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How Prophetic Preaching Touches the Heart - Part 6

Daniel Towar


Daniel Towar

Evangelist, Michigan Conference




  • June 21, 2019
    10:30 AM
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Father in heaven we want to thank you for the gift of giving appeal's invitations to make decisions for Jesus we pray for your Holy Spirit today and we want to thank you for all your bluster class throughout this week thank you again for being with us today we pray in Jesus' name and. Only give a shit if you would come again. When I thought of someone who would give a stirring appeal or message about an appeal I thought of you and I'm glad you could join us so we're going to give you 510 minutes at the Max are you. Let me tell you did you leave after you come talk about us it was of that invitation be in what's right just peels is not something that I'm particularly good at and I have learned to fake it and I will tell you more about what not to do in my testimony than what to do Ok Well hopefully you'll learn what to do from what not Ok. One of the things you'll notice and if you've ever listen to the sermons I preach anything I typically end with this question Did our presentation tonight make sense was it clear now why do I like that particular appeal. Well yes I want to know if they did understand the message right I have yet to have anyone say like no. Object to it right it's easy it's good for everybody and and if you've done if you've got a decent presentation of thought that leads this leads to this therefore this right and if you presented it without stammering and studying and you've had a good personable you know connection with the people when you get to the end it should make sense just like it did on paper right and so yeah it's kind of a safe appeal right and it's good because you don't I've always been into oh you don't want to make that appeal and no one comes down front and no one stands up and no one raise their hand so this one sounds like and you can do it quietly friends tonight and everything make sense was it clear from God's word and you can give a more specific is it clear that the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God from Genesis to Revelation the Bible is consistent about this 4th Commandment obligation and will happen is Amen amen almost every hand will go up and I'm tempted in that moment to say amen let's power heads for prayer only say what's wrong with that appeal is that it's not inherently bad there's nothing immoral unethical about it but it's certainly let's say incomplete and let me illustrate that from a story in my life. It was the most can't say the most but it was the most personal appeal I've ever made was to my wife. Ok And when I when I decided to propose to my wife we I went to where she was in school at the time taking a masters degree in something and so I came up there and it was Valentine's Day I mean c'mon you know the jig is up and we knew we were going to get married some point but I didn't tell her when or where I wanted to be have a little mystery to it right and and so while she went to school before she left I said look you get dressed up tonight you come back it's your homework done early because we're going out tonight. And we dressed up in a and washy went to class I went downtown and I prepared our evening date I went to the most expensive restaurant I could find last time we've ever done that. I was so frustrated we ordered this expensive or d'oeuvre and it had all these fancy names it was white beans on toast and I was like we eat that at home for $0.35 apiece you know it's like this is crazy whatever got the table reserved and made sure they could pronounce my last name and Oh good evening of Mr Devey should come on it was great and we sat at the table and she knew something was in the air right but I wanted to linger a little bit and so we were done with the meal had a good conversation of things and all right well it's time to go let's go and we got up and and she was a little confused expecting some sort of you know seen nothing happen that's And as we were headed out you know what before we head home let's make one stop along the way and she had to know she had to know it's come right and we get there the weather is perfect everything had a little speech prepared to have a gift for her and I got down on my knee and I I read to her this inscription I put in this beautiful Bible and and literally I was crying it was powerful right she was right for the picking right and this is what I said I said Emily I would be honored if you would be my wife awkward silence for and I was like Is this about to go south this is oh my goodness what it was about to happen here and she was she didn't run away or you think she was just standing there sweetly kind of. And then she kind of mumbled some sort of like yeah yeah Ok and I got up and then we. Like Ok hand in hand headed back to the car but I was look confused. And so when we got the car ask you did did that get weird where things just awkward there an assailant and you know as we drive away she told me this she said well you know technically you never actually asked me anything you just declared something you would like but you didn't invite me to and I said you're going to mess this up because of a technicality you know what I meant