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Christ Our Righteousness - Part 4: From 1950 until Now

Royce Snyman


Royce Snyman

Ministerial Department Director and Coordinator of Evangelism for the Michigan Conference




  • June 19, 2019
    7:15 AM
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Father in heaven we are grateful to be able to join together again today to study together. Lord we have been praying that you will guide this class today. We're going to be talking about as you well know is sensitive and Lord we need your input we need your direction we need clarity from you it's really easy to get mixed up in humanity and human thinking Father police help us because we don't want to confuse your work we want to unconfuse and we know that the only source of clarity in sorting this all out is your Holy War We thank you for it and we thank you that we can talk together as brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ guide us now through the presence of your Holy Spirit we pray in Jesus' name. Started to get warm and hear. Somebody turned on the Son So now we got valve on along with everything else are you able to see Ok. All right that's fine. You may be hidden but you actually may be more focused. All right folks. Today is is a day where I'm venturing underground I've somewhat feared to to launch upon but when I 1st discovered a very important little piece which was only a couple 3 or 4 weeks ago a lot of lights turned on in my mind and I'll try to explain that today as time allows for us and. In help me to understand why I've been confused I've been confused so right I've been confused. And I wasn't sure why I was confused I now know why I was confused I didn't say I'm not confused anymore. I just said I now know why I was confused and but it's a very it's a very serious discussion we need to have today when to focus on some recent history today I want to remind you that we will focus on the teaching of time not necessarily the teaching of the Bible now I caution you with that and I place the emphasis in my prayer on the Word of God And tomorrow we will take a look at the Word of God again that there comes a time when we do have to compare some of the journeys in history along the way and are more recent history and the Bible does not record recent history but it does corrects recent history to make sure that we're on the right track. Today we're going to Vocus in on a major event which is had significant impact on our church and seek to understand its impact on us today that is going to be our focus today but we really want our eyes and our ears to be open to the Word of God and His truth I don't know how many of you how many of you quote grew up in the 7th day of this church how many of you came to the church later through bible studies of Angelus to meetings that kind of thing. Maybe there are even some here who have not yet made that decision and that could be to I'm not going to put you on the spot today but I want I want you to realize that all of us are on a journey you are on a journey I'm on a journey and that also reminds us that I'm part of a church made up of people who are on a journey and along this journey it's easy for us to get off track on our journey without us realizing we're off track. And the only way new we know for sure is to come back to the Word of God the Word of God is full of stories and examples of the church wrestling with the journey along the way we've got a real devil out there and a brother slider keeps reminding us we're in a war and in the in this war there is an enemy and the enemy is a real and the enemy has a goal and his goal is to destroy God's church our safeguard is the Word of God I want to make 3 observations today 2 of them I made yesterday I want to remind you of them I know that there are some people here who have not been here all along and I want to make sure that we're all together on this 1st of all as we tend to focus on the differences folks we're very blessed to be part of the 7 they have in his church our differences are far outweighed by what we agree on and by the grace of God The Lord will help us sort out those differences that's why we must be preparing together that God is going to help us figure out those things we must be students of the Scriptures we must have a personal relationship with Jesus each of us individually must know the Word of God ourselves and through our relationship with Jesus be learning what he's trying to teach us there we talked a lot about what Ellen White says in great controversy yesterday I'm not going to talk about that today those quotations are in the notes from yesterday we tend to put everything in this is a new observation we tend to put everything in the church related ideas and concepts into boxes let me suggest it's time to throw the boxes away. The conservative or the liberal box the woman's ordination with a headship box the $888.00 box the Ford theology box the final generation box the whatever theology box there's only one box that matters and that's God's box in which you'll find the Bible and the spirit of prophecy that will guide us and direct us clearly to where we need to be remember those boxes all have people in them for whom Jesus died. And the Word of God is there to help us shed the boxes and focus on the truths I want to make this observation observation from yesterday a couple people came to me and I appreciate the fact that they did because that means they were looking very carefully and not accepting everything they saw in front of them and that doesn't mean you didn't see it I just means they came to me and talked to me and so I went back to look carefully at what I gave you on the screen and realized that in inverted Glee I'd made a mistake so I'm correcting that mistake today 1st of all there were 2 slides on the screen both of them were in the Nichols book answers to objections and No problem was the 1st slide was the objection. If you know his book you'll understand what that means it means he was not giving the answer he was telling what people were objecting to and their question. And so I was trying to portray it as being the answer when it was really the question that was the 1st slide the 2nd slide was the answer but it was only a portion of the answer and if for some reason you saw that and it was really bothering you I got the whole thing right here Ok. And you can see the objection that was there and then you can see the total and complete answer that he gave the most important thing that I was illustrating there by with that particular statement is that in the time when. When