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Elder's Basic Training - Part 1

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 17, 2019
    1:00 PM
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Father Nevin we want to thank you for another day today thank you for camp meeting and this opportunity to be in a place like this and take advantage of all these different seminars and especially today we want to talk about elders responsibilities and the task that lies before the leaders of the church and we pray that you will bless what we do today may it be to your honor and glory may your holy spirit be present in Jesus' name and in. You have a little booklet like verse a little older and today's training is already in there and if you take that out it will be a place for you to take notes I haven't given you any additional note paper because if you take more notes than what's on this page you're going to be saying more than I say But that's Ok. But anyway here's the here's the information for you and for you to be able to take notes on card to put your name on it so that doesn't get mixed up with somebody else's And sometimes people leave things behind and that way make sure you get it back to the right person I'll have another hand out for you tomorrow for tomorrow's class this is a 2 class seminar presentation. For leaders in the church who are elders and let me also explain to you that I am training for elders today and tomorrow deacons on Wednesday and Thursday you need to know what deacons are supposed to do because you are as you will see especially tomorrow you are responsible for the other leaders in the church and if you don't know what they do You can't help lead them and one of the things that they do is participate with the elders in things like visitation and the like there is a full array there for you and so this is an important part of it it's sort of by accident that the deacons class follows us and it's sort of by design because I can't do everything all at once I used to do separate classes and for a longer period of time I am doing this sequence and I hope it will be helpful to you to know what deacons do along the way and then on Friday we have a leadership class dealing with current issue. In the church and how to handle issues that sometimes bring conflict or confusion and the like let me tell you you are facing this today with the you know what or not and I could give you an illustration of that but I'll save that for later because it's happening in our churches on a regular basis and these are very difficult times in which we live but not unexpected because the Bible said it would be like this so today's training is going to be fundamental it's going to be basic Now how many of you are brand new elders never been an elder before and have no clue now don't ask that last part. But you've never been an elder before your new new to being an elder Now Ok All right how many of you been an elder before but never to can train him before. How many of you taken my training in particular before our most I ask you what you're doing here but. I wonder that we always benefit from the from training and even though sometimes what I do here and these 1st couple classes is repetition we always learn from repetition and we always learn how to do our work better the material that I'm using today comes to us out of the elders handbook the elders handbook you can purchase how many of you do not have an elders and. The owner's handbook is available the a.b.c. can get a copy of the handbook and I'm taking this material out of the elders handbook as a basic fundamental text elders should have an Elders handbook and they should have an Elders manual I assume they have a Bible. I am have access to the Spirit of Prophecy. But those other 2 tools are very important in your work as elders in the church you need the elders handbook which is a blue book and I really ought to have that in the in the notes sorry that I don't is the elders handbook and it's the church men who need the latest church manual now we're in 20192020 General Conference will be meeting in Indianapolis in the Lake Union coincidentally. And when they meet there they will make changes to the church manual the Jew what I said they will make changes to the church manual it may be that they put an end here where there was a but before or who knows but they will make changes to the church manual usually they are more substantial than that and they can be very substantial those changes every 5 years the church manual changes you should get a new copy every time so that you up to date on what happens especially in relationship to substantial changes the church manual is changed in session and that will be 2020 next year he usually takes about a year before they get the new edition out just want you to be aware of that process so Michigan conferences partnering with General Conference minister also see Asian in providing this material today and doing it and I'm grateful for it I'm going to start with the elders call and qualification many times when you are asked to be an elder from your local church nominating committee especially the 1st on the nominating committee meets together and they go through their routine they're looking we need an elder we need an elder we need more elders we need 5 whatever they go through and they start looking at the list of qualified people they look for even people sometimes that aren't qualified they start getting desperate they need people to lead then they call you up on the phone and they say we need you to serve as an elder would you would be willing to serve as an elder while one is an elder do while they get up on the platform one Sabbath morning and they have a morning prayer read the scripture that's what an elder does. Well in any qualifications we would be calling you if you are qualified I'm a pitch you know sometimes that's the nominating committee process. And it shouldn't be that way it should be a very spiritual process and I'm going to tell you many nominating committees do that so I don't want to be misunderstood but it should be a very spiritual process they should be looking for spiritually qualified people they should be looking for people who are willing to put in the time necessary and we'll talk a little bit about that as well because you need to be able to know what your responsibilities are the most important thing that I can tell you is that your call by God God calls an elder to be in their position of responsibility in leading the church the call to be an elder is a call from God. The nominating committee if they're doing a spiritual work are praying and asking God to lead and I believe most committees do exactly that they understand their responsibility their spiritual response ability and they understand that the church is a spiritual entity and the understand that the key leaders in the church are spiritual leaders and sometimes we have fallen back on some things like we decide who is qualified not by the spiritual qualifications but by what they may well would talk even about get ahead of myself welcome that that elders who realize their calling comes 1st from