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Soul Winning Hour - 2nd Sabbath




  • June 22, 2019
    5:45 PM
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Dear Heavenly Father we thank you so much for this Sabbath day we thank you for the privilege that is ours of knowing Jesus personally and being cold labors with Jesus for the giving of the Gospel to the world in this generation Lord as we listen to the testimonies of these individuals today we in advance thank you for you already have done and we thank you for what you will continue to do in their lives and by God's grace through each one of our lives as we seek to hasten the coming of Jesus for we pray it in Jesus name a man I'd like to invite up Pastor Rod Thompson he's going to bring a couple of friends with him as he comes today from the Mount Pleasant and middle in churches and these are not only interesting testimonies but these are baptism Ok And today it's can you say meant has a rod come and introduce us to you have with you. A man the 1st person that I'd like you to introduce to you is Trisha hall and Tricia about 3 years ago you were living in Midland and you were driving to Mount Pleasant 5 days a week what were you doing. I was going to Central Michigan University going to school. And I was just commuting so driving every day about 40 minutes each way so a lot of time with car 40 to 40 to 50 minutes every day what were you doing during that time. Lag I had been seeking God I was a Sunday Christian my whole life and I was just looking for more of him and I stumbled on strong tower radio from tower radio and what did you think when you started listening to that I was a little leery but every I thought if they you know they're trying to teach things that are in the Bible I'll turn it off and that never happened so I just kept it on and thought well where can I find Saturday church so yeah I was so at that point you started attending the middle unsure guy who I googled Where can I go to church on Saturday and where have you guys been I. Know I am so glad I found this church and it was a blessing right away. Brenda. She greeted me right away and I knew I was probably home so a minute as she is coming to the middle in church back in 2017 then 2 years ago we had an unlock revelation seminar that the whole state of Michigan was doing and you came to that idea and when that was done you got baptized became a member of the church. Not right away. It took a while to let go of. Basically everything that I knew and everyone that I loved and family you know has to do something one way and just to change. You knowing in your heart and acting on it takes a while sometimes so now it's been 2 years since then and now today you are ready to be baptized into the 7th Day Adventist Church yes. Amen for that the point that we want to make with this story of Trisha is that this is not something that's uncommon it's often that we have in evangelism series and we invite people and we want them to come in and we want them to be baptized and be right into the church right away don't we but sometimes it takes a little while and sometimes there are things that people have to work through and family members that have to be reconciled with and talk to and those sorts of things and we don't ever want to give up on that doing so you may have somebody that you've had come to an evangelism series and yeah they didn't make a decision for baptism right away but don't give up on them keep praying for them keep working with them amen All right the next person I want to introduce to you is John Doman Now John you have been in the 7th Day Adventist Church your entire life yes I have. My folks worked really hard to make sure that we had a good Christian education I graduated from Cedar Lake here I have a little trouble calling a Glock but at any rate. We got married my wife and I and we had kids and around about that time we both started slipping away now that was at about what age. 22 something like 2223 left home got married and started a family and then life got in the way Oh absolutely or I let it get in the way one of the 2 and how long were you out of the church. Well it's. Going to be my 40th high school reunion coming up in October so almost 40 years and I'm currently studying about Israel's trip to Canaan it's really. Now in case you didn't make a connection with the name John Doman is the brother of Ross and Tim Doman. A part of the strong tower radio quartet and something happened not too long ago with your brothers what was that. For their 1st cd I took the pictures for the cd and we were in our 2nd year of taking pictures for their next and ever and after we got all done they said we have a question for you and they said would you be our song man and it really blew me away so you were you were out of the church but your brothers were reaching out to you at that time yes they were and then what happened I'm about that time my father in law's 2nd wife died and he was in Idaho so I flew out to bring him back and instead of the quick fly over pack up come back we had to tour a little bit of the country we had to attend church which I hadn't done in many years and then the trip took a lot longer coming back and then when the next Sabbath came I thought well I can't just blow him off I've got to you know keep going it's with his gentle prodding that I just started going back to church so that trip that you took that was something that you were expecting to just get there and get back and be done with that but it sounds like he was delaying things a little bit I don't know if it was intentional but yes. And so there was some spiritual work that was going on how that time and then what happened well then I started attending Mt Pleasant church my family goes there and I have to say if you're looking for God you need to find a church that's as loving as the one I've found Amen so you came to the Mount Pleasant church and at that time we at the Mount Pleasant church were talking about a mission trip to El Salvador and what happened there normally when I get to church I sit in the back corner and I watch people and welcome him and this particular morning I'm sitting in there and I get this image of this thought you know you could do the same thing by standing out and looking through the window. And the pastor his sermon that week was to faithful spies and it was all about a mission shift El Salvador and I got the movie a slap along the forehead and you know Ok God I get your point I'm going