this was written which what I which I believe was $952.00 after the nickel was expressing his opinion consistent with what the 7th Day Adventists g. church taught at that particular time on the nature of Christ and the response of the gave was affirming the belief that the church had at that time that Christ's nature was a fall in nature that's throwing you I'm just reporting history right now I'm not trying to get into theology I'm trying to give you the history but he was simply stating what he believed and what the church believed and taught at that time Ok Sol I'm not going to labor on that particular point if you have more questions there are are some sheets here I did not make enough for everybody because I wasn't sure everybody had the question in for somebody some reason there's a long line of a 100 people here afterwards and we run out after 20 copies are given out I will make more copies for tomorrow. I try to save money by you know not wasting paper and trees and all that kind of thing like to review quickly where we have come so far on Monday we looked at the Bible and the spirit of prophecy teaching on Christ Our Righteousness. We are sinners and I'm summarizing what we talked about from the Word of God there I'm not putting the Bible verses on they're all in the notes from the 1st day so if you didn't get them we've made more copies they're up here and if we run out of those I can get more Also tomorrow we are sinners condemned to die a sinner is broken the law which is holy the laws righteous God is righteous and we must be righteous of we are to avoid the death penalty God has provided the gift of His Son forgiveness for sin and righteousness that comes from his son righteousness is part of the gift we received this gift by his righteousness is symbolized by his robe when we accept his robe he not only for gives us our sins but he also removes our sin the Laodicean church is prepared for the 2nd coming of Christ by accepting Christ robe righteousness that was our discussion on Monday. Just a reminder of a fundamental statement in relationship to all of this and that is from Ellen White I'm going to give it to you again because it sets a tone for where we need to go before we get done tomorrow the Lord in His great mercy Ellen White said send a most precious message to his people through elders Jones Wagner and Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world the uplifted savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world it presented justification through faith in the surety it invited the people to write receive the righteousness of Christ which is made manifest in obedience to all the commandments of God Many had lost sight of Jesus they needed to have their eyes directed to his divine person his merits and his changeless love for the human family all powers given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts under men in parting the priceless gift of his own righteousness to the helpless human agent this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the 3rd angel's message which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attended with the outpouring of His Spirit in a large national We certainly could spend the rest of the time talking about that and all things related to it not today on Tuesday. We reviewed the teaching of the 7th Day Adventist Church on Christ Our Righteousness from 888 until 1900 though Ellen White Jones Wagner Prescott and others were clear and consistent about the message Araya Smith g.-i Butler and others oppose some key points fearing it was undermining s.t.a. theology on the law that especially centered in and the discussion of the book of Galatians and an understanding of the law where there was ceremonial or whether it was the 10 Commandment law and that was the major point of focus and contention there were other issues that they discussed that were connected with that but that was a major focal point and that included the discussion of the covenants again this is not a discussion of theology it's a review of our history in regard to our theology on Wednesday we talked about the history of our church from 1900 to 1950 the teaching regarding Christ Our Righteousness was I call that stable and much the same as in the previous years with some 4 and some in opposition to keep points namely still the issue relating to the 2 covenants the 10 command of law and and so on those individual issues were continued to be a focal point but. But as we reviewed yesterday a.g. Daniels the General Conference president of the 7th Day Adventist Church from 1000 no one until 922 in his book that came out in 1926 made it very clear that the message still had not been accepted and had the focus and impact that they knew it was supposed to have it did not have that impact they confessed it they wrote it in the book they indicated that it was not yet doing what they knew it was supposed to do. If you call it what you want to call it the confession that they had not been following what God wanted them to do it was a statement of that which is why they put the book out I believe personally I wasn't there but I believe that their goal was to provide the opportunity for that to become a focal point again we also real worry minded through some of the Sabbath school Quarterly's of the period that on my particular subject namely the issue of Christ Our Righteousness and its relationship to the Human nature of Christ the Sabbath school Quarterly has made it very clear that it was a consistent teaching within the 7th Day Adventist Church that basically was the same as the time before that we talked about from 888 in 1900 there were 3 other publications that came out during this period from 1900 to 1951 of those publications was the Bible readings for the home another was drama of the ages by Branson who was a general conference President and answers to objections by Nichols that we already referred to earlier and they were still sharing the Human nature of Christ as it had been understood and published since 888 remember that Nichols book came out in 1952 now my years here I've just been put in little boxes sorry about that but I couldn't. Of dates and from 190-2950 the church was still consistent in relationship to that teaching just want you to keep that point because that is important in relationship to our discussion today now I'd like to move into what we need to talk about today. I'm going to be sharing a lot from a particular book there's always a challenge in doing that but I believe that this is one of the best summaries of what took place in the years from 1950 and till our more