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How Prophetic Preaching Touches the Heart - Part 2

Daniel Towar


Daniel Towar

Evangelist, Michigan Conference




  • June 18, 2019
    10:15 AM
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Father in heaven we want to thank you that we could be here today thank you for in your providence that you've led us here I pray that all of us will learn together how we can be effective spokespeople for you we can also lift up the hands of our pastors and elders and that you would lead a mighty revival in our church and many people into this true faith in these last days and Jesus. Will say Ok so the Gospel challenge I really believe that there are there's at this is a time for true revival within the 7th Day Adventist Church to believe that and I believe a true revivals taking place I believe the Holy Spirit is beginning to be poured out why do I believe that I believe we're living in the shaking and when you see people leave the church and various heresies come into the church that's not enough evidence to be discouraged it's an evidence to be encouraged in the Lord because you know that the time is drawing near for Jesus to come I also believe whether you would share with us or not and I don't want you to misunderstand this but I believe the Lord is preparing for the administrators to have a great influx of members as some people are being shaken now Ellen White herself said many more and this is my terminology today are going to be brought in to be shaken in if you please. And there's some true revivals going on out there and maybe it maybe it was one of these pastors. He had a burden on his heart that 20000 ministers in North America would begin asking through appeals in their churches purchased citizens for Christ every single week. And I thought you know why not why why why wouldn't we do this within the context of the 7th Day Adventist Church I've heard many many sermons through the years I've given a number of them myself where the sermon probably wasn't too bad in fact it may have been an excellent sermon but as Louis Torres as you can give an excellent sermon but if you have given an appeal. It was excellent it wasn't a good sermon if you haven't included an appeal and I've heard ministers and I've done this you preach your heart out in then you sit down but we need to be asking people to pay for an appeal we ought to be giving in that opinion asking them to make a decision for Christ for the distinctive Bible truth that we have in some stay admin us we ought to be asking them for a decision each and every time we preach it doesn't mean they have to come to the altar every time but they can stand up they can raise their hand they can bother hadn't silent prayer I have a handout from Mark Finley that goes through 7 different distinctive appeals types of Appeals we can't do everything today but if someone gave you a promise say it we're going to be here 5 hours I give you everything but we in then I couldn't do it this is a big subject and there's not enough about it I'm thrilled that you're interested in appeals how many of you today like to raise your hand say I'm interested in giving better appeals in America and please tell your pastor the so here goes there are 184 churches this happens to be the Troy church pictured here. But there is $184.00 churches within the Michigan conference what would happen I don't think any of us really know what would happen why don't we try what would happen if each and every Sabbath for the next year say beginning the big beginning of July there would be an appeal made for Christ for distinctive Bible truth for the true church for baptism at the end of the pastors or the elders of the lay person's sermon and that appeal was made from the heart and there was at least one just one person on average in each of those $184.00 churches that made a decision for Jesus that day now you might say our church only has 10 people coming I believe with all my heart that if those 10 started hearing the pastor in you giving appeals every week they'd say you know what I'm going to bite my friend because that may be their best chance to accept Jesus and you might say well we need to accept the 70 yes include that to include the Sabbath save the dead everything else we can we can you more pills anybody else right but if they accept Jesus in the context of the 7th Day Adventist Church on Sabbath morning do you think those people will also be interested in coming back in learning more so I do the math 184 churches times 52 weeks one decision every Sabbath on average and every church let's just say the church was 10 members they had a decision every week the church with 400 members they had one decision every week that be nearly $10000.00 decisions in one year. And I believe we're lacking on decisions for Christ because we're hearing a lot of excellent messages but we're not hearing enough appeals and I can tell you this from pastors I speak to and from this pastor here and when I did my doctoral degree on giving appeal's. I can tell you this we were card most pastors I believe are given credit on the sermon week by week we better because people come to church for stupid reasons they want to come to any Church advocates are not is because of the preaching and of the preaching is a good they're not going to come back they'll find another church and if they don't fight it there they'll stop going to church that's what the stats tell us so the preaching better be good but more than that we also need to ask for appeals raise your hand stand up by your head