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How Prophetic Preaching Touches the Heart - Part 1

Daniel Towar


Daniel Towar

Evangelist, Michigan Conference




  • June 17, 2019
    10:15 AM
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Our Father in heaven today we want to thank you for the opportunity in the privilege to learn more about preaching and particularly we want to 0 in on the on the conclusion of a good sermon that would be the appeal for people to accept Christ accept Bible truths and we pray your blessing as we open this class I pray that our time will been well spent here today and that Jesus will receive the honor and glory for that in Jesus' name amen Ok when we were in Romania. On one of our mission excursions. They they were thrilled to have a sense there because we had not been scheduled to come to this particular church it was in an out of the way place and it was difficult getting there in adoption we used to say the doshas gotcha that was there automobile in Romania and as we traveled those bumpy roads we called it the Valley of hub because the car would go up and it would go down amid Bansal around and then we finally got to the little place called fontanel e. And when we got there we had a meeting the meeting would start about 7 o'clock we'd already had a earlier meeting at the at the city site was the city site was in the streets about 100000 people there in the reception 100 people that arrived for that meeting and that wasn't publicized either. Innes it seems like a series America is looking back because we were picked up from the. Bucharest International Airport. On a tiny filled or something like that it's called and one of the people that was there to pick us up was my translator I didn't know he would be my translator they had paid him to come to our series of meetings 2 years prior to this we had gone there he was 18 years of age his mom wanted him to come to the evangelistic series and so they bribed him literally they paid him in order to get him to come we had about 25 meetings he came to for me and I don't know what that says about my preaching at the time but he quit coming after 4 meetings even though he was being paid. So that how about that for a success story in here I'm teaching this class you know anyway so. He was the 1st to greet us when we came back 2 years later and he translated 61 presentations for me over the next 6 and a half weeks everything I said in English he said Romanian and it was a wonderful time and I'll tell you more the story a little bit later but we got to our class we got to our meetings in the city and they had done no preparation and there were hundreds that showed up is that America they had to 3 days to put posters on. Telephone posts in town and then we went to front an alley. And there was absolutely no preparation for that except word of mouth one day and the up stairs to that church it was a house church was full of people and not only that not only was full but at the end of that meeting they fed us a supper and I usually don't like to eat late at night but it was all prepared it was all made it was a 4 course meal and it was sowed soup. Tray probably had cabbage rolls if you're familiar with Romania and then they had like a cake desert it was all delicious We weren't even hardly hungry but we ate it out of courtesy it was delicious food we appreciated it so much and there was a woman that seemed anxious to talk to us and she said this and I will never forget it and I don't even tell the story very often this is probably the 3rd time in the last 25 years I've shared this story but she said to us that her son had passed away the head elder of that church the month before we arrived he was 32 years of age his wife was there he had 2 young children 2 daughters I have 2 daughters they're both married to pastors and so we heard the heart wrenching story about how he had gotten sick the whole town had showed up for his funeral service and she said she had had a dream weeks before our arrival and there was an angel that told her that the Lord was going to send them comfort in their affliction in the ones who would bring the Comfort where Americans and they were going to bring you comfort in the hour of your affliction and she said she looked at us in she said You are the very ones I saw in my dream. And. That was. A richly rewarding experience I wish I could tell you more fun to know but I want to let you know going into this that God has a sauna mission I do believe what Pastor slider's been teaching us in the early morning service that we are in a war this is warfare and we're not civilians this is serious business and if the Lord of haven't cared so much about us back there in 1995 to send an angel to tell a dear saint in a church in the outback of Romania with 10 active members but they filled their little church with people there were 150 people there the whole town showed up if he cared so much about them and us to do that he cares about you he wants to work through you he has a message message he can give through you amen Well let's go to this some material the promises given in the book of Isaiah 55 in verse 11 so show my word be that go it's forth out of my mouth it shall not return to be void but it shall the complex that which I please and it shall prosper in the thing where on to I send it. God does not sponsor flops your greatest failure may be God's greatest success it's not a test to preach to 20000 people Mark Finlay as. It is a task to preach to 3 people it's not a test to preach to 10000 people he said if you want to preach 210000 preach to 7 like it is 10000. It's not a computer that we need more of I use