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Christ Our Righteousness - Part 3: From 1900 until 1950

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 18, 2019
    7:15 AM
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Father in heaven as we continue our journey in time reviewing some history today we do so in the light of the Word of God asking that you will give us understanding once again pray Father that you all remind us of your words and the fact that you do not change we human beings may be confused but we know that God our Father Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit are not confused so we pray Father that you will be with us today in lighten our minds we thank you for hearing our prayer in Jesus' name in we're going to be focusing again on some history but the history there we're going to look at in the next 2 days is going to be something that we need to look at very very carefully around and to remind you that the caution that I have given you is that though we are talking of time we're especially concerned about the Bible and it may be the teaching of the Bible but it is the Bible that determines whether it is or it is not somebody may claim to be teaching the Bible the only way you know is by comparing Scripture with Scripture. There is a lot of confusion in Christianity Today and some of that confusion is also in the 7th they have missed church you and I will only know for sure what truth is when we for ourselves study the Word of God today we're going to be focusing on teaching on the teaching of the early Aves jurors about Christ Our Righteousness from 1000 spot year 1900 until 1915 now I say early Agnes Church is going to be a little later than what we were have been talking about more recently I want to make a couple of observations as we start and come on in there are more chairs and there are ways of us being able to adjust that as well so check a really appreciate your help and if you see that we're running out of chairs or anything like that be sure to let us know and and even fill in some there's some down there as well want to make 2 observations as we get started today these are important in our in our work one is that we tend to focus on differences in oh I am truly grateful to be part of the 7th day of his church I. Want to say that again I am truly grateful to be part of the 7th Day Adventist Church. I don't know where I would be if I hadn't grown up where I did and don't misunderstand me I had to make decisions along the way just like you did. But it's easy to get confused and into the stream of life and not take the time to figure out where we're supposed to be but we can't afford to do that forever we have to be very very careful but I am so thankful. That there is so much in the 7th Day Adventist Church that we agree on and even though in the next couple of days we may be talking about some of the things that we have differences on and where there is discussion going on don't lose your focus on Jesus. And don't lose your focus on the fact that we may talk about. Something here or something there and then forget about there's so much that we all agree on in this no confusion on don't lose that Secondly we must be students of the Scriptures we you notice that I've emphasized it in bold we that is you and me and all of us must be not only students of the scripture but we must have a personal relationship with Jesus the scriptures are our only safeguard in these last days I want to place some emphasis on that today so I'm going to take a section out of the book great controversy and we're going to read through it today it's in your notes and it will be on the screen. It is vital that you and I recognize that in these last days if we're not students of the Scriptures we are likely and very likely will be deceived so here I'm going to read through this it's going to take me a little bit to do it so I get a little farther in it I may just sit some highlights but on the 1st couple of the sections at least I want to read here from great controversy page $593.00 and Paragraph 2 everybody together. All right I don't want you I mean when I said together don't read it out loud with me following the notes will come to places will read it out loud but here's what it says those who endeavor to obey all the commandments of God will be opposed and derided they can stand only in God in order to endure the trial before them they must understand the will of God as revealed in His Word they can honor him only as they have a right conception of his character government and purposes and in their act in accordance with them now read the sentence with me please none but those who have fortified the mind with the truth of the Bible will stand throughout the last great conflict you catch that I'm reading now to every soul will come the searching test shall I Oberg a god rather than men the decisive hour is even now at hand are our feet planted on the rock of God's immutable word read with me please Are we prepared to stand firm in defense of the commandments of God ad and the faith of Jesus where is that from Revelation 1217 Revelation 1412 and don't forget that the 2 are connected and I don't mean the 2 verses I mean the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus there's a lot of confusion out there in relationship to the faith of Jesus. Going on a little farther I'm going to read here we are there is a way that seam of the right into a man but the end thereof are the ways of death ignorance that some some 16 ignorance is no excuse for error or soon when there is every opportunity to know the will of God. A man is traveling and comes to a place where there are several roads and a guide board indicating where each one leads if he disregards the