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How Prophetic Preaching Touches the Heart - Part 3

Daniel Towar


Daniel Towar

Evangelist, Michigan Conference




  • June 19, 2019
    12:15 PM
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Father in heaven we want to thank you today for Jesus thank you for the power of the appeal many of us are here because we heard a gospel a pill a presentation there was a preacher somewhere we heard them on a Sabbath morning maybe it was during an evangelistic crusade like it was for me and we made a decision we came forward we raised her hand we stood maybe it was as recently as last night as elder family again gave an excellent appeal in Father we want to serve you with all of our heart with all of our soul with all of our mind we pray that your blessing will be in this class today and we pray in Jesus' saving name Amen Ok so. Who preached powerful biblical appeals and we're going to find out there is a theology about appeals within the Bible. You might wonder well who wants that there are many that did we've had an excellent. Appeal seminar here at Camp meeting and it was been taught night by night by elder Finley and on Sabbath morning can you say amen. He is I believe personally that is just my opinion I told you not to say that right you don't say that in a sermon. But I believe that it's Ok to say I believe by the way while you're preaching if you want to make a point in a good and positive way when you say I believe that's good but if you say in my opinion that that doesn't carry any water Ok. And don't say Ok after your sentences either. Ah. I won't say the next word. So he's been giving an excellent appeal someone are because he's been doing this night by night how many of you for Heard elder Findling most everybody it's worthwhile being there again tonight because you'll here believe me it says 5th and I are 5th out of 5 presentations and you won't want to miss it if you can't be there listen in on the radio get the. Tape it's not a tape anymore I believe you can download all these digitally if I if I understand correctly from campaigning this year the so that's really neat. At the a.b.c. this class I hear is at the a.b.c. every appeal is sowing seed elder family talk with us this morning he said I'm going to give you a 1000000 dollar. Tip He said All you have to do is find 1000000 Dollar Bill crossing the street in front of you if there was such a thing you pick it up you knew you'd be an instant millionaire and he said for some of you here this will be worth more than a $1000000.00 He said you need to sow seeds to be successful evangelists Secondly he said only God can grow the seed. And he gives you results in proportion to how much cd you have sown he can't bless something that you haven't sown Doesn't that make sense so so the cd is far and wide as many different ways as you possibly can and then pray earnestly and let God grow the seed and and God will bless what you sow and he blesses stretches that are active and he has this is mine now but he has his angels and His Holy Spirit and He blesses people that work for him sometimes you'll saw a lot of seed but there's other see that God is aware of and he will bring people who didn't receive the handbill he will bring people who've been thinking about this for years I talked with the young man I told you the story yesterday going to the early morning meeting together the Lord was working on his heart for a long long time there is there's a seat right here for the a student come right over here older I was looking for and I thought. All good. Is has the guaranteed a here I know about her and see you can sit right there think you. So so the seed what God grow the seed God blesses in proportion to the I'm on a cd of so and. That will guarantee you a lot of interests in various stages of growth so so 3 points isn't easy and there will be people in various stages of growth all the time if you do enough sewing and praying and trusting in God and you keep having an evangelism calendar you will win many souls I'll tell you something else a secret I love to pick up secrets from people you know what the families do at their church Living Hope Church in Virginia Every Monday they have a health class for their community and that's a tall order I know but every If you invest big in Dream Big you're going to reap big so every Monday and I know it's a preaching class and I'm preaching Ok this is my appeal to you today Every Monday they have a health class every Tuesday they have a Bible study class for the community they advertise it every Wednesday they have prayer meeting every Thursday if they have any business of the church or not every Thursday but they reserved Thursday for board meetings or business meetings something like that and on Sabbath morning they come early and they pray Joe you might know about that you've been there living hope Ok but I believe that Sabbath morning they pray early that the Holy Spirit will be there that that Sabbath is not great and they have a burden for for their community you know. Right now. You know it's it's grown exponentially but really when you think about it those are the secrets and that's what they're doing and I know evangelism works because we've always had evangelism as a pastor and I've never been in a place where we're going to baptize souls from evangelism and I've had about 125 meetings myself so. Some things to think of. When you going to the meetings and if you really want to good seminar to go to Finley's