computer but you know I've had times my computer goes down and I just tell the people we still have the Bible in. Your message has to be bible based and not computer based and I praise God for computers but you don't have to have one to be a successful preacher of the gospel it's not the computer we need more of we're not called to success but to faithfulness to Jesus Christ we need more of Christ and we can use more of Christ our messages to I've a friend right now I'm giving him bible studies he's not a 7th Day Adventists it's part of our personal witnessing where I'm an elder of our local church and he said to me he says you Adventists I think you have it right I just want to hear more about Jesus and I texted him today and he's praying for me and he's praying for this class I'm decisions isn't that wonderful I know yes and what he said is that we need Christ I believe we need Christ Ellen White said we need Christ she said if we're not preaching Christ in our messages this is not a gospel workers. In a round pages 142160 read the whole section it's all very good she said We're doing the work like Cain did his sacrifices we're bringing impressive looking fruit but we're not bringing the Lamb of God to the people we need the Lamb of God Amen. We have a challenge before us in America among all Christian churches one church closes every day on average so Christian churches today are in trouble. Sometimes you might be tempted to think that some stay out minister to even your local church isn't trouble's far as is going to be a lie 5 years from now is going to be a life 10 years from now but in the Christian community if you take all Christian churches in America one will close today another will close tomorrow in the day after that all year long and so we as Christians are in a crisis and among some stay Adventists we could be doing better to the we serve a God who is going to bring this church to triumph Steve did you have a question well. You know in we've tried to cater to youth by doing cool church this is the this is the comment on that as one church on average closes stores in America every day right now we are seeing this to be true of the American church. As well it is an increasingly embarrassing truth that said being relevant and making an impact is Baptists or the preacher here making this comment was from the life Ridge Christian Center in Texas so what he was not a something the atmosphere it's interesting what he said he said we've tried being relevant we've tried to be cool he said we have learned and have done cool church obviously at this point cool is not enough. The Christian Church in America in the administration America's. Tends to be rather older. In the u.s. among religious groups the Pew Research people decided they would research and they would find out what churches in America were the oldest and what churches in America are the youngest and I was pleasantly surprised this research was printed in July of 2016 so it's among the latest of the research on how old is the Christian Church in America and I know and I have the research on that as well that says that our the average age among Adventists in 2003 was 58. And there is a claimant's probably based on research as well that the average age of the administration America now is $62.00 and I've even heard a claim that the average age of the administration America is 66 I don't know about that I haven't seen the research on that I've seen the research on 2003 and that's what they told us and I was going through my demon project but this is interesting. I haven't read the full paper on this but Pew research claims that the administration in North America is actually one of the youngest Christian churches in in the United States that the advocates church here is age of 45 I believe it's 45 years and 46 years of age and that will be on this here there we are something to add minutes our average age is $45.00. According to Pew Research the Mormons 43 average age Orthodox Christians 40 that was a surprise to me and then the others are non-Christian groups like Buddhists agnostic atheists Muslim Hindu. So among all Christian churches according to Pew Research 7 Stay administers are among the youngest and we have a lot of material here of can. You does it need to wait or can it wait or you know Ok. Why should we include appeals with every sermon that we preach Oh I think it's obvious we'll get more decisions for Christ that's my one liner we get more decisions for crisis you make more pos it makes sense I worked on a dissertation from Andrews have it you can work out. Bring it tomorrow the numbers present the church the numbers you're going to see next on your graph there on the graph in front of you represent a challenging disturbing reality for every advocacy Michigan there are 250 who are not most of them have no church affiliation the following graph it's on your front page illustrates that for us this is from the ardor dot com and it gives the look of Michigan religion in 2010. 