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It's Wartime - Part 2: The Weapon of War

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.




  • February 17, 2020
    8:15 AM
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Father in heaven we are grateful that we can enter into your presence starting our day out on the right foot father as we sit at your feet in this family worship time we invite sweet presence of your Holy Spirit to rest upon this place Father we ask that the Spirit take the words that are spoken and apply them in our hearts right where they need to be May we leave this place having been drawn closer to Jesus or it's in his name that we ask these things you know. It was a routine day it Staff Sergeant Brian McQueen was at the end of his tour in Afghanistan he was going around his usual responsibilities that started with a early morning security briefing this was something that happened on a regular basis and as McQueen was walking to the place where this meeting was to be held. He all the sudden heard something that he had not heard in that context before on the way to that meeting and it was the sound of machine gun fire Usually this was. A pretty safe place as far as a safe place can go in the battlefield it was a meeting between the Afghan soldiers and the American soldiers and so was heavily guarded the sound of machine gunfire rang out. And before he knew it he felt what he described later was like getting kicked in the back of the head by a horse he fell down flat on his face and moments later he was back up again on his feet. He later found out that there were 2 rogue Afghan police officers who had planned this attack and he had been hit by a truck mounted machine gun on the back of the head fortunately for Staff Sergeant Brian McQueen even though it was a routine day it he had his helmet on he later said about this incident before this incident I thought the helmet was cumbersome and overkill he went on to say this helmet works and I'm a living testimony to it Lord has given us armor and although I have never worn physical armor I can only imagine that it's probably not the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear we like our cottons and polyesters don't we but we have to remember as we study together yesterday that we are not civilians we are soldiers and as soldiers going into battle we must be properly equipped and what stands out to me in the story is that Staff Sergeant Brian McQueen even though it was a routine operation that they were going to he had his armor on what had happened if that what would have happened if that morning he woke up and he said I'm in Afghanistan it's too hot to wear a helmet I've never been shot at before going to this meeting you see he didn't forget that although many days before it was a peaceful travel to that meeting he did not forget that he was in war God's children we must not forget. The Bible does not describe a wartime part of life in a non wartime part of line it simply describes that we are in war. And I wish I had had time to go through each element of the armor of God but I will leave that to your personal study however the Smorgon if you go with me in your bible Stevie's and Chapter 6 and verse 17 we are going to look at one of these things in our time together the small. If Eason's chapter 6 and verse 17 Paul has already told Church of emphasis that as soldiers they must have strong hearts courageous hearts and put on the whole armor of gone but then he says in verse 17 and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of gone it's interesting as you look at the armor of God all the different elements that Paul describes here are all to protect the soldier there is only one thing that we are given to defend ourselves and that is the sword of the spirit in the book the armor of righteousness Taylor bunch makes the statement on page 86 he says the most effective fighters in the army of Prince Emmanuel are the men and women who have the best knowledge of the Scriptures and whose faith and confidence in them is on Question Who are the most effective fighters in the army of Prince Emmanuel those who have a best knowledge of scripture This is your weapon God is not sending you into battle just merely to stand there and get shot at. There is an enemy that is to be conquered and God has given you any fish and weapon to fight with the question is how is your knowledge and skill in the use of this weapon Christian experience is page 116 the servant of the Lord says this The Word of God is called the sort of the Spirit and you should become still full you should become one skillful in its use if you would cut your way through the host of opposition and darkness she also talks about how we use the sort of the spirit to cut through the entanglements of sin you must become. Skillful in its use aren't you thankful for Michigan conference can meeting this is a place where you can become skilful in the use of the sword of the Spirit brothers and sisters I pray that you will not take these days here I can't meeting as just a social gathering it's nice to have the reunions it's nice to have the pot lucks It's nice to have the side conversations but we are here for a purpose and that is to be equipped to go from this place as efficient soldiers in the Army a prince Emmanuel the ancient Japanese samurai fighters would begin their training with the samurai sword the Katon starting at the age of 3 they would put a little wooden sword in the hand of that child to teach them how to wield the sword it has been