recent time today in relationship to some of these issues and specifically in relationship to our discussion about. Rights a spy faith and some of the issues that are connected to it. So I want to give you a storable overview at the moment of what kind of was going on about this time in 1950 there are so many details the high I would love to share with you today but we'd have to do that in our living room somewhere sitting down with about at least a half a day to work on those details I've got to try to do it in the next 35 minutes and so I'm going to try to make it as clear as I can here I'm going to be quoting and you'll see where I am I tried to die to designate that and I'm starting with Douglas's statement in his book a fork in the road in his introduction in which he do have some of this history that I think's important one of the reasons that I believe this is so critical is because Herbert Douglas was there and a key player at the time that to me is huge if you want to talk about what happened there but you weren't there I'd rather talk about somebody who was there with somebody who was there and who knew and understand stood what some of the ramifications were. I wish he were still alive today he's not he died just a few years ago but before he did he wrote this book which was actually. A paper for lack of a better term that he shared in 2007 I'll try to illustrate that here for you he says this in his introduction the time between 1957 has been called the most destabilizing period in the history of the admin to why because of the publication of the book questions on doctrine. He quotes George Knight and this is what George Knight says Who was the editor or I should say is the editor for the historical and theological introduction to the book the annotated edition of questions on doctrine that came out in 2003 and this is what he says he says that the questions on doctrine easily qualifies as the most divisive book in 7th Day Adventist history a book published to help bring peace between Adventism and conservative Protestantism its release brought prolonged alienation and separation to the admin to action Zz that grew up around it that's quite a statement so I want to ask you a question just again out of curiosity how many of you have ever heard of the book questions on. I figured that might be the case so my real worry is that there are so many who have never even heard of it never read it and have no knowledge about it but the fact that you know something about it is good. To talk about is water it's Remick ramifications. Douglas goes on and I'm now summarizing some of his points where he points out that on October 2427 in 2007 they had the 50th anniversary conference and regard in regard to questions on doctrine at Andrews University a significant book needed to be looked at again after 50 years it was decided they would come together and talk about it $24.00 scholars contributed thoughts on the $57.00 publication there was he said remarkable unanimity not on what they believe but as an terms of respect and appreciation for each other I'd like to say that it was unanimity on unanimity on what they believed in wasn't but most participants were not even born he says or even in high school in 1957 he was an exception Douglas says I was there he says I knew all the principal players very well even more so as the years went by he was one of the assistant editors of the 70 Abner's Bible Commentary from 1955 to 1957 and under the book editor who was Mervyn Thurber Thurber shared manuscripts as this book questions on doctrine was developing as they came through on almost a daily basis there are officers were very close to each other and Thurber would share them with Douglas and others around there as this whole issue and situation was developing. The authors of question on doctrine were are a Anderson an evangelist and. Also. Another word I want but basically was an Vangelis w.-e. Reed who is an enormous administrate who understood biblical languages and Leroy Froome a researcher and author of the books the prophetic Faith of Our Fathers and the conditional most Faith of Our Fathers 2 of the most significant books on the history of prophecy and his development over the many years not just ours for going back in history they are fantastic books he was a phenomenal researcher they have done an awful lot for me as a minister and for our church they were also and are highly respected by denominations other than our own because he was a thorough researcher questions on doctrine was applauded when it came out in 1957 for most of its content because like I said earlier today and yesterday our differences are far outweighed by what we agree on and so in the administration there was so much of there that we very clearly are agreed on and there was a lot of gratitude for those things even receiving some clarity but an explosive response focused on that book after it came out on the rewriting of adman is thinking on the humanity of Jesus and the limited in adequate prep presentation of the admin to Sanctuary doctrine now I'm being very some Marial here I'm I'm putting a lot into that there but it is it says a lot Milton l. andré arson was an agonised theologian who by the time of this publication was retired. But he was considered to be and recognized as Adventists leading theologians for years he was a leading voice of alarmed by what he saw developing in regard to admins the ology through the book as he got wind of the things that were happening and I have to say God when because of the way things developed he had a lot of concerns he shared his concerns with the g.c. president but was this is an overview statement virtually ignored Douglas goes on and he says that to other principal players in the drama which were which was questions on doctrine because it was a book that brought about a tremendous amount of drama the principal 2 other principal players were Dr Donald barn hells editor of the influential eternity magazine not a 7th Day Adventist but any of evangelical Christian also Walter Martin a researcher with a reputation in the of the end even Jellicoe world as a specialist in non-Christian cults and also one of barn houses consulting editors Martin was finishing a book at the time entitled The Rise of the cults he viewed see Stas as one of the big 5 with Jehovah's Witnesses Mormons unity and Christian Science and that is a significant issue now you know what we don't like to be called a call right I don't like to be called a call the truth of the matter is one of the biggest cults in Christianity is perhaps the biggest church in Christianity