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Christ Our Righteousness - Part 1

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 17, 2019
    8:45 AM
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Father in heaven we are grateful for the opportunity to come to camp meeting and to fellowship together to learn to study to pray we pray that you will be worthless in this place today we handle sacred things when we handle the Word of God when we talk of things of righteousness we know not of what we speak but we can only search the word of God and seek to understand it from what is revealed to us we pray that your Holy Spirit will be present in this place that you will speak and that you will be heard and not this humble vessel that stands in front of these dear people today for we are only human beings who need to learn from Jesus Christ Bray that your Holy Spirit will teach us now we thank you in Jesus name in yeah. Let me tell you let me tell you a quick quick story when I was pastoring. In a church back in the early eighties sharing the message a little bit of what we're sharing here and in that time there one of the young men came to me after the sermon that I spoke and I was talking about some of what we'll talk about today and what we'll talk about even the rest of the week and he was just overwhelmed and he just had this sense that there was like no hope for him which is ironic because that's not what the message is a bell. And I actually had that happen even here last year so during this week I hope that it will be very very very clear this is a message of hope and the message of hope is in Jesus Christ. Christ is the answer to the problem and the situation what we're going to be talking about today and I'll start by setting that tone we will never be talking about what I can do or what you can do we'll be talking about what Jesus can do what Jesus is about please keep that in mind because without Jesus what I'm going to tell you today and during this week is totally and completely impossible are you with me but with Jesus all things are possible sounds like a bible verse to me. So I want you to keep that in mind with what I want to share with you today. Here's a statement from Christian experience and teachings of Ellen g. white on page 207 this is what she said it's a new notes at this time the church is to put on her beautiful garments Christ Our Righteousness there are clear decided distinctions to be restored and exemplified to the world in holding aloft the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus the beauty of holiness is to peer in its native luster in contrast with the deformity and darkness of the disloyal those who have revolted from the law of God It's that's a that's an amazing statement the church is to put on her beautiful garments Christ Our Righteousness I don't think the church really grass is the size of the grass I love the church I don't think we as people understand us yet like we should I'll tell you simply I don't. But slowly I'm learning and seeking to understand it better. You and I need to realize that Christ has something amazing that he wants to give us we're going to talk about that today I hope it will be clear so where we're going in this class now I know the taxes small on the screen and I understand that but I do have it in the notes there I hope you can read it in the notes even That's their belief you can bring out a magnifying glass and look on your on your notes write can't do that here quite as easily by the way some of you have come in there's a sign up sheet there are some folders coming around and we've got some extra notes being printed I thought I had plenty but for some reason I seem to be sure here's where we're going with our class in this class we will survey the Bible and the spirit of prophecy teaching on the theology of Christ Our Righteousness what is righteous PNAS what or who is the source of righteousness and what should be our relationship to that righteousness Ellen White said the Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people we quoted that last time it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience this week study is meaningless without this basic foundation but with that foundation we also need to be able to put this all into perspective our teaching on Christ Our Righteousness and justification by faith has fluctuated over the last 130 years we need to review this fluctuation to be sure we have a clear biblical understanding of this message. In order to review the fluctuation we will review the early Agnes's 3 until about 1900 though we did this in detail at the last camp meetings session we need to do a quick review in order to see the progression progression he yawned 1900 our theology on Christ Our Righteousness changed a little from 150-2950 but that fact is significant and a survey of our teaching during that time was clarified this doctrine making our next study even clearer beginning about 950 and carrying on until now our church has gone through some of the most painful and confusing times in regard to the theology of Christ Our Righteousness for some people and I dare say for the group vast majority of the 7 they have in his church they don't even know that and I've got to tell you honestly as a 7th Day Adventist minister it's only in the last 2 years of the lights of turned on in my mind. And I'll explain that more as we go through this through this week this is a huge issue it's far more important than we have all realized and Christ is slowly leading us back where he wants us to be because he said through our own white that his church needs to put on his robe of