God will appreciate the importance and seriousness of their leadership responsibility that's why I take the time today to remind you of the qualifications because this is a serious leadership responsibility if you think that you're only being asked to serve by asking people are calling for the offering on Sabbath morning by reading the scripture reading or having a prayer in Sabbath morning and that's really all you do you don't need to be ordained to do that. But you do need to be ordained to carry out the work that God has called an elder to do your like to by the congregation and it shouldn't be because you hold some position of importance in the community or because they have been in individual's been successful in business or a wealthy unfortunately sometimes that's exactly the way it is done but it shouldn't be that way they should be chosen 1st for their spiritual qualifications you were chosen by God not because you're wealthy or because you're this or that but because you have been asked to be a servant of God and to represent him in that local church you have no official position or authority in the church unless you've been elected by the congregation the reason that is important is because you are appointed by the local congregation to be an elder for the 1st time that you are chosen to be an elder in your life you must be ordained for that but you are Dane for life. But you are not or damed for life to that local churches position did you catch what I said. What that means is that you are not a lawyer appointed to be an elder you might not be appointed next year you don't lose your nation your nation is good for life as long as you don't wander away from the Lord or do something that causes your nation to be revoked which would be your church membership as well ah but you are not appointed to life to the local church or if you move to another area you do not automatically become an elder in the church you are an elder in that church because you are aleck to to that position when ever the nominating committee meets if they choose not to choose you don't take it personally it's very hard to do that I know it's very hard to do that but they have a right to make a change. And you know if you happen to be in a church where there are $45.00 qualified elders and they only need 5 then 40 qualified people are not going to be elders right so usually it's not that way especially an issue. But it or if you understand my point in that sense I just want to be able to make that point clear. You are an individuals highly respected in the Bible they were highly respected individuals and they are the ones who are giving leadership and prayer and annoying the sick and caring for those kinds of needs in the New Testament they carry significant leadership in administrative responsibilities the work move forward catch the go work move forward in the New Testament not because they were just sitting around in the Spirit of God did all the work and then they just may reap the fruits of their leaders ship of the church was led by the Spirit of God to activity and they actually went out and did the work they orchestrated it they organized it they recognize problems they solved problems when they had problems they needed to meet together to solve they even traveled all the way to Jerusalem in order to be able to solve those problems they were the individuals who were responsible for the work the work in the New Testament went forward because people like Paul and Peter and James and John and the rest of them went out and spread the word of God God is calling the same thing calling us to do the same thing today they were shepherds and overseers and examples of the work that needed to be done and to the people there Jesus said to Peter Shepherd my sheep. So your job description begins with a spiritual leadership responsibility you should be respected by your congregation that is the reason they have chosen you respected not in the sense of they're going to bow down to you but respect which you don't want them to do respected in the sense that you are recognized as an individual who has leadership ability or willing to learn how to be a leader and respected for the fact that they know you love Jesus and that you're serving the Lord Jesus Christ you should be able to speak well this makes a lot of elders nervous if you've never preached before and you're called upon to be an elder you know it was all right with you were asked to do the scripture reading and you were asked to do this or that. But to speak and be the preacher it sometimes makes people really nervous but that's something that you can learn trust me you can learn and I did I didn't wake up one day you know I mean that the truth of the matter as I heard preaching from the time I was a little baby and I mean that literally my father was an evangelist and I had people tell me stories about how when I was a little boy in a bass a natural whatever you want to call it and I would go down into the pulpit while my dad preached so I learned to preach at an early age no I heard him preach but when they came to me having to preach I was terrified I once told my dad after taking a while I was taking a speech class I said you know they made me do 2 or 3 minute speeches and I thought I was going to die doing that now they want me to do a 10 minute speech and I said I don't know how that's even possible. Now you can't get me to be quiet. The Lord has a way of taking us and changing us and leading us there is a notebook back here somewhere so I want to know or words. One of the leadership issues and responsibilities is having consecrated lives you and I are consecrated to the Lord Jesus Christ were set aside for a very spiritual work and have spiritual leadership ability I want you to understand that spiritual leadership ability is not necessarily the same as just leadership ability one can be translated into the other but if you don't have that consecrated life it's hard to be a spiritual leader because you try to be a leader a but a not a spiritual leader as an elder you will find you will be very frustrated because God has called you to do something else. You have the general oversight of the church with the local pastor I hope you're catching that oversight of the church most elders don't realize today we have fallen into the trap of the pastors the pastor and the pastor does all the work and they all are simply do what they're told and they don't do much no the elders are really the assistant pastors of the local church know they're not paid that's not their calling and the purpose for being an elder but they have the responsibility for the future of that congregation if that church is going to be alive and thriving over the next 5 to 10 years it's going to because the elder did that work of oversight and moving the workforce. So keeping an oversight and a watchful eye on the church watching over the activity of the church and the Department of the church departments of the church and the like is the responsibility now we're going to go more into detail tomorrow in relationship to the working. Of the elder in overseeing the departments but we want to make sure that