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It's Wartime - Part 1: Life is War

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.




  • June 16, 2019
    8:15 AM
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Father in heaven we come into your presence this morning at this early morning hour because we want to know you better than father this morning we ask that you would speak to us through your word she would draw us nearer to you raise a son to fight as soldiers in your army Thank you Father when we ask it in Jesus' name amen as you take a survey in Scripture you will find that the Bible describes the Christian experience in many different ways the Bible describes it in using the illustration of farming athletic pursuits the building shepherding and so on there's many different ways that the Bible describes the Christian experience in all of these serve to illustrate different aspects of our Christian walk however I want to talk to you this morning about one that we find repeated often times throughout Scripture and that is that the Christian experience is one of lure. Our scripture sermon title this morning is life is for we find this repeatedly described throughout Scripture Revelation chapter sed well of and verse 7 describes the beginning of this were here on this earth when the Bible says that there was more in heaven Revelation Chapter 13 in verse 3 The Bible talks about the with that range during the time of the dark ages and it was given unto him to make with with the Saints Revelation Chapter 12 and for 17 The Bible tells us that this world will continue to read the Bible tells us that the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make sure with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ and the Bible tells us that in this war that we are all fighting that the outcome for God's people is certain and that we will be successful if we stick with our general perhaps my favorite passage in all of the Book of Revelation Revelation 17 in verse 14 the Bible says these shall make war with the lamb and the lamb shall over come them one thing that is certain Christian life is one of war you know I find it interesting that as you look at this description throughout the Bible the Bible does not describe a non-war time part of life and a war time part of life in the Bible the Bible simply describes that we are in battle it doesn't come to an end here on this earth it will come to an end when we get to the kingdom of heaven and I know you all are looking forward to being there in his book prevailing prayer by Taylor Bunce the great preacher he makes the statement. Christians are not on a playground enjoying a picnic we are on a battlefield engaged in a fight to the finish it is an all out war we occupy a fortress not a leisure house. I've been convicted recently that the sooner we come to the realisation that we are engaged in a full time and ending war on this earth the better soldiers we will be you see sometimes we go around in our life as though we are civilians and you know what happens when you drop a civilian in the middle of a war is it good or bad. The outcome is usually not good when you drop a civilian right in the middle of a thick thick battlefield we are engaged in a war we are soldiers in this war we are not civilians we are engaged in the battle we are not standing on the side lines life is war why is it war I believe that the reason why it is wars because it's a constant battle to maintain our faith and our surrender of our soul to our Heavenly Father it is a constant battle to keep your soul surrendered on the pen of inspiration it says this The Christian life is a battle in a March look at that phrase a battle in the March a fine many statements on that the warfare is on See seen the warfare is what. With earnest determined efforts we must constantly oppose the forces of the enemy we must What constantly oppose the forces of the enemy and sometimes when we come to camp meeting this is a wonderful place and the tendency can be to relax ourselves because we are among those who are like believe but I want to tell you something this morning the battle has not stopped just because you are at Michigan conference can't meeting another statement from Penn of inspiration says this The rest is in heaven for the weary so might I say mentor that there is rest but it's not here rest for the weary is in heaven the crown for the brows of the warriors we have no time to sit down now no time to devote to to devote to self pleasing there is a crown that is waiting for the weary warrior just press a little longer brothers and sisters and that time will come you know we enjoy living in a country I hear this quite often from 7th Day Adventists they say I'm thankful to live in a country where we can worship God according to the dictates of our conscience that we have freedom and not religious persecution and I want to I'm I'm thankful for that as well but what I've come to realize is that I think that this sometimes lawless us into a state of complacency it's interesting that when you survey those who live in the parts of the world where persecution is the thickest that you will find that those people have the thickest relationship with God because the battle is real to them. We need to pray that God will make that battle real to us each and every day it's interesting as Paul writes to Timothy in the for books of 1st and 2nd Timothy he encourages this young minister to view his whole life and ministry from a wartime perspective let me just give you a couple of passages here that illustrate this he says in 1st in the chapter one of hers 18 this charge I commit on to the son Timothy according to the prophecies which went