meeting every appeal is selling see every appeal in the Lord grows the seed every time an appeals responded to so people's need to be made in another burden I said the last couple days I guess I'll just keep saying it again because I hope someone here will take an interest in this and I'm hoping someone who is listening where is that recording device I know it's around here somewhere everyone who is listening where is it. Oh yeah Ok. Everyone who is listening Listen to this there is 184 churches in Michigan right. You maybe didn't know that but this 184 churches I'm the one that's nervous Pray For Me 184 churches how many weeks in a year you'd better help me out Ok 52 and that is not an 1568 what does that mean I believe that every church every week should have some kind of an appeal you don't want the same appeal every week on the same subject matter you don't want to use the same way your race your hand every week or where you stand every week or we come forward as an altar call every week there's 7 different kinds of appeals but if every week whether it's the pastor or you. If you would have an appeal in your church every week and only one person in each Michigan church on average every week was to make a decision for Jesus or decision for the truth of some kind of what we believe or decision to be baptized or to be part of the remnant church would that be wonderful so I'm going to say it again I'm just impressed to say that I believe we ought to be making a pills do you really realize that's one of the secrets of a growing church is not only preaching but making him pills you really haven't preached well unless you do make an appeal and I believe that was. You can say you can ask questions but I would rather we hold them to later. That make you feel Ok in if one half in this is not your notes signify that you can write it down if one half the sermonizing were done and double the amount of personal labor given in their homes and in congregations a result would be seen that would be surprising that from the book evangelism you know I've read this soul many times and in preparation for this class I read it like I've never read it before that is personal labor given in their homes and in congregations it's like I'd never read those 3 words before and in congregations some people you can't get in their home. Oh yeah we have it here yes so there it is. In some people they're not going to respond from the sermon itself. But if you know they're there and you know they're a visitor you go to the home sermonizing preaching only is not the secret although people come for good preaching more than for any other single reason to a church and you're probably among them Page 433 For years I've been shown the house to house laborers the work the work that will make the preaching of the word a success if in my preaching I can get into a visitors home 5 times the chances that they'll make a positive decision like the man from Holland I was talking about yesterday just one of many examples I could use we were in his home every week every week he was listening but are visiting with subsidizing what I was preaching and he's baptized today and it happens over and over again if you can't get in the home the chances of a baptism of positive decision go down high and. Hey here's Yes Well we'll get you whatever we can and I'm not using this chair so you can where would you want to sit. You won't be in anybody's way will make sure of is when. We're out of the hand us but I know I know all about you know what will get you to in fact I have you can have or you do well I have a hand out here I can get to you later too. Ok all of this when we think about preaching when we think about getting appeals some of your appeals will be in the home some of your appeals will be personal work some of your appeals will be insured on sadness or maybe at the Jesus on prophecy series. And in your personal labor just you never know but you can make an appeal just by your smile one day a pastor and his wife were invited to go out to eat in the Atlanta Georgia area and to meet friends at a very nice restaurant and so they had to leave the church parking lot where their church was located and on the other side of the parking lot they saw in emergency situation there was a man on the ground and he was in need of an ambulance so the pastor's wife ran back into the church to call the the ambulance a must win sometime ago because you don't have to run anywhere these days right if you know where your stuff is you know you have got it right on you right on the cell phone and so she ran back into the church she dialed the 911 number she came back and her husband was kneeling over this man who was suffering from a heart condition and he was saying to him Sir we have called 911 and the ambulance is on the way and he was a pastor in the man lying there was saying Charlie looking at the pastor Charley please forgive me and the pastor didn't know who Charlie was he said sir my name is Sam. Ambulance is on the way in in the man on the ground he's kept saying Charlie please forgive me. And. So after a while they realize this man in His wife was there she was she was distraught and she was describing his condition and they soon realize that they ambulance didn't get there soon and even if it did he was likely not going to going to survive and he kept saying Charlie please forgive me and so the pastor you can kneels down beside him and he says I do forgive you your forgive I forgive you those are the last words that