you realize that this is your responsibility if the Sabbath school is not going well you need to change it you need to know it's not going well and you need to have the spiritual leadership responsibility on your shoulders enough to know that you need to change it and you say what am I supposed to talk a little bit more about that you need to be involved in the planning the staffing the training and the guiding of the entire church program if you go away with nothing else today but understanding the things that we've talked about up to this point you will understand the responsibility to one on either side if you just pass them there and you these are sign in sheets are going to come in if you just sign in on their appreciate that you need a pen just Jim if you just put that pen with that I appreciate that yeah you can keep it as a you can get it afterwards out of that. I'm happy to share with you by the way you know. So be involved in planning staffing training guiding of the entire church program. Do you understand really what I'm trying to communicate. The program of the church is on your shoulders that's why you have to be submitted to the Lord Jesus cause you have to be committed to him Now I warn people who come into this training class especially if it's the 1st time you've sat in a elders training class like this or with me I try to warn you now I'm going to overwhelm you because all I'm going to do is tell you what you're supposed to do I'm simply quoting the church manual and the elders Handbook and the Word of God It's all I'm doing but if you don't understand that when you came in here which is probably why you came you wanted to know if you didn't understand that when you came in you're going to come to a point where you say wow I can't believe I'm supposed to do all of this is a matter of fact I don't sign up for this and so as soon as I get back to the church or soon or I'm resigning or a don't do that I understand that you start where you are and you move on step by step to where God wants you to be you will never be the perfect elder you will never have the perfect church. But you will have the opportunity to move God's work one step at a time I'm going to tell you I get frustrated as an administrator of the Church of the church in the conference office now I'm not the one of the administrators of the 3 who are the president the secretary and the treasure but I haven't in ministrations role in the church and I'm get frustrated because I can't get everything done and everything accomplished I'd like to get accomplished but one step of the time over time adds up and that's really what you're trying to do is take the steps necessary planning staffing training and guiding the entire church program that means you work closely with the pastor in this process along with the pastor please notice verse along with the pastor now along with that I want to say this is God's work needs to be finished you believe that Jesus is coming again. The time will come when we will enter a time of trouble where you may be the leader of the church you may even be the pastor of the church you yourself might wind up where pastors are likely to wind up and that is out of circulation because God wants and needs leaders but Satan doesn't want to leaders to be able to do the work so he tries to find ways to take them out so that they can't be there but if there is no pastor in your church for any reason you are the pastor of that church you have to lead that congregation you have to see that God's Church continues to move forward. We need to be able to also help our pastors to be able to do the work of advancing the work outside of a local church your church may be able to grow and continue to move ahead it may be though that the pastor needs to move to another area and to develop a a new congregation you can still function you can still do all the work that needs to done be done you can still move your church into the community and wanting souls even without the pastor being there because you are the assistant pastor or one of the assistant pastors in the congregation helping to move God's work. General oversight of the congregation includes demonstrating skills and worship leadership gentleman. And Lady sometimes a go to churches might be even your church I don't know trying to pick on any judge I'm not speaking of any right now but sometimes I go to church and on Sabbath morning the elder doesn't know what's happening that morning there is no bulletin I know you want to say that's the pastors or possibility I know you want to say that but there's no bulletin and the others know what's going to happen and basically Wings' it from beginning to end the whole time and that tends to be the worship service and the worship experience that's not the way God wants it to be the priests have a very carefully orchestrated ministry in the temple All right it's not the temple but it is this house of God where people are coming to worship him. And it should be carefully organized and carefully orchestrated and carried out and so you need skills in that and that's part of it I can't teach all of those skills today this is a basic course of introduction to the tasks and with some instruction about how to do it along the way at the passes request tourism in his absence pastor the elder serves as the chair of the board and even the chair at business meetings now most of the time that doesn't need to happen but you have the authority of you the head elder of the church how many of you had elders. If you go ahead elder you the church you have the authority to lead out a board meeting or to chair a business meeting in the absence of the pastor sometimes there's a critical business meeting coming up that needs to take place in the pastors call the way on a family emergency that business meeting can still happen if there's something really unusual about that business meeting you can call a ministerial department that's me and our so c. it's and we're willing to help you as well in Michigan how many of you from Michigan gone. In Michigan you can call also the district superintendent in your area and they could assist you as well if they have enough advance warning one member they're sitting pastors and they're practicing their work as well and they may not be able to make your meeting if you call them the night before that you have a critical meeting but you have a back up with people like us or even other pastors in the area. But usually the board is chaired by the pastor the business meetings chaired by the pastors Well the elders have the ability to do that elders should be committed to outreach and have a clear vision of the churches mission. I'm going to say this here I say a little bit later but I want to make sure it's clear you are disciples of Jesus before you become an elder Yes. Because you're a disciple of Jesus that means you're already an active soul winner for Jesus you're involved in reaching out to people and sharing the truth of the Word of God All of us a call to do that from the president of the conference through the rest of the Michigan governs where all disciples of Jesus 1st before we become president or