before on the that now by them might as swore a good warfare like it to be Chapter 2 in verse 4 he says no man worth that worth in tangle it themselves in the fairs of this life that he may please Him who have chosen him to be a soldier and I really like the way the e.s.b. version translates the bible passage the 1st part is says no soldier in tangles himself in surveil you in pursuit for some of the chapter 6 in verse 12 it says fight the good fight of face lay hold on eternal life where on to the are able are thou art also called and has professed a good profession before many witnesses fight as a soldier a good warfare don't be entangled in civilian pursuits Paul is advise in Timothy view your life view your ministry view everything through the lens of war and then Paul wanting to himself as an example says and 2nd in the chapter former 7 I have thought. A good fight I have finished my course I have kept the faith and what was the result that Paul said as a result of him keeping the faith and fighting this fight henceforth there is laid out for me a what a crown of righteousness Yes it's a athletic pursuit to be a soldier it takes time it takes energy it takes focus it takes devotion. Of Brothers and sisters as we continue to fight in this battle faithfully holding on to the hand of our general we will be victorious and that crown of righteousness that is laid up for Paul is also laid up for you and me but perhaps one of the greatest tragedies that I have found in my ministry and I'm sure that you've been aware of this as well of those who profess to be Christians 7th Day Adventists sons and daughters have gone and they go from one defeat to the next and the experience that I know I have Bible describes quite a different picture when you look at it that we can have an uninterrupted victory that we can go from one battle to the next victorious the Torrijos the Tories in that engaging in that battle with Satan however when we look at our experience unfortunately we end up going from defeat to defeat and I believe it's because of the way we are viewing our lines do we view life as a time of peace. Or do we view life as a time of war and I believe that switch in that paradigm will change a lot in our lives whether or not we experience victory or defeat in the spiritual battle that we are engaged in let me tell you brother and sister this morning this is not a time of peace this is a time of war what if I told you that tomorrow morning. World War 3 was going to happen right here how would that change your line would it change yes or no if you knew that the troops were heading this direction that the enemy was coming that the Air Force was coming that the tanks were rolling this direction when if you knew that the enemy was going to be here tomorrow morning would that change the way you live your life today absolutely what would you do you would prepare yourself I meant you would prepare yourself because you know the enemy is coming guess what the enemies here did you prepare yourself this morning when you woke up the enemy is here we don't have to wait till tomorrow for this thing to happen he has already rolled in now we pray that the Holy Spirit is permeating this place and I believe that God is answering that prayer but I do know that there is a controversy there is a war that is raging around us and we need to be prepared to meet the onslaughts of the enemy rather than sisters we are fighting a war that's much worse than World War 2 is gruesome as it was this is going to be a war that we can be victorious and by God's grace perhaps the greatest passage if you would turn there in your Bibles with music fees and Chapter 6 on this idea of war we won't have time to go through the entire passage in great detail but I want to just touch on a little bit here this morning as we begin this theme of war in our morning devotions infusions Chapter 6 beginning in verse 10 Paul gives us this familiar passage and as you read through Paul's description of the armor of God One thing is clear Paul is telling us that life is worn in so many words these receptor 6 verse 10 Paul says this Finally my brother in. One of the next 2 words be one be strong that mean we need to go work out what is the next part of the passage say Be strong What in the Lord finally my brethren be strong not in your own strength not in the strength of your pastor not in the strength of your denomination not in the strength of the mission mission conference be strong in the Lord and in the power of his month's versa Levon put on the whole armor of gone that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil I want to talk about this a little bit here this morning 1st thing that Paul's This interesting to me before Paul even talks about the armor of gone helmet of salvation the sort of the spirit the breastplate before he even talks about that before he even gets into any part of the armor of God The 1st thing that he says is be strong in the Lord and oftentimes I think we go around trying to fit on our breast plate of righteousness and get our helmet of salvation on and shouting our feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace and we try to go off into battle before we even stop to say hey who strengthen my going in and we tumble ourselves off into war and we pull out our sword in the spirit and we begin to fight the battle but we're fighting in our own strength and then we find that as we begin this battle that at 1st were full of energy but then we begin to get weary. Paul says before you put that armor on to be strong in the Lord your strength has to come from above not from within that's what Paul is saying now I think it's interesting to know one of the greatest promises in the