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The Vindication of God

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN


  • February 8, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Father in heaven we thank you for bringing us here to worship you today and I pray that we would listen to the moving of the Holy Spirit and that you would speak through me so that what I say would be in accordance with your will so be with us now and speak through me and I pray in Jesus' name. The title for the message today is the vindication of a go on you know the word vindication means to be proven right. In a court of law sometimes a defendant is found not guilty but that does not necessarily prove their innocence or prove them to be right it simply may mean that the evidence was not enough for the jury to find the defendant guilty but when it comes to the vindication of a gun in the scope of the great controversy this is not simply God being so awful were let off the hook like well I guess you were right God but we're not sure. No God is setting forth. In the plan of redemption on the plan of salvation and in the work that he is doing on this earth he has so forth a plan so that we as well as on looking universes or world's oceans. Can be an event. Of the gods fairness and God's justice and God's mercy and of God's love and of everything that God has. And so are in our scripture reading Romans Chapter 3 verses 3 and 4 more pick it up in verse one actually. Paul So it's 4th this idea that he actually picks up from Psalms and we're going to build on that as we get into the most it's for a day and Romans Chapter 3 starting in verse one and this is built on the idea after Romans chapter one in Romans chapter 2 where Paul shows that whether you are a believer a genie or a Christian or you are a heathen no matter what your upbringing you have all sons and you are all facing God's condemnation so then he asked the question what advantage than half the jew or what advantage then has the chosen people of John what profit is there of circumcision in other words if we are all facing condemnation for falling short of God's glory some might ask Aren't we at a disadvantage for knowing more because we're all bent towards sinning and therefore we're probably going to end up in a worse place because we know so much more than he says No hang on there is an advantage and he says much every way chiefly because the under them were committed the oracles of God Well might the 1st read today what advantage then have the remnant church much every way chiefly because under us have been committed the oracles of a gun. Now then he goes on to say for what if some did not believe show their unbelief make the faith of God without effect in other words just be cuz you don't believe what the Bible. And just because you know somebody else who says I'm just not convinced about God I've heard what you say I see what the Bible says but that's not enough for me what Paul was saying it doesn't matter what any finite human beings about go on if you choose to not believe that does not make the faith of God without effect and then he goes on to say God forbid you let God be true but every man a wire as it is written and now he's speaking to God that you might be justified in your sayings and might overcome when you are judged so no matter what anybody else does it doesn't matter if it's your pastor or your friend or your parents or whoever it may be no matter what they say about God and no matter what they say about the Word of God it at the end of the day compared to God Let God be true but every man be a liar. Because a day is coming when God will be justified or proven right in what he has said in his word and he will be clear when he offers judgment now Paul is getting this idea from Psalm 51 and if you see what David is saying and Psalm 51 what Paul is saying here in Romans 3 starts to make a little bit more sense. Psalm $51.00 now this is a famous chapter because this is the chapter that David wrote after he son with Bathsheba after Nathan came in so doing you are the man and then David pronounces own judgment upon himself a lot of repay for fall which he did with the loss of 4 sons notice what he says in this chapter have mercy upon me oh god. According to the loving kindness according out of them also to devotion their mercy blot out my transgressions wash me throughly from mind and Nick with. Me from my sin for I acknowledge my transgressions and my son as ever before me now this is a good confession you saying please cleanse me God please forgive me but now notice what he says next and verse 4 against v. The only have I stand and done this evil a nice side now this is where we see the connection to Romans 3 that you might be justified when you speak and be clear when you. Was David saying. God I need your forgiveness hypes and with goodly I have done a very evil horrible thing. And I know God that you are reg out of mercy and I know that you are going to speak and say that I have been forgiven but God Here is the thing I care so much about the honor of your name I understand that you are putting the honor of your name on the wind by saying that I have been forgiven for this evil son. And so when we hear that David is a man after God's own heart not us all I'm wise as a pitcher of some prophet that David was not a man after God's own or while he was sinning with bows Sheba and murdering her husband that was not when he was a manager God's own heart and people use that to say David was a man after God's own heart therefore I can do whatever work it's in that I want also be a mountain for God's own heart not a lot smaller with the. We see David being a man after God's own heart when he says God I really really sinned in about the worst way imaginable impossible and you are forgiving me because of your mercy but I understand that when you forgive me you are putting your name on the line and when you speak. You need to be clear in what you were saying by saying David is a forgiven man David it is is clear David saying that you might be justified or proven right when you speak and you will be clear when you judge and so David doesn't simply save please forgive me he also