guide board and takes whichever road seems to be him to be right he may be ever so sincere but will in all probability find himself on the wrong road. Now folks you and I are going to have to face our reality tomorrow it will become crystal clear what that reality is there is there are 2 roads out there today within the 7th Day Adventist church you're going to have to choose one and you and I will see as we begin to discuss this today that as you look at these roads it's very clear that one of those roads is the road that will lead to the kingdom of heaven but they both don't lead to the kingdom of heaven I'm not telling you which road that's where you have to be a student of the Word of God and get it figured out but you and I have to realize that just like I believe that the Bible teaches that when Jesus comes again we are going to be caught up together with him in the clouds of glory and we're going to be taken to Haven't What a wonderful day that's going to be I believe that but there's a lot of christianity today who believes in the secret rapture and that some people when Jesus comes the 2nd time are going to be whisked off to heaven where everybody's going to be left behind and I'm going to tell you that you can believe both of those sincerely but one group is going to be tremendously surprised worse than surprised they're going to be left behind excuse the pun intended so you and I need to understand how challenging this really is to you and to me today. We must study the Word of God. Going on she says we should exert all the powers of the mind in the study the scriptures to task the understanding to comprehend as far as mortals can the deep things of God Yet we must not forget that the disillusioning and submission of a child is the true spirit of the learner scriptural difficulties can never be mastered by the same methods that are employed in grappling with philosophical problems we should not engage in the study of the Bible with that self-reliance with which so many enter the domains of science read with the police but with a prayerful dependence upon God and a sincere desire to learn is Will. Continue to read with me please we must come with a humble and teachable spirit to obtain knowledge of from the great I-Am otherwise evil angels will so blind our minds and harden our hearts that we shall not be impressed by the truth if you have been listening to Brother slider in the morning. The Smalling he made it very clear that we must be connected with the Lord Jesus Christ we must understand that we are in a war and this war is for us to be destroyed That's Satan's goal to be saved that's God's goal he wants to save us because we're living in the last days now we have chairs in here the people can sit up there we can bring chairs down here so people can see the screen and even come down here in front if we need to so I just want to make sure that anybody can see the screen and participate and gets the materials as well yeah the sign up sheets of sign up. Are around here as well so is anybody who hasn't gotten the sign of sign in sheet yet Ok All right so far we seem to be doing our it so I'm just going to set it up here in case we need it. Set them up there just in case that's great. I'm let you read the next paragraph on your own except for the last sentence I'm going to read it that begins an understanding and understanding and I'm down here by the way Bible truths depends not so much on the power of intellect brought to the search as in on the singleness of purpose the earnest longing after righteousness she says we are living in the most solemn period of this world history the destiny of Earth's teeming multitude is about to be decided our own future well being and also the salvation of our the souls depend upon the course which we now pursue read with me please we need to be guided by the Spirit of truth every follower of Christ should earnestly inquire Lord what wilt thou have need to do we need to humble ourselves before the Lord with fasting and prayer and to meditate much upon his word especially upon the scenes of the judgment when you're in a real war you don't take anything for granted you want everything in place every tool in place you need all that you can have she says we should now seek a deep in living experience in the things of God we have not a moment to lose events of vital importance are taking place around us we are on say Enchanted Ground with me sleep not sentinels of God continue to read the following is lurking near ready at any moment should you become lax and drowsy to spring upon you and to make you his prey. I don't take it lightly standing before you and sharing the things that I'm sharing with you but I'm a human being I am not God You and I can only trust God you can trust no human being you have to take what a human being says and compare it with the Word of God the Word of God is our Source of Truth our source of faith our source of understanding by the grace of God We've been given the gift of the Spirit of Prophecy how grateful we are for we must not become dependent on her we must be dependent on the Word of God We are so grateful though for the instruction that we have received I want to talk about a summary of the teachings of 1000 from 180-2950 some of you are going to say this looks awful familiar Do you see my smile I think you'll get my point as we go along a little bit. 1st of all if you take a look at what Ellen Wyatt Jones Wegner and Prescott and others said not necessarily from 190-2950 but you take what they said before and we might have to talk about 1900 in 1950 because Jones and Wagner did take different tracks along the way but they're the word of Ellen White and the Word of God and others still lingers back today in from the