Bible that you hear quoted over and over again Libyans for 13 I can do all things through. Christ which is the policy setting us up for success the promise that he gave us I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me therefore if I go into battle in the strength of God can I be victorious yes or no according to Paul according to the Word of God The answer is unequivocally yes now here's the interesting thing you know if you were to take a modern day soldier and put all of the modern equipment on him you know the bulletproof vests and all of the fancy implements of war and everything like that the helmets and all of that if you were to put all of that stuff on a modern day soldier who is a coward and you send him off into battle what's he going to do when he starts hearing the sound of artillery he is not going to run toward the enemy he is going to run away from the enemy because his heart is not strong it's not courageous he had does not have the heart of a soldier and brothers and sisters the enemy that we have to face is much greater than any enemy here on this earth the enemy is not in the Middle East with us amen to that the enemy is within the enemy is is in our home in our families in our churches he's trying to rip us apart and Paula same before you go into battle you need the shrank you need a strong heart from God And then as you have the power and the strength the courageous heart inside of you that is pounding with the strength of God then you put on the armor of God and let me tell you something brothers sisters when you have the power of God in your life when you have the power of Jesus in your life then you should wrap on the armor of God you are invincible so currently in chapter 9 Bible tells us. That strain that our strength is made perfect in our weakness Paul says that when I am weak then I am strong What are we doing we're looking away from self and to the source of all power and strength that is Jesus what is Paul say Finally my brother and be strong in the Lord morning by morning meeting him in your devotions carrying him with you throughout your day consulting him in the middle decisions in life that you have to make go in the ranks of the Lord here's a promise for you some steps are 100 verse 39 verse sorry 100 chapter 13938138 verse 3 There we go Psalms 138 burst 3 powerful promise you the Bible says this in the day when I cried out or prayed the answer is to me and Frank thinnest me with strength in my soul is that a relevant Bible passage or what what does David say he says when you cry to God He will give you a strong heart time for us to stop fighting in our own strength and start fighting in the strength of the Lord but there's another thing here that Paul says I find this interesting So 1st he says the 1st command that he gives before you go into battle go in the strength of the Lord but then he says that we must be well armed as we go into that we it's not just enough to have a courageous heart a courageous soldier that goes off in the battle not properly clad is going to be a target of the enemy and he's going to fall quickly but Paul says you need a courageous heart but then you also need the armor that will sustain you in the battle he says in verse 11 put on the. Whole armor of gone that you may be able to stand interesting what kind of people wear armor we're not civilians and. You are not a civilian we have to start acting like soldiers and not like civilians we have to start thinking like soldiers and not like civilians we have to start thinking in terms of war and not in terms of peace you know courageous heart but we also need the armor of God Why why do we need the armor of God when he goes on he says put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the enemy you see what God wants us to do in this battle if he wants us to be able to stand in and he doesn't want us to get knocked over he doesn't want us to be a casualty he doesn't want you to be a statistic he wants you to be able to stand when you go into that battle and to be victorious in his mind review and herald page April. $2051005.00 says this if we have on the heavenly armor we shall find that the assaults of the enemy are you ready for this will not have power over us I want to be that woman if you have on the heavenly armor we shall find that the assaults of the enemy will not have power over us that's a promise for you this morning as you go throughout the day that if you have the heavenly armor on the power of Jesus a courageous heart inside of you that you will be victorious enemy will not have power over you I want you to also notice something in the passage that I think is obvious but may be overlooked Bible says again put on the whole armor of the whole armor of what whose armor is it whose. Not yours it's God's armor so if it's God's armor where you get it from is obvious it's coming straight out of the passage it's God's armor he has to give it to us it's kind of like when Paul talks about how all of our righteousness is like filthy rags right if we go in the power and strength of our own might if we put on our own armor it's like our righteousness being unfair like until it's like a filthy rank we will be unsuccessful if we go into battle in our own armor some people like you know thanks for the the advice Paul for the armor of God But I think I'll go in my cardboard armor instead because I spend a lot of time working on this and you know cardboard armor is Ok when it comes to sticks and stones but that's not the kind of battle we're fighting brothers and sisters and so we need to take off the cardboard armor lead to the side and put on God's armor it's not mine it is and if it is I need to ask him for it if you ask for the