says wash me throughly or thoroughly from my sin and cleanse me from my son for a knowledge of my transgression another words of God in order for you to be proven right in what you say I not only need your forgiveness I understand that my heart needs to be changed so that I will never do such a wicked thing again because I understand that you have your name on the line by clearing because think about it this way. The onlooking universe looks at David and they see this awful thing that he has done the Angel see this horrible thing that he has done and the angels have friends that were kicked out of heaven and then they're saying you're going to what that guy come in here on what basis. And David understands that God can say on the basis of the fact that by my blood I showed the blood of the son of a god and David that accepted the sacrifice and offered a confession and not only that his heart with changed and on that basis I have forgiven him. Because his heart was broken. God was not vindicated by David's unfaithful. God was not proven to be right when Davidson with Bathsheba However when David can 1st says Cern in such a manner and open his heart to God and says that you might be justified when you speak and that you might be clear when you judge that is when God's name was brought back into honor by David's confession and sometimes. I think we've lost that understanding. When it comes to the plan of salvation so many times I hear of people who presume upon God's grace while they continue to search on with the grace that has been given to them. And David understood that if he were to continue to sin in such a way after God had gone so far and come down slow woe to offer forgiveness and salvation to each one of us to go back to that would be to dishonor God's name and you know I see something that's happened in the church and maybe I've said this here before but also yet again because it's worth repeating. How many times have you heard somebody ask the question is this a salvation or is she. And when have you ever heard that question asked where the end sat behind that question was to up hold the honor and glory of God's name no if we're honest with ourselves the reason why we ask that question is because our carnal heart is looking for an excuse to lower the standard that God has in the scripture and so the motivation behind that question shows a car now what each you are thinking now there might be some some times in places where there is an appropriate question so I'm not saying that there is never a time I've seen some extremism that is rightfully dealt with with that kind of a question but by and large when that question is asked in the church it's not to uphold a high standard it's the lower the standard and when the standard gets lowered we end up saying things come into the church that we never would have father of would have been found in God's last the church. You know think thinking of the concept of God's vindication or God being proven right against the charges of satan one of the most obvious examples in Scripture is the Book of Job and I've spent some time in this book recently studying this book and in Job Chapter one Verse 8 after Satan comes wandering to and fro in the earth in verse 8 God says to Satan the word so to say Have you considered my servant job that there is none like him in the earth a perfect and an upright man one that fears God in a sure if evil. You know job was a thorn in the side of Satan because Satan when I'm around saying you know God's log can't be kept God's law is unfair we were perfect angels in a perfect environment and even we couldn't keep the law and then God arbitrarily kicked us out because we were asking questions he didn't want to be asked so he just picked us up to get rid of our problem. And so then God could say if you consider my servant. And Satan says you know. Job is faithful to you because everything's great for him he has a lot of money he has a lot of possessions he has children he has a wife everything's going right for him but I guarantee you. That if you take that away from him he will curse you to your face. So God says phone. And there are some things about the story that. Some of the finer detail for hops I have a few questions about that God will clear up when we get to the kingdom and doesn't in any way make me doubt God's sovereignty or his goodness but Job lost all of us children that's a tough one. And I dare say that. There have been more than a few people in the group. Who have gone through such a terrible ordeal who have lost their hold on God because of such a. And mind you I can't imagine anything worse as a parent than what happened to do here you know he lost all of his possessions in the cattle were stolen in the flock some whatever but for his children to be taken away that's that's a horrible ordeal to be placed through and if that weren't enough he remains faithful and then Satan comes back to God and says Oh skin for skin if you let me touch his health then hole curse you so it wasn't enough for Satan to say oh I took all of us children away I guess you're right God no he says let me touch his health and so he gets this horrible affliction of boils and we know the story I'm summarizing it largely I mean it becomes so bad that Job's wife says Cursed cut and dry. And it wasn't Job's wife that God spoke of when he said Have you considered my servant job God didn't lift her up in that story he lifted job up to say and then here is the point we understand what happens if you read through the story it says the job's not with his lips I mean he was a model of faithfulness even though he didn't understand what was happening he didn't know that there was a great controversy between Christ and Satan where c n n Christ were debating job's faithfulness and everything that was happening to him was because of that debate he didn't know any of that and has his friends who don't understand what's happening try to speak on God's behalf and it was so that at the end God's that on my anger and round the skin of against you and offer a sacrifice so that God's wrath wouldn't be poured out on mum during the midst of these on a faithful friends who are presuming to speak in God's