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Mastering My Emotions with God's Tools - Part 4: Earnest Empathy

Laurie Snyman




  • June 20, 2019
    11:30 AM
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Kind Father God we thank you so much for the day we thank you for this time and time with you we thank you for the opportunity to drive closer to you we thank you for Lori and for all the other summoner speaker. Now that would you sprees you would hope. That you will hope. To stuff. And be a late Jesus can come even to me thank you praise you in Jesus Holy need and well empathy is one of the hallmarks of emotional intelligence and people with low emotional intelligence don't even try to understand the emotions of others that's what we should be doing is trying to understand the emotions of others so they show they will show little empathy for someone if they aren't trying to figure out how they're feeling and what's going on they don't try to place themselves in another person's shoes and that's exactly what empathy is that you're putting yourself in somebody else's shoes to try and figure out how they must be feeling empathy is necessary because it connects us with other people you think about I did something really bad when I was in college there was a evangelistic series and it was in a church in California and I was visiting with a friend and that evangelist just talked all the time he never ever you know slowed down even when he was in line greeting people and I did something bad I said to my friends he doesn't care about you and they're like oh yes sure he does I'm like yeah you think he's really all that and I'm he doesn't care about people and they're like no he's really a nice person so he's like you know Nice to see you sisterhood great to see you so happy you're there right so I got in line and he said How are you doing and I said my cat died and I'm just distraught and he said Praise the Lord and hold me right there oh I said see. Well that didn't really prove anything but you know there are people who are just doing that courteous nice right how are you doing glad to see you and you say something's wrong and they're going on really well Ok let's then they change the subject or they go somewhere else so we sometimes know that people aren't really interested and what we're saying so again Emotional intelligence is connecting with people and when we connect with people we're less self-centered because we really are considering the other person's needs over R.'s and we also have more concern for them and we're also thinking about our goal which is to introduce them to Jesus right we live in a society that's pretty self-absorbed most people are too busy to pay attention what do you notice about going on out society right now what when they say they're not pulling a tent they're not paying attention what are we talking about there on the cell phone my husband and I we were in a swimming pool at a resort and we. Saw this couple come out and they had this little baby and he put her it was so sweet they put her on this little floating raft and and they got into the pool and they started in on their phone and. The baby was like. You know trying to get the attention of the parents had their head in the in the phone and I thought you know she wants their attention so bad it's probably there and they're just on the phone on the phone and then I see it was one of those pools was warm and so we were just all enjoying the nice warm water just walking around in this pool it's a very large pool and there was a father and he had a raft with his computer on it and the pool and the kids were all he had 3 kids and they were jumping in the pool and they're going Daddy Daddy why why stare at me and he's like I watching on lodging like on his computer and if you looked up it was for just you know less than a millisecond and they kept going to let me see what I can do and he's like on his computer and my husband and I just said isn't that so sad this is a vacation where they're spending time with their family and yet they really aren't there so we're very disconnected aren't we. There are also people who will practice empathy but it's not because they love and care about somebody it's because they want something Have you ever seen that we had some new church members and they were so excited because some other church members invited them to their house for dinner on a day that was in Sabbath and they felt really encouraged that somebody would take an interest in them and so when I asked him how it went they went Mike why what happened and they said oh they wanted us to buy some products and then they started showing us pictures of sailboats and cruises and said you know if you join us and you sell products and you become a seller Don't you deserve this they kept telling them don't you deserve this and then they said we just felt really be traded. Any of you had that experience. That they felt like they were your friends but they just weren't there so are we guilty of being self-centered selfish Yes because we're human and the devil wants to do it. I was just thinking about that when I was writing this morning I thought to myself centered Yes I want my toes to be warm you ever think about that I don't want it to be too hot and I don't want to be too cold not I want to be wet and I don't want to be dropped and I want to be dry but not too dry and try and you're a notice how much we are about you know I've seen people getting really upset about classes here you know the room is too hot it's too crowded and like there really isn't any other place for them to go and we don't have air conditioning in some of the rooms but it's like if it's not a certain way and then you think about my mom membership I says there's always somebody worse than you have you ever been on a mission trip and watched that they're in this rickety old building that weeks and they're all sitting on stumps of trees and we think i just need to have that with padding and with air conditioning you just think about how we are so God has to work honest right because we're getting ready for the end of time and it's not going to be always comfortable and we're going to probably lose our electricity and we're going to lose our our Internet and like I