right and I said Fine and one of the way home is a fine Will you marry me she said yes the meekly we got engaged on the ride home it wasn't right but the issue was. We all knew it was coming it was right at the right time the right place the whole middle set and I even stated some things that we all agreed with but I never actually closed the deal with a specific call to action a specific will you respond to this yes or no right and an evangelist and I notice that I tend to hedge my bets the same way Does everyone understand is it clear do you see hands go up all over the place every non admin is the room sees the 7 days a 7 but you know that's not the appeal you need to make friends how many here tonight by God's grace are going to keep the 7th day sabbath this coming week for some of you might be your very 1st 7th day sabbath but by the grace of God you're going to commit tonight to being a Sabbath keeper according to the commandment I think of many hands are going to go up at a time everybody understood it but not everybody is ready commit to it and that's the appeal I find. Specific call to direct action is lacking in many of our peels but I think it's the very thing many people are waiting for they're standing there like like my wife just waiting for Ok asked me that and we just let the pitch sail by and we have to have the courage holy boldness say friends not only do you understand the message or you radio applied in message. How many tonight want to take the stand you know to say so I would encourage as you make appeals to yes clear that everything was made sense and make sure you're on the same page so the convincing part is taken care of and the Holy Spirit will take care of the convicting part they're going to see it applies to them but the conversion only comes when they choose who they will serve you need call for specific decisions in even if no one comes down your task is done I don't know if that helps or not but is that within our time for us praise the Lord praise the lord thank you so much Ok Well thank you I will give you a good critique on the why the when you meant praise God if you joy that we please. Please. Alright. Well it's very true I He was one thing about that story that I really appreciated. Is He was very vulnerable was a thing did you catch that I mean that was a very vulnerable I mean he opened himself up I mean you also bought of the very few people even know I guarantee you he has and he has a voice that very far very wide have you Ok well. Ok Ok Well Ok very good but you know generally speaking. And I got engaged in a car too. But I was I was cheaper we just went out to the beach and I just asked her I did have a car. I would have figured out a way. And there was a slight pause then Patsy said yes and then she started to cry and then I thought Oh. This last of 45 years as of last Sunday so. Since our wedding day. Ok but I think that it's important to realize the specific. Elder shin this morning he was very specific he said this is not a general appeal maybe you were there how many were there. There's a number of times I'll be very vulnerable vulnerable there's a number of times during my life as a pastor that I have felt the need to go forward in an altar call and I'm giving all to cause I'm I'm sharing with people I'm asking people to raise their hand asking people stand. This morning I went forward because I thought I need more power in my life and I want more of Jesus in my heart and you when he was specific about are you are you struggling with something in your life you know I've been struggling with with some things and that's between me and God If you're expecting you're going to get that you have to pay a lot more priest class in what you did. So we need to be vulnerable enough but sometimes I will tell you the honest truth I'm sure I am absolutely positive I'm not the only pastors ever felt that way but pastors tend to be immune to their own altar calls. And there are times I have gone forward at the time of my altar call and I haven't a nonstandard body I'm going forward to but I have stepped down off that platform and I join the people. And I think that as we read the Spirit of Prophecy she talks about the outpouring of the Spirit will come through prayer and through confession and making things right with people and we all go through times were forgot level honest at some point or the other that would be good for us and detoxing in our own personal life if we went forward and I did this morning. And so in emerging to 2. Yeah and I thought you know I need to do that for the sake of you know I want a closer relationship with God Just because I'm an ordained minister for many years doesn't make me immune and it doesn't mean that I don't have any struggles in life and so for what it's worth department being vulnerable in giving a call and being vulnerable in receiving a call is very important. And you have to have the Spirit of God touching your heart I'm going to go right into another altar call right now. Friends the sting of death the sin the strength of sin is the law but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ I read a story recently that just intrigued me it's about a boy who supposedly died in the year 2004 his name was Alex he was a 6 year old he had been involved in a horrific car accident that left him paralyzed and supposedly