righteousness but have less we understand it we don't know what we're talking about it becomes just a theory. Beginning about $950.00 and carrying on until now our church is going to I did not just read the. Would I stop it is critical that we review the history of and the Fiala Gee this most important class of the week will take place on Thursday we are working our way we're going to be combining theology with history but we're headed toward a direction this is not the same of what we did last year well we did a last year was to speak about what's God was doing in his church up until the 1000 hundreds and we spoke about the significance of the Latter Rain and the work that Jesus was doing through the Holy Spirit in the church but we need to speak in this class 1st of all about the theology of Christ Our Righteousness again to have that solid foundation behind us but then we need to talk about the progression and where Christ has been trying to lead us and some of the challenges that we've had along the way the purpose of this is not to look for fault with anybody or any whatever simply to find out where are we as people need to be where I need to be in my relationship with Jesus what Jesus wants to do in my life not what I can do for myself but what Jesus wants to do for me and for you and what he wants for us in to be ready for the return of Christ so finally on Friday we all need to answer the question what now and what difference does it make some may see this as the most important class of the week and I would not try to argue with that conclusion I want to mention to you what our tools in our textbooks will be 1st of all primarily the Bible Secondly the Spirit of Prophecy both of these tools are vital to us we must have the scriptures foundation but I am so grateful for the Spirit of Prophecy. Who is Ellen White is so clear as God identified for her what we needed to know 1st of all God's Church had to study for themselves from the Word of God But once the word of God had been studied Ellen White helped people to understand God's people to understand the parts of the truth that needed clarity and I'm so thankful for that aren't you what a difference it makes it helps us to avoid great confusion and it's the are for the very reason that we haven't followed that instruction and in some quarters today people moving farther away from Ellen White that we're green bringing in even greater confusion not greater clarity and I'm so grateful for what Ellen White has to say to assist us along this journey especially with the angles of history we'll consider the writings of 4 individuals Arthur Daniels in his Christ Our Righteousness I think his book looks a little different than this says an older version of it. You'll notice the titles are very similar to each other also e.j. Wagner's book Christ and His righteousness is also a very helpful tool. Steve Walberg has written a book Christ Our Righteousness and it looks like this very valuable tool as well elder elder Walberg came in met with our ministers at our ministers retreat in January very blessed by what what he shared and his title of his book is God's last message no fiction just facts Christ Our Righteousness a very good book on to in terms of that and one that I really want to place an emphasis on as we get a little further in this because of the historical reality. He that he brings to this issue is a fork in the road by Herbert Douglas Oh how I wish this man was still alive today I would really love to talk to him I wish I had the opportunity somewhere along the line because he died not very long ago and I could have if I had just been on the ball as my own fault right I would love to have talked to him but any rate in read this book is a very valuable tool that we'll talk about more later I don't want to get bogged down into some of the details but the value of that particular book is that he was alive when the things he's talking about took place and his training and his commitment of the 7th they have missed church is training as a theologian and his commitment to the 7th day of his church the message of the Bible the Spirit of Prophecy give him a perspective that is almost 2nd to none and I just can't tell you and enough about the importance of that particular book we will come back to it along the way I believe these books are available in the a.b.c. a warn them ahead of time and so I hope that you will take advantage of that if you don't already have those books yourself now I want to dig into the meat of what we need to talk about today with time that we have left. 1st of all Ellen White says this now this is the statement that often is quoted we're going to look at it twice today I'm going to use share with you just reading through it to begin with then I want to share the Bible's teaching on this issue and at the end I want to come back to the statement because I think the significance of the statement will help us to understand where we are going forward in the next 4 days and how important what we do is going to be and why this foundation we're talking about today is so vital and critical to us here's what Ellen White says it's page $91.00 of testimonies to ministers the references at the end of the series of slides there are about 3 or 4 of them there this is what she says the Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through Ehlers Wagner and Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted Savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented justification through faith in the surety it invited the people to receive repeat with me the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God Many had lost