on a mission trip so you were not even a member of the church at that time you were just coming back and you felt the call of God to make that mission trip and he did that and we went and built a couple of churches there in El Salvador and then we came back and what happened well the pastor asked me if I was ready yet and I said Yes I believe I am so we started studying together and I never really thought it was possible to have a friend and a pastor but I really do the point that I think that we hear here in John is that and it may not have come out totally But what we're seeing here is that John has been in the church his whole life. He fell away for a while then he came back but what happened is all of a sudden he had a born again experience absolutely and that's exactly what Elder Bradshaw was talking about this morning when he mentioned those people that may be in the church that have been there their whole lives and are kind of going through the motions doing everything that supposed to and it sounds like that's what was happening absolutely absolutely and so the point that we want to make here is that you may have a family member you may have a son or a daughter a mother a father a brother or sister you may have a friend somebody that you that you see them in the church yeah they're there they're going through the motions but you're just wondering are they truly saved and the point is that we don't ever want to give up on them never give up on them keep on praying for them keep on working with them keep encouraging them everything that you can do to bring them to a point where God can get ahold of their heart and tell them you need to go to El Salvador salute maybe knit maybe to your neighbor next door Amen so it all right so I have a couple of gifts were each of you that was or are from the church and I also I also have here your baptismal certificate stretch I'm going to give you that one and John I'm going to. Go through the commitment to baptisms with you again and as you answer those questions I'd like the audience also to answer those questions as well so here we go Do you believe that there is one God Father's Son and Holy Spirit a unity of 3 co-eternal persons Yes yes. Do you accept the death of Jesus Christ on Calvary as the atoning sacrifice for your sins and believe that through faith in his shed blood that you are saved from sin and its penalty yes. Do you remember the world in its sinful ways and have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior believing that God for Christ's sake has forgiven your sins and given you a new heart crazy Yes Do you accept by faith the righteousness of Christ with your intercessor in the heavenly sanctuary and accept his promise of transforming grace and power to live a loving price entered life in your home and before the world yes do you believe that God is that our scuse me do you believe that the Bible is God's inspired word the only rule of faith and practice for the Christian and do you covenant to spend time regularly in prayer and Bible study yes. Do you accept the 10 Commandments as a transcript of the character of God and a revelation of His will is that your purpose by the power of the end well in Christ to keep this law including the 4th Commandment which requires the observance of the 7th day of the week as the Sabbath of the Lord and the memorial of creation Yes. Do you look forward to the soon coming of Jesus on the Bless of hope when this mortal shall put on immortality as you prepare to meet the Lord will you witness to his loving salvation and by life and word help others to be ready for his glorious appearing Yes Do you accept the Biblical teaching of spiritual gifts and believe that the gift of prophecy is one of the identifying marks of the remnant church yes do you believe in church organization is it your purpose to support the church by ties and offerings and by personal effort and influence yes. Do you believe that the that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and will you honor God by caring for it avoiding the use of that which is harmful abstaining from all unclean foods from the use manufacturer's sale of alcoholic beverages the use manufacture or sale of tobacco in any of its forms for human consumption and from the misuse of or trafficking in our Katic store other drugs yes. Do you accept the New Testament teaching a baptism by immersion and desire to be baptized as a public expression of faith in Christ and His forgiveness of your sins Yes Do you know and understand the fundamental Bible principles as taught by the 7th Day Adventist church and and is it your purpose by the grace of God to fulfill his will by ordering your life in harmony with these principles Yes And do you accept the end believe that the 7th Day Adventist Church is the remnant church of Bible prophecy and that people of every nation race and language are invited and accepted into his fellowship and do you desire to be a member of this local congregation of the World Church Yes Amen John has is going to be rebaptized today he's already a member of the Mount Pleasant church and Trish the church has already voted in business session to accept you into membership today pending your baptism. And can we say Amen once again as they head off we have some more testimony they're going to prepare for baptism West peppers you have some friends with you today want to tell us about it thank you out of a very good afternoon everyone. Put this terrible Good afternoon. All right I have with me here Greg and Bill and if you notice they're wearing the same what their shirt there's a reason for that and before we talk about that Greg tell me a little bit where are you a member at I was your member church member here at Cedar Lake your membership is it Cedar Lake but where did you and Bill actually meet we met at work Fremont insurance that is Fremont Michigan All right so you are a member of Cedar Lake and you drive over to Fremont on a daily basis to work correctly cracked and so you guys met or how did you guys me to work well Bill started in late 2016 I think and Bill's a very friendly person I overheard him talking about his Christian beliefs with people and so I said I got to get to know Bill and then all right so as you guys began to talk to begin to form a friendship where did a spiritual connection begin to take place well I've been wanting to start a Bible study at work and so one evening I had to call Bill for a reason for work reason and so I said here's my