dead. Medically speaking it was unlikely he would ever survive I think Alex is gone to be with Jesus a friend told the stricken dad 2 months later Alex awoke from a coma with an incredible story to share of events at the accident scene and in the hospital while he was unconscious all of the angels that took him through the gates of heaven itself of the unearthly music the Sounded just terrible he reported the 6 year old boy and most amazing of all of meeting and talking to Jesus it was written there is a true story called The boy who came back from have been an ordinary boys most extraordinary journey after all he had gone to heaven or so they claim as you see Heaven on Earth throughout. You come away with new insights on miracles the books inside jacket says in the power of a father's love for John MacArthur who's quite famous even Jellicoe evangelists in his own right he said for anyone who truly believes the Biblical record that's what we want to believe tonight friends. We want to believe the Biblical record how many hands would like to say that much as we as we speak the see evening. Pastor MacArthur said it is impossible to resist the conclusion that these modern testimonies with their lists self focus and the relatively safe at attention they pay to the glory of God are simply untrue they're either figments of the human imagination such as dreams hallucinations false memories fantasies and in the worst cases deliberate lies or else they are products of demonic deception are we to NY going to believe that the dead or alive based on a 6 year old boy's heartfelt story that was published by Zondervan the boy who came back from heaven are we to believe a personal experience or will we go with what the Bible teaches what we're choice be tonight we've gone through the tax we've spent about 4045 minutes reviewing what the Bible says what Jesus said what Paul said what all these gospel writers said about death and they compared it to one they compared to a saloon it's biblical to believe what the Bible says it said of the brewery and believers these were more noble than those and facile Annika in that they received the word with already and it's a mine and they were willing to compare Scripture with Scripture as to whether these things were sold that they were being taught so this evening I want to also conclude this story Alex's story with his own personal testimony in this is what he said. These are in his words some time later. Please forgive the brevity but because of my limitations I have to keep the short I did not die I did not go to heaven I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me that it would get me attention when I made the claims that I did I had never read the Bible people have profited from lies and continue to they should read the Bible which is enough and imagine that the Bible is the only source of truth anything written by man cannot be infallible it is only through repentance of your sins and a belief in Jesus as the Son of God who died for your sense even though he committed none of his own so that you can be forgiven may you learn of heaven outside of what is written in the Bible not by reading a work of man I want the whole world to know that the Bible is sufficient those who market these materials must be called to repay that and hold the Bible as enough in Christ Alex well larking he wrote those words when he was about 1610 years after the event that nearly took his life. So are we going to go by the testimony as written in the book The boy who came back from heaven or would we be better off to go with the testimony of the Bible when it comes to what happens after a person dies now usually I'm going to and interject here and interrupt myself but at this point we usually have a card call for that I don't usually call people forward on a message about death and resurrection the card calls are important but I want to say this about card calls personally I believe that a card call loses some of its effectiveness if you use it every single night I know there are some who I respect very much who use a card call every night and if it works for them that is great I'll leave that between you and of the Lord leads you but I have found in 20 years of active evangelism Actually I always had one or 2 meetings here when I was a pastor so added up 43 years that sounds more impressive right 43 years of active evangelism which is true I have found that I don't need a card call every single night sometimes it's just a meditation prayer sometimes quietly as your head survive out raise your hand sometimes it can stand sometimes I can in in introduce a call into the heart of the message and they may not you may not even know so much that it is an appeal those are rare like hell or Finley's a few nights ago even. There to hear this appeal when you come back say was that an appeal or not but then you said it was imbedded in his message all throughout the message so people are thinking a thinking appeal if you please. But there is a variety so if you don't want to give the same appeal you don't want to give us a card every single night but I usually do for major this stink of beliefs when it comes to the true church they're apt to get an altar call sometimes when it comes to baptism they're apt to get an altar call but I keep the altar calls to the point where I've gained their confidence and they