sight of Jesus they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person his merits and his changeless love for the human family all power is given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts unto men imparting the priceless gift with me please of his own righteousness to the helpless human agent. We'll come back to this this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the 3rd angels message which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of His Spirit in a large masses measure I'd like to take now and go to the Word of God because that is the source of our truth right. We want to look at the basics of Christ Our Righteousness I'll tell you a short story and I don't want to get bogged down with this but I had the opportunity to share basically this message I didn't realize how closely but basically this message up at camps a Gola. A few weeks ago in the meantime I had some problems with my computer and it's a long story how it all happened but the one thing that I lost or could not find in all of that was the presentation I did up at Camp a softball that I wanted to based console a that I basically wanted to share here I could not find it if it was nowhere to be found on my back up I couldn't find my backup I couldn't find my hard drive with a backup on it I couldn't find any of us at all and I said Lord I really don't want to recreate this whole thing and you know you can argue with a load of you want to but he has ways of controlling you and that is he takes hard drives you had backups on and all that you can find them anywhere and so I really wanted that to save a lot of time I didn't get that sometimes the Lord needs to do that just to work through us and whatever and so I said all right Lord I've got to recreate this and I'm going to do it all and I can just trust you to to do that. The long story short part is I just found the hard drive. With it on there today. You know when I found it when I finally I looked everywhere in my office at home here I whatever I found it when I set that camera it happened to be in the same case with. I pulled it out I thought I was able to finish this presentation yesterday I pulled it out I brought up the notes I could not remember anything I couldn't remember what I'd said what I'd done I can't explain that of in the back I'm old. And whatever I went through the notes from what I presented back up there with the exception of a couple of verses it was almost identical and I can only praise the Lord for that I mean that seriously I can only praise the Lord for that which gave me confidence in what I want to share with you today. I want us to understand that the Gospel message is simple so I'm using that term today it is simple but as I said on this previous little slide we have made it complicated it's not complicated but we have made it complicated the Word of God is clear the Word of God is simple but we human beings start to take this piece and that piece and sort it all out and before long we have multiple denominations Christian denominations and total confusion out there to say nothing of our own challenges within the 7th day Evans church so I want to go through this today I'm going to do it 1st of all by simply outlining the simplicity of the gospel message as as I saw understand and I listen look I'm not a theologian I'm a minister on the pastor I'm a student of the Word of God I'm also work in the conference office. But I'm going to share with you what I have learned in my own simplicity and I wanted to try to I want to try to make it clear so I'm going to do it this way just to get our minds focused but then I want to come back to the Word of God and see where we get that from All right so 1st of all very simply we are sinners condemned to die we are right so far. No argument there are we're also told that as sinners a sinner is one who has broken God's law God's law is righteous sin is the opposite of righteousness because it breaks God's righteous law you follow the logic so far. Everybody Ok so far. Violation of God's law means death that's the penalty for violating God's law we will die unless we become righteous you got that. Some of you on the way. We will die unless we are right right. We cannot become righteous because sinners cannot become righteous Ok so far there's no hope for us. So we stop or shall we keep going. No hope unless there is a source of righteousness outside of ourselves. God is righteous our head of the right direction somebody out there is righteous God is righteous Christ is God therefore he is righteous Christ came to this earth to live a righteous life and demonstrate that it could be done in the sinful world. He successfully demonstrated righteous living by overcoming sin as a human being he died to pay the penalty for sin and earn the right to forgive us our sin and to give us his righteousness are you with me still. There's a lot of theology in that paragraph. That we must look at more in the he offers to give us his good righteousness as a gift we accept this gift by faith we call that righteousness by faith by faith we accept His gift of by giving our lives to him allowing him to have control over our lives when he controls our lives our sin is replaced with is righteousness still with me. The righteousness is real righteousness not just covered over sin because Jesus is real and he doesn't cover over sin. Who's righteousness. Not our righteousness. Not out it's never ever ours this particular point is where we find a lot of confusion as we start talking about those people start thinking about when it we start talking about this I can't do that yet you got it you said it right there