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Soul Winning Hour - 1st Sabbath




  • June 15, 2019
    4:45 PM
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Let's our heads as we begin with prayer Oh heavenly father. What a blessing it is to be be upon this platform weighted with laborers for the cause of Christ young laborers who are given the strength of their youth to share the gospel in this generation and Father we pray that you would bless them the a bless this soul winning hour as we hear the testimonies of how you have worked through them and hear from their own lips how you have worked through them to reach souls for your kingdom so father may our hearts be overwhelmed with joy and renewed earnestness as we see that if these young people can be such earnest labors for you how much we want to join in and be a part of that earnest labor too so Lord bless this hour for we ask it in Jesus' name amen. You may be seated Ok Well I'm glad to be joined by my wife. Who's been a little cheer Vangelis and we have special guests like all the quarter and all the critics from the Pacific Union and of course we have all those young people here and we'll just go and watch a brief video of the kind of summarize the ministry while the young people do. When evangelists can't go. If you keep speaking long after the person who brings it. Home. You can point to someone's in the bible are there ways. So when a Christian one of those ends of. Course is someone's life. That's why every summer groups of young people work in the cities for 10 weeks I mean people in their daily routines meeting with books and meet their needs and point them back. Into the power lives of thousands of people. There is a reason this work contains even though it's not easy. Because there are people everywhere craving. Longing for something deeper waiting for someone to show them love of God. They could be waiting for. Something to the testimonies of our young people I not only be listening. For you to do something. Just sit back and enjoy but also be courage to do something I want to just introduce more time I would like for the leaders to raise us. Leader so also the leaders who are leading the group of the 60 some young people here and then we have David and Daniella David David and Daniella and they are on the field working with me trainee the different groups they are the right and left hand. Or ministry. And they will be the ones who will take and start interviewing the young people and let's enjoy the testimonies just now 2nd week so we're just getting started but God has already been working so we want to give you a small taste of what's been happening so far. And so I'm going to give a little quote as an introduction but then as the students tell their stories I'll just say their name briefly and where they're from so you get an idea of where some of our students come from so a couple of mystery page 23 contains one of my favorite quotes on this where we're told that as copartners go from house to house they will find souls who are hungry for the bread of life there is a famine in the land for the pure gospel So Kareen I met one of these hungry searching souls very recently and said he's going to tell you how that happened so I can Mr Man on the great controversy and I asked him what his spiritual religious background was and he said he was Lutheran but now he's studying the Bible as a Jehovah Witness and him behind my back of the mind I started to think that oh they don't accept literature from other religions. So I started to pray and I was like Lord please help me to get this powerful book in this guy's home so he gave in he was like debating yes or no with the book and I just kept praying as I was canvassing and I started talking more about the great controversy how has the French we formation and it talks about different religions so I saw the great controversy play out right in front of me because he was debating yes or no with the book and he ended up saying yes I'll give the donation for the book but I have to ask permission if I can read this book because we don't usually accept literature so please pray for this guy that he can you know we're be allowed to read this powerful book and so he can know what the truth actually you. Know where you're from I'm from Denver Colorado So God sent Corrina from Denver Denver Colorado to come in to reach this man with a great controversy another phone call from Cole Porter ministry that I really appreciate says that men and women are wandering in the midst the fog an error they want to know what is truth tell them not and high flown language but with the simplicity of the children of God and you know this is what our books do they tell our story very simply and our simplest books are the books that we carry for children that really simplify the Bible stories for them and so here we had a really interesting experience this week where she was sharing some of our children's books that actually opened up the door in order for her to be able to share more with someone so she's going to tell you about that. I mean you and I run taxes. So I handed this lady kids our children's books and she looked at one in particular and she was like oh wow I really need to read this because I don't even know all this stuff and so I pulled out another one of the books that we have it's called the answer book and as she was flipping through I was telling her about it and then she turned to a page that was