in silent prayer make that decision for Jesus card appeal come forward there's a time for all of that we're short on that and so was I We don't take enough time to write that out now you have an appeal today and every day and I promise I will if nothing else I make time for that at the end. We'll skip by some really good stuff and I'll just give you a in a pill or share an appeal with you. But we need to start taking time for that Ok so $9568.00 new decisions for Jesus this year in the mission conference would that be great in a 20 percent of them were baptized would be 2000 baptisms in Michigan and that would be about 300 percent more than we're getting now. Not in a we're somewhere around $7800.00. Number of years back about 10 years ago we got close to a 1000 baptisms in a year but even if you're even if we were recording a 1000 a year 2000 that his ns out of 10000 decisions that be twice what we got in a high year a month I think we could do it how many of you think that I believe it's possible the Holy Spirit is just waiting to be put to work and I believe we're you know we are soldiers today I walked down the hill with someone I had never met and I'm I'm sort of a shy guy actually and I was hoping you'd say hi to me but he was good at the sky like me he wasn't saying hi and I wasn't either and I thought this is ridiculous I need to introduce myself so I said hi how are you my name is Dan tower and he said Hi My name is Rob Rob. Yes that's all it matters and so I wrote the name down later we sat together through the morning meeting I found out he's been baptized just 3 years he's met the Lord recently he's an active member of the church he used to go to a church that my daughter and her husband Pastor when they were here in this conference and I was through and I would have missed out if I would have asked him for his name he gave me his name I just simply asked I could have walked down the rest of the hill and never found out who he was just a hi good morning are you know just been on my way like like the Fair see went by the the guy in the ditch you know the Bible story but I asked his name if you ask for something you're liable to get it and what if you don't if just one person per wink in each church made a decision I think that church of 10 people would soon be 20 or 30. Well we've had prayer already and I'm glad we had prayer and those of you listening pray about that in your church to the science of soul winning an appeals how to say it we're going to get into some nuts and bolts as my good friend Jason said this morning you pray you have your devotional life but there's a time for nuts nuts and bolts to some of the nuts and bolts are going to be learning from people who are not necessarily of our faith and I hope you'll forgive me for that because but there are some good people out there that we can learn from. And there's a limit to what we can learn from them obviously but we're going to share some of that with you today our Lord calls for laborers who feeling their own need of the atoning blood of Christ have you ever felt need for the atoning blood of Jesus enter upon their work not with boasting ourselves sufficiency but with so assurance of faith realizing that they were always need the help of Christ in order to know how to deal with mines there's a science to winning a soul for Jesus and so we need to put every effort we possibly can into a breed gospel workers again of about page 140 to 160 it's full of excellent material on winning a soul for Christ so here we go into some of the nuts and bolts What should a speaker do who's preparing his message what basics are included in a good gospel message I want to say this since we are. Covering a number of items today. I will try to be fair with you and give you a few minutes for some questions at the end Ok or talk with me personally. There is a lot on our plate today and we took some time with all these wonderful gifts that you received right. So feel free to write out a question we'll try to take time for that right after my period was over the speaker will tell the audience clearly why the issue matters he will paint a bright picture of the good that will come from a positive decision for Christ or the Sabbath or you know our understanding of the state of the dead whatever it might be he will paint a bleak picture of the consequences of a rejection that's legitimate he will clearly outlined the action that must be taken that's why in our appeals I've learned I write out all my appeals I write them out word for word I file that appeal you probably won't get it word for word here because I may not have the time to go through 7 to 10 minutes plus the music but if you have your appeal written out your libel to you know take the time to give it in so you don't have to do the appeals I've done but you can take that as a template and write out your own appeal in my original is yes have a good sermon but by all means give an appeal and then they'll wrap up with a memorable rallying cry now this was from I don't even remember after studying this. If this was a religious site or not maybe not. But there are people out there who know how to persuade other people because their dinner plate is dependent upon that it and there are some truth across the board whether you're selling a product just in the secular world like Warren Buffet or whether you're a Billy Graham or Mark Finley that are true right across the board we might as well learn it and accept that fact and these are all true Mark family has said in a book called decisions years ago our persuasion rather he said