start Bible studies but an invitation and then of course conversation where we were in dialogue with them and and Proclamation is what we usually think of evangelism now isn't it interesting all these steps and if I were to say in the normal the usual administration we're going to talk today about evangelism which of these would they we think of what would we automatically proclamation right. But look at all the steps that could and should go as preparation for that proclamation lots of good things and good things things we can all do things we can all do some of us may not be so good at this but we can do this we can just say I read this or I was blessed by that or here's that book my wife I just said has been dealing with multiple myeloma so of course a lot of nurses doctors too but so she's been having a lot of fun passing up a great controversy and ministry of healing those seem to be your 2 favorites but she likes telling these ladies that this book was written by a woman. In. My now seems to make a difference I don't think she's had anyone refuse the book mazing stuff yes I did come to the church. Not it committed. Because. Of the. Shakes she. Laughs with. Her while they kept us to go to church. But oh well there is a baby. And I said better go to your church. On the other of the sort. Of foot taller. And that happened by a little one there when I was right she. Didn't go remember. That Zorra. Does Thank you. Thank you. I'm not sure that's right well surely. I know one of the you were. Less sure have and. Thank you trust. You see he's ready to proclaim. But also he's sharing his testimony of what God has done for him and how God led him and everyone of us here could share our story but he's exactly right on and this is what we're talking about in this through the week in this particular seminar is how to love people on conditionally whether they mess up whether they agree with us whether they look like us whether they behave like us we can still love them and say God loves you guys working with you don't give up on our us keep coming back keep coming around keep giving us another chance and. That's right yes sister. So another day we talked a fair amount about that here and how much people have left when they come here usually I mean there are some people that didn't leave anything they just came to us right exactly and so we talked about how important it is for us to become that new family you're exactly right but today we're talking about the Gospel commission and how to how to share that how to be so excited so enamored so sold out to that that it motivates us to want to see people come into our congregation and then if we really see that all that the church is a vow is sharing this message getting to people's hearts that God is preparing a kingdom for them and he's coming soon then the little irritations in our churches become less important right because it's about people how can we bring another person how can we get another person in spite of our war in our blindness in our whatever Yes yes remember the other people can be loving too though fact I've met some very loving absolutely non-Christian people. So for the recording the story is of a lady who witnessed to or neighbor even though there are all kinds of objections and obstacles and dog bites and things but God prevailed because she continued to reach out in love and we can do that right this much we can do so let's look at just a few of the outreach activities of course we're all familiar with out in this community services many of our churches have something like that there's health ministries and you can do to get acquainted with people you know dinner with the doctor depression recovery diabetes and on vegetarian cooking schools is written of course has the mail or you can mail out for Bible study interests as a way to get people some of the ladies in Michigan might do quilting classes a way to connect with people anybody still quote here for you yesterday. Homeschooling that's a fertile field young families get the homeschoolers together do activities with them stamp collecting something that's not quite so popular recently. Cancer patients your. This is the conference Community Services director in case you don't know so all your churches can pollo her suggestions how about auto repair for the guys you know we men we don't do so many things sometimes more the men type help activities but there are things like this we could do today of course are so many laws we have to be kind of careful because you've got all those issues to work around but if we can find ways to do it I know one fellow down here Grand Rapids friend of mine he can't he loves repairing cars he can't repair anyone's car in his yard but his own. House and chipper association or whatever came down on him so if he's going to help anybody fix their car yes to go to their place to fix it or some other place not his own house go figure so anyway we have to figure out ways to work around these things and show people that we care this I thought was really neat how about the new member Sabbath school class some churches still do that some of the smaller churches probably not adventurous Pathfinders course that's a great way because you can bring in people who aren't necessarily part of the Church young adult ministry women's ministries men's ministries singles ministries and on and on you can go. These are all activities that help to get you acquainted with people in the church now here's some things that you can do how about a monthly guest Sabbath so every month whatever mom would whatever week of the month you choose. Of course this is the Sabbath that if you don't do a potluck every week you would do your fellowship meal that Sabbath but it's a friendship Sabbath or a guest Sabbath and so you invite people and you have special special music and you have special special sermon and you have special special things and maybe you give away some gifts or whatever you do to make it a special sabbath maybe everybody wears a name tags that day so that the guests are not different than the members in the sense of feeling like it's a special sabbath that's it's a celebration Sabbath if you please. No other one here is a name tag Sabbath the idea with this one as I understand it was so that we would know each other's names but it can be used on the guest Sabbath as well we need to wrap it up here members training on how to meet people and start conversations we talked about it here yesterday so just so you have it again we have to be very careful what we say to people who are new right because the wrong things said pointing out negatives criticizing whatever so use careful conversation with these new people thank you folks for coming today I'm sorry Pastor Bradshaw didn't make it maybe tomorrow. He told me specifically by email not today but yesterday that he would according to his schedule so I'm sorry. He's the one who said he would come so it's not on me and I. Let us pray Father God we do have a powerful commission. Lord we thought some very sobering thoughts today that we have within our hands the obligation as well as the responsibility to share what we have with those who don't have the treasure yet Lord bless us as we go from this place was in this camp in camp. In Jesus' name amen this media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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