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Shining the Eternal Light

Juan Arias


Juan Arias

Student at SOULS Northwest


  • January 10, 2010
    2:45 PM
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I think so much for Linus to meet here at the glow rally within so less of my father 's favorite is less an opportunity to to harmonize the human mind that my mind OS we ask only for revivalists we can that the Holy Spirit may penetrate into the hardest places of our hearts and renew our spirit and using prayer I well let us begin with a what was supposed to be Spanish but we had a Spanish recording of this presentation already had anyway Google deeper than what we normally when I see some people walking back there some other might call universal and switch over into Spanish depending on the attendance but were covering this thing by year there were this but yes yes we have a meeting here is blissfully spaz but in those eyes BB was written in English they become labeled Spanglish it's half while we do think for coming in yes I risk a memo this is a Spanglish presentation at Spanish people walking around is as far as we can tell it's it's in English we just had a prayer and will begin our presentation at this time the Gracie God not casino casino I you can't read Spanish basically with the citizens go streaking presents shining the eternal light how to have effective evangelism how may people here want to have affected by the claimant why do we want to have effective evangelism so we can spread the word reach Rice have a blessed experience the closer the mind of Jesus Christ have with that in and invest in eternity is the best investment we can make eternal investment not just 401(k) and etc. but shiny neutralizer 's four basic points in this presentation and nice I just think of how he works his now inhabits his presentation in both English and Spanish by Grace God exploring lights in one or two forming your team your ministry number three basic methods that you can use and before shining the eternal lights now Willis we will explore the Levitra light in a basic studying God 's word this afternoon we have to look at is the word of God and one has to question what is lights what is a label of course my know that already our last little bit of the image there but the tax organ be looking at right now is to start off with St. John chapter one will but they say John chapter wine organ I like at verse nine John chapter one verse nine some deep interesting things I've asked by Wilson wants borrowing and makes one numb so I have an eyebrow here is the arbiter webs managed something it will fit artists draw magneto silly at first John chapter one in John chapter one verse nine and in the word of God me I thought mail with what it says the bottle says that English things in I just realized that the Spanish file that will delay a I translation and we can with the translating of the Spanish English it says and he was the true light that right that he shined to every man's that's common to the world is all right arts as we wait for the restart up look at lipid symbolism I basically left that the question were asking who is light light is Jesus in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God this was the beginning with God nothing that was made nothing that was made can be made and not by Jesus Christ it is actually the creator additional that she is actually the creator the one we read about in Genesis chapter one one we see that created the heavens and years and the fullness thereof but what it says in John chapter eight John chapter eight in verse twelve while says John chapter eight verse twelve in a and Jesus spoke to them saying I am the light of the world HP who follows me will not be in darkness and said he will have what the lights the channel light of life is the right so the light of the world is Jesus our Savior now work with delegates and be very interesting here in Genesis chapter one where you answer a question that's branch thing it says what was our lifelike what was our experience like and what aren't we could what will our ministry be like before the light of Christ the light of God comes into our lives before the light of truth shines in our lives what will be the condition of the human John and Unser Genesis chapter one this is an answer branch see how simple the word of God can be broken down Brennan the Brazilian Genesis chapter one verses one and choose on launcher would like to read aloud voice online help me out here yes one and two this is a so how is the heiress before the light of God came unto the earth it was void and dark and it was without form is that correct without form without shape without purpose it was empty it was an abyss it was a place of complete darkness until the light of Christ came but it was a similar experience and highlighted before the light of Christ comes into our lives or empty or without form or without a chew purpose in life without meaning world where empty is not correct we have an experience which is separate from the love of God and look what it says here what does the world need what do we need when we are in this condition empty without form Genesis one verse three and God said let there be and there was light amen so when God says one you don't have any more God says I am the light of the world and there is no need for any darkness in your life anymore there is no necessity necessity or dock darkness to come upon you because the light of Jesus Christ shines as shown upon you now the light of the world is Jesus as you can see that in literature evangelism we have the light of the truth of Jesus Christ we have an opportunity to see and share the goodness of God to the world neither does some tracks that yes this is a Spanish translation for gold is measured vision for good media but he actually can think the letters award beyond make goal light our world in which the tribe is actually funny but now he can translate the acronym but the word below and Spanish does mean via the signs of the times is something other signs of the times assigned spot validate what it says here who is a mean wearisome who was electrolyte was Jesus Christ and on a limited here what is the light thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path so actually the light is not only Jesus Christ is actually the word of God and we can also see here that we asked