know who I am and I have a relationship with them and hopefully I've been in that in many of their houses or. You know I just want them to be as comfortable as they can with me before I'm the one calling them to come forward. I don't do that until they know who I am and they have a respect and credibility with me now Billy Graham can do that the 1st night of who say people know who he is and they respect him and so he decided I'm going I'm not going to waste a night and every single night he called people forward that was his means of appeals but he actually for 4 or 5 nights from the of be there for an entire series he just had people coming forward every night but I've seen Billy give appeals in other contexts like when he spoke at Harvard University and you know university or it may have been Princeton where he gave an appeal but he didn't ask those students who he did not know and who may not know him so well he did not ask them to come forward in an altar call. So you have to use a good Godly discretion in Mark Finley said it's very rare in fact he said he doesn't call people forward to the altar the 1st time they hear a distinctive message such as the Sabbath or the state of the dead so in that appeal on the stage of the dead now goes through step by step each check mark for them and I just wanted to emphasize that I do not give a card every night because I want to save the strength of that card in the substance of that card too. To the distinctive doctrines of the church Ok so I give one or 2 cards out a week and that's all and that's why it makes a lot of sense and that's what Mark Finley is taught and I when I read that I thought that makes a lot of sense but I was right in the same page as him anyway I was glad I was doing what he thought was maybe a better practice now something else appeals this is not your notes I started thinking I gave you some appeals from the different bible books for I thought there's an appeal in the Bible a couple pills that were given to God God has responded to appeals did you know that we usually we're always thinking God is giving the appeal and we are to respond to God subpoena him but in the Book of Exodus Chapter $32.00 in tutor for instance is 2 different stories Moses is appealing to God Now I do believe that it was the Holy Spirit that was speaking to Moses you already had the heart of Jesus to appeal to God the way he did but he appealed to God He said Lord this people have sent a great sin against you and in chapter 32 verse 32 the 2nd of those appeals he said Now if you will forgive them but he doesn't quite finish his thought he probably was crying. He said but if not. Me I pray the ot of your book that you. You have such a law for people that he could not bear as their leader to be in the kingdom with God Without his people he was right ready to be cast out with them. And God heard his prayers and says in the record of Exodus Chapter 32 God changed his mind it's speaking in human language you understand I believe that God was very pleased with Moses God had offered I'm going to make of you a great nation and instead of Moses picking that up and God could have done that Moses said no these are your people lord what will what will the nations say when they when they remember how you brought them out of Egypt and how they walked through the nihil and now they're going to hear that you have destroyed them may that never be a he was pulled and in talking with got in last night and I was going to research this. It's in testimonies not testimonies to ministers but special testimonies to pastors I think that is the name of the leaflet special testimonies to pastors by Ellen White she says something like this that the Lord is waiting for us to demand him to receive the Holy Spirit now that is a paraphrase but God is asking us to ask big things Amen. Ok So that was a type of an appeal in here's another type of an appeal and this is not you know it's either you're getting extra credit for coming on Friday. Appeals by way of object lessons and I turned on the lights today is that a little dollar up there is. That we're well that's better isn't it Louise you're on the archives appeals by way of opposite questions. This is embedded in the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 537 and Jesus talks about the lilies of the field how they so not new the Do they in the sparrows you know they're in God takes care of all of them here's another appeal. By Christ in the garden about 70 from the Book of Mark Chapter 14 Simon are you asleep could you not keep watch one hour keep watching and praying that you may not come into temptation the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak is that of a very effective a pew. He sucked any way but was the appeal was it because the pill was not good Did Jesus need to come to an appeals class like. No it's a very heart wrenching appeal is it not the stupor that was over. Peter in the disciples must have been very great indeed for him not to respond to that very effective appeal of our Lord and then Luke 22 verses 40 and 46 pray that you may not enter into temptation Why are you sleeping get up and pray that you may not enter into temptation. Now that just wasn't for the disciples it wasn't just good for the disciples I thought to myself if there was a $1000000.00 line that I could share with you today about appeals