dying man ever heard you're forgiven I forgive you in the pastor said to his pastor friend when they got to the place where they were going to me he said I do the right thing this man wanted to be forgiven he wanted Charlie to forgive and I'm not Sharlee So what right did I have to forgive a man who sits in Sharlee East place but that appeal for forgiveness Have you ever made your appeals to God that appeal for forgiveness. Met met with a listening ear it wasn't Charlie's ear it was a pastor's name Sam who said You're forgiven we're not going to get in theology whether do the right thing or none but that man was making up an appeal. His wife later said to Pastor Sam you see my husband and our son Charlie were they went through a time of trouble and they haven't spoke for many many years and he's missed his boy. And he's been pleading for his forgiveness for a long time when we give an appeal it gives someone out there an opportunity to respond in know that they have hope now I wish that dying man had had that opportunity to take his burden to the Lord in the pastor did I think everything and he thing and probably and all that he could do in that situation he's shared forgiveness with that dying man appeals are wonderful because they can make things right that's why people cry when they come forward because it's a sense of relief that's why I call upon the church members to also check those boxes when I hand out appeal cards or to raise their hands like everybody else to tell you the honest truth that's why I do it myself because this pastor needs to hear the appeals that I myself I'm preaching I need Jesus and there are days when I preach that I feel I need him more than anybody else when I was putting the material together for these 2 pages I was holding back the tears even though I'd done 4 years of research on these very subjects to put into a school lastic book and even though I had gone into a magazine that you have in your hands all of you either yesterday or today found another copy be you know what it touched my heart to think that God could save a person like me and that's what that dying man needed he needed to know that God could save a person like him. Some guts to this message to the heathen. In following the recipe for a great sermon and this is in your notes I believe from yesterday I'm sneaking it in for today we're sort of mixing our recipes today have you ever done that how many ladies of ever mixed your recipes from Ok You know what I'm talking about you follow this for a great sermon explanation this is the real heart of the sermon so look on yesterday's notes I think you'll find it we're comparing a sermon to that great cookie recipe Ok this I got this off of. A religious journal called influence magazine we want to influence people. A great sermon is like a cookie recipe the explanation is the part of the sermon that is like the flower the flower it's like the heart of the sermon what your sermons about the application those very important it's not just facts people need something they can hold on to and that they can learn from and that is the application the application part of the sermon is where they learn how to apply what you have taught it's like the eggs in the butter no we may be vegan but the illustration holds together because you know eggs and butter in a normal recipe you can put egg replacer in there for the illustration you can do that if you want maybe flex right ride up the flaxseed throw that in there we get the idea the application holds that sermon together gives it meaning and illustration illustration is like the carob chips. And the cane sugar the sugar and chocolate it's there but it is the final ingredient Greta it's the one pastors and others struggle with the most but it is it is the one that contains It's like the hook they say here it makes that cookie recipe you want to come back for more. It's not only been applied to your life but now it is something that is appealing in appeals need to be appealing Amen I love appeals love that part of Finley's messages the best and we've been talking about prophetic preaching prophetic preaching brings a strong persuasive element into the appeal. Bradford c. e. Bradford brought this out and he was quoting another scholar who said the future in secular theology that's what we sometimes called Call humanism Have you heard of humanism there's a lot of secular theology out there. That doesn't have a lot to do with the Bible but the future in secular theology is reached by a process of the world's becoming the idea is the world's going to get better just be patient we're going to get better we're going to we're going to make it through this the world is going to become it's a process of the world's becoming That's the secular humanistic view. If you don't have Jesus that's a pretty good view to have I mean that's that's all you can hope for somehow someway by some kind of a. What would you call it a miracle there's no miracles without God either but it's a desperate hope that something right what happened at last the world will finally figure it out but the future in Christian eschatology and we believe we're living in the end times arrives by the coming of God's Kingdom the one is a becoming the world trying to become individuals trying to become in their own strength the other a coming the coming of Jesus and without a belief in the coming of God's Kingdom preaching appeals would be there's a line to fill in your census so there is no need to preach any of pills any longer