answering questions about the judgment and she was like oh the judgment is really really scary like I'm so scared of it and I was like you don't need to be afraid of the judgment it's actually really like Ok and so she was like oh really and so I pulled out the great controversy and she. Lit up like I told her about how the angels came will come to people who are scared and stuff so anyways I also put out another book that we have which is promise of peace which is like desire of ages and stuff like that and I told her that it would give her peace in her life and so we kept on talking and talking and then she finally signed up for bible studies and signed up for like stop smoking program and I even gave her an address to church nearby her so that she will go there. You Man So the thing about canvassing is that long before we go to those doors God is already working in their lives and we don't know what's going on before we come but it's always amazing when God works out these divine appointments and sends us to people at the right time so a Livia definitely had a divine appointment this week and she's going to tell you about that experience. I was canvassing industrial businesses and I walked into an auto mechanic shop and I called and a lady came in from the back and she just looked very grumpy and sort of depressed but what I didn't know at that point that the past year she'd been going through a really difficult family situation and just that morning she had gotten a call that the conflict had been resolved but in a very dishonest and hurtful way to her and it was tearing apart her family so she wasn't very interested in the health books that I shared with her but I before I went I shared her with her that we were working with the famous blue Bible story company and then she asked me what religion I was and so I told her I'm a something Adventist Christian how you heard of us and her whole face changed and she gasped and she said You're 70 Adventist I want to be a 7th Day Adventist Christian and so the conversation just exploded from there because we were so excited to have met each other turned out she was a homeschool mom and over the past 2 years 20 years she had been reading the Bible from different curriculums in different denominations and was able to connect with her because I was homeschooled too and she discovered from her Bible studies the truth of the Sabbath and what happens when we die and the health messages while she heard about Adventists from her chiropractor who had given her a great controversy but she had never had a chance to read it yet and so she didn't know that there was an Adventist Church in the area and so I prayed and I asked her Would you like to visit our church my friends and I'll be there on the 29th you're welcome to comment she said yes I would love to come so I was able to share with her the address and she signed up her personal bible studies as well with members of the war in church that were staying at and before I left I was also able to pray with her and she prayed for me too and it was such a blessing because we both realized this is such a divine appointment that God had set up and I was able to leave her with Christ object lessons and the desire of ages 2 and she's really excited to be reading those as well as the great controversy that she already has so I just pray that and I ask you to pray that this family will continue to follow in the light that God is shedding on their path. Well as exciting what's happening each summer of course you cannot help but to get a lot of good experience that we're just getting started so they'll be so many more coming in as the summer progresses if you want to be watching watching testimonies eking and you have access to Facebook and if you type in g c youth ministries they actually posting our stories once every week so we have every Friday there will be a story from the Michigan young people posted on the g.c. youth ministries Facebook page now I want to invite elder Crick here and he's good friend of mine he works for the Pacific Union as literature ministries director member few years ago elder Wilson was here and he was here with our young people was so impressed with what they are doing is you know I would like to see this happening all over the United States so the question is Is anything happening union there is a lot happening and the question is how to reach 54000000 people in our territory but by God's grace we do this summer have 275 young people like this and by the way they smile as well as this group does right yeah Ok you guys know you guys are Smilers 275 young people will visit over 1000000 homes this summer in Pacific Union and Pacific Union also runs a school of evangelism that emphasizes personal vandalism and literature evangelism leadership called Souls West and about half of the leaders in Michigan conference this summer are either graduates or students of Pacific Union's school of literature evangelism leadership and Personal Evangelism souls' west so we're thankful for Michigan that they're sending people to our school and we're happy to send them send them back but things are happening coming I was just knocking doors day before yesterday with a young girl in Stockton California and the girl had a bright smile. The man was completely disarmed because young faces help smiling young faces help and when the man came out and he was disarmed she showed him some books and he said Should I get this one or this