time of 1900 in 1950 I should have made that clear on the slide and I'm sorry that I didn't but the teaching during that time continue to be that Christ is our righteousness righteous is by faith righteous by faith includes obedience to the law through the power of the presence of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit righteous by faith as possible because Christ gained the victory in human nature like ours after sin his victory was a real victory over sin in just the way we have to fight Sin Sin is overcome by the power of Christ who overcame sin just like we have to overcome that he used the same tools that we do the 7th day is the Sabbath the dead are resting in the grave until Jesus returned similarity also to our other basic doctrines of course there is continued to be in that time even further discussion and continued discussion on the covenants which I've already talked about so all keep going from there. And also they emphasize was that the Latter Rain had been falling in 1908 and the time that followed along the way I'll give you evidence of of that a little bit here is we get into our meat today and that the lab of the 4th Angel was sounding that there will be a people on earth who will have attained to that perfection of character that when the Lord comes there will be a company who will be found complete in him to perfect this work in the hearts of individuals and to prepare. Such a company is the work of the 3rd angel's message as Wagner said back in 1888 the reason I'm making the point is I want you to understand that even from 190-2950 those basic understandings continue to remain in the 7th day of news church I do want to make it clear because the slide it could be confusing here so make sure you make a note of it that Jones and Wagner at this time were not running down the same track but Alan White made it abundantly clear that no even if the messengers were wander away the truth was still the same the Word of God doesn't change because Judas hung himself he might have been preaching along with Jesus along the way but because Judas hung himself to wait for all the Bible away no because Judas didn't allow that word to stay in his heart you and I will find that's always a challenge with human beings and it's true today we face the same challenges along the way. I want to remind you though that skipping down from the issues of the Covenant here and I just want to remind you of the us the doctrine of the sanctuary in heaven was still prominent in the church and taught widely in similar fashion as before these things have been there and they continued to be there from 888 which is kind of our starting point through 1900 and into 950 the summary of the teachings killer continues to be you we are able to be reminded General Conference I want to remind you of the historical context now because it's important for us to realize that the people living in the this time from 190-2950 there was something going on around them there were things taking place that had either direct or even indirect impact upon people's thinking and people's lives in the challenges they faced from day to day 1st of all there were the general conferences of 1000 while one and 1903 I'm not going to take a lot of time to talk about that but those of you know your administers Taree know that those 2 general conferences had significant impact on the organization of the 7th day of this church you understand that right and the method of organization that we use today is basically what was developed in 19031000 no one took some steps towards major reorganization but they began to run into some difficulties on being oversimplistic that they were began to run into some difficult difficulties in the application of the organization they came back in 1903 and they came up with some some things that we are still work with today including the unions and all that in terms of the way that we are organized you know we have a conference we have the union we have the division etc etc Another thing that was significant that happened during this time is Ellen White died. In 1915 if you don't think that was significant in the 7th in the church it was but there were other things that were going on around that time as well World War one that was significant and actually began before Alan White died of course there was the sinking of the Lusitania and officially the u.s. entered World War one on April 6th 1917 even though the war started in 14 and there was World War 2 Pearl Harbor December 7th 1901 those events taking place had to have an impact upon the church but the wonderful thing is you don't see theological shift taking place during that time that's interesting to me I'd like to pursue that a little bit farther but we don't have time for that today just keeping the context a little bit as well the membership in 197-500-5950 was 756000. That's about a 10 percent 10 fold increase in the member of the ship of the church in 50 years General Conference presidents presidents during that time including a.g. Daniels Spicer Watson McElhaney and Branson if you follow closely I can't take the time to talk about the significance of that that I that I came up with but in my own mind just looking at it but follow along and see if you see some significance along the way I'm going to look at 2 major focuses today the 1st one is in terms of a.g. Daniels who was the General Conference president from 100001 until the year 1922 he lived from 850-885-8293 extension 58 minister of the service they have his church who served in Texas he was secretary to James in one white for a year and then he became an evangelist in 886 he was called a New Zealand an evangelist and a president of Australia and the austral Asia Union conference until 1000 