if we don't believe Jesus is coming I believe Jesus is coming how many here believe that they meant that's over here. The 1st appeal in scripture was Genesis 2 and the Lord commanded the man saying Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat nor shout for in the day that you eat of it usual surely die the 1st element of this appeal is truth directly set forth the appeal dearly or clearly excuse scuse me clearly set forth the consequences and appeal will suffer forth the consequences you can eat freely from every tree of the garden that's wonderful news every tree yes every tree but if you eat of this one you will surely die that's the consequences. Appeal set forth the good and the bad then the Lord God took the man put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it and the Lord commanded the man saying Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat but of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat from the day that you eat of it you shall surely die that's an appeal now we go to the story of Cain and Abel in Genesis chapter 4 and before there is a killing in that story the Lord makes an appeal to King he says why is your countenance fallen and if you do good isn't that good and if you do bad there's consequences good and bad and unfortunately Cain shows another way appeals give people a point of decision and we know the rest of the sad story of Cain's life but Appeals will bring people to decision it's our responsibility as preachers of the Word of God to bring people to that kind of decision to give them that opportunity it's an opportunity that they can take between God and them it's about their relationship with God and it's a very important one and we don't want to we don't want to neglect that Genesis not teen as a direct and anxious appeal from 2 angels who had appeared with the Lord when they came to Abraham's tense in chapter 18 this chapter links the role of Abraham's prayers and appeals to God with the role of the angels who are sent to appeal to a lot it is clear that effective appeals are so shaded with much prayer we need to take time to write these appeals and we need to take time to pray about it because it takes some nerve to give an opinion. And this is another secret tell me what you think Abraham wilt thou destroy the righteous with the wicked he was giving an appeal to God Peradventure there be 50 then 454-030-2016 different appeals to God in those 10 verses of Genesis 18. So shouldn't we be praying earnestly Emma shouldn't we be. Dreaming big dreams and being in connection with God and on Arnesen asking God for Souls was Abraham asking for souls yes he was. That city the cities were destroyed but by the grace of God even though there were not 10 there were 3 that were saved out of the destruction just 3 but 3 were say and Abraham's prayers sent these angels to lot and he was saved and his daughters were say at least out of the destruction of the 3 courses wife was there to initially there were 4 then 3 and we know unfortunately the history of the more by it's an Abba Knights issued from that story as well but 1st Peter I believe it is talks about righteous lot usually that Peter talks about righteous lot and there's not a lot to say about lot in the book of Genesis that's very flattering but we're going to meet him in the kingdom of heaven thanks to the prayers of Abraham Judah presented his appeals one of the longest appeals in the Bible. Judah goes before Joseph his younger brother and he says if you're if you're going to take Benjamin take me instead my wife for his who does that remind you of Jesus and what affected Jude his appeal have on the prime minister of Egypt he wept you know he wept it touched Joseph's heart he knew these brothers and mine these scoundrels that sold me into slavery 22 years ago no letters no e-mails no nothing sense no caring about May I'm not so sure that Joseph was thinking that way but if you know we might in similar circumstances that Joseph Hart Joseph had a soft heart and he was he was touched by Jude is appeal appeals show emotion and it reminds me of Jesus and how he decided to give his life for you and me come is a big word in evangelist appeals I would like to encourage you for the sake of just being inspired to listen to the appeals a Billy Graham you can find of course on You Tube you can find them on Billy Graham orgy there's a section there on classic the archives of classic Billy Graham t.v. programs from a number of years ago in the thrilling part about that was the appeal now they're very very similar every time you hear Billy give an appeal. But every single time it came from his heart you knew that man was an earnest but he knew what worked I'm saying make your appeal similar enough and if you've heard elder Finley they're very similar but the story will be different but he uses the same kind of a down to call approach and you can get very good at giving an appeal just by knowing by writing a new story and following the same kind of procedure whether you're asking a person to raise their hand stand bother had in silence or if they're erast in them to come forward I believe there's a number of you that are going to do this I believe that's why you're here in so you can become proficient and you can listen to those appeals you can you can skip through the sermon if you want to it's usually about 25 minutes in length and by the way that was impressive to me I know it wasn't an admin a speech or and I know we have more materials and we have more flour if