but nobody seems to recognize that unfortunately but they like to lump all arrest of us into cults. And he was writing this book let's progress along here and see how this develops at this point I've got to say to you things get complicated there's a whole book on it you can read it and probably a whole lot more books the you can read I'm going to try to summarize the key points so that you and I can get an understanding of the major issue generated here. Going to the next slide we discover that there was an individual by the name of te Toby The Unruh who commended barn house on rights inspired faith for a broad from a radio broadcast that he happened to hear dialogue begins elder Unruh who was a conference President and they decided they dialogue together over a period of about 5 years this was an Adventist dialoguing with an Evangelical the evangelical had a radio broadcast he had one point spoke about righteous by faith Unruh called him and said hey really enjoyed my words Ok I really enjoyed your broadcast on Russian spy faith just want you to know that I agree with you which made barn house just about fall out of his chair because he didn't believe 7th Day Adventist believed in such a thing and so he had a little bit of a challenge with that and that started a dialogue a meeting was set that also included got ahead of myself he asked for an interview with Leroy Froome who he knew via his books remember right said the books that he wrote that will well recognized in Christianity and so he said I'd like to have a meeting together there and that included Martin who had gotten a hold of this corresponded he was actually the one who asked for that together with barn else getting it on myself here sorry a meeting was set that also included. The other principal players 2 of them anyway read and Anderson and conferences began in March of 1955 and ended in May of 1956 they found common ground and grounds for dialogue and difference but Martin felt that he was getting a different picture than he expected yes a Praise the Lord for that he saw 7th Day Adventist as he said it not heretics as we thought but rather read Dean brother and in Christ one that's how wonderful thing folks because that's where our. Life is more complicated than that because we have a real devil out there who really is trying to make a mess of everything and he's doing a really good job of making a mess of everything so it continues to get even more complicated because a double challenge began to emerge as Martin and Barney house were seeing this similarity they were still struggling with some of the things that were big issues to them and that double challenge emerged this way Martin was signed by Zondervan to include Stas in his called book he was Renee going that wasn't making Zondervan happy because what you put in your book sells copies and in they were hoping that 7 day Atlas would be listed as a cult there and he was thinking about taking them out that was part of the challenge that he had for throne and Reed And Anderson we will call them the trio here as Douglas does have the burden of explaining to the Agnes Church how things were developing. Because the things that we're developing is as barn house and and Martin We're talking with with the trio they were struggling to understand a couple of key points which is what we've got to talk about we must therefore because we're getting too complicated and I could get so confused myself in saying this all to you I'm going to stick to my slides and make sure the we try to hit the key points what with the theological implications of what was happening a little history and the theology combined together in the time that we have left some of the key doctrines that need to do it be explained that these door gentleman could not understand. Were are listed here and I'll mention them in a moment they needed be explained though hopefully in a way that these 2. Could understand and not rebel against at least in seeing them as potential Bible biblical truth the problem is anytime you start a conversation with someone who has a different understanding of the Word of God then you have you have to start where they are right and that can be challenging and that's exactly the problem they ran into the problem they ran into was that they were on totally different planes and when you try to do that you really got to get it all sorted out and sometimes to be frank you can't. The doctrines that were key in terms of Adventism are the 70 sanctuary and Christ 2 phase ministry there which by the way includes the issue of the Atonement this was a big deal for barn owls and Martin was the issue of the Atonement they believe that the Atonement. Was settled in other words that situation that makes us at one with Christ was settled and finished and completed at the cross 7th Day Adventists believe that Jesus after the resurrection went to the heavenly sanctuary and he's continued his work there because there is a work to be completed are you with me. Good we're together barn house and Martin were not with them they did not understand that they didn't have the understanding of the sanctuary they couldn't as I'll make clear as we get a little farther the investigative judgment part of that issue the spirit of prophecy and Ellen White a seal of God in the Mark of the beast and the 3 engines messages were things that needed to be clarified with barn house and Martin troublesome issues for Martin and barn house were especially the Human nature of Christ and our view of the Atonement in the sanctuary process that's where things got complicated here are some important points because there are many 7th Day Adventist publications that were out there in the 1950 s. including ones we talked about yesterday which is why I'm reminding you of those things this is all coming together now I'm telling you about what was out there because those books that were written by 7th Day Adventist were expressing our views of what we believed in. Nickels and Branson and the book you know Bible readings for the home etc etc To say nothing of Ellen whites and others those were all out there well you know what Martin and Barney House especially Martin had read goes and they understood what they believed 7 day Abner's to be teaching Now naturally they're coming from their own background and so they're get confused with all of that but they read that and when they came to the trio and asked them about that there were some challenges you see barn house wrote an article in which he spoke of these doctrines that were still troubling them as being taught by because as they talked with