are all one they were all in the you know progressive there but I'm not trying to break all that down the he was also the g.c. president as I said from 1000 no one until 1922 he was the longest serving General Conference president serving for 21 years of our history. The reason I'm bringing him up and just kind of sharing that a little bit of history is because he wrote a book or organized a book pulled together some resources that I strongly encourage you to have in your library I believe it's still available of anybody been looking the a.b.c. was it in the b.b.c. now somebody said they were looking for some books and they wound up finding them to anybody find a Jew Daniels in the a.b.c. which. Daniels Christ Our Righteousness. But that's an old one I'm going to have to check and find out of it's out of print. Gold some people have it out there look on line you'll find it Ok but don't go to hamazon where you find that as $100.00 or something like that when these books go out of print people take advantage of these things and it's out there by the way I have a an electronic copy that I think I downloaded law from online so you can do that as well but here's the significant part of here's a role 1st of all a.g. Daniels was a minister in the 7th Day Adventist Church he was born in 858 he was alive and serving in 886 and the years following he was the General Conference president starting in 1900 and he served the 1st quarter of this period of years I and I say 1st quarter all about the 1st 25 years of this 50 year period we're looking at right now he has significant words to say in relationship to what was happening the people that were there and witnessed what was happening we should be listening to I don't say they are always right we need to be looking at what they had to say and their perspective in. In the year are 924 October 22 an interesting date by the way. 924 the ministerial. Advisory Council got together and they decided that they needed to have a compilation of Alan White writings on Justification by Faith now the reasons for it are significant and we're going to look at that along the way here but they asked elder Daniels who had retired just a couple years before if he would spearhead this project and so he says that he began an exhaustive research of the Spirit of Prophecy writings and printed articles in files for a period from 887 until 1912 if you don't think that's a significant task when there were no computers to do research on I just can't imagine what he was trying to accomplish and how that all got done the importance is that this work summarizes Adventists teaching on the subject until 926 through the 1st quarter of the 20th century Now let me explain this one sentence is quite quite important the reason it's important is because today there's a lot of confusion and a lot of discussion about what it was that we who believed from 88821900 so on and so forth and what we should understand about that 888 experience and yada yada yada and I'm say 888 that whole time during that the problem is that today there are significant voices who say that we are doing today what. And we all agree and believe on the same thing in relationship to righteous by faith and we always have. Ok There never has been a change in that in the south just basically what the reformers were teaching and etc etc etc I want you to watch what happens in the history because heres Jette Daniels who was alive during that time he puts together this book and in this book he makes some fascinating statements and he speaks to his own time and from what his understanding is and what the General Conference ministerial department understood during this time he tells us what really was going on where as some people today were saying we're doing today just what the everybody was doing then and we always have then I have to ask the question what does he mean when he says we aren't doing in his time what we knew we should be doing so let me make the point clear as we go on here's what he says in his forward to his book is seeking advice and counsel from my colleagues I sent out advance sections of the manuscript for careful reading and suggestion the response from fellow laborers and also actions of the North American feel has been a most encouraging and appreciative nature and urgency in completing the work has been emphasized a suggestion made by a number of fellow ministers had led to the preparation of a chapter on the subject of rightness by fav from the Bible standpoint as an introduction to the compilation from the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy notice what he says here this it is believed will give scriptural authority and what's the next word. Permanence to the theme which is of such vital importance to God's people at this time that is very interesting to me because I'm going to make a bold statement today. If that was to be something that we should consider to be permanent then we have to ask ourselves is it permanent today the Word of God clearly portrays the way of righteous by faith the writings of the spirit of prophecies talking here greatly amplify in elucidate the subject in our blindness and dullness of heart we have wandered far out of the way and for many years have been failing to appropriate the sublime truth when you read that sins with me. That last little part here add and for many years have been failing to appropriate this supply truth what did he say Thus 926 if we've still been doing it and we picked it up in 888 and it's always been there why does the former general conference President write 2 years before tell us that we have been failing to appropriate the supply truth but all the while our great leader has been calling is people to come into line on this great