you please and more of the the butter and in things like that in our sermons we ought to we're some stay Agnus we have to stick to the Bible truths but nonetheless he knew how to craft a sermon in given 25 to 30 minutes and that's amazing to me made talk I'm sure the appeal and so so listen to to those appeals listen to Mark Finley put bring him up on on You Tube to give all of Elder Finley's materials listen to him here take note record him with your i Phone and you know and go back to that you've also can give appeals like that in and Billy out what got me going on on that and that was a plan was Isaiah has the words come God uses the word come in let us reason together says the Lord. And if your sins are scarlet they should be as white as snow as the red like crimson they shall be his wool so he always makes it as appealing as he can he has this word picture and he says Come come to me Jesus at all who labor in a heavy laden the appeal in preaching is commonly seen as the conclusion but for I say of the prophet he weaved his appeal into the message from the start and that's a wonderful secret too you can get up and say you can actually tell people in that get them thinking. At the conclusion of my sermon today I'm going to give you an opportunity to respond I'm going to have an opinion we're going to give you the opportunity come forward or we're going to fill out a card we're going to raise your hand or hand we're going to sing a song we're going to you know you can tell me you can you can let them be thinking about that during the whole course of your sermon if you choose I sometimes do that I don't always I very how I give my appeals God's intense emotion is seen in the book of Jeremiah God hurts when he remembers Israel's love in their youth for him God brings out when you were young we were in love I remember those days are long for those days God says to Israel I miss your law I miss you he's a lonely guy in appeals are emotional because God is emotional so don't worry about you know sometimes people think that is an appeal manipulation No it is not you didn't go up the aisle to get married out of manipulation I would hope. You went up to up that aisle because at that time whatever happened to your marriage on that marriage day it was it was I hope and pray one of the happiest days of your life and God is emotional about us because He loves us preaching for decision requires decided preaching there must be a lofty in my purpose in the preacher's own mind a purpose that actually it's him the preacher is on a mission of salvation he is after souls after conviction after decision it is in such preaching as this that God makes his ministers a flaming fire famous evidence of Angelus from a couple 3 generations ago Carlisle Hanes give you another secret I said yesterday that appeals in of Angeles stick public evangelist experience have a special power because you've you give people a number of opportunities to make decisions I do not believe that every sermon should call people forward to the front obviously and I like to I wait for a number of meetings before I ever do that because I don't know the people they don't know me and I want them to have a level of confidence and killing good about being there before I go to that but appeals can be very appealing elder Finlay we know Him He knows us so to speak he can do that you know with a crowd of this size a little sooner but ally should become sick with the illness of which he was going to die and as you read this I want you know this is not your notes I want you to consider this biblical. Truth I've come to believe there's a real truth here enjoy ash the king came to him he wept over him I'm going to take time to read these verses 2nd Kings Chapter 13 correct preach this quite often look at 14 through 19 in your Bible and so this is the way it goes in verse 15. To the King to Joel ash take a bow and arrow so he took a bone Errol's then he said to the king verse 16 put your hand on the bow and he put his hand on it then a lie chalets his hands on the king's hands he said Open the window toward the east he opened it and then a license said shoot and he shot and he said the Lord's arrow a victory even the arrow of victory over Aram for you will defeat the air may. As a fact until you have destroyed them then he said take the arrows and he took them and he said to the king of Israel strike the ground and he struck it how many times 3 times no this is what is somewhat of a surprise so the man of God were in verse 19 was angry with him and said You should have struck the ground how many times 5 or 6 times then you would have struck am until they were destroyed but now you shal strike only 3 times what does that mean don't give up giving a pew us when you invite people keep on inviting when you give decisions or one a pastor or an elder you guys are preaching on Sabbaths don't forgive don't forget to give that appear you keep on giving. And it's with consistency that you will have success as c.t. Brooks said what if no one because he was asked so I'm sure what if no one responds well maybe everybody saved but the people that are saved they're going to start bringing other people that are out that are not saved Amen and they're going to start catching a vision this church is about growth and people that come here are going to have an opportunity to accept Jesus are going to have an opportunity to accept Bible truth we have found out through personal observation that if a person is invited to an evangelistic series 