I can't do this it doesn't seem possible. But we're not talking about us we're talking about Christ's can Christ do righteousness is Christ righteous is Christ Our Righteousness that is the gospel he is righteousness prepares us to be ready when he comes to take us home this is the message of Christ Our Righteousness Now if summarized it but the question is is it wishful thinking or is it Biblical facts so let's go to the Bible the best place to be I put the text up on the screen just because we're short on time I would writes rather be doing this as an open Bible study I hope you will go back and you will do that and review this on your own as we go through it I hope pray that the Spirit of God will help to illumine all our minds on the us so let's go back and start from the foundation of what we said in our earlier outline 1st of all we are sinners condemned to die Paul makes this clear he couldn't say it more clearly than he says in Romans $323.00 for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God in Roman 623 for the wages of sin is death I see some of you fanning yourselves and I got to tell you how happy I am for that. I have been so cold. That I am glad to see the need for fans but we may need to try to get one Chuck there may be one in the hallway out in front of my office or is there one right there yeah I see there's another one out in the hallway by my office as well. Plays. I need to keep moving ahead Roman 623 for the wages of sin is death so we are sinners and we are condemned to die simply put that is our state what is a sinner according to 1st John 3 verse for a sinner is one whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness and sin is lawlessness or is the King James Version says transcription of the law we are breakers of the law of God That's what a sinner is according to 1st Corinthians 1534. Paul says a way to righteousness and do not sin for some do not have the knowledge of God I speak this to your shame the contrast is righteousness is the opposite of sin or sin is the opposite of righteousness. Now since our last meeting together I've learned a lot I don't know how much of it will come out but I've learned a lot just understanding what people think about sin is one of the things I've learned and while we can get really confused on this topic. And I were really wish we had time to go through that we'll get into it a little bit as we progress through the week. In Hebrews one verse 9 Speaking of Christ you have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness therefore God your God has anointed you with the oil of gladness more than your companions Paul speaks of Christ and he says you have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness so continuing on Hebrews one verse 9 we said this is a picture of Christ you have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness and we just want to get that picture of Christ and then a.g. Daniels made this comment in his book sin is the opposite of righteousness. If you know my oh you're doing it when the so that's fine Ok I get you your ego the other one in the law is righteous holy just and good according to Romans 712 therefore the law is holy and the commandment holy and just and good the law is righteous The problem is not with the law the problem is that the law can't save us if sin is breaking the law and the law is righteous then we need to be righteous if we are to solve the problem of sin the problem is we are not righteous The problem is solved by God providing us with his gift right. According to Romans 623 he 1st tells us that we are condemned to death that is the wages of sin but then he gives us the hope and he says but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. John says in John 316 For God so loved the world that He gave His Son His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life of fees and to verse 8 For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God the source is Christ the source is God God has given us a gift how do we access this gift we access it by coming to Christ the gift of his son brings forth brings forgiveness for sin that's why John tells us and 1st John 19 if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness we read that verse and we translate that as being he is going to simply cross off the fact that we are sinners but you read that verse carefully in the light of the Scriptures and you see something more he says that he going to do what. Sorry about the typo their cleanse us from all unrighteousness If uses one verse 7 in him we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His Grace Christ is God's gift to us Christ is righteous are you with me. In Jeremiah $23.00 verse 6 germ I says in his days Judah will be saved and Israel will dwell safely now this is his name by which we will be called The Lord Our Righteousness Christ is the source of righteousness in Daniel 970 lord righteousness be along through which is Christ Romans 32426 being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus whom God sent forth as a propitiation by His blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness because in his forbearance God has passed over the sins that were previously committed to demonstrate at the present time here is righteousness that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has. Faith in Jesus the title is Christ Our Righteousness eyes never Our Righteousness It's Christ Our Righteousness Christ is God's gift to us Christ is righteous as Paul says in 1st Corinthians 130 but of him you are in Christ Jesus who became for us wisdom from God and if I can repeat it who became for us wisdom who became for