hope we can make it right we need to be able to tolerate discomfort remember the song we saying I don't like it I don't like it it's Ok one time I went to a church. Now I was a speaker at that shirt and I had visited just this one time I invited a friend who had stopped going to church at her church and I thought well this is halfway between her church and this other church and I thought maybe that would be a good experience for her and she'll connect with these people and then she want to come here because if she had a bad experience with that one this would be better and she believed in the Agnes message she just didn't like the church so we came in No one greeted us so we went and we joined a Sabbath school class we were talking about which one should we join and we looked and we saw 2 and we we saw one with a bunch of women and I thought wow good show connect with the women so we sat down and they just continued on nobody stopped nobody said hello what's your name or whatever and. We went into the church service and you know was Ok and then at the potluck I didn't know who it was that announced it and he said since Laurie is our speaker today we'll let her and her friend go 1st and I thought well that was really nice I mean I don't have to go I'm not any more important than anybody outs and as I went to pick up my plate about 20 people 20 people rushed in front of me and you know like well you know maybe they're young or whatever and I'm one of those people I guess I've been a pastor's wafers 40 some years so like I always bring a dish to pass I just wanted to bring a dish to pass and so I had my my dish out there but those people lined up like pigs to a trough you know what I'm saying they piled their plates high. And when we got through line there was hardly any food including my dishes that I had brought were scraped clean and they're worth about 30 more people behind me so I have no doubt that most of them did not get anything except there were some potato chips and I think a Jell-O. salad and I said to my friend so what did you think of that church I hated to ask her and she said I don't think I really connected with the people there I'm like think and they are oh by the way I sat with the people you know I sat at the table looked like you know they were just like 2 people at the table and I thought while going to be friend them and I was trying to be nice what do you do when you're trying to get to know people you ask them their names where they're from the how long they've been here and they just leashed you know the problems of the church and how they were unhappy with their pastor and and you know how that what was going on with their grandma in Greenland and they just threw you notice that sometimes when you meet somebody in the 1st 30 seconds it's all about them it's just like. Right now I again you know if I was there therapist and that was Ok if I was their doctor that might be Ok but I was their guest right and of course I have somebody who needs to be friended So the fact that they would just ignore her and just launch into their stories and so no one ever asked to her name or where she was from or that she lived only 15 minutes away or nothing it was just really really sad so again when I asked her. How did you feel about that church she said I just really didn't connect with anyone and I said so you don't really feel like you want to go back and she said no not really I can understand that there are people who are coming up to me and saying why do we do this evangelism thing I mean you know we bring people in and then they never stay in our church whose responsibility is it it's ours I'm a committee of one I'm supposed to be friend them call them encourage them support them so when you think about empathy it's not al about who's going to be friend me it's about if I represent Christ then I need to do my part to be a committee of one and make people feel welcomed in my church would you say meant that the Bible talks about there's a time to talk and a time to be quiet right there is a time to be interested in some people more than yourself would you agree yeah and there are times when we need to be meeting the needs of other people and not just our own needs by the way if we're always hungry and we're always trying to get our needs met by spewing to people and telling what we need and never asking them back that is all about us and will they be filled when we're done because why because they're trying to get their needs met by a human being and no human can really make all those holes in your heart go away. And we do much better when we meet the needs of other people we start to get our own needs met Have you ever noticed that yeah we're going to talk about service a little bit farther here. Let's read this verse to Libyans to 5. Freddie in your relationships when one another have the same mindset as Christ Jesus do you remember Jesus going around and going you do not know how my brothers have been treating me and do you know what they do to me in these villages and you know how annoying it is when these people just you know are always trying to get me into Did you ever hear him saying those things what did he do when he walked around he served others didn't e he was healing people were pressing about him people were constantly wanting to ask him questions I don't think people really asked him how he was doing are you are you tired are you hungry are you Dusty would you like to rust around and think anybody did that but he wasn't doing anything about that have you also noticed that there are a lot of people around us that have a lot of needs Have you any of you believe in divine encounters do you know what I'm saying. Have you ever asked the Lord for a divine encounter it's scary because he brings them to you does any We need to be asking is there somebody I could witness to or whatever but I have asked for divine encounters and the Lord brings one to me I was on vacation we were in Mexico and my husband and I were going to walk on the boardwalk by the ocean and as we were walking I looked over and I saw this young girl pretty girl probably in her twenty's Bollinger had off sitting on the bench and I said to my husband just a minute he's like You're not going to do the counselor thing again are you