7th Day Adventists including Michigan and Lake Region conference people within the state of Michigan represent $40503.00 people at that time the largest segment though of Michigan is unchurched nearly $6000000.00 people 5700000 at that time. At the time the last census did not claim any church affiliation so to me that's a challenge but it's a massive opportunity there nearly 6000000 people in this state don't go to church I mean they they don't have any affiliation at all. The largest group of course is our Roman Catholic friends 1700000 of them. And see can read it through at your leisure what is prophetic preaching it proclaims a biblical challenge to culturally ingrained lifestyles that enslave people in bondage keeping them from accepting Christ and distinctive bible beliefs we have some status believe the Bible teaches distinctive truths Jesus said I am the Way the Truth and The Life and the preaching style that I call prophetic preaching speaks biblical truth to power belief systems and call sure's that oppose the spiritual advancement of anyone whether they are rich or poor the idea prophetic preaching in the secular community and among many seminarians is. Preaching that is more inclined toward social gospel. And social gospel has its place but only it would be something like having an administrators that ran a community service center and praise the lord for them but did not even give out any literature or are necessarily identify itself as Christian at all they're just scared to give up food and clothing is that our mission in and of itself no it's not we have a mission in the community service centers or when we give a health class to reach a person's heart for Christ and if we're just doing social gospel we're not fulfilling the Gospel commission but in the popular literature prophetic preaching is preaching a social gospel more on that order more on the order of civil rights for all people except for that's not what I'm saying here I believe as some status we preach a prophetic message and it ought to reach the heart and we ought to also care about people's lifestyles and their quality of life in the context of Scripture personal and public evangelism are both important but neither one succeeds without the other so the statistics I shared with you tell me that we need to regain our purpose through the power of the Holy Spirit if you want to be a good preacher and maybe some of you are are preaching on a regular basis in your church maybe some of you are going to be preaching at the Jesus on prophecy series coming up September 23 and if that is the case or if that's your desire I want to share with you that you can do that through the power of the Holy Spirit if you if the Lord has laid out upon your heart you can be an effective messenger through the power of the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit none of us can do anything. We need to refocus as a church and be that last generation on earth ready for the coming of Jesus a month. We need this world needs Jesus to come they may not realize it but they need Jesus to come. So. We've covered the numbers let's go to another comma in here get comfortable being uncomfortable when you call people to a decision there's a certain level of on comfort to the person that's calling the other person to make a decision have you noticed that maybe you've tried to sell something now it's interesting what you can learn from people who make their living from selling things now I don't want to use the terminology that we're selling Christ but I want to be as anxious and determined and winnable. Toward the people that I witness to as the person that comes selling their product I want to be effective for Jesus and so we can learn some things from people their money their what they make for their food on their table is how effective they are in in sales so some of this you can learn from people that sell things door to door whatever it might be yes. Yeah yeah for sure yeah and I want to I don't feel real comfortable with the terminology sell but that's what it takes. To do it because they you cannot buy yourself a sion obviously but people need people name you know yeah you want it because of desire Jesus said If anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take of his cross and follow me surely. You know you have to give them hope you have to give them hope Yeah that's right that's good and I like that. We'll watch a clip of this man I believe tomorrow life changing preaching ministry magazine is published by the 7th Day Adventist Church it was an interview with Patton Robinson he wrote wrote the book typical preaching very effective communicator but we'll save that for tomorrow those 5 reasons that small churches don't grow. This is a massive research again it was published and grow Church dot net. You might be able to identify with some of it I believe it's in your in your notes on your page here I keep giving my page away. Here we go. Welcoming sure is more of an attitude than a disposition it's an outward focus rather than an inward focus it's about serving rather than being served. The 1st the 1st No it's too high up on the page for you to see but small churches don't grow when visitors don't feel welcome Maria way up in here. Ok. Second link churches stay small when the pastor does everything are you letting the pastor do everything. Well we'll have another class period just you and I afterward. No that's not his job though of the pastor should not think that he's the do all for everything and it's a big enough work yeah members need to be involved point number 3 small churches stay small because the preaching could be better and we're not here to criticize your pastor we're here to improve preaching and you can help with that and they ask people reasons for attending church or other place of worship is each of the following a major factor they asked a minor factor or not a factor in why you attend church or a place of worship the 1st 2 categories as to why people choose to come to church is. Sermons or talks that teach you more about scripture 70 percent 76 percent of those in the survey and there were more questions than what you see here these are just the top responses so that's a major factor we go to church because of the sermons that teach me about scripture Secondly 75 percent of