become elder of the local church and we should continue that work you can just set it right there I think that's why pass it all the way back of somebody's house and sign that any of that signs. So. Elders should recognize that not only should they have a clear vision of the churches mission but they also need to be involved in outreach themselves and the vision for the church as a mission is going to grow and increase if you as an elder are helping to make that happen in the local church. Another area of responsibility in the work of an elder is the work of nurture elders are not only overseers but shepherds we often think of the work of a shepherd of nurturing and taking care of the flock Well that's really impart of the responsibility of the elders in the local church is making sure that the people are cared for spiritually especially but in some cases that also applies to their physical needs and their caring needs that's the area actually of deacons and deaconesses and that's why you need to know the responsibilities of the Deacon's which we'll talk about on Wednesday and Thursday so that you can strengthen the work of your deacons and deaconesses in the work they're actually called on to do they think that they are deign to take up the offering did you know that. That's what they think they're ordained to do that's not what they're ordained to do you can take up the offering without being or day and so you're catching a theme here or a I told you you have a lot of things you can do that elders think are their main responsibilities that you can do without being ordained I see it happen in churches all the time I see little kids get up and read the scripture then our day Ok. So the you get my boy I'll keep going. You also need to be involved in preparing new members for baptism that's part of that outreach process the path of what really should be happening in the local church the local church should be growing so rapidly the pastor can't keep up with all the souls that are studying the Bible and that are developing an interest in God's Word and preparing for baptism so much so the pastor you know he's got 3 churches and he can't keep up with all owes other ones that are going on to the elders are out there preparing people for baptism and they come to the pastor at an elder is meeting and they say Pastor Bob Smith is ready for a poor baptism you might want to just come and have that final go through with him but I've gone through it all with him and he's already that's what's supposed to happen in the local church that is the way God's work is going to advance that's what God is calling upon us to do provide the special love and nurture that new members need notice you're preparing for people for baptism but you're also making sure that those new members are nurtured into the congregation and that there are special love applied to them many times we lose new members after a public of Angelus to meeting and evangelist comes in does an evangelist meeting the people you know 10 people come in the church and 6 months later 9 of them are gone and the thing that usually happens at the board meeting is that what evangelists was really good but evangelism doesn't work because 9 of them are gone the 1st question I would ask of somebody said that I would say so what did you do to make sure those 9 people stayed in the church or the meaning what awaited. They came to church that was good right if you visit them did you give them Bible studies did you continue to disciple them did you teach them how to share their faith did you teach them how to have a devotional life or what's that supposed to mean that's what we are called upon to do and that's why they leave the church because we haven't been doing our full work that God is called upon us to do help new members make firm friendships within the church that's part of that process. In small churches the elders will take responsibility for almost all of the detailed administration of the church I hope you caught that. Almost all of the detail that ministration of the church we don't like Administration pastors we often talk about it and we say What's your favorite part and they all say Administration no. No no no no they didn't then sign up to be a pastor so they could do administration printing bulletins and all of those kinds of things they signed up to visit people and win souls and and encouraged the sick and pray for the sick and minister to people that's what they signed up for. So you might have the same problem but somebody has got to do it and the leadership of the church needs to make sure that it's done but you know what it doesn't mean you have to do it all get other people involved in the administrative responsibilities who says you have to print the bulletin get somebody else to print it and I see that a lot more today than I saw even 15 or 20 years ago and I'm glad for that that's really what needs to happen in a small church plan to preach often plan to lead out in the worship service including communion if requested in an emergency most of the time I talk about head elders here when it comes to the Communion. Most of the time in the state of Michigan that's not necessary even in an emergency there's a pastor somewhere around that can be called upon to do that you should call at least the ministerial department if there's an emergency but I would encourage you not to cancel communion service because some emergency came up in your pastor can't be there there are ways of being able to handle that and and including the fact that the head over can do that calling chair of the church board or business meeting the presence at passers absence organize and participate in the visitation of members we will talk more about this but the visitation of members is the responsibility of the elders and the deacons and the deaconesses and the deacons in the deaconesses they're all supposed to be involved in the military mission of the church members that's part of nurture will talk more about that oversee the evangelist it plans for the church train the congregation in stewardship. You need to be an example I once did a training for elders in one of my church as many years ago and one of my elders had grown up in the 70 m. his church his father was an elder is brother was an elder. And we were talking about what needed to happen in terms of getting the word out to the church members about how the tide was used and so on for so for this young man had been in the church all his life and when we told him that the tide was not used to pay for the electricity in the building and all those other kinds of things he said I didn't know that. We're not teaching our kids we're not teaching our members we don't help them to understand stewardship and by the way it's stewardship is more than money just made that to make a point today give general oversight to church finances and large churches there's usually a team of elders with a head elder a board of elders should be in every church by the way if you are a small church and you have only one elder in your church they eat I would encourage you to meet from time to time with the elders of the other churches in your