like just give me a few minutes so I went over there and I said Can I talk to you and she's like. So we started talking and she had come there with her boyfriend and he started to call her things like disgusting and ugly and she was hurt and he told her he wished that she would just go home he didn't want to be around her and we talked about what would it take for her to get home while you know she could only go by bus because she came with him and her mom was in Mexico City and she thought she might have enough money for that and I'm like Will your mom be had oh yeah her mom would be happy to see her she was her mom was upset she came in the 1st place and so we got that all straight now and I asked her Can I give you a hug and pray with you all you asked that she would let me do that my husband kept walking around in circles I'm so glad that the walls didn't fall down or something like that and so when he saw me hugging her he came up and he said Is it Ok if I come over and she's nice introduced her and I said so here's my phone number if you want to call me and she said. She was hugging both of us and so anyway and another time I was in the bathroom in Tennessee at a rafting trip we had been floating down the river a Cherokee Tennessee and there was somebody crying in the bathroom I don't know why is it always me and I This woman had been bullied by a group of girls and she had they been calling her ugly in her bathing suit and they didn't know what she was going to do and she didn't know if she could stand to be with them and nobody was answering at home and she just wanted somebody to come drive her and she was 3 hours from home and we you know got her calm down you know it's amazing you can ask people can I pray with you and they really do appreciate it. And I prayed with her and she said she felt like she could just get through the rest of the day and she would go home and I'm just like we need to keep our eyes open for people who are in distress that could use an encouraging word and a prayer and God. Sent his son here to minister to all of us troubled people and if that's what we're supposed to do we need to be looking for other people God will set up appointments for you even it can't meaning you believe that any of you talk to somebody who had an issue that needed prayer Ok couple you I would like to encourage you that you look for somebody that's on this campus that maybe is different from you or whatever and that you ask them if there's anything you can pray for them or would you be willing to do how many of you would be willing to do that all right thank you and I think it's very important if we are supposed to have the mindset of Christ that's very important now there's a difference between empathy and sympathy sympathy is like oh that's so sad that's just terrible all I don't know how you could stand bad right it's annoying empathy is I feel your pain that must be very difficult so if somebody says to you here's the scar I have from my bike accident 15 years ago what would you think they probably need some sympathy right it's not an urgent thing or whatever so what could you say you could say wow it looks like you really had a bad accident right and then they could say yes I did but you know the real problem is and then they really will tell you right. What if somebody says that they. They can't pay their bills. Sympathy is like well let me just get you off my my you know guilty conscience or whatever maybe I could just hand you money that's not always the best way right have your heard about you buy a fish and then you feed somebody and that's all they have but if you teach them to fish then you have to help them to be more maintaining of their life so you don't want to just jump in and save and rescue you want to find out more you want to be considerate sometimes you might be a resource person right very important last night I was getting a massage anybody had a massage up here and there's an adult is missing people they pray with you and it's like don't take might know now they just they pray with you and they pray with you about your issues and then yeah I had a neck that really hurt yesterday I'm very thankful and she was telling me about. Somebody in their family that got. Diagnosed at the University of Michigan with some issue and have you ever had somebody telling you about something and you're dying to tell them about your issue have you ever had somebody say you know my mother died to go yes honey I know because my mother died 3 years ago and they become the focus of that talk isn't that easy to do but it's not about us is it we need to. Write Yes I wanted to tell her about when I got diagnosed at the University of Michigan with an eye issue only a month ago but I tried to hold my tongue and it was more about her than it was about me we need to be exercising on a regular basis not talking about ourselves but listening to people about what they are struggling with let's read this let your gentleness be evident to all the Lord is near Philippians 45 it says gentleness Isn't that a kind word when you are in your. Are you all here today when you're in your. The law are you being kind and gentle so when somebody says something or does something you have to wait till it goes here so the frontal lobes so that you can be logical kind conscientious and think about social relationships and then you will be gentle when somebody needs comfort What are some gestures that we should do what should be important for us to do so that we can communicate that we are considering them and interested in what they're saying what about your eyes look at them that would be a really nice thing have you noticed that can't meeting no one can look at you in the eye they're always looking to see if they're missing anybody behind you you're saying that that's the camp meeting just Or Oh yeah hi nice to see you who. We should look at them in the eye what about if they cry by the way do men cry Ok. So if they cry sometimes we could even if it's a female to female it's not an issue to put your hand on their hand or on their shoulder on their are but if it's somebody of another sex you should you should ask Is it Ok if I touch your hand right now I see you're really having a hard time or give them a Kleenex or whatever and