what would Jesus say to walk us I believe that his appeal to watch today would be pray that you may not enter into temptation. And one of that keep us if we would answer that appeal for me to flee what that keep us from entering into temptation many times I think it would you may say why are you sleeping get up Empress a this is that every day decision we make are we taking our devotional time I'll share my secret to for devotions I know that. Elder shin our Dr shin around the corner from us the hour before us maybe some of you were in this class I wish I could have been there I'm not sure what he said but I I think that more often it would be good for us to share what what's working for us and you might say Ok I'm going to try that when I became a 7th Day Adventists when the 1st things I did to keep my devotional life going even at 12 years of age was to study my Sabbath school lesson each and every day along the way i.e. lost that experience. They changed the junior guide and where they used to have just about a page a day for your Sabbath school study back in those days. They started congealing it into our condensing it into one or 2 pages for the whole week and I lost interest in so I began. To waver in my commitment to that. When I became a pastor I was a pastor in 4 churches then 3 churches and 2 churches so very rarely did I ever go to Sabbath school and so even though I did maintain a regular devotional life I'll tell you the got honest truth sometimes I'd skip a day here or there and the Lord a number of years ago now appealed to my heart and he gave me the picture that Junior boy who used to study his lesson every day and so for the last number of years quite a few years I have been studying my Sabbath school lesson each and every day I just make I have made that commitment to God and I I not only stop what I'm going to what I do when I study it is I open up my Bible to every single verse that week and I write out the answer to every single question in my quarterly in what that does is it keeps me regular and for you there might be something else that keeps you regular But the ward brought me back to my 1st love experience for my Sabbath school lesson and sure said that when Albert of Asia was here he's a Sabbath school director of this conference and wrote him about it though so whatever works for you stay close to God have a devotional life and from there I branched out to reading through my Bible underlining putting text together spirit or prophecy but this is not for sermon preparation of the Holy Spirit prepares my heart to preach good sermons because I've had a devotional experience with Jesus every day. And that's very important to me and I use the Sabbath school lesson too and I don't study through it for this week through the whole week in a hurry I go through section by section sometimes as half a section a day because I get lost in the text Sometimes I study more than one lesson a day but I study that lesson every day and it's unusual not to but even if I miss a day I don't miss my devotions or my prayer time and since I'm getting older or the Lord has made it so I don't sleep so well at night I mean he doesn't make about way I guess I don't know maybe it's a blessing getting older and so I have a lot of prayer time I'll be up in the middle of the night and I'll be praying that I'd love to do that at night in the Lord gives me ideas at night and very very beautiful this is from yesterday now this is from study guide number 5. When to make appeals and where appeals appealed I hope you have kept the folder we gave you earlier this week it's on the 2nd page of belief and you were asking me about it yesterday if you haven't invited you haven't preach if you haven't persuaded you haven't preached if you haven't begged you haven't preached that's being vulnerable you know you may have lectured let induct a bible study or presented an insightful exposition but to be a preacher is to be a police or a persuader. Beggar 2nd Christiane's chapter 5 comes to mind. Where ambassadors for Christ and we in on behalf of crisis were pleading with you we're begging now you accept him you know that that's what Paul saying that 2nd Corinthians 5 years 20. Or 800 through 20 so if you haven't invited you haven't preached if you haven't persuaded you have a preacher if you haven't begged you haven't prejudged. That would be yesterday it would it would have been blanks to fill in from yesterday number 5. This isn't resting story from the Book of John chapter 21 this isn't and you know it's either going to say wow this is but just say we're putting 6 lectures and 5 or 7 lectures into 6 Jesus said to them Come and have breakfast now none of the disciples dared ask him Who are you they knew it was the Lord what is one reason they knew it was the Lord just from that verse of alone. I gave you a hint I underline the word Come that's a prime example of an appeal word come follow me repent and be baptized there's always an invitation is maybe the biggest of all words when it comes to making an effective appeal the Apostle Paul said 2nd Timothy for verse to preach the Word and the king King Agrippa said you all most persuade me to be a Christian Agrippa was feeling persuaded he was feeling influence he was feeling the tug of the Holy Spirit upon his heart but unfortunately he did not respond but Paul did everything