name against him he could say when he has tried me I will come forth as gold Though He slay me yet will I trust in Him I know that my redeemer lives and that I shall see him in the outer days and the worms destroy this body yet in my flesh Oh I see God That is the mind of faith that is speaking there and yet many of us if placed in 110th of the trying circumstances the job passed through start to question if God is still leading our ones. In the reality is the true job's faithfulness one of those strength and power of God God was vindicated through his faithfulness. You know in James Chapter 5 vs 10 in the love and. As the Book of James is coming to a close. James give us some examples of what it means to have patience and to suffer through affliction versus 10 on the 11 James 5 take my brother in the prophets who have spoken in the name of the Lord for an example of suffering affliction of patients behold we count them happy which in near you have heard of the patience of Job and I've seen the end of the Lord that the Lord is very pitiful of center mercy and we know the end of the story that Gerald was blessed with more children a more possessions but the word for patience in verse 10 and a having and of enduring and having the patience of Job is the same word as Revelation 1412 and the patience of the senseless inference if you think that the patience of the saints is simply learning to have a cheerful disposition when you're running 5 minutes late that's a good little start but the patience of the Saints will have the patience of Job. And job's faithfulness brought vindication to God God was proven right Satan didn't keep coming back after that to say oh well you know he's just faithful because you've blessed them he's just faith he had nothing left to say when remained faithful when he lost his children when he lost all of his money when his wife is even telling him to curse God and die and when all of us from the basically turned into enemies and all he has left is his walk with God It's just him and God that's all he has left. And he loses health. That's And so all he has left he doesn't have health he doesn't have money he doesn't have children his wife has turned against God always has a love is him and go on and he doesn't even understand what's happening and God could look to say under the arm look in the universe and say see through my power I can have people on this earth who even when they don't understand what is happening. In the worst possible circumstances remain faithful them. You know we think of other stories Joseph. Taken he's betrayed by his brothers and then he's thrown into prison for retaining his honor and integrity with pot of his wife you think of Daniel who was taken as a captive we're studying the center of the quarterly right now. And of their faithfulness and of how every time they were faithful and you go through the whole 1st 6 chapters of Daniel every time they had faithfulness that was a vindication to God they didn't need the Kings meter his of the wine which he drank the 3 didn't bow down they were the only ones there were many he was that were there and they there were they were the only ones who didn't bow down and God was vindicated because of their faithfulness you know you think of the story of a large of which is interesting his faithfulness in the 1st 3 and a half years where there was famine and drought all the way to all Mount Carmel one to one he ran ahead of the king in a driving rain storm was a vindication to to God that there were faithful people in the land of Israel that despite the prevailing idolatry in the land God would have a people who would be faithful and then interestingly a larger God afraid because of just a bell and he ran off to mount Hora but that did not indicate. God was not vindicated in fact we're told that there would have been a much greater revival in Israel if he hadn't run away like. That again you know a lot of times we think about well here we are living in the year 2020 and there's probably some of us here today that never would have dreamed we would have seen this year come to pass before Jesus came here we are that you're 2020 and so often times I see this mentality in the church and again I've mentioned it where we are living our lives in a way where it's like as long as we don't do CIO many bad things will just Qana scrape by and barely get through the kingdom and who that was a close call but while we made it we why know we were doing some things that God didn't want us to do but at least we were saved by grace through faith even though there were things in our lives that weren't good. Is that the mentality that God is looking for from his last 8 people I want to read your statement from patriots and prophets pages 68 and 69. With a plan of redemption. How they yet broader and deeper purpose than the salvation of man it was not for this alone but Christ came to the years and if you read this whole chapter Patriots and prophets the preceeding paragraphs make it very clear that infinite sacrifice that Christ made to come to this earth so she's not minimizing the Soca It's an infinite cost an infinite sacrifice for Christ to come to this earth to redeem man but she's saying this it was not for this alone as in as significant as that is it was not merely that the inhabitants of this little world might regard the law of God as it should be regarded but it was to vindicate the character of God before the universe did you hear the. It was to vindicate the character of God before the universe to this result of his great sacrifice its influence upon the intelligences of other worlds as well as upon man the Savior look forward when just before his crucifixion he said now is the judgment of this world now the prince of this world be cast out and I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all under me from John 12 the act of Christ and dying for the salvation of man would not only make heaven accessible to man but before all the universe it would justify God or prove God to be right and his son in their dealing with the rebellion of Satan it would establish the perpetuity of the law of God and would reveal the nature and the results of son so notice that