said that when a baby Samurai was about to be born that they would bring the Katon into the delivery room they would lay it next to the child. After it was born after the ancient Samurai warriors came to the time when they would die they would bring the Katana and they would lay it next to the Senate I warrior as he breathed his last breath yes the Samurai fighters were skillful with many weapons but there was one weapon that they would never be found without and that was the Caetano in fact they would carry 3 swords with them and they came into a house they would take their long sword they would take it off but they always had a short sword with them no matter what because they never knew when the enemy would attack contrary to Hollywood the aim of the Samurai fighter was not to have a sword fight to brandish his skills as a swordsman the purpose of the Samurai fighter when he came into battle was to kill the enemy as quickly as possible that was the purpose it is few blows as possible he wanted to destroy the enemy and sometimes I wonder if we would rather have a sword fight with the enemy than kill him are we skillful with the sword interesting to me I research this I found that the Katon a blade was designed in such a way that a skilful Samurai could very easily decapitate his enemy with one blow bringing it all to an end but it's interesting to me as I meditate on this do you think that the Samurai fighter became skillful with the use of the sword just by looking at it in holding it for 10 or 15 minutes a day do you think he became skillful in the use of the tunnel blade by watching other people and reading books about it. The Japanese samurai fighters became skillful with the sword listen to me carefully because they spent time with it every day they were spending time with the sword they held it they will do it they used it they practiced with it day after day after day after day and when they were brought into battle they were skillful warriors and greatly feared brothers sisters we need to be spiritual seminar in great controversy page 599 says this We should day by day study the Bible diligently What is the word diligently weighing every thought and comparing Scripture with Scripture how should we study the Bible diligently How often should we do it day by day listen there's no way around this and you're going to have to forgive me if I'm saying things that you've already heard but the obvious must be stated the most effective way for us to become spiritual Swordsman is to spend time with the sword plain and simple not reading what other people have to say about the sword not listening to what other people think the sword has to say Now listen it's great to have good theological reading a.b.c. is full of it and I encourage it it's great to listen to good sermons that other people are preaching but brothers and sisters you're not going to become a skilful swordsmen that way you have to pick it up and read it study it get familiar with it hold it touch it use it practice with it if you're going to become skillful. In this war that we are fighting according to the American Bible Society 9 out of 10 American households have Bibles 87 percent of Americans have a Bible in their home the average is 33 Bibles or administers more like 30. We like to collect our Bibles don't we. According to one study now that's just Americans in general. But according to another study in Christianity today 19 percent of Christians how many read their Bible every day how many 19 percent of Christians read their Bible every day you know I think we sometimes treat the Bible like exercise we know it's good for us we know we need to do it every day but you'd rather have another bag of potato chips. 19 percent of Christians are reading their Bible every day now I know the temptation is for us a 7th Day Adventist to kind of sit back a little smugly and say well that's the evangelicals but listen friends studies reveal that administers sadly to say we oftentimes follow the trends and I think it's revealed that our lack of time in the Word of God is revealed in the way we treat one another because if you're spending time with the spiritual katana it changes your d.n.a. it changes who you are it changes how you relate to other people. Remembering that people are not the problem Satan instigating those problems according to surveys that have been done what do you suppose the number one excuse is for not spending time in the Bible not enough time you hit the nail right on the head probably because you use that excuse just like me. Right I'm too busy let's face it life is busy especially when you're a parent or grandparent taking care of your grandkids life is busy I'll give that to you but let me tell you something brothers and sisters it's a lame excuse so maybe I say amen to that it's a lame excuse to say I'm too busy to spend time in God's word you know the reality of it is we have time every one of us have been given 24 hours in a day we have time and it's how you decide to use that time and if something is important to you you will invest time in that right if family is important what are you going to do you get to spend time with your family if staying fit is important to you what are you going to do sign up for the 5 k. right if getting good grades in school is important to you what are you going to do you're going to study you're going to spend time invest time in studying if watching t v is important to you what are you going to do you're going to sit down and waste your time watching television we have time for what