he could for that man and his conscience is clear and so give appeals you never know what someone needs at that day it might be a preacher there are men who do. We need a deeper experience there man. And that I think the Spirit of God works in a very special way it can't meeting there's more people praying in a smaller more congested area here than there will be praying Adventists any other time of this year the angels of God are here the Holy Spirit is here and you feel God tugging at your heart because there's a lot of people praying a lot of people been pranked of this meeting but there's something to that they knew it was the Lord they heard him say coming and I think that that moved upon their hearts they recognize the appeal in the word but they recognize the appeal in how he said come no one else could say the word come like Jesus did. I'm glad I go to camp meeting because I picked up something yesterday morning from of my good friend David Shannon this is what what he brought out from review in The Herald November 2 1886 so if you want to get that in your dinner you can get it here if the voice of Jesus is not heated at once. If big it becomes as you see it I touch it wrong is the voice of Jesus is not heated at once. Oh no hey I didn't type that right I didn't catch that it becomes confused in the mind with a multitude of other voices the world care and business engrossed the attention and conviction dies away this is continuing the thought the heart becomes the less impressive though and lapses into perilous on consciousness of the shortness of time and of the great eternity beyond. If the voice of Jesus is not heeded at once it becomes confused in the mind with a multitude of other voices the world care and business and grows the attention and conviction dies away the heart becomes less impressive all and lapses into perilous and consciousness of the shortness of time and of the great eternity beyond Winston Churchill said my most brilliant achievement was my billet he to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. Follows along the theme of the one of the themes of the day and one of the. Minor themes of the day at least. You remember in. So he didn't claim maybe that the separation of Europe was a brilliant achievement I think most so he was a brilliant leader but yes isn't it amazing those famous as he was he says it was my ability to persuade my wife to marry me and when I go back and you know really I believe the Lord. The Spirit of God was must been working in Patty's heart to for her to be able to say yes to me so love we give appeals because we love pastors give appeals because they love appeals are very emotional and never apologize for an emotional appeal it by the very just because it is that of an appeal it will be emotional and emotional appeals work this is again from even the world will agree emotion works. A lot of what business people discovered is emotion works you know scientists say whoa the the brain is just carrying along and basically it's 95 percent of the time in a non-thinking state. And so people are more susceptible to emotional appeals because their brains are an audio and supplemental state most of the time and then they said this business. Business Page said we need to realize the value of reaching our already audience on the emotional level as well as by logic and reasoning so you need logic you need reasoning appeals without logic and reasoning don't make much sense but it doesn't make much sense either to just have logic can reasoning without an appeal and for most of us as 7th Day Adventists we have a lot of logic we have a lot of reasoning we call people to think these kids aren't thinking that they're having a great time and they're all emotional out there you know but they're there no they're just saying about Swat each other with those stop for a while. But is that great about a kid and then they be like little children you know because they don't have a worry in the world they trust they trust so well and all while I love my kids and my grand kids but a 7th Day Adventists we tend to give the logic in the reasoning without an appeal and I'm just saying let's give more appeals. Like give some kind of an appeal all the time because I mean we've got a message here you know make sense and tie together get there get them relaxed with was a wonderful story of the beginning and give a heart appeal at the end and you can have in an embedded appeal in the middle somewhere but have some windows open up the windows a little bit let the fresh air in you know have a moment where you sit where you stand by and your sermon and pay to see those kids out there you know people have to relax a little bit as you're giving them think of how heavy it sometimes can be to hear the Seventh-Day Adventists message without having any light shed on it by in a Pew study how Jesus preached study how these bible how the Bible is written I was struggling with a Bible chapter as number something or other here recently and it's all about here's the tribe of Ruben and here's the sons of Reuben they be get Soandso and Soandso And these are all the warriors 20 years and older there were so many thousands of them of the tribe or Ruben then you go to the next tribe or might be a tribe of I don't know not leave I'm Ruben and then it was Simeon and it goes through the same words the