us righteousness who became for a sanctification who became for us redemption that's Christ Our Righteousness when we are given Christ His righteousness is part of the gift. Are you so as we. According to Romans 517 for if the one by one man's offense death during reigned through the one much more those who receive abundance of grace and the gift out of righteousness will reign in life through the one Jesus Christ again this is Jesus' righteousness but he gives the gift to you and me we receive the gift of righteousness by how. In Romans 32122 but now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed being witnessed by the law and the Prophets even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ to all and on all who believe for there is no difference in Philippians $39.00 Paul says and be found in him not having my. Own righteousness which is from the law but that which is through a in Christ the righteousness which is from God What by faith when you begin to look at repulse reason I'm reasoning it becomes clear Paul's reasoning is straightforward he understands the contrast between law and those who are trying to earn their way to heaven and Christ who is the source of righteousness not only just simply to forgive sins but also to change life you and I must catch this piece because it is Creel clearly the foundation of the scripture. We receive the gift of righteousness by faith according to Paul in Romans one for I am not ashamed of the power of gospel of the gospel of Christ I'm sorry I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes power folks not just covering not just pretending it's a real power why would God be giving us power if we didn't need power we need power to live Christ is willing to give us power because we work against the powers and principalities of this world they have power why should we not have power while we don't have power do it back Christ does and this is the power he wants to give to us this is what Paul is saying he says for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes the Jew 1st and then the Greek for it is for in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith for as it is written there just shall live by faith we're talking about real living is an important example in Paul's writings found in Romans Chapter 4 it is the example of Abraham you find some of it right here in chapter 4 verse one through 3 What then shall we say that Abraham our father has found something to boast about and not before God for what does the Scripture say Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness in verse 13 Paul he adds not to Abraham or to is seed through the law but through the righteousness of faves. It's always faith it's always Christ it's always his righteousness it's never our righteousness but it's real righteousness in Romans 8 verse 4 we were reminded that we received the gift of righteous spite faith and Paul says that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who do not work our walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us that doesn't sound to me like just simply saying it's Ok you're forgiven go ahead and do whatever you want it doesn't say that doesn't it say it's talking about real living is talking about walking according not to the flesh but according to the spirit again it's never us but it's always the Spirit of God who is working in us but it's real living it's real walking it's not pretend it's not covered over sin just made to look like righteousness Romans 8 verse 10 and if Christ is in you the body is dead because of sin but the spirit is a life because of righteousness whose righteousness Christ's righteousness so now want to come to start to pull this together that's the biblical foundation. I want to share a few thoughts for you with you 1st of all just a thought from a.g. Daniels he says this statement settles forever the way by which Abraham obtained God's righteousness it was not by works it was by faith of course the Jews kind of struggled with that and they were having a hard time with that and sometimes we get confused as well Ellen White in review and herald of November 4th 1008 $190.00 said by faith he that is the sinner as so grievously wrong and offended God he can bring to God the merits of Christ and the Lord places the obedience of his son to the sinners account Christ's righteousness is accepted in place of man's failure Christ is presented in place of us how Louis or if I go there myself I'm done Ok but you can read the statement and come away with a wrong conclusion if you don't continue the journey a.g. Daniels made the statement and this is not divinely inspired but I just is able to synthesize a thought I want you to see it righteousness by faith is not a theory people may hold a theory about it and at the same time be ignorant of God's righteousness and going about to establish their own righteousness it is a submitting on to the righteousness of God It is a change of standing before God and His law it is a regeneration and a new birth there's a reason why Christ told nikka Demas about a new birth he didn't just tell him Look I've got a document that will get you through the gates. He said I'm going to change your life that's what he said you're going to start over again you're going to be a new person Paul says that again and again and again and he's not kidding. Look at Paul he was a new person. It is submitting out of the righteous is God It is change of standing before God is law it is regeneration a new birth without this change that can be no hope for the Center for he will remain under the condemnation of God of God's changeless holy law it's terrible