we want we have to stop using this excuse that we don't have time no way that we're going to become spiritual seminar. On 10 or 15 minutes a day I'm sorry it's not going to happen there's no way that we're going to become spiritual seminar eyes by reading a passage or 2 in the morning before we hurry on through out the door to our busy day there's no way that we're going to become spiritual samurais if we're just listening to a sermon on our way to work in the morning there's no way that you're going to become a spiritual Samurai If you're just reading commentaries about what other people say they think the Bible says means the only way that you're going to become effective in the sort of the Spirit is by spending time with it somehow I find it interesting that we have time to keep up with the Joneses on Facebook. Average person spends about an hour a day on Facebook we have time to keep up with the latest gossip going on in the local church and in the world church you've heard that haven't you we have time to watch the latest episode of whatever reality t.v. is trending at the time yet we use the excuse I don't have time you do know that in the time that it takes you to watch a movie and I hope that nobody here does this when the time that it takes somebody to watch a movie you could read through the Gospel of Matthew and the Book of Acts and about a dozen other books of the Bible what's a better use of your time now I know it's nice to show our brains off and veggie out in front of the television brothers and sisters that's a spiritual war in and of itself did you know that in the time that it takes you to sit down and watch the evening news that you could read the book of Nehemiah or the Book of Hebrews we have to start thinking differently we have to start viewing life through a different lens we are not living in a time of peace we're not here to entertain ourselves we're not here to make life comfortable we are soldiers in an army that are sailing on a battleship time that is lost sports social media and the like is a shame now don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting in any way shape or form that you need to be sitting down reading the Bible all day long every day the Bible tells us 6 days out the labor and do all by work God wants us to work he wants us to engage in other things now you may be good every now and then to have a spiritual retreat where you just immerse yourself all day long in the study of God's word but God has other things for us to do he wants us to have a balanced life. But he wants us to spend significant time with Him in His word and only you in the Lord can work out how long that time needs to be but there needs to be that time we're going to just be all honest here this morning and bear our souls reason why we don't spend time with the Bible is because it's not a priority and a lack of our spending time in the Bible this is what happens from the great controversy Page 600 says this temptations often appear to resist evil because because through neglect of prayer and the study of the Bible the attempt at one cannot readily remember what God's promise is and meet Satan with the Scripture weapon why do temptations appear irresistible because of the neglect of the Bible and Prayer you see if we're neglecting our study of God's Word we cannot meet the temptations of the enemy with that what she calls the promises of God the script sure weapon is what she calls it John Bunyan once said the great author who wrote Pilgrim's Progress He said this book referring to the Bible this book will keep me from sin or sin will keep me from this book if you forget everything I said this morning don't forget that one line this book will keep me from sin or sin will keep me from this book let's face it in the Garden of Eden it all began with the authority of God's word and then you fast forward about 4000 years or so to the time of Christ. And we find Jesus in the wilderness being tempted by Satan and you know the story very well he comes to Jesus and he tempt him to turn the stones into bread to satisfy his longing for food and Jesus meets Satan's temptation with those 3 words what are they it is written. He met Satan with the Scripture a weapon as a why calls it which I like now listen to this is from desire of ages page $120.00 says this talking about the time of Jesus temptation she says in every temptation the weapon of his warfare was the Word of God so long as Christ held this position what position using the word of God this position the tempter listen the tempter could not gain advantage he could gain no advantage as long as Jesus held that position of the Word of God being his defense Satan was thank wish she goes on the same page 123 she says by what means did he Jesus overcome in the conflict with Satan by the Word of God only by the word could he the Son of God the creator of the world the Redeemer of humanity only by the Word of God could he resist temptation brothers and sisters do we think that we're going to go about this in a different way. Do you think that somehow we can improve on what the Son of God did do you think that there is some sort of easier way around this that we can controvert the temptations of Satan absolutely not Jesus wrote the blueprint or the rule book on how to overcome temptation and it's so simple everybody can remember it it is written the stuff's not complicated but for some reason we think if we have a head full of theology that we're going to be Ok I've already said this I believe in theology we need a good dose of it and