the trio The trio was trying to downplay some of those other some of those doctrines with that were a little troublesome you know how you sometimes say something in a conversation that you you're trying to you know well you know maybe it's not quite the way you see it barn house from their discussions said that well if we understand correctly it's just the lunatic fringe in the 7th Day Adventist church that believes those things in relationship to these troublesome doctrines but as the trio tried to work around those issues they were trying to explain it in a way inadvertently that was changing Adventist theology was not consistent with what we believed and had taught since as a. Basically our inception Now we've been only going back to 888 it's just a point of reference but as things continued on that's what we believed that developed a problem because in September of 57 that came out and he said that he spoke about the lunatic fringe and I'm quoting as there are similar wide wild side irresponsible individuals in every field of fundamental Christianity he was he had followers to his eternity magazine evangelical followers and he was saying you know the answer got the same problem the rest of us do there are lunatic a lunatic fringe in every denomination and these ones who believe those things about the sanctuary and those things about the 3 angels messages and though think those things about the nature of Christ they're just the lunatic fringe in the 7 they have in his church. That might have been Ok for the evangelicals but the word got back to the lunatic fringe. In the 7th heaven his church. One of those was m.l. and the leading theologian in the admin to at that point he found himself along with several other individuals as being included in the absence of the lunatic fringe I'll give you a list a little farther on of those individuals you might be surprised Douglas points out that there were was a very basic problem with what was happening something he described as being like 2 tectonic plates colliding together and causing an earthquake you understand tectonic plates I'm not a geologist but basically you have 2 plates out there made up of you know like going out to the center is fault and these 2 things start hitting each other as they did over the last few days and they had a swarm of. Earthquakes little earthquakes out in California and I grew up there so I pay attention when that happens at any rate he said they were like these $2.00 major tectonic plates hitting each other and causing a major earthquake he describes the tectonic plates as evangelical Calvinism and Adventist Arminianism all boy is that a mouthful or what I'm going to try to explain that now for right now you need to put on your theological hat and I'm going to try to explain it because it's important to this don't get bogged down in it just understand that it's underlying the challenges of the time the key differences in these 2 perspectives. Were major stumbling blocks now Adventists are not Arminians I want you to understand that but we have some. Affinity to many Armenians and it will become closer to you here in a moment callow Calvinism generated what we would call today the reform churches the Dutch Reformed Christian formed whatever come out of that tradition out of John Calvin with me all they believe things like this all men and women are born sinners and one saved they're always saved and Christ died only for the elect in other words we have no real choice in the matter of salvation that's essentially a very brief summary of what comes out of the reform churches which is what barn house and Martin had is their background are 1000000 isn't has its roots in. Has its root hats we have in our many of our roots of the great controversy which includes freedom of choice and it was a theological reaction Arminianism many an ism was a theological reaction to Calvinism doctrine of predestination so let me try to make that clear Calvin's doctrine can be summarized as predestination you've heard that term before basically that lays lays the foundation for once saved always saying Arminian. A jock a bus I believe was his 1st name he actually had another last name but that's the name that. Tied to him he reacted to Calvin and his reaction against Calvin's predestination is what we call our mini Unism today and it whereas there was no free choice in Calvin's reac and Calvin's theology Arminian did believe that there was free choice that our is where we are but the trouble is when these the ad industry all and these 2 individuals bond house and Martin were talking they were colliding in this particular area this conflict of basic theological views created an environment where something would have to give just as when 2 tectonic plates hit each other something has to give and that's what causes an earthquake the issues in 1955 to 57 to state them more clearly this is what we would say there were differences regarding sin original sin and its implications will look at that a little farther down in relationship to conditional ism and free will all of which affected one's understanding a catch the. What you believe on something affects your end result you get that if you believe that you can't be saved you're not going to bother to to learn about anything about the Bible because you've decided you can't be saved but if you come to a conclusion that the Bible teaches you can be saved because of what Jesus has done that's going to change your attitude toward the Bible while that was a very simple explanation not directly tied to this but their conclusions are affected by what they believed and in relationship to understanding of Christ's humanity the multiple multiple aspects of his atonement which we believe the consequences of all this affect one's eschatology I told you yesterday the challenge that we are on is that to day Adventist theology in an oversimplified way me being the ople or oversimplify are we are on 2 tracks one a both of those tracks say they're headed toward being prepared for the return of Jesus The trouble is one suggests that there are some things that you need to be doing and I say you need to be doing that need to be happening in our lives would be a better way of saying it in preparation for the return of Jesus the other one says No Jesus has done it all there really isn't anything else that needs to happen. And you want to say that sounds an awful lot like there right next to each other the problem is the end conclusion does not get you there on both tracks. Now I don't know that I explained that terribly well but stay with me I think it'll get clearer