fundamental of the Gospel receiving by faith the imputed righteousness of Christ for our sins that are past and the imparted righteousness of Christ for the revealing for revealing the divine nature in human flesh. Interesting so much to talk about and so little time a careful connected study of the writings of the spirit of prophecy regarding the subject of rightness by faith has led to the settled conviction that the instruction given presents 2 aspects primarily the great amazing fact that by faith in the Son of God sinners may receive the righteousness of God and secondarily the purpose and providence of God in sending the specific message of receiving the righteousness of God by faith to his people assembled in the General Conference in the city of Minneapolis Minnesota in the year 888 This latter aspect cannot be disregarded by 7th Day Adventists without missing a most important lesson that the Lord designed to teach us it is this conviction that has made it seem necessary to include in the compilation the instruction given concerning the experiences and developments connected with and following the Minneapolis conference in the forward to the book Elder Daniels explains the reason for the book and he's saying that there is we are losing sight of that and we need to make sure we don't lose sight of it and so the General Conference Ministerial Association advisory council asked the elder. Daniels' to put this information together so that it wouldn't be lost and it would be able to be brought back in front of the people but it was necessary to reiterate what information was there because as time goes by we lose sight of what we don't focus on that's my interpretation of what he was saying Ok. So I want to give you a summary of the teachings as identified by a.g. Daniels. You saw this before but I want to bring out some other aspects of it here you didn't see it quite in this form 1st of all he says in his book pages 9 through 22 and again I what I'm doing is summarizing the teaching of the period of time here and this is one of the best sources because it was 1926 when this came out right in the middle of this period of time clearly revealing to us what the 7th Day Adventist Church leadership was believing and teaching at that time Ok 1st of all he taught that the source of Christ Our Righteousness is the Lord simply Secondly the nature of righteousness is the opposite of sin all of us are sinners none of our sorites as there is no Rights of us quoting from Romans provision has been made for us to be cleansed from on righteousness examples are able no Abraham a lot Zacharias and Elisabeth and the Gentiles because there are talks about these people and the righteousness that they had received an accepted being by faith and then he says it is received by faith according to Paul in Romans 32325 and then on page 19 he says this Christ came to this world as our redeemer he became our substitute He took our place in the conflict with Satan and sin he was tempted in all points as we are but never sinned he loved righteousness and hated iniquity his life of perfect obedience met the highest a Man's of the law and oh the wonder and the marvel of it is that God excepts Christ's righteousness in the place of our failure our unrighteousness. The beauty is that you're seeing what they were teaching what they believe during this time and it's there in print this name is hallowed by the angels of heaven a talking about and actually this is Alan White's quote I believe by the inhabitants of unfallen world when you pray I will be thy name we quoted this yesterday you ask that it may be hallowed in this world hallowed in you God has acknowledged you before men and angels as his child pray that you may do known dishonor to the word the name by which you are called and then continuing to quote from Alan why God sends you into the world as his representative in every act of life you are to make manifest the name of God I want to skip down to the sentence at the end please read it with me underlined this you can do only through the acceptance of the grace and righteousness of Christ quoting from Ellen White mound of blessing page one of 7 on page 19 of his book Christ Our Righteousness now a makes a couple observations I had to summarize them into a couple of slides because I really started to get a little bit carried away with it but I want you to see the points that are made here this is what he says these are his words not. He says an 888 there came to the 7th they have in his church a very definite awaking the message it was designated the time as the message of rightness by faith both the message itself and the manner of its coming made a deep and lasting impression upon the minds of ministers and people and the lapse of time has not erased that impression from memory. I want you to follow carefully what he says here he says the impressions may have not lapsed with time. But follow what he says next this to this day 926 many of those who heard the message when it came are deeply interested in it and concerned regarding it all these long years they have held a firm conviction and cherished a fond hope that some day this message would be given great prominence among us and that it would be do the cleansing regenerating work in the church which they believe it was sent by the Lord to accomplish Did you catch the wording he says some day we're under the conviction that one day this will do the work it's supposed to do when somebody says some day I hope it's going to be like this is supposed to be what are they saying it's not that way now all right just want to make sure you're clear. He says again on page 23 God's messages and provinces are always great with meaning they're always necessary for the accomplishment