opportunity I'm going to ask Bill if you want to start a Bible study because Amen at his work place where in the uniform and he asked Bill for a Bible study. Go ahead That is correct and Bill said yes I would like to do that and it went from there all right so Bill tell us a little bit about how that went for you when Greg the 1st asked you for a Bible study what was your initial thought you'd be good for me be good for you all right so you naturally said Yes yes so you guys began to have that Bible study now what happened as a result was a just you going to the Bible study alone with Greg No We started as I know a few people wanted to start one in the my I started asking people our department and just kept going from there so you had upwards of 6 or 7 people actually attend the Bible study but you said over time those began to some kind of begin to fall away but the seed of truth began to grow in your heart and what did you find that Christ is beginning to do for you as you continue doing the bible studies Well it can convict me that I needed to have a better relationship with Jesus Amen so Jesus began to change your life you began to speak to your heart and little by little you began to give your heart to Him Now what happened as a result of those Bible studies in January Oh. I start going to the. Prima of the evidence church in was baptized and on the 22nd 26 of January yeah I mean can say men and so Greg did you go over and start attending some to church with Bill I didn't attend there but I did go for the baptism and I was very happy that a brazen or so you began to go to church on your own I've been plugging into that church family over there. Yes They tell me I am even Amen so as you are continuing those Bible studies are you're also inviting other people at your work to join them is right is that right yes even so he's not only been baptized he's also witnessing and sharing with others I mean to say men now I want to say this that there are people that I know that I've encountered who have been 7th Day Adventists for 203040 years maybe even their whole life and they go to work every day and they have conversations with coworkers every day and I've had people tell me that I've never invited someone to do a Bible study I've never had a spiritual conversation with that person but Greg the Lord prompted him to ask Bill Bill responded and Bill began to attend that bible study the Lord began to work on his heart and then he gave his life to the Lord Jesus and baptism but Bill didn't wait for 20 years before he invited someone else Amen he began to invite someone right away and when Jesus is in the heart it begins to burn with a desire to share him with others so not only do they have Freemont the same Freema insurance shirts on but they both have Christ dwelling in their hearts and you can say men Thank you guys so much what an inspiring testimony of Praise the Lord Greg for your courage and Bill for your willingness to respond to the Lord Jesus All right thank you guys I've been saying then all right we now have Jake and Taylor that are going to join me right up here on the platform and they also have a very similar story as well very powerful story will stay right here guys and so guys tell me Jake tell me a little bit about how you guys 1st met we met at work and g. aviation in Muskegon Michigan and then all right so you Taylor was a new employee and you began you. I actually was assigned her to be her mentor there and so you guys were training and probably talking about just life things but where did that spiritual bridge in that spiritual connection begin to happen we started taking our lunch breaks together she started taking her lunch breaks with me and one night she had a sub from subway that had lots of ham pepperoni and salami on it and she asked if I wanted some and I said No Wow so spiritual connection began with a ham sandwich I would say then. And what was her response when you said no she persisted because she felt bad for me because I didn't have any lunch that night and she was thinking man this guy must you know he must be offended at me or something because he doesn't want to be so my sandwich where that led to a spiritual conversation you began to share with her from the Bible why you had that conviction in your heart He was like Daniel from day one chapter one Amen when he refused the king's food and then after several months you guys were having those spiritual conversations what did why had you been meaning to do with Taylor I should have asked her sooner but after a couple months of sharing things from the Bible she said so when are you going to invite me to your church or you can say men so here is somebody years young Taylor and she's wanting to go to church and Jakes trying to muster up the courage and she just says hey what are you waiting for ask me to church right and so that made it pretty easy yes so what happened from there what what was the transition then you came to church you obviously like some of the people what began to happen and so after probably a couple weeks of attending church I started Bible studies but Pastor Slager inventory. And started keeping the Sabbath that was pretty hard with my family but I persisted in their much more understanding now in prison Lord it takes time and now you're being a lie to them but tell me as you were starting the Bible Jesus began to be more and more real to you he began to become a friend you began to understand who he is and what he's about how did that impact your life how did that change you well before I came to church I was more of a conditional Christian I guess I like to say so when things went bad that's when I when I would talk to God So after doing studies and going to church I started to a stronger relationship with him so he feel like he is your best friend now he's been he's transformed your heart absolutely I love the smile on her face how thrilled she is to know the Lord Amen so Taylor you know are you thinking about baptism sometime soon I was baptized 2 weeks ago and then so one of the newest members of our worldwide church family and probably you're just excited to be baptized now and sit in the pew and wait for Jesus to come is that right yes yes but you're not going to just sit in the pew right what are you doing now and so I've actually started sharing literature with a few people at work and one of my very good friends from high school is she came to camp meeting with me last week and then so she's already witnessing and bringing