same numbers and I think God is very specific he wants my name written there a man he knows everybody by name and he wants us to know that but I struggle reading through hundreds of names in a chapter of people I don't even know how to pronounce their names. But God has a colony wants you to be among those faithful written their name written in the book of life a mess by the way since I mentioned that have you seen the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington d.c. I have seen you know my daughter Heidi just moved over to our ham market and they drove into d.c. a couple weeks ago and she said the most profound place to be in Washington d.c. is that Vietnam War Memorial She said People stand there in silence and loved ones are finding their their loved one's name their dad their grandfather and there's flowers of people put there and she said it is a very sacred place in Washington in all it is you can see your reflection in the I believe it's in the granite the dark granite all it is. Is a bunch of names but people love to find and it's a heart wrenching experience if they've lost a loved one the 58000 or so that gave their life for their country their names are etched in stone she said you have to be there to experience. It was her duty. And. I don't I don't. Did you find it that way this is just a lot of names. I don't want to you know and I'm just I'm just trying to by saying just a bunch of names bring out a point when you read the bible passage in the book numbers I think it's Chapter 24 Chapter 26 something like that or if you go into Chronicles and you read those bunch of names just a bunch of games there not just a bunch of names to God He feels very very much personal about each and every name on that list. Weevils very person about your name and if you could put your name in the place of some of these genealogies or your name there he feel a lot different right now like I said yesterday in my my experience when I was 8 years of age someone asked me what does God call you you know I've been called Danny Danon Daniel and the one time I heard God speak to me when I was 8 years old I heard his voice and I know it well I was impressed at that very moment it was the voice of Jesus how do you know that then I just know and I know it saved my mother's like the day that he called me Daniel he calls us by name and he wants to. Have your name in the Lamb's Book of Life isn't that wonderful. If your goal in mind is not merely to inform about something be transformational don't just complain about something don't make the basis of your sermon complaining about the Catholics. Bring out the truth about all that would bring it out in a Christ centered way man be a living shamed agent your source of credibility is the Bible so keep the Bibles your source of credibility I'm going to skip on. But your objective is to persuade your audience let them know you care about them talk to your audience not at your audience I contact let them feel as though you are their friend and that you care about them and build credibility early and you do that by by heart stories stories that reach the heart in my reading in preparation for this over and over again I've read put your best. Best stuff 1st so that you have a credibility thereafter people will buy into you this is from desire of ages 254 into 55 Jesus washed with deep earnestness the changing countenances of his hearers the faces that express interest in pleasure gave him great satisfaction when his eye swept over the throng of listeners and he recognized among among them the faces he had seen before his countenance lighted up with joy he saw in them a hopeful subjects for his kingdom so Jesus would scan the audience and he was one who knew that body language said something 55 percent. Of what people receive is from body language your body language my body language and so I haven't mastered the you don't you don't stay in talk to your audience with arms folded are like this or point if it you know there are there is keys to body language in the tone of your voice 38 percent 7 percent of the information we receive is from what is said. But what I get from this 55 and 38 if you've got good body language in the tone of your voice is inviting in not condemning the Tory then you have a full package everything you say is going to carry a lot of weight because what you say is backed up by your body language and by your tone of voice and a lot of the reason people buy into that 7 percent of what you say what they remember is that you smiled that you were open that you were inviting in your language was such to be so even the tone of what you said so what you say is vitally important but how you say it the body language the medium by which it comes in in reaches everybody is just as important. So study body language and I'm not going to get into it here we run out of time but it's been suggested body language may account for between 50 and 70 percent of all communication. And so is some one size dilate that might mean a desired. If they're blinking back and forth that might mean hey they're understood to stress that there are uncomfortable. Learn to understand if someone's biting their lip They may be worried they may be anxious or under stress tightening the lips might be an indicator of distaste disapproval or distrust crossed arms defensive self protective