many Macs you minimize the consequences of doing right in you max of. You minimize the negatives of a positive decision and you maximize the positives of a positive decision that's the way family put it in his book and you know it's interesting that in the secular world they say paint a bright picture of the positive you put paint a bleak picture of the negative and this is what they said your audience deserves a stirring ending if you call Porter any of you literature evangelists your audience might be an audience of one they deserve a stirring ending that syrup in the wood where they caught in the literature of Angelus and ministry I've been there too I've done that. What did they call them. Yeah the clothes the clothes yes they deserve a stirring closer ending and well felt cheated if you let it down if you don't have the have you ever thought of that we keep people if we don't give an appeal on you put all the time and effort in there just waiting to respond they are there waiting to respond they're expecting they've been working out in the secular world maybe all week long. And they're used to people asking them to respond and they might be the sellers out in the secular world they're asking for people to buy their product name then you want people to buy what you have to sell and it may be something they need something that can change their life but yet the pastor gets up the elder gets up the give a good message and there's no asking for a name let alone giving in a pew grant we need to make appeals and here's George Whitefield from a couple centuries a good a go would ministers preach for eternity they would then act the part of true Christian orators and not only call 1000000 coolly inform the understanding that's the intellect the brain but by persuasive pathetic that means heartfelt address endeavor to move the affections and warm the heart we want to move people from where they're at to where they are to go Amen now in your study guide and ask you for a response this is an early response I'm going to ask you what words reach out to you in what George Whitefield this great evangelists from 200 years ago said in those last couple 3 sentences what words reach out to you and what would they do for your audience as you give a message what we What's a turn to yes yes what else other responses. Endeavor to move our own understanding and do with understanding in. Warm warm the heart. You know messages that are just intellectual and we as Seventh-Day Adventists can do more about that than anybody I know. How to we how about the affections how about the heart any any other things. Be Persuasive Yeah that word persuasive we're in this to persuade people Ok very good how. True that act the part of true Christian or choose That's right that's what we are for Christ. And Paul the Apostle Marks who have said you know I've determined to know nothing. Except Jesus Christ among you and Paul could argue a point better than anybody else I guess he learned that lesson on Mars Hill but we need to reach the heart we need to be persuasive we need to move the affections we need to give people sometimes of their seat to come forward yes indeedy. About this this is a growing burden of mine people don't need a law long discourse. You need to be timely Listen to this from a 3rd volume of testimonies page 419 you frequently talk too long when you do not have the vitalizing influence of the spirit of Haven't you wary those who hear you many make a mistake in their preaching and not stopping while the interest is up they go along speechifying I don't know if I've ever heard that word and Ellen whites were Cabul or a before but she said You go on speechify until the interest that has risen in the minds of the hears dies out and the people are really wearied with the words of no special weight or interest. Stop before you get there stop when you have nothing of special importance to say do not go on with dry words that only excite prejudice and do not soften the heart. Can't wait common. Ok in the cells world be oversight when you reach that point know your audience or so much we could say here we'll wait for that was that was good that was good we need to know when to stop Charles Spurgeon one of the great Christian orators of the last what 2 centuries ago in 1000 century if you ask me how you may shorten your sermons I should say study them better sometimes to say the same thing twice you know in more we are generally longest when we have least to say some fail this is testimonies Volume 4 page 261 some fail of success because they trust to the strength of argument alone and they do not cry earnestly to God for His wisdom to direct them and His grace to sanctify either efforts long discourses and I think that. Within your study that means that there's a word there to fill in. Search for that's what I meant when I wrote the sod anyway anywhere here we go long discourses and tedious prayers are positively interest to a religious interest and fail to carry conviction to the consciences of the people very very important that we. That we not over speak. If you can let me move on we'll we're going to carry this through for about 15 more minutes you can never wear it when an argument what to do instead of arguing about building relationships instead of breaking them down and sometimes our discourse is sound quite argumentative in that's not going to reach the heart we have to have that appeal when Gladstone the prime minister of the United Kingdom said men are apt to mistake the strength of their feeling for the strength of their argument the heated