one is a great controversy or a kid's book and I told him the perp provide my personal testimony about the great Congress and he got the great conversation and then we threw in the kid's book as well so this is what's happening young people disarming yet people with their bright smiles and that's my challenge to you guys this summer. A man I love collaborating I want to invite all the Carter l. the car is really the father of the mag book work he's the 1st one to start the mag work he has set up the structure and so it's a privilege to have this man here with us and he comes to visit every summer you have retired 2 years ago right and now you have been a supporter of the never retire you have support of the young people or the literature ministries mission conference for many many years but did you work for different union tell us why Well 1st of all because they put a lot of money the conference here your you your conference puts a lot of money into it but you charge of it and there's a large program here you're doing bigger than almost the Pacific Coast Another reason is that I love the book great Conover's and Michigan programs put out what you do over 5000. 600-6000 great controversy and I was converted by great Conover's So the great controversy I realize how important it is and every year it just drove me nuts when I was a girl and I used to work together there Pacific Union and they would do more in this conference of great controversies and they did in our entire union. And so it is always been important to me to support that kind of math and I'll tell you why I think you get more than anyone else and it's very simple as I believe admission conference is going to be prepared to take people in faster than any other place because of the spirituality of this conference of its pastors of its leadership of its local church members that the people they're going to read those great controversies and they're going to come in we are at the end of time I cannot believe the difference from when I started ministry to now we were going to destroy ourselves if God doesn't come back and take us out so the reason that I support his converts is because I see real evangelism going on here and the reason I come do you pay me when I come. Now you don't pay me I come because I believe in it I believe it it's our time every $1.00 of us can do something I'm going to give a pitch for glow now Camille all of you out there Michiganders you should be carrying your glow I I'm coming down in the audience and I'm going to check you Ok to make sure you have it. But I will tell you that that that 4th Angel in Revelation a one hour White is very clear in stating to us and telling us that that Angel of much of its work most of its work is going to be done by the Ministry of. You understand why there's only a few 1000000 of us but there's 7 and a half 1000000000 people so something has to get out there right young people what an army he's a man can you say man. This is an army this is what will bring the Lord this is what will make the difference this is why Jesus will come not because of me I'm done. Not yet but. This is what's going to make the difference right here if they will have a visit right now as you've heard my words or if they will have a vision a prophetic vision. A man. Thank you. Now you got me preaching don't think I'm a coward. I thank you for what you've done here also. For be faithful. And he doesn't sound like every time man does he know he doesn't want to think bust a quarter elder Craig 4 for coming joining us every summer to support and back to Daniel and David we tell our canvassing experiences we tend to focus on the blessing that the community receives and the blessing that the students give but we also want to highlight the fact that many times the greatest blessings that are received are received by the students and the things that we are happiest about as leaders are when we see the lives of our young people changed and so I'm 3 of our students are going to share briefly why it is that they decided to canvass in Michigan the summer and what God has been doing in their lives. Hello my name is Thomas and I'm from Grand Rapids So last summer I was at a mission trip in lower Brook Tennessee and I noticed that my walk with the Lord was stronger than ever before and I was living the Christian faith and I will a little while forward school began and I lost touch with the Lord I was living the principle beholding would become changed where I was beholding things that shouldn't have I was saying things I should have been saying and I saw a difference I began analyzing my life from having the Lord with me and not having him with me so I saw that. That it changed me and so I Well a couple months later a friend of mine reached out to me and he said you wanna go canvassing or something like that and I was like I like a part of me wanted to go and a part of me didn't want to go but I end up signing up and I applied late. Here it's been 2 weeks and the Lord has given me divine appointments and one of them was happened 2 days ago I was at a guy's guy's door I knocked and he didn't answer but I left the glow track and then I went 3 houses ahead and while I was at the 3rd house he and I came out of the guy that I love to go track at he came out of his house he saw the glow track and he saw me and he was like a are you the one who's leaving the glow tracks and I was like yes I am so I rushed back to him and I start canvasing