their closed off this is what you'll notice is your speaking hands on the hips they're ready they're in control it may be a sign of aggressiveness or close posture they may indicate hostility and from this anxiety open posture indicates friendliness openness and willingness palms on the chest when a person uses open palms of occasionally touch of the chest they're signaling honesty. Palms up open hands defenses down and open heart open arms stay open in your presentation folded arms a defense mechanism that shows the person is not open to what is being said or done may indicate rejection physically cold or stubborn in their outlook hands closed or closed heart. So be aware they've combined some different attitudes here. Interested smile defensive have their ready to stand their ground you know. Someone may be unsecure they're not looking straight at you sort of like the side of you. Looking like that they were us where you think. So they're not too open impatient to leave it does the doesn't that doesn't a guy right there look like he's about. Her this before I'm about ready to get out of here doesn't that look like that are so not open to communicating she's all closed off might be lying who knows so doesn't mean they're always lying feel like that you know but just study it out I give giving you in the handout for today a number of different places where you can go to find out more and what you do that avoid having your hands in your pockets when you're up front in speaking. That's very often done it's not a good it's not a good it's not a good trait you can buy this you can get this download free from I I motioned stock facial expression analysis insecure you know confident. There's so much that we can learn have someone videotape you and boy it's hard to look at yourself but. Second out. Effective communication 20 percent what you know. And 80 percent how you feel about what you know when you're uncertain or intimidated nervous or frayed we instinctively close down our bodies it's just you know you find yourself doing that and you don't even realize it crossed arms and legs head bent toes point it inwardly This will give the impression that you are uncertain at the least or dishonest at the worst by constantly opening your body arms out palms open head up you will appear at ease ad honest if we're going to see that before they hear what you have to say so again the thought from desire of ages makes more sense when you consider. All of these things. Here's some body language what do you think the prime minister of Canada is thinking. Is he is he open to being friends with our president at least. Very skeptical he's not so sure about that in politics it's that way and it's also that way in politics. In politics body language is important and when it comes to. Being upfront as a presenter for Jesus it's even more important I'm going to close off with the word of prayer I do have a short 4 minute video if you want to hear it of President Kennedy speaking in Berlin in 1963 he was a very effective communicator and. This 4 minute video sort of draws you right in and helps you you can see the response in the 1000000 and a half people that were there whatever you think of. Our president or former president is far as political persuasion or. The kind of person he might have been you have to admit. Especially if you can remember his presidency that he knew how to communicate and he was very open in the smile in it comes across. Yeah this is the speech is about 4 and a half minutes and in it will help you see a person that knew how to communicate he wasn't a preacher but the passion is there so we'll stop there we're going to let you pick up the materials you would like if you like to stay by after people picked up what they have I'll be happy to stay by we can watch the short video together and any questions you may have I want to thank you for being here some of you 6 days out of 65 out of 64 out of 6 if today was the only day I want to thank you for coming I know you could do a lot of things that can't meet us Pop our heads as we pray Father in heaven and want to thank you for the wonderful privilege it is to study about the importance of Appeals Jesus gave great appeals the cross is the greatest appeal of all time but yet even beyond that 7th Day Adventists know and believe what your Son our Lord Jesus Christ is doing for us now Lord His hands are open he has an open body language before you his hands are up his palms are up our names are written on those palms our names are written on his heart. And Father in heaven he loves you and he loves us he's the great mediator between God and man is our heads are bowed today as our eyes are close lease make us people who are appealing for Jesus That's the prayer of your heart please raise your hand with me. The most Thank you Lord for the decisions are being made today we want to have hands up we want to have hearts up to you and thank you that just now Jesus is right there in your presence father and I pray that it will be our joy to be filled with your Holy Spirit that we might be able to share in a most effective manner the love of Jesus and the truth as it is in Jesus in His name we pray name. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons please visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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