we need to understand it and there is a battle to be fought on that front but but brothers sisters the greater battle that needs to be fawned is the reason is the resigning of our self to the will of God It's the picking up of our cross daily and following Jesus that battle with self and the renunciation of sin I think there's something obvious in the passage that sometimes gets overlooked in Matthew Chapter 4 and I think you will see it as soon as I mention it and that is when Jesus meant Satan's temptation it is written Did he have his scroll with him he said Hang that he said hang on a 2nd let me put my smartphone oh you find a Bible passage that's going to help me out here oh hang on let me go to the rabbi and say Rabbi can you help me what did Jesus do men shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God the Bible implies it implicit clearly that Jesus memorized scripture there's no doubt about it it's clear in the Bible passage that when Satan tent that Jesus Jesus readily was able to call into his mind the very passage that he needed to send Satan running. It was there he had practiced with it he had meditated on it he had thought about these passages every temptation that Satan came it is written it is written it is written it didn't just happen by evolution he spent time thinking about these passages of Scripture meditating on them using them being familiar with them and then when the temptation came boom he knew exactly how to meet it that's the rule book it's the blueprint Bible memorization we're not always going to have our Bibles read a book recently where the author was interviewing people who lived in particular parts of the world and in China they didn't have very many Bibles so what they would do is they would they would have one or 2 bibles and they would rip out books of the Bible and they would disperse them out amongst all the church leaders and they would take those books of the Bible and they would go back and they would memorize them and then they would come back and they would swap amount does that put us to shame you know the passage by word of a hit in my heart that I might not sin against me do you think we're going to do this in a different way the only sort the only weapon that God has given to us is the Word of God how are we using it how much time are we spending with it are you thinking about it as you go throughout your day are you using it when that battle comes that temptation whatever it is listen you all know where your areas of weakness are the Holy Spirit is faithful to show that to you Are you finding Bible passages that will help you fight against that temptation and then when that temptation comes are you pulling them out like the Senate I and get ready and say Are you really wanting to fight this battle Satan bring it on it is written it's not going to happen any other way think about this if you would. You have 5 bible passages that were memorized every good at Minutes has more than 5 passages in their eyes when not know exactly where they are but we have the general context understood these passages so many times if you have 5 bible passages memorized when that time of temptation comes you will have 5 to 7 minutes that you can put your mind on something else good or bad that good you know that's great you have 5 to 7 minutes that you can start thinking about the Word of God instead of the temptation that Satan is tempting you with how do you think you would feel if you had a whole chapter memorized you want to Chapter Romans chapter 8 a great chapter to memorize you have you have you know 5 to 10 minutes depending on how long the passages that you can just start thinking about the Word of God and putting your mind on something that is other than the temptation that is right in front of you what if you had a whole book of the Bible memorized you know I think about this is like a seminar right he had 3 sorts a long one a short one and a small one right and the small one passage thing there like the little daggers that you carry around with and carry around with you everywhere a chapter is like a medium size sword and if you have a book of the Bible memorized It's like Are you really wanting to do this Satan I am getting a little violent this morning. You know it really puts us to shame by the Muslim people the young men for a rite of passage will memorize the entire Qur'an 30 books 114 chapters 6336 verses it will take them 2 to 6 years to memorize the entire Qur'an Now the New Testament is just a little bit longer than that but it's roughly about the same size now I know what some of your thinking those those young people they had young mind that can remember so well. Excuse that's an excuse that Satan planting a thought in your mind that your brain is so weak that you can't retain the Word of God Can you remember your address can you remember your phone number can you remember your social security number can you remember the faults of other people can you remember your own accomplishments then you can remember the word of God 2 to 5 years they'll take to memorize the entire Khurana or are we going to do when we don't have the Bible I pray that they'll be administering God's people that will be found with large portions of Scripture memorized so we can rewrite the Bible have a good friend he destroyed his mind on recreational drugs alcohol just destroyed it and then he met Jesus the Great Transformer of lines and as he gave his heart to the Lord and began to study God's word this friend of mine became a powerful preacher for God because the