him and he wasn't he wasn't necessarily interested in the books but he didn't have the money for the books but we're talking and he told me about his religious background he said that he just wanted to learn more about God and where he's like stood with God and he wanted to find out what's what to believe in and we end up signing up for bible studies but he didn't really get the books and I'm faithful to the Lord I helped him sign of the bible studies and I hope God blesses them. Thank you very much we are seeing the. Young people's lives changed as they come to the summer and there's some of them they have different needs actually and that's why these kinds of programs have been set up we have the privilege to know that this year one of our leaders just graduated from the college debt free Amen and this has been a huge blessing but I. Look at the notes that we are we are experiencing and like that each student they have different needs they at times they have financial needs and at times many times they have special needs and the program is able to provide and supplies to supply those needs how many of you have heard in the news the situation of Venezuela raise your hands and many of you you know that this country is going through a crisis right now there's more than 4000000 people that migrated out of the country and I just want to introduce you to 2 of our brothers the canvassing here this year and can you tell us a little bit more about it and what's your name in and how did you end up here in Michigan your name is then you know in my brother. We were both born in raised in Venice were when we lived there 5 years ago. Stories and then my mom tried to apply for citizenship through her brother that was already a citizen but at the process was interrupted last year with my own quarter. So you're pretty much they came 5 years ago leaving the crisis from their country and they were trying to fix their Micra retore status through their Her uncle but he passed away last year. And and they canceled that process so what what what were you doing during that time. Enough to the. Last year we might remember were going to voted to come a similar program and we accepted the calling with my sister. So can you tell us more about it I am yeah Shelley chemists in the summer I make up the season to commit myself to 2 God's work and I joined a missionary training school and last 8 months I have been in the school down in Kentucky and missionaries are in a school in men and so what happened there in that time after this after this 8 months that you being working and getting that getting trained to be a missionary Yes Yes David. My parents called me and told me everyone we apply for us political asylum. And we hired an attorney and he said Tony was sure you know us a lot of money so we need your help. I need we need you to come here home and work for us and help us pay that but I explained them. My plans were ready May I'm going to an orca and. I'm not planning to go do this. And so and I'm still in there God will grow by my mom but his call me one more time and so ever how we really need your help. We. Lease come do your mission work and at the end of the summer coming work a lease for a month to help us help us pay that. I start to question because going back to home will be I will need to work in a sequel or secure work in an office or construction so I say Ok I need to or I need to honor my parents by saying time I need to honor my God So how can I do both both things the same time so we already know through this period prophecy the chemistry me so we're 2nd to none. One of my friends shares to me about about you through your you through I make decisions who come here and so he he how he have a dilemma do I honor God or my pants because they need financial help us well but by God's grace he can serve God and also and some money to help me Spence a man so can you tell us how did you hear about the Michigan youth rush then you know. Last year and my little program one of my friends had a compass to you in Michigan and we both were sure going in the program he told me how this program was more spiritual and how this program the leaders were more the leaders cared more for the students and is it true for the spirit of growth yes it's for its are you know a man I think my leaders praise the Lord so. Let you know that here it is too young too young brothers that they're trying to help their prince financially because they are paying a lawyer so they can that they can fix their militaries to the status how many of you want to pray for them and say Lord you know we want to help these young people because it has it that the country's going through a rough times and we're so glad that there is a ministry for young people that they can they can grow spiritually. But that they also can help them financially either for school and something or I've been learning in one of the books are we so your lessons shares a about surrender when they will go up or is with it will go it becomes an impotent. By doing God's will is going to provide. Him and. Young people from different parts of the world and they're all working together now wonderful thing. You know it's a really fitting to mention today is a refugee It's a refugee Sabbath as well and I know we have some young people who came with refugees and it's wonderful fun to come and join in the mission reaching out to the people in Michigan as well elder ring stuff you have been a student evangelist