you listen. Should you always offer to have prayer with them don't you think that would be an appropriate thing are you not naturally nurturing would anyone admit I don't need you to do that would anyone admit that they just don't have more than and calmness and peace and comfort empathy flowing through their bodies Well guess what we're damaged. So emotional intelligence is using your intelligence to decide what to do we are to know what we're supposed to do when we're being empathetic and you go Well I don't feel it so I don't need to act that way well really the truth is that God wants us to do the best that we can and we need to do what we know is important to do even in a relationship that's got a lot of damage and we can expect that God will help us with our damaged emotions and heal heal us so do what you know is important to do imagine how it is for them and what they're concerned about and be interested and do less talking than they are when that be a good thing Daniel Goleman now he's the one who wrote about emotional intelligence and he studied teachers and leaders that were highly successful you know they were people wrote on surveys about who they felt were the most popular people that they were working with whether it was students or employees I'm sorry or leaders and he found out that the students and employees grow and flourish if they feel that their leader or teacher deeply cares for them as an individual he also found out that these teachers were not arrogant rather they were humble and vulnerable about their limitations and they admitted their faults Mrs White talks about the importance of self-denial and so many of her quotes and see this is something that if we are following it we would have more success in the things that we do whether we're teaching children or whether we're leading adults and being so denied what would be the opposite of self-denial So what. Gratifications arrogance and dollars anybody heard about the narcissistic personality disorder we've been hearing a lot about that they say were from the narcissistic person nation they said that we have more narcissists and we ever have narcissists are where people are self oriented always trying to bring the topic to themselves bragging focused on making themselves the focus of every conversation or whatever's going on and not concerned about other people stepping on them to get to where they want to go and they have much difficulty in their relationships and if we. We're always spoiling our children we can actually build those types of personalities so know that self-denial is earning when you're learning so that's very important all right being authentic is like being real admitting that you don't know everything asking for forgiveness recognizing that you aren't important I mean you aren't more important than other people lacking empathy hurts relationships according to Goldman 1905 so let's look at what clash and 312 says Would you read this with me clothe yourselves with compassion kindness humility gentleness and patients so what steps out of what we're talking about humility and compassion doesn't it and so if we just go by what the Bible tells us we won't develop some of those behavior traits that are so difficult is in the Bible amazing don't you get amazed to think that there were all these things in the Bible and now science is just starting to figure it all out. And yet have we had a nation where we've had less compassion being. Worked on with people we're kind of in a place where people do the bowling out loud even on the news they're harsh they're unkind they're not gentle they're impatient with each other we certainly see a change in our country and when you see it reflected in the leaders over the country you will see that there is changes that will come down to the society and you'll start to see it in your church in about 5 to 10 years more very sad when we are empathetic we need to adjust the evaluation of our voice I used to be in trouble all the time with my mother about being so noisy and when I would work in the door the girls Dean would tell me now Laurie lower your voice and what they found out about emotionally intelligent people is that they don't talk over people and talk like they want to be noticed all the time in a showy and loud manner somebody told me in England that they can always tell the Americans because they're always loud when they're walking on the sidewalk and you just go there they are again like really. We are to be more interested in hearing others and being considerate to others than having others hear us see self-denial isn't it we have by the way we have how many years to ears then so we need to be double hearing and must mouth right when you have a conversation with someone. You want to ask more questions before you make a decision about what they're saying and jumping to a conclusion if you want to be heard by the way when it comes to couples I often have couples you know women are more emotional so often it's the female and she might be expressing her displeasure with her husband in a certain way but probably loudly angry and I'll often ask her because I watched the husband and he seemed a little lost and I'll say so what was it that your wife just said and he said I don't know but she sure is moving and I'm like So lesson number one if you want your husband to hear you take your emotion down Kong yourself down say it is logical and calm voice as you can and then he'll hear you but if he only hears the emotion he won't be thinking about what you're saying she'll say I've told him several times well he didn't get it because you were being too upset forgiveness is another part of empathy emotionally healthy people all forgive they don't want to hold on to grievances and obsess about them low emotion people never forget and they keep score and they like to bring it up and try to badger somebody with what's going on so when we're asking the Lord to help us with our forgiveness we need to recognize that we put ourselves into a self-imposed prison because we have to keep listing what that person did over and over and be upset by it you know as we don't have to have everything perfect doing we don't have to have somebody for know every nuance of the situation. It's like trying to drive a car