district just because you need to be able to coordinate together under the pastor and you also need camaraderie you need to encourage each other you need to pray for each other and doing that work if there's more than one elder there should be a board of elders if there are 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever how many of you are in churches of 50 or less. 50 there are under 10220200 plus. Got a pretty good mix in here that's really good I like the. Elders all the elders serve on the church board. I'm not going to take much time to talk about the church organization I think most of you know that I'm going to really rush through this because I'm actually little be hind of where I need to be this morning but God created the church he put it together and he organized it organization provide strength for the church if we're not careful organization can actually become a crutch to us rather than a help but it is supposed to support the local church it starts with the family and to from the beginning and then it worked into the nation and into the church that work through it biblically you know that all took place our hope you do and I'm not going to try to deal with that today a church is a group of Christian people it is a group of people called out from the world leaning learning to love God and to work on that particular basis make sure that you get ahold of one of our handouts there that would be great Absolutely and also sign up on our sheet when someone handed to you. A church is a group of Christians reaching out to the world inviting others a church is a place for the healing of the hurts of life the church has a mission and that mission is to for a group of disciples going out to reach the world inviting others in it is also a hospital a place for healing of a herds of life and the House of God a place where people can come together and worship together there are many models I'm not going to go over those right now I'm going to skip who will be there you can read it in your notes and come to work through that God's reasons for organizations according to Ellen White is to support the gospel ministry to carry on the work of preaching in new fields to protect both churches and the ministry from unworthy members action for holding church property to publish. The truth via the printing press these are some of the reasons for organization Ellen White spoke of and the need for the church to be organized all of these things build for a stronger work you can imagine what the work was when there were a few 107th Day Adventist or not under that name particularly And then what is needed when there are 21000070 Agnus in the world today you cannot function without organization they are different forms of organization Ours is a representative form of organization not one of the others that is listed here and we are not congregational don't let anybody suck you into a congregational form of organization that's where the local congregation has all control over everything and it sounds really good until you actually get into it. And it's not biblical. Levels of church organization there's the local church the local conference feel the union which is usually 4 or 5 missions or conferences together then the General Conference comes next and with divisions the North American division is the next level in the North America in North America we have the Lake Union here in Michigan Michigan that were part of. Our should say the other way around Michigan is part of in the Lake Union which is the states surrounding the Great Lakes and then we're part of the North American division which is part of the General Conference Ok let's move to delegation a little bit here delegation is an important part of the process you should expect your pastor to be asking you to do something. Right now I make a stop and I pause for a moment to make a point because when I was a pastor I felt guilty about asking people to do things like I was supposed to do it all the pastor should not feel guilty for asking you to do something you should expect him to do if the pastor doesn't ask you to do something and you've gone a whole year without him asking you to do something would you go and complain please and if he says I'm not going to give you anything to do you call me because I need to help him to understand this principle it's a biblical principle God works that way in the organization of Israel Moses was told by Jethro you're doing too much work you need to spread it out that's what the pastor is trying to do but you should be doing the same thing with your local church members they need to be able to get involved as well we don't need the 2080 rule to be working where 20 percent are doing 80 percent of the work we need 100 percent doing 100 percent of the work that's what needs to be happening in the local church that's what God wants to have happen. I'm not going to go into this or so much the Bible simply had possibles and elders and deacons and that was the basic method of organization and I'm just going to pass on from there another photo important part of our organization is the church manual some people like to downplay the church manual a ike to get rid of it folks you get rid of the church man on your own you watch what happens to Michigan conference in one year. You wait and watch and see what happens to the Lake Union and the North American division without the church manual the church manual is a wonderful tool if you and it's a spiritual document if you've never read it read it read it it's amazing what you can find in the church manuals but when they have the church manual we would be in chaos because there are practical applications the Word of God did not try to apply it to everything out there that the church manual continually. Adjusts to the needs of the congregation. And the needs of the church based upon spiritual issues that may be faced at the time in which you and I are living and applies those so that everybody is clear about how we're going to do that little like for example today we'll talk about this on Friday what do you do when the fact that the marijuana is now legal what do you do with it. Ok. And how you handle that well eventually the church manual has to address some of those kinds of things and I don't necessarily mean marijuana but I mean as society changes we don't change with society but we learn how to manage what's being thrown at us in ways that are Biblical and soundly supported by the Spirit of Prophecy it's very necessary in the work of the organization of the church if the pastor is not been provided by the Conference or the mission the office of Elder ranks the highest and most important the local church I don't always like those words highest and most important but it does reflect some of the leadership task and responsibility 20 $5000.00 ministers with more than $21.00 now $1000007.00 they have as members in $130.00 plus 1000 congregations. You shouldn't feel tooting you are being spoiled is absolutely right thank you very much I would like to get that on the recording that that we are spoiling all the Church of the Michigan conference because they get more than one pastor