penalty will hang still hang over his head Ellen White says this This name is hallowed speaking of the the Lord's Prayer and says this name hallowed be thy name there is a name is hallowed by the angels of heaven by the inhabitants of unfallen worlds when you pray hallowed be thy name you ask that it may be hallowed in this world hallowed in you God has acknowledged you before men an angels as his child pray that you may knowledge do those dishonor to the war the name by which your call God send you into the world is representative in every act of life you are to make manifest the name of God This petition calls upon you to possess his character when you are praying that prayer that so many people simply wrote only recites. He says She says it's a per share asking for God's How old character to become our character. Amazing you cannot hallow is name you cannot represent him to the world unless you add less in life and character in life and character you represent the very life and character of God This you can do only through the acceptance of the grace and righteousness of Christ are you with me. His righteousness is symbolized by a robe or a garment in Isaiah Chapter 61 verse 10 I will greatly rejoice in the Lord my soul by the way I have added a few couple texts and here in the ones from Romans 8 ones I added in at the last minute so if you don't find them in your notes it's not because there was a mistake it's big because of the fact that I added them in later those of you are getting it later you will have it in your notes. It has this 61 verse to him sometimes it pays to be later I will a great Lee says Rejoice in the Lord my soul shall be joyful in my God for He is close to me with the garments of salvation he has covered me with the robe of righteousness when we accept the robe of Christ's righteousness he not only forgives our sin but he also removes our soon according to Zacharias in chapter 3 Zacharias said this then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to oppose him and the Lord said to Satan the Lord rebuke you say the Lord who is chosen Jerusalem rebuke you is this not a brand plucked from the fire now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and was standing before the angel. And then is that the end of it no that's more than he answered and spoke to those who stood before him saying take away the filthy garments from him and to him he said see I have removed what your iniquity from you and I will close view with the rich Rose and I said let them put a clean turban on his head and so they put a clean turban on his and and they put the clothes on him and the angel of the Lord stood by the language here is of the real action in our lives of what God is seeking to do for us the Laodicean church is preparing for Christ's return by putting on the road of Christ Our Righteousness in Revelation 318 and 19 I counsel you to Brive for me gold refined in the fire you may be rich in the white garments that you may be clothed that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and annoys your eyes what I say that you may see as many as I love a rebuke and chase and therefore be zealous and repent. John says at the end Blessed are those who do is commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life and enter through the gates in the the city only the righteous can enter the city because they are doing the Law of God only the righteous are ready to enter the city when Christ returns so here is some thoughts. Cosco workers page 156 and on the standing in your folks as a way and I apologise for that try to back up here of all professing Christian 7 they haven't as should be foremost in uplifting Christ before the world the proclamation of the 3rd angel's message calls for the preserves presentation of the Sabbath through this truth with others included in the message is to be proclaimed But the great center of attraction Christ Jesus must not be left out to talk about this some last time last year it is at the cross of Christ at the mercy and truth that mercy and truth meet together and righteousness and peace kiss each other the sinner must look to Calvin lead to look to Calvary with the simple faith of a little child he must trust in the merits of the Savior accepting his righteousness believing in His mercy. She also says the end is near We have not a moment to lose light is to shine forth from God's people in clear distinct rays bringing Jesus before the churches and before the world our work is not to be restricted to those who already know the truth our field is the world the instrumentalities to be used are those souls who glad to receive the light of truth which God communicates to them these are God's agencies for communicating the knowledge of truth of the world if through the grace of Christ His people will become new bottles he will fill them with new wine God will give additional light and all truth will be recovered and replaced in the framework of truth wherever the labor is go they will triumph as cry some batters they are search the Scriptures to seek for the truth that have been hidden beneath the rubbish of error and every ray of light received is to be communicated to others one interest will prevail one interest will prevail one subject will swallow up every other Christ Our Righteousness. In Mount of blessing she said righteousness is holiness likeness to God and God is Love it is conformity to the law of God for all thought my commandments are righteousness and the law and love is the fulfilling of the law righteousness is love and love is the light and life of God the righteousness of God is embodied in Christ we receive righteousness by