mind resent the chill touch and the relentless scrutiny of logic in this very black he's the Us Senate chaplain is a 7th Day Adventists minister without the Holy Spirit you are not going to accomplish anything you agree. Asked the Holy Spirit to go before you to make this message live is the message going to live without the Holy Spirit in it no it won't it is critically important that a preacher not try to use the Holy Spirit we need to trust the Holy Spirit to have his way and to realize that the Spirit manifests itself in different ways but while the spirit blows where he wants to we have to learn how to set the sale now what would that mean what does it mean we have to learn how to set the sale. Yeah educate yourself as to how to catch a how to set to say oh the most efficient and that's what this class is all about and you know what I wrote it because I have a burden to share with others I have a burden to learn of myself I feel like I'm still learning Yes So we need to learn how to set the sale in this man he really doesn't know how to do that I'd encourage you to look him up and listen to some of this preaching it's important to learn how to ride the when what the Holy Spirit use you. Seabrooks when you feel that you are responsible for how people respond you are actually taking on a responsibility that is not yours our responsibilities preachers is to give our Here is an opportunity to do what that's our responsibility to give our here's an opportunity to respond we preach so long they don't have an opportunity to respond and so we have not fulfilled our responsibility what happens in the heart of the here is between that person and God and he said if you're going to give an invitation for Christ for people to accept him and no one responds don't feel bad maybe everyone is saved already don't be afraid to give an invitation how many of you have been afraid to give an invitation I raised my hand I've been afraid it's a fearful thing and so you can dream up any reason maybe the clock or whatever to you don't want to mess it up with a failed invitation but cd Brooks said don't worry about that you know one of the Holy Spirit knows you're going to be making an appeal every time you get up there you think the Holy Spirit can begin working ahead of time you can tell people at the beginning I'm going to be making an appeal for a decision today and they would be thinking about that the whole time this is from a had an Robinson he said don't open your sermon was an apology this is also another point it's very very important when we use an apology we hope to win sympathy but at best we get pity a congregation is seldom persuaded by someone for whom they feel sorry if you open up your message with an apology what will people think about that whole message. It's not good they'll be thinking about that poor man that poor woman I feel so sorry for them they will happy on you they will mess they will miss your message and they will not be directed to receive it nor will they feel like and they won't feel like accepting it so let's stay away from that if we possibly can someone else said get things out of your sermon you have to write out I encourage you to write out your sermons because you get up front and you you have a default system that brings you back to using words that you use in your limited vocabulary oftentimes the word things as nonspecific your sermon time is to be specific. You need to use compelling words such as instead of saying state 3 things for Christian disciples discipleship States 3 requirements for a Christian discipleship share 5 not things but benefits of forgiving people who have wronged you describe the dynamics of a healthy church explain the signs of true conversion present 3 principles to practice for loving your spouse warn of the dangers of living selfishly and then another. Nothing kills a sermon like beginning with an apology as a general rule of the sermon merits an apology it doesn't merit preaching and I said there I guess the bottom line is if you feel the need to offer a naked this is just my opinion that's another thing to avoid by the way this is just my opinion don't say that what follows probably is not worth offering anyway they're not going to listen to that was just his opinion unless you have a lot of change in your pocket and they respect you already why should they listen to just your opinion they going to come just to listen to your opinion. There's one thing worse than saying In conclusion it's going on without concluding and don't copy others be original enough to write it out don't go to the Internet and just print out a sermon. It might be Mark Finley sermon might be a great sermon I tried it once I was impressed by a sermon Dwight Nelson gave 30 years ago I was so impressed with out of so blessed by that I got up the next Sabbath morning in my church and you know what someone else already heard that. Brought the Trojan Horse and I mean that was dramatic was wonderful and I thought you know what people are not only going to like the message but they're going to like me and I got I did try that one time and I thought you know what that one person ruined it for me I thought no one else could be listening and this 30 some years ago they they were even then and it's even more dangerous today you can't copy to white or Mark you have to put your time and run Ok evangelism 3 o 4 when in your discourses you denounce with bitter sarcasm that which with that which you wish to condemn you sometimes offend your givers and their ears are turned from hearing you further carefully avoid any