5 or 6 times the the chances of them actually coming just increase exponentially and if a person is willing to keep on giving appeals that will increase as well in this is from prophets and kings on that very story and Ellen White said the lesson is for all in positions of trust when God opens the way for an accomplishment of a certain work and gives assurance of success like he did to the king there through the prophet the chosen instrumentality must do all in his power to bring about the promised result in proportion to the enthusiasm and perseverance with which the work is carried forward will be watched this success given such workers will find no task to arduous no prospect to hopeless they will labor on undaunted until apparent to fee is turned into victory. And same page as well he calls for men will say women as well amount of devotion to his work min of moral courage with ardent love for souls and with zeal that never flags. So another example of consistency the Lord said to naman Go wash in the river how many times 7 times could God have washed away the leprosy after one time could he just couldn't lie should just like Name an expected would happen wave his hand over him and he would be healed of leprosy sure but you know Sometimes God allows us to go through the depths so that we become dependent upon him David carried 5 stones he was going to give some appeals of another support he he was ready for what he was for what God would have him do and when you give appeals it's like knocking out the enemy it sends I think it sends Satan into some kind of fright is what I think happens Jonah he preached a message of repentance Jesus out of him the people of Nineveh will stand up against this generation on Judgment Day and condemn it for they what did the Ninevites do they repented of their sins at the preaching of appeals by Joan of the Prophet right now someone greater than Jonah is here but you refuse to reap. So if someone doesn't repent and you give an appeal remember the best preacher of all time Jesus Christ gave many appeals and sometimes too often his heart was broken because no one responded. He said someone greater than Jonah is here Ninevites the Ninevites 120000 greatest evangelist effort on record by number for sure they responded they repented that city was saved at least for a time but Jesus said I'm here and that sea will rise up to condemn you because they repented but you refuse. But we have to keep on giving the appearance if one word would describe John the Baptist's it would be Repent repent for the king of heavens at hand it would also describe Jesus and Jesus in his appeals he said Follow me is that an appeal he said repent and believe the gospel he used the word come included all our appeals are for everybody there across the board you might think on a Sabbath morning already an evangelist ex-urban us everybody here is saved how do you know maybe you're the one that needs to be sacked you know I've made recommitment Smitty may times I know the famous of Angelus he said the Lord in order to save me made me an evangelist you know he couldn't save me any other way so he made me a preacher and I thought what really you know is a lot of truth to that and whatever you do the greatest appeal of all time is the appeal of the cross the cross still touches hearts the cross meets people where there are a. Number of years ago the dear friend of ours. The son of our conference of Banjul Sue Michigan you may be you may remember the story it occurred 21 years ago in May is son Daniel was electrocuted and Stephen Conny were left heartbroken. And at that young man's funeral our daughter Melanie was asked to sing a song Take Me To The cross the story of a little girl lost in or a young boy lost in London and his daddy or her daddy had told them that if you're ever lost our home is right if you go by the way of the cross on the top of that steeple and said Just say to whoever you find Take me to the cross and I can find my way home just take me to the cross and I'll find my way home I know my way from the cross maybe you sense in your heart just now that need you need to find your way back to the cross maybe you're sensing a new desire to be able to share with someone about the love of Jesus in a new and a living way and you and you believe that that's through the cross and experience with Christ through the cross maybe you yourself today would like to give your heart to Jesus a new a rededication maybe for the 1st time I don't know what you like you love Jesus and you would say just Lord just now please take me to the cross that's a pretty heart let's power heads together as we pray Father in Heaven you have appealed to our hearts today through bible examples of powerful P.O.'s the prophets in John the Baptist's in our Lord Jesus Christ and we could go on we could say the Apostle Paul the apostle James. There's so many different examples all throughout the Bible you've been appealing to our hearts and today we think of that little girl or boy that was lost in downtown London and when they were found they said please just take me to the cross it's high upon the steeple the cross were Jesus died for all the people and we want to respond to that is our heads are bound in prayer and we pray Lord that you would make us servants of yours that would bring people in tell people about the cross in the wonderful love of our Lord in Jesus name we pray in. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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