for 760 members thank you of with. A one of them a queer boy. All right the elder is the church leader now I've already hinted at some of these things but I want to be a little bit more specific right now you need to realize that as a leader you need to be involved in planning planning means you are working to bring about plans that will move your church forward if your church is 20 members today you don't want to be 20 members tomorrow folks we have a crisis in the Michigan conference and in most conferences in the North American division today many small churches are on one death or 2 away from dying. Absolutely closing the doors I can tell you of churches that I'm having to work on as a minister all director along with other administrators and getting ready to close those doors I got a call from another pastor a few weeks ago and said look we've looked at our finances we realise we have finances enough to last one more year and our church is slowly dying out that is being multiplied several times over right now in a number of different churches why partially because the elders have done no planning they have just gone on with the flow but they're not doing anything about changing God's work the church is a slumbering giant waiting to be awakened the Bible plan is that everybody in the church should be doing something but air and but everybody should not be doing the same thing that's where the principle of spiritual gifts comes in I'm not going to bog down on spiritual gives today except to remind you that the Bible in 1st Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 reminds us of the fact that God has given his church spiritual gifts and that's to everybody who receives some gift that they can utilize in advancing God's work and we need to utilize that and be a part of that your planning should be the utilizing everybody in the church in some capacity take them where they are don't try to force them to do something they've never done before without training and while God encourage men and walking alongside with them and working with them it may be a small task but then woodlands small task can lead to a greater task helping them to identify their spiritual gifts but realizing that their spiritual gifts are not a limitation in terms of what they can do sometimes people think of spiritual gifts as a gift that is given that means they don't do anything else if the my spiritual gift is is. Is a evangelism then I don't have to do anything other than evangelism or my spiritual gift is managing hospitality type situation then I don't have to give Bible studies and I don't have to share my faith i.e. people get all kinds of excuses for not doing what God calls us all to do where disciples to win souls 1st and then those other tools are to compliment that work so I don't want to bogged down with that area I've given you that information just to remind you of the fact that God has called on that on us to help every church member do his work functions of church leadership the train yes or. Everybody. I. Know. And. Was. Let me let me speak to that very quickly Ok very quickly when I say everybody I don't mean everybody's going to be an elder nor do I believe they mean that everybody is going to be selected to a position by the nominating committee. But there is something that everybody can do as long as they are faithful 7 pm as Christians but if you've got somebody in your church is not being faithful you want to be careful what you give them to do because they represent God's church to the community so you have to be careful with that we'll talk about that more tomorrow but the fact of the matter is everybody can do something even if it's just cleaning the church even if it's just going out and with the with driving kids around you want to pass literature out all those kinds of things that people can do that's the kind of thing that I mean but that's not always being selected by the nominating committee Sanat nominating committee selects a few leaders but the leaders need to be involving everybody and that's the point that I that I make We'll talk more afterwards I'll get going and I get through the Equip members. In their task held regular training sessions do the work that needs to be done every church should be a training school for Christian workers training members to accept a ministry from other members now let me explain what I mean by that one of the challenges that we have today is that. People feel that if the pastor doesn't visit them when they're in the hospital or at home for whatever reason if the pastor doesn't visit them and if they are visited instead by an elder that it doesn't count I'm not important enough in the local church so they elder came to see me but if I'd been they had elder the pastor would have been there to see him or it had been somebody else in the local church who had a lot of money it would have been we need to get away from that because the elders are an extension of the pastor and when the elder comes around a visit it's the one of the a pastoral staff coming to visit we need to teach people about that and we need to not be so selfish with our time to think that we are the ones that deserve to have the pastor that's that that what what is that what is that a brings that out in us it really is selfishness that brings that out I'm being very blunt and I know it's on recording and somebody is going to hold me responsible for saying that I know I'm only saying that to make this point a pastor should. Visit everyone in the church that he possibly can the pastor should visit people in the hospital every chance when he possibly can but if an elder comes in the pastor doesn't happen to make it they should recognise the church cared enough about them to come and minister to their needs that's what the biblical principle is you should plan annually you should have goals for your church you should say we're 20 members today but in the end of the year let's pray that we have 3 new members if you've got 50 members you need to pray that you have 10 new members if you you know what I'm saying you grow at your size capability with the personality you have but you need to plan for growth you need to plan for service you need to plan to reach the community you need to plan plan the various activities of nurture in your church including social activities. You need to do this work plan annually and by the way that includes kind of complete your basic planning by early fall here's my reason for that most nominating committees meet in the spring and then they choose their new officers. Jag June July right the new officers take place the new officers need to do their planning so by early fall they're planning should be in place so that they can begin to work. So that they can begin to work on a on the sorry my phone's ringing they they need to be able to plan for the activities of the church and there's a master plan of evangelism every church and complete by October 25 and do that work now here's what planning involves number one is a value way where are we. What do we do ask here how we're doing how's attendance how Sabbath school going a value things that are in your church then