people now one more question for Jake Jake what would you say to someone here today who may have that coworker that neighbor that friend that they're thinking man I'd really like to invite them to do some some Bible studies or like invite them to church but I'm nervous about it what would you say I was really reluctant to share but we have nothing within our faith that we should be ashamed to share God's given us truth and we should share and we should worry leave the worry to him to bring it to fruition. Praise the Lord I mean I want to be a witness for the Lord today all right God bless you thank you guys so much oh a man was not fantastic moral of the story just ask how many people are in your circle of influence that you need to ask ask for a Bible study ask him to come to church I want to be thinking about that in this coming week I'm up here with Stacey chef go she and her husband Steve are the pastoral team of the Lakes area and Brighton churches She's here with Angela maze and she has a powerful testimony to share with us men happy Sabbath so yes years Angela Maines is a good dear friend of mine now and Angela has an amazing story to share with us tell us Angela a little bit about your religious background church background growing up I have been Pentecostal all my life my dad. Father was a bishop my mother's father was a bishop in the church all my life since I was 5 maybe and your mother is a minister and your brother is a ministers a counselor a family of ministers Yes So she was no you were no stranger to God in church and all of those scenes but kind of was drifting for a little bit in your religious experience but then you went through a series of experiences in your life some struggles some trials some losses that drove you to the Savior tell us about those Ok the 1st one was the death of my baby at 3 and a half months lol My husband then he was so out of with and he couldn't believe it that he went off on drugs and then after that I have had 4 car accidents 2 were fatal. But after all those trials and tribulations this is only a few of them you've had to have other health challenges most definitely big health challenges but God was. Good to me you know I've always trusted in him I'm sorry that's Ok yes author all these trials you've been through it did drive you to the Savior Tell me about one of those accidents when you were in the hospital you were kind of flatlined that you were dying you had an experience there you'll never forget all the must tell you this they said I flatlined 3 times or died 3 times and I could hear the doctor since that stance we lose it or we lose an hour and I said no I'm not you know. Like the doctor said you know you know and I was looking down there all the sudden I looked up there was a man in my room and I looked almost she says I know it's just gather be you I know it's you Lord Jesus I'm not ready to die don't let me die if you don't let me down at this time I promise you I'm going to tell as many people's I can about you every single day and I have been doing just that. Gladly and 2017 you received a handbill in the mail about unlock revelation you actually even seen some billboards around town right everywhere you like or yes all of that and so you came to the Lakes area church and elder snake and was there preaching tell me what that experience was like What did you learn there and how did that how did that relate to you how did you feel well she was saying all my life I was learning about the Bible so when I saw the billboard saying a real revelations revelation the what Revelations a small room on the billboard I must go and so I did go to the revelations chapter and. A pastor Royce. Name and was there and he priest in taught so well that he kept my my. Thoughts in. Tention and I kept going kept going and learned more and learned more and I never looked back since then that's right and when those meetings ended we started some Bible studies together we start going to a little booklet fundamentals of faith and started reviewing some of those teachings a 7 there was church we were very excited about being baptized you want to be baptized very much but there were a few areas that you struggled with as we were preparing for baptism one of those I remember was pain tied you finally got through that way but there was one that was your hardest struggle to let go up and preparing baptism What was that departing from wearing jewelry. I have a job your as tall as this in the top has the the gold jewelry the side one side has silver jewelry the other side has black jewelry one drawer has blue jury the other woman has all the colors in the you could think of in the rainbow and it was so hard to give that up but then got spoke to me and we were studying so much and when she would leave I would study more about the jewelry because I'd never heard of not wearing jewelry so I kept cooing. I am not supposed to be wearing this jury so I decided to give all my jewelry some of my neighbors some of my daughters some of my. Everyone anybody one of the jewelry and I can't wait to give the jury box away Ok because the I don't want to the took me so I want to get rid of it. You tell me that you did this for one main reason you want to please she's a man a man on a fit that you were baptized into the lake serious on the honest church and you had a lot of family and friends that your mother's a pastor your brother's a pastor and all these people who came some of them at that you were a little crazy when you were making all these changes in your life but they were there your daughter was there she's been coming to church she's here with you today a phrase here. And her life has been changed because she's seen a difference in your life a man a man in closing just tell me what it means to you to be a disciple of Jesus and sharing him with everyone you can it means so very much every day in the night and minute I get a chance to tell someone on the elevator at the grocery store to give out my Pamphilus or little or track. I have to give it to someone I have to say how how are you do you notice of it if they come to me Oh yes I know you would you mind if I give you our truck that my hope you all think you very much and it's been such a pleasure to do that and. I wish I could just do it every 2nd of my life to tell somebody how good he has and how he suffered for us and how he's me I'm so happy despite my almost losing my life despite my late almost be an amputated the spite my baby dying despite my divorce from