Word of God has a healing power and heals the mind you might think that you have a weak mind but if you start putting your mind to memorizing the Bible you'll be able to do it you all probably know Randy skeet he stands up here he preaches without his Bible I asked him one time I said How do you do it man he said hard work he said I memorize when I'm brushing my teeth I memorize when I'm shaving my face I memorize when I'm eating my breakfast I memorize when I'm going for my run I memorize when I'm working out I memorize all the time it's hard work but brothers and sisters if it's something that we value we will put time into it it's interesting to me. People who train in the martial arts and self-defense when they are attacked they are able to respond reflectively. You know seen that before right they are trained martial arts and self defense they are they are trained that so when they are attacked they don't have to think about what they're doing they just do it right because their life might be at stake and this is how it should be for a spiritual like Jesus that we've become so familiar with the Word of God that when the Satan attacks us we don't have to think we can just respond reflectively because we've spent so much time in the Word of God I had a friend. Who was working with my dad my dad was a roofer and this friend of mine from Malaysia he came to work with my dad for the summer and and this guy before he'd given his heart to the Lord he was heavily trained in martial arts he was an instructor so he knew his stuff but he had given his life to Jesus and he was living a different life now he wanted to be a minister for gone but he was working with my dad on the building site there was a young man by the name of Elvis I don't know what his real name was but that's what we called him he was a lecturer and I believe anyways Elvis was he had heard that our friend had been trained in the martial arts and he decided that he wanted to test him and so Elvis he hid in the doorway of one of the houses that that we were working on and as our friend was walking past with tiles or whatever it was as he was walking past Elvis jumped out at him and scared him and he just about got his head knocked off because our friend had been trained so much that in the moment this is what you do and even though he had given his heart to the Lord he just reflectively responded in that way and he felt so bad afterwards but I want to tell you Elvis never did that again and that's the way it should be for us. When Satan comes soon we know exactly how to respond we don't have to wallow in our misery we don't have to pray in anguish we don't have to talk to somebody else but we've spend so much time in the Word of God for ourselves reading digesting and and then becoming skillful with it that when Satan comes we can reflectively respond and he will run away and never come back again. Lord help us Lord help us Bible says this song step to 51 a verse 6 Behold that desire is truth in the book of Psalms were truth is oftentimes equated with the Word of God the whole down desirous truth in the inward parts where does God want to truth in where parts and in the hidden part that shall make me to know wisdom where does God want truth in the inward parts in the hidden parts God wants His Word in us not outside of us not as some sort of fanciful theoretical thing but he wants it inside of us in our very being now going back in your mind to the story of Jesus is temptation you're familiar with it Satan came to him with this question now be the Son of God commanded the stone to be made into bread of course we know that that person Taishan was dealing with appetite at him and he fell in the air of appetite Jesus had to overcome in the area that time but before Satan even got to the idea of turning stones into bread he pose this doubt if that would be the Son of God So really the temptation was Are you really the Son of God Look at you men you've been you've been in the wilderness for 40 days you've been fasting you're may see it you're you're hungry you're weak How could you be the Son of God If thou be the Son of God. Now right before Jesus was tempted by Satan of course he was in the wilderness fasting and praying but right before that does anybody remember what happened he was baptized and if you read the tail end of Matthew chapter 3 as Jesus came up out of the water what did he hear this is my beloved Son in whom I am well please those words were ringing in Jesus' ears and Satan comes if thou be the son of I find it the 1st temptation was really over the thought of God's Word as well as appetite Jesus came back the Word of God He did not feel that there was a need for any exhibition of his son ship God had already said that he was his son and that was enough for him he sent his standard on the Word of God God said I am His beloved Son I don't care who you are I don't care what you are saying God said it and that settles it for me it's the rule book manuscript release volume 7 page 357 says this those who do not accept the Word of God He words here just as it reads will not might will be snared in his Satan's trap those who do not accept the Word of God just as it reads will be caught in Seaton's trap let's get practical here how do we actually do this how do I wield the sword let me give you a few examples here and I hope that this will illustrate it for you very clearly say you are struggling in the battle with getting along with other people have you ever fought that battle before Lord help me I'm fighting the battle of getting