of the particular work with which they are connected he orders them for the fulfillment of His purposes they cannot be set aside they cannot fail sooner or later they will be understood accepted and given their proper place repeatedly a.g. Daniels emphasizes the fact that we've got to admit that and I say we I'm talking about him we have to admit in 1926 we have not ben where God wanted us to be. That's what he say therefore on page 26 continuing He says therefore it must be expected that the message of righteous by faith which came so definitely to the church in 888 will be accorded a dominant place in the closing period of the great movement with which we are connected. And then I want to bring out a couple more slides here again in your notes how sad he says how deeply regrettable it is that this message of righteous isn't in Christ should at the time of its coming have met with opposition in the part of the earnest on the part of the earnest well meaning man in the Cause of God the message as what. Nor proclaim nor given free course as it should have been in order to convey to the church the measureless blessings that were wrapped within it the seriousness of exerting such an influence as indicated through the reproof that were given these reports of reproof an admonition should receive most thoughtful consideration at this time you know I look back and I say all right this man was alive in 1926 all this time from 8 $188.00 the time that followed without what Ellen White said and what she taught and what the other teachers taught during that time in relationship to rightness by faith they still in 1926 had not yet gotten this in place where they knew it needed to be they still believed it it just wasn't there yet oh that we had there's a page 69 of the same book Oh that we had all listened as we should have should to both warning and appeal as they came to us in that seemingly strange yet impressive way at the conference in 1908 what uncertainty would have been removed what wanderings and defeats and losses would have been prevented what light and blessing and triumph and progress would have come to us that's what they believe that's what they would teaching at that particular time. And you and I have to evaluate this history we have to evaluate these places and these things and we have to start to ask ourselves where does this fit into us today we have to ask that and again they might be right and they might be wrong but you have to decide what the Word of God says you're not going to be able to come to the Lord Jesus and say well this is what so and so said and this is what so and so said because it is only the Word of God That is your safe God that is going to get you through the end of time you and I must be students of the word so that it is clear to us Ok I'm going to I'm going to take a quick it's a clarification because I short on time Sandy go ahead. Yeah. Ok let me let me just answer that real quick and I will say yes but not at this time it was years before and. And you can find out more about it in return of the Lateran I think as well you'll find more information about that very important it's a good question and yes it has significance Ok let me go on now I'm going to do something today that's a bit of a risk Ok I'm going to say right now it's a bit of a risk but it is one of the ways to be able to make a point I want to tell you I want to clearly tell you that on what we're going to put on the screen today the her saw a lot of controversy today Ok And right now I'm not trying to settle that controversy remember we're reviewing the history from 190-2950 you with me. From 1900 to 950 I'm looking in the history because I want to ask the question we need to ask the question is what did the church believe and teach during that time that is the question they were trying to answer I'm not trying to solve a theological debate I am trying to help you to understand how the word of God has been understood in the 70 ad and as church this is one of the clearest ways that I can reveal that that I know of to be able to share with you how this progression has developed and what has happened and what has not happened whatever the case may be please don't ask me what oh what am I trying to teach I'm trying to teach history right now you with me I'm not trying to teach the ology I'm trying to teach history how you can do the 2 of those at the same time is tricky enough but I am teaching history so you need to follow along with me here's what I'm going to share with you. Came across something online and I want to confess to you that I've I believe that these are all accurate but I was having a hard time figuring out exactly where the source was but I believe it's accurate because there's nothing there that's controversy all it's just simply Sabbath school lesson quotes from this time where you would expect the Sabbath school lesson quarterly to be reflecting what was believed during that time and it does and so here are some statements to walk through them fairly quickly. This one happens to be from 1905 and this is in history in chronological order many hold that from the nature of Christ it was impossible for Satan's temptations to weaken or overthrow him then Christ could not have been placed in Adam's position to go over the ground where Adam stumbled and fell he could not have gained the victory that Adam failed again if man has in any sense a more trying conflict to endure Than had Christ then Christ is not able to succor him when tempted Christ took humanity with all its liabilities he took the nature of man capable of yielding to temptation and with the same aid that man may obtain he was stood the temptations of Satan and conquered the same as we may conquer he assumed human nature