the question what is truth Jesus says in John seventeen seventeen sanctify them through thy through thy truth thy word is truth so the lights is truth the light is truth and and also it is the word of God which is our life the word of God which is our truth now why is important because this light has a function the function of the slide is thy word have I hid in my heart that I will not sin against the what is this mean God says if we really hide God 's truth got high God delights in our hearts we will come to the point maybe haven't come to the point now I know I haven't but I want to come to the point where I am free from free one would you be free from the burden of sin as power in the blood of Jesus Christ amen there is power and that led anything set you free you can set us free from the burden of sin now that we hide the word of God in our hearts as Psalms one nineteen eleven just as we must also understand what is this eternal light because that's the title of this presentation is shining the eternal lights and and we must look at Revelation and the look with any real quickly Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen by grace of God we've been able to maintain this presentation in English because of the Spanish brethren may be attending other powerful messages Revelation fourteen thanked switch with you on the Spanish in the training of special and look at some of Dreiser are years Revelation fourteen versus six and four Bala says and I saw another angel do what fly in the midst of heaven having what everlasting gospel eternal gospel you know this is the only text in the entire Bible their first of the gospel and with the gospel by the way the gospel the good news of Jesus Christ and him crucified behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world now Jesse has no this would everlasting and Revelation fourteen six is the only text in the entire Bible their first of the gospel as everlasting and what is everlastingly means eternal infinite and when something is infinite eternal what is that mean was that was that indicate no android and heavenly only something that is what out and it's heavenly because he came from on high in this message is so important that the Bible refers to as the everlasting gospel and Emily read the verses that map all of that verse seven through twelve we seem the famous gospel titled the three Angels messages which is the message of the last message to warn the world before the coming of Christ this is the present truth look what it says here and on our second segment now that we know what the light of the truth is as we saw an little earlier pastor shakes message and second Corinthians four six and seven because God commanded the light to shine out of darkness has shined in our hearts to get the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ is that amazing how we can see the love of God in the face of Jesus Christ but look what it says here where we want to be able to have effective evangelism now that we understand the foundation of what our ministry should consist of the focus of what our message shed should spread which is the three angels message in the light of Jesus Christ we must make some reenlisting some ideas and put a team together having guys here are involved in some sort of ministry and someplace some as anywhere currently has your hands and love and concern a straight a loyal church counts each local church counts are the most most everyone in here now the equipment reason ask you that as he that is because here where we're getting some ideas on how to put together a ministry boat when it's a neat idea him apply them to the principle of how to improve your ministry to be done any don't have a ministry this is how you can join one or built build one by the grace of God and divine direction and section eight says personal consecration be let for those who are dedicated to see train train your team I look within things with the two twenty two second Timothy Saint Timothy two twenty two ministry lettuce lettuce pray before the police father in heaven which is why ask one more time they increase lead us into by truth father we ask that you please convict us in a thing that we need to learn today including myself that we can only enter into your presence and come away with the blessing that will help shine the light of Jesus Christ to our world today and using the prayer second Timothy two twenty two while says flea also useful what lesson to follow what's what should we follow righteousness faith charity peace with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart God can give you and me appear heartbroken he desired to have a pure heart I do on ask God please help purifying cleanse me I want to be like you there is there is usually a reason why many of us don't have this experience and a Bible says you have not because yes not so limited in Psalm fifty one with me we know my staying alert to God just quickly turn with me Psalm fifty one as we as we build this theme line upon line crisp on precept saw fifty one and lucrative verse ten Psalm fifty one verse ten also a well-known scripture sign says creating me a clean heart of God and renew a right spirit within me but what it says here and verse in verse thirteen then I will teach transgressions transgressors thy way and sinners shall be converted unto me so what happens before we teach sinners their way God must first create us a clean heart then we will know have the knowledge of the faith of Jesus Christ and be able to share that loving truth with a dying world we will have the fountain of life flowing within it will flow naturally that supposed to no one have experienced bread and what about you personal consecration before doing the work it's so important I've never try to do work in a sinful state and it doesn't work brethren it's just people know people can tell if you're being a genuine Christian or if you're just acting and people know so the best thing to do is to say God you know what I'm tired I'm tired of trying I just want let go and let God I just want to let go of the Holy Spirit take over many degenerative people being demon possessed in the record of the people being demon possessed what did you know that the opposite can also be true they can be so filled with the Holy Spirit that your Britons asked with the Holy Spirit so much they on fire for Christ I mean we