respondents nearly identical said sermons are lectures that help you connect religion to your own wife so people tend to go to churches where they feel they're learning about scripture and it's practical to their own life very important point so when we are preaching we want to bring it we want to give Jesus every opportunity to work through some Holy Spirit to work through us we want to be well prepared and we want people to go away blessed as communicators of the greatest message ever we must be students of communication the 4th reason small churches stay small and we don't want our small churches to stay small in a. Small churches stagnate when people are not giving generously if they don't give generously their churches stagnate and point over 5 small churches stay small with small groups we have built in small groups and Sabbath school and we could talk about that but we're not going to I brought it up only because I thought it was interesting that people tend to go to church where they feel blessed when they hear that sermon and when people feel like they're being fed from the Word of God in it's practical to their life that's the 1st 2 reasons why people choose to go to church that's why this class is relevant. And we want to be vulnerable when we preach that doesn't mean is say everything that doesn't mean that you have to tell everything you know about yourself that's bad to connect with people or whatever like that you want to be real Newmont be truthful and you want people to be able to gather hope because they can sense that you can a den of 5 with where they're out in their own personal experience and that you have a compassionate heart this was illustrated not long ago in a bakery this man decided you know one of baking things and but he was getting no business in so his son decided to be vulnerable now to advertise his father's need in this new bakery and. You have to be real on social media so this was the quote it was picked up by nk dot com This is the one people get wrong by far the most what made Billy St It was just a tweet about his dad's new bakery and as you can tell in the 1st picture he had all the stuff baked up and no one was coming no one was walking through the door so his son sends out a tweet and says My dad loves baking for people and no one's coming to his bakery and you know so anyway people read that tweet and they sensed that earnestness it was compelling about a good donut shop he wasn't simply tweeting out a link or know our promotion the tweet seemed incredibly honest and genuine which is why Twitter picked it up and people started coming into that bakery shop here about 3 months ago and selling out baked goods day by day so we can be vulnerable. We don't have to hold yourself up on a pedestal being vulnerable Xah connection that people very much appreciate and when our hearts are touched people's hearts can be touched by what we say and that makes the appeal appealing to the here another person that was quite vulnerable and it's gone viral as they say on the Internet this man Dr Rick Rigsby from or he was from Until recently Texas a and m. university he gave a graduation speech and when we're giving sermons or giving speeches for Jesus Amen but it was very compelling because it was a personal story and it's just an amazing it's about 9 minutes long in it is one of the most incredible things you'll ever hear it's not particularly a sermon but he gives a compelling life story about his dad and you will be inspired if you care to look it up. W w w one c.b.s. dot com and. I think it's maybe it's in the notes maybe it's not Ok there's 10 things that take talent not a lot of talent but you get 100 percent respect for and I just have a burden about this I believe we're going to be a preacher that we need to be the best that we can be being on time work ethic effort body language energy attitude passion being coachable Oh doing extra and being prepared all those things are important for a servant of God and makes a lot of sense to me if you want people to respect to be on time. People say oh I don't worry about it spying is you 5 minutes late on 5 and 5 minutes late sometimes 2 you know what what they're not telling us I don't like that when you do that to me and then when you're the preacher you have to get there on time I wish my preacher who was my mentor when I was 1st ministry told me a lot of other things that I hadn't for one months he was to be my senior pastor that year and he told me a couple things I can tell you that I've practiced ever since he said when you go to a funeral for a funeral service and you're preaching for that you better get there a half hour early or you are late in one I had interns working with me I would say you're late I consider you late to this funeral if you're 29 minutes early you're late you better be there good half hour earlier more are your senior pastor will think you are late that's what I told him the other thing told me is right out word for word everything is going to say at a funeral and so when I'm at a funeral service there are so my best sermons because for the last 40 years I've been writing out word for word what I'm going to say they're original but this makes so much sense to me your credibility can be shot if you're not on time. Or if people sense that your work ethic isn't up to their were kept at the commune up putting the effort into it is Excedrin Yes Steve. This I'm I couldn't tell you where this ridge unaided but as a pastor of course that would be. You know Jesus knowledge of the Bible obviously you know thank you Matthew 72829 and speaking about Jesus. He said and it said and so it was when Jesus ended the sayings