admonish do not fit into either the Calvinist or the Arminian tectonic plate that was where Barney house and Martin were struggling and the trio got in trouble they got in trouble because they were trying to get those 2 things connected together and absenteeism is just not there we may have some roots with a great controversy in the Arminian theology but that's only a piece it's not all that we believe so here's where we differ on the nature of mankind we don't possess an immortal soul they believe this is barn house and Martin and the Reform tradition they don't believe that we I mean we believe that we don't say this right we believe that we don't possess an immortal soul Hence we don't believe in original sin like the Calvinist do original sin is coming to that other one get a muscle Christ work and they have in the sanctuary is another area where we differ we believe that in is high priestly role Christ work is directly affecting our salvation and our perpetration to be entrusted with eternal life almost unanimously prior to 955 we as a 7 day honest church accepted the biblical Council that Jesus was born a human being in every respect and that Christ showed us how to live and die that we can eventually be entrusted with eternal life that is a more complicated a way of saying that up until 1955 as I've already demonstrated over the last couple of days the 7th Day Adventist Church believed in relationship to the nature of Christ that Christ took on the fall in nature of human beings. Ok I'm just giving you a story of you I'm not teaching theology I'm teaching reality of theology you know of history. Ok so Douglass points this out helping us to understand what the challenge and the problem was the question is now where does this all wind up. The problem began to develop with for and get make things a lot more complicated in the reviewing process that came about in relationship to that book the reviewing process you sometimes hear the word vetting I've always wondered what that word was at the look it up to figure out what vetting was but basically it is the though the process of deciding how this is going to go ahead and how to do it and is it on the right track etc This is what happened supposedly And I say supposedly because historically we've got evidence to the other way supposedly scores of individuals in the 7 the church reviewed the manuscript a script of questions on doctrine and approved it now want to make sure one thing is clear Remember questions on doctrine was not written by Martin and barn house it was written by 7th Day Adventists i.e. the trio Ok it was written by them but they the trio said that the book and its contents was a vetted through the 7 they have a church leadership through made the statement. He said that it was prepared by the General Conference prior group of our able to scholars and approved by our leaders throughout the world to clarify the world to the world the true even Jellicoe nature of Adam's beliefs and teachings and he said no more eminent or representative group could have been consulted no more competent group could approve and that they did that's his statement Douglas is quoting him Douglas goes on and then he makes this statement Douglas says I was there I read and heard the mantra that this large group of admins leaders had indeed affirmed the question on doctrine approach only later did the truth come out that only a very few actually responded nothing arrived from outside of North America he goes on and saying no local or union conference administrator from North America responded partly because they were stunned or on reflection they thought that questions on doctrine was not going to go anywhere then the next paragraph Douglas says the editors at the review and Harold publishing association with him who me associated by his work sent individual letters to figure who was the president of the time and of course the question on doctrine trio and expressed great concern for the general procedure hoping for more biblical backup for each of our doctrines. At that time too some warnings came from key leaders and theologians in the church Raymond Cotterell for example associate editor of the commentary and Francis didn't Dean nickel you heard me talk about him already editor of the review and Harold sent warning letters to the leadership saying this is trouble my summary of it all now by the way here's your list of the lunatic fringe the people who believe those particular teachings and this is to me worth its weight in gold the other ones he listed a lunatic fringe not only included m.l. and various And by the way as a result of all that went along here and now and various and lost his credentials as the leading theologian of the 7 they have his church because he refused to just sit down and let this take place the good news is he got his credentials back after he died after a nickel Branson Cotterell Ray Cotterell Dawn Neufeld sideline I played golf with a dear man. That just shows how old I am folks. E.j. Wagner Jones Haskell Prescott in your eye a smith your eyes Miss on the right side on this issue while Cox Reser Thompson all the others here I just picked out a few that I recognize McGuire Haynes Wilcox a.g. Daniels. Would all son Fenton had one crew not to be confused with Leroy Froome w e read who was part of the trio Interestingly enough in itself and then and the hundreds of times Ellen White on the back big usually wrote that Jesus accepted the results of the Great Law heredity to share our sorrows and temptations and to give us the example of a sinless life. Those were the you lunatic fringe that were being referred to and I see your hands but I can't take them right now so you're going to have to forgive me I've got to get to the and poisonous still got 10 slides to go you know that because they're there now here's here's the key points that you must catch as understanding this process we need to take a quick look at the Calvinist view of salvation because this affects what we do tomorrow you need to understand this at least if you don't grasp it all at least have some a piece of the knowledge in regard to it this is what Calvinist believe about salvation and the way God works it's all under the title of the sovereignty of God In other words they believe that God is sovereign he's in control of everything and therefore the following is true mankind could not possibly have free will responsibility because God is sovereign if he wasn't solid if he was if he were sovereign then you can have free will where we believe we have re will. It if one is to be saved is because of God's sovereign