want to be on fire for the Lord I want to so I limited the first twenty fourteen forty first Corinthians fourteen forty will e-mail out attacks but the Bible shall be our guide prescribed in fourteen forty bottle says let all things be done on how decently and in order so now that we have looked at the importance of having a personal consecration of personal surrender life with Jesus Christ then we can make the next step to look for those who are dedicated ninety four nineteen and twenty tells us that Jesus went unto these fisherman and he says to works and what are those where those words follow me that right and that was a simple call and is as in this instance actually says more than just fall me and not an end in one of the Gospels of Matthew it says follow me and I will make you what fishers of men and leaders important thing because he wants finds someone you want to find a group of people that love God or China thing and in the Christian walk anyone have this experience because they strengthen the disciples that Jesus called ECGs and didn't call the people with PhD 's even though there was a cut tax collector and you get a call always the people that were most fitted animals qualified because Jesus qualifies me unqualified and here he says here the Bible says that those disciples drop their nets and followed Jesus but my question to you is whether the units and what is keeping you from following Jews all the way is there something in your life is there something in my life that we need to examine ourselves and say hey you know what there's something that's studying the way of relationship with Jesus Christ any job my net and see I'm going to apology this and by the grace of God be a fisherman but what it says here we have wheat we must take the proper biblical steps to form an effective team to have a good ministry and in this case literature ministry training your group by and say hey guys were consecrated but we're here together but yet shall he have a plan of action why your plan should be pray with your team constantly pray for your team also constantly pray for them and save father please best blessed Miguel with his problems please bless Elizabeth please let this person and that person and help them and strengthen them as well as me I put in challenge her prayer life and put others before yourself in your prayer life and you're done that before we pray for other than you pray for God and you just focus on Darfur is a ninety focus on others and any put yourself lastly there's a blessing in that is that there is actually that's actually backing for joy that right Jesus others and you write so pray for others because there's power in prayer number two study the Bible with them and refine books and these are excellent books and in with the inferences in literature ministry number one quarter ministry number two in on a particular order publishing ministries are evangelism over three and last but definitely not least cost coworkers get your hand on his blood brother his book has changed my life is it an important section in this book that talks about tax wellness at every soul winner needs we need to know how to win souls for the kingdom of God is just there just sold are just too precious to be trifling with and treat them as if it's nothing that's nothing that's worth our time and investing of being obese books meets his needs and best a free eternal matters in these bugs will definitely strengthen your walk and ministry number three join falling programs such as either rush into left-leaning course these are some of the ones if religionists you are excellent you'd wrestled West and this as DA glow Street team as Nelson said but the thing about the street demon that it's not a ministry in which you pay to get in where they get paid for being part of it so you can actually form your own restaurants of a similar kind in your area in your region of the world but need the rest is an ass summer canvassing program that he can enjoy for the summer for about eight weeks a month thinking to have months and you can join you shouldn't earn some money for college or for very own euro a gallon on needs and souls Wes is actually up to do there is a tuition fee Celeste but you train in order to be literature evangelists by worker and different different on ministry opportunities now number three is wanted over some basic methods with you they'll be useful to you in soul winning and here's impractical ideas a when you go knocking on doors when reviewing literature evangelism that he had really got into so much of doing the glow because that's where here only have the apiece of contract you know this this is a powerful material because this is what we have to be for three Angels messages and we have this as a is a very powerful means of moving over in just a moment as to why this is such a powerful tool in today's today's world but the first approved first part as we knock on doors you want try to join the outreach ministry of your church coming here have ever worked an outreach ministry in it and in the department of the church one two three four five think they see him as everyone here and I you unite on at work and that and it's such a blessing was what is the blessing that he gets them going and doing outreach was a blessing that you can get in doing any anybody want to share as to what how have you been blessed it even but I hope you have oatmeal out there was in a and extrinsic man there again and again by CNN of its new ones where I had the Springs where he also taught them how Vance Tyree and Todd and it's been like the summer time and got rejected seventy times that it sometimes it is hard I will like to but that's why we're here so that we can get motivated so that we can see that is worth the effort is an heaven is cheap enough fishing right yes you excellent excellent analogy but but we'll will go back to that be plan outings where there are lots of people in other words go to locations where there are a lot of people when you do like a lot of the glow literature for some locations in which there are lots of people mauled streets concerts baseball games world emphasis entire city downtown Ray farmers market gas station and schooling to begin with school groups I get the legal rate but even then you know I hey okay nine things as a okay okay yes let his letters share in the in the different locations now the