forward and looking in the rearview mirror you can really have a difficult time going forward in a relationship and you might find it difficult to have empathy when you're very bitter against somebody or unforgiving So emotions are very difficult but they can be dealt with all right let's read Matthew $2540.00 all right whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did it for me do you think that God takes it really serious when we mistreat his brothers and sisters his children. How many of you know that you're here because of the mercy of God And why is that that we don't give other people mercy mercy is not giving someone what they deserve Grace is giving someone what they don't deserve Would you agree with that we need to treat people the way that Jesus treated us and we're doing it for him so when you're very angry and you really want to get after somebody remember that God gave you mercy and you need to give the mercy to and there are things that are not going to be fixed you might have to agree to disagree right when God lives in his heart in our hearts he motivates us to want to serve others too that's another thing is that it can only be about myself it needs to be about serving others when we work on a project to help others we actually help ourselves do you believe that God tells us to do things because he's just a difficult person he wants us to do certain things and he has all these rules or do you recognize that many of the things he tells us to do are actually going to enhance us I'm going to tell you a little more about that in a minute how I treat others do you think it's a reflection of my Christian experience. Selfish people are not happy people would you agree with that. If you are unhappy you might need to ask yourself how's my religious experience going I like Craig heresie eyes is showing the kids he's always given him a 5 you know he wants no where are they with God and he'll go 5 and no kids a go like this 3 or 2 and he'll go well what do you need to do to get up to 5 you know just those little things very important All right let's do 1st Peter 39 I'd like you to all do it with me never retaliate when people say I'm kind things to you pay them back with their blessing and God will bless you isn't that wonderful 1st Peter 39 and it might be a version I just I thought it was nicely put so it's probably a different version I don't see it saying that. We don't know what got what holds tomorrow we how many of you know that you're going to be here tomorrow for sure we don't really know Dewey you we don't know if we're going to be here in an hour right yeah James White died in church right we've had a friend and he said to his wife was not a great Sabbath school lesson he got up and he died and I'm just like we don't know when we're going to be on this earth and God only gives us a little time with certain people and if you lose that opportunity you may always be sad about it so make sure you don't lose your opportunity when you can impact somebody and be kind to them and show empathy to them. How But at the end. And sometimes you know we're in this little utopia of camp meeting and we have to go back to the world enjoy it right because then we get back to all the bills and the things we have to do in our routines at such a so it's a good time are you coming to tell me something oh Ok All right we're to follow God's example which is I mean Christ example which is that he cared enough. To try and help each person that came to him and we have a responsibility Ok so let's go to what is that right side of that poster say hurt people hurt people if you are going to retaliate against somebody who hurts you remember that they're probably her and that's why they said that why would we want to continue to injure people when they're hurting us I like the saying it's a saying by Arthur from foreman not everyone thinks the way you think was that true not everyone knows the things you know would that be true not no one not everyone believes the things you believe right. No one at not I'm sorry not everyone acts the way you would act remember this and you will go a long way in getting along with people we often judge people and think they should know better and they should do it the way I would do it but you know what we are in a different world and we do not know what they do by the way the devil loves to stir up trouble does any and he loves to see people get injured and so we are actually benefiting him when we react to people here's another saying if we're fighting each other we can't fight the enemy isn't that true the enemy really wants to take us on to different roads and then we can't continue our journey to have and so when it looks like your church is having a lot of trouble it's time to really pray isn't it because when we start to divide and conquer and bully etc That is where more people are hurt than any other place we don't expect bulling and her illness to happen in our church and so churches that have wars going on are really in a lot of pain and they victimize people. What does God do or say Psalms $14073.00 he heals the brokenhearted any binds up their wounds isn't that something that we want to emulate God and do we know God has empathy and love for us therefore encourage one another and build each other up just as in fact you are doing 1st us alone aeons 511 we are sinful we need God to help us we need to be doing what we can to try and make peace we were called to be peacemakers so I'm going to ask you if we're peacemakers and we live in a wicked world you think we're more negative than we are positive in the way we think we are more negative and facts people suggest that we do Grac gratitude because not only does it help our social skills and our outlook and it decreases depression anxiety we need to be encouraging other people and if we don't cultivate it we're not looking for it would you agree so I'd like to ask you I want to see if you can come up with some ways when you're talking to children and what are some encouraging things that you could say to children anybody and encouraging thing that you could say the children now repeat what you say you did a good job so that is very important they really do want to please an adult don't they what is another one I'm proud of