severely of speech that might give offense to those you desire to say from air for it will be difficult to overcome the feelings of antagonism thus Rouse If you weed out the tears or the weeds from your discourses your influence for good will be increase you want people to love the message. And we need to be a string of John the Baptist but we need to do it with the love of Jesus in our heart so I say uplift Jesus up with the cross all you possibly can always uplift the cross learn from other great preachers the Lord make you a great preacher too. May not be for the 10000 those you know preached like it before the 3 or the 5 or the 100 that the Lord has blessed you with all these people have in common they are some of the most beloved living creatures within the 7th Day Adventist Church today i heard me as just I thought was one of the top 10 that I can think of I probably could have thought of others I think the scan names there and we can learn from them and to me that the one that gives the best appeals of all is marks and. You may have all your other pinions but let's learn from these men but we don't have to copy them the Holy Spirit won't give you a distinctive message that only Joe can preach you know that only Sal can preach you you'll reach people these other men will never have the opportunity of reaching Now this is I hope that this worked out I want to. Give just a couple minutes to mark here I know it's on my computer and you may not hear it I wish there was a mike that was an apology wasn't listening Mark anyway. Ok well I'm not going to apologize folks I just told you not to do that. It was from Saturday night. I've had my tech and technology issues. That's. Ok this man recognize it was the story of Sankey's saying evangelist who lost his family and he wrote to him it is well with my soul remember that story on Saturday night how did he get through it he recognize the Holy Spirit was there with him. We're just going to go on wait we don't need the pictures but the most powerful illustrations are the ones from your personal experience that people can relate to from their personal experience your personal stories are powerful and those personal stories will change hearts and so I would like for you to consider that illustrations can make us laugh they can make a sweep. They can do all those kinds of things because we we've gone through that experience it's like if you go to Mackinaw City you're going to buy a t. shirt well other people maybe they've run the Chicago marathon or maybe they've been to the Grand Canyon you can read you can tell a story about your personal experience I was at the Grand Canyon and we watched out over there I couldn't believe was 5 miles across to the rock on the other side but it was it was there's a mile deep in just to be there was the most amazing event of my life you could say did you know God's love for you is deep it is wide is the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you it's better than the Grand Canyon ever could be you know you can make a story from an experience you've had in if people feel it in their hearts because you feel it in your heart they're going to down a fire with that and that's story might make someone laugh and it may make someone cry because of their memory of their unique experience over there and they have the t. shirt to prove it that they've been there I have that t. shirt now you're going to tell me you've actually been there right Ok. And you have a t. shirt to prove it. So in your illustrations I would say this also be true be modest and don't violate a come the distance don't violate a competence you might know a great story but don't take for granted that person whoever it may be would appreciate you sharing it at least be careful. Not to give that away Ok yes. The moon go on. Yeah. Right right. Yeah. Yeah. Right on your experiences go to that photo album. Write down other experiences and so for let me tell you a true story. He was 11 years of age in fact he was 8 he was 8 years of age multiplication Bible school again loved to go to B.B.'s and that very 1st day the teacher said The children were going to memorize the 10 Commandments the sweet all 10 of them and so little boy he went home there are 15 verses to memorize he memorize the 10 Commandments word for word use 8 years old he never read through the commandments before he got a little New Testament book that week and he went back home and he said Mommy he said after looking at the calendar said How come we go to church on Sunday when the commandment says the 7 stays the Sabbath and his Mommy looked at him and said Daniel she said. We go to church on Sunday because Jesus rose from the doubt on that day. And so the little boy thought and said Wow Ok My mommy loves Jesus if it's good enough for her it's good enough for me but over the next 3 years he asked that same question 2 more times mommy why did we go to church on Sunday when the commandment says the 7th day sabbath got the same answer when that young man was 11 years of age is very dear and consecrated mom passed away and the night after her funeral he asked that same question to his grandmother and to his aunt why do I go to church on Sunday when the commandments as the 7th day is the Sabbath and they said Danny we're not going to tell you your mother was buried today. And I was upset I said I'm not going to go to bed until you tell me and so they opened their Bibles they were 7th Day Adventists Christians. And they could have lost me there but they decided we're going to open the Bible and all they did was from their heart I