that the people they were amazed were think they were amazed as preaching it was something different than what they were used to it was something they could identify with for he was teaching them as one having authority and not as the scribes Jesus was one who said sanctify them by your truth your word is truth and they went away from his messages saying that no man ever spoke like this man speaks no man ever spoke like this so if you want to give a good appeal people need to respect you and you need to be speaking like no other person has ever spoke that they've heard and you know the world has empty platitudes and promises but you have something to go on you have the Bible to preach you have the Holy Spirit directing your life you have a devotional experience with Jesus in the morning you can fill up with the Lord's word and through the power of the Holy Spirit God can make you an excellent communicator of Bible truth because some of the hardest things people will face in their life is making a good decision it's one of the hardest things who ever said it we don't know but he said decisions are the hardest thing to make especially when it is a choice between where you should be and the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts it's not actually up to you to convert anybody it's the work of the Holy Spirit. But it's difficult that's why we need the spirit it's a difficult thing where the hardest things in life a choice between where you should be and where you want to be that's not always the same and still straighted in the book Sons and Daughters of God page 210 by Ellen White she said Satan will permit those to have a degree of rest who are bond as slaves to his chariot so the double was some what some was leave a person alone if they're just captive to him for they are they are his willing captives but his enmity is a rouse when the message of mercy reaches his bonce legs and they seek to wrench themselves away from this power that they may follow the true shepherd the conflict between the soul and Satan begins when the captive begins to tug at the chain and longs to be free so we're entering into warfare when we preach and when we give appeals and there's people who are captive in chains and many of these people are tugging at the chain and longing to be free and our message in any appeal is to let the people come as they are you don't have to preach a message you have to be perfect before you come to Jesus you have to stop being a sinner before you come to Jesus let them come to Jesus just the way they are. And Jesus will take care of you all these other things is common in regard to that of things about page 47 in the book steps to Christ you know we're not to make repentance and conversion. An obstacle between the sinner and Christ that they they have to come just as they are right the demoniac came just as he was did he leave the same No he was changed by Christ so we say just as I am without one plead with that god blood was shed for me this sinner comes as they are to Christ you give the invitation and in their sinful condition they realize that Jesus can set them free they cannot set themselves free by pulling out the chain I've tried to pull the chain Sometimes I tried myself free at times it doesn't work it comes from Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit 1st. You know only Jesus can break the chains no one else. All have sinned come short of the glory of God We all need a savior and we can't save ourselves. Sure. No I'm. Just. Very. Leery. Of people like. You are not your. Words are to. Me close to me I'm planted there I rejoice to see sinners come to church there's a time in a place for people to be approached in regard to the standards of our church I believe in them by the grace of God I've lived by them in surrender my life in my will to Jesus on though in those aspects of my life every day. And some people are not at that point we need to be careful you have to have change in your pocket you have to have credibility before you go on some of the deep things like I don't it's similar to preaching the mark of the beast maybe on night 3 of your evangelist meeting it might work for some people to do that but you have to consider your audience are they ready for that you know you have to have some credibility with people 1st. Someone ass what is wrong with an altar call or a compelling gospel invitation and the author of this particular blog spot he's a Calvinist Syria was examining Calvinism they're wonderful people. But a Calvinist basically believes here either predestined for heaven or you're not and so it does somewhat hinder your wonder stand the giving of gospel appeals and there is somewhat of a contention going back and forth among faithful Calvinists do we give appeals or not because everybody in their theology is destine one way or the other Already you see the decisions been made for you before you were born so why give an opinion on this and some say we don't give opinions that our church and others are saying well you've given a pill because you're serving Christ and who are you to know what he's decided in any way but the author of this particular article said that there's nothing wrong with giving a pills and my friends Jesus in administers the ology he is destined all of us for salvation he's not willing that any should perish if anyone parishes it is their own responsibility we believe that Jesus died for everybody that he died for every sin ever committed we can give people that hope and they can actually make a decision that's a life or death decision God has made a decision on their behalf and given them free will to make a decision in regard