my husband despite any obstacles that came in my life my trials and tribulations what I call it I am so so happy in the church 7th Day Adventists has made me happy very happy thank you so much for sharing. Amen Sister Angela we are so glad to have you part of the family a man brothers and sisters now we have another I think we are ready for a baptism over here want to have you direct your attention for our 1st Babs baptism today. It has been such a joy and a privilege to see this journey that you have been on even as a little girl as the Lord was working through your life and and you were in the Baptist church you were leading your family in to church and to your faith and anyone who I believe very strongly anyone who truly is seeking and loving the truth of the Lord is going to lead them to the remnant church Amen. And so I'm excited to be able to be here with you today and to baptize you but let's pray. Loving Father I want to thank you for the journey that you have had Trish on and Laura to dismiss exciting for me to be a part of that and to see the work that you have been doing and Lord our desire and our prayer is that you would leave her all the way to heaven that Lord you would continue the work and finish the work that you have begun in her and bring it to completion and we pray and ask in Jesus' name amen. Trish It is my joy and my privilege to baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Tell you when. It all God's people said a minute a bed I don't know about you but I love a good testimony right and we have many more to go in fact we have Pastor Christian ho day and his bring to Heather here Christian wanted to come forward or in fact stand right there and step forward and you can introduce your friend to have her and the story that she's here to tell for us today and then think you happy Sabbath everyone isn't such a powerful blessing to see someone baptized as pastors we have the privilege of being able to do that but all of us have the opportunity to lead someone to baptism and I hope that each one of you have that opportunity Heather here was baptized just short of a year ago at the Fenton church and so we're going to share how she came to that point just a little bit 1st how they're just start us give us just a brief summary of kind of your religious background before we were introduced to each other Ok I grew up in a Lutheran household my parents really 3 and my grandparents and so we went to church every Sunday. I went to Sunday School I mean that's what I grew up with up until 9594 I was I would still consider myself a Christian I came back home. After living away from home for 4 years. I still went to church with my family at least up until the time my dad passed away and 99 and then I pretty much said I don't want to go to church anymore I didn't feel comfortable it didn't it didn't fill me and so my sister had already had pulled away from going to church and she got me into the pagan religions of Wicca I didn't delve into deep but I did get in there kind of you know if the Tara cards and all that. But even then. I didn't mystery fill me. It didn't fill the void that I thought it would. So I want you know Internet was coming into you know doing stuff and so I was googling up different you know Bible studies looking into you know stuff like that on my own I think go to church or anything like that I guess she would say my guru. When she when I told her that I was going back and looking up Bible study she said don't go all the way back. And that's I mean I'm so I was like Ok You know I was still you know doing the terror I know that she's I mean that still stuck with me. And that's kind of you know where I got back into looking into God again and going on my own to find who he is so you look he browsing on the Internet. You came across something you haven't you with your search in regard to Bible studies Can anyone guess what that might have been Bible study offered dot com So she signed up there with Bible study offer dot com and at the time the Fenton church was in transition without a pastor and there were many members that were familiar with how to kind of go with the Bible say offer dot com And so there was a time where the conference was actually mailing lessons to you and you were just doing some correspondence like that but then somewhere along the way a couple of the members did come to your house yes they did they gave you a gift a book I think the steps to Christ they even give me a but they did bring me a couple of Bible studies but I was still uncomfortable having somebody come into the house and help me helping me with the Bibles so you continued to just do them yes correspondence conferences sending them to you and so I Then I moved in I transitioned became the pastor and started look through the contact list of the church and noticed that this was an individual who was receiving these bible studies via correspondence so it took a number of tries going to your home trying to find you and then finally I found you home and this is a good part of the story that's a testimony to how God works even despite our mistakes even pastoral mistakes between the car and the door I forgot her name I had all the records there on the seat of my car and I came to her door introduced myself and who I was what I was doing and I said Is there a Helen I think it was Helen yes I might know Ok. Now maybe said Ellen 1st and Helen got the h. the next time and then she said I said what's your name and said one of the other I said Heather thats it. And so anyway once we got that straightened out we went through and she actually thought through the correspond she got halfway through the series and thought it was complete and so I expressed her there actually was a complete and if she would be willing to continue the rest of it sit down one on one Bible say which you responded I responded Yes By that time I was I was ready to have somebody come into the house so I grabbed another young lady another recently baptized member of the Fenton church and we began studying the Bible together week by week for about 3 months and then what happened in 3 minutes. Kind of can't. Can't meeting was my 1st time even going to a 7 day church last year last year. Before I even was baptized before I even got baptized I was already doing this type of ship. I always have been handing out literature I was already involved in the church before I actually became a member of the church and human so you're about Ty's last July and you have