thing to do is always with us routinely bashing on select Stadium in different large venues in which we does give out mass amount of literature and as part of the reason we're part of glow now is because we want to be able to spread the light of God 's truth to the whole world an animal in the most efficient way but as ways possible and look at them it's never see use glow in your daily life you will see your pockets are full with different glow attracts the Holy Spirit might actually indicates you that perceiving that track near this other person either different truck on health endeavors and maybe the check that you think that person needs might not be the track that God has for that person ages have to be listening to the Spirit of God 's and is seen these of you willing to be used by God and God will give the right literature to the right person if you're what a willing vessel rights wrangle older than the Golden Polish this one by using the one above you can cut quit smoking beside ABC ice by a lot of the quit smoking lines has them drinking lines in the golden duos but other nice like those are our I'm twenty blessing with his undead menace the ABC sell these one that says what is sent in essence of like that and it is also to different car literature you can get for this specific personality of different people they may meet in the outdoors liquid this year which I get is how much time you have left with is use musical according to the occasion but they are you're going to court jury duty or something well-integrated I carried so much of the gods is good judge you tracker with a golf the judgment they want yet I like that the fact that brought a lot of those up on that day yeah like against lawyers and judges and judge there's actually be the bridges and you and my limited that he read every go before you that they make sense and hear any argument out of the laundry with a disorder the thing I like I'll let you know what year it a think thank the Lord for that actually do a lot of blowout in which I can read mercy but on reading them or even now making the ultimate in the arena is any left to even that's a bad thing the Bible says that the spirits when the FDR of cod judges get some denouncing a noncitizen it is that one of its heresy and thereby mounting this course is an globe but you never told me there is like a typo in their link aware that strictly some unit of the United know he's got the aegis have to examine which are given to people because when they ask you if you even may not but if they do you should have an answer in the hope that it will but as with any theory men ride right right right so that I very given out random once an invalid length the right one for the right person yet Alexander ran on a life I'm not good enough when you're like going out with this year how conversation when when possible will you have time beyond the monster something talk with people and friends within sometimes people want to build a contact with the and maybe have Bible studies meeting go to your church maybe they wanted to set further ice cream boxes of books in my car concise absolutes below is the amount masses amount that supermarkets and replace it and there would be people I would have been visible of man full of the stuff images be there now working for doing some Bible words in different events and I were one thousand supermarket near USC we had these these tracks any limitations to the to the Chandra Street 's written meetings at the shrine of the time that year were doing out so many of the ladies she came back to the truck she's like the stuff and it could be any more these Anglian and Internet every single glow check that we had everything a different one how this is awesome in all it does so interesting I just feel I got like God put you guys hear the right time wow praise God for the undivided women like that and not something is and that that person that lady I just hadn't have some more bugs me are some links that's the price you want the steps to grace a starting had nearly bigger bugs than endearments and we like doing a lot of those books for free but am really awesome when he had start talking to people sometimes get to listen to people in only ninety eight he blessed yourself and learn about how to better serve the community G smile because you're happy Christian electric power lasers not nicely in Asia I I usually do that at one blossom I asked that question the people elegantly L-series all-time word suddenly like like forcing unfelt smile community on Lake be the only crouching like a lake everyone well you believe it says here well known the section that says pray and take petitions a lot of time people need prayer rather and sisters some people need prayer and I'm stringently dual BNC better I contact your local church in Verizon Yellowstone interests and by war and the answer and bottle studies argued about that is yourselves of the other time it's such a blessing we can make personal connection because sometimes people will come to know Christ because Christ allowed your personality to match up with that person 's personality and it's the perfect fit for your notice that that person that you were able to reach someone else may not have ever had a chance with and someone else that you never had a chance to reach someone else will and that's just the beauty of the character of different people that God has because God has God needs everyone never think that now that is the main year he has people signaled that God really does need to and I need you and the specific way that he designed you your perfectly wonderfully made and God has us a specific way in which you must use you in this life or of honor and glory of our heavenly father yeah yet you need right now numbers hours and all the others find they can call here and the yell they can begin them websites and efficient e-mail to you but what's I throw down phone numbers with law along with mailing address was contain work with your church and with your conference your local conference the best way to go about this is to yell go through it with 3-D through the authority with the pastor with the church board and go over with this Glover Glover of the procedures that needs to be done that way saying no foothold and try to destroy work that we work in harmony because for the most part of the church and the conference in full support of