choice to save them God has to choose to save them this fits into the once saved always saved doctrine if Jesus is man's Savior he would have to die for those that are already elected to be saved in other words he didn't this die for humanity he died simply for those who are already elected to be saved Jesus could not have inherited the generic genetic stream of his ancestors because if so he would have been born a sinner their salvation their solution to this whole issue is that Jesus had to be exempt from all inherited tendencies to sin and which really takes us to our original sin which is a Roman Catholic theologians the ology in terms of original sin do you want to mean by rules and. Some of you said no and I heard that. Come see me afterwards I just don't want to bog down there right now wish I could faith and ability are words that they use in relationship to be given the air to be used to be able to profess great novelist to Christ for his substitution another words all I need with faith is to accept the fact that Christ substituted for me but I'm going to be saved because I was elected to be say and and by faith I accept the fact that that happened for me now the truth of the matter is it might be that I wasn't elected and my faith is unfounded that's another point that's whatever they are for deigned for Dane to be saved cannot fall out of grace and never be unsaved that's their theology. Including in that is there is no room for the binding claims of the moral law the law has nothing to do with salvation because you are preordained to be saved you can't be unsaved by breaking the law so therefore why do I even need to worry about the law that's what the end result of Calvinistic theology is is that a problem for 7 they understood Aha was that a problem for the trio Yes it was because they were trying to find a way to balance loose and they were in trouble so the theological conflict could be summarized this way those who acknowledge the binding claim of the moral law can explain the nature and purpose of the atonement that when Jesus paid the indebtedness of the repentant sinner he did not give him oral license to continue sinning but to now live responsibly in obedience to the law Calvinists are not able to process this fundamental thought That's a quotation from Douglas they can't manage that that creates a problem obviously we can't get these 2 views to match each other or to confirm to conform to each other something has to give Now Douglas makes a good observation and I'm going to have to go a little bit past but you can tell where I'm at and I'm not far from the end Ok. Douglas refers to what he calls the great controversy thing we all understand the great controversy and we're so blessed by understanding the great controversy Oh how I wish that other Christians understood the real war that's going on and the nature of the great controversy but Douglas says this on page 41 what could have made all the difference in the struggle at the time with barn house and Martin would have been a Biblical view of the great controversy theme in contrast to Calvinism limited understanding of the character of God in the Gospel the central question for both parties that needs to be answered my words is what does God's plan accomplish with his salvation plan they were on different planes and they were trying to get together and they were able to do it and all it did was create theological up evil not in Calvinism. But in the 7th Day Adventist Church in a few words he continues on on God's side the purpose of the great controversy theme is to prove Satan wrong in his charges against God's character and his government the issue is always planted in God's created soil of freedom responsibility freedom not to skip quite a bit in there you can read in his book Freedom to respond to their creator either positively or negatively Love is an attribute found only in the larger embracing error of freedom throughout the biblical story God was trying to make clear what he planned to accomplish with his salvation plan as he manifested his fairness love and trustworthiness through his dealing with 1st the Israelites and eventually in the person of Jesus Christ on page 42 he says on the human side the purpose of the great controversy theme is to restore and willing men and women the image of Christ their maker to do so the Holy Spirit's task is to work out of a person's life all that sin has worked in by God's grace men and women regardless of nationality and level of schooling can be forgiven and transformed into overcomers who hate sin people that God and the angels can trust with eternal life will inhabit the redeemed world no rebels will be granted eternal life the highest motivation for God's loyalty loyalist is to honor God not to merely impress and this is this is Douglas speaking right he speaking theology I'm referring to it in a historical way this is what he's saying was a problem what what was what was going on with barn house and Martin at that time a continuous in relation to the sanctuary doctrine by saying that the sanctuary doctrine emphasizes how God forgives and justifies only penitent man or woman but more the doctrine equally. Emphasizes that God promises to empower the penitent so that the Stetsons are limited by the inner graces of the Holy Spirit the penitent men and women who continue to cooperate with God will truly find the peace assurance and divine empowerment that comes in completing the gospel plan in his or her life this was never made clear to our Calvinist friends in 1957 and it has been one of the causes of agonist the a logical model in the years since now here's the real challenge for we are told that what happened in that situation created a opportunity to be able to show what the real truth of the Word of God is but unfortunately the opportunity was missed in order to compromise theology but it turns that it's worse than that Douglas says think of how many articles and admins periodicals have argued over whether sanctification was even part of righteousness by faith think of how many churches were read over those who said justification was far more important than sanctification behind all this was confusion over what happened on the cross and what happened what happened in 1957 going on he says further how many pastors left the agonist church because they were convinced by very persuasive scholars that Christ in the heavenly sanctuary was not only not needed but a twisted fabrication of Allen whites the ology how many young people were relieved if not elated to hear that their character had nothing to do with their