been distributing literature you've been going to campus Sabo for training you are sharing Bible says with your mother. If I can you've gone through the discipleship handbook. And here you're at camp meeting again for your 2nd year thank you and this time I was able to be here for the whole week able to enjoy everything and we've got Jesus on prophecy coming are you doing anything for the yes I'm part of the. Part of the main teams. The prayer cord nater for Bible I do some practice. Also other things I also on the board. For the communicating director or secretary. I go to Sabbath school every every Saturday prayer meeting I do for supper club and in between I do try to hand out more literature as well. So basically any time there is a church activity or event you're there I'm there. And this coming up Thursday we have our next supper club and are going to be involved in that at all yes I'm also I'm one of the cooks for the separate club I'm also going to be presenting at the Supper Club and I'm doing I can't summon or so praise the Lord we are just so they full to have Heather with us at the Fenton church and as we conclude our time here anything you want to say just say what this 1st year of being a 7th Day Adventists Christian means to you and what your experience is like now I think the most thing I would say is that I finally found a home. Because of all the other churches I've ever been to. I was there but I wasn't it didn't feel comfortable you didn't feel like everybody knew you walking to church and everybody's hugging and saying welcome to their churches like Ok. Ignore you. So it's nice to find a home. A man can you say people can you say amen for the way guys do and I tell you something I love all people of course but there's something a particular love about brand new converted people right they want to share their faith they're excited for the Lord and praise the Lord we're ready to witness another recommitment in baptism here Pastor Thompson ready to baptize Go ahead John. Your story is probably one that resonates with a lot of people here we recognize realize that there are tears and weeds in the church but what we often forget is that those weeds are maturing at different speeds and different times and places and what a joy and a privilege for me to be in a place where I could see that that connection that clicked that born again experience I remember that they very clearly remember you like a kid in a candy store and what a joy and privilege it's been to watch you and see how the Lord has been leading as we went on a mission trip as you were were already talking about the next one in fact John and I are leaving in 2 weeks to go back to El Salvador to look for another church that we can sponsor and help them to build and so I'm excited about that but it is my joy and privilege to pray with you and about ties you let's pray Father in heaven I just thank you for John and all that you have been doing in his heart and in his life and thank you for the privilege of being able to watch that happen and see how you are working on him and our prayer of course Lord is that you would continue that work and that Lord you would bless him along the journey give him the joy of the Lord put a song in his heart a spring in his step as he works for you especially over there a strong tower radio and being a part of that organization and the blessing of being able to get that word out across our whole state and so we thank you for that and we pray that that you would not only give him the joy of the Lord but you would glorify yourself through him and we pray and ask it in Jesus' name amen John it is my joy and my privilege to baptize you in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thank you. No Gods people said a man praise the Lord I'm here with Brother Thomas Durham Pastor Shawn risen Dean and Tom representing core strong tower radio in time you have a few things that you'd like to share here in a couple testimonies so why don't you go ahead absolutely strong tower radio is soul winning a man in your hand you have the map of a strong tower radios coverage it covers half the state of Michigan it is our goal to reach all of Michigan strong tower radio opens doors just a few days ago the youth rush young man went to a woman in Grand Rapids hollows she did not want his books he in desperation he said strong tower radio immediately here here face lit up and she says I listen to that my kids listen to it on our way to school they love that story and on the way home I listen to Doug bachelor she said What is your books she bought the book of salvation story of salvation and she gave a donation Pastor Charles Brooks is a lake region pastor he had a half an hour before prayer meeting he he took this strong tower radio survey and he went to 3 houses how many houses 3 houses he got 3 bible studies finally the last thing is the. Last can't meeting Dan Junior came to the strong tower radio booth. He said We came back to the store Tuesday to the church because of strong tower radio and then he said we're here to stay Amen amen pastor Sean's going to share with us also a testimony yes this is a testimony about strong tower radio and discipleship because it's not just about a person coming to Christ but growing in Christ I had the privilege of baptizing Dan into the Bessemer Christ Community Church is something having this in 2016 and where he works he was sharing about how he used to listen all kinds of different types of radio programs but his employer allows him to have one earphone in one of his ears and so he listens a strong tower pretty much all the day while he's working and it's helped him to really grow in his discipleship he's becoming active as a deacon now in the church and it's just incredible to see him growing and so I really believe that strong tarried is not just about someone coming to the Lord but growing strong in God Amen praise Lord thank you so much Pastor how many are so thankful for strong tower are you telling others about it are you sharing I am enjoying you have a story with Rick thank you guys so much you can stand right over here we're going to let Delaney be a friend here want to step right up here. I have with me Rick Price He's a native American and Ricky you've gotten disgusted with churches Why was that all good no matter what a Bible study I want to be in born in a church and study and everything I couldn't get the state of the Dead right which is it you know I mean you know your view you're very good