receiving him. I couldn't make this up you couldn't make this up. It can only come from the Word of God It can only come from the Spirit of Prophecy both of them are abundantly clear I wouldn't believe it if it didn't come from the Bible I wouldn't believe it if it didn't come from the Spirit of Prophecy but clearly it does inquire mine character and personality Volume 2 by beholding the character of Christ you will become changed into His likeness and grace of Christ alone can change your heart and then you will reflect the image of the Lord Jesus God calls upon us to be like him pure holy and undefiled we are to bear the define image I hope you're going to give me an extra 5 minutes for all the running around that we had do earlier. In Volume One of selected messages by beholding we are to become changed and as we meditate upon them perfections of the divine model we shall desire to become holy transformed and renewed in the image of his purity holy transformed does not sound like covered over with a piece of paper. It sounds like you're transformed. Do I understand that only by the Spirit of God in the Word of God. Renewed in the image of his purity it is by faith in the Son of God that transformation takes place in the character and the child of Wrath becomes the child of God he passes from death and a life he become spiritual in discern spiritual things the wisdom of God and lightens his mind and he beholds wondrous things out of his law as a man is converted by the truth the work of transformation of character goes on he has an increased measure of understanding in becoming a man of obedience to God He has the mind of Christ and the will of God becomes his will that. All right I said I'd come back to this to wind up I want to look at this message carefully and the last few moments in this passage from volume testimonies to ministers a Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people through elders Wainer and Jones this message was to bring more prominently prominently before the world the uplifted save you the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented justification through faith in the surety who's the surety Jesus is the surety it invited peep the people to receive the righteousness of Christ I want you to read that again with me please out loud together what does she say it invited the people to receive the righteousness of Christ was she just pretending stop for a minute was she just pretending as she talking about the real deal. All right let's keep going which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God You can pause for a moment I'll read the rest here for a moment many had lost sight of Jesus they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person he is merits he is changeless love for the human family all power is given into his hands. That he may dispense rich gifts unto men remember the gifts that Paul spoke of including the gift of righteousness imparting the priceless gift of his own righteousness to the helpless human agent this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the 3rd angel's message which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of His Spirit in a large measure. It's amazing absolutely astounding that God wouldn't trust us 1st of all with such a gift but he doesn't entrusted to us we simply accepted by faith and then he says as you allow Christ to come into your life and you allow Christ to control your life when Christ is the surety when Paul says and Hebrews Chapter 12 versus one and 2 he says look on to the author and the finisher of your faith he's talking about Jesus what Jesus is able to do for us when Paul speaks of the power of the gospel to change the life he's talking about real power real honest to goodness power to change the human heart I don't understand it I can only accepted by faith. You and I can only accepted by faith with this foundation as we proceed through this week we need to answer some questions what did our early pioneers believe about the message of Christ Our Righteousness What did they teach. We talked about this last year but it's important in the progression for us to review that and if you're like me I forget what I did yesterday let alone a year ago what was Alan White's understanding in a more in-depth look the answers will set the stage for the rest of this week's study tomorrow we'll look at what the pioneers taught so that that can be clear to us I have in my own journey speaking for me not for anybody else there are some people way out of me on this I'm playing catch up but you know what I've got to play catch up because it's the source of truth you and I need to understand it and tomorrow we will continue that journey along the way to see what God has done and what God is going to continue to do but it will have no benefit to us if we don't understand that it's a real Jesus Christ really coming into our lives and bringing his righteousness in a very real way to us by faith in him let's pray. Father in heaven thank you for the message of the Word of God We confess to you as failing human agents we don't understand this it just doesn't make sense in humanity that only by faith do we accept it as presented by the would have gone Thank you dear Lord for the promises of the Word of God that make this all possible may give us hope and help. May we find in it the transformation that you desire to be an honor and glory to you as we leave here tonight we go humble we realize also that we go on the strength of the mighty powerful name of Jesus in whose name we pour in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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