when Christ came to the serve. It opened the door of heaven to man but also so before the universe. A justification for God and why he has dealt with sea in in the manner that he has. In the quote goes on to say that the seeing from the beginning tried to show that God's law was faulty. And that's why we as God's last the people are in this controversy were right in the crosshairs of the battle between Christ and Satan where God is saying I will have a people on the earth who will keep the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus and how the patients of the saints and save us saying you want to if you see their lives this last week and you're going to you're saying that's going to be your people who will stand amounts you really go. That's the great controversy that we're facing. And sometimes it's a good reminder for us to go back and to see the promises of scripture and from the Spirit of Prophecy to help us understand what God can do for us and through us here in this great battle here on the surface was from faith I live by page 23 the savior took upon Himself the infirmities of humanity and lived to some most life that men might have no fear because of the weakness of human nature they could not overcome them she course John 1430 the prince of this world come of Jesus and have nothing and me there was in him nothing that responded to Satan Sophos 3 he did not consent to sin not even by a fatherly yield to temptation and you know we read that were like Yeah well that's Jesus he was God he was perfect he's not like us we can't be that way but that's not what inspiration says the very next sentence says so it may be with us. And in fact if you want she remember the state of this is rather interesting to me and I think this is purely a coincidence but if you look at faith I live by page 23 desire of age is page 123 and great controversy page 623 they all say basically the same thing kind of a random coincidence faith I live by 23 desire of ages 123 and great conversely 6 $23.00 I want to read each one of them to you just so you can see another some slight variations but they basically say the same thing and so here we see Christ came and in our humanity he did not consent to send Not even by a thought to the yield to temptation and those so it may be with us Christ humanity was united with the vanity he was fitted for the conflict by the end willing of the Holy Spirit and he came to make us partakers of the divine nature so long as we are united to him by faith sin has no more dominion over us and then the very next sentence says we need not rich one sinful propensity not one so many times that we're saying is that a salvation or an issue if I'm still kind of proud about how good I am this thing that I do you for my career isn't that some sanctified prize either isn't it Ok for me to. Be a little bit competitive with people at work so that I can come out of it isn't a little know we need to retain one sinful propensity as we partake of the divine nature hereditary and cultivated and seized the wrong are cut away from the character and we are made a living power for good ever learning of the Divine Teacher daily partaking of his nature we cooperate with God in overcoming Satan's temptations so that's 50 I live by page 23. And this is all based off of the Bible verse John 1430 which says the prince of this world come with and health nothing in me now not noticed as our of ages 12123 the prince of this world come of so Jesus and health nothing in me there was in him nothing that responded to Satan Sophos 3 he did not consent to a son not even by a thought did he yield to temptation so it may be with us. And it goes on to say so long as we are united to him by faith sin has no more dominion over us God reaches for the hand of faith in us to direct it to lay fast hold upon the divinity of Christ that we may attain to perfection of character. Now in this or great controversy where God offers salvation to man through the death of Jesus on the cross. We also see God's vindication and we gain a bit of a better understanding of why time has gone on as long as it has so Christ came to the surface he died on the cross offered salvation the man and then we sometimes wonder why are we still here if the cross settled the issues in the great controversy were God's character was proven right against the charges of Satan then why would God's character allow 2000 years more of us to take place where Satan continues to make his charges against you go and have you ever wonder that you know if you think about this some you may you may have heard of this before. Christ 3 and a half literal years of ministry that ended with a deadly wound and was followed by a resurrection and he went on to heaven well then and a Christ came along and Satan said it's my turn and he gave his power seat in authority to the 1st beast to Revelation 13 who were given 3 and a half prophetic years to show what their government was like to Christ at 3 and a half a literal years to show this is what heaven is like if you follow me and a Christ shows what heaven would have become like if the angels and Lucifer had taken over heaven and at the end of the 3 and a half years of prophetically we have a deadly wound but just before that deadly one of there's a little thing called the French Revolution which turned into utter anarchy and if you want to know what heaven would have turned into if Satan had gained control it would have been the French Revolution friends turning on friends everybody fighting over each other to get to the top and eventually there would have been angels that would have formed a conspiracy against Lucifer so they could have taken him out so they could have usurped his authority there would have been total and utter chaos and so that was what happens at the end of the 3 and a half prophetic years followed by a deadly one and just as Christ was resurrected eventually the deadly one will be healed the beast will be resurrected in time for the final conflict which is where God's people come in he raised the people after the deadly wound and $798.00 he raised the people in the time of the judgement hour in each $144.00 because God's law had been forgotten