and so you know what they need and I can do you know one pray for these young people and I like to invite all of you to to also join praying for young people this summer and then. We do want to pray for them we want to pray for the Spirit of God to rest upon them a summer like this can change the course of a young person's life and it can change the course of many other people's lives and so we seriously and earnestly need the Spirit of God Would you bear has with me as we pray once again for the Lord's blessing oh Father in heaven. Thank you for our Matz's leadership for the oh bless him I pray thee oh bless each one of these young people Lord I ask that over these summer months their walk with you will increase and they'll learn to walk with you in a way that they are in that constant communion with heaven that they will learn the science of soul any. They'll grow and grow in a burden for the last their faces would shine with the glory of heaven as they go from door to door that is those individuals who open the door they will see the countenance of these young people and they will know immediately that there is something special that they have as if it were a message from haven't just for them so low we prayed for your Holy Spirit to do a powerful work and we know that indeed you want to do that and if we were only surrender completely to you react that you would help us and we pray for it in Jesus' name amen and then God bless each one of you and our prayers are continue with you as you go door to door with the message of this kingdom are you but I'm very inspired I loved my canvassing experience and so think of the sea these young people here in the stories of the share I'd like to see a show of hands how many of you have a verse studied of our works at a public university Ok doesn't quite a few hands I guess actually I mean if you know someone who is currently attending a public university show of hands. Over why our lot more have yet. Elaine and I represent the Department of Public campus ministry here in Michigan and the Michigan conference by the way the Michigan conference is the one of the 1st conferences to have a ministry sold a dedicated to meeting the needs of students on our public universities we also represent campus which stands for the Center for Adventists ministry to public university students and campus has been in operation for the past 20 years as a Ramos is also a leader in campus ministry in the public campus ministry department but he's also working on safety now so he's not present with us and so we're very happy to get to share with you right now Alina why do we do what we do. One of the one of the reasons why we do what we do is in Michigan alone and even in the United States hundreds thousands even millions of students come from in or from internationally from many different countries and 68 percent of these international students are from the 1040 when these are countries where we as Christians a 7th Day Adventist are not allowed to go and established churches but we have the opportunity to reach these students that are coming to these public universities right here in our communities maybe even next door to where you live so we believe anything to reach the university you reach the world isn't that what we are called to do reach the world that's indeed the reason why we persist through Angela's message Amen. I'd like to share a story with you today because when we think about evangelism in especially reaching international students sometimes it's very easy to get discourage especially if you're maybe have a Hindu friend or a Muslim friend or a Buddhist friend because it's a work of seeds and when you plant that see the person who plants that seed is so important just as the person who reached who is instrumental in reaping that harvest but ultimately God is the one that continues to grow that seed I want to tell you the story of 2 young ladies one Aaron Gordon and the other. Now Aaron was a student at Eastern Michigan University and in 2008 she had a roommate names are a man as I am I came from back a stand which is a country of formally part of the u.s.s.r. was that a mother was a Muslim she was not a Christian but Erin was very faithful inviting her to all the different social events that the hell that their university their campus ministry there they would have social events they would sometimes play a you know games together in the would always come and one time there was one particular Adventist student said well why don't you come to church now this isn't a father's Arima cause she had had so many positive experiences without a test she knew that these were such a loving kind people well the day Mum left Eastern Michigan she was only there for one year and Aaron stayed in touch with her and they reconnected over time the even lived together for a while. And something that was interesting is that wherever she went it seemed as if God put an Adventist in her path she even went to Panama she was working in Panama as each teacher and was she was there she made a really for a good friend her closest friend and they had been friends for 7 months and she found out that this friend was a 7th Day Adventist God has a way of watering the seeds that you plant now fast forward now she still has not made any confession or interest in becoming a Christian or a 7th Day Adventist. During that time when she was with Aaron Aaron had brought her home and she got to meet her family Aaron's family and Aaron took her to her home church in Ontario and so she met a family there and she went to think is giving with Aaron when she was down in the Detroit area and went to the Oakwood church and she loved hearing Justin can preach so she started going to church now mind you she met the 1st time she met him Adventists was in 2008. 