armor of God This morning Paul says we need to go in the power and strength of the Lord need to have courageous heart but when we go into this battle we must be properly prepared and properly protected from the assaults of the enemy why is this knows what he goes on the same verse 12 for we wrestle not against flesh and blood stop we wrestle not against what the samee carefully this morning brothers sisters we are not wrestling and fighting against human beings did you hear me this morning the battle is not with your spouse the battle is not with your children the battle is not with your church members the battle is not with your coworkers the battle is not with your family the battle is not human. We so often times think that if only this person would act in such and such a way then the battle would go away that's not Biblical The Bible says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood we're not fighting against humans but against Prince a pallet Teves against powers against rulers of darkness in this world against spiritual wickedness in high places now I'm not saying that the enemy does not use humans to try to instigate us but we have to understand that when we are met with a human challenge that the person is not the problem it's the one who is behind that person that is trying to instigate you to make a choice that will compromise your armor so as you go throughout your day today somebody cut you off in their golf cart remember they're not the battle when you go to step on that tram to go to pot luck and somebody steps in before you and there's no seats left remember the battle is not human it's not that person the devil is using that to try to instigate you to compromise your armor that all of you point the enemy we fight against He does not sleep he does not get weary but he is constant in his attack you see the battle is with self right as an element say that that's the greatest battle that ever has to be fought is the battle itself and so often we want to put that battle on the shoulders of somebody else because we don't want to admit that the problem is within the battle is when you lose your temper the battle is when you get impatient the battle is when you are tempted to retaliate in a non-crisis like manner that's the battle that is not against other human beings we need to remember this I think that our churches would run so much more smoothly if we could remember that the battle is not human. The devil uses these little situations to try to pull our strings to get us to react in a certain way are you going to be a devil's puppet or a god's puppet verse 13 Paul goes on he says wherefore or Therefore in other words because of what he said in verse 12 that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers he says because of that take on to use to the one the only thing brother and sister I forgive me if I'm stating the obvious but I've found in my ministry that the obvious needs to be stated because somehow we have missed the obvious we have had fools of knowledge but we do not have the practical experience many times we know the right answers in Sabbath school class we know the right answers we can almost sometimes finish the preacher sentence but we aren't having that experience because we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities Paul says because of that take on to use the whole armor of God What is the only thing that will withstand the attacks of the enemy in the text Paul is saying the only thing that will withstand the attack of the enemy is the armor of God Listen to me carefully I'm going to repeat this probably many times throughout this week having a head full of the 28 fundamental beliefs is not going to protect you against the onslaughts of the enemy somehow we have gone to this point in Adventism that because we keep the Sabbath because we eat the right diet because we know the truth about the state of the dead and the 2nd coming because we have all that we are safe from that if from the attacks of the enemy it is a fallacy that we many 7th Day Adventist as you all of you well know that will miss out on the kingdom of heaven one because they didn't put on the armor of God and when they came into battle they were defeated by the enemy. Even though they knew the right answer. We have to understand that this is not an intellectual thing it is a relationship with a Living God God is not interested in having people with headphones of knowledge Now listen I spent 7 years of my life preaching this doctrine I believe in the doctrines of this church I believe that they need to be preached I believe that they need to be understood but brothers and sisters it's a relationship with Jesus we have to understand that it's not just a doctrine based religion but that the doctrines lead to the one who will save us Jesus Christ therefore Paul says take unto you go whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand Paul uses the word stand 3 times as he describes the armor of God The obvious conclusion is that God wants us to stand this into the New Living Translation of this verse verse 13 it says this therefore put on every piece of God's armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil Listen to this then after the battle you will still be standing firm that's what God wants God wants that when the battle comes to the end he wants you to still be standing as you see Jesus come in the clouds of heaven lo this is our God we have waited for him you are standing you are weary soldier but you are a victorious soldier crown of righteousness will be laid upon your sweat stained. How do we stand stand by resisting the temptations of Satan the temptations to sin we stand you know. That great promise in