especially the 7th day sabbath and God can not be vindicated by those who profess to follow him with all of their hearts when they are even and ignorance of breaking has come out months and so he needed a people a movement who would keep all of the commandments of gun you know God has not been defeated. By breaking the law you know you look at this the 3 angles messages which describe our message and mission we are to worship him in the hour of his judgment which connects to the 4th commandment and God is not then to catered by breaking the Sabbath God is not vindicated by Sunday keeping But if we're honest there are faithful Sunday keepers who are living up to the light that they have far better than many 7th day Adams's. And we look at the rest of the commandments God is not indicated by idolatry by taking God's name in vain lying stealing cheating committing adultery killing or covetousness God has not been the key to by any sin in our lives. And I'm going to read to you that statement from great Conover's he Page 623 So we've seen faith I live by page 23 desire of ages page 123 now we're going to look at great controversy page 623. And it starts in page 622 here is what we read the time of trouble such as never was is soon to open upon us and we shall need an experience which we do not now possess in which many are to endall and to obtain or too lazy to obtain You know one of the reasons why I think people are afraid of the time of trouble is because we're so lazy in our Christian experience that we know we're not ready for. If we're honest with ourselves we'll realize that we're lazy on our devotional time lazy in the morning with devotion is lazy in the evening with devotions lazy throughout the week and then we wonder why we're scared about the time of trouble it's because we're not striving with all of our might and power by the grace of God to get to know the Lord with all of our heart soul and mind so that we're ready to stand no matter what crisis may come our way. Going on the court says it is often the case that trouble is greater in anticipation than in reality but this is not true of the crisis before us the most a vivid presentation can not reach the magnitude of the ordeal in that time of trial every song must stand for himself before God though no where Daniel and job are in the land as I live say at the Lord God they shall deliver neither son or daughter they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness and then going on now while our great high priest is making the Atonement for us we should see we should seek to become perfect in Christ Now you'll notice the similar line of thought to faith I live by a desire of ages not even by a thought could our Savior be brought to a yield to the power of temptation see him finds in human hearts some point where he can gain a foothold some simple desires cherished by means of which is temptations assert their power but Christ the clear out of himself the prince of the world this world come of them have nothing in me Satan could find nothing on the Son of God that would enable him to gain the victory he had kept his Father's Commandments and there was no sin in him that Satan could use that his advantage Now notice what she says in the next Earlier she said so it may be with us now notice this time this is the condition in which of those must be found who shall stand in the time of trouble. One reason why we haven't yet ensured into the time of trouble is because God is still looking for people who profess to keep the commandments of God who are in such a condition to keep the commandments of God. That is where we are right now as a church we are the latest see and sure thinking that we are fine thinking that we are rich and increased with goods thinking that we have the faith that is needed to stand through the final trial and crisis saying to many of us in mushy reply I will spew you out of my mouth. On a radio talk was famous and we're going to wrap this up here in the next few months this is up to the Apostles page 531 none need fill of attaining and his fear to perfection of Christian care by the sacrifice of Christ provision has been made for the believer to receive all things that pertain to life and godliness God calls upon us to reach the standard of perfection and places before us the example of Christ character in his humanity perfected by a life of constant resistance of evil the Savior show that through cooperation with the vanity human beings may in this life attain the perfection of character this is God's assurance to us that we too may obtain complete victory before the believer is hold out the wonderful possibility of being like Christ obedient to all the principles of the law and the promise of seeing a revelation 320 were crisis standing at the door knocking and you saying let me come out and verse 20 and a verse 21 he says once you let me come then he says to him that overcome with Will I grant to sit with me in my throne even as I also overcame and then deserve ages page $680.00 Christ designs the heavens order Heaven's plan of government heaven is divine harmony shall be represented in his Church on earth where is it to be represented in his church thus and his people he is glorified or vindicated through them the Sun of Righteousness will shine in undamped luster to the world Christ is given to his church ample facilities that he may receive a large revenue of glory from from his redeem purchase possession he has bestowed upon his people keep abilities him blessings that they may represent his own sufficiency the church and out with the righteousness of Christ this is the positive in which the riches of His mercy His grace and His love are to appear and for all and final displayed. Christ looks upon his people and their purity and perfection as the reward of his humiliation and the supplement of his glory Christ the great center from him radiates all glory notice that in the church is the be the full and final display of the righteousness of Christ the 7th Day Adventist Church the remnant church of Bible prophecy that we are part of a part of was raised up at this time of Earth's history to be the depository of the righteousness of grow up God in which