Jerry you go straight Evan Hugo's you know it's just. When you study and he really serious about it when you find things that aren't true and you find things that are right down you can get disgusted and upon strong car radio on there and I was listening to him Well you know want this sounds a little more you know this is believable let's let's find out about this so he moved to Grayling in 2015 that's how he found stronger media and you heard a sermon in what how did that sermon affect you pretty good you know because I realize I could be exempted because there was a guy in a church or became an leader and there are you know some problems with tobacco urns of a few other things but they let him in there like that and he became. A really good. Person and a church and is now one of the leaders and. The Except do they love you know that except you the way you come in you know so he thought he would check out the grayling 7th Day Adventist Church the 1st day you went there that 1st Sabbath what happened met some great people I was really blessed we had a pastor to time and as sort of family you know they're wearing my son and invited their home with buyers for family dinners and gave us Bible studies and. You know it was just a really honest and refreshing and truthful atmosphere to be in after all this time Rick claimed the power of God and gave out nicotine and caffeine and he is was baptized into so he live in Grayling but yes he's a member of the Gaylor jerk. And you know the neighbors are few but the harvest is rich and strong tower radio that's what we're all about is then journalism so that people can walk into your churches. Or without bus to Michigan to have strong car radio the offer to have a conference wide evangelism on a regular basis we have all these tools to make it easy but that does not replace each one of you being able and willing to tell others about Christ Amen we have tools but they don't do any good if they're just sitting on the show so take them and use them amen. Radio booth and pick up some promo cards to pass out thank you guys so much Ok can you say amen to that. I want to tell you how blessed you are in case you didn't realize it to be in the Michigan conference a 7 day Evan is this conference is dedicated to soul winning evangelism and I would I think that sometimes I know for even myself when I'm involved in evangelistic endeavors I don't always see the results that I want to see as fast as I want to see them and this week we were talking about growth and growth potential our churches in our manual session and I've met many interesting individuals and heard some great stories but Zach story really impressed me so I want to share with you a little bit about Zack and have him share a little bit of his journey. He's not from Michigan but he came here to Michigan camp meeting he's going to tell you a little bit about that. That your mom's a Presbyterian pastor you grew up in even delicate church and in your teens you fell away and then later on in college you majored in what history and how did that time I know you had There's a journey that brought you here to Michigan and that history teacher thing ties in a little bit tell us a little bit about that journey Yeah I was really interested in wars and their causes and why people were so caught up in especially the Middle East and the Palestinians and Israelis and that sort of thing and I want to understand what was the point behind all that why was there why so uptight about that and. I was told that my mother to study the covenants and study the prophecies in the Bible and you figured out and you said the just you just the just you got from that is she really didn't have an answer you didn't get a lot of answers about those types of things are going to have to do so a lot of study and I was use that in history studying history yet to read everything and find out what's the truth you know until you got online and you found a sermon. From an old even. Evangelistic series some taught it was who Israel Israel. And. That year alone to sift through a lot of wrong ideas about prophecy. A new one right now. Is about to give up and found this one on an internet forum like you know want to dark corners the Internet somebody some had been a host of this you know by Pastor David Asher. Real Well who is real is real around Detroit or something like that and so. I watched watch that about 20 times and then that was number 23 of 25 or something like that so I said well go back to one out of 20 watch the rest of them now it was interesting as I was talking to Zack he told me that he had a nickname in college what was your nickname well dilv and I was going to delve in the bottom of every said your teacher is the professors would often say we're not going to delve into that right now and I was going to go home and I was going to decide it was going to delve in and you delved into this thing and you went back to number one of this and you saw this series and what was the impact well. For that I had decided to religion was just based on faith you just had just blind faith just take it for what it was and just kind of trust it and you know she said I tell you before so when it comes to pass you will believe and so prophecy was what really stuck with me I said well he's in the future and he's going out in a limb and saying if I tell you something it's to prove what you know and Isaiah 46 you know it's a the in from the beginning who else can do this out of all the other gods and religions so it was the prophecies that gripped you and really made the Lord real to you yes come on folks Amen so let's not forget that now it's interesting as we were talking together one of the things you shared with me. When it is this this this is kind of your 1st camp meeting in Michigan right it's definitely my 1st camp meeting physically but what did you tell me just even a few moments ago this is actually your 3rd hit meeting because you've been listen listen to the recordings and so it's less like I've been here the past 3 years and that's why I drove up here to have our own audio verse listening to everything we do here I want to say I've never I've never been in a church building with more than like 3040 people so that I was really it all this whole thing was really special supper say to everybody absolutely now in the in the course of this there's so many things that we have to leave out for sake of time but you had a friend of yours then who began to study and he was getting on the