2008 was the 1st time she met an Adventist. She ended up having a huge crisis in her life and back up in Sue Canada and while she was in Sioux Cana when this crisis happened she had no friends but she did remember the 7th Day Adventists couple the Erin had interview straight to she reached out to this couple and this couple invited her to come live with them and while she was in that home she began to see what a loving home looks like she began to see what it meant to really have a father she didn't have a father figure in her life she began to go to church with them she asked for bible studies they began to study with her. In Me 18 of this year she was baptized. Now sometimes we underestimate the power of the sea but she was a Muslim and that's a very strong she was very strong in her faith but the Lord led her to that same decision because of the water that that he gave along the way and he water that seed so you never can under estimate the seas that you plant in the maybe the people that you work with aren't especially in these public universities and men just want to add to that recently I was praying and I think it was more it was Monday morning I got out of my bet and I prayed and I asked the Lord very simply Lord please can you use me today to reach someone on your behalf I got out of bed and got ready I was on my way to a meeting and I got of out of the house with my cereal in hand and I walked to my car and realized that in that moment that my car there was a problem with the battery in the car wouldn't start remember that prayer that I prayed and I sat there thinking Who can I ask to help me with my car I was still eating my granola as I was making my way out and a young man I decided to ask the 1st person that would walk out of my apartment to help me with my car and just young man was walking out I stopped him and asked him Can you please help me with my car he drove his car up and gave me a jump start hit my side mirror on his way again but nonetheless he offered to apologize and I was very thankful that he got my car started and I was ready to go before I walked away I think I introduced myself and invited him hate would it be Ok if we did lunch together I want to pay you back for what you did for me Little did I know that this was the very person that I prayed for this young man and I had lunch that day and it turned out that he was a professor at a university that was literally 2 blocks from where we are in Lansing he is a professor at Michigan State. And he teaches in the area of the sciences not only is he a professor he's also an atheist and he wasn't afraid to let me know neither was I free to let him know that I'm a pastor and so here it is a pastor and an atheist sitting in a restaurant having a meal together we started talking we became very very good friends and now we are meeting together and studying the Bible this past Thursday I had this young man in my home we had a nice vegan meal together we actually cooked it ourselves and my wife she also helped us out because we didn't understand what we're doing but nonetheless he was there with us and this young man is now at a place in his lying or he looked at me and he said Jermaine I really want to try this god thing I got him a Bible as a gift and he looked at me in the eyes and he said listen I'm an atheist I'm going to read this in a very weird way I hope you don't mind and I looked at him I said read it however word you want to read it I know God is going to speak to you amen God is doing powerful things through public campus ministry and we have many people in these universities who need to hear the message that we have and cherish so well and we need to preach this message because reach the campus you reach the world and that is what we're doing we salute to solicit your prayers we ask you if you know any young person at a public university please direct them our way we want to help them as much as we can we believe that if you're at a public campus and you are not and if you are not a missionary in a public campus you are a mission fields and we want to find you we want to be able to help you so please keep us in your prayers thank you so much for your time God bless and you can find us at the booth we have a booth in the tent behind us so please come and visit us thank you. If you've been blessed. But like invite you to stand as we descend are so waiting hour with prayer and you ready for evening meeting. Heavenly Father how our hearts have been moved as we've heard the testimonies just a sliver of the hundreds and hundreds of testimonies we could have heard of what you are doing as we live here at the end of time we ask that as we go from this these testimonies won't just be stories that we were entertained by the says more nice will inspire each one of us to go out and allow you to use us to make a difference in this community or you thank you for the commission you've given us thank you for the strength that you in Paris with their lives in your hands in Jesus name we pray to him and this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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