knew they loved me they could get away with this I knew they loved me and I needed love from Genesis to Revelation they gave the most wonderful one and a half hour Bible study on the Sabbath being the 7th day of the week I've ever heard nor my life I wish had been recorded they just went from one scripture to the next to the next and I listened in throng I was convinced right then and there the 7th day really was the Sabbath even though I'd gone to church every Sunday of my life and you know as we hand out the decision card tonight. We have to pretend a little bit right but. I want to invite you now as we go through these 4 points on that card the 1st one is I understand from the Bible but the 7th day is the Sabbath. The next one is because I love Jesus I would like to keep that something a Sabbath which is Saturday and the 3rd point on the card is I would like more information and the 4th I'm going to ask you for is just simply write your name and your address there your phone number will get back with you may want to check that Lask were actually says I would like more information and so the panel usual beep usually will be playing and we've asked people at this point for a decision on a card and they make that decision and that's what we do and that's the that's the hand out that you have in in some detail. There's other things that are on here that. Will be valuable to use course getting back to our presentation rhetorical triangle you can read that you want credibility you want to know your message that's the logos the logic the word pesos that's your appeal it's all very important Ok while I'm gone make sure I had time for that do you have any questions about the appeal itself. Yes and. I'm glad you brought that up that's the advantage of a card appeal was specially if you're not giving a card appeal I would urge you to write out every single thing. Of that you want to say and verbal e read I've read my appeals dribbly read that appeal and make sure that it's very clear what you're asking them to do and in my pillow I'm asking them to put a check mark down if they're willing to say I believe the Bible teaches the 7th they've Sabbath and I would like to keep that day holy you know that's very direct and I usually read I always read through that card twice so that people will know what they're responding to and it's not the last time we'll go over that distinctive truth we have another appeal I'll share tomorrow on the change of the Sabbath there's more to the story but we have all these appeals that need to be clearly defined Good point there are no other. Well let me go back to you Steve maybe it was your number what you were going to ask a little earlier. That tedious Yes Ok. Well. Well tedious would be long lasting it just goes on and on that's what Ellen White was referring to there she was making an appeal that we don't over preacher selves to the point of you know the people are getting weary and I've heard prayers you probably have to well meaning and wonderful people good Christian people their prayers their public prayers go on for 5 minutes that's too long it's not it's not necessary. When it. Is or. Yes I had a 2 word prayer is I was going 40 mph toward a head on collision. It was Jesus $83.00 words Jesus saved me like that that's all I had time to say Jesus save me it was not a meaningful prayer Yes no I could have gone on I was there was no one else to talk or you know no one else was in the vehicle praise God but it was a very short but very heartfelt prayer it was in the Lord did say to me yes we. Are. You know. It can be a general appeal it doesn't have to be a card appear I have appeals were I just ask people to raise their hand but as a pastor I'm going to be looking out I'm going to have someone station I'm going to say Austin you're the deacon in my church you start you probably were back in the day but anyway you look over the crowd and you see that a hand raised up I want to know I may miss the hand maybe Mervin is raised his hand maybe he wants to accept Christ and so you know we're going to we're going to track that in the next week follow it up followed it up with a visit a very general peel raising the handstand ing up you know these are all indicators as you give Appeals be consistent because people in your audience will begin to expect that it will be a reason for them to invite people to church and by the way that will make you more of an evangelist and you won't be when you do preach about the Sabbath even the mark of the beast you'll have some credibility and you'll have people coming your church already that love you and you visited in their homes and so forth let me tell you something about appeals in the home we have found in evangelism that if we can get into a home 5 times maybe I can tell you more about this later on this week the the percentage of yes toward baptism goes up way high. The war invitations a person hears in a more compact timeframe that's the goodness of public evangelism the more that appeal is going to make a difference and you need public evangelism every so often because the Lord in the spirit of been working on a number of people and they get it once a week on Sabbath maybe twice a week of they come to prayer meeting but they're there maybe they're getting Bible studies maybe they are not but in the course of about 6 weeks if they come steady through a series of meetings they can respond and respond and respond again and again and again and it makes them ripe for the Holy Spirit to work upon their heart and so a public evangelism is very crucial in that way and that's