God is vindicated through his church we are to be upholding the highest standard in scripture and how more than ever is not the time for us to be conforming to the world now as I close I'm going to just give you something to think about this is an article written by my friend pastor Victor Vonn He's a pastor in Michigan it was published in for crimes of a not vindicate you can check it out it was published just this past week and he asks some questions the title of the article is this When did it become acceptable Now listen carefully wanted to become acceptable to only it's in church amounts of a school. When did it become acceptable to not as Emperor meetings when did it become acceptable to value vocation more than mission by the way I'm not reading everything that he says as I'm just giving you a snapshot wanted to become acceptable to wear jewelry everywhere except to church and sometimes even in church when did it become acceptable to not discipline people guilty of grievous sins in the let them hold office in the church. Wanted to become acceptable for institutions of higher learning to teach things in opposition to church standards like coffee drinking evolution women's ordination contemplate of spirituality when did it become acceptable to doubt the veracity of the Spirit of Prophecy and when did it become acceptable for hospitals to perform abortions when did to become acceptable to divorce when there were no biblical grounds when did it become acceptable for those so divorced to remarry and still be members in good standing in the church wanted to become acceptable for men and women to live together out of wedlock and still be members in good standing and wanted to become acceptable to dress like the world instead of dressing modestly wanted to become acceptable to call yourself a son of the utmost or a Christian for that matter when you don't live like one when did it become acceptable to let these things go on in the church without the membership standing firm and speaking out against them. And then he says these things were once unacceptable but now many have embrace them wholeheartedly we have allowed the unacceptable to become acceptable and the acceptable to become unacceptable therefore I must ask pieces when did it become an acceptable to preach the truth and the out minister. When did it become an excess acceptable to speak out against the sins of the church and I have to say verse friends because I've heard it say so many times be careful we have visitors here today and you know how many times I've heard visitors come up to me and say thank you I've never heard the Bible spoken so clearly before the visitors don't have a problem with the clit the preaching of the truth of the time you did and you use the visitor as your cover to try to keep the truth from being preached in the church and the very truth that God has raised up to reach the visitor because we're living in the hour of God's judgment where his name is going to be honored and vindicated before the universe we're trying to dumb down the muzzle Jindo about the trumpet sound because we're ashamed of a message that we're not living by. And God is looking for a people on this earth who will by the grace of God say I love Jesus so much I realize that I have sinned as they would i was not hopefully not the way he did but even if you have God can have mercy and forgive you he really can but many of us want to think that if we certain we can continue to live in sin and God is looking for faithful saints at this time of Earth's history who like David will say God I have sent a wicked lead please cleanse me thoroughly from my son because when you speak in the judgement and you say that I have been justified by faith you are putting your name on the line to say that I have been justified and God I do not want my alive to dishonor your name and I would challenge you today in your thinking when you think about whatever it is that you're thinking about doing ask yourself the question does this honor God and. Or does this just simply fulfill my selfish satisfactions that I can paper over and say Well God's grace will cover me while I continue to live a life of sin wasn't friends God loves us he has grace he will abundantly pardon for the thing we've done the 15th thunders fine but God also is saying yes I will forgive you that 1500 times but I'm telling you that can be the last time and should be the last time if you really love me and that is why when I walk out of the church today I see people bringing all sorts of specious idolatry into the church and I'm sorry I know this is probably going to offend some people but I'm going to say it anyway because this is what I see happening in the church we start off with you know you see various issues of adornment where people are painting themselves up in the next thing you see simple wedding vows which formed a diamond wedding ring which turned into necklaces and earrings and then we just say oh we're marching design no we're not aforethought following with the Bible so. What are we going to go back to following what the Bible says says and say I love Jesus so much but I would never do anything to dishonor his name and living in the hour of God's judgment God is looking for a people who will live by every word that proceeds of them out of the mouth of guns and as we seek to enter into the heavenly Cain God is looking for people who love him so much that they're more concerned about the vindication of God's name and the honor and glory of God's name than they are about saying maybe we can just squeak by and barely get through the king and that was a close call so I want to challenge you friends. I realize this may have hit close to home for some of you and I'm not trying to point fingers at anybody in particular. But I am trying by God's grace to points us to the high standard of a high calling that God has given us a 7th day on this for this time. And it's way too late in earth's history choose to be become more and more like the world we need to be more and more heavenly minded and ready to enter into the tent the name of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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