along with other people God answers and he says a soft answer turn it away rather Robert Chapter 15 or verse one God answers he says not to render evil for evil. In 1st Peter chapter 3 verse 9 God answers and he says become affectioned one to another in honor per for one another Romans Chapter 12 members 10 you see how this is wielding the sword God I'm having a hard time getting along with others have a soft answer I heard one Amen do you think if you had a soft answer that maybe you might get along with other people better Lord I'm struggling with the battle of judging other people's motives God answers and he says for if we would judge ourselves. We would not be judged 1st Corinthians chapter 11 verse $31.00 God answers and he says Thou hypocrite 1st cast out the beam out of line 09 Matthew chapter 7 and verse 5 how do we wield the sort of the Spirit Lord I'm struggling with the battle of retaliation against the attacks of other people who falsely accuse me Lord help me yet answers who when he was reviled reviled not when he suffered he threatened not but committed himself to him that judges rightly by whose stripes you are healed person Peter chapter 223 and 24 Lord I'm struggling with the battle of sexual lust help me God answers and says Look on to me and be. I was it up to 45 verse 22 God says flee also youthful lusts befall the righteousness faith charity peace with them that call in the Lord all of a pure heart 2nd Timothy Chapter 2 and verse 22 How do I wield the sort of the Spirit this is how you do it you find passages that specifically apply to whatever the battle is that you are struggling with you know what it is are you on the lookout for those passages that are going to help you in that spiritual battle. Lord I'm struggling with a nigger struggling with this battle of my temper now for those of us fathers here on Father's Day Here's a little bit of advice men are known to have short fuses God answers that will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Isaiah Chapter 26 in verse 3 when somebody is struggling with their temper do they need peace when somebody gets angry do they need peace how do I get peace the Bible says that out will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on v You see men when we're struggling with our temper we need to get our minds off a whatever we're thinking about and start thinking about God and He will give us peace I struggle with it just like any other person does how about this he that is slow to anger is better than the mighty and he that rule of the Spirit then he that taketh a city proverb 16 verse 32 this is wielding the sword of the Spirit Lord I'm struggling with fearful miss the battle of fearing everything God says I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my years Sonship to 43 in verse 3 Verse 4 catch it again I sought the Lord he heard me and delivered me from all my peers what's my part is my part to worry about the fears my part is not to worry about the fears my part is the not fixate on the fear my prick my might my part is to seek the Lord and then he will deliver me from my fears about this one I will fear no evil for the hour with me he's with us we don't have anything to be afraid about we're walking around holding our Heavenly Father's hand. That goes on to get the point I must conclude we've got to wrap this up because there's practice to be had great controversy page 594 says this. Just for those of you that may be interested this comes from the chapter Scriptures a safeguard in the book great controversy he says before the crucifixion the savior explained to his disciples that he was to be put to death and to rise again from the tomb the angels were present to impress his words on the minds and the hearts what did jesus teaches disciples he was going to die and that he was going to rise again the angels were there to impress those words upon the minds of the disciples she goes on but the disciples were looking for temporal deliverance from the Roman yoke they could not tolerate the thought that he in whom all their hope centered should suffer and ignominy is death the words which they needed to remember what words did they need to remember the words of Jesus were banished from their minds and when the time of trial came it found them unprepared the death of Jesus as fully destroyed their hopes as if he had not forewarned them you need to go back and meditate on that thing because it's powerful. In my study of the Gospel of Matthew Jesus warned the disciples at least 5 times that he was going to be betrayed he was going to be crucified and that he would rise again but when that time came and Jesus was betrayed and crucified it was as if Jesus had said nothing to them why because they were thinking about their own dogs that he was going to become this great conquering Messiah who was going to set up his earthly kingdom and they were busy fighting amongst themselves who would sit on his left hand in right hand when they really needed to be listening to what Jesus was saying she goes on. So in the prophecies of the future are sorry so the in the prophecies the future is opened before us as plainly as it was opened to the disciples by the words of Christ the events connected with the close of probation and the work of preparation for the time of trouble are clearly presented so she's clearly outline she's telling us here that the Bible clearly outlines Satan strategy of attack Amen amen praise God for Bible prophecy he laid God lays out this is what Satan is going to do and if we take the time to study