being the infirmities and degenerate being the infirmities and journalist 3 g. generously of the race it is not true that humanity has trials to bear which of the Son of God has not experienced so that was the teaching the Sabbath school quarterly and this happens to be out of. The senior division 3rd quarter or 1000 or 5 Ok All right so what we're trying to understand is what was the church teaching during this period from 190-2950 in 1909 Sabbath school cordially Jesus was God acting in sinful flesh on behalf of the so. Or he made himself one with humanity again a similar idea and concept now from 1913 by assuming sinful flesh and voluntarily making himself dependent upon his father to keep him from sin while he was in the world Jesus not only set the example for all Christians but also made it possible for him to minister for himself flesh minister for sinful flesh the gift of His own spirit and the power for obedience to the will of God Now so far you can see the consistency of what was being taught from even back even before 900 but especially right now our period 1900 to 1950 that was 913 years 914 that son took the flesh of sinful man and overcame where man failed overthrew sin in the flesh that again 1914 going to 921 Christ assume not the original unfallen but our fallen humanity in the the 2nd experiment he stood not precisely were Adam before him had but as has already been said with intense odds against him that was in the calling for $921.00 1st quarter of 1921 it's kind of interesting that they talked about it that much over the period of time but remember we are jumping from year to year here 923 Christ took upon Himself the infirmities and sins of the flesh but to every sin he died every last he crucified every selfish desire he denied himself and all for our sakes 923 remember. Daniels is the president of the General Conference at this time it's consistent with what he says in his book and it's going. System with other documentation from history we go to 1942 although there is a significant jump we go from the time of a.g. Daniel's presidency from the time when his book was written to 942 and verse now is in a book called Bible readings for the home this is what it says in bible readings for the home in his humanity Christ partook of our sinful fallen nature if not then he was not made like unto His brother and and was not in all points tempted like as we are did not overcome as we have to overcome and is not therefore the complete and perfect Savior man needs and must have to be saved on his human human side from his very conception he was big garden and born of the Spirit now that's not implying anything that goes toward the anti Trinitarian issues or whatever it's simply talking about the nature of Christ consistent with what the church had been teaching from 1900 to 1942 here the church was consistently teaching there and it was in that book in 1950 to Francis de nickel and a book answers to objections made this comment. 7th Day Adventists teach that like all mankind Christ was born with a sinful nature this plainly indicates it is hard to was deceitful above all things and desperately wicked he's only called quoting a scripture they're not saying that Jesus was sinful so stay with the paragraph and don't get caught up in that in harmony with this they also teach that Christ might have failed while on his mission to earth as man savior that he came into the world at the risk of failure any turn a loss but the Bible repeatedly states that Christ was holy that he knew no sin and that he would not fail nor be discouraged part of what's happening in this paragraph is he's responding to where in other Christian denominations there are people who believe that Jesus could never have failed. He came down here and there was no way that he could have failed he could never have failed and and that is a powerful teaching within the Christian church whether you're talking about the nature of Christ as having a sinful nature. After the fall of so Adam or before they just don't believe that he could ever have failed period regarding of it regardless of what you might think about his nature and so that's what he's answering but notice that he goes a step farther and he specifically says this is what 7th Day Adventists believe and that is consistent with the teaching of the church now let's go a little bit farther in other words Adam is believe that Christ the last Adam possessed on his human side a nature like that of the 1st man Adam a nature free from every defiling taint of sin but capable of responding to sin and that nature was handicapped by the debilitating effects of 4000 years of sins inroads on man's body and nervous system and environment and essence he's quoting from desire of ages in essence he's quoting from desire of ages about taking about Christ taking on the nature of man after 4000 years of degeneracy so i'm just want you to get that connection and see that part there the last thing I want to bring up here and then I'm going to make you make the observation that I found significance in regard to the General Conference presidents listed there and that is in 1950. William Branson wrote a book drama of the ages and it was published under the title drum of the ages by Southern publishing other by the General Conference President William Branson he was president in 1950 was in that list of presidents that you saw there and this book was distributed and sold all over the English speaking world on page 70 of this missionary book Branson wrote that Christ had taken upon himself the nature of fallen man he was the General Conference president he is writing in 1950 we see a span on this particular doctrine from 19021950 we see what it is that the church was teaching at that time and