the book of James resist the devil and he will. Now that I'm in my mind whenever I read that Bible passage I have the mental image of a dog running away from me with his tail between his legs you like I don't you dog running away from me with his tail between his legs resist the devil and he will flee from you we fight this battle by resisting those temptations you know what those temptations are in your life you know them better than anybody else how are you equipping yourself to fight that battle today did you equip yourself to fight that battle today we must move quickly now I want to share with you few things here just big picture things as you continue to read Chapter 6 Paul goes on in verse 14 he says stand there for there's that word again stand there for having your lines going about with truth having on the breastplate of finish it for me righteousness and your feet shot with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace and above all taking the shield of faith where footwear with you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wick in verse 17 and take the helmet of salvation and the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God 6 things that Paul tells us we need to take with us as we go into battle as we have that courageous heart Paul says put on the whole armor of God In other words he says don't forget your breastplate. Don't forget your helmet take it all with you with that courageous heart that strong heart that God has given to you you prayed for and God has given you then put on every piece of the armor and then go forth dictorial And here's something interesting to me. Paul takes what we typically think of as things that are a blessing. Truth righteousness peace faith salvation the Word of God we typically think of all of these things as a great blessing and they are but it's interesting to me that Paul takes all 6 of those things and he puts them in a wartime context you see it's not just about righteousness in a vacuum but right isness is something that is used to be successful in war salvation is not just something that we say thank you God for salvation that's part of it but salvation is something that we put on to fight war policy telling us that all of these things are to be used in the engagement of battle in other words God has conscripted these things for battle Therefore if we know the truth we need to wear like a belt if we have righteousness we are to wear it as a breastplate if we cherish the gospel of peace we are to put it on as a soldier's foot where if we rest our faith in the promises of God we are to fasten them on our arm as a shield if we enjoy salvation we are to secure on the helmet of salvation and if we love the Word of God we must use it as a sure we've all been conscripted to be use in a war time contexts again friends there is no wartime part of life and a peace time part of life life is war life is war you know it's interesting to me that many administers myself included. Could rattle off the armor of God probably off the top of the head if we all got together in a groups of 5 here this morning before we even read if he's in chapter 6 in that group of 5 people you probably could have all come up with all 6 pieces of the armor of God We know that right here but our casual approach to Christianity reveals that it is a head knowledge and not a heart it's got to make that trip from here to here it has to impact not just the way I think but how I live my life I the knowledge is not what we need so much as the experience of exercising that knowledge in our line there's something that's interesting to me in war everything changes does it not many of you remember the time of World War 2. Maybe even some of you live as during that time my grandfather fought in World War 2 and looked at the history everything changed during World War 2 During Wartime everything changes people live their lives differently the newspaper carries the headlines about what's going on with the troops and what they're doing on the frontlines family talk about their loved ones who are courageously fighting on the front lines against the enemy families right and pray for the safety of those who are fighting in the battle everyone is on high alert we are armed we are vigilant and we spend our money differently everything changes when we are engaged in war you look at America during the time of World War 2 and how they live their lives and you compare it to the way we are living our lives today all the difference in the world how do we view life. Do we view life as a time of peace or do we view life as a time of war it will change everything in your life the way you view life what lens do you view it through peace or war or time effort such as everybody not just the frontline workers but even those who are supporting those frontline workers very few people think that we are engaged in a war that is greater than World War 2 Satan is the worst as I mentioned the worst enemy that can be met and this to me carefully friends in this battle the casualties don't just lose an arm or a leg the casualties don't just lose their physical life but in this battle the casualties are much higher the stakes are much higher they can lose out on their eternal salvation how are you viewing your life are you viewing it through the lens of peace or you viewing it through the lens of war towards the tail end of World War 2. The u.s. government decided that they were going to build a troop carrier the British had a troop carrier that effectively move troops to various parts of the world and so the u.s. government invested $80000000.00 in a troop carrier built by the Navy the sole purpose was to speedily carry 15000 troops to just about anywhere