it will actually be forewarned and prepared when that time of attack comes now she goes on and she says but. But but multitudes have no more understanding of these important truths than if they had never been revealed Satan watches to catch away every impression that would make them why and to salvation and the time of trouble will find them on ready whose example are we following are we following the example of Jesus it is written or are we following the example of the disciples This is what I think brother the sisters I think it's much more effective to fight with the sort of the Spirit then your little puny wooden swords we spent time carving our little wooden swords out we invest all of this time into building this beautiful sword that we think will help us when the time of attack comes but brothers and sisters God's word has been proven success it's time to say or throw the sword into the fire let me take the sort of the Spirit because it's been proven to be a success I leave you with these words Deuteronomy Chapter 6 for 6 and 7 turn there with me if you would do not me Chapter 6 for 6 and 7 Bible says this and these words which I command the this day. Shall be in the. Heart shall be we're what shall be in one heart these words now listen when he goes on see verse 7 and Thou shall teach them diligently and to the children and show talk of them when the house sit in one house and when the walk is in the way and when the Elias down and when no rises up what is what is Moses saying here he say no matter what you are doing take the word of God with you if you're walking around take the word of God with you if you're sitting down take the word of God with you if you're even take the word of God with you if you're laying down take the word of God with you no matter what you are doing take it with you and these words which I commanded this day shall be in the heart Jesus read that Bible passage and he obeyed it and he took the word of God and he hid it in his heart and when that time of attack came Satan vanquished the enemy with 3 decisive blows from the spiritual Katana and Satan went 3 in from Jesus that's what I want to have that's the type of success that I want to have boom boom boom and Satan is gone I'd like to do in just one blow but if Jews did in 3 I know I'm not going to do it any less so I ask you the question this morning what kind of Bible do you have you have a dusty Bible you know it's that it's the person who says I know I need to have the Bible so I have it there and it's kind of like a rosary good luck charm or do you have an emergency bible oh there's an emergency and we find out what the Bible says Oh thank you go back to your shell now merge and see past go back to my old way of living but you have a tattered Bible I mean it may look nice in New. But it's tattered because you've spent time with it not the way it looks on the outside but the way it looks on the inside I was doing a meeting in Lawrenceburg Tennessee back when I was an evangelist with amazing facts and there was a young lady that was coming to my seminar who I later on find out found out was the granddaughter of Sutherland Now if you don't know who Sutherland was he was the. Champion of administering cation he set up Madison college down in Madison Tennessee wrote the book Living fountains and broken cisterns he was a tremendous mine in the administration. So I was intrigued I started talking with her and then she told me that she had her grandfather's Bible I said You're kidding me you have your grandfather's Bible I want to see it please bring it so the next night she brought it to the meetings and I think I have a picture of it for you to see here she brought it to the meetings. And as I looked at that Bible I could see that this was a man who spent time in the Word of God You see that thing every single page had a marking on it and this was the extraordinary thing to me as I looked in the fly leaf in the front of the Bible I could see the date that he got that Bible and I did the math from when he got the Bible to when he died he was roughly 80 years old when he got that Bible and that's what it looks like that's a tattered Bible that's a man who spent time with the sword of the spirit if you read his writings you can tell he was a man who was mighty in the word brother and sisters the Bible does not describe a wartime part of life and a non wartime part of life we are soldiers and we must be equipped if we're going to be successful in this battle as you desire this morning to say Father help me. To be a spiritual Samurai who's effective in meeting the attacks of the enemy Amen Let's pray for that this morning loving Father in heaven we are grateful that you have given to us a weapon that has been proven to be a success bother we pray that you would give us strength and wisdom to know how to wield the sword of the spirit we would follow Jesus's example and the mighty in battle bless us Lord as we make the commitment day by day to spend time with you and your word help us I pray to not allow that precious time the stolen from us Help us Lord stop making excuses by your grace start putting in the work of becoming spiritual warriors for you thank you father that you see something valuable enough to invest in us in that you guide us as we go through our day today may you guide our conversations new guide our thoughts may help us to make wise choices where we decide to spend our time. Made this can't mean to equip us. To go from here back to our heels of. Jesus. 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