plan for evangelism nurture don't forget your use what are you going to do to care for your facilities what campaigns do you need do you need. An algorithm to the community do you need to teach people about stewardship including financial responsibilities and you need to develop a schedule for your church what are you going to do what are you going to do this outreach activity what are you going to the social activity when you're going to have your next business meeting and when you board meetings going to be scheduled all of this is involved in your planning as elders you're responsible to make sure that your planning agenda includes the basic things that need to be done. Master Plan of evangelism is something that is a Michigan conference and an initiative to be done every year and turned in by October 25 and it should be reviewed and updated at each church board meeting every church ward meeting should start by reviewing the minutes of the last meeting the financial report and the next item on the agenda should be the. Outreach of the church on the master plan of evangelism that should be your priority Otherwise everything else takes charge of it and when you get done with a years where the board meetings know where everybody everybody talked about your plans that's not good leadership and so those plans are there for a reason they need to be worked through. All right I have 5 minutes and I'm halfway through. Ok. It's always better to have more to do than you have time to do but I want to I'm going to skip over a couple of pieces here and summarize in this way 1st of all church committees the Copernicus of committees in your church is to get people working together you don't have dictators new church telling everybody what to do you have committees to get together to plan and to pray and to organize so that many more people are involved in the ministry of the local church committees are Christians working together counseling together and planning for that business meeting as one of those committees of the local church I know that most churches who hold business meetings get if you've got 100 members you get 5 to come out. Ok but part of that is we've not done our work well we're not visiting members we're not meeting their needs we're not connecting with them and the church means nothing to them and they come to church on Sabbath morning to be entertained by a sermon and go home are you with me. So they're not part of the church and its mission to the community so the business meeting means nothing to them we've got to change that and the way we do that is through prayer and personal involvement ourselves and then we start sharing that burden for souls with other people and then you call a business meeting and we say we're going to have a business meeting when we're going to talk about our plans for reaching this community and how we're going to share Jesus and I as the love with the community and let them know that he is coming again soon and everybody says yeah that's what I'm about that's what this church is for and all $100.00 of those members show up at their business meeting because they're going to be talking about planning and they want to be part of that they want to plan for that one is ation. That's what needs to happen Ok the business meeting should be held quarterly some churches have business meetings istead a board meetings I strongly discourage that you should have board meetings and then you should have business meetings board meetings with the leaders of the church business meetings with up all the members of the church. I wish I could talk more about that I don't have time for that if you've got some questions about it just look at the notes it will begin to click into to your mind and thinking about that I talked about what needs to be on the agenda of the church board already but that board is the monthly meeting of the local church not just caring for the finances of the church but especially caring for the mission of the church if you're not caring for the mission of your church your church has no reason to exist. Your church does not need to be there as a building if you're not ministering to that community and sharing the love of Jesus you don't need a building now building is only so you can facilitate your mission your mission is your reason for existence and your board should be dealing with that regularly and going through that while there are some things here about the board pastor chairs the board and we talked a little bit about that along the way as well the church board responsibility is spiritual nurture evangelism and maintenance of doctrinal purity upholding Christian standards and recommending changes in church membership these are major responsibilities of the board finances and protection and care of the church and its properties co-ordination the church departments and designating special committees for specific purposes now moving Ryad right along here I'm on Slide 52 and I hope you're able to figure out where in the war I just went so stay with me here I'm sorry that I'm gonna jumping through and rushing. Rushing through it. Committee members need to be participants and that there are some illustrations of the kinds of ways that some people participate some are initiators some are elaborate hers some challenge some are appeasers summer I honor Gys or people contributed in different ways everybody should be able to be involved but I would say this as elders in your church be careful that somebody isn't dominating that church bore all the time if you juice stop it if it is somebody else help them to learn that other people need to be able to participate in that process as well sometimes we think we've got to tell every story that ever happened to us at every board meeting. Now sometimes we needed the time to be quiet and just let the board's business get done so that if we're not there from 7 o'clock till midnight. We need to learn how to work as individuals on the board and to work through that. And to do some of those kinds of things are already talked about some of these things only keep moving in the Pastor and the elder our team now I'm going to go over about 5 minutes so I hope you will stay with me here they cut us back 15 minutes on used to doing this and 4 hour and 15 minutes and even then I'm a long so just stop it true until you're there but pastors in the elders are a team working together passing the elders are partners and Paul recognized that the people in that he work with are part of his team. The pastor is assigned an ordained by the local conference the elders assigned an ordained by the local congregation the elders or nor nation I've talked about that already I'm going to keep going. The similarities between pastors and elders both are leaders over the congregation both coordinate the church's activities and youth ministers who have not been ordained in the ministry should be ordained young ministers I'm sorry as local elders that's just in case you get someone who comes into your church has not been ordained and this happens in Michigan make sure that there are dangers a local elder because sometimes that slips by and we don't