where the war was being want 19527 years after World War 2 and the s.s. United States was completed the ship could travel at $44.00 knots about 51 miles per hour it could steam 10000 miles without stopping for fuel or supplies it could route run any other ship and could make nonstop trips anywhere in the world in less than 10 days. It was the fastest and most reliable troop carrier in the world at that time built for war the only thing is the s s United States was never used for war it was put on standby during the crew Cuban missile crisis but it was never actually used in battle instead the s.s. United States was retro fit it to be a luxury liner to carry heads of state presidents and celebrities to various places. As a luxury liner the s.s. United States could not ferry carry 15000 troops but just under 2000 people it fit on the ship it had 695 state rooms for dining saloons 3 bars 2 theaters 5 acres of open deck a heated it swimming pool and the world's 1st air conditioned cabin became a means of indulgence for the wealthy patrons who travel peacefully across the United States you know things look a lot different in the luxury liner than they do in a troop carrier don't they the faces of the people they look different the conversations are different the pace at which a luxury liner moves is much different than the pace of a troop carrier today s.s. United States rights of way more to a dock and Philadelphia Pennsylvania many people have tried to resurrect it but have been unsuccessful I believe it stands there as a warning to God's church simply put brother and sisters the 7th Day Adventist church was built a war you believe that dragon was wroth with the remnant. Of her seat and went to make war some of the administrators in my opinion and I believe it's biblically support it was built for spiritual war but have we made it into a luxury liner. That settles inside of your mind to go back to your churches you will see your church not as a luxury liner but as a troop carrier if you view life as a time of peace. You will think of the church as a means of entertainment. And a place to make you feel comfortable but if you view the Church if you view the time that we live in as a time of war you will view the Church as a means of equipping you for battle just flipping that lens from a peace time to a war time changes everything God Church is not a luxury liner it is a troop carrier it has been designed to defeat the enemy and to take as many people to the kingdom of heaven as possible we have to stop thinking that we live in a time of peace and understand that we live in a time of war that we are soldiers fighting in the Army of God and that by God's grace. And through his power and strength alone we will be victorious in this battle and take as many people to the kingdom of heaven as possible signs of the time August 30th 1005 says this The idea that Christ's followers can be excused from the conflict meeting no trials at all enjoying the comforts and even the luxuries of life is a fearful mistake how we bought into that on this day the Christian life is a battle on the March. Calling for aggressive warfare perseverance and Durrance it is not a mimic battle in which we are in gauged this is no make believe conflict we have a most powerful adversary to meet those who serve under the bloodstain banner of Prince Emmanuel will give will be given difficult work which will tax every power of their being they will have painful trials to endure for Christ's sake they will have conflicts which will rend their soul like this part but if they are faithful soldiers they will say our light affliction which is but for a moment work it for us a far more exceeding any turn away to glory Well we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporal but the things which are not seen are eternal This is not a mimic battle that we are fighting the battle to the death and I pray that God will help you through this time here I can't meeting to switch the lens that you are looking through and that you will say God put me on a wartime footing help me to see that I am a soldier not a civilian that your church is a troop carrier equipping God's people for war not a means of indulgence and entertainment to make my life more comfortable help me Lord to view things the way you view them and to go forth into battle in the power and strength of Jehovah that you desire this morning we have to pray for this. God is more willing to give it than we are to receive it he wants you to be so victorious he wants you to get to heaven one day he has given you everything you need if you will but depend upon him to give Let's pray for that this morning and ask God to help us as we fight the good fight with you about your head with me as we pray on or in heaven as you begin our day together as a church family on this your holy Sabbath day we have been reminded that there is a Wharton law Father I pray that you would help us to see life through the lens of war not peace father how our heart yearns for the with you in heaven and as we look to that as the goal may you sustain us in your odd nipa to power to go forth and battle clad in the armor of God Lord may we be victorious give us Lord the kitten after victory after victory help us Father in our local churches to view life as war against the principality empowers that the war is not with our fellow church member that the war is within the war is with the enemy of all enemies Satan himself Lord put us on a wartime footing may we look to you as our great general to get our orders in this battle Thank you Father for this precious group of people here this morning and those that are listening. 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