you. God has blessed you so they that's very important anything else. So she's saying what if they didn't do a very good job and they're upset about it encourage them give them hope and say you know next time you can do a better job right so like giving people hope is very important anything else. You know you know you know you know. Yes she says make sure you're honest because you don't want to just flatter him like they're actually kids turn you off when you do flattering and all that and you talk that way to them they they tune you out so be honest about what you say go ahead back there in the orange don't give up don't give up because we're going to encourage them to be motivated anything else somebody else I can see Jesus shining through you know it's wonderful somebody behind you say something nice to him when they're not even expecting it here is I wrote down a few of them you want to read through these Let's do it I think you are fantastic Do you think that's a nice thing to say. You did a great job somebody's got that one thanks for being such a great kid I appreciate you I like you spending time with you reminds me of how special you are as I told you those church members where I grew up in the Detroit area were always encouraging me they were writing letters to me I my parents adopted a little girl when I was young from another country and I had been the little diva of the family you know I was the only girl and I wasn't sure that I want to share my room with somebody and I had a little a Sabbath school teacher that wrote a lovely little letter to me that said Isn't it wonderful that Jesus chose your family for your sister to come and isn't it wonderful that you're going to be able to teach your English and about Jesus and that he chose you because you have that special mission and I felt pretty special when I was done and and I can't say that it was a completely smooth process but you know we were doing very very good and actually we spent we sang Korean in English for Sabbath school songs and all kinds of things we were having a great time and it was really special Here's some more thanks for being such a hard worker you are a great example I was just telling Dad or Mom how proud I am of you I'm grateful God gave you to me I like how your mind works these are all really encouraging Aren't they great job on your homework you're so I don't like I'm going to take off that one you're so handsome or beautiful I think it's really awful when people are always talking about those kinds of things because of children are just plain they get ignored Have you noticed that in our society there was somebody who had a child that was a cute little blow eyed blonde that got a lot of attention in the grocery store and people would say Isn't she a killer and won't she have a lot of boyfriends and isn't she going to be a real looker and those were some things that they were upset over well their daughter got burned. Beyond I mean she had Scott gars all over her face and she said Now when they went to the grocery store people and what happened. And she can have more surgeries those kinds of things and you recognize how much beauty is valued in the American culture and it was very hard on this little girl I've learned something oh I'm going to go back what can you say to adults adults that you live with are adults that you work with can you think of some nice things that you could say to adults I had that's a great idea I'm so blessed to have you in your life I mean isn't that an a wonderful thing to say you're so helpful I appreciate what you do anybody else Ok here's some that I came up with they're not perfect I just want you to know I learned so much from you you make me a better person I love spending time with you you're so much fun to be with that meal was so great Have you seen people where they sit down and nobody says anything about the person who did all the work actually I've sat at meals where I've been horrified because the father you know the wife made something special I remember that that time was enchiladas and rice and Kwok Amole and he said you know you're pretty tasteless today and then the kids joined in and go yeah even the enchiladas they're not you know they they're not as screamy as they usually are and and the other kid says yeah you know I like mine with a salad on it and the father says Yeah too bad that you can't you didn't score very good with this meal and by the time I was done eating I just felt so horrible and we need to recognize that as parents we set the example for our kids dulling thank you for everything you do around the house our kids are so fortunate to have you as a parent right. Important I will always love you thanks for supporting me you're so creative I appreciate you that you did something you handled that so well I feel safe with you you can do this right there's a lot of things thank you for looking after me thank you for always being there no one does it quite like you you're the best I'm here for you you have a talent yeah not nice. A gap in love is when other people's happiness is more important than our own and what is what is the term that Mrs White uses self-denial we need to be practicing south to now because of God's love in your heart we will love people enough to tell them about Jesus and to serve them more than our ourselves how many of you if I ask you since Jesus came into your heart what is it done for you anybody has it encouraged you go ahead. Makes you more patient does it make you feel loved does it make you feel like a reason to get up in the morning it makes you gives you a reason to be alive so when you think about the people around us who don't have any of that shouldn't we have empathy and nurture for them that they should be able to have the same experience though everything else fails love never will that's from 1st Corinthians 138 hey we're going to have closing prayer with George Campbell. Even as many things that we can draw upon and have your Grace to implement in our lives we ASIO bless us as we choose to do that to you and we thank you for your love and for your presence to be here today in the news in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon pleaded visit w w w audio verse or.


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