to that and so on White says every discourse. The sinners only refuge Jesus Christ should be presented before them and make we should make earnest appeals that will reach their hearts. By Will the story. Oh. Yeah the Bible is full of Appeals like that. You can very we have a section a couple days who preach powerful biblical appeals and we'll touch on some of this stuff when we go when we go there Dan. Except. You were grateful for the appeal I accepted Christ in an eventual successor ease it was an appeal and I was 12 years old and the pastor he had been at my house he had visited me he had some credibility account always get away with this but the appeal was made to go forward and I wasn't going forward in the Spirit of God led the pastor of the lancing church from the church I later pastored but I would fall came he sat down next to be he asked if I would like to go up front with him and I said Sure I can do anything of the pastor's walking beside me and so I went up front I accepted Christ as my Savior I accepted the Avon's truth and it was during an appeal that the evangelist made the words of Christ this is gospel workers 150 it's not in your notes the words of Christ were sharp Errol's which went to the mark and wounded the hearts of his hearers every time he addressed the people whether his audience was large or small his words took saving effect upon the soul of someone. No message that fell from his lips was lost every word he spoke placed a new responsibility upon those who heard and today the ministers who insincerity or giving the last message of mercy to the world relying on God's on God for strength need not fear that their efforts will be in vain Jesus 1st discourse began with the proclamation the time is fulfilled the kingdom of God is it's is a hand we have some blanks and you may find that in there. But not everything is on 2 pages repentance and faith were the 2 demands Jesus placed upon his hearers every listener was called upon to respond in this twofold manner repentance and faith the place those demands the writer set upon his hearers evangelist of preaching in fact impress upon unbelievers the divine imperative to repent and believe that's what makes an evangelist stick message repent and believe Mark Finley said this I thought it was very very worthwhile he said Be faithful in being focus on being what God wants you to be it is not so much what God is doing for you and he's doing a lot for us a man has got done a lot for you he's a law for everybody it is what God is doing to e.u. that is most important now God has done a lot for everybody but what is he doing in your heart what is he doing to you how is your life being changed by Jesus day by day. What he's doing to you is most important that would indicate that you have made a choice yourself for Jesus Christ so winning is not so much the method and there's proper methods and I think it's good to learn all we can about proper methodology but it's more so your identity Who are you a done a fine with who are you it is something I do because it is who I am he said You say I'm doing evangelism because that's who I am I'm not drawing a paycheck any longer from the done nomination but it is who I am I continue to do what I've always done there's a gospel challenge Sharon I thought since I'm talking with potential preachers and preachers of the Gospel in your local churches or wherever the Lord is has been leading you to preach I want to encourage you and I would love if you would encourage your your local pastor to call for some kind of a decision for Jesus every single time that they give a message and this gospel challenge here that I've highlighted is actually a challenge among non agonists I'm thinking while the rocks are crying out right. They're asking for 20000 pastors to make an appeal of some sort every Sunday and I thought as Seventh-Day Adventists we could do that we can call people to Jesus as well as anybody Emma and we can call people to make decisions for the truth as it isn't Jesus and so I did a little bit of calculation this is the size of various size of churches and in the Michigan conference. We're going to move on though just for the moment there's $184.00 churches in the state times $52.00 weeks per year and I just did the math if in every church that hears a sermon every week in this next year a call would be made for salvation for one of our Bible truths for the true church whatever if every single Sabbath a call for decision was being made by card by hands by by coming forward whatever the case might be $99568.00 decisions for Christ would be made this year if only one person in each church made the decision each week and you might say well what if the church only has 10 people those 10 people could have a revival a month before long those 10 people would be inviting others to come to their church because they would know the pastor of the local elder of the lay persons preaching that Sabbath is going to be making an appeal for Christ and you know if a person makes their 1st decision for salvation in an Adventist Church how much greater the possibility now to make a decision for the sabbath than the state of the dead in the true church and everything else we believe because they'll say you folks brought me to Christ a woman came up to me yesterday met her 30 years ago she said You will always have a special place in my heart because you were my 1st 7th Day Adventists pastor special place. She was learning the Gospel as a brand new 7 state Adams while I was there passed while we were serving as minister there a very quick question I want to give my appeal before we close. Or to. Some of the Sunday churches are