always remember to check on it to be honest with you and if you get a new young pastor who is not an ordained minister make sure that he's been ordained as a local elder because that's what does need to be what happens the pastors part of this team is to train equip and motivate elders that's why I said of the elders of the pastors not asking you to do something and not calling upon you or even training you to do something then ask Him for help 99 percent of pastors will be willing to do that that one percent out there you need to call me about. After asking them to do it again and again and then if they don't you let me know they should be calling in elders meeting regularly and they should be providing you with resources for doing the work that you've been called upon to do the pastors part is to develop a curriculum for the church and helping you know how to do your part with the organization administration growth and care worship preaching visitation and functioning committees he's providing leadership so the you know how to do those things and being able to accomplish that you also their pastors are spot responsibility is to respect you as an elder to invite you to be part of that pastoral visitation of pastors responsibility is to spend time together with you helping you to do the work the pastor responsibility is to support your family and to give special attention to your children and to help. Help them in their spirit. A life that is the children of your family the elder that pastors should be helping the elders family to be strong the pastor should be delegating pastoral stress comes as a failure to delegate responsibility to elders along with responsibility pastors must share authority if they just delegate tasks but without the authority to you to compilation that's going to be a problem they should be communicating in the ways that are listed here you can see it in your notes and that's a good good part of that they should be helping to evaluate your work you should evaluate them they should evaluate you and they should be evaluating the church as well and especially how the church members are being served the elders part is to find time to do the work I will tell you that on average an elder needs to be willing to spend 4 hours a week in the work of being an elder that does not include. I does not include. 4 hours a week if you want to you know that can be a little less can be a little bit more but unless you're retired you probably can't do all a lot more the bad but you should lay aside time to be able to do that work you need them work together to maximize the pastor strengths your pastor has weaknesses and strengths strengths and weaknesses maximize his strengths support his weight misses are you with me. We always want the perfect pastor who can do everything and then we don't need elders or her and that's not the way that's supposed to happen pastor your pastor pastors are subject to stress and sometimes need encouragement and help don't be a hesitant to sit down with your pastor and say Pastor I know you've got a lot of burdens on your shoulder right now let me stop and pray for you and what can I do to help you to relieve your burden pastors will fall over 1st of all that you did them for them and then they will benefit from it how can elders give pastoral systems to their pastor accept their humanity be a loyal friend be a minister of encouragement be a good listener publicly support them publicly support them don't get up on Sabbath morning and tell everybody how bad the pastor is and don't do it back behind the scenes either support the pastors family have an annual pastors day October's pastors month write it down October is pastors month time to recognize the pastor and give them a special encourage men offer yourself to do some work Rizal congregational conflicts I wish you could talk a lot more about that that is a huge area will talk more about it on Friday insist on pastoral spiritual renewal time insist that the pastor have time to do what a pastor should be a spiritual being if he isn't doing too much of other things that's a problem insist on pastoral family and recreational time encourage provision of pastoral monomers counseling pray for them and encourage them. So here's. Another words encourage a pastor to get counseling if they needed another words pastors are human beings and Pastor sometimes need support they can call them in this ministerial apartment and we in Michigan have a support system they have a phone number that they can call to speak to professional counselors without having to come through the conference office Ok so support your pastors encourage them for that of course pray for them and let them know you're praying for them Ok now the pastoral family time if they're not taking time off with their family tell them pastor stop it take a day off at least one so not least once a week at least once a month but once a week it would be appropriate Don't let them ignore their family no kids they still got a family Ok support the pastor children and recognize the pastor's kids are not perfect and need to be encouraged and supported empathize with hurting pastoral parents sometimes our kids go astray aright I'm a p.k. my daughter is a p.k. by grace of God she's in the church I'm thankful for that many admins preachers kids are not in the church today and I'm going to make the statement to you it's not it's not a generalized statement but there are places where it's true they're not in the church today because of the way the church is treated them. We have not cared for our preachers kids we've expected them to be saints when they are kids just like everybody else and we need to nurture their spirituality just like we would nurture the spirituality of anybody else and our pastor sometimes need that special support pay ascension to a pat new pastoral family I've heard a play a pastor's going to church and they said I've been here a year nobody's ever an invited me to their house what in the world how does this happen today it happens because we get too busy. I'll end with this the council of Paul now we ask you brothers to respect those who work hard among you who are over you in the Lord and who admonish you hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work live in peace with each other Thank you for letting me all rushed through today trying to slow down a little bit more tomorrow and if you've got questions would be willing to talk about it part 2 tomorrow we'll take a look at a few specifics that are important to your local church let's end with a word of prayer please Father in heaven thank you for being with us today thank you for these leaders that have come here to learn how to do their work better Lord help us not to be overwhelmed with the task but help us to be encouraged by the fact that we are a team together to help each other and most importantly we're team underuse and you've promised to help us step by step being able to do the work you've given us to accomplish you would not call us without empowering us as we go from this place go with us we pray and we thank you in Jesus and. 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