as good a reason as I can think of Republican vandalism because these people they have a concentrated overview but as you preach preach Christ you see all year long if you're giving a pill every week you can have some foundational salvation sermons that anybody could agree with now I'm not saying preach baptise sermons in an administrator's we need ads in a sermon in an administrator's But but we can preach the messages that are not so hard hitting concentrated as like the Mark of the beast and you can prepare those people for for later you have a year to work with them you can think hey we're going to start giving appeals every week and church we don't have to wait for September 23 and Jesus on prophecy into a so someone has also 10. Yeah. It was. Working well I would need to know more about the particulars there but I would say sometimes we err and we don't combine personally evangelism with public Angeles and Ellen White said our efforts have only begun in the pulpit we need to get into the homes and we need to be personable with people and it doesn't matter to me if a person makes a decision for Jesus in the public auditorium or church or in the privacy of their home but my question would be have have those people been visited Are they part of a small group or are they part of a regular Bible study do they have friends within the church are they part of a Sabbath school class or or are they just coming maybe in they've been hearing messages maybe they haven't been followed up we call visitation in the home follow up it's very important we get to the home every week. I remember when I was working with you guys over and Howland there was someone. I wish I could remember the name and 5 years ago already but Pastor hall and I got into this his home every single week and he was baptized it was about ties immediately but within the course of the next few months he was baptized. But but he was getting visited all the time in he was not easy sell so to speak but he needed that personal touch. They weaken jibber jabber rah rah I'm the one we can figure out the name there but anyway Dan. Said. All of that. I wanted to give you. Yeah I did yes. Yes Wow she did all of. The Here's what it would border past. Go back to court. Or. Yes he. So was about this. That. There's a value to him knowing why and if you sense that she's your friend and she knows that you're. A friend a Christian friend you can ask that question you've got the credibility go ahead and ask it in the context of leading or towards decisions then you'll know what to pray about you will know how to manage that visitation week by week there is someone that we're working with right now on a personal basis they understand we found out much of what we believe as a people they believe in understand most of it not that we will short change them on that but you know. We also know what the issue is so we're going to go to the issue and we're going to start studying about that issue recently I asked to another gentleman I've been on a number of personal bible studies going and I presume that this person if they understood from the Bible this particular issue that's a pretty big issue with us as a people I presumed with this person going to church that they understood that I took it for granted I finally figured out the Spirit spoke to my mind and said you know what this person may not believe what the Bible says about that I asked them I asked them I said it in this way I said I sense and that's a key word in giving an appeal and you'll hear Mark Finley say that if you haven't noticed in the past they'll say do you sense the spirit of God leading you or whatever so I said I sense that you would really appreciate a Bible study on this particular topic and he said I would I really don't understand what the Bible says about it. I've went back there it was a 2 week delay because I had to be in Colorado for a while I went back in 2 weeks in his heart was completely different about what the Bible said for the 1st time that individual said to me I believe God wants me to do this and we didn't even have the 1st bible study that he just knew it was coming up. We prayed about it in you can believe he started praying about it 1st time he ever said you know I believe this is what God wants me to do not what Dan wants him to do this is what God wants me to do so there's a science to this in it goes on and on and remember the 1st picture we had from x. I think was acts of the Apostles but see I think was gospel workers. I'm not mistaken it wasn't now was on the screen but wasn't in your notes will always have to ask Jesus was have to ask Jesus help in learning how to deal with minds. Well our time is up I'm going to have prayer and then if you want to stay by for longer That's fine Ok let's power has we pray Father in heaven we want to thank you again that we could be here today Lord there is so much in yet we pray for the Holy Spirit to teach us what we need to know to give us a sense of how we can be better so winners how we can be better presenters better Christian orators I pray Lord it will be within our hearts. To make good appeals as our heads are about as our eyes are closed I want to ask again how many here would sincerely say Lord we're going to ask you to raise your hand make me a sole winner with the Purple Heart We raise your hands that's were you out with G.'s in. Thank you Lord every possible opportunity helps to give appeals personal and public help astri always respond to your Holy Spirit leading in our line in Jesus' name. 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