probably ahead of us and what they're doing. Here. This is. A lot of them are going over. It was a church when you go this big. Long. Term. That they have I mean. You know and I feel really that was a lot of praise God. Got that like to own Oh definitely was a tough only Definitely there are there is you're talking about manipulation and there are some some things that are done by Sunday pastors I would never ever advice obviously but there but. I'm not we can talk more after the class but I just want to develop. Within us a high caliber of ministry uplifting Jesus and the truth is we believe I know a lot of people out there that are not some status of course are true christians that love the Lord every bit as much as I do but I would like to see them except all the truth that I believe as well and so you know what we have a week here we have 5 more meetings and I hope that you'll be able to make it back tomorrow but I want to just leave you here with a final comment from Spirit of Prophecy the power of God's command as limitless and the minister who. Cord there in the minister who in his great need shuts himself in with the Lord may be assured that he will receive that which will be to his hearers a savior of life onto life acts of the Apostles 369 well just allow me to briefly go into a sample of p.-o. you can pretend. If you would. You're an audience can be Sabbath morning you can look at yourself who you are right now or think of is. Maybe a friend of yours who is not a member of the church would with you know you may have heard this there was a cell block it's an it's to this very day cell block you love and it talks about a savior of all places who would ever thought that you would find the Savior in the story of a Savior Jesus Christ in the cellblock in Auschwitz the Bible tells us that Jesus saved us by His own blood that he gave his life for us the Book of Revelations says they overcame him the devil by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony the message today is shared with us this message on salvation that were saved by Jesus' blood and he can washes clean of any known sin in our life we have a wonderful Savior but it's a decision that we must make the lamb was slain from the foundation the world Jesus made decision to die for you before this world was created if there would ever be sin we would have a Savior Christ blood for us the bleeding began in the garden to get 70 but his heart was always bleeding for us the bleeding continued all the way through Calvary Jesus himself comes to us and he asked the question Will you follow me as he asked the question of his disciples in Auschwitz there was an unknown prisoner who showed their faith in Christ sketch the face of Jesus on the cell block wall in that cell where they would they would die at Auschwitz and they drew the picture of a cross and that unknown person who believed in Jesus was for. They were in that cell and you can be free tonight of anything that enslaves you you can be free tonight to choose Jesus he made up possible because he died for you on Calvary and Calvary blood reaches you where you are Calvary blood can reach you at a sit in a cell block in Auschwitz that was his testimony to prisoners around him Calvary's blood can reach you in your point of despair it can reach you in give you victory over the have in your life it can reach you in it can heal your family connections so that you love one another again it can reach you in a can give you a love for Jesus there's so many people in the world that need Christ tonight I need Jesus tonight you need Christ we can be free in Jesus Christ and that message in the cellblock didn't just stop with the drawing of the face of Jesus in the cross of Christ but he wrote out Jesus was here she is this was here in everybody that goes through there and they can see that to this day Jesus was here you sense in your heart right now the Jesus is speaking to you we have a card in the ushers are given that out to you or the small group leader and we're going to go through the card right now and as I do I read the statements and people are invited to check on the card of their response in each of these. 4 squares in in my case and then I close with a prayer and I'll close with a prayer right now as we conclude this our father we praise you for every decision for Jesus. And we want to thank you that as we've signed these cards is we've taken them in hand and as we've quietly noted for all of heaven to really we we pray that your angels will take special note that your Holy Spirit will take note of the decisions we made for Jesus in that person to person moment of time we've had this evening I pray Lord that there have been many decisions for Christ tonight and that wherever we are in our life we're not in a prison cell but we may have felt like we're in a prison cell of our own making we may have been struggling with something that only you and this individual Tonight know. It may be a family problem it may be some kind of habit that has us about and it may be discouragement it may be Lord that we're just sweet can face and we need more of your power but we want to accept Christ as our Savior just now I want everybody everybody in the sun my voice to know that Jesus loves you your friend there's hope for you in Christ do not despair do not give up heap on choosing to trust in Jesus every day and he will lead you he will guide you thank you Father for being with us thank you for this hour we've had just now we pray for your blessing and brings back tomorrow I pray in Jesus saving name in. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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