Internet just like you had an instantly you had said I don't know if you brought this up and study for 2 years on the Internet now when you're studying and looking once you saw this series by David Ashley or I ever came to a church yes it once you saw the series by David Asher Rick and you found out this is 70 avin is what you did as you began to study 7th Day Adventists on the Internet and. Now you know what happens there and you filter through some stuff or do you want it to yours want it to yours and so and so there's a lot of garbage out there and so I want no I don't know how to help somebody win there. Found out all weird stuff and so yes I He was studying he was read and you want to know I would know everything all at one time so we went there one Bible study and in 2 hours later he said he would have this video and that video you know that this is this and that's the No And so I went to a lot revelation series you know the 1st video I said in your free time we're not studying watch this and now I meet with you tomorrow and we'll listen to you and so we just over 3 hours a day every day. And then when he was a stud I said watch these medical. You know just hang in there you know now you said you were baptized in the 7th Day Adventist Church in 20152015 this is your 1st can't meeting he's helped this other friend of his in fact you were giving Bible studies to somebody right here at this camp meeting so one of the things you said to me I want to leave them with is you know with between you and this other friend now studying and this is something in common with that 1st series you saw in Troy Michigan and then the audio verse stuff you've been listening to and then the unlock revelation and what was that. Well when it when it was this Michigan from Michigan basically I mean that's why I came up here and so you're doing good things and I want to encourage everybody to get involved in all these things that's going on in your conference because it's going to be an example to other conferences you know I'm in and so I want to get that kind of stuff that same spirit for evangelism The y'all have appeared where I am so I don't have to drive 10 and a half hours to a can you know I mean he's taken a lot of our materials back down to Tennessee but you had said that you and then this friend of yours he said we wouldn't be in the evidence church if it weren't for the mission conference so so you know sometimes we don't see the results you want to see right away but but the work we're doing isn't just impacting things here and it took our dear brother here 2 years and there are other people we're witnessing too now don't give up hope but beyond here the Lord is using what we're doing in your generosity and your self sacrificing spirit to win souls across this country and across the world a man has to Cameron the rest of you but I have been thrilled to hear these testimonies high praise the Lord for the way the Holy Spirit works the power of his word by the way evangelism still works Amen Bible study offer still works a men and we're going to leave here with a glow tracks in hand with Bible study offer cards to give we're going to invite people to Jesus on prophecy would invite people to prayer meeting at a Sabbath school and all these things because as West said they're just tools but we're supposed to be the laborers right and we want to leave here train and equip In fact I would invite anybody who's been on the platform today to come on up and join us. We're going to sing a song all together we're going to come up here together we have some new candidate baptism will not candidates anymore they're new members of the 7th Heaven is church today we have some recent members of the 7 devils just me a pastors the 7 churches we got members of the 7 devastates all in this audience today and we're so thrilled to be part of the family of God that we don't this is just the 1st fruits right this is just a sample of the great work that the Lord wants to do for let us pray together Father in heaven what a joy it has been here to celebrate these wonderful testimonies and welcome in these new as family members to our global worldwide 7th Day Adventist Church your remnant church of Bible Prophecy your final movement to carry this everlasting Gospel to all the world I want to just pray Lord that you would have a suspect give a special blessing to each one who has been on this platform as they continue to grow in you and continue to share your word with others and father we want to pray that you would use each one here Lord next year we want to have so many testimonies that we have to have a whole day of soul winning our we want to so winning day we don't want to so wanting our and Lord we know that throughout all eternity we will share those testimonies and we will be able to just tell all the details of how you have worked and each one of our lives so bless each one here today put a burning conviction in our hearts to share with our neighbors with our coworkers with our family and our friends Lord that Jesus is coming soon and he has done a wonderful wonderful work for each of us upon the cross that is enter seating for us now in the heavenly sanctuary and he soon to come as he conquering King and Lord we want to spray especially for each local church that they would be a soul winning light house in their community that they would do service projects that they would do Bible studies that they would do public of vandalism all types of the elements of the growth cycle and Lord we want to lift up strong Toretto for that beast Detroit station that you would lord move upon the hearts of the saints and move upon the pocketbooks of your people. To give sacrificially to give in a way like they've never given before for your work to go forward in all of its phases and Lord we praise you because we can sense that you are pouring out your spirit upon this camp meeting and upon this conference and Lord we want your blessing we dare not. Attempt any work without it so blessed as we pray and let Jesus be glorified let that 4th angel come down from heaven and light the earth with your glory because of the work that you are doing through your Peter. And we praise you and we think we offer this prayer Lord with all of our heart and Jesus' name but all God's people say amen this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or if you would like to listen to more sermon please visit w w w dot audio person dot org.


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