salvation or that Jesus paid it all on the cross and our only responsibility was to accept Jesus' death as full payment and not to worry about doing anything to add to what Jesus did for us all this is pure confusion he said I'm coming to the conclusion but I need to make this observation. There is a lot of history and what Douglas just said there but I want to put some flesh on that history remember the book came out in 1957 I was born in 1953 I became a 7th they have this minister by going through 7th they have been to schools I went to school in 1971 out of academy I went to Pacific Union College recognized in those days as a leading school wonderful godly theologians there Roger Olsen. And several others that I could name I'm just not going to go down that road right now and and I learned a lot from them but this was 19 seventies in 1977 I graduated in 1979 a man by the name of Desmond Ford came to Pacific Union College I missed him by 2 years when he dug talking about 7th Day Adventists walking out some of the have his ministers walking out of the church because of confusion over the sanctuary he's talking about the results of Ford's theology what Ford did was devastate the 7th Day Adventist Church in relationship to the in theology and making Ellen White's view of the sanctuary and the ministry of Christ of little to no effect that's what happened during that time in my ministry even today a few years ago there was an individual who wanted to come back to be a minister in the 7th heaven church who was one of those ministers and I'm talking about in the 2 thousands who wanted to come back to the church after having walked out after 4 for the ology lead them that direction that is the ground work in my own life I could tell you a whole lot more I'm not going to take more except to say this one point. I had conversations with my fellow students in relationship to the things that we're talking about here today I've continued to have discussions on and off with people over the last 40 years I've always wondered why I was confused it's only in the last few weeks that I've really understood why my father was a servant there minister he told me about questions on doctrine but I heard from other sources and know one way or whatever whatever so instead of listening to Dad. I thought Ok You know it's just my dad whatever he's you know whatever and I walk down that track and I just kind of put that off to the side but in the last few years going back 220032007 where where. Douglas puts together his book for a paper in relationship to to the questions on doctrine suddenly this is come back to the surface and has provided an opportunity for me and many others to look at this again and all of a sudden I've saying Ok I'm starting to get this but as I read Douglas's book The light went on I said Now I understand what happened is because as a result of that book questions on doctrine the theology of the 7th Day Adventist Church has been turned in a whole different direction that's a pretty bold statement on my part. But I'm coming from my own perspective and I'm telling you from my journey that's what happened now do you understand why I took you on the journey from Monday Tuesday and Wednesday helping us to understand that the theology of the 7th Day Adventist Church has been consistent until 950 but that then in the fifty's as a result of questions on doctrine our theology has taken a different turn why because not only did these the trio start teaching this the ology but it started working its way into our theological institutions and I was a recipient of that theology and what I saw on one side just didn't seem to be driving together and I didn't take the time to study it and to look at it for myself and look at the Word of God I haven't told you what I believe I'm just telling you that's where I got confused and for a long time I have been confused but when I read Douglas's book and I've met Dr Douglas and he's a wonderful man and I just I'd haven't really known him personally so I make sure that's clear but as I looked at all of that I've always wondered and all of a sudden it came to the light turned on realising where things had turned and gone that's where the 7th Day Adventist Church is today is wrestling with this issue so I want to give you some conclusions today until 19 the 1950 s. the church was fairly united on doctrine including the nature of Christ and the Atonement and the role of Christ as high priest and they have in the sanctuary in 1957 and following the book questions on doctrine had a major impact on some very important areas of our theology that directly affect our understanding of Christ Our Righteousness it is up to us as individuals to decide how the impacts. History is not enough folks you and I are not going to be able to come to Jesus and say you know the history just really confused me he said the history's not the point I've given you my way. I've given you the Bible was the Bible not plain was the Bible not clear are you telling me that the Holy Spirit could not teach you from the Word of God What is there that is the challenge that you and I have to face today so tomorrow question is what now Tuesday through the day has been history what should this mean to me now how should I relate to the sister what does the Bible say about what is ahead and then Christ's plans for me in preparation for his return are the Bible and the writings of Ellen White united on this Yes The question is what now and that's what we need to talk about what you've already heard to think please Father in heaven we're all on a journey the church is on a journey and I'm so grateful that the leader in this journey is you thank you for Jesus and the Holy Spirit father for all that you are doing for us and all that you provided but Lord These are the last day. Just before Jesus comes back again and we're confused in our church we're divided in our church Lord we are begging you for the latter rain of the Holy Spirit we're asking you please to send your spirit back to us again it's very clear that you told us that the latter rain through and wipe out the Latter Rain started many years ago but there we turned it away Oh Lord please help us to get back on your track again. As we could leave this place tonight I pray that you will go with us that you will bless our time together in our fellowship and as students of the Word of God lead us to be further and deeper in our prayer time so that we can be sure we're on your thank you for hearing our part Jesus in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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