the General Conference president is the one making the statement so here I want to draw some conclusions today again I'm drawing conclusions focused on history I'm not teaching theology today I'm teaching history are you all with me Ok that's really really really important. From 1900 in 1950 was a time of relative stability in the 7th Day Adventist Church in spite of the instability in the world to world wars the church was growing rapidly growing from 750-027-5600 extension 0 multiplying 10 times in 50 years doctoral subdued billet inconsistency relative to the Christ Our Righteousness is an evidence of some consistency within the doctrines of the church now that can be both good and bad as a.g. Daniels points out that many were excited about the message of Christ Our Righteousness and that the years had not erased the importance of the message but they cherished a fond hope that someday it would be given prominence among us and then said sooner or later they will be under they will be understood that is the teachings accepted and given their proper place the good in the bad is they were consistently following and having that understanding but the bad part is they want living it so to speak you understand because that's what Daniel said he said we've got the information we see the history but we're losing focus on the fact that this is what God wants us to be doing and living now before he returns that's my summary of what Daniel's was saying. So some had accepted the message but it did not have prominence it was not understood or accepted as it should be and yet some important biblical teaching teachings as proceed by the Church regarding Christ Our Righteousness were taught in the church including the doctrine of the nature of Christ as illustrated in the above material so what we're doing is we're trying to understand the way that the church has progressed in its understanding. We need to understand folks that all along the way God has been leading and shedding light on his people Amen I happen to be a vegetarian today I'm a vegetarian because I believe that that's the message of the Word of God and clearly taught by the Spirit of Prophecy but our early adult a spy and years were not vegetarians. When Ellen White was caught I finally confronted with the message of of being a vegetarian and healthful living and so on and so forth she had to say I'm not going to eat ever I can't eat without eating meat then I'm just going to city or not. That's what she had to tell herself if I had an advice shouldn't be eating better than I'm not going to put butter on my plate Ellen White wrestled with humanity like you and I do but teaching and learning was progressive based upon the Word of God the sanctuary was progressive wasn't it from the time a William Miller they understood the sanctuary but they missed some key points and along came the teaching of the Word of God after the great disappointment as Hiram had sons passing through a field and people like to make fun of it but it's not funny because they came out of prayer and God gave him light that he compared to the Word of God and found it to be true I don't go back and change that particular doctrine because they didn't have it 1st when William Miller came along I believe that because it's still consistent with scripture what I believe today must be consistent with scripture if something changes along the way I ask myself Who changed it did it change because it's now better light on the spot on the Word of God or did it get changed some other way along the way you and I as we review history these things get to be clearer to us but we must take our history and compare it with the Word of God. Christ our rights and says tomorrow we're going to talk about from 1915 until now. That's a handful. A critical study and that we need to do tomorrow but I want to ask you to do this would you please pray that God will help us in our study. We can't afford to make mistakes today folks. I can't afford to teach something wrong you can't believe to believe something wrong you and I must review this very very carefully we must take what we look at in history and we must compare it to the Word of God tomorrow you are going to have to look at a couple of things couple of paths but they don't run the same track you're going to have to look at those and make a decision now I believe God's in charge of his church are many of you believe that. I believe God is going to take his church through to victory. I believe that those 2 paths God's going to take care of them you with me God is going to take care of those paths it's his church he's got to. He has to take care of those paths so Union I need to pray that God is going to guide us and make it clear what is it we need to be zeroing in on and where we need to focus our study that's our heads for per father haven't we come to the end of our session today reminded that you are in charge of your church down through the years from. 1844888 to 1950 your church continue to grow as it study the Word of God there were challenges along the way and struggles along the way some believing this and that but you had your hand on your church and you kept them consistent and you help them to grow Father in heaven we need to be consistent and I pray that you will help us for our journey needs to continue to evaluate history even our own history our more immediate history in the light of the Word of God. So I pray Father that you will make us men and women of prayer between now and tomorrow that we might find in you the truth as it is and Jesus thank you for hearing our prayer go with us as we leave this place tonight in Jesus' name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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