evangelism in soul winning and green morsels into the church season one upon trying to do that because everyone wants to see the ill souls be reached for the kingdom Christ's opens in UK K motivate those money others inside to participate L establish a systematic plan to purchase clothes consistently in your radical and in your ear and your situation you like I needed right now that I don't have it in the Holy Spirit time you should have aglow and we have no vote and now we can't eat any of it like I secured audio verse cards I just use of that in time of the limited here are last section we have ten minutes left the channel impact that we have in the work of the Lord shining the eternal light our last section first John one seven says if we are in the light as he is in the light we have communion with one with another and the blood of Christ on his son washes us from all sin he cleanses us from all sin so if we walk in the lights when the lights the Bible but the Angels messages Jesus Christ himself we walk in malaise uses in the light will have communion years commuting mean the word community means interaction means to have a connection with people it means to have an an answer experience with others so we are truly Christians will have the desire to want to reach others for God and him and the blood of Christ will wash also here that you would have to go into numbers six just so we get the right right understanding of the text numbers on chapter six five when union representation you want to change it in the fall are using that info okay so Numbers six twenty five says the Lord make his face shine upon me and be gracious unto the jaw one eleven seventeen says it is going to real quick when it is run book right before Psalms show eleven seventeen Job eleven seventeen says and I need shall be clear then the noon day thou shall shine forth as shall be as the morning I maybe want to shine forth for Christ our shine the light of the glory of God in this world now the question is are our final when my final text I think this is our final text Hebrews ten thirty nine are we going to advance the work of God are limited to step back God is calling us today we want advances were imminent one advances were how do we do that let's take a look here he was ten thirty nine he resent D9 but we are not of them who drawback unto perdition are seeking but other than that believed to let what saving of the soul which group are you part of we which group and my part of the drawback unto perdition one of them that believe in this the saving of the soul D believing the feeling of a soul brother and sisters all my what a privilege it is to serve Christ evangelism five oh three millions more than of thousands persons thousands people will convert in just one day it is taken from English quote you knows when you have the majority will find a first conviction in the reading of our will tracer frustrations and reading our publications evangelism it's now five oh three because vouchers in Spanish but you can read that in evangelism to the spare prophecy search that millions net many more than a thousand will be reached in one day by our publications like contracts and that is not awesome multitudes multitudes in the valley decision because the day of the Lord is at hand in the value decision Joel three fourteen Christ object lessons says every year millions upon millions of human souls are entering into eternity without being challenged nor say not a question for you as Esther comes up houses with a melodious song on question for you I've included this presentation did you know that every two seconds one person dies in the world the world yes in the dataset statistic while of course we know that there's so many different causes of death but is a thing that there are millions into eternity unchallenged and unsaved every two seconds one person dies every minute one hundred and twenty people that every hours seven thousand two hundred people die and at the end of his goal rally twenty eight thousand eight hundred people will have passed into eternity with their decisions sealed next Sabbath as each one of the screen each other have decided to get C- nice evening stress there will be one million two hundred nine thousand six hundred people that have passed away my question to you is cool is on the Lord 's side as Esther sings a song ice wanted by you that if you want to be part of the group that wants to shine the light of Christ to this world as Esther sings Alaska to stand up to make commitment to God that you want to be part of that number the house to burying souls to the feet of Jesus and will have a prayer will and you and guide a pay as a case is shown INA Naha CAG and the to the non-Asian and loan me in the game 's cheeses cry we have this chance in Durham within vessels at sea and the land seeing the on May the God and non- say game CNN's full of mistakes and Senator we show log on and freezes did not sue strata in his we through plan and this day is for RCA to know for Sandy can cast the burden on to stroll all for the God of command at the time is shone and start this has sure name in on you to give them when nonleague of the goal may God in the game so this cry is sinking trend hands for six of us pray father in heaven wishes so thankful for the opportunity of giving each and every one of us to be active neighbors with you and his plan of redemption that started six thousand years ago Lord we thank you for this privilege of using these earthen vessels that he can use for the advancement of your kingdom here on earth father logging all we want to go home we don't want to be in a suffering world any longer filled with temptation and fear and suffering Lord you know how much we desire to be with you but father you have called us to have that same desire for others so that we will not just want heaven for cells but that we will want heaven so that for others and that we can love them more than we love ourselves principally the heavenly father so please feel these decisions that everyone has set up tonight that they can have an intimate walk with you so that when you say go we will go wherever he wants to go preach where you want to screech he'll wear you need is to heal and give out below anywhere you need is to thank you so much bother for blessing us in Christ name we thank you in


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